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   Horse trainer Cummings dies at 87

The celebrated racehorse trainer Bart Cummings, who won the Melbourne Cup a record 12 times, dies aged 87.   

2015-08-30 04:22:12
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   Boeckmans in induced coma after crash

Belgian rider Kris Boeckmans is in an induced coma after suffering facial fractures in a crash at the Vuelta a Espana.   

2015-08-30 04:10:24
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   VIDEO: Protesters 'angry' at law change

Thousands of people have protested outside of Japan's parliament against new legislation that would allow the military to deploy overseas.   

2015-08-30 04:02:46
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   Fan dies after falling from upper deck in Atlanta

A man who fell from the upper deck of Atlanta's Turner Field during Saturday night's Braves-Yankees game is in grave condition, police said.   

2015-08-30 04:02:15
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updated: 2015-08-30 04:49:13
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   These Fish Were Made for Walking: Photos

Some fish don't mind feeling the Earth under their fins.   

2015-08-29 12:52:25
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   Physics Week in Review: August 29, 2015

Hawking makes headlines, LIDAR makes it big in Hollywood, and how to simulate a hurricane on a bubble are among this week's physics highlights. -- Read more on   

2015-08-29 11:05:50
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   "A Billion Miles Beyond Pluto" -- NASA New Horizon...

      NASA has selected the potential next destination for the New Horizons mission to visit after its historic July 14 flyby of the Pluto system. The destination is a small Kuiper Belt object (KBO) known as 2014 MU69 that...   

2015-08-29 07:50:05
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   Full Moon Tonight Offers Sneak Preview of Septembe...

The "Sturgeon Moon" will grace the sky tonight (Aug. 29), but it is only a dress rehearsal for next month, when the full moon will undergo a total lunar eclipse.   

2015-08-29 05:35:53
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updated: 2015-08-29 13:14:37
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   How Pregnancy Ruins Workouts (and Ways to Deal)

Not everyone feels like running a marathon when they're pregnant or lifting heavy weights - heck most expectant mommas have a hard time making it off the couch to go pee! Symptoms of pregnancy can be so intense that they make exercising seem nea...   

2015-08-29 09:52:31
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   The 13 Worst Fitness Instructors Ever

If back-to-school time has inspired you to get more serious about your workouts and you're a hit-the-gym-for-a-class kind of girl, I'm sure you've experienced your fair share of fitness instructors - some good, and some not so good. An...   

2015-08-29 09:14:15
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   The Best Inner Thigh and Ab Exercise

Looking for a way to strengthen your abs and tone your thighs at the same time? This move is so effective and done on the floor, so you can tone your body during commercial breaks! Sit on a mat or carpeted floor. Loop one handle of the resistance b...   

2015-08-29 06:39:59
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   Tommy Hilfiger Launches New Fragrance—TH Bold

Barret WertzStrong and SportyTommy Hilfiger launches newest fragrance.   

2015-08-29 06:10:11
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updated: 2015-08-29 06:28:25
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   Rex to choose starter Sunday after QBs all excel

Rex to choose starter Sunday after QBs all excel   

2015-08-30 01:44:40
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   Daly hospitalized after collapsing on Miss. course

Daly hospitalized after collapsing on Miss. course   

2015-08-30 01:44:32
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   Cobb (shoulder) skirts big injury; more tests Sun.

Cobb (shoulder) skirts big injury; more tests Sun.   

2015-08-30 01:42:08
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   Report: L.A. officials, USOC agree on 2024 bid

Report: L.A. officials, USOC agree on 2024 bid   

2015-08-30 01:33:26
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updated: 2015-08-30 00:56:12
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   Marvel Announces New Guardians Of The Galaxy Spino...

With a while to wait for the next installation to the Guardians of the Galaxy cinematic universe, Marvel is giving us some goodies to keep us occupied.   

2015-08-29 17:17:02
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   Finally Hear What BB-8 Sounds Like in 'Star Wars...

Even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t out until December 18th, some fans have already decided that their new favorite character is the adorable little ball droid known as BB-8. The character debuted in the first teaser for the film, ro...   

2015-08-29 16:13:48
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   Armie Hammer Joining Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams...

After becoming a 1960s Russian spy in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. earlier this year, Armie Hammer joining Nocturnal Animals, a dramatic tale of a story within a story that is the next film from A Single Man director Tom Ford. Focus Features is behind the...   

2015-08-29 13:05:31
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   Diablo 3 Season 4 Has Launched

Diablo 3's Season 4 has arrived on the PC and Mac versions of the game. Players have the opportunity to complete new challenges and earn new rewards.   

2015-08-29 12:30:42
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updated: 2015-08-29 13:19:03
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   Fergie and Josh Duhamel's Son Axl Is the Cutes...

Terrific or terrible twos? Whatever it is, Fergie is about to find out! As the former Black Eyed Peas singer continues to work on her new solo album, Mrs. Josh Duhamel made plenty of time...   

2015-08-30 03:09:31
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   Amy Purdy Weds Longtime Boyfriend Daniel Gale in '...

"I just wanted it to feel outdoorsy and simple," the Dancing with the Stars runner-up tells PEOPLE exclusively of her wedding   

2015-08-30 01:48:33
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   Amy Purdy Gets Married! Dancing With the Stars and...

This wedding deserves 10's across the board! Dancing With the Stars finalist Amy Purdy married fiancé Daniel Gale Saturday evening, her rep confirmed to E!...   

2015-08-30 01:03:53
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   Kanye and Kim -- We Want to Help the Guy Who Needs...

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are trying to do a good thing for the guy who desperately needs a kidney and is trying to score one by dangling a pair of rare Yeezy Boosts ... but there's a problem. Matt Neal, a 26-year-old Michigan man has Berger's&he...   

2015-08-30 01:00:00
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updated: 2015-08-30 04:54:28
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   [Album Review] Lupe Fiasco - Pharaoh Height

Hit the link to read the full review.   

2015-08-29 18:15:54
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   Drake Cameo at Lil Wayne Fest Creates Apple, Tidal...

The cold war between music streaming services heated up Friday night as a surprise collaboration between Drake and Lil Wayne - two rappers scooped up during the artist exclusive arms race - caused friction between Tidal and Apple Music. The s...   

2015-08-29 18:11:25
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   Justin Timberlake, Jonathan Demme Team for 'Space ...

Justin Timberlake will team with director Jonathan Demme for a concert film that will capture the singer's January 2nd performance from Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena, the final stop on the singer's six-legged, 134-date 20/20 Experience World Tou...   

2015-08-29 17:48:39
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   GZA Is Working With Legendary Composer Vangelis on...


2015-08-29 14:49:19
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updated: 2015-08-29 14:30:50
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   HTC Forges More VR Relationships As Co-Founder Pet...

 HTC’s much-anticipated VR headset, created in partnership with games firm Valve, just had its launch delayed until the first quarter of next year, but that isn’t stopping the Taiwanese firm from forging relationship with content com...   

2015-08-30 04:11:07
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   Graduated From An Engineering Bootcamp? Now What?

 While hip hop may have ‘too many mc’s and not enough mics’, in tech, there are too many startups and not enough seasoned technologists. Over the last seven years, hopeful entrepreneurs have flooded the market, looking to cut t...   

2015-08-30 01:44:38
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   Baby, We Won't Drive Our Cars: The Future Of Aut...

 “Transportation tech is not only changing how we get from A to B, it’s fundamentally altering the underlying infrastructure of our cities.” Read More   

2015-08-29 20:22:03
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   Has Ground-Penetrating Radar Discovered The Nazi G...

Just over a week ago, the story of a long-lost Nazi train started making the rounds. We're unconvinced , but according to the BBC, ground penetrating radar seems to have convinced Polish Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski of the train's exi...   

2015-08-29 19:56:52
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updated: 2015-08-29 20:58:58
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   Pork Chops, Red Potatoes & Apple Skillet Dinn...

A meat and potatoes meal in under 30 minutes…you betcha! Our family adores this meal…my oldest son is obsessed with pork chops and this quick skillet meal is one that he likes to help me with. I love getting to teach my boys basic cooking...   

2015-08-29 11:50:34
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   Firm Polenta @CDKitchen

Made with water, cornmeal, kosher salt, butter, black pepper... click to view this recipe and more!   

2015-08-29 11:04:55
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   7 Recipes Prepared in 31 Minutes or Less + Aldi Me...

Welcome to our end of the week recap for August 23-29, 2015! Latest Recipes Put together 12 freezer friendly meals in about an hour, and it'll cost less than $70! This meal plan is a little different from our other meal plans: Contains 12 freezer f...   

2015-08-29 10:02:40
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   Smoked Mashed Potatoes With Dried Red Pepper Oil ...

Made with black pepper, potatoes, yukon gold potatoes, salt, dried red bell pepper, grapeseed oil, heavy cream, wood chips, butter... click to view this recipe and more!   

2015-08-29 09:25:06
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updated: 2015-08-29 13:08:39
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   How to Make New Friends in High School

Making friends in high school doesn't always come easily. And because making friends is a process, it doesn't always happen quickly. But if you want to find and make new friends, there are strategies you can adopt that will help you expand your f...   

2015-08-29 12:26:18
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   How to Create Flashable ZIPs to Easily Install Mul...

If you've switched ROMs before or flashed quick mods on your Android device, you've probably used TWRP or another custom recovery to install them. But another great purpose for flashing through a recovery is to install your own custom .zip file fille...   

2015-08-29 12:08:53
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   The Easy, Foolproof Method to Making Perfect Holla...

In an age where restaurants can charge $20 for eggs Benedict at brunchtime (if you're lucky enough to even get a reservation on a Sunday), many people long for a way to create this classic dish at home. But once you've taken pains to perfectly poach ...   

2015-08-29 11:19:07
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   16 Tips for Staying Awake When You're Tired

While there's an art to surviving the all-nighter, there's also an art to staying awake throughout the day when you are operating on little to no sleep. Here are a few general tips: Drinking a lot of water is a must. Doing jumping jacks every thirty...   

2015-08-29 10:35:32
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updated: 2015-08-29 21:05:49
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   PHOTOS: Erika Slams Caribbean Islands With Wind, F...

Erika, once a tropical storm, tracked across part of the Caribbean late this past week, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the islands in its path.   

2015-08-29 14:04:15
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   Summer's Heat Continues for Berlin, Warsaw, M...

Summer heat makes a comeback across a large part of Europe as drenching thunderstorms soak other areas.   

2015-08-29 04:23:54
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   Major Hurricane Ignacio to Near Hawaii Early Next ...

Ignacio has rapidly strengthened into a major hurricane as it tracks toward the Hawaiian Islands.   

2015-08-29 04:16:28
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   2015 US Open Forecast: Heat and Humidity Returns t...

The 2015 US Open Tennis championships begin Aug.31 and heat and humidity will return for to the Big Apple for the tournament's first week.   

2015-08-29 01:51:19
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updated: 2015-08-29 20:52:04
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   Cliff Notes from Donald Trump's Campaign Speech In...

Hey y'all here ya go! Honestly I need an enema after this one. I created a new Facebook page, Trump Notes with a bit more of a subversive presentation to confuse his supporters and entertain the rest. 1. My Iowa speech was the best speech I ever gav...   

2015-08-29 16:30:20
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   Restoring American Exceptionalism

Cheney & Cheney, Wall Street JournalIn 1983, as the U.S. confronted the threat posed by the Soviet Union, President Ronald Reagan explained America’s unique responsibility. “It is up to us in our time,” he said, “to choose, an...   

2015-08-29 13:28:26
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   Clinton's Flaws Obscured by Trump-Smoke

Rex Huppke, Chicago TribuneIf nothing else, Donald Trump is proving to be a fabulous smokescreen for Hillary Clinton. While the real estate mogul bloviates and offends large swaths of the American public, Clinton rides on as the front-runner in the D...   

2015-08-29 12:32:07
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   How much money does a family need to get by where ...

We talk a fair amount about what people earn. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, or $15,080 for a year of full-time work. Workers are organizing to demand $15 an hour, or $31,200 a year. The median household income is around $52,000. To be in...   

2015-08-29 11:50:40
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updated: 2015-08-29 21:14:30
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In the new issue of Digest, Head Writer Josh Griffith previews what he and Head Writer Dena Higley have planned for Salem. read more   

2015-08-27 19:04:44
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On Monday, September 14, the producers of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL will host an official “Pop-up” Fan Event in New York City to celebrate the show’s 29th season on CBS Daytime. read more   

2015-08-27 17:26:50
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The changes have already begun at DAYS, and the show has released a promo that is already generating some buzz about what’s to come as the show prepares to turn 50 on November 8. read more   

2015-08-27 15:57:45
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   Justin Bieber Look-Alike Toby Sheldon Found Dead I...

Toby Sheldon, who was best known for spending $100,000 on plastic surgery to look more like Justin Bieber, was found dead in a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley on Aug. 21, reports TMZ. He was 35 years old. Sheldon, whose real name is Tobias Streb...   

2015-08-27 04:49:14
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updated: 2015-08-27 05:09:13
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   What Style Looks Like at Every Height

Things are looking up for women in Hollywood - at least that depends on who you ask. By Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Cate Blanchett's standards, it's a tall woman's world. But don't count out the megapresence of the petite...   

2015-08-28 20:20:01
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   10 Outfits That Will Never Go Out of Style

With each new season comes an assortment of trendy styles: flared jeans, neck scarves, and fringe are just a few you'll spot everywhere come Fall. But as you fill your closet with statement-making pieces, it's important to hold on to the on...   

2015-08-28 10:02:06
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   51 Easy Outfit Ideas You Can Wear to Work

Punching in the time from Monday to Friday is hard enough - so why should getting dressed put even more strain on your busy week? Instead of scrambling every morning trying to find something suitable to throw together, having an arsenal of simple y...   

2015-08-28 08:11:22
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   Jessica Biel's Jumpsuit Is One Sexy Night-Out...

Jessica Biel has a knack for making everyday outfits feel totally sexy. And while the new mom has surely been busy with a 4-month-old baby on hand, when she's out on the town, she still knows how to turn up the heat. Jessica was spotted out in L...   

2015-08-28 08:02:29
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updated: 2015-08-28 14:58:01
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   In celebration of MacGyvering: 90 hacks to welcome...

With Oxford Dictionary's addition of the verb 'MacGyver' to the official lexicon, we pay homage to the almighty hack.   

2015-08-29 11:23:28
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   Eating alone is 'the most American thing there is'

It's an unfortunate reputation for a nation to have, but sadly it's true that solitary dining is on the rise as being the norm in the United States.   

2015-08-29 07:17:51
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   Two-wheel drive electric utility bike doubles as a...

The Ubco 2X2 is not exactly a speed demon, but as an electric workhorse with a 200kg capacity, it's well-suited to farm, rural, and offroad use.   

2015-08-29 06:14:54
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   Photo: This snake is called a graceful snail eater

What a great name!   

2015-08-29 03:32:06
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updated: 2015-08-29 13:13:19
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   5 Side Characters Who Stole the Show In Famous Mov...

By Pauli Poisuo  Published: August 29th, 2015    

2015-08-29 13:09:43
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   23 Weird Ways Your Body Betrays Your Personality

By CRACKED Readers  Published: August 29th, 2015    

2015-08-29 12:37:28
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   Saturday morning funnies (23 photos)


2015-08-29 10:44:34
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   One way to do it (19 photos)


2015-08-29 09:40:19
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updated: 2015-08-29 13:29:44
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   New Renault Megane coming to Frankfurt

Filed under: Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault, Hatchback, BudgetRenault will introduce a new Megane at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the French company has announced. The new Talisman sedan will also be on display.Continue reading New Renault Megane co...   

2015-08-29 14:07:32
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   Weekly Recap: Ford Ranger, 'Dodge' Barracuda poise...

Filed under: Government/Legal, Motorsports, Rumormill, UAW/Unions, Dodge, Ford, SUV, Truck, Military, RecapWe curate the week's events with a focus on the return of the Ford Ranger and other famous car names. Plus, other news and notes from around th...   

2015-08-29 13:47:07
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   Oshkosh JLTV to rely on GM-sourced Duramax V8

Filed under: Plants/Manufacturing, GM, Diesel, Military, Off-RoadGM powered the original Humvee, and now the company is chipping in to motivate its successor, with Oshkosh picking the Duramax diesel to power the new JLTV, or Joint Light Tactical Vehi...   

2015-08-29 08:16:12
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   Autoblog Minute: Uber competes with automakers for...

Filed under: Green, Videos, Driving, Autoblog MinuteWith Uber's IPO rumored to launch sometime within the next 24 months, it appears on-demand commuter services are here to stay. Autoblog's Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute, w...   

2015-08-29 07:37:13
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updated: 2015-08-29 21:28:49
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   Orioles Still Searching For August Additions

The Orioles are still looking to add talent to the current roster, GM Dan Duquette tells reporters including Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun. The club is currently 9.5 games behind the Blue Jays in the AL East and 3.5 games back from the Rangers in...   

2015-08-30 00:42:40
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   Mets Claim Marc Rzepczynski On Revocable Waivers, ...

8:42pm: The Mets are unlikely to work out a trade with the Padres for Rzepczynski, a source tells Newsdays’ Marc Carig. At this time, it’s unclear if that’s because the club landed an alternative. The acquisition of Addison Reed d...   

2015-08-29 23:42:48
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   Rosenthal's Latest: Farrell, GM Changes, Wright, D...

Here’s the latest from Ken Rosenthal, via a trio of videos on FOX Sports: Red Sox manager John Farrell, who is battling lymphoma, has completed the first of three rounds of chemotherapy. He’s visiting the Sox each day they’re a...   

2015-08-29 23:00:31
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   Brewers Pull Back K-Rod After Waiver Claim

An unknown team claimed reliever Francisco Rodriguez on revocable waivers, but the Brewers have pulled him back, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports writes. That means Rodriguez will stay with Milwaukee at least until the offseason. This summer, the Blue Jays ...   

2015-08-29 21:44:05
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updated: 2015-08-29 22:06:41
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   76ers owner donates $3.5 million to local nonprofi...

The owner of the Philadelphia 76ers has pledged a $3.5 million donation to the Philadelphia Police Athletic League - the largest amount ever recorded by the nonprofit youth group.   

2015-08-27 19:46:58
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   Dawkins family issues statement on passing of Darr...

"It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our beloved husband and father, Darryl Dawkins, who succumbed today to a heart attack. Darryl touched the hearts and spirits of so many with his big smile and personality, ferocious dunks, but mo...   

2015-08-27 17:28:45
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   NBA issues statement on passing of Darryl Dawkins

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement regarding the passing of Darryl Dawkins:   

2015-08-27 10:09:16
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   Ex-NBA star Darryl Dawkins, aka 'Chocolate Thunder...

Darryl Dawkins was once summoned in the Philadelphia 76ers' locker room to come meet a celebrity who wanted to meet the man known for dunking with backboard-breaking force.   

2015-08-27 09:46:39
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updated: 2015-08-27 20:57:49
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   How to Build a Three-Tiered Bath Stand

A stand-alone piece with a trio of shelves provides a handsome platform for toiletries and such   

2015-08-29 02:50:33
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   Big Kid Toys: Life-Size LEGO Building Blocks

Who doesn't love playing with LEGOs?   

2015-08-28 10:20:24
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   8 Popular House Features We Wish Would Go Away

The editors of This Old House would like to see these common home-design choices fall out of fashion—fast   

2015-08-28 05:48:24
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   10 Stunning Wall Art Designs from Lovely Homes

Often people think wall art designs are way too aggressive for their tastes.  Moreover, it is easy to tire of one after a few years.  Those types of thoughts are very common.  It is natural to be conservative in decorative styles and that is usual...   

2015-08-28 04:40:06
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updated: 2015-08-28 08:01:08
web marketing
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   Social Profile SEO: Optimizing For Rankings & ...

Social media marketing is important in and of itself, but columnist Tony Edward reminds us that it can help with search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management as well. The post Social Profile SEO: Optimizing For Rankings & S...   

2015-08-28 13:29:50
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   Google Mobile Has A New App Search Results User In...

Check out the fancy new look Google is rolling out for app results in the mobile search results interface. The post Google Mobile Has A New App Search Results User Interface appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for...   

2015-08-28 13:02:37
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   Search In Pics: Google Android Talk, Noogler Wind ...

In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the Web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have and more. Google Android Light Up USB...   

2015-08-28 12:14:52
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   Google News Editors' Picks To Get App Links

The Google News Publisher Center added a way for publishers to add links to their apps. This will be used to show apps in the Editors' Pick section in Google News. The post Google News Editors’ Picks To Get App Links appeared first on Search ...   

2015-08-28 11:49:04
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updated: 2015-08-28 15:05:24
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   Here's how much sugar is in your favorite drinks

Sugar is hidden in many of our favorite drinks. The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugars to less than 36 grams per day, yet many drinks have more in just one serving. Produced by Kevin Reilly Follow TI Video: On FacebookJoin th...   

2015-08-29 13:28:21
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   7 Analyst Stocks Under $10 With Massive Upside

Keep in mind that the volatility of this past week created a rift. Analyst calls made on Monday might have been dealing with ancient history in share prices by the time Wednesday, Thursday or Friday...   

2015-08-29 13:17:36
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   Here's why you shouldn't always book a hotel room ...

Click here to see the full story >Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: These paddle boarders were just feet away from the largest animal on Earth   

2015-08-29 13:17:33
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   5 Big FDA Decisions Expected in September

24/7 Wall St. has collected several big FDA decisions coming up on the calendar for the month of September and added some color.   

2015-08-29 13:10:48
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updated: 2015-08-29 13:26:17
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   Honey Can Do Deluxe Quad Laundry Sorter with Caste... has the Honey Can Do Deluxe Quad Laundry Sorter with Casters for $26.99. Get free shipping on most orders of $35 or more, and free in-store pickup may also be available.   

2015-08-30 01:46:01
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   Tinder on a Rope Pinus Montezumae Wood Fire Starte...

ThinkGeek has the Tinder on a Rope Pinus Montezumae Wood Fire Starter for $4.99. Most orders over $75 which do not use a promo code include free shipping.   

2015-08-30 01:43:53
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   Macys: Up to 75% off Women's Coats, Jackets and Ve... has up to 75% off Women's Coats, Jackets and Vests, plus take an extra 20% off with coupon code STYLE. Prices start at only $27.99 after the discount. Get free shipping with a purchase of $99 or more or pay $9.95 flat rate shipping on any...   

2015-08-30 01:43:16
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   T-Tech by Tumi Men's Softshell Jacket, Choice of C...

World's Best Deals via eBay Deals has the T-Tech by Tumi Men's Softshell Jacket, Choice of Colors for $32.99. This item also currently includes free shipping.   

2015-08-30 01:39:22
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updated: 2015-08-30 01:08:25
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   Watercooler: August 29, 2015

Choosing Bridal Accessories by Miss Black Cat Arm Candy by Miss Sugar Cube Going with the Flow, and Dressing Our Bridal Party by Miss Sugar Cube Bachelorette Party: Part 1 by Miss Stingray A Time We Weren’t on the Same … read more   

2015-08-29 07:35:23
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   Are Schools Better In New Orleans Than They Were B...

This piece comes to us courtesy of Education Week, where it was originally published. No other American city has experienced as much upheaval to public schooling than New Orleans has in the decade since Hurricane Katrina. The tradition of neighborh...   

2015-08-29 04:16:23
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   Sorry, But Saying "ALL Guys Just Want Sex" Is Tota...


2015-08-29 01:19:19
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   This School Is Trying To Emphasize New Orleans' Cu...

This piece comes to us courtesy of Education Week, where it was originally published. Honoring New Orleans' cultural heritage and traditions is as important as academics in creating successful schools. A decade after Katrina, now that the city's nei...   

2015-08-29 01:09:16
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updated: 2015-08-29 05:25:53
video games
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   Game Spinoffs: Milking? Or Delivering What the Fan...

In the new episode of The Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result, we talk about two recent spinoff entries into big franchises: Dragon Quest Heroes and Persona 4: Dancing All Night. And actually, wait, lately… Dragon Quest Builders, Pers...   

2015-08-30 01:42:42
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   PAX Prime 2015: Sword Coast Legends Hands-On Previ...

Sword Coast Legends could possibly be the Dungeons & Dragons video games that hardcore fans of the original pen and paper game are waiting for. Playing it on PC with the game’s developers at PAX Prime 2015, I realized that the inclusion of the...   

2015-08-30 00:00:04
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   Assassin’s Creed Movie to Feature a New Stor...

We recently learned that the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie will tell the story of Callum Lynch and his ancestor Aguilar as opposed to any of the characters in the games. Many asked if this meant that the movie will deviate from the series, h...   

2015-08-29 23:00:00
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   PSP/PS Vita Game Summon Night 5 Gets English Trail...

Gaijinworks has released an English trailer for the upcoming Western release of PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita game, Summon Night 5. The trailer offers a first look at the English language version of the game. Summon Night 5‘s $42 P...   

2015-08-29 21:30:19
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   It's Not Popcorn, That's 2,000 Bullets Exp...

I need to try this ASAP. Someone lend me their bullets.   

2015-08-30 03:37:23
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   It's Topless Interview Time

Like you even care why they're being interviewed.   

2015-08-30 02:37:11
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   These Butt Lips Can Sing Better Than You Can

That's actually really impressive.   

2015-08-30 02:03:59
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   Kristen Stewart: Take me to the Twilight Zone


2015-08-30 01:50:59
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   Do All Muslims Want to Kill Us?

Note: This article originally appeared in the May 2003 issue of Charisma magazine. Obviously, situations have radically changed in the world with the recent emergence of ISIS, but the question still arises.People in the West are very curious about th...   

2015-08-29 13:00:00
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   Trying to Build Bridges in the Body of Christ

Note: This article originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of Charisma magazine.When I moved from the Midwest to the segregated South as a child, I remember feeling horrified at the injustices I saw. Later, when the schools integrated, I did what...   

2015-08-29 09:00:00
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   Does Your Walk Match Your Talk?

Note: This article originally ran in the September 2004 issue of Charisma magazine.Ever wonder why some people don't want to do business with Christians? It's because they have become gun-shy: Either they themselves have been victimized by a deal gon...   

2015-08-29 09:00:00
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   Archbishop Cupich names new rector to replace Bish...

A biblical scholar and astrophysicist has been named the new rector/president of Mundelein Seminary and University of St. Mary of the Lake, Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich announced Friday. The Rev. John Francis Kartje succeeds Bishop-elect Robert E....   

2015-08-29 07:10:19
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updated: 2015-08-29 13:51:24
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   Sam Bradford throws three touchdowns in three driv...


2015-08-30 03:10:00
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   Kirk Cousins delivers solid start in Redskins audi...


2015-08-30 02:48:00
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   Did McFadden take the lead in Cowboys' RB battle?


2015-08-30 01:35:00
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   Jameis Winston struggles against feisty Browns D


2015-08-30 01:18:00
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updated: 2015-08-30 05:00:39
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   They Said It!: US Open Media Day

The top players in the world shared their thoughts on Serena's Grand Slam bid, playing in New York and getting confidence ahead of the final major of the year.   

2015-08-29 11:52:57
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   National Playoffs doubles winners crowned

The doubles teams of Maya Jansen and Erin Routliffe, and Julio Peralta and Matt Seeberger, won the US Open National Playoffs - Men's and Women's Doubles Championships.   

2015-08-29 11:02:02
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   A fan favorite has a larger prize in mind

Caroline Wozniacki is beloved by New York fans - and she loves New York. But for the great Dane, this year's trip to the Big Apple is all about winning her first Grand Slam title.   

2015-08-29 10:58:03
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   US Open Qualifying sets all-time attendance record

Qualifying sets attendance record   

2015-08-29 10:12:03
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updated: 2015-08-29 15:51:31
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   Weather Loach, Oriental weatherfish, Chinese Weath...

Dojos are by far one of my favorite fish. They are one of the most active "eel-like" fish. If you want eels, but can't have eels, these little guys are for you. They are adorable and so much fun to watch. They have great personalites and ca...   

2015-08-29 18:05:03
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   Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Queensland Heeler

Never crate a blue heeler. They will get agressive, win never trust you and will never be trained. They need to work so give her a lot of attention, teach her tricks, praise her a lot when she does something good,and when you walk her, take a ball o...   

2015-08-29 17:38:56
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   Alexandrine Parakeet

I like this website Ahmad   

2015-08-29 16:36:52
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   Pink Convict Cichlid, Zebra Cichlid, White Convict...

the fact that they are two different types is not they might not breed you need a bigger tank for cichlids. At lest 50 gallons Anonymous   

2015-08-29 15:44:50
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updated: 2015-08-29 15:20:47
real estate
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   Gorgeous 1.49 Acre Lot in Pueblo County, Colorado

Beautiful 1.49 acre lot ready to go. Spread out, bring the horses and the boat. The active outdoor Colorado life can be yours. Whether you want to build your dream home or invest you can't go wrong wi...   

2015-08-30 01:53:11
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   Great High End 1.08 Acre Lot in Pueblo County, Col...

County Assessment of $20,000 - You can get it for 1/2 that! Huge instant equity when you buy this high end lot in Pueblo West. Less miles to the lake. Convenient access to Hwy 50 and I25. Single...   

2015-08-30 01:52:25
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   76 Acres Montevallo in Shelby County, Alabama

76 acres +/- of land for sale in the city limits of Montevallo in Shelby County, Alabama. This is a rare opportunity to own a large parcel of land within the Montevallo city limits. The property is cu...   

2015-08-30 01:46:37
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   Highly Desired Triple Lot in Lee County, Florida

Triple lot for sale in Cape Coral, Florida! Invest or build your dream home in this nice, quiet, residential part of town! This location is near the shopping and entertainment of Cape Coral, Fort Myer...   

2015-08-30 01:40:05
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updated: 2015-08-30 01:13:27
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Absol - Cryogonal  Fusion   

2015-08-30 05:52:30
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   Sail fast by Leonid Afremov

This is an oil painting on canvas by Leonid Afremov made using a palette knife only.You can view and purchase this painting here 15% discount coupon - GeraSU15You can learn more about the artist here&n...   

2015-08-30 05:25:05
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   Narcissus ref

aka Đường Chinew OC (again /weeps)   

2015-08-30 05:08:45
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   Kirito and Asuna Reflections

Kirito and Asuna (and our reflections) at the Fairmont Hotel. This was the PERFECT spot. Kirito: Asuna: ???Photo taken at Fanime 2015. San Jose, California.   

2015-08-30 04:59:03
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updated: 2015-08-30 05:00:30
web development
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   Jacked_Font by Igor van der Linden


2015-08-29 07:07:12
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   Sassy Molassy by Brittney Murphy Design


2015-08-28 16:29:21
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   As I Lay Dying Logo Font by LJ-Design Studios


2015-08-28 10:50:13
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   Comic Filled Marta Van Eck by Marta van Eck Design...


2015-08-28 08:11:10
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