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   Ibrahim Halawa freed from jail in Egypt

The Irishman was acquitted of all charges in Egypt over a month ago but his release was delayed.   

2017-10-20 08:34:24

   A String of Bomb Blasts in Sweden Is Prompting Que...

There have been at least five bomb explosions or scares in Sweden since the early hours of Friday, Oct. 13.   

2017-10-20 08:29:15

   Hear Trump's call to Gold Star widow

Natasha De Alencar, the widow of Army Staff Sgt Mark De Alencar, released video of her conversation with President Trump.   

2017-10-20 08:19:49

updated: 2017-10-20 04:45:28
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   This old-school training technique will blow up yo...

.background_image { position: absolute; top: 0px; right: 0px; width: 100%; height: 100%; min-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; } .jwplayer_wrapper, .jwplayer_list { position: rela...   

2017-10-19 21:29:03

   This Is the Best Type of Weed to Smoke Before Your...

People always seem surprised when I tell them I get high before I work out, which is totally understandable - there's a huge misconception that smoking cannabis makes you lazy. That stigma can be true for some strains, but smoking the right type...   

2017-10-19 21:00:00

   How Your Diet Can Make Your Psoriasis Symptoms Wor...

Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune skin disease that causes skin cells to build up rapidly, resulting in redness, scaling, itchiness, dry skin, and pain. These patches of inflamed skin are known as psoriasis lesions. They can appear anywhere on the s...   

2017-10-19 20:49:40

updated: 2017-10-20 05:20:25
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   "Exploration Bases for Future Astronauts" --Japan&...

    Japan's space agency announced that its Selenological and Engineering Explorer (Selene) probe, has discovered an enormous cave beneath the lunar surface that will boost plans by several countries to send astronauts to the moon a...   

2017-10-19 20:44:39

   Humans May Be Influencing Bird Evolution in Their ...

Great tits in the U.K. have developed longer beaks, possibly to gain access to bird feeders -- Read more on   

2017-10-19 19:20:00

   Psychopaths Aren't the Best Hedge Fund Managers Af...

Pretty much everyone agrees investing, whether it's your own money or a company's, is wise. And hiring someone to manage that investment portfolio could get you the most bang for your buck. So, who to chose? Probably someone who would do whatever...   

2017-10-19 18:58:06

updated: 2017-10-19 21:34:32
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   Puerto Rico Bonds Were No Bargain Before the Storm...


2017-10-20 09:00:24

   Facebook Inc Has Big Catalysts Heading Into Earnin...


2017-10-20 08:00:52

   You Learn 1 of These 5 Ways. Guaranteed. (Infograp...

It is critical to know the learning style of yourself and those around you. The new flowchart infographic from NeoMam Studios shows your strengths   

2017-10-20 05:00:00

updated: 2017-10-20 05:18:44
120 new today
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   How to Get Away With Murder's Jack Falahee Has...

And you thought your family dynamic was intense. In tonight's new episode of How to Get Away With Murder, fans finally learned some of Connor Walsh's (Jack Falahee) history,...   

2017-10-20 03:00:00

   Sophia Grace Is All Grown Up--and Her Music Is Too

Sophia Grace still has that super bass and more. It's hard to believe that it's been more than six years since the singer became a viral star thanks to her cover of Nicki...   

2017-10-20 02:44:00

   Julia Louis-Dreyfus Completes Second Round of Chem...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is more than ready to beat cancer. Less than a month after revealing to fans that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the Emmy-winning actress updated fans on...   

2017-10-20 01:07:00

updated: 2017-10-20 05:11:27
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   LEADING OFF: Verlander, Astros try to force Game 7...

A look at what's happening all around the majors today:   

2017-10-20 08:28:33

   Emotional Hernandez has 3 HRs, lifts Dodgers to Wo...

CHICAGO (AP) When it was over, when Los Angeles had finally secured another trip to the World Series and Enrique Hernandez's three big swings had become a part of playoff lore, the emotional utilityman just wanted to give his dad a big hug.   

2017-10-20 08:13:53

   Jonathan Taylor eyes 1,000, No. 5 Wisconsin hosts ...

MILWAUKEE (AP) Jonathan Taylor keeps reaching impressive goals with every yard that he gains in an impressive freshman season at Wisconsin.   

2017-10-20 07:54:54

updated: 2017-10-20 05:18:54
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   Maroon 5 – “Whiskey” ft. A$AP Ro...

After announcement of their new Matrix-inspired album Red Pill Blues, Maroon 5 have shared a new single. Titled "Whiskey," the track includes a guest verse from A$AP Rocky and offers a softer, somber alternative to previous singles "What Lovers Do" w...   

2017-10-20 04:23:12

   Stream the Soundtrack for Season 2 of Stranger Thi...

A week ahead of the show's second season debut on Netflix, the Stranger Things 2 Original Netflix Series Soundtrack can now be heard in full. Composed again by the Emmy award-winning and Grammy-nominated duo Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (who are also...   

2017-10-20 04:09:48

   Taylor Swift - “Gorgeous”

"Gorgeous," the third single from Taylor Swift's highly anticipated album Reputation, is out now. Will you like it more than "Look What You Made Me Do" or "…Ready for It?"? Will she deliver the whole thing in the wacky pitched-up baby voice f...   

2017-10-20 04:01:05

updated: 2017-10-20 06:02:23
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   Enfagrow Toddler Products, Happy Baby Pouches, Lu...

Let’s put a spotlight on some of the hottest, newest and best printable coupons for baby and toddler products, to help you save on the things you need this week for your littles: Household $3.00/1 Enfagrow Toddler Powder Product B3/G1 Buy 3 Ha...   

2017-10-19 15:30:11

   Lightning Deal on Meal Prep Containers

Meal Prep Containers Food Storage Containers with Lids from the Meal Lab.  This 10-Pack set of 3 Compartment Bento Boxes give you great compartmental separation so you can freeze or take along a complete meal in one container.  Each meal prep cont...   

2017-10-19 15:23:03

   Bad Mac and Cheese Ridiculed by All of Twitter

At last, something everyone in America can agree on Earlier today, a Twitter user by the name of Jan Levinson (@coolstoryjanis) showed up to her office to find that a coworker had brought in a truly sorry excuse for mac and cheese to share with the c...   

2017-10-19 14:31:01

updated: 2017-10-19 22:00:18
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   Gotham: The Blade's Path Sees the Return of [SPO...

Tonight's Gotham ended with a shocking twist - the return of one of the original characters who seemed to have left the city for good.   

2017-10-20 03:22:29

   Star Wars: 15 Things You Never Knew Happened Betwe...

Return of The Jedi was not the end of the adventures for the heroes of Star Wars. Find out what they were up to in the years before The Force Awakens!   

2017-10-20 03:01:17

   How Ron Howard Celebrated The End Of The Solo: A S...

Solo: A Star Wars Story's shoot has officially concluded, and here's how director Ron Howard celebrated the occasion.   

2017-10-20 02:52:29

updated: 2017-10-20 05:18:55
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   Let CrunchMatch curate your Disrupt Berlin experie...

 TechCrunch Disrupt events are famous for attracting the best and brightest minds the tech world has to offer. This December, Disrupt Berlin will be rife with opportunity both for startup founders and venture capitalists. The tricky bit is findi...   

2017-10-20 08:01:37

   Nap time? Wrap your head in the Ostrich Pillow Loo...

The folks behind the wacky, yet wildly successful Ostrich Pillow are back with an equally strange piece of comfort-oriented headwear. The Ostrich Pillow Loop is equal parts blindfold and pillow, but promises to do a better job of blocking out light t...   

2017-10-20 07:07:47

   Still stalking Bigfoot 50 years after the beast we...

Believers trek to the forest where Sasquatch hunters shot the 1967 footage that made Bigfoot America's most popular cryptid. They still hope for a glimpse.   

2017-10-20 07:01:20

updated: 2017-10-20 04:45:36
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   Today's Horoscope For Friday, October 20, 201...

Your daily horoscope is here! It's Friday! Better yet — Fri-yay!  Today we go from a New Moon in Libra into the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Mercury is also in Scorpio beside Jupiter! When Mercury is in Scorpio influenced ...   

2017-10-20 02:42:03

   Today's LOVE Horoscope For Friday, October 20...

Your daily horoscope is IN! Big changes are happening with planet energy. This means changes in your relationships, especially in the area of communication, intimacy, and love.  The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, 2017, ...   

2017-10-20 02:35:40

   Awful Details Revealed About Why A Manhattan Stock...

Photo: TOT Rod Covlin's murder trial revealed new details about why the failed stockbroker murdered his wife, Shele Danishefsky. Prosecutors say he snapped her neck because he wanted to date other women. Keywords: crime, domestic violence, mur...   

2017-10-20 02:17:33

updated: 2017-10-20 05:20:15
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   4 Tips to Ease the Transition Back to Work From Ma...

Returning to work after maternity leave can be stressful, but powering through the first day like you've never been away is possible with a few key multitasking tricks. From scheduling regular check-ins with the babysitter to building a fresh ne...   

2017-10-20 03:00:14

   6 Job Interview Struggles We've All Dealt Wit...

Ask anyone who's been through the job application process, and they'd all agree it feels like a full-time job in itself. Editing your resume becomes a game of "how many different ways can I say this?," you become well-versed in listing yo...   

2017-10-20 03:00:13

   This Wine Glass Holder for Your Bathtub Just Revol...


2017-10-20 02:45:06

updated: 2017-10-20 02:45:06
8 new today
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   Styling a Bookcase in Three Easy Steps

Alex Evjen of Ave Styles wanted to include more storage in her guest bedroom, while also adding character and height to the space. After contemplating building her own shelves, she found the perfect set of bookcases to do the job. Styling a bookcase...   

2017-10-19 16:27:02

   Finding the Perfect Appliances for the Holidays

The holiday season is meant for family, friends and food. Monica from Awed by Monica, found the best appliances to host her guests at The Home Depot. Finding the Best Appliances for the Holidays I absolutely love the holiday season. Family, friends a...   

2017-10-19 15:28:02

   The 50 Strangest Laws in America

Whether they're holdovers from the days past that never got updated or mind-twisting restrictions written up after some random incident go wrong, there are dozens of outdated, hilarious, and just-plain-strange laws still on the books in the United ...   

2017-10-19 10:59:44

updated: 2017-10-19 13:24:19
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   7 cartoons gleefully mocking the ongoing Trump-McC...

Get the best political cartoons delivered to your inbox with our free daily cartoon newsletter. Sign up here.   

2017-10-20 05:40:02

   Wit and wisdom from Najwa Zebian, Coco Chanel, and...

Subscribe to The Week's YouTube channel for more bits of wit and wisdom.   

2017-10-20 05:40:02

   This week I learned worms can smell danger, and mo...

Read more on the facts mentioned: Worms learn to smell danger (Medical Express) Stress might be just as unhealthy as junk food to digestive system (Eureka Alert) Fish depression is not a joke (The New York Times) The murderer who helped make the Oxfo...   

2017-10-20 05:35:02

updated: 2017-10-20 05:55:04
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   Raiders set to break ground on new stadium in Las ...


2017-10-20 06:14:12

   McKinney's Matt Madek breaks rushing record

McKinney's very own Matt Madek breaks the single game state rushing record Thursday with "cheat code numbers".   

2017-10-20 05:22:18

   Seahawks’ Cliff Avril says he’s not co...


2017-10-20 05:00:10

updated: 2017-10-20 04:49:05
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424 new today
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   JCPenney - 25% Off or 30% Off $100+ Order


2017-10-20 00:00:00

   J. Crew Factory - Up to 60% Off + 25% Off $125


2017-10-20 00:00:00

   Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent, Only $1.75 at F...

Combine a high-value coupon with a digital store coupon to score this deal on Persil at Family Dollar! First, print a $3.00/1 coupon from Then, log in to your Smart Coupons account to clip a $1.00/1 digital store coupon. Next, visit Fami...   

2017-10-19 23:57:27

updated: 2017-10-19 20:59:35
59 new today
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   Mercedes-AMG G65 Final Edition is a V-12 G-Wagen S...

To celebrate the coming demise of the Mercedes-AMG G65, Affalterbach is offering an exclusive Final Edition that is limited to just 65 examples. If you want one of these last luxury SUVs, expect to pony up at least $367,497. Since 1979, the G-Class h...   

2017-10-20 00:00:42

   2018 Honda Odyssey in Depth: An Appealing Option f...

Think minivans are fading away thanks to a proliferation of crossovers? Think again. More than a half-million of these versatile family haulers roll off dealer lots each year. The Honda Odyssey is all new for 2018 and arrives sporting a more stylish ...   

2017-10-19 23:33:39

   Mitsubishi Plans to Increase Sales by Offering Mor...

Compared to what it was in the 1990s, Mitsubishi’s automotive lineup is a shadow of its former self. Here in the U.S. it only sells the Outlander, Outlander Sport, and Mirage. Oh, and technically it still sells a few Lancers each month, too. Bu...   

2017-10-19 23:15:48

updated: 2017-10-19 21:17:11
video games
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   Latest Demon Gaze II Trailer Wants You to Give Dem...

Publisher NIS America has released a brand new Demon Gaze II gameplay trailer, showcasing a bunch of features in the upcoming dungeon crawler. It also shows that the player will have to give their demons some tender loving care if they want to use t...   

2017-10-20 01:05:49

   Crossout’s Halloween Event Has Begun, Get So...

It’s Halloween in the action MMO Crossout, and now’s your chance to enjoy a spooky map and earn some creepy looking skins, like that clown pictured above. The event will run until November 9. Here’s a ton more information about the...   

2017-10-20 00:51:50

   Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Feature RPG Elemen...

Game Informer isn’t the only place with new Dragon Ball FighterZ information! The latest issue of V-Jump has mot information on the upcoming fighting game’s Story Mode. It seems that there will be some RPG elements integrated into the m...   

2017-10-20 00:29:09

updated: 2017-10-19 23:35:52
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   Sir Roger Scruton, Denis McNamara, Duncan Stroik...

For those visual artists, designers, or architects who perhaps feel a bit out of step with much of the art they see around them; for art educators who hope to inspire their students; or for art lovers who simply seek beauty and would enjoy time to re...   

2017-10-19 19:47:19

   All 34 Chapters of Deuteronomy Explained in 5 Minu...

Deuteronomy, the fifth and final book of the Torah, can be a confusing and challenging read for many Christians. Asher Intrater, founder and apostolic leader of Revive Israel Ministries, breaks down this entire book in five minutes.   

2017-10-19 19:00:30

   Redeeming Our Culture, One Prayer at a Time

I think most have heard the adage, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." A similar quote found in Scripture is, "He who is not  with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad" (words of...   

2017-10-19 18:00:21

updated: 2017-10-19 18:35:52
13 new today
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   YouTube Millionaires: ColdFusionTV Explains Tech C...

As technology to accelerate into a greater portion of our personal lives, Dagogo Altraide will be there to catalog the transformation. Altraide, a creator from Australia, is the man behind ColdFusionTV, a collection of tech-related video essays. In ...   

2017-10-19 21:40:00

   Smosh Games Launches Branded Web Series For Ubisof...

Smosh Games has launched today a three-episode web series to promote the launch of Assassin's Creed Origins -- the tenth installment in the popular Ubisoft action-adventure game series. In the YouTube show, titled Operation: Open World, Smosh Game...   

2017-10-19 20:31:30

   Social Star Shawn Mendes, Now A Top 40 Regular, He...

v Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.   

2017-10-19 20:09:11

updated: 2017-10-19 23:10:25
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   Chelsea Handler Quits Netflix Show For A Very Poli...

"The past presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized me."   

2017-10-19 07:26:30

   Gold Star Dad Wants To Learn How To Use Twitter Ju...

Another military family rebukes the president.   

2017-10-19 05:03:08

   Ted Cruz Made A Painfully Awkward 'Curb Your E...

The crack came during a CNN debate between the two senators.   

2017-10-19 03:45:23

updated: 2017-10-19 05:14:12
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   This coworker's horrifying mac 'n' cheese is...


2017-10-19 21:33:00

   This map will show you the most popular Halloween ...

I ain't got no type.   

2017-10-19 20:33:55

   This catfishing story somehow ended in love, and i...

Wow, definitely didn't see that coming.   

2017-10-19 20:10:19

updated: 2017-10-19 21:34:41
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   Timeline Photos


2017-10-20 02:45:04

   Timeline Photos


2017-10-19 18:45:02

   Asian Inspired Baby Jacket

Put those knitting needles to use with this free baby knitting pattern! Make an Asian inspired baby jacket for your worldly baby or toddler to wear on her international adventures.   

2017-10-19 14:47:12

updated: 2017-10-19 21:34:42
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web development
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   Spooky Halloween by Misti's Fonts


2017-10-20 08:53:27

   Tastysushi by Octotype


2017-10-20 06:20:50

   Lovely Quotes by Octotype


2017-10-20 06:20:16

updated: 2017-10-20 06:03:26
web marketing
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   Google AdWords to roll out 'parallel tracking'...

Third-party tracking platforms will need to make changes to accommodate the new tracking method. The post Google AdWords to roll out ‘parallel tracking’ to speed up mobile landing page delivery appeared first on Search Engine Land. Plea...   

2017-10-19 20:21:51

   Salesforce's Einstein boosts search in its Comme...

The new features make it easier for online retailers to tailor site search to their visitors. The post Salesforce's Einstein boosts search in its Commerce Cloud appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full ar...   

2017-10-19 16:18:22

   5 Ways To Get More Customers To Like Your Business

Your customers will buy from you because they have come to know you, they like your products or services and they trust you as a business. Here are 5 strategies you can use to get more customers to like your business.   

2017-10-19 15:33:26

updated: 2017-10-19 20:49:27
fun facts
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   10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened This Week (10...

Keeping up with the news is hard. So hard, in fact, that we've decided to save you the hassle by rounding up the most significant, unusual, or just plain old mind-blowing stories each week. The week that took us over the midpoint of October was a c...   

2017-10-20 07:00:00

   10 Journalists Who Paid The Ultimate Price

Becoming a journalist is one of the most popular childhood dreams in the world, but it often comes with a price. Those who tirelessly campaign against the powerful and corrupt sometimes find themselves facing terrifying and violent threats. Reporters...   

2017-10-20 07:00:00

   Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Harvey W...

As a world-famous producer and a cofounder of Miramax Films, Harvey Weinstein's name has frequently been listed in the credits of some of our favorite movies. He has accepted various accolades and often been thanked by Hollywood's brightest stars...   

2017-10-20 07:00:00

updated: 2017-10-20 05:21:37
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   Friday's European Football Betting Odds

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English has your soccer betting odds for all the European matches Friday. 20:00 West Ham (7/8) wdwlwd ...   

2017-10-20 01:09:56

   Yankees vs. Astros Game 6 Betting Odds

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English We are down to Game 6 of the ALCS showdown between the Yankees and Astros with New York suddenly in a 3-2 lead.  The Astros were at -134...   

2017-10-20 00:58:28

   Top 5 Ranked College Football Teams Week 8 and The...

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English BetOnline’s Dave Mason has published the odds of winning the 2018 NCAA College Football Championship game for each of the top five rank...   

2017-10-20 00:38:34

updated: 2017-10-19 22:02:09
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   Lonzo Ball struggles in debut as Lakers get blown ...

Ball's eagerly awaited first NBA game didn't go the way Laker fans hoped   

2017-10-20 05:35:34

   How Memphis triumphed as Houston blew a 17-0 halft...

Memphis outscored Houston 42-21 in a wild second half win on the road   

2017-10-20 05:18:42

   After the Dodgers make it World Series, Yasiel Pui...

Puig has a healthy relationship with his club of choice and gave the quote of the night   

2017-10-20 05:02:00

updated: 2017-10-20 04:45:48
10 new today
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   How to Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a fun Halloween tradition that's popular among both children and adults. To carve your own pumpkin, you'll first need to purchase or pick one from a local farmer's market or pumpkin patch. Make a clean workspace to do the car...   

2017-10-20 00:00:00

   Now Noobs Can Create AR Apps for Ubimax's Enterpri...

Augmented reality software provider Ubimax unveiled their graphical authoring and publishing tool for their Frontline enterprise platform to attendees at Augmented World Expo Europe today. Dubbed Frontline Creator, the tool consists of a web-based g...   

2017-10-19 18:00:00

   How to Write a Love Letter for a Wedding Anniversa...

Writing a love letter for your partner can be a daunting task. How do you sum up your affection, respect, and admiration for them in one letter? Start by brainstorming ideas for the letter, like your first experiences together or a romantic moment yo...   

2017-10-19 16:00:00

updated: 2017-10-19 12:49:30
23 new today
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   This Fall Out Boy Hit Is Actually About a Trans Pi...

At a Spirit Day event, songwriter Justin Tranter revealed that a mainstream song is in fact a queer ode.   

2017-10-19 21:29:06

   22 Inspirational #SpiritDay Postings


2017-10-19 20:19:28

   Red Hots Daily (Photos)


2017-10-19 15:28:27

updated: 2017-10-19 21:56:51
9 new today
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   The Ultimate Fighter 26 - Ep. 7 Recap

  // There have already been a few notable upsets during The Ultimate Fighter: A New World Champion, and you can add one more to the list after the latest fight between Melinda Fabian and Rachael Ostovich-Berdon unfold...   

2017-10-18 05:00:00

   Cejudo survives blaze in California: 'I'm just gra...

When the fire alarms ringing throughout the Mayacama Golf Club in Santa Rosa, California woke Henry Cejudo in the early morning hours on Monday, October 9, the UFC flyweight contender believed it was just a malfunction; that someone had accidentally ...   

2017-10-18 05:00:00

   Focused On The Future, Kowalkiewicz Happy To Star ...

MORE: Check out fantasy preview to see who Damon Martin thinks winsThe first four years of Karolina Kowalkiewicz’ mixed martial arts career were flawless.While there were surely mistakes she wishes she didn’t make, injuries that slow...   

2017-10-18 05:00:00

updated: 2017-10-19 05:24:36
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   Take Flight With the Yellow-Throated Toucan

The yellow-throated toucan's oversized, colorful bill has made it one of the world's most popular birds.   

2017-10-20 02:45:10

   Great Tits May Be Evolving Bigger Beaks. Here's Wh...

Since Darwin's time, birds have served as models for the wonders of evolution—and this study was no exception.   

2017-10-19 18:45:03

   The Harpy Eagle


2017-10-19 18:45:03

updated: 2017-10-19 18:45:03
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real estate
98 new today
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   Continental Ranch Safety Fair One Week AWAY

It's right here in your community, Continental Ranch of NW Tucson and Marana, AZ.Located at the community center at 8881 N Coachline Road, near Silverbell, vendors will be set up inside and out.Halloween's the theme, and Safety's the message.Emergenc...   

2017-10-20 00:05:27

   195 Exchange St Colonie NY 12205 | Home for Sale

A charming home awaits you If you are looking for a home in the suburbs of Albany, with an updated interior featuring the modern conveniences necessary in daily life, this could be the home you are looking for. This single family home was construct...   

2017-10-19 23:20:25

   650 Pacific Santa Monica CA

650 Pacific - Santa Monica CAIf you are a condo buyer looking to find out more information on 650 Pacific in Santa Monica, then you have come to the right place! Our website features a plethora of information on 650 Pacific, including amenities, HOA...   

2017-10-19 22:45:42

updated: 2017-10-20 05:20:55
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   Flashy Buckskin Tobiano Colt

 Rocky is 5 months old. His sire is French TOO Fame. He is barrel racing breed. You can keep him as a stallion or gelded him. He is nice and well built.   

2017-10-19 20:16:13

   Roping or rodeo prospect

 Here is a rodeo prospect deluxe. This colt combines the bloodlines of Doc Bar, King, Chieflika and Leo. His sire has Doc Bar, King and Chieflika bloodlines which combine to make smart, athletic rodeo horses with dispositions gentle enough for y...   

2017-10-19 19:53:36

   AQHA 2 year old gelding, roping or barrel prospect

 This is a nice big 2 year old gelding that has the ground work done and is ready to start under saddle. He should mature out at about 15 hands and would make an excellent rope horse or barrel prospect. He is very gentle, trims, loads, in your p...   

2017-10-19 19:48:23

updated: 2017-10-20 06:07:12
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Made this OC is a... Pokemon Trainer? Sort of?? XDHer   

2017-10-19 23:26:35

   FFXIV - Manylia and Mochi

Commission for Manylia and Mochi They are their FFXIV characters. And there is also a pokemon, Spoink.It is an autumn theme colors background. I feel the temperature got down these days while drawing this   

2017-10-19 23:12:13

   Night Lights by Leonid Afremov

This is an oil painting on canvas by Leonid Afremov made using a palette knife only.You can view and purchase this painting here 15% discount coupon - GeraSU15You can learn more about the artist here&n...   

2017-10-19 23:00:04

updated: 2017-10-20 04:49:34
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   Offseason Outlook: Pittsburgh Pirates

MLBTR is publishing Offseason Outlooks for all 30 teams.  Click here for the other entries in this series. The Pirates stumbled in 2017, but can bring back much the same core group of talent that was expected to support a contender. Guaranteed Cont...   

2017-10-20 02:36:31

   Tigers To Hire Ron Gardenhire As Manager

Ron Gardenhire has agreed to a three-year deal to become the Tigers’ next manager, per Jon Morosi of MLB Network (Twitter link). The deal could be announced tomorrow; Detroit’s decision to tab the veteran skipper was first reported earli...   

2017-10-20 00:54:28

   AL Central Notes: Brantley, Royals, Jay

News of Michael Brantley’s ankle surgery and four- to five-month recovery timeline raised questions as to whether the Indians will exercise his $12MM club option for the 2018 season. Indians president of baseball operations Chris Antonetti addr...   

2017-10-19 20:52:05

updated: 2017-10-19 22:12:46
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   2017 US Open By the Numbers: 83

No player in the Open era had ever won a US Open singles title with a ranking lower than Sloane Stephens' No. 83.   

2017-10-17 09:47:34

   2017 US Open Spotlight: Barbora Strycova

Barbora Strycova upset top seed Magdalena Rybarikova in the final of the Upper Austria Ladies Linz on Sunday to claim her second career singles title. Here's more on the Czech doubles specialist.   

2017-10-16 15:53:13

updated: 2017-10-16 23:33:34
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   Blake Griffin throws down emphatic dunk over Juliu...


2017-10-19 23:45:12

   Report: Golden State Warriors upgrade Draymond Gre...

Draymond Green has been upgraded to probable for Friday's game in New Orleans, according to a report from The Mercury News on Thursday evening.   

2017-10-19 20:40:23

   Report: MRI on Draymond Green's strained left knee...

In the closing seconds of the Golden State Warriors season opener, All-Star forward and reigning Kia Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green exited the game with a left knee injury. He came up hobbling and grabbing at his knee, putting quite a s...   

2017-10-19 13:56:39

updated: 2017-10-19 20:49:55

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