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Racked National : The National Shopping, Stores, and Retail Scene Blog

Racked National : The National Shopping, Stores, and Retail Scene Blog

How to Pitch Stories to Racked  

Have an idea? Want to write for us? Here's everything you need to know. Racked covers shopping from every angle and in various forms, from reported features to essays to longform. We publish pieces about how and why we buy things, but also use shopping as a frame to tell all sorts of smart and diverse stories, both big and small. At Racked, shopping pertains to clothes, accessories, and beauty, not home or wellness. At the moment, we're particularly interested in: the intersect...

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2018-03-16 12:32:02

Meet the 19-Year-Old Behind the Most Ridiculous Instagram Eyebrow 'Trends'  

He means no harm. He just likes to Photoshop makeup pictures. Just last week, I wrote a get-off-my-lawn op-ed about the coverage of so-called eyebrow trends in the beauty media. After watching it happen all last year — through squiggle brows, feathered brows, and more — I was finally inspired to lightly rant about it when I saw stories everywhere about "halo brows." (One teen did it, 20 outlets wrote about it.) The gist was basically that one person doing a goofy thing on In...

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2018-03-16 11:54:34

Chanel's Beauty Line Is Coming to Ulta  

This is a very big deal for both brands. Yesterday on Ulta's 2017 fourth-quarter earnings call, CEO Mary Dillon had a lot of good news for investors. But one announcement she made will surely stand out to beauty shoppers more than any growth statistic: Ulta is going to start carrying Chanel Beaute, beyond just fragrances. On the call, Dillon said: Finally, we're thrilled to announce a prestigious addition for 2018 — Chanel Beaute. Following our long-standing partnership w...

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2018-03-16 11:30:02

The Glitzy Evolution of the Age-Old Irish Dance Dress   

I grew up wearing ornate velvet to my competitions, and barely recognize some of the designs today. When I hear the words "red velvet," I don't think of the dessert. I don't think of the K-pop band of the same name, which I recently found out exists. I don't even think about resurgent velvet tube dresses or the sublime burgundy tux Armie Hammer wore to the Oscars. No, the kind of red velvet on my mind is traditional and elegant and emblematic of a very particular time in m...

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2018-03-16 11:19:05

Did Nike's 'Frat Boy Culture' Lead to the Departures of Two Executives?  

Nike execs Trevor Edwards and Jayme Martin "protected male subordinates who engaged in behavior that was demeaning to female colleagues." Following a series of complaints regarding inappropriate workplace conduct, two Nike executives are leaving their positions at the sportswear giant, effective immediately. Brand president Trevor Edwards is stepping down from Nike, but will remain as an advisor until August, while Nike vice president Jayme Martin was fired from the company, and...

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2018-03-16 09:30:02

The Afterlife of Movie Wardrobes  

When a film or TV show wraps, the costumes need to go somewhere. I've worked in film and television costume departments for about 25 years. One of the most common questions people ask me is, "Where do all the costumes end up? Do you get to keep them?" The answers aren't as exciting as people want them to be, mainly because television shows and movies are businesses. They have accounting departments and detailed asset tracking. Costume departments don't really have any say...

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2018-03-15 13:54:57

Adidas Wants to Somehow Make Everything From Recycled Plastic  

The brand intends to deliver on this "moonshot goal" by 2024. Yesterday, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted went on CNBC to discuss the company's recent financial performance and to drop this enticing nugget: Adidas sold 1 million pairs of shoes made from recycled plastic last year. That's significant, considering that the brand only started marketing recycled ocean plastic sneakers a few years ago, but TheCurrent reports that the brand wants to clear a much higher bar. Adidas intend...

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2018-03-15 13:00:02

Ear Piercing Wasn't a Coming-of-Age Ritual for Me  

Pop culture has mostly ignored that many girls of color get pierced as babies. My ears have been pierced since before I celebrated my first birthday. As a woman of color, this fact makes me completely unremarkable. Scores of little black and brown girls get their ears pierced as babies, although this experience is rarely depicted in pop culture. Instead, books and TV shows almost always portray ear piercing as a rite of passage that girls experience near puberty, an indication of ju

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2018-03-15 11:52:00

This $60 Pouch Fits Two (2) Tampons  

Or a vape. Cuyana, a brand that makes very good leather bags for a very specific type of person, has invented another leather product, made for an even more specific type of person: the kind who desires to swathe her tampons in $60 worth of leather. Meet the Femme Pouch, a collaboration with organic tampon brand Lola in honor of International Women's Day: Today on #IWD, we are celebrating women and the strong community surrounding us. We teamed up with @lola, female-founded...

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2018-03-15 10:30:01

Is Duluth Trading Company the Ron Swanson of Stores?  

Duluth Trading Company Facebook" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> With NoGA pants and plumber's butt-preventing jeans, it's hard to tell if the growing workwear brand is political. There's a good chance you've heard of Duluth Trading C...

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2018-03-15 09:00:03

Allbirds Made Wool Shoes Happen. Can It Do the Same With Eucalyptus?  

Silicon Valley's favorite shoes are getting a tree pulp makeover. To say that Allbirds made wool sneakers "happen" would be an understatement. In the last two years, the San Francisco-based startup has sold over 1 million pairs of wool shoes, and it is rumored to make some $100 million in annual sales. The company has spawned knockoffs so striking it's had to lawyer up, and it was even cited as one of the reasons for the recent global demand for merino wool. But with its ub...

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2018-03-14 17:16:52

Empty Shoes Have Long Symbolized Death  

The 7,000 shoes left on the Capitol Tuesday are part of a grim tradition.   On Tuesday the US Capitol became the site of a macabre scene — 7,000 empty pairs of shoes laid on the lawn to commemorate the children in this country killed by gun violence. But the sight, spurred by calls for gun law reform in the wake of the mass shooting last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is not a first. People have long used empty shoes as symbols of death, a...

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2018-03-14 11:30:01

The Bizarre Poetry of ASOS Product Descriptions   

They're honestly kind of moving? The first day of my junior year poetry workshop, my professor — a Vespa-driving disciple of Frank O'Hara — asked us to write a list of whatever we enjoyed. He then assembled a string of sounds from our best lines, like a reverse-engineered "My Favorite Things," which was also liberated from the yokes of regular cadence, or syntax, or exact rhyme. He knew the importance of play. It is in my professor's footsteps that I bless you with th...

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2018-03-14 09:30:02

Why Podcasters Love Lipstick and Pajamas  

Women who podcast's clothes are about comfort and attitude. A couple years ago, ModCloth put out an ad for a collarless button-down dubbed the "Podcast Co-Host Long Sleeve Top," and instantly, the shirt hit the fan on Twitter. Pressing questions popped up about the suggestion that a woman couldn't host alone. "So, what then?" women asked. Would you have to buy two and hire a friend real fast? What about producers, huh? Where was their shirt? And why was it so reminiscen...

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2018-03-13 15:17:35

You Can Be Banned From Making Returns at Sephora  

The beauty brand is using a service to track customer returns and behavior. Do you love shopping at Sephora because of the company's generous and convenient return policy? Well, those returns might not have been as carefree as you thought. Today, The Wall Street Journal wrote about a service called The Retail Equation, or TRE, which tracks customer returns and gives stores the ability to ban shoppers from returning future items if their return patterns are deemed problematic. Acco...

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2018-03-13 11:30:02

Why Gen X Isn't Psyched for the '90s Revival  

Crushed velvet and sensible shoes are back, but for women in their 40s, the revival doesn't feel well-timed. When the 1960s ended, my mom put them in a box. Twenty years later, pop culture was saturated with Summer of Love retrospectives, neo-hippie jam bands, mod-influenced Britpop, and The Wonder Years. I was 15, and the '60s were back. My family didn't have money for new clothes, but I had the box in the back of my parents' closet full of fringed suede jackets, houndstoot...

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2018-03-13 10:00:05

México está lleno de ropa usada de contrabando de los Estados Unidos  

Dentro de la economía sumergida que le permite a los mexicanos comprar y vender ropa barata. Los sabados por la mañana, Priscilla Lupercio Hernandez se levanta a las 6, y viaja desde su vecindario en Tijuana, Mexico para ir de compras "al otro lado," como le llaman los habitantes de esa ciudad al referirse a los Estados Unidos. Su destino es Goodwill Outlet and Donation Center en San Ysidro, California, aproximadamente a una milla de PedWest, la entrada peatonal recienteme...

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2018-03-13 10:00:02

Mexico Is Full of America's Smuggled Used Clothes  

Inside the shadow economy that allows Mexicans to buy and sell cheap clothing. On Saturday mornings, Priscilla Lupercio Hernandez wakes up at 6 and journeys from her neighborhood in Tijuana, Mexico to shop on "the other side," as those in the city refer to the United States. Her destination is the Goodwill Outlet and Donation Center in San Ysidro, California, about a mile from PedWest, the newly renovated pedestrian entrance at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, which separates the ...

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2018-03-12 11:00:02

Capitol Hill Staffers Explain DC's Complex Dress Codes  

Dressing for a career in politics means stashing an "emergency blazer" at your desk and avoiding dry cleaning at all costs. Everyday fashion on Capitol Hill doesn't look like much from afar. Our attention is inevitably diverted to the most famous and powerful people, and only when their outfit choices are especially bizarre, heavy with meaning, or expensive in an inflammatory way. What we know of everyone else's style tends to come from the pictures at the top of articles ab...

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2018-03-12 09:30:02

Are Vintage Stores Harbingers of Gentrification?  

Coffee shops and art galleries aren't the only signs a neighborhood is changing. Coffee shops. Yoga studios. Brunch spots. Art galleries. Try as they might, these businesses can't shake the rep that they're the four horsemen of gentrification. Especially in Los Angeles, new cafes and galleries have become ground zero for gentrification protests. But the people who live in these changing neighborhoods, or study them, have linked another kind of business to gentrification — th...

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2018-03-09 13:28:36

Look, Claire's Isn't All the Way Dead Yet  

But it might be filing for bankruptcy. Hear that sound? It's the Nostalgia Internet, in mourning once again. According to Bloomberg, Claire's — a store chain full of shiny, inexpensive accessories, where countless tweens (and some clever adults) have gotten their ears pierced over the years — is making like many of its fellow mall brands and preparing to file for bankruptcy. On top of this, Toys R Us is reportedly gearing up to liquidate its US stores. We've known for som...

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2018-03-09 11:20:19

ASOS's Visual Search Is My New Favorite Pastime  

Where else can you find an outfit inspired by the Dapper Horse? My favorite website, (this is not #spon, this is just a personal fact about me), has launched a new feature for American shoppers called Style Match, which lets you take a picture of a thing, and then finds items that look like that thing. Things like the shirt I am currently wearing, which I definitely do not need two of but now I strongly desire one with sherpa lining (items are listed in British pounds beca

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2018-03-09 09:32:01

What 'Cult' Means When It Comes to Beauty  

How a word about religion and devotion became our favorite adjective for popular lipsticks and serums. You've heard their names before: the familiar litany of life-changers and skin savers that have earned one of beauty writing's favorite epithets, the coveted title of cult favorite. They are MAC matte lipstick in Ruby Woo, which sells four tubes a minute globally, and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, which does 20. Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara, YSL...

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2018-03-08 17:34:05

Meghan Markle Is Really Good at Pants  

Truly the Pants Princess. Wearing pants is extremely normal! It's an easy, basically idiot-proof activity! It's certainly less remarkable than, say, wearing an animal or meat or one of The Shirts. And yet princesses seem to do it so infrequently. You might have expected princesses to be nonexistent in 2018; instead, we have plenty of them, and their fashion habits can seem as retrograde as the institution of royalty itself. The female royals of Sweden, Spain, Norway, and other ...

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2018-03-08 13:00:04

What Does Dressing 'Professionally' Mean for Women of Color?   

The rules aren't the same for everyone. They said they would help us understand what was "professional." It was my first year of law school, and, like many of my classmates, I had never held a full-time office job. I'd had summer internships, but those hadn't required me to wear anything more formal than jeans. Now, we were about to work in the most conservative environment possible: the Boston legal environment. The schools did give us certain guidelines. They told us ...

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2018-03-08 09:32:01

When Nice Nails Could Change Lives  

For immigrants and black women in turn-of-the-century America, well-manicured nails were make or break. "Dear me, but you are luxurious in your tastes," the manicurist said from her stool as she eyed her new customer, sharing her reading like she just peered into a crystal ball. "And pray, how do you know?" the girl asked from her spot by the door. "Oh, I can tell by your nails." This was an exchange captured in a Detroit newspaper in 1895, where the manicurist showed...

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2018-03-07 14:49:19

Why We Keep Clicking on Fake Beauty Trend Stories  

@hannahdoesmakeup" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> Like "halo eyebrows," for instance. A trend, by its very nature, can be fleeting (The Shirts) or agonizingly prolonged (the peplum on shirts). But what we should be able to agree on is that in order ...

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2018-03-07 12:27:36

Gaze Upon the World's Most Unsettling Bikini  

Welcome to the Un-kini Valley. Today I saw an item of clothing online, and immediately felt a sense of disquiet. The item was this: What at first glance appears to be three floating triangles on a human body is, in fact, a bikini. But instead of a normal bikini, this bikini is connected by transparent elastic, forcing the wearer to look as though a computer glitch caused half of the swimsuit to not load properly. This bikini is so bizarre that it has f

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2018-03-07 11:00:01

The Top-Rated Sweatpants on Amazon Made Me Feel Less Alone  

During a particularly dark time, I turned to the hive mind of online reviewers to make decisions for me. I was somewhere pretty dark in the winter of 2016. First, a layoff. Then, a breakup. I am a lifelong depressive, and January is never a good time to go outside, but this was worse than usual. All I wanted to do was sit on the sofa, order Thai soup from Seamless, and watch television shows about Kardashians. But I had a dog. I had to leave my apartment twice a day at least. And t

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2018-03-07 09:32:01

The Trashy, Expensive, Contradictory Reputation of Leopard Print  

An abridged history of class extremes. I'm hardly to the first person to proclaim that leopard is a neutral. The black-and-tan pattern looks great with almost any color palette — jewel tones, neons, black, camel. It can be dressed up or down, it flatters every skin tone, and it pops up on runways so often that it hardly seems fair to call it a trend. And yet, what leopard conveys in Western fashion is highly mutable — especially when it comes to signifying class. Think about J...

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2018-03-06 16:14:31

Who Can Sell a Gun?  

When retailers walked back their gun sales policies, some people were surprised at who was carrying all along. In the aftermath of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month, a wave of retailers have walked back their policies regarding the sale of guns. You probably caught this in the news last week: Dick's Sporting Goods is eliminating assault-style rifles from its Field & Stream stores, cutting high capacity magazines from its stock, and no longer selling fir...

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2018-03-06 10:02:02

Oprah Is the Original Celebrity Influencer  

Before the Kardashians and Instagram, one woman figured out how to get people to shop en masse. In November of 1996, nearly a million new copies of the book Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison, suddenly appeared on bookstore shelves all across America. At the time, Morrison was already an acclaimed novelist. She had won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1998 and the Nobel Prize in literature in 1993, and chaired the humanities department at Princeton. Song of Solomon had also been pu

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2018-03-06 09:32:01

But Where Will the Mall Walkers Go?  

As malls across the country close, indoor exercise communities are being forced to relocate and change. It's 8 a.m. and peppered throughout The Westchester shopping mall in White Plains, New York, are maintenance workers, store employees, and a handful of speed walkers with their arms pumping and hips swinging like they've got somewhere to be — but they don't. They are mall walking, the suburban phenomenon of exercising in one of America's large consumer venues. The walke...

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2018-03-06 09:02:01

The Redemption of Lime Crime, the Internet's Most Notorious Beauty Company  

Can Lime Crime ever really overcome its founder's terrible history?   Long before Instagram and beauty influencers were a thing, there was Doe Deere, who was an active personality on MySpace and LiveJournal in the early 2000s. In 2008, Deere launched Lime Crime, one of the very first online makeup ranges, predating Instagram by two years. While digitally native beauty companies are now a dime a dozen, it was a pioneer at the time. But it has also distinguished itself as one o...

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2018-03-05 09:32:01

Selling Politics Like a Lifestyle Brand  

Millennial activists and politicians are embracing minimalist design in their merch. There's a small stack of Planned Parenthood T-shirts in Rebecca Davis's closet, each one acquired at a volunteer event with the organization. Davis is a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood and even became a member of its activist council last year, but those shirts are gathering dust. "It's not something I would ever wear, other than on the day I spend with Planned Parenthood," Davis ...

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2018-03-04 22:38:36

Tiffany Haddish Is Still Wearing Her White Dress, Oscars Edition  

We're all getting our money's worth, at this point. Tiffany Haddish, Girls Trip star and everyone's correct choice for favorite human, showed up on the Oscar's red carpet in a gorgeous African-inspired gold and black gown. Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Tiffany Haddish attends the 90th Annual Academy Awards. But by the time she presented the Oscar for Best Short Film and Best Documentary Short Subject with Maya Rudolph, she changed into a wh...

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2018-03-04 21:12:24

The Glossier Machine Kicks Into Action To Sell Its New Product  

New eye product Lidstar debuted on several Oscars attendees. At the Grammys in January, Glossier teased a new product that it would be launching. And the brand didn't just use any random cool person to advertise this fact — they used freaking Beyonce. On the Instagram post announcing it, which featured a picture of the superstar demurely looking down with shimmery eyelids exposed, Glossier wrote, "Beyonce wears ___ in ___ (coming soon)✨ " along with other pre-existing G...

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2018-03-04 19:26:38

Please Do Better Than Pins  

In this season of awards show activism, it's time to demand more than a flimsy piece of plastic. Pins are useful for a lot of things. They can showcase your allegiance to obscure pop culture moments; they can give indie artists a chance to start selling their work; they can hastily patch a hole you didn't notice until you arrived at the office. What they are not good for, at least not when it comes to Hollywood, is demonstrating any kind of appreciable social change. This awar...

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2018-03-04 19:03:08

Rita Moreno Takes You Rewearing That Bridesmaids Dress and Raises You  

The EGOTer is wearing the dress she wore when she won her Oscar in 1962. In 1962, wearing a black and gold dress, Rita Moreno won her first major award, an Oscar, playing "America"-loving Anita in West Side Story. Photo: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images Moreno in 1962 with her costar George Chakiris and Rock Hudson. 56 years later, Moreno has won every important award — she's one of handful of certified EGOTers — including the coveted, ultra-rare ...

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2018-03-04 18:52:50

Who Are You Wearing? Timothée Chalamet's Face  

'Call Me By Your Name' screenwriter James Ivory nails red carpet dressing. Bummer for the men of Hollywood, but it's just true: The Oscars are all about an epic gown. It's hard to stand out when you're wearing a tuxedo, unless you're Adam Rippon, who turned up to the Academy Awards on Sunday wearing a leather harness. Or, apparently, if you're director and screenwriter James Ivory, who is nominated in the best adapted screenplay category for Call Me By Your Name and w...

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2018-03-02 12:02:01

A Feminist Scholar Explains This Year's Red Carpet Activism  

The #MeToo movement showed up at award shows this year. Was it effective? The typically glamorous churn of awards season took on a fiery tone this year, as growing numbers of women in entertainment come forward with accounts of sexual assault in professional situations. Ahead of the Golden Globes, heavy hitters like Reese Witherspoon and Shonda Rhimes helped launch Time's Up, an organization and legal fund pushing for workplace equality and an end to sexual harassment. To get the ...

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2018-03-02 11:32:01

How to Fix the Oscars Red Carpet  

To start, get rid of Ryan Seacrest. The awards show red carpet has always been something of a bizarre spectacle; this year, what with the #MeToo and Time's Up movements and just the general tone of the world, its preoccupation with women's bodies feels even more uncomfortable than usual. So is there a way to fix it (and, while we're at it, make it fun again)? Some members of the Racked staff discuss. Alanna (senior editor): Let's talk today about awards shows, and specifica...

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2018-03-02 09:32:02

Why Protesters Love Costumes  

Costumes communicate a message and let the wearer transcend their identity, perfect for standing up for a cause. There's nothing like walking in downtown Los Angeles and seeing a group of people dressed up as vaginas, posing for photos with a group dressed as Wonder Woman, all for a protest march. Activists have been coordinating clothing since as long as protest has taken to the streets. Suffragettes utilized colors such as green and purple, while the LGBTQ+ movement uses the col...

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2018-03-01 15:44:28

Why Nobody Knows What Stars Wore to the First Academy Awards  

Although we do know that a dog almost won best actor. When ABC presents the 90th Oscars ceremony on Sunday, expect to see lots of hat tips to classic Hollywood. Just don't count on anyone to point out what any of the nominees actually wore to the first Academy Awards in 1929. The show was neither filmed nor broadcast on the radio — the first and last time that happened. Designers did not compete to dress nominees, and asking an entertainer "Who are you wearing?" would have e...

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2018-03-01 15:19:59

Is Fashion All the Same Now?  

When big brands constantly swap designers, what happens to the clothes? It's become increasingly clear that we're in the middle of a great aesthetic flattening. No matter where you shop for clothing, everything looks the same. Thanks to the stranglehold that Instagram, that beautiful black hole, has on the creation and consumption of images, trends blossom simultaneously and spread rapidly, one on top of another. The idea of certain styles being "in" or "out" was never p...

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2018-03-01 11:32:02

How Many Pairs of Jeans Do You Really Need?   

Now that I can buy jeans whenever I want, how many pairs constitute a proper wardrobe, and where does my collection cross the line into hoarding? "You have got to stop gaining weight" isn't something a feminist mother expects to yell at her 15-year-old daughter, but stress makes us say things we regret. The problem wasn't my increasingly doughy body. My mother never criticized my appearance or policed my food intake or expected me to be thin — which is more than you can sa...

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2018-03-01 09:32:01

Clothes in Comic Books Have Gotten a Lot Better  

With more and more female, LGBTQ, and POC artists, clothes are being updated to match the times. The comic-book panel and the runway have more in common these days than you might think. While once, between saving the world in bright spandex, your favorite heroes could be found lounging in jeans, T-shirts, and an astonishing amount of trench coats, these days artists are raiding from spring collections as much as Jack Kirby's repertoire. A quick flip through many best-selling seri...

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2018-02-28 16:40:10

Supporting Gun Control Is Great for Business  

Dick's Sporting Goods is taking a stand young customers can get behind. In the wake of the February 14th school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 students and staff dead, Dick's Sporting Goods, the country's largest and most resilient sporting goods company, announced it will stop selling guns to customers younger than 21. The company will also be halting the sale of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, effective immediately. In a widely released company stat...

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2018-02-28 13:38:27

This Is Just a Note to Say Goodbye  

Since I started working at age 14, I've had at least 17 different jobs, so I can confidently proclaim this one, Racked's editor-in-chief, a dream. It gave me my first full-fledged panic attack and actually got me to read hardcover books on management, but it was my dream job, and today is my last day doing it. Lucky for you — and also for me, a loyal reader long before I worked here — Julia Rubin, an extraordinary editor, will be leading a stellar team of editors and reporte...

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2018-02-28 11:22:54

I'm a Male Model, and I'm Coming Forward About Bruce Weber  

My experience with the famous fashion photographer was similar to that of many others. The first time I met Bruce Weber was eight years ago. I still remember the initial exchange so vividly. I checked my email and there it was: the original casting from my agent at the time, labeled "by photographer's special request." I'd heard Weber called a "god" in the industry, a man who could make or break my career. I was a 23-year-old model, with a rough idea of who I was and w...

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2018-02-28 10:47:02

Bliss, the '90s Spa Brand That Changed Everything, Is Back  

It gets a facelift and a huge price cut after years of neglect. "Courtney Love bounced a check on me once," Marcia Kilgore says, laughing. "It was all just so fast and furious." Kilgore, speaking on a call from Switzerland, where she was visiting a lab for her year-old brand Beauty Pie, was reminiscing about the first Bliss Spa outpost in New York City. In its heyday, first-name-only celebs like Uma, Cindy, Oprah, Madonna, and, yes, Courtney, frequented the spa, launching it...

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2018-02-28 09:32:00

Two Animal Costumes, Two Very Different Reputations  

Why is the kigurumi popular with celebrities and concertgoers, while the fursuit is derided? In the video for "Paper Mache," rapper Miss Eaves's ode to being, as she puts it, "single AF," a middle-aged woman makes her way through Brooklyn, beset on all sides by happy, lovestruck couples. When she finally makes it home, she stages a solo dance party in celebration of her singledom, busting out bowls of snacks and a giant tray of alien-eye cupcakes, then donning a full-body ...

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2018-02-27 09:32:01

Why Is It So Hard for Clothing Manufacturers to Pay a Living Wage?  

H&M promised to make sure the people who make the company's clothes can live on their pay, but the benchmarks have shifted. In the garment industry, stories about workers who barely eke out an existence on "starvation wages" are legion: Factory workers in New Delhi often describe living in makeshift hovels "barely fit for animals." A young woman from Myanmar might wrestle with the decision to feed her children or send them to school. In Bangladesh, sewing-machine opera...

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2018-02-26 13:16:35

With Big Donations and Simple T-Shirts, Fashion Rallies for Gun Control  

Gucci just gave $500,000 to help the March for Our Lives protest. Following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students have become a major voice in the fight for gun control. Survivors of the February 14th shooting formed a group called March for Our Lives and are organizing a rally that will take place March 24th in Washington, DC, with sister protests planned around the country and abroad. As of last Friday, the March for Our Lives team wa

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2018-02-26 09:32:01

When Cars Required a Special Wardrobe  

Automobiles gave us everything from driving gloves to car coats. Whether stepping into a Lyft or the driver's seat of our own ride, most of us don't give a second thought to the convenience that is a car. But when the automobile first rolled out, it changed life as Americans knew it, opening up a new range of possibilities while at the same time making the world seem a bit smaller. And that tectonic shift rocked not only the transportation industry but, perhaps unexpectedly, th...

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2018-02-26 09:02:01

Dressmaking Led Elizabeth Keckley From Slavery to the White House  

But her memoir caused a rift with Mary Todd Lincoln. It's tempting to describe Elizabeth Keckley's life as a rags-to-riches-to-rags tale, but to do so diminishes the extraordinary obstacles she faced. Born enslaved in Virginia 200 years ago this February, Keckley's talents in dressmaking earned her enough money to buy freedom for herself and her son. As a free woman of color, she moved to Washington, D.C., advocated for the formerly enslaved, and started a clothing business th...

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2018-02-23 14:57:03

Fashion Game Shows I Would Watch  

STATEMENT NECKLACE. There are a lot of game shows: Jeopardy!, The Price Is Right; technically The Bachelor is a game show, as is Rock Of Love Bus, the bus-centric third season of Rock Of Love. There are not, however, nearly enough fashion game shows. Maybe that's because no one has ever thought of any good ones. Well, I have, and here they are. Is Your Bag Big Enough To Hold This? is a show where one unfortunate contestant must carry a slightly bigger bag than everyone else, who w...

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2018-02-23 14:22:29

Inside the Deciem Firings and Resignations  

Founder Brandon Truaxe and the recently resigned CFO shed some light on what's happening at the company. After a few quiet weeks, beauty company Deciem finds itself back in the spotlight. Yesterday Racked broke the news that the company, which owns popular skincare brand The Ordinary, had lost co-CEO Nicola Kilner and CFO Stephen Kaplan. This came a few weeks after a period of intense scrutiny of founder Brandon Truaxe, whose increasingly erratic-appearing behavior on Instagram conc...

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2018-02-23 09:32:00

The Origins and Appropriations of the Aloha Shirt  

How the souvenir staple became beloved by hipsters and fashion houses alike. Valentino picked oversized pineapples. Zara preferred lush ti leaves. And Saint Laurent settled on palm trees and station wagons. Although these brands span countries and price points, all have created their own recent renditions of the aloha shirt, signifying that the once-kitschy tourist staple is currently cool again. Beloved by glamorous celebrities and stoned surfer boys, relaxed residents and millions

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2018-02-22 10:32:01

Depression Takes My Body Away  

And clothing can help me get it back. As a depressed teen, I used clothes as a lifeline to pull me out of the fear that I was insubstantial. They made my body into a fun experiment I could control. As long as I had or could work toward the clothes that I love, as long as I could fit into them, take up their structures as my body's own, I'd pull through. I bargained with my despair: If I gave in to it, which I was sure I would, I wanted it to be on my own terms. If I was going to ...

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2018-02-22 09:32:02

Homelessness Doesn't Always Look the Way You Might Think  

Secondhand clothing, donations, and more mean that people experiencing homelessness might not stand out. When most people hear the word "homeless," a very specific image comes to mind, and it's not pretty. But as Liz Waite, a 24-year-old undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach points out, "the visible homeless, those on the street and who are mentally ill, are just the tip of the iceberg." With a parent addicted to opioids, she left home at age 18 and spent six years c...

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2018-02-22 09:13:07

Co-CEO Out at Deciem, Troubled Parent Company of Skincare Brand The Ordinary   

Deciem, the parent company of mega-popular, inexpensive skincare line The Ordinary, has been experiencing drama behind the scenes. It started with weeks of speculation about founder Brandon Truaxe's erratic behavior on the brand's Instagram page and the discovery of some damning Glassdoor reviews about the company's work environment. As reported by Racked a few weeks ago, former employees described a chaotic workplace and bullying management. Truaxe continued to post, spending a...

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2018-02-21 10:32:02

Androgyny Shouldn't Just Be for Thin People  

A step forward in body diversity makes it all the more noticeable when yours is the shape that's still not being served. Once, and only once, a stranger called me "sir." It was right after I shaved my head for the first time. I felt amazing, even pretty, playing with the tension between my buzz cut and my otherwise femme presentation. But that day, after I walked the three blocks to the grocery store bare-faced and sweating in the Tucson, Arizona, heat, the cashier at Fry's h...

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2018-02-21 09:32:01

What Luxury Modest Clothing Brands Forget  

The sumptuary laws of many cultures are as much about extravagance as exposure. Once a niche subculture battling the increasingly exposed mainstream, modest fashion has officially gone viral. New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman declared last spring that long sleeves and even-longer skirts are "[t]he defining sartorial style of the 2010s." Brands new and old have cashed in on the trend, while Mormon women, bound by their faith's aesthetic guidelines, are the hottest fa...

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2018-02-20 12:32:01

Alexa Shopping Isn't as Easy as You May Hope  

Here's what happens when you try to use the Amazon Echo Dot to shop. It's safe to say Amazon would like to infiltrate every corner of our homes and every second of our day, hence the company's line of Echo products. That includes the Echo Look, which uses a camera and machine learning to feed you fashion recommendations, and the Echo Dot, which can play music, make calls, send text messages, read the news, and, ostensibly, shop. But how good at shopping is Alexa, especially when...

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2018-02-20 12:22:28

These Beaded Bags Are Fun as Hell   

Susan Alexandra makes sunshine you can carry. "It" bags are practically synonymous with status and exclusivity. Chanel, Gucci, JW Anderson: They're expensive, generally uniform in style, and, after a while, boring. So it came as a big (pleasant) surprise to see the streets of New York Fashion Week filled with Susan Alexandra's colorful, quirky beaded bags. They're far from the norm because they're a much more unstuffy option, and I imagine that's why so many people wanted...

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2018-02-20 11:42:10

Your New Pet Rock Is This $2 Pumice Stone  

It'll save your dry, calloused feet. A few years ago, my boyfriend made a show of noticing the new pumice stone I bought. "Rock Apparently Figures Into Girlfriend's Shower Routine," he said, referring to an article from The Onion. My purchase really looked like a rock; it could have been, as the article surmises, "found on the ground." With its deep craters, the reddish-brown stone looked promisingly rough. I wanted to believe that this pumice, unlike the gray ones I alwa...

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2018-02-20 11:32:02

The Best Natural Deodorant Is Acid  

The solution for tackling BO might already be in your skincare stash. These days, everyone seems to be on the hunt for a natural deodorant that doesn't suck. The problem is that so many natural deodorants — even the ones from supposedly great brands like Schmidt's and Lavanila — don't manage to control body odor all day. They can also be thick and greasy, weirdly scented, make one's skin feel wildly irritated, and even result in additional skin pigmentation from ingredient...

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2018-02-20 10:00:02

Why Aren't Businesses Doing More to Save American Manufacturing?  

But will businesses make the choice to try and save it? In a time when no one agrees on anything, some vague consensus can be found around the idea that more American manufacturing would be good. Rarely does someone say publicly, "Actually, I think there should be less American manufacturing." (Although it happens.) Politicians, particularly our current president, love to talk about American manufacturing. Donald Trump tried to make the deal he struck to save factory jobs at the C...

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2018-02-20 09:32:01

Why Big Brands Still Have Standalone Men's Stores  

As Nordstrom prepares to open its first men's store in New York City, we looked at J.Crew's, Lululemon's, and Topman's business strategies for attracting male shoppers. For years, New Yorkers waited for a Nordstrom store to come to their city. Sure, there was one heavily picked-over Nordstrom Rack at Union Square and a newly opened, three-story second location at Herald Square, but New Yorkers were told to wait until 2019 for a full-line store at Columbus Circle. It then came as ...

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2018-02-19 15:58:59

Black Panther's Opening Weekend Was a Celebration of African Fashion  

Fans showed up in 'Black Panther' costumes, traditional dress, and modern African styles. Black Panther was bound to be a fashion moment. The landmark Marvel film, groundbreaking as a comic book movie with all black leads, not only features the fashion-forward Lupita Nyong'o, but also takes inspiration from an array of ethnic dress found across Africa. Styles from a variety of groups, including the Maasai, Toureg, Akan, Mursi, and Ndebele, are represented in the film. And black ...

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2018-02-19 09:32:02

The Shockingly Lucrative World of Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade Groups  

Anthropologie and Lululemon have a second life in your newsfeed — just be careful of the rules. Finding the perfect dress for my rehearsal dinner was easy; learning that it was sold out was hard. But that wouldn't stop me. As I scoured Google for the Renata Sheath from BHLDN — an embroidered, beaded dress with an illusion neckline and low back — I found myself someplace unexpected: Facebook. Specifically a Buy-Sell-Trade (BST) group dedicated to Anthropologie's wedding line....

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2018-02-16 17:56:13

If You Want to Know Why Fashion Week Still Exists, Ask a Designer  

It's all about them, after all. A dark cloud of confusion has been hanging over New York Fashion Week for the last few seasons as the industry as a whole tries to figure out what it means to operate these days. To show or not to show? To make a political statement or to carry on as usual? It's a different time, no doubt, but it's been changing for a while. Shows migrated away from Bryant Park and Lincoln Center in 2009 and 2015, respectively, spreading out into every Manhattan ...

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2018-02-16 17:28:03

How to Make Shopping for Prescription Sunglasses as Painless as Possible  

Everything I wish I had known and can pass along to you. "Nobody needs prescription sunglasses," the eyeglass specialist told me and my husband while we sat at her cubicle deciding between the Hollywood-style $450 Dior sunglasses that had gotten a thumbs-up from me and the $600 eyeglasses and clip-on matching cat-eye sunglasses he liked. "Well this'll show you, Rebekah," I thought but didn't say (mostly because her name wasn't Rebekah and the $600 price tag covered the f...

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2018-02-16 11:09:14

Meet the Glam Squads Behind the Olympic Games  

24-hour days, hundreds of haircuts, and a whole lot of lip balm. While Mirai Nagasu was practicing her triple axel and Chloe Kim was perfecting her back-to-back frontside 1080s, Amy Acton and her team were gearing up for a different side of the Olympics. Acton Style Group manages the hair, makeup, and wardrobe for NBC's on-air talent during the games — nearly 150 reporters, analysts, and hosts in Pyeongchang alone — and the team started prepping for this year's events even bef...

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2018-02-16 09:32:02

Outdoor Voices Is Crowdsourcing Everything From Now On  

Outdoor Voices is well known for its style, but it wants to have the most functional activewear, too. Last month, an Instagram fight broke out over some leggings. The retailer Bandier had released a new workout line, which some people interpreted as a rip-off of Outdoor Voices, an activewear brand founded in 2014. They did look alike: Outdoor Voices is known for its high-waisted leggings and crop tops, done in color-blocked earth tones and pastels, and that's exactly what Bandier wa...

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2018-02-15 16:56:21

A Former Prabal Gurung Employee Shares Her #MeToo Story  

She says she was criticized for her appearance during pregnancy — and was let go weeks after her daughter's birth.

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2018-02-15 11:38:57

You'll Want to Shop These Black-Owned Beauty Brands Now  

Some new, some old, all worth checking out. Over the last year, the beauty industry was rocked by Fenty Beauty and its impressive foundation shade range (40 colors, with more to come). That, along with the debut of other black-owned lines like Pat McGrath Labs, caused brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Marc Jacobs Beauty to step up their own shade offerings. It's no doubt that 2017 raised the bar for what it means to be truly inclusive and accommodate women of color, and black women i...

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2018-02-15 11:02:01

Bury Me in This Perfect Fabric  

This trademarked material is the secret to the softest T-shirts. If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you've already spent at least a few hours of your life trying to hunt down the perfect T-shirt. Maybe you've read a few impassioned essays advocating for Everlane's $16 box-cut, or Reformation's $28 tencel tee, or Lacausa's $57 cropped crewneck. Maybe you've even considered caving to the pressures that be (read: Instagram and the many chic, braless French...

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2018-02-15 10:02:01

Sammy Sosa Is a Victim of Colorism  

Men and women alike face skin tone discrimination worldwide. Sammy Sosa hasn't played pro baseball since 2007, but he trended on Twitter for much of Sunday. No, the sportsman didn't die, join the Trump administration, get arrested, or get accused of sexual assault. He was photographed, as he has been periodically during his retirement, with skin several shades lighter than the deep chestnut hue he had during his career. Sosa first made headlines for altering his complexion in 2...

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2018-02-15 09:32:02

How Laundry Gets Done at the Olympics  

The sweaty, smelly business of keeping clothes clean at the games. For the three weeks of the Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang, South Korea, is playing host to nearly 3,000 athletes, 15,000 volunteers, 6,000 broadcast personnel, and thousands of officials, coaches, and crew members — and all of their laundry. It's an aspect of the games you won't see on TV (with the exception of Procter & Gamble's tear-jerker Tide ads), but if you follow the behind-the-scenes action on Instag...

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2018-02-15 09:02:02

This 'Battle Witch' Brings Fantasy Characters to Life  

Kelsey Hine has turned her childhood imaginations into real-life clothing for sale. Battle witch, sexy Mother Goose — Kelsey Hine's aesthetic can be described in many ways. The designer combines her love of fantasy novels with various historical fashion eras into a singular style, which she crafts almost entirely by hand. "As a kid I grew up reading fantasy and loving it so much," she says. She was drawn to "that sort of strong character who was normally the guy main charact...

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2018-02-14 13:49:29

Here's Where Adam Rippon Gets Those 'Slutty,' Sparkly Costumes  

Racked spoke with the skater's costume designer about what he'll be wearing for the rest of the Olympics. Move over, Michael Phelps: America has a new Olympic sweetheart, and his name is Adam Rippon. Last Sunday night, the 28-year-old figure skater led Team USA to a bronze medal with a flawless free skate set to Coldplay music. If there were any jitters leading up to his Olympic debut, they certainly didn't show (although Rippon did later tell NBC, "I want to throw up. I want ...

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2018-02-14 12:57:23

This Re-enactor Uses Clothes to Ensure History Gets American Slavery Right  

Re-enactor Cheney McKnight is single-handedly changing the landscape of historical interpretation. There are countless museums and historic sites around America, many of which host historical re-enactors wearing the clothes of the times. Just take a walk around colonial Williamsburg or Philadelphia and you'll see plenty of white-wigged men in breeches and gold-buttoned coats. Same goes for Southern battlefields and their Civil War characters. But where are the slaves? That's what ...

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2018-02-14 12:46:05

Lululemon Employees Report a Toxic 'Boy's Club' Culture  

Picking favorites, dating employees, and more damaging allegations. "Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness." That's one of the painted mantras on display in the lobby of Lululemon's Vancouver headquarters, and one that's at odds with what current and former employees describe as a toxic work environment at the fitness apparel company. They say misconduct was enabled for years by Lululemon's human resources department and, until recently, embodied by its ex-CEO. ...

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2018-02-14 12:10:11

What Can I Wear While Recovering From Breast Cancer Surgery?  

Facing breast cancer is daunting, but today's post-surgery clothing options are helping survivors get their self-expression back. The breast cancer diagnosis was overwhelming enough. But then came the dozens of questions buzzing around in Patty White's head, clamoring for answers. Among them: What will I wear after my surgery? It was 11 years ago that White, a resident of Norfolk, Virginia, went in for a double mastectomy as part of her cancer treatment. When she didn't see any ...

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2018-02-14 09:05:43

How to Wear a Kimono, According to a Licensed Professional  

Licensed kimono dresser Masae Satouchi walks through the steps. Kimono dressing is a two-person job. Most modern Japanese women rely on the help of licensed kimono dressers to keep their folds in check. Professional kimono dresser Masae Satouchi walks through each step of how the traditional garment is arranged, from the juban to the himo to the datejime. Last but not least, an obi can go on top. Find out more about wrapping an obi here. Follow Racked on YouTube for more videos | Lik

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2018-02-13 18:03:03

Loft Launches Plus-Size, Says It Wasn't Hard  

"Launching plus-sizes took commitment, and it took passion and focus. But it was not hard." Last week Loft launched a plus-size category with a collection of very Loft pieces (floral blouses, colorful trousers) in sizes 16 through 26. The brand is the first to admit that the move was a long time coming, but also made clear it hadn't yet done so not because it was "hard" — the common refrain of brands who have yet to launch plus-size. "We determined that there was a need ...

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2018-02-13 11:02:01

How a 44-Year-Old Florida Psychologist With Four Kids Shops  

Spoiler: His wife handles most of it. Welcome to Racked's How Do You Shop? series, in which we ask a variety of people some deeply personal questions about how they earn, save, and especially spend their money. If you know or are someone with an interesting relationship to $$$, email This week we talked with Bryan, 44, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife and four kids. He's a psychologist with his own practice and makes around $275,000 a year, and...

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2018-02-13 10:32:01

This One-Minute Sheet Mask Cuts My Morning Routine in Half  

Bonus: I can put it on while still in bed. I'm a low-energy morning person. It's easy for me to wake up before my alarm goes off, but when it comes to getting out of bed, my body feels like it's fighting a deep ache that keeps me pinned to my sheets. Hello, winter! The only thing that truly wakes me up is my skincare routine. It makes me feel refreshed and new, though it's also the longest part of my morning (and the most common reason that I miss the bus to the office). That...

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2018-02-13 10:02:01

Where Do Figure Skating Costumes Come From?  

Rhinestones, spandex, and triple axels. Here is how you make an Olympic figure skating costume, according to the people who do: First, you meet with the skater. You've listened to the the music for their program — over and over again, you've listened to their music — and you've watched them on YouTube, on TV, in past Olympics, in person, since they were 6. (It is not uncommon for a costume designer to work with a skater for years.) You want to understand who they are, how th...

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2018-02-13 09:32:01

In Post-Taliban Kabul, Haircuts Are an Expression of Freedom  

The Taliban had strict rules about hair and beard styles, but today in Afghanistan, barber shops flourish. Much like every Afghan woman, 26-year-old Yurish Jawad is no stranger to street harassment, experiencing catcalling, mockery, and abuse during even a short walk on the streets of central Kabul. Except that Jawad isn't an Afghan woman. He's a hairstylist in the capital city of Afghanistan, and he wears his own style with elan and pride, much to the disapproval of the conserva...

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2018-02-12 18:14:01

Chat About All Things Shopping in Our Facebook Group  

Your ultimate source for fashion and beauty advice. Shopping is more fun when you can lean on your friends to help — and nowadays, a lot of us turn to Facebook and Instagram to crowdsource recommendations when we need a new pair of jeans, a new backpack, or a new face mask. That's why we started the Racked Lounge Facebook group: for our readers and editors to chat with each other about all things shopping and beauty. Deciding what to buy is so much easier when you have hundreds ...

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2018-02-12 13:28:44

Michelle Obama's Fashion Legacy Is Now Preserved in Paint  

It's practically impossible for an appearance by the Obamas — in paparazzi photos, in interviews, in my inbox — to not catapult me into a blubbery nostalgia spiral. Today's outing, in which the former first couple unveiled their official portraits commissioned for the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, prompted a very specific nostalgia for me, namely, remembering all over again how special clothing was to Michelle Obama's identity. The artist of the former first ...

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2018-02-12 12:26:12

The Banana Clip at Alexander Wang Was Not a Banana Clip  

An important explainer for these confusing times. Calling something "fake news" is obviously fraught with wider implications, but I feel comfortable giving an event that happened over the weekend that label. Designers are currently showing their fall collections at New York Fashion Week. After the Alexander Wang show, my Instagram feed and Stories lit up with pictures and pronunciations declaring "The banana clip is back!!!!! ~banana emoji~" As a person who came of age in th...

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2018-02-12 10:32:01

Those Name T-Shirts on Facebook Fill Me With Despair  

Your name is not special, and neither are you. There are few sadder things than looking at a Facebook ad, and there are fewer still than looking at one that is trying to sell you this: Photo: Sun Frog Mine, of course, says "Jennings," but if you've seen similar merchandise popping up on Facebook, it likely bears your own name (often last, sometimes first). I've noticed this phenomenon over the past year or so, and at first I was amused ("What! How'd t...

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2018-02-12 09:32:01

Everything You Ever Idly Wondered About Spa Music During a Massage  

What's going on with those pan flutes and whale sounds. During a recent trip to a spa, I observed that nothing throws you off your relaxation groove quite like environmental extremes: This room is too hot, this room is too cold, this pan-flute music is cranked to Metallica-worthy decibel levels. The last one was particularly puzzling. While not exactly my day-to-day jam, I'd always tolerated that specific combo of pan flutes and nature sounds as just a normal part of the overal...

what do you think?

2018-02-12 09:02:01

Why Aren't There More Models Between Size 0 and Plus-Size?  

Fashion has an "in-between" problem. Name a famous fashion model who's between sizes 6 and 10. You probably can't, right? That's because the modeling industry has a strange relationship to what it deems "in-between sizes," where so many American women fall. The average American woman is supposedly a size 14 (or likely a little higher), and there are thousands, if not millions, of women falling somewhere below between sizes 6 and 12. But the modeling industry has long sh...

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2018-02-11 10:13:02

How School Uniforms Became Sexy  

Those plaid skirts didn't last long before they were given an edgy twist by 'Playboy,' punk, and grunge. As one can imagine, school-girl uniforms certainly didn't start out sexy. At the point that schooling itself became standard in America (it wasn't until 1918 that every US state even required students to complete elementary school), girls wore uniforms, but the requirements were loose and the designs not as kicky as we know them today. It wasn't until the 1950s that th...

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2018-02-10 10:04:01

Why Are Fishnet Stockings Seen as Sexy?  

There are actually a slew of reasons, according to 'History Of.' Fishnet stockings have basically never not been sexy. That dates back to the Victorian era, when conservative clothes meant that just a glimpse of a woman's leg was majorly eyebrow-raising. Stockings rose in popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when they were embraced by flappers who found them ideal for dancing in. That linked the garment even further to sex and nightlife. Combine that with a ph...

what do you think?

2018-02-10 10:02:02

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