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   Military Plane Crashes Into Hotel; Dozens Killed

An Indonesian military transport plane crashed into a hotel and residential area on Tuesday, killing at least 30 people, an official said.   

2015-06-30 05:28:40
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   VIDEO: Commuters flee bullet train blaze

Two people are dead after one of them set himself on fire on board a Japanese Shinkansen bullet train, public broadcaster NHK reports.   

2015-06-30 04:54:03
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   2 killed from bullet train fire

Two people were found in cardiac arrest after an apparent suicide attempt started a fire aboard a bullet train in Japan on Tuesday, authorities said.   

2015-06-30 04:47:21
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   Sony in $3.6bn fund raising plan

Shares in struggling Japanese electronics giant Sony fall more than 8% after it announces plans to raise $3.6bn through a sale of shares and bonds.   

2015-06-30 04:41:44
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updated: 2015-06-30 04:49:51
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   5 Reasons To Drink More Coffee

SPECIAL FROM The verdict is in: If you take your coffee daily and often, and abstain from smoking, you're likely to live longer than the average adult, says a study of 500,000 men and women that was published in the New England Jo...   

2015-06-30 01:19:15
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   Avril Lavigne Breaks Down During Interview About L...

Avril Lavigne made an emotional appearance on "Good Morning America" on Monday, as she opened up about her battle with Lyme disease. The 30-year-old singer broke down in tears as she revealed she was bedridden by the disease last October and frustr...   

2015-06-29 21:47:06
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   15 Problems Every Fit Girl Encounters During the S...

15 problems fit girls have during Summer - Shape Magazine 7 scientifically backed ways to boost your metabolism - Real Simple 4 minutes to perfectly toned tank-top arms - Self Magazine 17 easy ways to burn calories this Summer - Health The playlis...   

2015-06-29 21:17:27
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   Can Orange Juice, Grapefruit Raise Your Melanoma R...

Study authors think compounds in citrus may sensitize skin to sunlight, but further study needed   

2015-06-29 20:50:15
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updated: 2015-06-29 20:46:42
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   SpaceX Failure Leaves Long List of Customers in th...

The June 28 failure of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is almost certain to deal a blow to the revenue projections of numerous SpaceX commercial customers that had been basing their results on being in orbit this year or early in 2016.   

2015-06-29 18:27:49
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   Holographic Pyramid Updates Stage Magic Trick

Tabletop display generates illusion of 3-D images from your tablet or smart phone. Continue reading →   

2015-06-29 16:21:28
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   Shooting a Drone Down Is Illegal, Court Rules

Sure, there's concern that the emergence of drones will come at the cost of personal privacy, but that doesn't mean we can turn our skies into the Wild West. And one small claims court seems to agree. On November 28, 2014, Brett McBray, fea...   

2015-06-29 15:38:12
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   Supreme Court Blocks EPA Rule on Mercury Emissions

The justices scuttled the agency’s power plant rule to limit mercury emissions but the decision is unlikely to undermine CO2 regulations -- Read more on   

2015-06-29 14:51:24
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updated: 2015-06-29 21:17:13
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   The Bad Seed Is Getting Remade, Will Become A TV M...

Made-for-TV movies like Whitney and others have been major ratings winners, prompting Lifetime to take even more stabs at new programming. Today, the network announced it will be reworking the popular flick The Bad Seed.    

2015-06-30 04:39:24
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   Why Black Panther Is Pivotal To Captain America: C...

He will be an inexperienced hero, though one who is responding to actions that occurred in Avengers: Age of Ultron. As you may recall, during the scenes with Andy Serkis, Ultron acquires a large shipment of vibranium – the chief export of the fictio...   

2015-06-30 04:11:50
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   Will Smith And Tom Hanks Want To Make A Crime Thri...

The upcoming true-life thriller Triple Frontier has been in the works for a long while now, first starting up in 2009 with Kathryn Bigelow attached to direct and Mark Boal penning the screenplay, but after years of being stuck in development hell, it...   

2015-06-30 01:55:06
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   The X-Men: Rogue Cut Just Dropped A Sweet Deleted ...

Did you know that the scene with Michael Fassbender's Magneto retrieving his helmet was supposed to be intercut with a completely different scene?   

2015-06-30 01:23:40
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updated: 2015-06-30 05:11:47
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   Sources: No meetings for Gasol beyond Grizzlies

Sources: No meetings for Gasol beyond Grizzlies   

2015-06-30 07:31:44
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   Pronger, Lidstrom among 7 selected into Hall

Pronger, Lidstrom among 7 selected into Hall   

2015-06-30 06:12:39
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   Lakers pick Nance spent nerve-racking 24 hours bef...

Larry Nance Jr.'s elation at getting drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers lasted about two minutes before he was reminded of a tweet he sent out in 2012 criticizing Kobe Bryant.   

2015-06-30 05:44:06
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   Openly transgender swimmer at Harvard believed to ...

Schuyler Bailar was a star recruit for the women's swimming team at Harvard, a tough competitor with a shot at winning titles. But Bailar is opting to forgo such honors to join the men's team instead, competing as the first openly transgend...   

2015-06-30 05:15:31
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updated: 2015-06-30 05:11:45
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   Judas Priest learn from acts they inspired

Judas Priest say listening to young metal bands keeps their own material fresh.   

2015-06-30 03:50:38
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   [Album Review] Locksmith - Lofty Goals

Hit the link to read the full review.   

2015-06-30 03:05:42
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   [Album Review] Miguel - WILDHEART

Hit the link to read the full review.   

2015-06-30 02:15:25
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   [Download] Alex Jordahl - Death of Me

Chicagoland artist Alex Jordahl has released Death Of Me, a... Click the link for the stream and download.   

2015-06-30 02:14:16
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updated: 2015-06-30 05:37:04
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   'Top Gun 2′ Confirmed; Tom Cruise to Reprise R...

Top Gun is without question one of the more iconic movies to have been released in the 1980s. And now, nearly 30 years later, it looks as if there’s going to be a sequel. These days, it’s not uncommon to see movie sequels and reboots wit...   

2015-06-30 05:17:42
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   Ford's aluminum workhorse pickup is better in all ...

The 2015 Ford F-150 continues to evolve with an aluminum chassis, luxurious amenities and a turbocharged EcoBoost engine.   

2015-06-30 04:56:26
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   Ghost Fleet Reveals The Terrifying Future of Warf...

P.W. Singer and August Cole's debut novel Ghost Fleet isn't like any other Future War novel out there. One, they're not your typical novelists, and two, it's a novel that's more realistic than anything else that typically has the 'Militar...   

2015-06-30 04:54:54
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   This Simple Video Celebration of Everyday Color Wi...

The world around you is a rainbow, if only you stop and notice it. This video is a charming celebration of color in our everyday lives—and a bewilderingly pleasant way to spend two minutes. [Vimeo]Read more...   

2015-06-30 04:52:53
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updated: 2015-06-30 04:55:23
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   Yes, You Can Use Your Freezer to Clean Your Jeans ...

Pin it Certain types of jeans, like those made of raw denim, are not supposed to go through the washing machine. So how should you clean your jeans? By throwing them in the freezer! Watch the video to learn more. From Apart...   

2015-06-29 21:23:01
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   You Really Need to See This Tiny Hamster Munch on ...


2015-06-29 21:14:10
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   Sun-Dried Tomato & Parmesan Pasta Bake

Let me tell you where this meal comes from. It comes from the fact that I absolutely adore this skillet recipe (and thought it needed an fact that I have a jar of sun-dried tomatoes leftover from the recent 20 Meals...   

2015-06-29 20:57:50
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   Recipe: Juicy Lucy Turkey Burgers — Recipes from...


2015-06-29 20:54:50
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updated: 2015-06-29 21:35:20
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   How to Hollow Out a Coconut

A hollow coconut makes a great house for a hermit crab, and can also be used as a birdhouse. It can also be used as a festive decoration for any party, or for just clapping the empty halves together, and pretending to ride on a horse! You can even us...   

2015-06-30 03:36:45
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   6 Terminal Commands You Should Use on a Freshly In...

When setting up a new Mac, there can be a bunch of settings that need to be changed in order to get the system running the way you like it. That usually involves going through tons of System Preferences panes and app settings—but it doesn't have to...   

2015-06-29 20:12:13
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   How to Be More Approachable

Easy changes in body language can make you more approachable, especially when trying to attract the attention of strangers or acquaintances. People who already know you will want to approach you for more serious conversation if you demonstrate humili...   

2015-06-29 20:10:51
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   How to Improve Sound Quality on Android: 5 Audio M...

Whether I'm in my car or making dinner, I always have music playing. And since I don't like to keep my headphones on me at all times, I end up using my Android's built-in speakers a good portion of the time. Companies like HTC know how much people u...   

2015-06-29 19:48:26
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updated: 2015-06-29 21:03:14
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   New Tropical Threat in Western Pacific

As June comes to a close, a new tropical concern emerges in the western Pacific Ocean.   

2015-06-29 14:54:30
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   Three Killed After Plane Crashes Into Massachusett...

A private plane crashed into a home in Plainville, Massachusetts, around 5:45 p.m., Sunday evening, killing all three passengers on board, the Associated Press reports.   

2015-06-29 04:48:37
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   Heat Wave, Wildfire Threat to Last Into July for W...

Temperatures will continue to run well above normal across the western United States this week with this pattern lasting through the opening days of July.   

2015-06-29 03:07:59
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   Dry Lightning to Increase Wildfire Risk Across Wes...

The combination of excessive heat and dry thunderstorms in many areas will add to the wildfire threat in the western part of United States and Canada through much of July.   

2015-06-29 02:29:14
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updated: 2015-06-29 20:53:10
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   Religious and Gay Rights Must Coexist

Michael Gerson, Washington PostWASHINGTON -- It is often the fate of conservatives to be concerned about the fire code and occupancy limit at someone else's party. Never more conspicuously than concerning the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision, Ob...   

2015-06-30 02:58:08
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   In awe of America's redeemers

From its inception, America's history has often been the product of the changing balance between compelling but conflicting national ideals. The federal versus the state, "rugged individualism" versus collective action for the public good, the separa...   

2015-06-30 02:50:21
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   What Happens If The Iran Nuclear Talks Fall Apart

CAIRO (AP) — The Iranian nuclear talks are playing out in classic fashion: A self-imposed deadline appears to have been extended due to stubborn disputes, with the sides publicly sticking to positions and facing internal pressure from opponents rea...   

2015-06-30 02:49:20
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   Open thread for night owls: Exonerated from death ...

Jon Schuppe writes—How Anthony Graves Went from Death Row to Overseeing the Houston Crime Lab: A few weeks ago, Anthony Graves began hearing rumors that he was under consideration for a spot on the Houston Forensic Science Center's board of direct...   

2015-06-30 02:45:58
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updated: 2015-06-30 05:07:59
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   Now This Is What An Honest Fast Food Commercial Lo...

People really don't want their fast food commercials this honest. We're all relatively aware at this point -- or at least we should be -- that fast food manufacturers don't have the customers' best interests in mind when they're trying to get you ho...   

2015-06-29 14:33:50
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   EL James' Twitter Q&A Did Not Go Well To Say The L...

NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter had a bit of fun Monday at the expense of EL James. The hashtag "AskELJames" trended nationwide as the "Fifty Shades of Grey" writer took questions, including some not-ready-for-prime-time doozies, but surely s...   

2015-06-29 12:18:48
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Bryan Craig (Morgan) and Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt), who met on the set of GH, are engaged. read more   

2015-06-29 10:42:31
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   John Oliver Shows Just How Far The Transgender Com...

The media and country as a whole still can't seem to grasp the very graspable concept of transgender. While we've made great strides in the transgender rights movement, there is still a lot of work left to do, as John Oliver showed on Sunday's "Last...   

2015-06-29 10:15:03
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updated: 2015-06-29 13:03:18
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   This Is Awkward: Kris Jenner and Justin Bieber Wor...

Third time's a charm? Kris Jenner seems to think so. The chic momager stepped out at the Balmain fashion show in Paris wearing an embroidered gold jacket that we've already spotted twice before. She seems to have borrowed the sleek Balmain ...   

2015-06-29 13:33:51
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   Who Are the Best Dressed Men in Hollywood?

The votes are in! GQ announced its list of the 20 most stylish men in Hollywood, based on their street style, and the list includes stars like Eddie Redmayne, Pharrell Williams, Jared Leto, and Ryan Gosling. On this segment of We Spy Style, we discus...   

2015-06-29 13:20:44
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   Gigi Hadid Is on a Mission to Make Leggings Social...

Perhaps she's always one second away from working out or somehow skipped Blair Waldorf's Gossip Girl speech, but Gigi Hadid seems determined to prove, once and for all, that leggings actually can be worn as pants. This past weekend while at...   

2015-06-29 13:10:06
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   Just When We Thought Gigi Hadid's Swimsuit Ga...

These days Gigi Hadid seems to spend more time in a bikini than not. The model surprised us last week with her trendsetting swim style on set with Calvin Harris, and now we have a new bikini moment to obsess over: her latest swimsuit campaign with Au...   

2015-06-29 12:57:17
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updated: 2015-06-29 22:03:41
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   Barbados announces new 10% tax on sugary beverages

In an effort to fight the Caribbean island's obesity epidemic and to change consumer behaviour, the government will put new tax into effect on August 1.   

2015-06-30 05:40:43
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   Some like it hut: Eco-shed of the the year is cute...

It's the annual Shed of the Year competition and the first winners are announced.   

2015-06-30 05:26:14
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   These 'resurrection plants' can spring back to lif...

Tortula mosses can stay dried out for months or even years, then spring back to life in just moments when the rain returns.   

2015-06-30 05:22:20
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   Undulating Wave Cabinet opens and closes fluidly (...

Made out of dozens of interlinked wooden slats, this handmade cabinet has a surprise for you.   

2015-06-30 04:41:10
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updated: 2015-06-30 05:07:05
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   Evening espresso (22 photos)


2015-06-30 04:55:38
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   Daily motivation (25 photos)


2015-06-30 01:46:41
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   Morning coffee (40 photos)


2015-06-30 01:25:46
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   Even celebrities have doppelgangers (15 photos)


2015-06-29 18:54:06
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updated: 2015-06-29 21:24:29
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   Wirelessly charging RC car challenges Formula E

Filed under: Green, Motorsports, Videos, Green Culture, Performance, RacingTo promote its wireless charging tech, Qualcomm races an RC car against Lucas di Grassi in his Formula E racer.Continue reading Wirelessly charging RC car challenges Formula E...   

2015-06-29 20:45:57
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   Pininfarina creditors reject Mahindra offer to buy...

Filed under: Design/Style, Earnings/Financials, Misc. AutomakersMahindra has been denied in its attempt to build Pininfarina after several of the Italian coachbuilder's creditors refused to accept the Indian automaker's offer.Continue reading Pininfa...   

2015-06-29 19:01:20
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   2016 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight bows

Making its debut this week in conjunction with the annual BET Experience being held in downtown Los Angeles, the 2016 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight is the first dedicated accessory package to be created for the automaker's all-new "4-Door Sports Car" tha...   

2015-06-29 17:58:19
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   Bentley With a Bond Connection Likely to Bring Big...

This 1953 Bentley R-type Continental fastback, originally purchased by Ian Fleming for a World War II spy, is headed to Gooding & Company’s 2015 Pebble Beach auction where it may fetch nearly $2 million. Slightly more than 200 examples of t...   

2015-06-29 16:28:07
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updated: 2015-06-29 21:08:05
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   NL East Notes: Braves, Mets, Phillies

Braves assistant GM John Coppolella tells’s Mark Bowman that the club is still working to put a winner on the field at present, though it won’t lose focus of its longer-term needs. “We don’t want to lose 100 games or ...   

2015-06-30 03:44:09
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   Draft Signings: Abdullah, Simcox, Pruitt

We’ll keep tabs on the day’s notable draft signings here, with slot values via Baseball America. Dodgers eleventh rounder Imani Abdullah will sign for $647,500, Jonathan Mayo of tweets. SB Nation’s Eric Stephen has done ...   

2015-06-30 02:03:08
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   Dylan Bundy Shut Down Indefinitely

Highly-regarded Orioles pitching prospect Dylan Bundy has been shut down indefinitely as he continues to deal with shoulder issues, manager Buck Showalter told reporters (press conference video and story via the Baltimore Sun). There is currently n...   

2015-06-29 23:59:22
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   Blue Jays Expect To Be Active On Pitching Market

Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos indicated that he’s working hard to add pitching this summer in an appearance on Sportsnet 590 The FAN (article via Sportsnet’s Ben Nicholson-Smith). And he left little doubt that he sees the club as a buyer....   

2015-06-29 22:55:32
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updated: 2015-06-29 21:49:31
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   Cash-Saving Renovation Tips from Mr. Money Mustach...

Thirtysomething retiree reveals his secrets to keeping renovation costs low   

2015-06-30 02:39:24
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   Presidential Treatment for Old Furniture

Heirloom restoration advice from the man entrusted with President George Washington's desk   

2015-06-30 01:51:08
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   Hot New Contractor Gadgets: Pros and Cons

New high-tech contractor tools are for professionals and DIYers, but are they for you?   

2015-06-30 01:48:56
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   12 Kitchen Islands Perfect for Home Remodeling Pro...

We sought out kitchen islands that would fit a lot of different design styles and found these twelve amazing examples. Our basis was considering home remodeling projects only as opposed to new construction. So many families live in the perfect neighb...   

2015-06-29 22:51:30
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updated: 2015-06-29 23:09:02
web marketing
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   Virtually No Change In US Desktop Search Market Sh...

Google still at 64%, while Bing holds on to the 20% share it reached in March. The post Virtually No Change In US Desktop Search Market Share According To ComScore’s May 2015 Report appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search E...   

2015-06-29 19:11:21
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   Study By Former FTC Advisor Tim Wu Claims Google L...

Sponsored by Yelp, the study found users were more likely to click on merit-based results over Google's self-promoted content. The post Study By Former FTC Advisor Tim Wu Claims Google Local Search Results Violate Competition Laws appeared first on ...   

2015-06-29 14:20:43
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   Mobile-Friendly Isn't Enough For Local Businesse...

In the age of "Mobilegeddon," local search and analytics experts give insights on the growing importance of mobile search and mobile site design. Columnist Will Scott recaps. The post Mobile-Friendly Isn't Enough For Local Businesses: 3 Pitfalls T...   

2015-06-29 09:59:03
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   Empower Yourself at SMX East - Register Now For ...

Upgrade your digital marketing skillset at SMX East. Choose from five pre-conference workshops taking place on September 28. Register for a workshop today and get: access to high caliber presenters that are thought leaders in their respective field; ...   

2015-06-29 09:06:37
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updated: 2015-06-29 14:00:13
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   This Londoner is raising thousands for a Greek bai...

Greece is desperate for cash and is set to default on its €1.5 billion (£1 billion, $1.7 billion) debt payment today (June 30) — so this Londoner decided to try and raise cash for the beleaguered country via a crowdfunding website Indi...   

2015-06-30 05:50:12
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   Is This Massive Sell-off a Buying Opportunity?


2015-06-30 05:40:06
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   Trade of the Day: Step Up to the Plate and Buy AAP...


2015-06-30 05:00:32
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   10 things in tech you need to know today (AAPL, NF...

Good morning! Here's the tech news you need to know today. 1. Apple Music is set for release today. To use it, iPhone and iPad users will need to download and install a new iOS update, iOS 8.4, which will also become available today.&n...   

2015-06-30 04:59:36
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updated: 2015-06-30 05:27:59
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   Mom Creates 'International Day To Normalize Breast...

On June 27 of last year, San Diego photographer and mother of three Vanessa Simmons launched Normalize Breastfeeding -- a breastfeeding awareness campaign that features photography, social media outreach, philanthropic endeavors and a website full of...   

2015-06-29 21:22:51
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   Bromance Alert! 9 Male Celebs Who Admit To Crushes...


2015-06-29 20:10:59
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   Post-a-Thon Wednesday July 1st, 2015!

Hello hive! We're all getting together on the Weddingbee boards for a post-a-thon this Wednesday at 7:00 EST. Wedding season is in full swing, and I know a lot of you have a wedding date looming SOON. So why not … read more   

2015-06-29 19:31:51
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   Guide Shows Teachers How To Talk With Kids About G...

The largest American LGBT civil rights organization and the largest teacher's union want to help educators talk to kids about gay marriage. The educational arm of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and the National Education Association on Friday ...   

2015-06-29 18:58:24
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updated: 2015-06-29 21:21:03
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   Pringles, Only $1.00 at CVS!

Check out this great snack deal at CVS! Pick up Pringles...   

2015-06-30 03:54:57
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   Dollar General Coupon Deals: Week of 6/28

Here are the weekly deals at Dollar General, valid 6/28...   

2015-06-30 03:51:43
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   Starbucks Iced Coffee, Only $0.50 at Kmart!

Starbucks Iced Coffee is on sale at Kmart. Use a manufacturer...   

2015-06-30 02:19:53
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   French’s Mustard, Only $1.00 at CVS!

CVS might not be the first place that you think...   

2015-06-30 01:38:51
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updated: 2015-06-30 05:08:09
video games
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   The Last of Us 2 in the Works at Naughty Dog, Says...

A sequel to Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed The Last of Us is in production, according to voice actor Nolan North.North, who is known for providing the voice of Uncharted's Nathan Drake, was asked if he was working with Naughty Dog on any more p...   

2015-06-30 02:53:35
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   The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Leaves ...

It’s only been a few weeks since The Elder Scrolls Online launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Zenimax Online Studios has just confirmed that the game’s Creative Director, Paul Sage, has just left to work for Gearbox Software. Sage...   

2015-06-30 02:00:05
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   Daily Reaction: Has Nintendo Stepped Down From The...

Now that E3 2015 has come to a close, and we are fully able to digest the amount of content to come from it, it is easy to see that Nintendo is going to have a difficult time keeping up with their competition. Having always been a part of the industr...   

2015-06-30 01:30:36
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   Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review – O...

Devil May Cry 4 released all the way back in 2008 on the PlayStation 3. Both this and the last generation of consoles have seen a number of re-releases of classic games. The venerable series hasn't seen a release in a couple of years, so the time ...   

2015-06-30 01:00:13
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updated: 2015-06-29 22:41:48
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updated: 2015-06-25 05:11:37
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   Cheyenne Woods: Don't compare me to Tiger

Cheyenne Woods: Don't compare me to Tiger   

2015-06-29 12:26:40
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2015-06-28 07:12:07
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   Tiger's niece: No doubt he will be back on top

Tiger's niece: No doubt he will be back on top   

2015-06-27 18:15:53
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   Spieth already ahead of Woods' majors pace

Spieth already ahead of Woods' majors pace   

2015-06-24 09:15:04
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updated: 2015-06-24 12:45:27
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   Dwight Schrute Has A Musket

The man had to do something with his time.   

2015-06-30 04:41:08
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   Japanese Bathrooms Are Cooler Than Yours

Not sure about that shared bath water though.   

2015-06-30 04:29:46
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   Badass Motorcycle Racer Nearly Crashes But Instead...

That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen on a race track.   

2015-06-30 03:25:31
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   40 Weird Pics With A Really Great View Of The Moun...

What if the last image bathed in onions.   

2015-06-30 03:24:20
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   How Parents Can Keep Their Kids Interested in Chur...

It's a question church experts are desperate to answer: Why are so many young people leaving the church after high school? More importantly, what can be done to stop it?  Michelle Anthony and Megan Marshman write in their new book, 7 Family...   

2015-06-29 18:00:00
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   Why God Doesn't Grow Us By Leaps and Bounds

"[T]hat you put off the former way of life in the old nature, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind; and that you put on the new nature, which was created according to God in righteousness and tr...   

2015-06-29 17:00:00
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   The Jesus Agenda: Redeeming Families One Father at...

Fathers play a vital role in the development of a child as well as in God's redemptive plan for the lives of their children. Fathers provide discipline instruction, protection and provision, and unconditional love and forgiveness—all practical ...   

2015-06-29 16:00:00
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   Here's a Strong Case For Strength Training

I am so excited to share this week's guest post with you! It's written by the man responsible for my inexhaustible love for fitness, and for strength training in particular.Since I was 16 and first stepped foot into 360 Fitness in my hometown of Tyle...   

2015-06-29 15:00:00
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   Jada Pinkett-Smith Risks Double Nip Slip With See-...

Feelin' fiesty, Jada Pinkett-Smith?! The actress and mother of two showed off her racy side earlier today when she stepped out in London wearing a completely see-through top, which...   

2015-06-30 04:16:15
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   The Bachelorette Gets Real Depressing: Everybody C...

 "Are you in love with me? Yes or no?" If you thought last week's episode of The Bachelorette was dramatic, wait 'til you get a load of tonight's game...   

2015-06-30 03:52:01
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   Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt Teaming Up Again...

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt may be reuniting on the big screen. It's been four years since they first teamed up for her directorial debut, Friends With...   

2015-06-30 03:32:04
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   Watch a Cat Get Completely Shut Down by … a Flow...

This cat literally can't function when a flower is placed on its head   

2015-06-30 03:29:30
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   Russell Wilson: If it's $25M or $1.5M, I'll be rea...


2015-06-30 04:18:00
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   Eagles' Kelce disses Giants punter for QB jabs

Eagles' Kelce disses Giants punter for QB jabs   

2015-06-29 22:47:07
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   Michael Bennett says it's 'definitely possible' he...


2015-06-29 22:24:00
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   Lynch sends Hope Solo 'Lady Beast' shirts

Lynch sends Hope Solo 'Lady Beast' shirts   

2015-06-29 22:05:31
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I just loved that Disney movie! Even thought I do love Frozen and Brave, Tangled was my favourite movie of those 3! :3 Anw!Late post! lol (it's 5:00 here hahaha :'D) She didnt turn out as I wanted her to be...ehh...Hope you'...   

2015-06-30 04:40:26
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   -Little Tard-

Loving this boy to much AH Ozias <33 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHALL (C) ME   

2015-06-30 04:15:26
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   Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First [Collab]

    Two traditional Collabs with my moirail MC-Ash-Tray Placed side by side for your visual convenienceSketch was done by myselfLines and color done by MC-Ash-Tray Medium | Water Color Pencil © Blogas KupkakMC-Ash-T...   

2015-06-30 04:12:02
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so sorry guys, i haven't been around in awhile. decided to pop in and upload some art from my instagram. i post all my art there now, but i'm going to be on dev and getting to  commissions now like a fly on shit. IM SO SORRY FOR MY INC...   

2015-06-30 04:06:34
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web development
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   PWJunefont by Peax Webdesign


2015-06-30 02:34:56
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   Shenandoah Personal Use Only by Måns Grebäck


2015-06-30 01:19:30
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   Microfont by Daniel Lyons Entertainment and Story ...


2015-06-29 16:06:19
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   Vitreous by Elliott Hefford


2015-06-29 15:11:51
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   Featherfin Catfish, Featherfin Synodontis

I have had my featherfin for nearly 2 years now in a 60 gallon setup with various African Cichlids. I named her "Lilly" and she has been the queen of the tank from day 1! Lilly was about 3.5 inches when I found her hiding upside down inside...   

2015-06-29 18:43:13
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   Northern Dutch Frilled Canary

Hi, I just bought 2 yellow male north dutch frill canaries and put them in a separate cages. They have not singing yet. Would some one please let me know when do they start singing? I played the canary singing from youtube and hope that they ...   

2015-06-29 14:59:06
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   Next Mars mission is ESA’s ExoMars

ESA's ExoMars consists of two separate missions to investigate Mars. The first, set to launch in January 2016, consists of an orbiter and lander.   

2015-06-29 11:03:51
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   Dwarf Spitz, Toy German Spitz, Pom, Zwergspitz

I have 2 lovely poems Sammy 2 rescued at 5 months we had to have him neutered as one of his testicles hadn't dropped. He is so laid back he is almost horizontal. Kimba 20mths, we have had him since he was 14maths the same thing happened again. All wa...   

2015-06-29 10:59:34
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real estate
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   Spectacular Williams, Az 160 Acre in Coconino Coun...

Moose Ranch is the most spectacular 160 acre In-Holding in AZ surrounded by the 1.5M acre Kaibab National Forest. The property has incredible views of the San Francisco Peaks & Forest. The ranch has l...   

2015-06-30 03:16:03
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   40 Acres With A Creek in Ware County, Georgia

40 acres with a creek running through the property. Use it for hunting or build your dream home. Lots of hardwoods and some planted pines. Loaded with deer, turkey and hogs...   

2015-06-30 03:10:44
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   60 Acres On A County Road in Ware County, Georgia

60 acres with planted pines and hardwoods, surrounded by timber lands. Loaded with deer, turkey and hogs....   

2015-06-30 02:51:36
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   50 Acres To Hunt On in Ware County, Georgia

50 acres with a large pond and creek on it. Loaded with deer, turkey and hogs. Why lease when you could own your own hunting tract?...   

2015-06-30 01:45:40
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