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Designer Handbag Reviews - PurseBlog

PurseBlog reviews luxury designer handbags and accessories in a daily editorial. Daily reviews and recommendations of designer handbags and purses.

Bottega Veneta Gets Pretty With Pastels for Its Spring 2018 Bags  

We got our first glimpse of Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2018 bags back in September when the brand debuted a creative and colorful new direction for its bags in NYC. Fast Forward a few months, and I was able to preview the bags in person when BV invited me to its seasonal press preview. In a sea of colorful and extraordinarily detailed bags, I was immediately drawn to one beautiful bag in particular: The Intrecciato Wingtip City Knot Bag. While we’ve covered versions of the City Knot

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2018-04-25 19:00:12

This Week, Celebs Cherish Bags from Chloé, Gucci and Dior  

Here are all the noteworthy bags that were carried in the week between Coachella weekend one and Coachella weekend two, by celebrities not appearing at Coachella. We did proffer both Dakota and Elle Fanning though, as a thank you for sticking around between Coachellas. Frankly I’m not sure how some of these celebs avoided that all-consuming celebrity vortex this year. Sheer ingenuity, I suppose. The post This Week, Celebs Cherish Bags from Chloe, Gucci and Dior appeared first on PurseBlo...

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2018-04-25 16:33:41

What Fits: Gucci GG Marmont Mini Matelassé Camera Bag  

[Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017. Think of it as PurseBlog Classic.] One of our readers’ favorite types of posts to read (and one of my favorite types to write) is our What Fits series, where we showcase designer bags and, well, what fits inside of them, comfortably and realistically. (I’m sure you can always shove more things into a bag if you wish.) I’ve mostly featured smaller bags so far, because while it’s good to see what a l

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2018-04-25 13:00:10

Introducing the Edinburgh Based Brand to Watch: Strathberry  

I don’t usually have New Year’s resolutions, because honestly I don’t remember the last one that I kept past January 3rd, but I have talked to you (and you to me) about sharing more new designers. 2018 is the year of new bag brands to be discovered and shared. The market is hot with new brands creating designs in the under $1,000 market that feel incredible. One brand I’ve been keeping my eye on over the past year is Strathberry, and today I am sharing more of the bags fr

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2018-04-24 22:21:52

Now That the Contemporary Bag Market is the Best It’s Ever Been, It’s Time for Designers to Move on from Diffusion Lines  

First, let’s define our terms. You’re all familiar with the contemporary bag market, even if you’re not familiar with the term: it’s made up of all the bag brands whose lines don’t reside in the four-figure territory of premier designers, usually retailing from around $250 to $800. Bags in these lines traditionally skew toward younger shoppers, although that’s broadened significantly over the last five to seven years, largely thanks to more sophisticated indie

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2018-04-24 16:00:42

The Bag Lover’s Guide to Value Added Tax Refunds in the Biggest International Shopping Markets  

[Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2016. Think of it as PurseBlog Classic.] Even if you don’t travel much, you’ve probably heard tales of Value Added Tax or VAT refunds from people who have made significant purchases while on an international vacation. The deal is pretty good for travelers from the United States: most global shopping destinations are in countries that will let foreign tourists claim a refund for part of the purchase price of goods

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2018-04-24 13:00:25

The Many Bags Of Olivia Culpo As Seen On Instagram—Part Two  

Last year we took a nosedive into Olivia Culpo’s Instagram feed and, well, we weren’t so shocked to see that she has great taste in bags. Olivia Culpo is a former Miss Universe turned model, style star, and just about everything else! She has an insane wardrobe and a great sense of style, and we’ve fallen hard for her amazing and ever-growing collection of bags! Since we last took a look at Ms. Culpo’s collection it seems she’s acquired some breathtaking new pieces,

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2018-04-23 20:09:17

A Small Request of Louis Vuitton: Make Women’s Bags in Monogram Eclipse, Too!  

I love black. When I was five years old, I told the school guidance counselor at kindergarten orientation that black was my favorite color, and she became concerned. When all the other little girls on the playground had little white Keds, I had little black Keds. Even as an adult, my wardrobe is mostly black, and wearing anything brown or tan in particular makes me feel like I’m dressing up in someone else’s clothes. That’s always been a bit of an impediment to me becoming a fu

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2018-04-23 16:00:06

Jamie Chung Loves Chloé, Chanel and a Good Mystery Bag  

Actress Jamie Chung has eclectic taste in bags, and it’s time we paid her collection proper homage. She has been on radar for a few years now, and she’s really a study in breezy, effortless LA style. Lest you forget, Jamie Chung got her start on The Real World: San Diego all the way back in 2004, and, unlike the vast majority of people who appeared on that show, still has a career in television and film! She is perhaps best known for her role as Mulan in ABC’s Once Upon a Time,

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2018-04-23 13:00:34

What Designer Bags Have Meant to My Immigrant Family  

Logo bags were a staple of my childhood. While my friends were playing the piano or kicking a soccer ball around, I was often standing in line with my mom at the Coach Factory Outlet, eager to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bags inside. This was our way of bonding: I loved looking at the colorful bags and accessories, and she got the chance to pick out a splashy new tote. Time after time, I saw my mom's friends and relatives covet those Cs and LVs, no matter how trendy or passe they were c...

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2018-04-20 19:00:17

This Week, Celebs Showed Off Fresh New Bags from Louis Vuitton, Loeffler Randall and More  

When one purchases a bag, how long does one expect it to maintain that crisp, straight-out-of-the-box silhouette? And do you adjust those expectations when you pay more? Can you trust yourself to keep a bag blemish-free for a three-to-six-month period, or do you just let nature take its course? What precautions do you take to preserve new bags? I wish I had intel on what celebs do, but frankly, most of them cycle bags too quickly for it to matter (with a few exceptions). Some of the bags this we

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2018-04-20 16:00:33

The 12 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 20  

There are certain things, my bag-loving friends, that are inevitable. Just as you can be sure that I always have at least five bags on my want list, you can pretty much count on the fact that if bag deals are here, the weekend is too. Another week has come and gone, and so I’m here to bring you the very best bag deals that scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling some more can find. If you’re in the market for a steal, I’ve got a treat for you: 12 bag deals for your shopping ple

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2018-04-20 13:00:43

Brand to Know: OAD Handbags  

We love a good ultra-luxury bag, of course, but we’re also big believers that a bag doesn’t have to require a four-digit investment with a heritage fashion house in order to feel stylish, luxurious and useful. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for contemporary upstarts who are filling market gaps and providing high style at an accessible price point, and lately, my personal favorite of that group is OAD. OAD was started in 2015 by Sydney Suh-Lee, a designer who had

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2018-04-19 19:00:45

I Finally Pulled the Trigger At Gucci—Here’s What Bag I Committed to  

If you follow us on Instagram, then you already know that a couple of weeks ago, I had a very fun Friday when I waltzed right on into Gucci on 5th Avenue, proclaimed “I’ll take that one,” swiped my debit card and walked out with a brand new baby all boxed up and ready to make her debut. If you didn’t yet see, than you may be surprised that after months and months of deliberation, I finally made up my mind and I truly couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. The mi

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2018-04-19 16:00:26

Get Vacation Ready with 18 Bags That Will Look Great in Photos of Your Summer Trip  

I would have waved off the idea of a “vacation bag” until last year when I was on a plane back from my own vacation in Turks & Caicos. Whenever I go to the beach, I always struggle with which bags to bring, despite the fact that I literally think about bags as a career. The problem is that I have a bunch of bags that are very appropriate for my life in New York City, and any vacation I take is going to be very different from that. And that goes for my clothes, too, but before a v

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2018-04-18 16:00:59

Celebs Invade Coachella with Bags from Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel  

Coachella bag-spotting is my favorite kind of bag-spotting. Celebs are under an intense amount of pressure to seem “authentic” and “laid back” and “not overthink it” (that’s your stylist’s job), so their bag choices need to look like they were made off-the-cuff. Of course, you could submit yourself to the demands of festival-going and embrace up-and-coming brands like Potrol, who basically exist to accommodate your Coachella needs and ensure you do

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2018-04-18 13:00:19

In Praise of Hermès’s Seemingly Endless Rainbow of Pink Leathers  

Even with the biggest designers, it’s somewhat rare for a handbag brand to make more than one version of a color at a particular time. Even popular neutrals like tan or grey usually get a single variation per season; most brands don’t have a rabid enough consumer base to care all that much if a bag tends more toward camel or whiskey, and producing both is financially and logistically inefficient in a corporatized fashion world where increasing margins is paramount in decision-makers&

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2018-04-17 16:00:22

Louis Vuitton’s Coveted iPhone Case Now Available for iPhone X  

Peanut butter and jelly, sandy beaches and rum punch, the most expensive iPhone and designer phone cases: some things just go together. Designer brands aren’t among the approved vendors that get pre-release iPhone specifications to get a jumpstart on their cases, though, so that means even Louis Vuitton lags pretty far behind its lower-priced competitors when it comes time to get to market with luxury lodgings for a new generation of iPhone. If you were an iPhone X early adopter, though, y

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2018-04-17 13:00:58

A Detailed Look at the Goyard Plumet Bag, One of the Brand’s Newest Designs  

Last month, we heard it through the grapevine that Goyard had added three new additions to its lineup of bags and accessories. Included in these brand new pieces is a small—but incredibly functional—crossbody wallet, and thanks to our friends over at Goyard, I was able to get my hands on one to review for you all. Today I’m excited to give you a more detailed look at The Goyard Plumet. The Plumet was inspired by the removable inner pouch of the iconic and ever-popular Saint-Louis tote...

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2018-04-16 19:38:38

I’ve Become Entirely Re-Obsessed with the Chanel Boy Bag  

I’m not a Chanel person. I write about Chanel a lot because a lot of handbag people are Chanel people, and because I respect the brand’s storied history in the market and the staggering breadth of its current output, but in my personal taste, the brand’s bags often skew too traditionally feminine to feel natural in my wardrobe. That changed significantly when the brand debuted the Chanel Boy Bag a few years ago—it felt a little tougher and more modern than the Chanel’s ...

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2018-04-16 16:00:49

Khloé Kardashian Just Had a Baby; Here are Some Pics of Her Handbags  

I’m writing this the morning after Khloe Kardashian gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It’s been a wild year for Kardashian family news, but we’ve reached a point in history where wild celeb news is almost constantly eclipsed by wild traditional news. So maybe we’ve paying the Kardashian klan a little less attention lately. But let’s turn our gaze back to Khloe Kardashian once more and celebrate the great bags she carried while waiting for the big baby drop. Th...

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2018-04-16 12:56:38

Introducing the Sézane Tiger Crossbody Bag  

If you follow fashion influencers on Instagram, you’ve probably been seeing more of them wearing and tagging French brand Sezane recently. Influencers are gifted product and paid to talk about brands, which sometimes has a great deal to do with you seeing more of a specific brand, but many also still wear and carry items that they love, and it seems that Sezane falls into the latter category. I haven’t seen Sezane marked as a sponsored post from many Insta stars who I see wearing ...

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2018-04-13 20:25:08

Going For Gingham: 15 Pieces to Rock One of Spring 2018’s Biggest Trends  

Gingham has always been a thing for the spring and summer months, but this spring it’s everywhere and available on almost everything. Not to mention, the biggest and most expensive designer brands are incorporating it, as well as some of our favorite affordable brands. Last summer I snagged an adorable pair of Sam Edelman lace-up gingham sandals that I’m still obsessed with, but the more I see gingham pop up on my favorite shopping sites, the more I want to add to my closet! Below ar

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2018-04-13 19:00:21

This Week, Celebs Hustled Around Town with Bags from Dior, Mulberry and JW Anderson  

Spring bag trends continue to dabble on the dark side, as celebs (mostly) continue to opt for polished, professional colors and silhouettes, with the occasional gold logos or insects thrown in for good measure. I have not yet seen even a hint of millennial pink, and florals are at an obscene minimum. I have been rushing spring for weeks, now, with no results whatsoever! I can only find solace in wearing every floral-patterned thing I own at the same time, and pondering life’s most inscruta

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2018-04-13 16:00:13

The 12 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 13  

Let’s not focus on the fact that it’s Friday the 13th. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that it’s going to hit 70 degrees in New York City for the first time this spring today, and that will do wonders for my mental health and wellbeing. And, because it’s Friday, let’s also focus on our usual round of weekend-starting bag deals, which we have lovingly harvested for you from around the internet. We hope it’s warm where you are, too. The post The 12 Best

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2018-04-13 13:00:56

Logo Love: Fendi’s Kan I F Bag Goes All-Over Logo for Spring 2018  

A few months ago we got a first look at one of Fendi’s newer bags, The Kan I F. You guys had some things to say about it—a lot, to be exact! One thing is for sure it seems: you either love the Fendi Kan I F bag or you simply can’t stand it. For Spring 2018, Fendi remixes the Kan I F and introduces an all-leather, all-over-logo version. Love it or loathe it, one can’t deny that this bag is bold. The shape of this bag may be one we’ve seen before, but the remixed ver...

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2018-04-12 19:00:58

Hand-Carried Totes are Spring’s Most Stylish and Least Functional Trend  

If you read my post about the sudden preponderance of top-strap clutches last week, you’re probably familiar with some of what I’m going to say about a trend that has risen alongside them: hand-carried totes. The trend has proliferated among a new crop of indie brands that are focused on the kinds of sleek, modern looks that might find themselves in the closet of a street style star (or, more importantly, in the closet of the millions of people who obsess over them on Instagram.) In

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2018-04-12 16:00:43

Louis Vuitton Debuts a Brand New Alma Bag—With No Top Handles  

The Louis Vuitton Alma Bag is the kind of eternal classic that doesn’t get many (if any) structural updates. It’s the quintessential dome satchel, top-handled and ultra-structured, perfect for situations that have a sense of formality to them. In its smaller versions with crossbody, the bag has been a recent popular pick for more casual wear with celebrities as influential as Rihanna. It seems as though Vuitton noticed this trend, because Spring 2018 brings us the Louis Vuitton Alma

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2018-04-12 13:00:18

Act Fast if You Want to Own a Piece of #GUCCIHALLUCINATION  

Since moving to the ‘burbs and spending my afternoons walking to the park to push Millie on the swing, my amount of fashion talk has dwindled, compared to living in the hub of it all in NYC. But when other people learn about what we do, I am almost always asked what brand is hot right now, and many people want to talk to me about Gucci. Whether you live in a huge, fashion-centric city or in a small town, if you are following what’s happening in fashion, you know Gucci is on top of th

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2018-04-11 19:00:48

Did Your Favorite Bag Get a Price Increase for Spring 2018?  

Every now and then we like to crunch some numbers and see what exactly The Brands are up to, especially when it comes to prices. We’ve shared news of high-profile price increases from Chanel and Louis Vuitton, and with big, influential brands adjusting their prices, we decided it was time for a round of spot checks to see where things are. Surprisingly, though, we were encouraged by what we found: most of the bags we checked hadn’t had recent price increases, and as far as we can re

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2018-04-11 16:00:35

Celebs Hold Our Interest This Week with New Bags from Valentino and Dior  

Gabrielle Union is on the PR trail, which means it’s a great week for celebrity bag-spotting. (Also, she has a mystery bag, and we’re stumped. Can you help?) Some celebs are under the impression that it may finally be trench coat weather in NYC (at certain times of day, when the sun is at its highest point, perhaps). Meanwhile, LA celebs have already spring-boarded to tank tops and capri pants. The two coasts cannot agree on what season we are currently enjoying, exactly, but the mys

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2018-04-11 13:00:08

The Marc Jacobs Bag I’m Digging: The Snapshot  

I recently reviewed my Marc Jacobs Little Big Shot, and while that bag makes sense for me right now because it offers more space, its little sister is the bag that has Marc Jacobs on bag lover’s minds again. I remember when I first saw the Marc Jacobs Snapshot, it was on Kaia Gerber, who I really love, and I fell for the bag. The Snapshot is a very Marc Jacobs take on a camera bag; it’s small, sporty, and cool, which is the exact vibe Marc Jacobs is known for. The body of the bag

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2018-04-10 20:20:43

Staying Power: 7 Recent Bags That Beat the Odds and Stuck Around  

A lot of brands try to brand a bag as a “new classic” at its debut, but few of them ever are, and it’s almost impossible to predict any design’s potential staying power at the outset. Even a really good bag can disappear after a handful of seasons if it debuts at a bad time or doesn’t get the sustained support from the brand’s marketing and design teams that is often required for a bag to fully catch on among shoppers; it rarely happens overnight, or even in a

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2018-04-10 16:00:20

Introducing The Prada Concept Collection  

Like Megs and Amanda, I was first introduced to the world of Prada by the brand’s ever-popular nylon bags. That was way back in middle school for me, but since then, I’ve almost always had one Prada bag or another on my wish list at any given time. Besides the amazing quality and craftsmanship that goes into every Prada bag, I love that they’re always on trend without being over the top. Recently, I took bags from Prada’s newest collection out for a spin in NYC, and IR

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2018-04-09 20:29:42

Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2018 Capsule Collection Reimagines the Brand’s Classic Bags with Cartoon Details  

Every summer, we get a little something different from Louis Vuitton. There is technically no “summer” season in fashion, but often brands (and especially big brands with rabid, never-satiated audiences will release a little something fun, separate from the formal Spring 2018 collection, so entice shoppers about to set off on vacation or other fun warm-weather activities. In the case of LV, that’s usually a capsule collection of fun takes on the brand’s most classic bags,

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2018-04-09 16:00:51

Vivica A. Fox’s Various Press Tours Remind Us She Has Excellent Bags  

Vivica A. Fox is currently on tour promoting her new autobiography, Everyday I’m Hustling. And the photos from her tour have reminded us that Vivica A. Fox has some really good bags, which she has duly hustled for, of course. We’ll start with a few pics from some of her recent promotional appearances and then dig back a little deeper in her bag history. Also, a general PSA to all fans of Ms. Fox: Vivica will soon have her own daytime talk show. The post Vivica A. Fox’s Variou

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2018-04-09 13:00:59

Louis Vuitton’s New Luggage Gadget Will Let You Track Your Suitcase While Traveling  

I think we can all agree that losing your luggage is a nightmare. That’s probably even more true if your luggage is a Louis Vuitton Horizon Suitcase, which starts at $2,800 and only gets more expensive from there. This week, Louis Vuitton debuted an add-on gadget that might give wealthy travelers and their fancy luggage a little more peace of mind: the Louis Vuitton Echo, which is a tracking bar that fits in a specially designed nook in the Horizon and connects to airports around the world

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2018-04-06 19:00:41

Celebs Are All Chanel-Obsessed This Week  

Chanel makes a bag for every occasion and every stage of fame: dinner at Delilah, movie premieres, whisking through LAX when you’re a major recording artist, etc. It’s never surprising when celebs opt for the instant clout conveyed by a good Chanel bag, and this week they’ve done it in droves. But there are two things conspicuously missing here: the Chanel Flap and the Chanel Boy Bag. I’ve noticed a lot fewer of these classic bags in celeb bag rotations this year. They

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2018-04-06 16:00:05

The 13 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 6  

We’ve got at least a month and a half to go before the next big round of seasonal designer sales, but fret not: we here at PurseBlog are on the case no matter what. Like we do every (or, ya know, almost every) Friday morning, we’re here to jumpstart your weekend with over a dozen of the best designer bag discounts we found online today. Shop quickly; these deals will be gone soon.

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2018-04-06 13:00:04

15 Bags on Amanda’s Spring 2018 Wish List  

I’ve already bought what will likely be my primary summer bag, and it’s a Supreme fanny pack. Yeah, I know. I know! I’ve decided to partake in one of the more controversial bag trends in recent memory, and after taking the bag for its first test drive last night at the Lorde concert in Brooklyn, I don’t regret it. I’ll have more on my new acquisition in the next couple weeks after I carry it more, but in the meantime, I’ve been taking note of all the bags ou

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2018-04-05 16:00:35

Totally Underrated: Acne Studios Handbags  

If your interest in fashion mostly centers around bags, you might not be super familiar with Acne Studios, a Stockholm-based brand that, until recently, has been a standout in clothing and shoes but not so much in handbags. Acne (pronounced AK-nuh, instead of like the clinical term for skin blemishes) is known for its modern, slightly off-kilter look, and it often reminds me of a more casual and slightly more affordable Celine, but with a sense of humor. The brand’s Musubi bag line is in ...

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2018-04-05 13:00:34

Revisiting the Marni Trunk Bag  

Over the past few days, we had a few commenters asking for us to cover different brands than the big well-known performers. We have been covering a lot of new brands that have sprouted up over the past few seasons with interesting new thingss, but when it comes to some big names you don’t see here as much, the truth is that either we don’t like their bags that much, and or there isn’t much information on their bags online. We strive to give a well-rounded look at the handbag wo

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2018-04-04 23:49:43

Chanel Releases New Handbag Ad Campaign Fronted by Kaia Gerber  

Kaia Gerber is the kind of beautiful that makes it difficult for me to look directly at her, as though she is the sun, but I keep trying anyway. My latest attempt at that involves Chanel handbags, so it’s my professional obligation. Kaia is the new star of Chanel’s Handbag Stories ad campaign, which involves her casually lounging on Coco Chanel’s Paris couch, clutching Chanel’s most iconic designs while Karl Lagerfeld snaps photos of her. The campaign centers around a fe

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2018-04-04 19:00:42

Get Out of Town: Our Guide to the Chicest Rolling Suitcases for All of Your Summer Travel Needs  

I hate packing. I mean, most people hate it, I think, but I hate packing. I generally book morning flights for myself, and without fail, I end up procrastinating so thoroughly on putting anything in my suitcase that I end up only getting three or four hours of sleep because suddenly it’s 2am and there’s no physical indication in my apartment that I’m getting on an 8:30 flight. I can’t be sure it’s the only reason, but I suspect at least part of the reason for this a

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2018-04-04 16:00:45

Balenciaga and Saint Laurent Dominate Celeb Bag Tastes So Far This Week  

If you, like me, were anticipating a parade of frilly, obtrusive Easter hats this week, then you’re bound to a be a tad disappointed. But silver lining: The bags are quite good. And we have a double-dose of Rose Huntington-Whiteley. Also, can we talk about suede? In the last five years, suede has infiltrated every single season. A few years back, when it started appearing on svelte little designer pumps mid-summer, it seemed extremely novel. But now celebs would have you believe that suede

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2018-04-04 13:00:19

A Close Look at the New Goyard Minaudiere  

Last week we introduced you to Goyard‘s three newest additions to it’s line-up of bags and accessories. The most elaborate, and the priciest, of these new additions is a mini-trunk clutch, which can also be worn crossbody, and today we have a treat for you: an up-close look at The Goyard Minaudiere. If you’re looking for a spacious evening bag, this is certainly not the bag for you. However, it’s both super elegant and really cool at the same time, so if you’re

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2018-04-03 19:10:09

Louis Vuitton Adds New Colors and Materials in Popular Styles, Including the Neverfull, for Spring 2018  

Most brands would kill to have one handbag as popular as tons of Louis Vuitton‘s styles are, but building a handbag brand as vast and versatile as LV is basically impossible. That longtime popularity, combined with Vuitton’s recent trendiness among fashion tastemakers, means that new colors or fabrications of many of the brand’s styles are newsworthy for us, which we can’t say for basically any other brand. (Your clicks don’t lie, though.) For Spring 2018, LV has re

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2018-04-03 16:00:52

What’s the Deal With the Sudden Ubiquity of Top-Strap Clutches?  

The accessories market has shifted over the past few seasons in a way it’s difficult to explain in a satisfying way. The big, traditional powers in the industry haven’t experienced any slowdown in their sales, but at the same time, a real market for indie designers has emerged, likely influenced by the rise of Mansur Gavriel, which helped open retailers’ eyes to potential consumer interest in super-chic handbag upstarts, as well as the opportunity younger designers have to get

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2018-04-03 13:00:04

Prada Nylon is Back in a Big Way  

I have been so excited about the return of Prada Nylon, and both Amanda and I have predicted it would be making a big comeback. For reasons that extend beyond just fashion, my main bag for the past 16 months has been a Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag (with my initials, which can be seen here), as well as a Prada Nylon Baby Bag. I switch between the two, though I now mostly use the shoulder bag, and it’s not just my go-to bag—it is a life-saver. It’s lightweight, durable, spacious, and sti...

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2018-04-02 19:00:56

The Best Small Wallets for Summer’s Omnipresent Mini Bags  

When it comes to mini bags, one question always reigns supreme: what, exactly, fits inside them? We have a whole category of posts in which we explicate exactly what will or will not fit inside popular small bags, and we try to mention it in any general bag review, too. It’s a thing that retailers and brands are bad at explaining, but for actual shoppers, being able to fit all your things in a bag is literally essential. And when the weather gets warm and people start doing more outdoor ac

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2018-04-02 16:00:50

Take an Office Style Lesson from Amal Clooney and Her Handbags  

We probably work in a wide range of office environments, and I suspect that the majority of them probably do not demand much in the way of boucle power suits. But for those who feel overly stressed by the expectations of their office dress code, take a tip or two from Amal Clooney. Watch as she skillfully alternates between bright, eye-popping hues and subdued neutrals. Note how she always carries a bag that could easily substitute for a briefcase while she’s on the clock. See how much ca...

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2018-04-02 13:00:59

Celebs Choose Black and Gold (or Glittery) Bags from Prada, Versace and Valentino  

By this time next week I will be knee-deep in pics from our photo service of ALL the celebs who step out for church armed with their best, most Easter-appropriate designer handbags (plus, all those who do so every weekend: Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, et. al). Today, however, we’re still looking at cold metallic leather bags and a surprising amount of black and gold styles. Will Easter bring more metallic leather, perhaps? It would be weird, but I’m mentally preparing for it.

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2018-03-30 16:00:00

PurseBlog Asks: Would You Dive into the Céline Big Bag?  

The Celine Big Bag has been on our radar for months, and since its debut, I’ve wondered if it might one day steal my heart as much as the Luggage Tote and Belt Bag once did. The Luggage Tote has since moved off of my want list, and though I still lust after owning a Belt Bag, I wondered if there were a chance I would want the Big Bag more. So, naturally I had to get my hands on the Big Bag for myself. Upon first glance I realized that the Big Bag isn’t just big, it’s huge. To ...

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2018-03-30 13:00:19

Introducing the Mulberry Seaton, A Classic and Very British Bag  

Early in the days of our forum, the Mulberry subforum was one of the most active sections, with a very passionate group of fans surrounding the then-highly sought after Mulberry classics like the Bayswater. Mulberry has gone through quite the transition over the past few years, but it seems like the brand is getting its groove back. Under the direction of former Celine accessories director Johnny Coca, Mulberry is finding its way back into the hearts and arms of its fans. The recent Fall 2018 c...

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2018-03-29 19:00:18

Louis Vuitton Launches New Flower Bag and Accessory Line with 4 New Designs  

Louis Vuitton has introduced new monogram designs at a pretty quick clip over the past few seasons, and the rapid evolution of the material’s use seems to be paying off—popular monogram styles are frequently sold out worldwide, and you see more celebrities and fashion industry heavyweights carrying Vuitton’s most recognizable bags lately than you have in years. Now, designer Nicolas Ghesquiere has added yet another group of bags and accessories to the monogram lineup: the Louis Vui...

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2018-03-29 16:00:37

Hermès May Have Finally Fixed the Biggest Problem with Its Busiest Boutique in the World  

We know as well as anyone that plenty of people will go to outlandish lengths to get a handbag if they want one badly enough, and that’s especially true of Hermès obsessives, who know going in that procuring one of the brand’s bags can be tricky and who are likely of an income bracket that makes them unfamiliar with not usually getting what they want. That had lead to a linepocalypse of sorts at the Faubourg Saint-Honore Hermès boutique in Paris, which is the store’s global ...

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2018-03-29 13:00:56

When You Inherit Designer Accessories From Your Family, Sometimes a Bag is a Connection to Your History  

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of a new essay series on the special and sometimes unexpected things that accessories can mean to us. If you’re a writer with an idea that fits this category, please email a pitch, rates and your clips to Amanda at] My Nana was statuesque, beautiful and overly dramatic at times—truly a force to be reckoned with, on and off the stage. A writer, actress, and model, it was only fitting that she always dressed and accessorized fo...

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2018-03-28 19:00:44

Get Your First Look at Dior’s Summer 2018 Bags, In Stores Now  

If Maria Grazia Chiuri’s time at the helm of Dior has been about anything, it’s been about women. And not “women” in the retro, somewhat condescending way in which male designers sometime claim to cater to the fairer sex, but in a more modern way. Women are the animating principle of Chiuri’s Dior, but not just in theory—she’s clearly intent on making clothes and bags for how women actually live and see ourselves in 2018. There have been aesthetic foibles in...

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2018-03-28 16:00:07

Celebs Weather the Remainders of Winter with Black Bags from Prada, Miu Miu and Alexander Wang  

It’s technically spring, but a few regions of the country have clearly not received the memo. Consequently, celebs aren’t busting out the bold florals and bright colors just yet. They’re still wearing puffer jackets in NYC, so it may be a minute before we witness that spring color explosion. (I’m ready for it, frankly. It’s my cue to rotate my wardrobe each year.) Instead they’re mostly relying on safe, solid black bags to get them through the remnants of wint

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2018-03-28 13:00:04

25 Pale, Pretty New Bags to Lighten Up Your Early Spring Wardrobe  

I’m not a huge lover of pastels, but I love them in particular places—for me personally, it’s my nails. I wear a ton of black, but there’s just something like a baby blue or mint green manicure that makes me feel well-groomed and put together. Bags are another place that I think pastels really shine, and late March is the ideal time to be shopping for one, with both Easter (the most pastel holiday) and the first warm days of the year (the most pastel weather) right around the...

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2018-03-27 16:00:14

Off-White’s Virgil Abloh is Louis Vuitton’s New Men’s Creative Director  

Just last week, Megs and I were discussing the need to do more coverage on Off-White, designer Virgil Abloh’s ascendant fashion label that has managed to land its relatively new line of bags on some of the most coveted shoulders in the fashion world. Fans include models and street style stars like Chanel Iman, Karlie Kloss and Caro Daur, and the streetwear-cool, perfectly quirky Off-White Binder Clip Bag, which was the brand’s first big women’s accessory launch, showed Abloh

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2018-03-27 13:00:24

Meet the Gucci Ophidia Belt Bag  

It’s no secret that fanny packs are back in a big way for Spring 2018, and whether you love them, hate them or hate that you love them, there’s no denying it’s a trend that’s here to stick around for a while. If you’re of the set that hates ’em, then you might want to place blame on Gucci. This trend is back big, in large part because of Gucci, so if you’re gonna dip your toes into the belt bag pond, then there’s no other way to go than the Gucci w

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2018-03-26 20:39:31

Goyard Releases Three New Bag Designs Just in Time for Spring 2018  

Goyard does things a little bit differently than other luxury leather goods brands. While almost all top-tier designers adhere pretty closely to the seasonal cycle of public shows, editorial previews, splashy public launches and broad retail availability, Goyard holds things closer to the vest than perhaps any of its peers—no online sales, no lookbooks on its website, no seasonal shows. That’s why news of a newly debuted Goyard bag tends to trickle out instead of gush, but today, we have...

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2018-03-26 16:00:51

Just Can’t Get Enough: Nicky Hilton Loves Her Red Handbags  

We’ve somehow failed to do a formal review of Nicky Hilton‘s bag collection since her first baby was born. So what’s new with one of our favorite celebrity bag lovers? Well, red seems to be one of Nicky’s favorite accent colors as of late. When she’s not carrying a red bag, it often pops up in her outfits in a variety of ways. Let’s examine the evidence.

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2018-03-26 13:00:25

#BagsofTPF: The Very Best Bag Snaps We’ve Seen on Instagram Lately  

We’ve been really enjoying sharing your collections over the past few months as part of our #BagsofTPF series, but this month, I thought we’d switch it up a bit and do a big round-p of the very best snaps and shares. I spend so much time on our account every day, scrolling through the #BagsofTPF hashtag, and I have to say, you guys give me some serious bag envy! You all already know how indecisive I am, and you guys and your beautiful bagsdefinitely don’t help. This last mont

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2018-03-23 19:00:30

This Week’s Celebrity Bag Picks Include Poets and Royalty, in Addition to the Usual Actresses and Reality Stars  

Hello from New York City, where things are getting back to normal after our fourth nor’easter in a month and the sun is finally shining. We come to you today to bring you one of our twice-weekly looks at what the ol’ celebs are up to this week, both bag-wise and public appearance-wise, because seeing the bags requires them going out in public. This week we have a couple celebs in categories that we don’t get to feature often, which always makes us happy—variety is the spice o...

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2018-03-23 16:08:37

The 14 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of March 23  

It’s not May yet, but it will be soon, or so I’m told. It didn’t feel like it yesterday morning while goading my very small dog to go outside inn several inches of overnight snow, but the calendar is the calendar. And not only does it mean that warm weather is coming, but so is sale season. Until then, we have our weekly roundup of the internet’s best bag deals, and today, they number at over a dozen.

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2018-03-23 13:00:04

Chanel Has Quietly Launched Its Own Monogram Fabric for Bags  

Logo bags are undeniably big right now, and specifically bags in logo fabrics. Louis Vuitton‘s monogram canvas is the most famous of the bunch, and lately, it’s hard to even track down an LV logo bag to buy. Gucci is also a huge part of this trend, and both Dior and Fendi have recently revived monogram fabrics that had long been relegated to back-burner status in order to capitalize on consumers’ new interest in conspicuous branding. That puts a brand like Chanel in a bit of a

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2018-03-22 16:00:06

Introducing The Valentino Candystud Bag  

We already dubbed this design one of the bags to watch for Spring 2018, so naturally we had to get our hands on one, and just like candy, I’ve got a craving for the Valentino Candystud Bag. Season after season, Valentino finds new and exciting ways to reinvent it’s now-iconic Rockstuds, and new for Spring 2018, The Candystud Bag intrigues me. I’m not sure how exactly the brand came up with the Candystud name, but somehow it completely works, and Valentino now has me candy-crush

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2018-03-22 13:00:20

My Favorite Bags and Shoes from Frye Spring 2018  

After working with Frye for a couple years, I’ve gotten to know the brand well, and one of the things that Frye excels at is its leather. It’s entirely rich and sumptuous, and Frye knows the right treatment to make each bag and shoe look and feel great. So many brands have distinct qualities that make the brand work, and for Frye, it’s the quality of the leather and the brand’s timeless appeal. Just in time for spring, we got a look at some of the newest and best pieces F

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2018-03-21 19:10:32

Louis Vuitton Has Instituted a Price Increase, Especially on New and Popular Bag Designs  

You guys all know the old cliche about there being only two guarantees in life (death and taxes), but we would like to posit that there are actually three: death, taxes, and designer bag price increases. Today, we’re here to talk about the third thing, and specifically with Louis Vuitton. Starting last month, you may have noticed prices rising on the brand’s bags, and we’re here with comprehensive details on what you can expect to find in stores. Although prices have gone up o

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2018-03-21 16:00:02

This Weeks, Celebs Push Their Own Designs Alongside Bags from Gucci, Balenicaga and More  

Rarely do celebrities carry their own bag designs. Usually it only happens when a star has their own high-end line, like Victoria Beckham or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, or when a star does a one-off collaboration with a designer, like Selena Gomez’s recent work with Coach. If the bags are too, shall we say, accessibly priced, the celebs in question usually don’t usually tend to carry them in public very much. This week, we have two very high-profile exceptions to that rule, in additi

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2018-03-21 13:00:45

After Years of False Starts, Fanny Packs are Now an Honest-to-God Bag Trend for Spring 2018  

We know, we know—a lot of you guys are not big fans of fanny packs. You’ve made that clear every time I’ve written about them in the near-decade I’ve been working at PurseBlog, which happens every couple years when designers try and make them happen. Well, they’re finally happening, just in time for summer. (Which, really, is the most appropriate time for a belt bag; lots of hands-free activities happen during warm weather.) Louis Vuitton sealed the deal for us. If you...

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2018-03-20 16:00:13

Chanel Files Lawsuit Against Popular Vintage Retailer, Alleging It Sells Fake Bags and Accessories  

You’ve probably heard of What Goes Around Comes Around, or WGACA. The New York-based retailer of pre-owned and vintage designer pieces sells its wares not only in its own stores and on its website, but also at popular third-party retailers like Shopbop and, which generally traffic in brand new high-end merchandise. Like many retailers of pre-owned designer fashion, WGACA emphasizes heavily its inventory of a handful of big-named brands that have the most universal interest amo

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2018-03-20 13:00:32

Coach Pays Tribute to Artist and Activist Keith Haring with Spring 2018 Capsule Collection, Available Now  

Under designer Stuart Vevers, Coach has taken a particular interest in history, both of its own and of the country it was founded in. That has largely meant a heavy aesthetic influence from the American West, but for Spring 2018, Vevers has decided to incorporate a singularly New York icon: the artwork of AIDS activist Keith Haring, which will be familiar even to those who don’t consider themselves art aficionados. Coach x Keith Haring includes bags, shoes, accessories and clothing for bo

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2018-03-19 19:00:56

Emma Stone and the Capucines Bag are Louis Vuitton’s New Campaign Stars  

When we spotted actress Emma Stone at Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week show earlier this month, I was curious about why she was there—she’s not a regular fashion week attendee, despite being notoriously well-dressed on red carpets, and I couldn’t remember seeing her wear the brand in the past, except for a vintage Keepall at the airport a couple times. Well, now we all know why she was there: she’s the latest star of Vuitton’s Art of Travel ad campaign series, a...

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2018-03-19 16:00:10

At Work and at Play, Naomi Watts Likes Her Designer Bags Compact and Neutral  

With some celebrities, personal style feels forced or, at the very least, largely the creation of a stylist. With actress Naomi Watts, that’s never been the case—her red carpet style has just enough idiosyncrasy to suggest a significant personal opinion on aesthetics, but she’s not the kind of person who looks like a stylist picked out her outfits when she’s, say, walking her kids to school. She can turn it up and turn it down, which is how most women interact with fashion. ...

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2018-03-19 13:00:03

Ain’t No Party Like a Dior Party Because a Dior Party Has Lots of Handbags  

Most star-studded parties are kind of boring when it comes to handbags; you maybe get a clutch or two, but mostly people pass their bags off to their handlers and we see precious little of what anyone is carrying. The most notable exception to that general rule is when the party in question is thrown by a handbag brand, which is the case with a Dior fete in Los Angeles earlier this week. Today, we’re going to check out those bags, as well as a handful of other notable carries.

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2018-03-16 16:00:38

The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of March 16  

We took a couple weeks off from our normal Friday morning roundup of the internet’s best bag deals because there was so much news coming out of the various global fashion weeks that we wanted to cover ASAP, and also, let’s be real, because February and early March are not big times for online designer discounts. But today we’re back, and given a few weeks to refresh themselves, we found some awesome buys. Like, 50% off.

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2018-03-16 13:00:42

The 10 Most Important New Bag Releases of Spring 2018  

With every new seasons comes a crop of new bags, of course, both refreshed favorites and completely new debuts. Today, we’re here to focus on the most significant design debuts of Spring 2018, which are hitting stores right now. Each one of our picks is important to a different reason, from new hopes for struggling labels to potential consumer blockbusters for brands already riding high. Check out our selections and the reasoning behind them below, and then let us know what you think in th

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2018-03-15 16:00:43

Spring Refresh: 15 Items Kaitlin is Crushing on for Spring 2018  

It snowed yesterday in NYC, and a week ago it did the same. I wish I could say I thought this was the last of it, but the weather woman this morning told me otherwise, as there’s another possible impending storm in the forecast for early next week. Even still, the days are getting less and less grey, and with daylight savings time this past weekend, they’re also getting longer and lighter. I’m officially ready for spring, and even though my wardrobe probably is too—everyone t...

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2018-03-15 13:00:02

The Gucci RE(BELLE) Bag is the Day Bag of My Dreams  

While I’ve definitely streamlined what it is that I carry day to day and often can get away with a smaller bag, there are some times when a canvas tote is just the necessary-evil accessory to carrying a mini bag. I know I’m not the only one who gets more than their fair share of use out of those free canvas tote bags. I often have no choice but to tote around some bigger items with me, like my computer, me DSLR camera, or both. It goes along with what I do! I’m constantly on th

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2018-03-14 19:39:05

Backpacks Have Transcended From Trend to Wardrobe Necessity—Here are 23 of the Best for Spring 2018  

When designer backpacks once again swung back into fashion a few years ago, you guys were mostly skeptical. Which is a healthy response any trend, really, because sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones crop up to satisfy a genuine consumer desire and which ones are manufactured by large companies looking to sell you yet another type of bag. Based on the backpack’s unwavering popularity in designer circles, though, I think we can safely say the bags’ favor falls firmly into the

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2018-03-14 16:00:51

This Weeks, Celebs Were On Set and Out to Lunch with Bags from Hermès, Chanel and Gucci  

Much of Hollywood takes a little break for the Oscars and the zillions of private parties surrounding them, but now that the red carpet season is in the rearview mirror, celebs are out and about once again, working on film set, doing press appearances and going to lunch with friends. That means our bagspotting is on extra high alert, and over the past couple days, our efforts have been more than rewarded. Take a look at who we found and what they were carrying.

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2018-03-14 13:00:01

Check Out 70 Chanel Spring 2018 Wallets, iPad Cases, WOCs and Accessories (and Prices!), in Boutiques Now  

Now that fashion month is over, we can get back to what’s important: bags and accessories that are actually available and that we can actually buy. Today, we have 70 such wallets, WOCs, tablet cases, coin purses and more from Chanel Spring 2018, which just landed in boutiques in early March. We already took a close look at the collection’s bags, which are heavy on a selection of dreamy mermaid pastels and see-through PVC, but the collection’s accessories are far more staid, wi

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2018-03-13 16:00:28

For the First Time, You Can Buy the New Hermes Evelyne Sellier Bag Online  

By now, you’re likely familiar with the Hermès Evelyne Bag, even if you can’t see yourself entering the Hermès tax bracket. It may not be as widely famous as the Birkin or Kelly, but the Evelyne is a classic of a different kind: it’s less formal than the brand’s more famous bags, which makes it a fabulous casual option for occasions in which the Birkin set might, say, run some errands or go to brunch. Unlike a lot of Hermès bags, what makes the Evenlyne distinctive isn...

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2018-03-13 13:00:13

Review of my Freshly Picked Diaper Bag (and the Baby Shoes I’m Obsessed With)  

Before I had Millie and even before I was pregnant with her, I had a list of things I knew I would buy for my future kid. I have been obsessed with Freshly Picked shoes for years, purchasing them as gifts for my friends with kids (seriously—such a good gift, you can not go wrong), and while I know that having a baby is far more than just dressing them up, I was pretty excited about that added bonus. Let’s be honest, anything pint-sized is pretty adorable, especially shoes. So Freshly Pic...

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2018-03-12 21:13:15

Loving Lately: We Can’t Get Over This Floral Take on the Louis Vuitton Twist MM  

It’s no secret that Louis Vuitton has some of the best bags around. We cover Louis Vuitton bags so often here at PurseBlog because not only do we love writing about them, but you guys seem to love seeing them and reading about them as well! I myself went through a major Louis obsession, and I can remember dreaming about owning a Speedy bag for as long as I knew of its existence. Recently, I found a binder full of collages I used to make from fashion magazines that I would beg my mother to

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2018-03-12 19:53:12

No Matter Your Budget, Embossed Crocodile is The Bag Trend to Watch  

With some trends, it’s easy to trace them back to a particular source: an It Bag, a designer that takes a risk and reaps the rewards while everyone plays catchup, nostalgia for a particular era and its key aesthetic signifiers. And then there are those that just pop up occasionally with what feels like a limited initial push, and suddenly they’re everywhere. That seems to be the case with embossed croc: it was out of favor, and now it’s back. My best guess is that all of this

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2018-03-12 16:00:10

Our Spring Wardrobe Refresh Guide  

Though many of us are still in the midst of winter, Spring is around the corner and the best way to get ready for the next season is a wardrobe refresh. Of course changing your clothing for the next season is obvious, but don’t forget to change up your bags and shoes as well! Frye has a new assortment of fashionable bags, shoes, and accessories to add new styles to your closet. From bags to boots to lightweight nylon backpacks, here are some of our favorite items from Frye to refresh your

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2018-03-12 15:31:41

Elsa Hosk is a Supermodel with Great Bags, and That’s Enough for Us  

Elsa Hosk is a Swedish-born model who now makes her home in NYC, like many of us, and she has quietly established herself as one of our top 5 go-to supermodels with great taste in handbags. (After Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, of course.) Elsa enjoyed a busy (and lucrative) 2017, and it’s time we took a slightly more in-depth look at recent highlights from her collection. While she is a clear fan of bright colors and unusual silhouettes, I was actually surprised to see how

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2018-03-12 13:00:58

The Best Street Style Bags of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018, as Seen on Instagram  

If you’ve been following along on our fashion month journey, you’ve seen our street style roundups from both NYFW and MFW. Sadly this adventure has come to its inevitable end, but not before our favorite ladies took to the streets of Paris for the Fall 2018 shows, toting their very best bag looks. Whether you hate to love these style stars or you love to hate ’em, one can’t deny that their bag games are seriously on point. Below, I’ve rounded up the very best snaps

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2018-03-09 20:04:08

This Week, Celebs Were on the Go with Goyard, Gucci and Alexander McQueen  

It’s March and awards season is over, so celebrities are finally settling in a bit, right? Wrong. It’s a wonder all of these shots aren’t blurry, because they all clearly had better places to be this week. They flitted in and out of LAX, they left Craig’s in a hurry, they frantically hailed cabs on the sidewalks of NYC. But three months into the new year (and several weeks after NYFW), they are perhaps now under less pressure to carry the latest bags, piping hot off the r

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2018-03-09 17:00:01

The Best Runway Bags of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018  

Stick a fork in Paris Fashion Week; it’s done, at least for Fall 2018. And now, as we always do, we’ve combed through scores of collections and found the absolute best bags of the bunch. Two dozen of them, to be exact, and there might be some surprises in the group. From the revival of the Dior Saddle Bag, to the near-total absence of Louis Vuitton signatures at the brand’s show, to Chanel’s new bag that seems a little off to us, the week’s collections kept us on o

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2018-03-09 14:00:00

The Best Celebrity Bag Looks of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018  

Another Paris Fashion Week has drawn to a close, and I feel justified in saying it was kind of an odd one. Celine didn’t show because of its designer transition, and unusually cold and rainy weather put an occasional damper on some of the fun outside the shows. Celebrities still came out in droves to see the collections and be seen by photographers, though, so we dutifully sorted through the photos to find the best of what they carried to the main events. Check out our findings below. ...

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2018-03-08 17:00:46

Paris Hilton: “If I were a bag, I would be this Birkin”  

There are many people I am utterly intrigued by and would love to meet, and Paris Hilton has always been on my list. The celebrity/socialite/mogul is much more than she is portrayed to be, launching more businesses than many of us realize and continuing to remain in the spotlight after many years—a lot of work unto itself. Her persona is bright, cheerful, and over-the-top in many ways. We’ve covered bags that Paris Hilton has carried, but that was many years ago (over eight years, to be ...

what do you think?

2018-03-08 16:55:42

Introducing the J.W. Anderson Latch Bag  

As is so often the case—it’s part of my job after all—I was scrolling through Net-a-Porter’s new arrivals section a couple of weeks ago and I came across a new bag from J.W. Anderson. Immediately I sent Megs a Gchat and said “look how cool!” She agreed, and three seconds later I was hard at work trying to get my hands on one to review for all of you. Enter The J.W. Anderson Latch Bag. While I first saw the bag in all-over leather, I was able to pull a sample of the ba...

what do you think?

2018-03-08 14:00:44

Louis Vuitton Steps Far Away From The Brand’s Signatures for Its Fall 2018 Runway Bags  

Without really realizing it, there are probably some aesthetic cues and details that read to you as particularly Louis Vuitton. Beyond the obvious logos and prints, maybe it’s a certain type of closure or stitching, or the particular way a handle attachment or zipper is shaped, or maybe how the leather is finished. They’re hard to describe one by one, but together, they’re what make you look at a new bag and suspect it’s from one place or another, absent an obvious logo.

what do you think?

2018-03-07 20:00:55

Chanel’s Fall 2018 Collection Takes to the Woods and Puts Heavy Emphasis on a Brand New Bag Style  

Karl Lagerfeld loves a theme, and for Fall 2018, Chanel went into the woods and emerged with a brand new handbag. Clutched by scores of runway models and often adorned with the season’s luxe-camo leaf prints, the Chanel 31 Bag appears to come in at least two sizes and has three carry options: as a hand-held tote, a shoulder tote or a folded-over clutch. There were other bags on the runway, of course, but the volume of 31 Bags suggests it’ll be a big push for the brand come fall. The

what do you think?

2018-03-07 18:52:34

Lately, Paris Fashion Week and Pre-Oscars Parties Provide the Celebrity Bag Goods  

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, Black Panther press is winding down, and the Oscars are over. It’s hard to imagine how the rest of the month will compare to these last few weeks, bag-wise, but we still feel very #blessed. I mean, Jennifer Garner is carrying a ton of Krispy Kreme donuts in one of these pics, and I didn’t even have to lead with that. (Though any week is a good week to throw “Hot Now” in the headline, now that I think about it.) All this is to say: the

what do you think?

2018-03-07 14:00:54

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