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Designer Handbag Reviews - PurseBlog

PurseBlog reviews luxury designer handbags and accessories in a daily editorial. Daily reviews and recommendations of designer handbags and purses.

These 6 Cool Girl Bags are Having a Huge Summer  

It can be tough to tell when a coincidence turns over into a full-on trend. Are all these Instagram-famous fashion people carrying the same bag because it’s cool, because they got paid to, or maybe a little bit of both? How many uber-stylish arms does a bag need to pop up on in order to qualify as trendy? When it comes to handbag trends, for me, it’s a little bit like that famous quote about obscenity: I know it when I see it. Lately, I feel like I’ve seen a lot of bags pop up

2017-07-26 16:00:59

Celebs Mostly Eschew Color and Stick to Classic Black Bags from Chanel, Rebecca Minkoff and The Row  

We might have reached that certain week of midsummer where everyone tires of all the fun colors, sun and shenanigans and returns to their favorite little black handbag. That’s certainly what celebs seemed to do this week in quantity, though a couple of them opted for a certain shade of hot red. That was the full spectrum: black to red. But don’t be dismayed. The little black bags are good, and Karlie Kloss has new hair!

2017-07-26 13:00:15

5 Myths About the Hermès Birkin, Debunked  

Anything hard to get but widely desired develops a lore pretty quickly. Often, these stories start out truthful and are re-told and passed around so many times that they take on lives of their own, but because they’re passed between fashion lovers so freely, they start to feel like conventional wisdom that’s then picked up by media and often not fact-checked. Perhaps no bag has more lore than the Hermès Birkin, but today we’re here to separate truth from fiction. Birkin lore ...

2017-07-25 16:00:51

Goyard Launches New Bannière Personalization Style  

For many Goyard shoppers, the bags themselves are only part of the brand’s tremendous draw—they’re a canvas to create something unique. Because Goyard offers such detailed and wide-ranging personalization services, clients can have almost anything hand-painted onto their new bag or trunk that they can imagine. The brand offers a starting point with a few standard monogram styles, and now it’s adding a new one to the lineup: Goyard Bannière Millesime Marquage. “Banniè...

2017-07-25 13:00:48

Need It Now: The Chloé Nile  

I have a special place in my heart for anything Chloe. As a tween, I had fashion ads plastered to my bedroom walls, and Chloe campaigns were my favorite to tear out of the magazines I begged my mother to purchase for me every time we went to the drugstore. She finally gave me a Vogue subscription for Christmas in 8th grade, and I loved that gift even more than the baby blue Ugg boots I also got that year. Even as a middle schooler with minimal knowledge of who’s who in fashion, Chloe al...

2017-07-24 19:00:56

Check Out 60 of Chanel’s Never-Before-Seen Pre-Collection Fall 2017 Bags + Prices  

I don’t think I’ve ever before had the urge to refer to a collection of Chanel bags as “sedate,” but that’s exactly what I found myself thinking when paging through the just-released first look at Chanel’s Pre-Collection Fall 2017 handbags. The bags, which serve as a prelude to the full Fall 2017 collection that debuted on the runway in February, don’t have any obvious themes or uniting stylistic features—other than that they’re all quintessentia...

2017-07-24 16:00:32

Unsurprisingly, Kris Jenner Has Been Killing the Bag Game Lately  

Every single time we feature a Kardashian or a Jenner, someone pleads for us to stop. Some of y’all cannot stand their excess, nonsense and shameless publicity-courting, and you’ve been practically begging us and most other sites on the internet to avert our eyes and not pay their amazing handbags any heed for years. But just like a chronic health condition, if you ignore the problem, it doesn’t go away. If you choose to see the presence of all things K-J as a pox upon an other

2017-07-24 13:00:32

PurseForum Roundup – July 21  

Happy, happy Friday, fashion lovers! It’s time to see what has been happening this week over at the PurseForum, and we are happy you have joined us. We rounded up a few reveals and also paid visits to Louis Vuitton, Hermès, The Wardrobe and more. The bag-in-car thread is a popular one, and we understand why (sort of). It is undeniably a very photo-friendly spot—not sure why it is not the same for humans, but we’ll go with it! This is 23adeline’s Very Tote and Obsession ...

2017-07-21 19:29:25

Celebs Shop, Sup and Schmooze with Bags from Fendi, Chanel, & The Row  

Ah, the classic contrast of a giant Chanel bag and a pair of cut-off shorts that you could’ve DIY-ed yourself. It’s the height of the summer, so celebs are sweaty, and most are minimally dressed. More concerning: some of their garments are literally safety-pinned together, but probably more for reasons of titillation than frugality. One never knows.

2017-07-21 17:00:55

The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of July 21  

The end is near. The end of sale season, anyway, and that means the discounts are climbing ever-higher, and although the selection has shrunk accordingly, there are still some great bags to be had at those super-low prices. (After all, lots of people scoop up great things early in sale season and return them, which means good stuff pops up circa now with a heft discount on top of it.) As we do every Friday morning, we’ve scraped the internet for our favorite designer bag markdowns. You c

2017-07-21 14:00:35

The Best Items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 (Based On Early Access Sell Outs and PurseForum Purchases)  

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time tracking the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on both Nordstrom’s website as well as on the extensive (and highly addictive) thread on the PurseForum. If you want to see some serious hauls, check out the PurseForum crew who have put together some of the most comprehensive lists of what they bought, what they’re keeping, and sharing when coveted items come back into stock. While many items have sold out, they sometimes pop back up with a li

2017-07-21 07:55:13

Shop Now to Take an Extra 20% Off at Net-a-Porter’s Final Clearance Before It Ends!  

We’ll make this quick: Net-a-Porter’s sale lasts through August 1, and if you shop between now and then, you can take an extra 20% off any item marked a “sale must-have!” Those products constitute a huge proportion of the site’s markdowns right now, and with discounts up to 70% off, you can surely walk away with a steal or two. Below, we’ve picked our favorite handbag must-haves from the assortment, but you can shop the thousands of items eligible for this d

2017-07-20 19:00:55

A Close Look at Salvatore Ferragamo’s Colorful, Cool Bag Collaboration with Sara Battaglia  

When I think of Ferragamo, I think of a classic, traditionally Italian approach to leather goods. In the world of designer handbags, when many brands are trying to grab attention and make the next It Bag by any means necessary, Ferragamo stays true to its core, focusing on expert craftsmanship and quality products instead of gimmicks and flash. When you buy from the brand, you know you’re getting a bag that’s sophisticated and elegant. Now, Ferragamo has teamed up with style star Sar

2017-07-20 16:28:11

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Popincourt Tote  

In Nicolas Ghesquiere’s tenure at the helm of Louis Vuitton, the brand has done a lot of work to reimagine how it approaches its leather handbag business, but what I’m really interested in is what happens to the monogram bags. Coated canvas has always been Vuitton’s bread and butter, even if the brand would like to raise its full-leather profile, it will likely always be the first thing on the majority of LV shoppers’ minds. One of the best new monogram bags I’ve se

2017-07-20 13:00:41

Amanda’s 15 Favorite Beauty Products That Really, Actually, Totally Work—We Promise  

Testing things with your own personal head isn’t an ideal way to try anything new, but when it comes to beauty products, it’s the only way. Will something break you out, make your hair crunchy, irritate your eyes or waste your money? Dab some on and wait. I’ve undertaken this exact course of action hundreds (maybe thousands) of times in my life, mostly because I want to look my best but also because I just enjoy the process of buying and examining new products. With all that ti

2017-07-19 16:00:58

It’s Mid-July and Celebs are Loving Designer Straw Totes and Mini Bags  

Thank you for helicoptering in for another celeb handbag roundup. Stars are extremely busy this week between Wimbledon, film shoots, and donning athleisurewear in public venues. Straw bags are in, and we have a special appearance by the hot felon’s girlfriend, which is how I’m going to refer to her as as long as this romance lasts, because she already had everything before she snagged the hot felon. JK, I’m not quite that bitter. But almost.

2017-07-19 13:00:09

#PurseBlogWIMB: This Loyal Reader Just Can’t Get Enough Chanel  

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I just love our monthly #PurseBlogWIMB posts. It’s so interesting not only seeing what you guys religiously carry in your beautiful bags, but also getting to know all of you a little bit more just by seeing the bags that you carry! Whether you’re strictly into luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermès or you dig more contemporary designers too like Mansur Gavriel, you truly can tell a lot about a person based on what they carry!...

2017-07-18 19:30:58

People are Now Camping Overnight in Front of the Paris Hermès Flagship to Sell Line Spots to Wealthy Handbag Buyers [UPDATED]  

If time is money, then it perhaps should not surprise anyone that the wealthy shoppers looking to purchase five-figure Hermès handbags while on holiday in Paris have found yet another way to save some of the former by spending some of the latter. As it turns out, the rich aren’t exactly keen on the store’s recently instituted appointment procedure, which requires them to gather early in the morning and stand in a line, on a public sidewalk, like commoners. And in turn, plenty of peo...

2017-07-18 16:00:55

PurseBlog Exclusive: Get an Extra 20% Off at YOOX Before the Rest of the World  

One of the hardest parts of being a fashion lover is the one that got away. Seasonal designs, embellishments, patterns and colors sometimes appear and disappear too quickly for the more cautious shoppers among us to snap them up, which can lead to lots of regret and plenty of fruitless internet searches. In our experience, the best salve to that pain is YOOX. Founded in 2000, the site is the world’s leading retailer of hard-to-find and past-season designer fashion, which means it just migh

2017-07-18 12:43:48

You Can Now Shop Rare and Exotic Hermès Bags at Moda Operandi Basically All the Time  

Hermès bags are notoriously hard to come by, but where there’s a will (and a flexible budget), there’s a way. Since its inception, Moda Operandi has periodically operated pre-owned Hermès bag and accessory trunk shows on its site in partnership with Heritage Auctions, who sources the bags from its clients. In the past, though, those trunk shows have last a few weeks, max, but now the two luxury purveyors have gotten together to offer something a little more permanent. The vintage ...

2017-07-17 21:01:41

Fall 2017 Runway Bag Pre-Orders from Fendi, Chloé, Givenchy and More Have Arrived at Neiman Marcus  

Watching the seasons change is beautiful. The colors, the crispness, the sense of renewal and rebirth. I’m talking, of course, about fashion season—if you’re yearning for fall weather, you probably realize you’ll have to do a lot more sweating before that gets here. Fall 2017 handbag pre-orders, on the other hand, are ripe for the picking. Neiman Marcus just launched its Fall 2017 pre-order listings, which include bags from all the major accessories brands the retailer carri...

2017-07-17 16:00:07

Just Can’t Get Enough: Lily Collins and Her Chanel Gabrielle Bag  

Lily Collins has been carrying the same Chanel bag for months, but what’s definitely more shocking is that it’s not a Boy Bag or a Classic Flap. It’s the Chanel Gabrielle Bag. The Gabrielle was only recently introduced as part of the Chanel Spring 2017 collection, and while the brand is deadly serious about it, celebrities have been slow to work it into their rotation. With one obvious exception: Lily Collins. Lily Collins loves her Gabrielle.

2017-07-17 13:00:03

PurseForum Roundup – July 14  

Happy mid-July! Summer is flying by, and it’s already time for another roundup of the week’s happenings at the PurseForum. This week, we bring you some instant reveals from around the forum, and take a closer look at Bottega Veneta, Dior, Coach, and more. Thanks for joining us! New sunglasses for summer! How many of us kick off summer with a shiny new pair of shades? Frienziedhandbag lived up to her name this week in Bottega Veneta and picked up several wonderful items to add to...

2017-07-14 21:06:49

Celebs Make Their Way in the World with Chanel, Céline and Saint Laurent Bags  

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you make lemonade, but then you hide most of the lemonade and just pretend that you spilled it all. But then your fans are like, “I really thought she had a ton of lemonade. I’m confused now.” And then the feds investigate and you get convicted of bankruptcy fraud—it’s a celebrity tale as old as time. (Not really, but seriously you guys, make use of our nation’s countless accountants and tax attorneys. Pay your taxes, don’...

2017-07-14 18:00:39

Earn 10 Points Per Dollar at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Today!  

If you anxiously awaited the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like we did, plotted what you would buy based on the catalog and secret intel, and stayed up late or woke up early to shop, you may have been disappointed when you realized that for hours yesterday, was down and you couldn’t check out. Though the item you may have lusted after could be sold out by now (it’s happened too many items, but that’s always the case with this sale!), Nordstrom still wants to make it

2017-07-14 15:59:50

The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of July 14  

We’ve gotten to the swampy part of the summer in New York City, but thankfully there’s a good way to beat the heat: stay inside and shop. That’s exactly what we’re here to do right now, with our customary heaping helping of Friday bag deals. Check out the best of our finds below, many at 50% off or more.

2017-07-14 13:00:36

Instagrammers Just Can’t Get Enough Saint Laurent This Summer  

It’s been a little while since we shared with you what’s going down these days on Instagram, and while we haven’t done a roundup of our favorite shares in a couple weeks, we’re still very active on the app! We fully admit that we #justcantgetenough of scrolling, saving and ogling the never-ending bag love on the ‘gram! This summer, it seems, Instagrammers are adoring their Saint Laurent bags. We’ve spotted Saint Laurent love in every shape, size and color sinc

2017-07-13 19:00:12

Introducing Senreve Handbags  

Back in February, we covered 10 brands to watch for 2017 and Senreve was on the list. Before that, I hadn’t heard much about this San Francisco-based brand, and that’s not surprising—Senreve is only eight months old. (I remember the brand’s age because it’s the same as Millie’s age!) In its short life, Senreve has already made its way into the hearts of many, myself included, and I’ve been talking with the brand to learn more about their designs. Though ...

2017-07-13 16:07:12

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early Access : We Rounded Up the 20+ Best Items Sure to Go Fast  

During the summer lull, many sites have big sales going on to push old or overstocked product. Amazon has Prime Day (though if you’re a fashion lover like us, there isn’t much fashion-wise to be had), Outnet is having a major Clearance, Shopbop is reducing their sale items further, and Neiman Marcus is having one of their great gift card events, but no one comes close to the epicness that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s not that the prices are door busters but it’

2017-07-13 10:21:11

Love It or Leave It: Your Balenciaga City Bag Can Now Come Pre-Graffiti’d  

Over the past several years, we’ve noticed a lot of notable people doing something a bit controversial: embellishing designer bags with drawings, paint splatters, graffiti—you name it. Some people (including some of you guys) take exception to what they see as being careless with a very expensive piece of fashion, but others (including me, usually) are pretty into it. After all, at a point in the industry where pretty much everything is mass-produced, personalizing a bag yourself seems t...

2017-07-12 19:00:31

Get Out of Town with Our 20 Favorite Travel Accessories, From Bags to Beauty Minis  

If you’ve been in an airport any time in the past 15 years or so, you know they’re not pleasant places. Some of them are better than others, and there are some additional comforts to be had with frequent flier status, but getting between two far-flung locales is mostly just an undignified process, no matter how you do it and no matter how much fun you have when you reach your destination. Fashion excels at providing creature comforts, though, and accessories in particular offer a lo

2017-07-12 16:00:56

OUTNET.COM Clearance Sale Is Here – Up to 85% Off!  

We were hoping to give you access to this sale earlier, but instead today is the day! OUTNET is offering deals of up to 85% off of all of your favorite designers. That means prices that will make you question if you’re reading them correctly and discounts that seem too good to be true (but aren’t). Things move quickly at these kinds of sales, so click this link and get shopping now! There are hundreds of items included, and many more bags than what I first saw (love this Anya Hindma

2017-07-12 13:40:25

Celebs Take Chanel, Gucci and Fendi Bags to Court, McDonald’s and Beyond  

Life is full of mystery. Will Rob and Blac Chyna ever make it work? (No.) Will I buy way more stuff than anticipated during Amazon Prime Day? (Yes.) Well, maybe it’s less mysterious than we all thought, but in any case, we have not one but TWO mystery bags in today’s celeb handbag roundup. Once again, we must call on you to assist us with your advanced powers of designer identification. Plus, no matter what happens with this Rob Kardashian mess, Blac Chyna will always have Chanel. An

2017-07-12 13:00:34

Chain Wallets are Some of the Most Versatile, Affordable Designer Bags Around—Check Out 18 of the Best  

Every shape and size of bag serves its purpose, but chain wallets serve a lot of them. They’re great for keeping your hands free and your load light while running errands, they keep your essentials close by but don’t weigh you down at concerts, they separate your essential travel documents from your big tote at the airport and keep them in easy reach while passing through security. Even if you’re traditionally a big-bag sort of person, you’d probably find a hundred ways t

2017-07-11 16:00:43

PurseBlog Asks: What’s the Last Bag You Bought?  

Moving is always a nuisance, but trying to move in New York City is a special circle of hell, especially when you’re only willing to look in a trendy neighborhood where rents are at an all-time high and apartments go especially quickly. (In my case, because I already live there and want to stay near my friends and my bagel place.) Not only is it stressful and precarious, but it’s also eye-wateringly expensive; sometime in the next week, I’m going to write a check to some dude f

2017-07-11 13:00:47

Loving Lately: The Mansur Gavriel Saddle Bag  

I’ve written about my love for Mansur Gavriel before. I’ve yet to add a Lady Bag to my ever-growing collection, but I revisit my love for MG each and every time I use my bucket bag. While it’s starting to look a lot more worn as I’ve had it for a few years now, I still enjoy using it. The leather has aged beautifully, and I love remembering how excited I was when I finally got my hands on her! Recently I was able to test out one of Mansur Gavriel’s newest bags: T

2017-07-10 19:55:17

Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 Ad Campaign is Jam Packed with Brand New Bags  

Handbags almost always figure prominently in the ads of brands that make them because accessories are such an important category for the financial health of fashion brands, and that’s particularly true of companies like Louis Vuitton, where the entire enterprise radiates out from consumers’ love of the designer’s signature leather goods. Ads are also a particularly good place to spot new arrivals that weren’t on the runway and aren’t quite yet in stores, and there a

2017-07-10 16:00:00

Céline Dion and Her Bags are Having More Fun in France Than Anyone  

Celine Dion has been camped out at the Royal Monceau for what seems like ages now, getting her outfits styled by celeb stylist and ANTM judge Law Roach, and every single exit has become a huge fashion affair. She signs autographs and greet fans every time, and she was recently inspired to hand off her Louis Vuitton bag to her assistant so that she could climb atop her limo and address her adoring public. She had a fantastic time at Paris Couture Week, and seems to be having a fantastic time in ...

2017-07-10 13:00:24

PurseForum Roundup – July 7  

Happy July, fashion lovers! We are happy to be back again for another peek into the busy and fabulous halls of the PurseForum. This week, Balenciaga tops the list, followed by Givenchy, and we close up with some pops of splendid color from Chanel! Balenciaga fans wrapped up the May/June purchases thread in fine style this week, and we found quite a few nice bags to share with you. Longtime member and Balenciaga goddess Ceejay updated us on her stunning black metal plate bag. This is not ...

2017-07-07 19:00:59

Celebs attend Paris Couture Week and “Drag Race” Viewing Parties with Bags from Dior and Gucci  

Just in case you feel like you’ve been watching Celine Dion‘s Parisian fashion parade solo, it may comfort you to know that internet has also taken notice of her fashion antics and is watching with interest. The outfits and the handbags continue to be noteworthy, and now it’s Paris Haute Couture Week, whereas before it was just…Celine Dion’s personal vacation time? So, obviously the stakes are higher.

2017-07-07 16:00:10

The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of July 7  

Today is Friday, even though it doesn’t feel like it for most of us who celebrated 4th of July earlier this week by taking a day or two off. (Two for me, thankfully.) The calendar doesn’t lie, though, which means it’s now time for our weekly roundup of Friday morning handbag discounts, and we have more than a dozen to choose from below. It’s late in sale season, which means quantities are limited and prices are especially good. Happy hunting.

2017-07-07 13:00:55

Get an Additional 20% Off a Huge Selection at Net-a-Porter’s Finale Clearance  

I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. The bad news is sale season is drawing to a close. The good news, however, is that means discounts are as deep as they’ll be all year and it’s time for the true bargain-hunting to begin. Today, we suggest you do it at Net-a-Porter, where you can take an extra 20% off a huge selection of the site’s existing discounts. All you have to do is look for the items marked “Sale Must-Have” and your additional di

2017-07-07 12:00:18

Up Close with the Dior Addict Bag  

I’ve always loved Dior bags, and I appreciate a brand that keeps its handbag lineup well-edited and tight instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every season. Dior is one of those brands that strays from mass production and keeps the designs clean and sleek, offering a couple new styles each season without going overboard. One of the newest bags under creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri is the Dior Addict Bag, and we had the chance to see it up close. The Dior Addic has every touch of

2017-07-07 00:50:17

The Many Bags of Paris Haute Couture Week Fall 2017’s Celebrity Attendees  

I think Paris Haute Couture Week is my favorite fashion week of the season because I always forget it’s going to happen. Because couture is on a far different delivery schedule than off-the-rack fashion, Paris Couture always appears smack in the middle of summer, like an oasis in the fashion desert. Yesterday, another round of the highest of high fashion shows wrapped up, and that means it’s time for a post-mortem. Because couture shows generally lack handbags, that means we’v

2017-07-06 14:00:53

Introducing the Tom Ford Tara Crossbody Bag  

With the rise of novelty bags and the sometimes wacky detailing that comes with them, we’ve seen everything from pom-poms and tassels to robot bags in recent months. So, when a brand releases a basic crossbody bag, it easily gets overlooked among all of the share-worthy bags bombarding our feeds and online shopping searches. However, the Tom Ford Tara Crossbody Bag is not one to be missed. This bag comes in two sizes: the Tara Crossbody and the Mini Tara Crossbody. The first thing I not

2017-07-05 16:00:25

Celebs Bask in the Sun with Bags from Chanel, Givenchy, & Louis Vuitton  

This week, an up-and-coming handbag brand is taking a stand about exotic skins and sourcing them sustainably, and they’re doing it on the very paparazzi-friendly arm of Gigi Hadid. Sustainable sourcing doesn’t come cheap, but celebs love spending big bucks on new handbags, so I think Stalvey will probably do pretty well for themselves. Other exotics are still enjoying a summer surge of popularity, and fuzzy-wuzzy shearling (of all things) is becoming increasingly trendy.

2017-07-05 13:00:36

Coach Debuts Fall 2017 Ad Campaign Featuring the Brand New Bandit Bag  

One of the great joys of fashion is a designer’s ability to build a stylized aesthetic world in which shoppers feel like they can participate via their wardrobes. Runway shows, celebrity placements, boutique design and the clothes and accessories themselves are all big elements of this, but perhaps nowhere is the vision as complete as it is in a brand’s advertising, which is why fashion watchers dissect new ad campaigns so carefully. The latest of these new campaigns is Coach‘s

2017-07-03 16:00:52

British Celebs Flock to London’s Serpentine Gallery Summer Party with Chanel and Mulberry Bags  

The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party is one of the biggest summer events on London’s social calendar, and this year, it was hosted by Chanel. This event was a who’s who of anyone worth their salt from the UK world of fashion, film, music and beyond. And even though Chanel hosted and outfitted many attendees, many other British labels were strongly (and enthusiastically) represented.

2017-07-03 13:00:59

Savvy: Rebecca Minkoff Midnighter Top Handle Bag  

When I started PurseBlog, the very first designer I ever met was Rebecca Minkoff. I still remember how nervous I was to meet her, but we ended up hitting it off right away. Over the years her brand has grown into an international household name and we still have the loyal Minkettes on tPF and reading PurseBlog daily. I will always be a classic RM girl, partial to the MAB, MAC and Matinee (anyone remember that bag? Still one of my favorites). There are ample new designs as well, including this

2017-06-30 20:33:23

PurseForum Roundup – June 30  

Happy end of June, friends! We hope you are enjoying summer so far. This week on the PurseForum, we visited Mulberry, Bottega Veneta, Hermès and more. And what we have here is just the tip of the iceberg, so come on in. In Gucci, it’s all about the Marmont. We spotted this dazzling blue version of this new classic in sassynik’s page one reveal. This beautiful bag looks great on, as you will see in sassy’s modeling shots! L4lou took also the plunge after lusting after man...

2017-06-30 19:36:36

PurseBlog Eats: Frilly Flowers and Fancy Food with Coach at Cafe Clover  

We couldn’t let June come and go without hitting up an NYC hotspot for a PB lunch with some cute little Coach bags in tow. When I saw these beautiful blue-and-white floral little ladies, I knew just the perfect place for our monthly handbag lunch: NYC’s Cafe Clover. I hit up Cafe Clover with my best babes a few months back for dinner and we loved it. We laughed over a bottle—okay maybe two—of rose and ate pretty food. I was excited to head back for a lunch date with my PB ladies...

2017-06-30 17:00:23

Enjoy a Double Dose of Hilary Duff’s Handbag Picks From the Past Week, Plus More Celeb Bags  

The past few days have been a little wacky and all over the place re: celebrity handbag picks, but here are the highlights: a gargantuan, seldom-seen Hermès style is having a moment, I’m in love with a Valentino bag (but mostly with the strap), and I don’t think I’ve seen as many exotic leather bags in the last six months as I have seen this week. Also, we never lie to you in headlines, because we don’t believe in clickbait: this post really does contain DOUBLE THE DUFF....

2017-06-30 15:00:22

The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 30  

Good morning, PurseBloggers, and welcome to this long holiday weekend edition of Bag Deals, in which we have searched the internet far and wide to bring you the best discounts on the best designer bags out there. We’re nearing the end of sale season, which means selections are dwindling but discounts are extra deep—if you’re willing to look, you can capitalize big time. Lucky for you, we’re more than willing to look on your behalf.

2017-06-30 13:00:28

Dear Millie: Month Seven  

Dear Millie, Just like that you are closer to a year old than to being a newborn. I constantly struggle with wanting you to grow and learn and wanting to freeze this exact moment in time. I spend more time than I ever thought I would just studying you. You love studying me as well and we both spend a good chunk out of the day looking at each other and laughing. It’s not just that I feel this intense love for you, but it’s also that I can see and feel the intense love you have for m

2017-06-30 02:24:28

What Makes an Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin So Special, Anyway: an FAQ  

The answer to the question of why anyone wants a particular luxury good is always abstract. Fashion and luxury are meant to poke the soft spots in our brains, the ones that are seduced by physical beauty and tactile pleasures rather than reason and order. But sometimes, a handbag goes far beyond even that element of human desire and transcends to something that is lusted after and hunted on a whole different level. The Holy Grail of these bags is the Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin. Most of ...

2017-06-29 16:00:21

The Many Bags of Mariah Carey  

When it comes to bag-spotting, longtime superstars present a bit of a logistical challenge. Not only are they extremely well-versed in paparazzi avoidance (and they don’t need photos of their morning coffee runs constantly circulating to keep them in the news), but they’re also used to being “handled” by a team of people whose job it is to attend to their whims. That means people like Mariah Carey don’t need to carry bags unless they just enjoy carrying a bag, and w

2017-06-29 13:00:05

Loving Lately: The Goyard Bellechasse PM Tote  

I have a serious problem with color. Ok, maybe it’s not quite a problem with color per se, but more of an aversion to color. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me, or just that you can’t go wrong with it, but to me, black is where it’s at. The past couple of years, I have actually gotten worse, not better, when it comes to my obsession with black, so when I do steer towards a bit of color, it’s usually in the form of an accessory. I immediately fell for the beautiful, big

2017-06-28 19:00:51

If You’re Feeling Burned Out on Big Brands, Moynat is the Bag Designer You Need to Know  

Large-scale luxury shopping is a contradiction in terms. Rarity is inherent to luxury as a concept because it exists at one end of a continuum, along with austerity and normalcy. If something becomes common, it automatically starts to slide back down the continuum, which is a problem for retailers and brands because no one will pay a premium for something that seems abundantly available. After all, if a thing isn’t special in some way, why does it cost several orders of magnitude more than

2017-06-28 16:00:50

This Week, Celebs Go Extra Glam with Bags from Chanel, Valentino and Saint Laurent  

Do you have enough croc bags and leather overalls in your fashion arsenal? Well, it might be time to rethink your game. (Or, alternatively, withdraw from the game, depending on how alluring you find either.) Celebs did not slouch on the handbag front this week, and they got surprisingly dressed up for the airport, the museum, the farmer’s market, etc. It’s almost as if they’ve conceded to the fact that paps are everywhere, and they can’t be caught in a velour tracksuit in

2017-06-28 13:00:01

Exclusive Photos of the Hermèsmatic NYC Pop-Up in All Its Orange Glory  

A couple of weeks back, Megs reported that Hermès was bringing its Hermèsmatic pop-up shop right here to NYC. The pop-up allows customers to bring in a vintage scarf and have it dip dyed via very Hermès-tastic orange washing machines. The entire vibe of the pop-up is like a retro, Hermès-themed laundromat—pretty darn cool, if you ask me. What’s even cooler is that the entire service is completely complimentary. While we love reading everyone’s experiences with the service ov...

2017-06-27 19:00:38

The Ultimate Bag Guide: The Louis Vuitton Alma Bag  

Even if you’re new to high-end accessories, the Louis Vuitton Alma Bag probably looks familiar to you. Not only is it one of LV’s icons, but its signature domed shape is one of the most important designs in modern handbag history. The day version of the Alma as we know it was first commissioned from Vuitton by Coco Chanel as a one-off piece based on the larger travel bag of a similar shape, and soon after the Alma handbag went into production in the 1930s. Since then, Louis Vuitton

2017-06-27 16:00:45

Brands Now Want to Sell You Dustbags Made of Leather and Call Them Clutches  

All language is negotiated and inexact, but in general, we do the best we can. You know approximately what a handbag is because someone, probably your mom, taught you the word while you were pawing at hers as a kid, and you’ve had that idea reinforced throughout your life by the constant association of the word and the physical object it’s meant to name. But just like the question of whether a hot dog is a sandwich has inspired endless low-stakes skirmishes across Facebook and Twitte

2017-06-27 13:00:47

Louis Vuitton Introduces New Monogram Split at Men’s Spring 2018 Runway Show  

When it comes to bags, I sometimes feel like I look forward to Louis Vuitton‘s men’s show more than its show for women. Don’t get me wrong—the women’s bags put out by Nicolas Ghesquiere’s team are always a seasonal highlight for me, but men’s designer Kim Jones has a particular way of melding the brand’s signatures with a particular sort of sportiness that makes everything feel fresh, casual and easy to integrate into a wardrobe. One of my favorite th...

2017-06-26 19:00:39

Introducing the Céline Soft Cube Bag  

Celine‘s handbag lineup has three speeds: weird runway stuff that’s only produced for a season, high-profile signature bags like the Luggage Tote and Trapeze Bag, and simple, functional workhorse bags like the Trio or Cabas Tote that embody the brand’s signature luxe minimalism and play key roles in the wardrobes of thousands of women. The third category isn’t as flashy as the first two, but it’s arguably when Celine is so beloved as a brand by bag lovers, and the...

2017-06-26 16:00:19

Maria Shriver’s Bag Collection is All Business, Including Lots of Hermès Birkins  

We were recently reminded of the supreme excellence of Maria Shriver‘s handbag collection when she carried a bright blue alligator Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag during a recent evening out on the town. Maria is a woman of very specific tastes: she loves sophisticated, office-appropriate top-handled satchels and totes, and Birkins most of all. Let’s review some recent highlights from her collection.

2017-06-26 13:00:09

PurseBlog Asks: Do You Care Where the Components of Your Leather Goods are Made?  

Last weekend, The Guardian published a story that probably didn’t surprise or outrage me as much as its writing and editor were hoping. In it, the reporter visited a secretive factory in Romania owned by equally secretive LVMH subsidiary Somarest and observed the factory’s raison d’être: manufacturing the uppers for Louis Vuitton shoes, which would then be shipped to Italy, joined with their attendant soles and legally labeled “Made in Italy,” meeting the letter (i...

2017-06-23 19:00:57

Lately, Celebs Have Dazzled Us with Bags from Hermès, The Row and Tod’s  

It’s officially summer, and yet a good number of celebs are still layering it up with office-appropriate looks that shame me and the slouchy styles in which I choose to schlub it up to the office on a daily basis. Others can appreciate a good cotton sundress, but that sort of whimsy seems restricted to the under-30 celeb crowd this week. In related bag news, there’s lots of new celeb bag picks to admire or simply muse over, and as promised, a pleasing amount of pink.

2017-06-23 16:00:30

The 17 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 23  

Welcome to the first Friday of summer! Well, official summer, anyway—the unofficial season started like a month ago. Around here, though, we’re okay with starting summer twice because hey, isn’t that a happy occasion? Today, we’re celebrating it with a fresh round of the best discounted bags on the internet. As you may have noticed, we find something to celebrate this way every Friday.

2017-06-23 13:00:09

Rumors are Flying That These Louis Vuitton Bags are Being Discontinued  

Brands make a big fuss when they launch new bags, but when one goes away, they try to do it as quietly as possible. After all, it’s better to emphasize the New Big Thing than attract attention to what’s no longer available, and the fashion industry as it is now depends on a constant churn of newness and novelty. At our PurseForum, though, dedicated shoppers and bag-lovers keep a close eye on the comings and goings at their favorite brands, and luckily for us, they frequently report b

2017-06-22 16:00:11

Introducing the MCM Sarah Visetos Hobo  

I have to admit, when I’m searching online for a new bag, hobos aren’t something that I ever really consider an option. In fact, when I’m using the filter tool on my favorite retailers’ websites, I almost always uncheck the ‘hobo’ box because I don’t even want to see them mixed in among the other bags I’m checking out. So you can imagine my surprise when I fell in love with a hobo! The MCM Sarah Visetos Hobo really caught my eye. I love that the

2017-06-22 13:00:48

20 of the Best Fun, Functional Summer Bags, All Under $600  

Happy summer solstice! Even if it’s already been warm for months where you are, today is the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and personally I’m hoping that means New York actually sees fit to stay, you know, warm for a while. (We have not had an especially beautiful spring, unfortunately.) That being said, the nice weather does have me in a good mood, and like usual, that means my eye has started to wander toward shopping. I know that tendency exists in a lot of

2017-06-21 16:00:08

This Week, Celebs and Their Bags Flock to Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, Among Other Locales  

Our celeb round-up runneth over with pics from Milan, Paris, and a place called…Egham. Yes, Egham! Europe’s finest supermodels and fashion bloggers made a solid showing at Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week and they brought their finest bags along with them, which were only occasionally supplied by Italian fashion houses. Meanwhile, on domestic shores, we have a double mystery bag situation on our hands. Let’s put our heads together and Scooby-Doo this sitch.

2017-06-21 13:00:01

Is Kendall Jenner’s Vintage Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack Fake: An Investigation  

Early last week, we posted a look at a curious new interest Kendall Jenner had taken up: vintage designer fanny packs. Our evidence consisted of two such fanny packs that Ms. Jenner had worn several times each, including one that appeared to be Louis Vuitton. You guys had a lot to say about this bag and its questionable authenticity, so we did some digging to figure out if Kendall might be carrying a fake. I has also wondered about the bag since pulling the images for Emily to write about (a li

2017-06-20 16:00:09

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course—Unless It’s Hermès, Then It’s a $133,000 Art Piece  

The longer you spend working in or writing about the luxury industry, the more desensitized to its absurdities you become. Luxury is maximal by definition—if not by appearance, then by some sort of abundance. Moderation is its natural opposite, so once an idea of abundance is taken to its logical extreme, a further logical extreme must be invented. Today, we’ve found a new one: an Hermès leather horse statue that measures 4.5 feet long and rings up at a steep $133,000. Even if you’...

2017-06-20 13:00:30

The 6 Best, Simplest Tips to Help You Get Your Hermès Dream Bag at One of the Brand’s Boutiques  

There’s no two ways about it: Hermès makes it purposefully difficult to get many of its bags. Scarcity is a big part of making shoppers feel like they’re getting something special for their often-five-figure purchases, and Hermès does that by continuing to construct its bags the old fashioned way, which sets natural limits on how many it can conceivably create. Contrary to longstanding urban legends about years-long waitlists, though, it is absolutely possible to walk into an Herm...

2017-06-19 16:00:32

Just Can’t Get Enough: Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Céline Luggage Totes  

Ah, airports! Humanity’s great equalizers. How else would we be able to keep such painstaking record of celebrity bag acquisitions/moods/travel plans? I am actually shocked to learn that Gwyneth Paltrow currently has two Celine Luggage Totes in rotation. This is deeply shocking, mostly because you’d think someone as rich and famous as dear Gwynnie would have tons of different bags on her arm over the course of a year or two. But she favors her two Celines quite heavily. Observe. ...

2017-06-19 13:00:56

Your First Look at the Prada Etiquette Bags  

I love packaging—always have. When I order something online or go to a store, the way in which the product is boxed up and presented starts the entire experience before I even get to the product itself. Where some brands lack in presentation, others excel, and I’ve always found Prada packaging to be meticulously and beautifully put together. The exterior of the box that my latest Prada bags have come in includes the iconic blue Prada tag that is used on ready-to-wear items as well. Rea...

2017-06-17 01:30:49

This Week, Timeless Divas Carries Bags from Chanel, Dior, Hermès and Céline  

Everyone, start brainstorming: we need to come up with more awards with which to lure Diane Keaton outdoors. She just received a lifetime achievement award from AFI, but she should also be honored for a lifetime of trend-setting fashion choices, as well as a lifetime of spunk, pizzazz, a fabulous sense of humor, etc. etc. In any case, I want to see more of her in these bi-weekly celeb handbag round-ups. This week we also have a host of timeless divas who have been doing their thing since the mid

2017-06-16 16:00:57

The 17 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 16  

We once again find ourselves back at Friday morning, and although I just got back from vacation on Tuesday night and have no real idea what day it is, I’m choosing to trust my calendar. (Aren’t we all, perpetually, just choosing to trust our calendars together?) At any rate, we are due for our next installment of bag deals, and that’s exactly what you’ll find below.

2017-06-16 13:00:50

Bag of the Week: Gucci Crocodile Dionysus  

Bag: Gucci Crocodile Dionysus Price: $34,000 via Why It’s the Bag of the Week: It’s not an everyday bag, it’s not in my budget, but that doesn’t stop me from loving this Gucci bag. For my imaginary summer house in the Hampton’s to my imaginary yacht in the South of France, this is the quirky bag I want to carry.

2017-06-16 01:03:01

Ferragamo’s Pre-Spring 2018 Bags Are a Mix of Fun Florals and Colorful Combos  

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping into the Ferragamo Pre-Spring 2018 presentation in NYC. The event was held in a bright, open space in downtown Manhattan. When I first walked in, my senses lit up. The collection immediately stood out to me as being exactly what a pre-spring collection should be—fun and full of color. I instantly knew that there were going to be some show-stoppers to show you all, and I couldn’t wait to snap some shots of the bags. Ferragamo has always been synon...

2017-06-15 16:00:49

In Honor of Father’s Day, Check Out the Bags We’d Recommend for 10 of Our Favorite TV Dads  

For a lot of us, buying a fancy bag for our dads might seem a little…absurd. After all, dads (especially of the baby boomer generation, like mine) often just aren’t bag people. Just like anyone, though, your father probably has his own take on personal aesthetics, even if he’d protest otherwise. In fact, the men who protest otherwise are usually the ones with the most specific, narrow view of what is okay or not okay to wear. So if your father or husband has his own look, then

2017-06-15 13:00:04

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Fashion-Loving Dad  

Spending time on figuring out the right gift for the people I love is one of my favorite things to do. I love the joy and excitement both myself and the gift receiver get when opening a well-thought out item. Of course I’d be lying if I said I don’t like a great gift myself, I still remember the joy I felt over a perfectly planned birthday by Vlad, but I’m one of those people that really like to gift others. Father’s Day this year is really special for us as it’s

2017-06-15 02:39:01

Céline’s Fall 2017 Accessories Include Some Gorgeous New Mini Crossbodies and Tons of Great Wallets  

In everyday life, small leather goods and accessories are just as important as our bags. In fact, sometimes they completely replaces them—wallets with straps and pouch clutches are more popular today than ever before. Either way, Celine‘s signature mix of carefully engineered functionality with clean, uncluttered design makes their wallets, pouches and card cases particularly well-suited to organizational tasks. The brand just launched its Fall 2017 lookbook (you can also check out the...

2017-06-14 16:00:04

Today, Celebs Carry Alluring New Bags from Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney  

I have always been a fan of the Cara Delevingne eyebrow look, but I recently accidentally discovered what microblading actually entailed. (Accidentally because it was never something I was going to just Google out of curiousity.) But now I have that knowledge just floating around in my head. And of course, I can’t obtain new information without having follow-up questions. That being said…

2017-06-14 13:02:45

Perfect Pairs: Gucci Marmont and Gucci Velvet Evening Slipper  

I’ve talked, and talked, and talked some more about the Gucci Marmont collection. While I have decided to go in a different direction for my next big bag buy, I still dream about adding a little something Marmont to my closet some day soon! My heart goes pitter patter over anything Gucci! So, imagine my delight when I was able to take the Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Bag out for a spin. Paired with velvet Gucci slippers, this duo is one you’re sure to lust over too! Gucci GG Marmont ...

2017-06-13 19:00:26

The International Chanel Boy Bag Price Guide  

It’s rare that you see a new bag design and think, “That’s a classic,” but that’s exactly what I thought when I first spied the Chanel Boy Bag on the runway. The bag has it all: timeless Chanel signatures in a package that feels modernized and casual. The Boy Bag is, in essence, a perfect piece for our time, and so many shoppers agree that it can be hard to track it down to buy in basic black. Chanel doesn’t sell its bags online, which can make complete prici

2017-06-13 15:40:09

Hermès Is Bringing Its Hermèsmatic Pop-Up to NYC  

Though Hermès bags are more in my wheelhouse, Hermès scarves have a massive following as well (just check out this scarf of the day thread!). There are so many scarves released by the brand, signifying the year, the theme, a color story, and beyond. Though the house is very old in some ways, in others Hermès is young and fresh with initiatives like this. For a few days this month in NYC, Hermès is bringing it’s Hermèsmatic Pop-Up Store to the city which allows customers to give their ...

2017-06-13 01:52:18

#PurseBlogWIMB: Check Out One Reader’s Covetable Collection Of Chanel—and More!  

#PurseBlogWIMB has become one of my favorite editorials to put together. I love seeing all of your posts over on Instagram, and it’s so much fun getting to reach out and interact with you guys. Keep snapping, posting and tagging us in your bag spill photos. We want to see them and we want to feature YOU! This month, we chatted with Loi, @loreebloom, a reader based in Melbourne whose beautifully curated feed caught our eye! As if her gorgeous collection of bags and accessories wasn’t

2017-06-12 16:59:13

Lately, Kendall Jenner’s Really Super Into…Vintage Belt Bags?  

Has the special allure of having whatever money can buy worn thin for Kendall Jenner? Is she perhaps more enticed by the thrill of the hunt for bonafide vintage designer finds? Or is this just something fun her stylist thought she should try for a while? We’ll likely never know. But recently, Kendall has been on a serious vintage belt bag kick, and she’s particularly fond of two vintage styles from Louis Vuitton and Chanelx. Neither of these particular bags are made any longer, but

2017-06-12 13:00:03

This Week, Louis Vuitton and Céline Bags Were the Undisputed Celebrity Favorites  

Celebs are flitting back and forth between LA and NYC this week with exciting new and vintage styles from the likes of Louis Vuitton and others. As promised, there is a double dose of Selena Gomez this week, and I have to say, I enjoy both of her bag picks. Selena and I are so seldomly on the same wavelength. And speaking of wavelengths, we’re not sure which one Miley Cyrus is currently riding on, but she’s BACK and we’re here for it.

2017-06-09 16:00:54

The 17 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 9  

You know what time it is: bag deals time! Every Friday morning, we take a look at the best bag markdowns on the internet, and this is a particularly wonderful time to be bargain hunting since we’re in the midst of sale season. Around now is the best time to strike, because sale sections are still fairly full but retailers have started to increase the discounts here and there. To get you started, we’ve assembled well over a dozen of our favorite picks below. Shop quickly, though, beca

2017-06-09 13:00:03

Loving Lately: Goyard’s Artois Tote Does It All  

There’s something to be said for totes. While they admittedly aren’t always the most fashionable bags in any designer’s lineup, they truly are a necessity at times. When you have a lot to carry and simply don’t want to be seen as a bag lady, a tote is the way to go. Find the right tote and it will stay in your closet for years to come. That’s how I feel about my Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It’s been everywhere with me and carelessly thrown around a little more th

2017-06-08 19:00:47

This Month, Christie’s Will Give Collectors Two Opportunities to Score Some of the World’s Rarest Handbags  

In high-end shopping, more is more. Two is better than one. If luxury is about anything, it’s about having access to abundance and choice, even if some designer accessories brands try their best to make their products rare. This month, though, legendary auction house Christie’s is giving its clients two exceptional opportunities to have their choice of some of the world’s rarest, most sought-after handbags. First, Christie’s will hold a handbags live auction at its globa

2017-06-08 17:00:11

Get Your First Look at Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2017 Bags in the Brand’s New Ad Campaign  

It’s odd for Louis Vuitton not to make a scene. The brand’s most recent runway spanned a breathtaking pathway high up in the mountains outside Kyoto, Japan at the Miho Museum, and when it comes to the in-between seasons that aren’t tied to Paris Fashion Week, Vuitton generally leans on the history of luxury travel baked into its DNA to take prospective shoppers on a visual journey to a far-flung destination. We kept waiting for the brand to do that for Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 20

2017-06-08 13:00:04

Introducing the Burberry DK88 Bag  

Burberry is synonymous with trench coats and its iconic Nova check pattern, which has been used for many of its bags. It’s not that I don’t like the pattern, but that look serves a certain purpose, and for me, it’s not exciting as an everyday bag. I always wanted something more from the brand, handbag-wise, and believed that Burberry had the ability to make a bag that stood out and could easily become an accessory that people fell for left and right. Enter the Burberry DK88 Bag

2017-06-07 21:52:09

Check Out Pics + Prices for Chanel’s Metiers d’Art 2017 Accessories, Including WOCs, Wallets and Small Leather Goods  

We can never resist a little bit of Chanel leather, and that’s true far beyond the bounds of handbags. Along with nearly 100 lust-worthy bags, Chanel just released its wallets, wallets on chain (WOCs) and small leather goods from its Metiers d’Art 2017 Paris-Cosmopolite collection, and we’ve got all the details. In these pieces, there’s no huge gimmick or theme, just a bunch of really nice, mostly traditional Chanel pieces in quilted leather or velvet. That’s becau

2017-06-07 16:00:36

Celebs Take Gucci, Chloé and Dolce & Gabbana Bag to Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic  

It’s one of my favorites times of the year: when American celebs and select international models don their best preppy daytime ensembles and gather together for an afternoon of champagne-sipping and pony-watching. This weekend celebs celebrated the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Jersey City. And while we aren’t entirely sure who won, who played or what the rules of polo even are, we know one thing: the bags certainly lived up to the pomp.

2017-06-07 13:00:50

Fendi Sticks Mostly to Recent Favorites for Its Brand New Resort 2018 Bags  

Metaphorically speaking, reinventing the wheel is usually something others will warn you against, but in luxury accessories, it’s necessary. Not only are there only so many shapes and structures a functional handbag can possibly be, but when consumers decide they like a particular designer, they want the brand that makes it to spin it into new versions for at least a few seasons. Fendi is among the best at doing exactly this, and for Resort 2018, the brand is back with lots of recent favor

2017-06-06 16:00:25

The Lip Treatment I Always Have in My Bag  

Though I attempt to keep my bag tidy, it’s usually a bit of a random assortment of items. When I use the same bag for a while, that means receipts and other miscellaneous papers pile up, but there are my go-to bag essentials that I try to always make sure my bag has, no matter how hurried I switch it out. For years now, I’ve been a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment addict. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer, but I am a gloss girl and I like to keep my lips from getting dry, and if I can

2017-06-06 14:15:05

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