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Wittysparks is not only about present developments but we also write on past developments as it is the past that lends a flavor to the present! A gamut of topics are discussed here ranging from technology, media, advertising to news, politics and sports. This site is a constellation of witty ideas and stories from diverse topics. We keep a tab on news and developments for people from different walks of life. So anything that deserves to be heard and spoken about would be found here! Wittysparks is not only about present developments but we also write on past developments as it is the past that lends a flavor to the present! A gamut of topics are discussed here ranging from technology, media, advertising to news, politics and sports. For those who wish to view interesting videos, we have a separate section called VideoBuzz, dedicated just for videos which are arranged category wise. As a part of our never ending endeavours, We have added a new section dedicated completely to news which would help readers stay updated every minute. Wittysparks is run by effervescent creative minds. The authors of blogs are professionals who have dirt on their hands in their respective fields and write with one sole motive- To strive hard and deliver qual

Top Tips For Creating Amazing Online Event Flyers  

You don't have to be a professional in order to make your event flyers look as special and appealing either. Here are the top tips to create a flyer online.

2017-06-21 13:25:22

How to Create a Website Which Targets Your Ideal Market  

Worried about creating a perfect website that communicates all the benefits associated with your products or services? Have a look at our tips.

2017-06-21 06:56:36

How engaging content can help your site grow  

Tens of millions and millions of blog posts are written every day, how can you compete to make your site grow?

2017-06-20 07:20:08

React Native – Top Reasons to Choose It For Hybrid App Development  

Hybrid mobile app development has been advanced with top frameworks coming to the rescue, helping in quick app development.

2017-06-17 02:50:16

You’re Never Alone with These Business Travel Services  

A successful business trip is built on several factors such as the timing, location, and business materials.

2017-06-16 02:48:21

3 Ways to Get Extra Money Before Your Busy Season  

If you're in one of these businesses, your payment schedule is complex. Here are three ways to get extra money before your busy season.

2017-06-15 05:39:15

The Best Ways To Streamline Accounts Payable in 2017  

The following are some of the best ways to streamline your AP department and make it more efficient this year.

2017-06-13 05:08:23

Significance of Prototypes in Mobile App Development Cycle  

Novel mobile app ideas are being introduced in order to make a mark in the competitive global markets.

2017-06-13 01:26:10

The Four Must-Have Elements of a Truly Effective Marketing Email  

For starters, make sure that your marketing emails include the following three elements without fail, regardless of the status of your list.

2017-06-10 06:01:27

Priority Reasons to Opt Swift for iOS App Development  

The reasons why an iOS app development company should select Swift are cited.

2017-06-10 02:36:37

4 Steps for Becoming an Event Planner  

The event planning experts at Eventbrite put together this awesome infographic breaking it down in 4 easy steps.

2017-06-08 08:46:20

A To-Do List For A Successful Mobile App  

The emergence of mobile apps has changed the way people communicated with smartphones as these apps are faster, more interactive.

2017-06-08 08:37:25

Dealing with Rejection: 3 Strategies Every Freelance Writer Should Know  

Rejections are a big part of the deal you sign up for when you decide taking up writing as a serious profession.

2017-06-08 04:27:23

Virtual Reality – The Killer App For Smartphones via IOS Development  

Whether it is the mobile apps or the web-based, virtual reality is definitely making its way out thereby increasing its popularity.

2017-06-08 03:50:36

Please Be Seated: Important Furnishing Insights for Restaurant Owners  

Since choosing the right furniture is so important, here are a few tips to help you make the best choice for your restaurant. Please, take a seat.

2017-06-07 11:45:24

Coradia iLint – A Train that takes us to an Eco-friendly future!  

Coradia iLint is a new-age regional passenger train that is emission free.

2017-06-06 19:09:15

How Smartphones have Changed our Lives over the Years  

Smartphones have been more than just phones for us. We not only make use of it to make calls but we literally do everything with the help of it.

2017-06-05 12:09:10

The Latest Trends in Big Data Analytics to Watch Out for in Q3 of 2017  

Digging, analyzing, managing, and manipulating big data is pretty easy now, and most of the companies now have the ability to do it with minimal cost.

2017-06-05 06:33:31

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile App  

If you're still not yet convinced of the benefits of having an app for your business, here are the top five reasons why it does.

2017-06-05 04:39:22

A Complete Guide to Develop a High-end Video Chat App  

Before, you start developing a video chat application, here is a complete guide that will help you to develop your video chat application efficiently.

2017-06-02 02:46:06

Chatbot Intelligence – The Self Evolving AI that Serves Customers Across Several Industries  

AI is all over the internet in the recent times for the mutational advancements that has happened but the real fact is, the concept has been in existence for long.

2017-06-02 01:51:10

15 Best Online Resources for Web Designers in 2017  

Check out these 15 online resources for web designers to order to stay current on web design standards and gain access to amazing design tools for 2017.

2017-06-01 03:19:03

Top 10 Web Development & Design Trends for 2017  

As a web developer, it is your responsibility to employ these changes to create a user-friendly, seamless, practical website for your users.

2017-05-30 13:02:26

3 Ways a Smartwatch Can Improve Your Life  

Why spend a few hundred dollars on another device, when you already have a smartphone?

2017-05-30 04:47:25

CIBIL Score for Business Loans and Why It Is Important  

Whenever you apply for a loan or a line of credit in India, you will be required to present a CIBIL score.

2017-05-30 04:21:01

Get The Full Benefits Of Your Next Business Trip  

Here are 5 tips you can use to get the full benefits out of your next business trip.

2017-05-26 05:38:06

Four Ways to Improve Your Email Conversions  

Email is still one of the most convenient methods for reaching out to your prospects and clients--whether it be for a special deal or to launch new products and services.

2017-05-25 18:05:59

Are you a Business Traveller? Points to Consider  

I always enjoy hearing her stories and take some useful travel tips from a regular traveler like her.

2017-05-25 17:41:13

Proof Celebrities Are Lost Like the Rest of Us  

You may be tempted to look at celebrities as better-than-average people, but that kind of thinking just is not accurate.

2017-05-23 11:14:40

AI Helping Advance Medical Research  

Many big practices like Riverside Medical Group are looking forward to what most pharmaceutical companies call beyond the pill.

2017-05-22 20:39:37

10 Tips For Staying Calm During A Bank Job Interview  

All these 10 tips shared are very helpful for staying calm during an interview for a banking job.

2017-05-22 04:51:24

The Top 10 Best Ads of the Entire Indian TV Era  

We have witnessed the evolution of TV from watching black & white Doordarshan TV to cable TV to colored HD.

2017-05-21 02:24:59

Simple Points You Must Use to Avoid Taxi Scams  

The list of scams is big but follow the simple points mentioned in order to save yourself from the common scams.

2017-05-19 19:59:16

What Would an Ideal Project Management Tool Look Like?  

I would like to go for a list of features you might want to look up when you select an ideal project management tool for your business.

2017-05-19 04:01:01

Essential Hacks for New Bloggers  

Here are some essential hacks for beginning your blogging journey.

2017-05-18 05:43:45

How Mobile Apps Are Favourable To Healthcare, Hospitals, And Doctors?  

Mobile apps are gaining popularity not only in industrial and business world but also in the healthcare field.

2017-05-17 13:02:15

Game-based Learning: Why It Works for Students of All Ages?  

Game-based learning harnesses this power of clever game design and implements it into the learning process.

2017-05-17 03:03:44

The best ways to build your own website  

If you're thinking about starting your very own website there will be plenty of challenges along the way.

2017-05-16 13:04:22

HTML to WordPress Conversion – How much it should Cost?  

Whether the sites are created in early 20s or it is created presently with HTML and CSS. But, these sites don't have the equal amount of features one can find on a WordPress site.

2017-05-16 05:29:17

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends of the Year 2017  

Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool using the power of social media to market the products and services.

2017-05-15 06:22:33

Top 2017 Social Media Trends you don’t want to miss out  

Staying connected with the customers has entered a new level to many new social media marketing services offers in the digital market.

2017-05-14 05:54:51

5 Creative Ideas to boost your online presence  

Technological developments have made achieving this fairly easier than how it was a decade ago. The most frequently utilized and successful methods to achieve this are.

2017-05-13 11:32:16

5 Essential Tips To Create A Secure Mobile Apps  

Let's introduce you with some of the basic tips to make your app secure.

2017-05-12 12:59:21

Reasons You should Care for Mobile Application Security  

How about going through some interesting facts before shedding light on the importance of mobile app security?

2017-05-11 11:08:11

How to Reduce Your Ad Consumption  

Today, Internet ads stream on YouTube videos and play in the margins of websites. The nature of ads has also grown invasive.

2017-05-10 14:27:17

Invest in the Ride-Sharing Clone and start a successful business today!  

Ridesharing is an excellent alternative to private transport and saving money, the environment and keeping traffic off your city's road network.

2017-05-09 12:35:19

Wearing A Watch To Work Can Help You Gain Immense Success At Work!  

There is a sense of discipline that comes with wearing the watch. Watches are also known for imparting a definition of fashion, style, and personality of a person.

2017-05-09 11:13:33

Building a Business Website? 4 Things You Need to Know  

Establishing a presence on the Internet should be a priority for every business, no matter the industry. A website is more than just a way for people to find you online.

2017-05-07 03:31:45

Fitso – The App to achieve your fitness goals  

Fitness Apps have grown considerably over the past few years, everyone who is a fitness enthusiast or just simply looking to monitor their health is using them.

2017-05-06 05:51:10

Here Are Some of the Unwritten Rules of Social Media You Should Definitely Follow  

The vast majority of our social rules are unwritten. Indeed, where would they be written? Who is the social authority that could write such a book?

2017-05-06 01:50:56

How to engage your audience with interactive content  

What kind of content is the most effective for your site? You first need to understand how people look at and construe info on the internet.

2017-05-04 11:05:10

A Step By Step Guide to Writing an Amazing Speech  

Writing an amazing speech involves many ideas that we will consider. First and foremost, make a good impression on your audience.

2017-05-04 10:27:14

Why Optimize The Loading Time Of A Site?  

Loading time is one of the important variables influencing the success of a website. Unfortunately, it is impossible to have a site that instantly loads.

2017-05-04 02:52:33

Sound Canceling Headphones Better than Isolating?  

Sound canceling vs sound isolating, it sounds like a coin toss. But that tiny difference in wording makes a huge difference in the audible performance of your digital portable music.

2017-05-04 01:12:26

Why is application performance management important?  

APM refers to the management of app performance to make it easier to know when they are functioning properly or behaving abnormally.

2017-04-25 06:14:53

Is It Alright to Dress Down at Work?  

According to an article by Forbes casual dress might actually be doing more harm in the workplace then if your place of work required a uniform.

2017-04-21 03:52:50

The Current State of Content Marketing  

It's interesting to note the differences between how marketing agencies, businesses, and creatives see and experience the content marketing landscape.

2017-04-19 12:01:29

When One Franchise Location Just Isn’t Enough  

Entrepreneurs who aspire to the McDonald's path, of growing the company into more and more locations that ultimately span the nation and the globe.

2017-04-18 03:26:33

Decrease Risk of Data Loss with High Quality Hardware like Newnex Cables  

High quality cables and other hardware usually cost a few dollars more per component, but since the cost of data loss is so high, it is an investment that most business owners.

2017-04-18 03:25:52

How to Learn Web Design with the Help of WordPress?  

The easiest, most efficient way to learn web design through WordPress (WP) is to just sit down and start poking around.

2017-04-18 01:49:54

How Are Mobile Applications Increasing Users’ Productivity?  

This usual looking information not only propels the business but also accelerates the users' productivity. Let's get into the factors and its know-how.

2017-04-15 06:02:56

Expert Marketing Tips For Instagram Users  

You can establish the presence of your brand and can increase the engagement within the social network. Let us discuss some expert tips for the Instagram marketers.

2017-04-15 04:55:26

Tutorials for Different Content Management Systems  

Use these top CMS tutorials to build and grow a professional site that can even compete with the sites of top corporations.

2017-04-14 03:14:31

10 Ninja Ways To Make You A Faster Learner  

Trying to master a new skill or gain a new knowledge? All you have to do is to follow these 10 simple tips that can make you a better and faster learner.

2017-04-14 02:48:53

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review  

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the answer to all your prayers. Once you download this file recovery software, all you need to do is run this program.

2017-04-13 09:12:59

How Mobile Learning Apps Can Be Beneficial For Kids in Education  

In this article we will explore the various possibilities and benefits of exposing children to learning apps.

2017-04-11 08:27:23

WordPress vs Squarespace: Which is Right For Your Website?  

Two of the most popular platforms for building a website are Squarespace and Wordpress. Which one of these platforms is best for you? Each platform has its pros and cons.

2017-04-11 07:09:13

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Aging Mind Sharp  

Consider incorporating several of the tips mentioned into your lifestyle to help keep your brain functioning at its highest capacity.

2017-04-10 08:37:21

ACT Fibernet launches India’s first 1Gbps broadband services in Hyderabad!  

Hyderabad will be the first city in the entire country to get 1Gbps wired broadband internet service, which is launched by ACT Fibernet.

2017-04-09 01:17:20

Tips for safe viewing of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse  

August 21, 2017 is likely to be a memorable day for Americans as all of them can see the solar eclipse although only a few can see its total effect.

2017-04-08 01:41:55

Content Marketing 5 trends that will shape 2017  

Content marketing was not only important in past years; it also plays a crucial role again in 2017. What trends to be missed in the previous year is no issue.

2017-04-07 05:38:16

How To Remain Safer Thanks To Available Technology  

Just make sure that you are dealing with a reputable security company and that you are taking advantage of all of the advancements in security thanks to the Internet.

2017-04-07 02:07:27

Correct Anchor Text Distribution to Dominate Google  

You might be wondering: How does Google decide if you are building backlinks unnaturally? Simple, it looks at your Anchor Text.

2017-04-05 07:14:45

Desktop vs Cloud-Based Authoring Tools: Which Is Most Suitable for the eLearning Industry?  

Authoring tools are very important in different types of industries, as progress is directly connected with knowledge sharing.

2017-04-05 02:11:39

Looking for a Cyber Security Service: Tips for Finding the Best Protection Possible  

Are they scrupulous about complying with federal regulations? A top cybersecurity firm will have a well-designed website: period.

2017-04-03 10:35:51

Use eLearning Authoring Tools to overcome business challenges  

Looking the new generation of eLearning authoring tools? These tools foster employee collaboration as well as cutting costs.

2017-04-03 09:39:01

Twelve Common Web Development Mistakes and How to NOT Commit them  

Here I mention a few common coding-related and other mistakes that you should keep an eye on to avoid a mess as a front-end developer.

2017-03-29 09:36:47

Top E-Commerce Web Design Tips That Promote Customer Loyalty  

Here are some practical tips on delivering the best possible online shopping experience by implementing the best design tips to improve the sales from their sites.

2017-03-29 06:23:37

Frugality Vs Increasing Income: What’s the Better Strategy for Paying Off Debts?  

You may have even taken out emergency loans to make your payments on time. A closer look may reveal which option is best for you.

2017-03-29 03:59:45

Methods to become a Business Leader  

Here are some methods to acquire strong leadership skills, most leadership qualities can be and need to be acquired intentionally.

2017-03-28 01:15:07

Mindset – Sets your mind to concentrate better!  

Did you know that the human mind gets distracted every 11 minutes at work? It takes not less than 23 minutes to get back to what it was doing. How do we deal with this?

2017-03-25 09:42:15

8 Outstanding Content Writing Secrets of Professional Writers: How Professional Writers Can Vastly Boost Your Traffic  

There are several things that go into creating content that readers will love. In this article, we're going to highlight the eight most important ones that professional writers use.

2017-03-25 03:49:48

18 Free Open Source CSS Dropdown Navigation Menus  

These 18 open source CSS dropdown navigation menus are free to use, easy to install, and will give your site a professional look.

2017-03-25 01:24:35

What Are the Things You Need For Your Workplace?  

If you keep these things on your list, then you'll come a long way in seeing your business on a bigger picture.

2017-03-24 06:20:50

How to make your graduation scheme application a success  

Let's start off with knowing what a graduation scheme is? So basically what happens is that you a fresh graduate, with little or no work experience.

2017-03-24 05:22:48

How Smart Technology is Improving Senior Living  

We've already seen how smart technology can improve almost all aspects of our home life, and now, it's set to revolutionize the senior living industry as well.

2017-03-22 07:40:27

New Mobile Trends IOS Developers Should be Aware Of  

As you're probably aware, modern technology has made rapid advances over the past few years. Smartphones and smart devices are almost ubiquitous these days, and central to these gadgets are mobile apps. And it's not just games or shopping apps we're talking about. More and more industries like banks and health care providers are developing mobile apps for their … Continue reading New Mobile Trends IOS Developers Should be Aware Of →

2017-03-21 12:45:02

HTC U Ultra may be THE flagship phone of 2017  

In an overview, the HTC U Ultra is a phone that comes with quite a few new features; it mainly boasts a perfectly symmetric and thin phablet size.

2017-03-20 08:21:51

Essential Tools For Development Of Mobile Apps  

If you are an appreneur or you have decided to delve into the app world, here are some tools that you may find useful.

2017-03-20 04:47:08

What You Need To Know About Debt Settlement Plans  

Here are some highlights to demystify debt settlement to help you make a better financial decision

2017-03-18 03:17:48

Constant Connections: The Advantages of Using a Mobile Hotspot Device Instead of Your Phone  

Using a hotspot device instead of turning your phone into one has a number of advantages. Here's why it's a better option.

2017-03-17 03:51:56

5 Ways To Be More Competitive Within Your Industry  

There are various ways to approach more and this is what will set you up for greater success for your business.

2017-03-15 02:59:35

Youtube Sensation Vidya Vox comes to India!  

Vidya Iyer, famously known as Vidya Vox on YouTube is one such YouTuber who has taken the world by storm with her talent in singing.

2017-03-15 01:04:08

Does Your Business fall under the purview of Workmen Compensation Act, 1923?  

It is necessary for every business to follow such human responsibility towards the employee's loss and thereby creating the Workmen Compensation Act, 1923.

2017-03-14 13:30:40

ChalkStreet – A curated marketplace for self-paced online courses  

ChalkStreet is a curated marketplace for self-paced online courses that is aimed at revolutionising learning and making it relevant, affordable and useful.

2017-03-13 09:20:22

Googles goes invisible with its reCAPTCHA  

Google has taken its reCAPTCHA to another level of sophistication and promise by making it invisible.

2017-03-13 01:44:29

Five Life Hacks That Could Actually Hurt Your Productivity  

Luckily, there's is a seemingly foolproof way to become productive without even trying: life hacks.

2017-03-11 01:22:32

Photographing Food: Tips for Turning Your Epicurean Passion into Profits  

If you love food, you may find yourself snapping meals when you eat out and sharing them with friends and followers online.

2017-03-10 10:53:18

Security measures used in any modern business  

In today's digital-centric business environment, cyber security is a number one priority for SMEs and large corporations.

2017-03-10 03:18:55

10 Beautiful Architecture Firm Website Designs  

Here are 10 beautiful sites across the web that may be inspiring when it comes to design ideas.

2017-03-09 09:51:25

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