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   'We'll Catch You Honey': Teenage Girl Rescue...

Park guests and employees became unlikely heroes   

2017-06-25 12:04:20

   'We Are Not Afraid': Activists to Defy Turkey Prid...

Activists gathered for a gay Pride march in Istanbul Sunday in defiance of a ban imposed by the city, promising: "We are not afraid."   

2017-06-25 12:03:34

   Photos: The week in politics

Take a look at the week in politics from June 18 through June 24.   

2017-06-25 11:55:58

updated: 2017-06-25 12:45:29
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   Bernie Sanders Slams 'Moral Outrage' Of Trumpcare ...

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) headlined the start of a campaign against Trumpcare Saturday night before some 1,000 angry people in the Pittsburgh Convention Center, calling the plan slicing millions from insurance coverage an unconscionable “mora...   

2017-06-25 03:34:35

   Every Healthy Tip You've Ever Needed For a Gr...

Breakfast can be confusing - especially if you grew up eating Cookie Crisp and SunnyD (whoa, nostalgia). What constitutes a healthy, complete breakfast? How can you make your breakfast faster but still nutritious? Should you eat carbs? What about fat...   

2017-06-25 02:50:51

   25 Healthy Recipes That Make Chicken Breast Taste ...

Chicken has been known to be an excellent source of lean protein when abiding by a healthy meal plan. The protein in chicken plays an important role in weight loss, along with maintaining a healthy weight. It helps keeps you satisfied longer, along w...   

2017-06-25 01:20:36

updated: 2017-06-25 05:27:54
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   The Making of an Allosaurus Graveyard

A new analysis sets the scene for how over 46 Allosaurus came to be buried in the same place -- Read more on   

2017-06-25 08:16:36

   NASA Poised to Discover Alien Life --"We are On th...

    "Taking into account all of the different activities and missions that are specifically searching for evidence of alien life, we are on the verge of making one of the most profound, unprecedented, discoveries in history," sa...   

2017-06-25 06:34:52

   Could Asteroids Bombard the Earth to Cause a Mass ...

Given the evidence that an asteroid triggered the dinosaur extinction, it makes sense to ask whether showers of asteroids could be to blame for regular extinction events -- Read more on   

2017-06-25 04:25:21

updated: 2017-06-25 13:22:42
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   A new 'solar paint' lets you transform your entire...

Powering homes using clean energy is becoming easier thanks to a growing number of innovative technologies and initiatives. Some government programs help homeowners with the financial burden of equipping their residences with energy-generating solar ...   

2017-06-25 13:58:55

   The 26 highest-paid players in baseball

Salaries continue to soar in Major League Baseball as 36 players will make at least $20 million in total earnings this season, up from 21 players just three years ago. This year's group of highest-paid players includes ten starting pitchers, si...   

2017-06-25 13:55:45

   BANK OF AMERICA: Millennials could signal the 'big...

The bull market in stocks could eventually be added to the list of things that millennials allegedly killed.  According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategists, a rise in millennial participation in the market could be a sign of the t...   

2017-06-25 13:52:24

updated: 2017-06-25 13:44:11
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   BET Awards 2017 Winners: The Complete List

The biggest party of the night is happening this evening on BET. For those who didn't already guess, the 2017 BET Awards are finally here and event organizers are ready to celebrate...   

2017-06-25 11:17:02

   Blac Chyna in Great Spirits at Maxim Party After C...

Blac Chyna wasn't going to let a car accident get in the way of a fun night out. The 29-year-old reality star and Rob Kardashian's ex's car was rear-ended early Saturday in...   

2017-06-25 10:17:12

   Style Edit – the fashion, beauty and food bu...

We trawl the shops so you don't have to - these are our fave fashion, beauty and food bits from the weekUnited Colours of Benetton, £19.95 Hurrah! The weekend’s finally arrived! We’ve been cheating on you with some boring days of the wee...   

2017-06-25 08:24:27

updated: 2017-06-25 15:23:21
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   Paul George denies that he is already moving out o...

Paul George knows all about social media speculation with the way his name has been thrown around in trade rumors over the past several weeks, but the frenzy hit new heights last week when moving trucks entered the narrative. On Thursday, a Snapchat ...   

2017-06-25 18:23:45

   Christian Pulisic does his best Odell Beckham impr...

New York Giants superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is as gifted an athlete as we’ve seen in decades. Not only does he shine on the football field, but he’s displayed impressive talent on the basketball court and soccer field. Beckh...   

2017-06-25 17:24:21

   Ezekiel Elliott cracks great joke about Dirk Nowit...

Dirk Nowitzki held his annual charity baseball game on Saturday, and Ezekiel Elliott was one of a number of Dallas Cowboys players who took part. The star running back also may have provided the best joke of the night. As you might expect from a man ...   

2017-06-25 17:04:45

updated: 2017-06-25 14:54:08
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   'Pitch Perfect 3': See Bellas Reunite fo...

The Barden Bellas reunite for one last farewell performance in the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, the latest comedy about Anna Kendrick's a cappella crew.The new film finds the Bellas hitting hard times post-college, with the singers unable ...   

2017-06-25 10:40:12

   Lil Kim A Person of Interest in Los Angeles Robber...

According to TMZ, Lil Kim is named as a person of interest in a robbery that took place early Sunday in Los Angeles. Apparently, Kim rented a house for a BET weekend party. When she and her crew showed up to check out the digs, they weren't satis...   

2017-06-25 06:50:06

   California Governor Denies Parole for Manson Famil...

California governor Jerry Brown denied parole for Manson Family member Bruce Davis, despite a parole board recommending theThis article originally appeared on California Governor Denies Parole for Manson Family Member ...   

2017-06-24 21:37:07

updated: 2017-06-24 21:16:09
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   Watch: This Is How Indian Cuisine Came to Houston

'Cooking in America' heads to Raja Sweets, the city's oldest Indian restaurant "My dad's motto was: Bring the streets of India to Hillcroft [Street]," says Sharan Gahunia, the second-generation owner of Raja Sweets, the first Indian resta...   

2017-06-24 08:44:45

   Nashville-Style Hot Chicken Is Taking Over, and Ri...

Hot chicken has been a local specialty in Nashville for generations, but it's becoming increasingly popular all over the US. You can't call any spicy fried chicken "hot chicken," either; you'll know authentic Nashville-style hot chicke...   

2017-06-24 06:54:44

   40 Things You Need to Know About The Great British...

A brand-new season of The Great British Baking Show is currently airing on PBS, and if you've never seen the show, it's time to jump in. The UK import may seem like Just Another Cooking Show, but it's not. It's like the Olympics o...   

2017-06-24 06:54:04

updated: 2017-06-24 06:28:51
24 new today
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   One Power Ranger Star Wants To Play Miles Morales ...

Miles Morales will make his live-action debut eventually and one Power Rangers star is ready to wear the tights and go for a swing. Hit the jump to learn all the details.   

2017-06-25 12:35:09

   Full 'Spider-Man Homecoming' Cast List Reveals...

Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t hit theaters until July 7, but the early buzz has already started after the social media embargo was lifted Friday night, revealing the first reactions from critics who have already seen the movie. Full reviews wi...   

2017-06-25 10:53:16

   'Pitch Perfect 3' Trailer: The Bellas Have Gra...

Are all you pitches ready for one last round with the Bellas? The first Pitch Perfect 3 trailer arrived online this weekend, giving us a much better idea of what the a capella group  featuring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany ...   

2017-06-25 09:39:12

updated: 2017-06-25 13:26:46
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   Watch a security developer exact sweet revenge on ...

Over the past few years, one of the more prevalent and successful scams going around has involved individuals posing as IRS agents and demanding payment of back taxes. By preying on individuals who are either elderly, unsophisticated, or have limited...   

2017-06-25 13:29:29

   This speaker sounds almost as good as Sonos, but i...

The Sonos Play:5 wireless speaker is fantastic, as long as you’re willing to cough up some serious cash. At $500, it’s a serious investment — and remember, it can only play music from supported services! If you’re looking for ...   

2017-06-25 13:12:10

   Airbus' High-Speed Racer Helicopter Cruises at a W...

The helicopter-plane hybrid uses rotors and triangular wings to overcome some pesky physics.   

2017-06-25 12:56:07

updated: 2017-06-25 13:15:54
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   7dpo One Step IC. Update page 3

I used two different ICs with today's fmu at 7dpo. One has a clear pink line (in real life at least, but hopefully it will upload ok!), the other is...   

2017-06-25 12:50:40

   9 dpo frer verrrry faint line? Short lp

I see it! I cant believe it! The camera isn't picking it up though. I had two negatives yesterday. It's pink and came up within the 3 minutes. ...   

2017-06-25 12:33:22

   Your Weekly Horoscope For June 25 - July 1 Is HERE

Photo: weheartit Your free weekly horoscope for June 25 - July 1 is here for each of the zodiac signs. Check out what astrology has in store for you when it comes to life, love, work, and friendship. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song! Keywor...   

2017-06-25 11:48:38

updated: 2017-06-25 13:23:37
38 new today
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   Wake Up Your Workspace with These Whimsical Pencil...


2017-06-25 13:58:02

   Style SOS: How to Battle Oil Stains and Win

Let's just cut to the chase - oil stains don't have to be the death knell of your soiled clothes. In fact, it's pretty easy to rid those pesky grease spots from your favorite tees and jeans with our quick five-step SOS drill. Just reme...   

2017-06-25 13:52:46

   Outfits & Outings Under $100: Cat Cafe + Painting

This is for all the cat loving artsy people out there. Or for the cat lovers who aren't artistically inclined but like having a blast with friends. After all, what's a better summer day than hanging out with cute animals and making art with friends?H...   

2017-06-25 11:31:16

updated: 2017-06-25 14:19:27
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   A Small Kitchen Becomes a Spacious and Modern Oasi...

Designer Ili Hidalgo-Nilsson creates a dream kitchen filled with simple design ideas   

2017-06-25 10:45:03

   8 Colorful Houses Where You Can Live Out Your Rain...

Live colorfully   

2017-06-25 10:45:03

   Inside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis's New $10 Mil...

The classic California home has expansive windows and six bedrooms   

2017-06-25 10:45:03

updated: 2017-06-25 10:45:03
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   Rand Paul says 'there's no way the Republican bill...

Republican supporters of the GOP legislation to replace ObamaCare are making promises they can't deliver, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Sunday on ABC's The Week. "The fundamental flaw of ObamaCare," Paul argued, "was that it added regulations to insura...   

2017-06-25 14:23:02


1. Conservative opponents of the GOP's health-care proposal in the Senate labeled the ObamaCare replacement package "ObamaCare lite," but the bill is taking fire from the center and left, too. A group of moderate Republican senators are raising conce...   

2017-06-25 13:56:09

   Senate health-care bill faces broad opposition as ...

Conservative Republican opponents of the GOP's health-care proposal in the Senate have labeled the ObamaCare replacement package "ObamaCare lite," but the bill is taking fire from the center and left, too. A group of moderate Republican senators are ...   

2017-06-25 13:56:06

updated: 2017-06-25 14:00:03
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   Bakhtiari: Packers' playoff woes starting to tick ...


2017-06-25 15:58:00

   Steelers expect “great deal of improvement&#...


2017-06-25 15:14:43

   Report: Chiefs want to interview Louis Riddick for...


2017-06-25 14:53:58

updated: 2017-06-25 12:48:17
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163 new today
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For high-quality furniture that's great for the classroom and playroom alike, look no further than ECR4Kids. Their items are crafted to balance style, functionality and durability, resulting in eye-catching pieces.   

2017-06-25 17:50:21

   Don't Bug Me, Honey

Some of nature's most creepy-crawly get a glam rework in this trove of pretty baubles. No bites — just looks rich with on-trend appeal.   

2017-06-25 16:49:23

   Lunch on the Brain?

Students require a nutritious and delicious lunch to stay focused. Make mealtime fun by cutting sandwiches into too-cool shapes and packing awesome food organization into your little learner's modern-day brown apparel | shop toys | shop furn...   

2017-06-25 16:40:35

updated: 2017-06-25 17:59:19
2 new today
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   Report: Lamborghini Considering Four-Seat Sports C...

Lamborghini may have pushed the envelope when it announced it was building an SUV, but the niche supercar company isn’t averse to expanding its lineup even more. According to a new report, Lamborghini is looking into a four-seat sports car, an...   

2017-06-25 01:35:43

   Honda engineer debunks own claim about cause of Ta...

Filed under: Government/Legal,Honda Honda reiterated its position that it did not conceal knowledge of Takata defects, but instead was itself a victim of deception by Takata officials.Continue reading Honda engineer debunks own clai...   

2017-06-24 12:09:06

   2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has long since cemented its place in the crossover-SUV world. It’s a solid utility vehicle with lots of features and great value for the dollar. We think it’s worth a 7.2 out of 10 on our ratings scale, whi...   

2017-06-24 08:41:20

updated: 2017-06-24 21:25:46
video games
10 new today
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   E3 2017 – A Plague Tale: Innocence Preview &...

Asobo Studio is coming off their development work on ReCore to shift gears into the horror genre with their upcoming game A Plague Tale: Innocence. We managed to nab a behind-closed-doors demo session with publisher Focus Home Interactive for this ra...   

2017-06-25 19:00:43

   Sony Is Much Easier to Talk to and Work With Than ...

David Condolora of indie studio Brain & Brain (Burly Men At Sea) has revealed that his team’s experience of working with Sony has been “very good” and that the company has been “very supportive,” especially when it comes...   

2017-06-25 18:30:03

   E3 2017 – Vampyr Preview – Hippocratic...

Focus Home Interactive is a French publisher that usually has a large presence at E3. This year was no different. We managed to sit in on a closed-doors demo of Dontnod Entertainment's upcoming supernatural action game, Vampyr, and if you’re...   

2017-06-25 17:45:28

updated: 2017-06-25 16:29:21
6 new today
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   Why Phoenix's flights can't take off in extreme he...

Phoenix just provided another reason to hate flying: the heat. With temperatures there expected to hit 119 degrees Fahrenheit, airlines canceled more than 40 flights today. Wait. What? Airplanes can't fly because it's too hot? That's crazy. No, not r...   

2017-06-25 01:19:01

   Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki decrees: No Com...

Before LGBT Pride celebrations begin in Chicago this weekend, Bishop of Springfield Thomas Paprocki issued a formal decree calling on all members of the Catholic faith to enforce the Church's longstanding policies on the issue of homosexuality.   

2017-06-24 05:38:04

   Joyce Meyer: 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

Our society tells us we have to be constantly working, striving and doing in order to find value. That can easily cause burnout and stress. But Joyce Meyer says, "No matter what's going on in our circumstances, we can maintain a quiet heart." Find ou...   

2017-06-23 19:00:00

updated: 2017-06-23 20:08:58
0 new today
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   Instagram Stories Crushes Snapchat, Offers Downloa...

Instagram Stories is crushing the competition—namely Snapchat—when it comes to daily users. While active daily users has jumped to 250 million on Instagram Stories from 200 million in April, the corresponding number has decreased on Snapchat, whi...   

2017-06-24 20:23:25

   Rooster Teeth's Burnie Burns Discusses Diversify...

Burnie Burns, who helped grow Rooster Teeth from a hit show (Red vs. Blue) into a thriving 300-person digital media empire, shared tips with aspiring creators during an intimate discussion at VidCon today entitled Gaming New Media. Burns, 44, who fo...   

2017-06-24 19:43:10

   Cult Classic 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Ma...

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is landing on Twitch and staying there for six days. The marathon will air on Shout! Factory TV's new Twitch channel starting June 26 at 11am PT. Consisting of 38 episodes that first aired on Comedy Central and later t...   

2017-06-24 15:42:35

updated: 2017-06-24 23:22:03
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   Dan Harmon Finally Reveals Reason Behind 'Rick And...

It’s been roughly an eternity since the last season of “Rick and Morty” (or more accurately, roughly under two years). The delay for the third season has gone on so long that co-creator Dan Harmon is now worried that fans are specul...   

2017-06-24 08:15:12

   Justin Hartley Reveals When We'll Learn About Ja...

function commercial_video){var   

2017-06-24 05:16:33

   Ian McKellen Is All For A Gay James Bond

Ian McKellen is all for 007 being a man’s man. On Thursday, the “Lord of the Rings” star, 78, said he’d fully support the idea of James Bond being portrayed as a gay man ― and he thinks author Ian Fleming, who created the fi...   

2017-06-24 02:42:50

updated: 2017-06-24 05:23:56
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   Senate Confirms: Rich People Good, Poor People Bad

By Cody Johnston  Published: June 24th, 2017    

2017-06-25 10:25:50

   5 Surprising Things My Country Wouldn't Have Witho...

By Kambura  Published: June 25th, 2017    

2017-06-25 09:52:19

   5 Amazing Acts Of Mercy Toward Horrible People

By Jordan Breeding,Britni Patterson,Kian Lastman  Published: June 25th, 2017    

2017-06-25 05:24:47

updated: 2017-06-25 12:54:28
10 new today
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   Catch Up On CBM's 10 Biggest News Stories Thi...

Did you miss any of the big news that dropped this week? The news team's round the clock coverage on superhero cinema was spearheaded by the drama swirling around the Han Solo spinoff.   

2017-06-25 12:24:26

   Amy Pascal Clarifies Her Previous VENOM And BLACK ...

The whole discussion about Venom and Black Cat joining the MCU was all for naught as Amy Pascal has clarified that her comments on the Spider-Man affiliated characters were misinterpreted.   

2017-06-25 12:22:14

   Marvel's Crown Jewel Swings Into View On Two ...

With the press junket currently underway and the review embargo set to lift this Thursday, two amazing new posters for Marvel Studios & Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming have swung online. Take a look!   

2017-06-25 06:46:43

updated: 2017-06-25 13:53:32
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   Timeline Photos


2017-06-25 02:45:02

   Timeline Photos


2017-06-24 18:45:03

   Timeline Photos


2017-06-23 18:45:01

updated: 2017-06-23 18:45:01
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web development
7 new today
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   Maze Font 2 by MaxMido


2017-06-25 06:26:12

   Essential Applications for GNU/Linux Users

So, you've made the switch from Windows or MacOSX to GNU/Linux, congratulations! There is a good chance that you've also installed a distribution like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, or perhaps Manjaro; and so you have a wide range of software alread...   

2017-06-25 06:17:12

   Dofi by MaxMido


2017-06-25 05:55:29

updated: 2017-06-25 06:11:38
web marketing
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   Google now removing medical records from its searc...

Google's content removal policy has been updated to include medical records. This goes on a very short list of content that Google will remove from search. The post Google now removing medical records from its search results appeared first on Search...   

2017-06-23 12:10:21

   8 Smart Steps in Integrating Influencer Marketing ...

We've discussed the limitations of content marketing with fellow marketers, and many think that web content has reached a critical volume. There's more content being put out there than people can consume.   

2017-06-23 05:29:17

   SMX Advanced session: Mobile-First For The Advance...

How can websites prepare for the mobile-first index? Columnist Greg Gifford recaps a session from SMX Advanced dealing with the impending rollout of Google's new index, which prioritizes mobile content over desktop. The post SMX Advanced session: Mo...   

2017-06-23 04:10:06

updated: 2017-06-23 14:31:31
fun facts
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   10 Unexpected Perks To Becoming The Queen Of Engla...

Looking for a job with good benefits? You can't do much better than becoming the queen of England. Sure, it takes a certain skill to bring about the series of calamities you'd need to become next in line for the throne, but becoming the matriarch...   

2017-06-25 01:34:21

   Top 10 Things Americans Get Wrong About Their Own ...

Here in America, we think we know our stuff. But it turns out that there are a few things most people get wrong about US history. From the settling of the continent to the Chicago fire, pop culture and sensational news have warped our view of history...   

2017-06-25 01:11:45

   10 Celebrities Who Narrowly Escaped Death

Celebrities are just ordinary people. They suffer life troubles, heartbreak, illnesses, and so on. And just like us regular people, they sometimes get a break and a second chance at life, quite literally in the case of this list. The following are so...   

2017-06-24 05:09:48

updated: 2017-06-24 05:52:28
5 new today
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   Poker Pro Tim Reilly Complains After Flopping Nuts

Video yes video inside Featured Featured Language English Tim Reilly talks with Sarah Herring of about his penalty for calling with the nuts on river.  Reilly explains his v...   

2017-06-25 11:58:34

   MLB Betting Preview, Trends and Picks: June 25

Video novid Featured Featured Language English has your Major League Baseball betting trends and picks along with today’s odds. Orioles-Rays – PITCHING MATCHUP:...   

2017-06-25 05:15:14

   NCAA College Football Pay Per Head Regular Season ...

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English has a sampling of the upcoming 2017-2018 NCAA College Football team regular season win odds that can be customized through mo...   

2017-06-24 22:48:02

updated: 2017-06-24 22:20:27
18 new today
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   William Byron wins first career NASCAR Xfinity Ser...

Series leader Elliott Sadler finished eighth in his 800th career start   

2017-06-25 19:53:05

   Bellator NYC results: Zach Freeman spoils Aaron Pi...

Pico first fight came to an abrupt end after Freeman caught the young fighter early   

2017-06-25 19:22:26

   LOOK: Durant trolls Westbrook, Thunder fans by wea...

Thunder fans used the term 'cupcake' in reference to Durant after he left OKC in free agency   

2017-06-25 15:27:16

updated: 2017-06-25 04:45:45
8 new today
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   How to Inflate Any Ball Without a Pump or Needle

What happens when you find your ball deflated and there's no pump or needle in sight? You could always cancel your plans of kicking around the soccer ball or starting that pickup football game in the park. Better yet, you could be terribly clever and...   

2017-06-25 11:41:55

   Get the Pixel Launcher with an Integrated Google N...

Google has an exclusive launcher for its Pixel devices, and it's pretty slick. But even though we've found ways to get this home screen app on other phones, certain features simply wouldn't work unless you were rooted. That's finally changed. Previo...   

2017-06-25 09:55:37

   How Parental Choice Not to Vaccinate Kids Starts a...

It's not always easy to get to the root of an infection outbreak. Epidemiologists study infected people, contacts, and carefully examine where the infections happened and when. In the case of a 2012 outbreak of pertussis — whooping cough — in Ore...   

2017-06-25 05:53:22

updated: 2017-06-25 13:10:46
8 new today
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   Marriage Equality Coming to Australia 'So...

The right is outraged over comments by the defense minister that were caught on tape.   

2017-06-25 04:30:40

   Alan Cumming Takes Up the Cause of a Former Costar

Cumming and PETA are calling for the release of 11 chimpanzees, including one who appeared in a film with the actor, from a Missouri facility.   

2017-06-24 13:37:15

   Trump's DEO Pick Has History of Transphob...

Also, William C. Bradford is Islamaphobic and does not believe in climate change.    

2017-06-24 10:48:43

updated: 2017-06-24 21:47:57
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   UFC welcomes Golden Knights to Las Vegas

The Vegas Golden Knights are officially ready to drop the gloves after members of the newly formed NHL hockey team visited UFC headquarters Thursday afternoon in the fight capital of the world.Marc-Andre Fleury, Deryk Engelland, Jason Garrison, Brayd...   

2017-06-24 05:28:43

   Martin aware of mental game, knows he has to belie...

Tony Martin is like most athletes. When it’s time to compete, he believes he’s the baddest man on the planet. Yet as he points out, just thinking it isn’t enough.“To be an elite athlete in any sport, you gotta believe that you...   

2017-06-24 04:49:48

   Italy's Marvin Vettori adjusting to life in states

It’s the toughest question Marvin Vettori will get when it comes to acclimating to life in the United States, but he has no problem answering if he’s able to find good Italian food in California. “No,” he said. “It&rsquo...   

2017-06-24 04:41:56

updated: 2017-06-24 21:18:45
10 new today
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   Crocodile Poaching Booms as Egypt Tourism Crumbles

Fewer foreign visitors and political chaos has led some Egyptians to turn to hunting Nile crocodiles as a source of revenue.   

2017-06-25 10:45:04

   From the Ashes: Going Blind


2017-06-25 10:45:04

   Pictures: Mysterious Deep-Sea Life Below Antarctic...

"The waters under Antarctic ice are like Mount Everest: magical, but so hostile that you have to be sure of your desire before you go."   

2017-06-25 10:45:04

updated: 2017-06-25 10:45:04
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real estate
46 new today
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   I Love Proverbs

I like Proverbs as well and here is a very nice selection. 1. Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still. Chinese Proverb 2. Be the master of mind rather than mastered by mind. Japanese Proverb 3. Silence is a fence around wisdo...   

2017-06-25 12:58:05

   A Tiny House Is A Tiny House Is A Tiny House and A...

John DL Arendsen made some excellent points not only in this post, but when he was a guest on our Podcast. ADU's and other "Tiny Houses", although different, each can serve to help relieve our Housing Inventory & Affordability Crisis! Great post...   

2017-06-25 10:01:50

   Modern Gem in Coconut Grove Sells at Rapid Pace

1796 S Bayshore Lane Coconut Grove, FL 33133Call 305-968-8397 for SalesCompletely rebuilt and redesigned in 2011, this spectacular modern home in Coconut Grove features 85 ft. of gorgeous waterfront. Expansive windows and doors let in natural light s...   

2017-06-25 09:25:16

updated: 2017-06-25 13:24:25
35 new today
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   Friesian Colt, Potro Frison

 -Friesian Colt 13th month old imported from holland, with microchip and fullpapers. Sire by Bartele 472. Register with KFPS @ 714-713-8762 or Email @ Will be available @ the end of july 2017 -Potro frison de 13 meses de eda...   

2017-06-25 14:36:12

   Clydesdale Mare

 11 year old mare. She's been broke for cart. We have had her from day one. She loves attention, and she's easy to handle. We have had to relocate and unfortunately, we don't have the proper settings to keep a clyde. We are asking 4500.00 OBO. W...   

2017-06-25 13:09:05

   Super Fancy small Palomino Welsh mare

 Welsh pony hunter mare - Super Fancy. 04/2012 DOB. Shown locally very competitively. Eligible for pre-green. She is a 10 mover and always wins the under saddle classes. Super tidy over fences. Complete auto changes. Has temporary pony card 12.1...   

2017-06-25 12:55:06

updated: 2017-06-25 14:13:46
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For: Dang didn't expect there actually to be another commission that I missed x:<And I'll mention it again, if you're still waiting on a commission from me, please message me about it! My notes are currently all over the place   

2017-06-25 12:08:49


 Wat Phra That Lampang Luang (Thai: is a Lanna-style Buddhist temple in Lampang in Lampang Province, Thailand.   

2017-06-25 11:42:55

   Tales of tomorrow

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl---------- Pleas...   

2017-06-25 11:35:13

updated: 2017-06-25 12:51:47
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   Free $500 Fantasy Baseball Contest

To introduce the new Arcade Mode Fantasy Baseball contests, DraftKings is inviting MLBTR readers to a free fantasy baseball contest with prizes! Arcade Mode is the new easy-to-draft and fast-scoring fantasy baseball contest. To play, simply select a ...   

2017-06-25 14:09:53

   Brewers Claim Stephen Vogt

The Brewers have claimed catcher Stephen Vogt off waivers from the Athletics, reports Jerry Crasnick of ESPN (on Twitter). Milwaukee was the only team to put in a claim for Vogt, tweets Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle. [RELATED: Updated ...   

2017-06-25 12:32:08

   Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Pirates, Orioles, Cards, ...

This week in baseball blogs: Pirates Breakdown explores the possibility of the Bucs adding another arm by the trade deadline. Camden Depot names the Orioles’ top five trade chips. Notes From The Sally lists the top 25 prospects in the South Atl...   

2017-06-25 10:12:55

updated: 2017-06-25 14:07:16
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   Jimmy Butler posts heartfelt message to Chicago on...

After spending the first six seasons of his career in Chicago, Jimmy Butler was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves during Thursday's draft as part of a mega-deal.   

2017-06-24 02:08:49

   Q&A: Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

NEW YORK— The inaugural NBA Awards (Monday, June 26, 9 pm ET, TNT) will honor some of the greatest performances from the 2016-17 NBA season. And some NBA teams are using the NBA Awards to recognize some of the most significant off-court performance...   

2017-06-24 01:55:05

   2017 Draft day trade chatter roundup: Bulls deal B...

With the 2017 Draft tonight underway (LIVE, ESPN), the trade talks that have swirled all week -- as well as some new chatter -- are bubbling up. Here's the latest on what's being talked about around the NBA:   

2017-06-22 11:23:25

updated: 2017-06-22 20:59:41
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   Last Year Today: Serena Williams stuns in 'incompa...

The news cycle in the tennis world moves fast—who can keep up? That's where we come in. Each Thursday, Last Year Today will look back at a memorable story from exactly one year ago.  Serena Williams is a compli...   

2017-06-22 07:43:26

   US Open By the Numbers: 36

The US Open is commonly referred to as America's Grand Slam. And frequently, U.S. players have emerged as the last man or woman standing at fortnight's end. Interestingly, the total number of American men's champions and women's champions in ...   

2017-06-20 09:54:57

   2017 US Open Spotlight: Anett Kontaveit

Anett Knotaveit on Sunday completed her run through the draw in Den Bosch, Netherlands, defeating Natalia Vikhlyantseva to win the Ricoh Open for her first career WTA title. Here's a little more on this rising star from Estonia.   

2017-06-19 09:49:29

updated: 2017-06-19 16:44:25

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