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Eater National : The National Restaurant, Bar, and Nightlife Blog

Eater National : The National Restaurant, Bar, and Nightlife Blog

Sonic Drive-In Sold to Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings Parent Company for $2.3 Billion  

The chain has seen sales decline for two years Sonic Drive-In, the restaurant chain famous for its variety of soft drinks and old-fashioned service model, has a new parent company. Inspire Brands, which also operates Arby's and Buffalo Wild Wings, is purchasing the chain for $2.3 billion, according to CNN Money, adding Sonic's both beloved-and-maligned items like Ocean Water and green apple-flavored slushies to its meaty, curly fries- and Buffalo-tot-filled portfolio. The...

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2018-09-25 15:37:44

Meet the CEOs Behind Eater's New Business-Focused Podcast  

Erin Patinkin and Natasha Case are the hosts of 'Start to Sale' Erin Patinkin and Natasha Case — co-hosts of Eater's new podcast Start to Sale, launching this Thursday — have thought for a while on how they could collaborate. The two first met when Case became an early client of Ovenly's — which Patinkin opened in 2010 along with Agatha Kulaga. And as business owners — Patinkin runs New York City's award-winning bakery Ovenly and Case is the founder of Coolhau...

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2018-09-25 12:09:19

Antoni Porowski's Life Is a Flurry of Bottarga, Cold Brew, and Cauliflower  

The "Queer Eye" star reveals his favorite foods and new details about his forthcoming Manhattan restaurant Although Antoni Porowski became famous for teaching sad dads and hapless bachelors how to whip up easy appetizers on Netflix's hit Queer Eye, his culinary knowledge runs much deeper than that. Before becoming a TV star, he spent years working in restaurants in Montreal and New York City, and Porowski was also a private chef for original Fab Five member Ted Allen, who...

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2018-09-25 11:20:00

Kwame Onwuachi's Thrilling Next Chapter  

The singular Afro-Caribbean cuisine at Kith and Kin reflects a chef at his creative peak Kwame Onwuachi remembers, as a kid growing up in the Bronx, how much his Trinidadian grandfather loved goat roti. Curry goat, as Trinidadians call the spiced meat at the center of the dish, would be bundled with potato into griddled flatbread with the weight of a light blanket. A portable and sustaining meal, its layered flavors trace back to the foods of indentured laborers from India who

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2018-09-25 10:40:58

Lady Gaga Charmed Bradley Cooper With Leftover Pasta to Land Her Role in 'A Star Is Born'  

Plus, the plague of needles hidden in strawberries has spread from Australia to New Zealand, and more food news How did Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga come to work together on A Star Is Born? Cooper tells Conan O'Brien the two formed an instant bond when Gaga surprised him with homemade pasta the first time they met. The AV Club takes a nostalgic look back at the rise of Martha Stewart Living, the cooking and lifestyle television show that "helped kick off a domestic e...

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2018-09-25 09:44:44

Protesters Heckle Ted Cruz Until He Flees D.C. Restaurant  

Activists stormed the senator's table, asking if he planned to vote for Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Protesters stormed chef Fabio Trabocchi's D.C. restaurant Fiola on Monday to heckle Senator Ted Cruz, a longtime friend of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. "We Believe Survivors!" they yelled as Cruz and his wife Heidi Cruz gathered their things and exited out of a side door. The incident started when a sexual assault survivor confronted ...

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2018-09-25 09:42:01

How Restaurants Get Away With Stealing Millions From Workers Every Year  

From failing to pay overtime to not giving meal breaks, there are numerous ways for employers to cheat workers out of money In 2016, McDonald's coughed up $3.75 million to settle a wage theft lawsuit filed by workers at several Bay Area locations. But while the phrase "wage theft" might conjure images of employers withholding checks or skimming hours from their workers' time sheets, the most-used methods are far less obvious — and often hard to detect. In the McDonald...

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2018-09-25 09:12:01

A Chef's Quest to Bring North Korean Cold Noodles to America  

Pyongyang naengmyun made headlines after the first inter-Korean summit, and now chef Jungsik Yim wants to introduce it to diners in New York At the inter-Korean summit in April, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sat down with South Korean president Moon Jae-in, the first time since the Korean War a North Korean leader had set foot inside South Korea. Because of the decades of instability between the two nations, there was little hope for a positive outcome in the lead-up to the h

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2018-09-24 17:22:58

Chick-fil-A Gifts 100-Year-Old Man Free Food for the Rest of His Days  

"Instead of once a week, now I'm coming every day," said the delighted centenarian The latest philanthropic act from Chick-fil-A, home of delicious nuggets and archaic views on homosexuality, seems a bit... odd: The fast-food chain has gifted a devoted regular customer in Florida free food for life, WPVI reports. The catch: He's already 100 years old. The chain's Oldsmar, Florida, location threw a surprise birthday party for Stephen Bellissimo, presenting him with a ...

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2018-09-24 16:16:47

Instagram Star Christine McConnell's Macabre Baking Show Hits Netflix October 12  

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell comes just in time to set the mood for Halloween Halloween heads, take note: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell is scheduled to premiere on Netflix Friday, October 12. The streaming giant has released a few images from the series, and it looks to be a good bet for viewers hoping to set the mood in the weeks leading up to All Hallow's Eve. Instagram star Christine McConnell stars, obviously. Netflix says the "wickedly t...

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2018-09-24 12:30:31

How Grape-Nuts Became a Cult-Favorite Ice Cream Flavor  

From Maine to Jamaica, the dense, malty cereal is beloved as a frozen dessert Considering cereal and milk's longstanding love affair, it's no surprise that ice cream and cereal have long been a winning combination. Fruity Pebbles and Cap'n Crunch routinely appear among topping options at ice cream and frozen yogurt shops around the country. Christina Tosi and Milk Bar made cereal milk-flavored ice cream famous, often topping the breakfast-turned-dessert with Corn Flakes f...

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2018-09-24 11:02:04

Ina Garten Is Blessing TV Screens With a New Season of 'Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro'  

Plus, Wu-Tang Clan endorses White Castle's Impossible Burger sliders, and more food news to kick off the week Praise be to Food Network, which is lining up new episodes of Barefoot Contessa, according to Broadway World. The third season of Ina Garten's Cook Like a Pro series is set to premiere Sunday, October 21, at 12:30 p.m. ET/PT. That's not all: Garten will host a celebrity-packed Thanksgiving special — featuring fellow domestic goddesses Jennifer Garner and Nigel...

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2018-09-24 09:12:02

The Quest to Topple OpenTable  

Danny Meyer just switched his restaurants to Resy, but the original reservation service still dominates Earlier this month, superstar restaurateur Danny Meyer's New York City-based Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) announced it would move all of its restaurants over to online reservations platform Resy by early 2019. The move wasn't completely unforeseen: USHG partnered with Resy back in 2016 when it began outfitting staffers at iconic NYC restaurant Union Square Cafe w...

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2018-09-23 22:31:02

The Best Moments of Anthony Bourdain and W. Kamau Bell's Trip to Kenya on 'Parts Unknown'  

The show's season premiere of is a touching, hilarious hour of TV In the first episode of Parts Unknown's final season, Anthony Bourdain takes his CNN colleague W. Kamau Bell (star of United Shades of America) to Kenya, where the hosts meet with many people who embody the modern-day spirit of the country. It's clear that Bell was not only excited to be visiting Africa for the first time, but also thrilled to be going on a bona fide Anthony Bourdain adventure like he'd s...

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2018-09-23 12:24:15

Watch: Roti, Doubles, and Curry at a Montreal Caribbean Favorite  

Dining on a Dime checks out a local favorite for island fare that commands long lunch lines Now Caribbean food and spice is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Montreal. But Caribbean Curry House in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood has got some of the best goat and chicken roti, oxtail, and other local specialties you'll find without even going to the Caribbean. This is truly a local place, evidenced by when I told my taxi driver I was heading t...

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2018-09-22 09:12:02

Amazon's 'Forever' Is an Eight-Course Feast of Inspired TV Weirdness   

Streaming recommendations for the weekend, plus a roundup of the week's food-entertainment news This post originally appeared on September 21, 2018, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome back to Friday afternoon, a time to give (and receive) high fives with abandon. I've got three recommendations for TV shows to watch this weekend, including a buzzy new Amazon...

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2018-09-21 18:29:16

Did an Anti-Trump Boycott Help Shutter This D.C. Sandwich Chain?  

A 2017 meeting with Donald Trump "contributed" to an undisclosed dip in sales a the soon-to-close Taylor Gourmet sandwich shop Taylor Gourmet, a sandwich chain based in Washington, D.C., is closing dozens of locations across two cities — and a meeting with Donald Trump is partially to blame, according to the Washingtonian. The chain is rumored to be preparing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy just a year after the chain's founder held a controversial meeting with Trump. Taylo...

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2018-09-21 17:48:48

Feast Your Eyes on Angler, the Saison Spinoff Set to Take Over San Francisco  

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2018-09-21 16:38:35

When Two Comedians Go to Frenchette  

On the Upsell this week: Comedians Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin visit one of New York's hottest restaurants This week on the podcast, Daniel took comedians and podcast hosts Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin out to dinner at Frenchette, one of New York's hottest restaurants. Then they headed back to the studio to discuss. It's like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee except a podcast and with no cars or it's Dan and not Jerry. Subscribe to the Unofficial Expert p...

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2018-09-21 15:51:27

Watch: Why This Chef Left a Career in Neuroscience to Serve Filipino Food  

Ellie Tiglao uses Tanam, her series of pop-up dinners to reframe how Boston understands Filipino food Since 2014, chef Ellie Tiglao has hosted over 100 pop-up dinners around the greater Boston area. Tiglao landed in Boston to pursue a career in neuroscience, but quickly realized that unlike her hometown in northern California — the Filipino community in her adopted area was nearly nonexistent. The pop-up events gave Tiglao a chance to reconnect with her roots and educate the ...

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2018-09-21 10:20:09

Maine Health Department Proves to Be Total Buzzkill for Stoned Lobsters  

Plus, Starbucks is topping new beverages with cold foam, and more food news to end the week An unsurprising followup to the story of a Maine restaurant that is getting its lobsters stoned before killing them: Government officials in the state are not cool with this idea. Maine health inspectors "would treat food served to consumers at licensed eating places and affected by marijuana, as has been described with this establishment, as adulterated and therefore illegal," re...

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2018-09-21 09:33:02

California Bans Restaurants From Automatically Giving Out Plastic Straws  

The new statewide law goes into effect January 1, 2019 Come 2019, California diners who want a plastic straw for their beverage will have to specifically ask for one. On Thursday, a bill banning full-service restaurants from automatically giving customers plastic straws was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. "Plastic has helped advance innovation in our society, but our infatuation with single-use convenience has led to disastrous consequences," Brown wrote in a sign...

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2018-09-21 09:12:02

Cheese Tea Could Be the New Bubble Tea — If Americans Get Over the Name  

Tea topped with cheese foam has been stuck on the cusp of trending stateside "Cheese tea? What's that?" Mention it to anyone who's hearing about it for the first time and you'll likely get a scrunched-up nose and a look of confusion. Perhaps even a shake of the head. To many Americans, the combination of tea and cheese sounds downright unappetizing. But, as any cheese tea purveyor will tell you, cheese tea tastes better than it sounds. In fact, the drink isn't that...

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2018-09-20 17:19:04

Instant Pot's New Blender Can Also Heat Your Food  

But will it actually save you time? Instant Pot, the internet's favorite multi-functional kitchen appliance for preparing soups, meats and rice, is branching out into smoothies, almond milk, and ice cream. That's right, Instant Pot is making a blender — and it can cook your food. True to Instant Pot's multi-purpose gimmick, the Instant Pot Ace Blender will not be limited to traditional blender settings. In addition to standard buttons like "puree" and "pulse,"...

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2018-09-20 13:56:16

Watch: Frying Intricate, Sweet Jalebi at Home  

Cliff takes on a crispy Indian treat doused in a sweet syrup The idea for this episode has been sitting in the back of my head for quite some time. It all started during a shoot in Houston at a place called Raja Sweets, which we visited for an episode of Cooking in America. The warmth this place exuded has stuck with me as much as the sweets they served, but the showstopper is undoubtedly the jalebi. Perhaps looked at as the Indian version of a funnel cake — which surely p...

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2018-09-20 12:42:50

Whole Foods Sues Animal Rights Group to Stop In-Store Protests  

Activist group Direct Action Everywhere claims the grocer's suppliers are guilty of animal cruelty Whole Foods, which has come under fire from protesters for everything from eggs to rabbit meat, desperately wants animal rights activists to leave it alone. The California arm of the Amazon-owned grocer sued activist group Direct Action Everywhere on Wednesday, alleging members of the group have been illegally trespassing at its stores. According to the court filing, Direct Act...

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2018-09-20 11:49:37

5 Reasons Simone in LA Is One of the Most Exciting Openings of the Season  

Acclaimed chef Jessica Largey debuts her first solo project in LA's Arts District Simone, the long-awaited solo project from Manresa alum Jessica Largey, finally opens tonight. The restaurant, named for musician Nina Simone, promises a lively, multifunctional space complete with a bar and chef's counter. And, given Largey's fine dining background, some standout produce-driven food. Along with managing partner Bruno Bagbeni and partner Joe Russo, the Marvel movie directo...

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2018-09-20 10:43:57

Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Shanghai   

There's one new two-star restaurant in the third guide to the city Today, Michelin announced its third guide to Shanghai. In the 2019 edition, the tire company with a dining guide side hustle, awarded 34 restaurants Michelin stars, up four from last year. The new selections include one new two-star restaurant and five new one-star spots. Xin Rong Ji (on Nanyang Road), a restaurant that specializes in cuisine from Taizhou, is new to the list of two-star restaurants this year...

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2018-09-20 10:39:32

Papa John's Drops the Apostrophe in Hopes That People Will Forget About Its Disgraced Founder  

Plus, Jose Andres's book about relief efforts in Puerto Rico is out today, and more food news Papa John's has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, ousting its founder and former chief executive officer for a number of racist comments and allegations of sexual misconduct, only to see "Papa" John Schnatter come back and try to regain control. With sales plummeting, Papa John's wants customers to forget about all that, so it has introduced a new marketi...

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2018-09-20 10:00:36

Protesters Swarm Salt Bae's Miami Steakhouse After Chef Bragged About Feeding Venezuelan Dictator  

More than 100 people gathered outside Nusr-Et's Miami outpost on Wednesday morning Living meme/Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae, sparked major controversy this week when he hosted Venezuelan's authoritarian leader Nicolas Maduro for dinner at the Istanbul outpost of his steakhouse Nusr-et, leading over 100 protesters to swarm outside the Miami branch on Wednesday. A since-deleted Instagram video of the meal showed Gökçe slicing up a $275 steak tableside...

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2018-09-19 17:10:49

Montana Restaurant Nixes Republican Event Headlined by Trump Jr.  

The manager wants to "stay politically neutral" A restaurant in Bozeman, Montana is taking heat from conservatives on social media for canceling an campaign event headlined by Donald Trump Jr. The president's son and his girlfriend, former Fox News talking head Kimberly Guilfoyle, were scheduled to take part in a rally stumping for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosedale on Tuesday, September 25. The event was announced in a release on Tuesday morning, but campai...

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2018-09-19 17:02:43

The Red-Blooded Politics of Red Meat  

Senator Ted Cruz's nonsensical fearmongering over "banning barbecue" in Texas is another shot in an imaginary war on masculinity There is nothing more 2018, and nothing more Texas, than one of the country's most closely watched Senate races swerving into a barbecue smear campaign. At a campaign event on Saturday at Schobels' Restaurant in Columbus, Texas, Senator Ted Cruz referenced a tiny cluster of PETA demonstrators outside and said, according to a report in the ...

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2018-09-19 16:49:53

How NAFTA Destroyed the Mexican Diet  

Behind the trade agreement that changed eating in North America forever This story was originally published on Civil Eats. When Alyshia Galvez's mother was growing up in California in the 1950s, she traveled to Michigan every winter to visit family. When she returned home, she would march into a grocery store, buy a head of lettuce, and eat it while sitting on the curb out front. At that time, in most of the United States, finding fresh greens in the supermarket in the wi...

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2018-09-19 16:28:56

Watch Four Scenes From the Season Premiere of 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown'  

The Kenya episode of CNN's award-winning travel series airs this Sunday The 12th and final season of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown premieres this Sunday, September 23 with an extended episode. Bourdain, the show's late host who died on June 8, and stand-up comedian W. Kamau Bell take viewers to Kenya. The highlights of the episode — which is the only one this season to feature original narration completed before Bourdain's death — include a visit to the city of Na...

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2018-09-19 12:10:28

Can Money Create a Neighborhood?  

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2018-09-19 11:22:45

Yelpers Trash Salt Bae's Restaurant After His Meal With Venezuelan Leader  

Plus, a new Somm documentary is coming out, and more food news Following real-life internet meme Salt Bae's meal with Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president who can afford to eat expensive steaks while the citizens of his country starve, Yelpers are punishing Mr. Bae. Yelp has shut down the page for the Miami branch of his Nusr-Et restaurant after it became inundated with one-star reviews, reports the Miami Herald. Pios chicken-sandwich chain Chick-fil-A is making new p...

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2018-09-19 10:16:20

How Cauliflower Took Over Your Pizza, Your Kitchen, and the World   

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2018-09-19 09:15:02

5 Not-So-Basic Baking Tools Recommended by a Pastry Pro  

Delightful items that go beyond measuring cups and mixers, according to Zoe Kanan As the head baker at Studio and Simon & The Whale in the Freehand Hotel in New York City (after stints at Milk Bar and Sadelle's), Eater Young Gun semifinalist Zoe Kanan has developed a reputation for beautiful, inventive breads and pastries with unique flavors and textures (think cardamom-nectarine danishes and sourdough challah). Although baking at home is a rare treat given her schedule...

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2018-09-18 16:37:39

A Maine Restaurant Wants to Kill Lobsters Humanely by Getting Them Stoned  

Marijuana could be the key to tastier shellfish that dies happier Want humanely killed lobster? Order it baked. Well, it's actually steamed, and the thoughtful restaurant serving this crustacean advertises it as stoned. To the point: Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, in Southwest Harbor, Maine, is exposing its lobsters to marijuana smoke before cooking them, according to the Mount Desert Islander. Owner Charlotte Gill explains that she tested the effects of weed smoke ...

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2018-09-18 16:27:42

Inside Meghan Markle's Cookbook Project, 'Together'  

The Duchess of Sussex is lending her support to a new recipe collection from a Muslim community group in London The only celebrity human you should currently care about, Meghan Markle — also known to the world as the Duchess of Sussex — wrote a cookbook. Actually, she wrote the foreword to a cookbook, but because she is taking it upon her very regal self to promote said cookbook, and using the Queen's funds to sponsor it, we can agree it's almost like it's her first c...

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2018-09-18 15:52:28

Can Papa John's Customers Forget About Papa John?  

The pizza chain's new ad campaign puts a diverse group of franchisees, rather than its scorned founder, front and center Following multiple scandals involving racial slurs and alleged sexual misconduct, Papa John's continues to distance itself from scorned founder John Schnatter. The pizza chain's advertisements were once dominated by Schnatter's likeness, but a new marketing campaign is devoid of the ousted chairman's image, putting its franchisees front and center i...

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2018-09-18 15:13:18

Alton Brown's 'Good Eats: Reloaded' Is Headed to the Cooking Channel Next Month  

The TV host teases the return of the sock puppets, plus new recipes and other surprises Before launching into a brand new version of his hit Food Network show Good Eats, food-science guru Alton Brown has been quietly remixing 13 episodes of the series that made him a star two decades ago. Brown first announced this new project, dubbed Good Eats: Reloaded, back in July. And now, the TV host has finally revealed some details about the series through his preferred method of commu

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2018-09-18 14:13:05

Ted Cruz Says Democrats Will Ban Barbecue in Texas  

His opponent, Beto O'Rourke, has not yet responded — and Cruz says it was all a joke In a new low, failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz is waging a barbecue smear campaign to deter voters from siding with his opponent, Democrat Beto O'Rourke, in Texas' heated Senate race. At an event over the weekend at Schobels Restaurant in Columbus (about 90 miles southeast of Austin), Cruz claimed that if the state elected a Democrat, "they're going to ban barbecue across th...

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2018-09-18 13:15:38

Portland's Essential Thai Spot Hat Yai Plans Expansive New Location  

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2018-09-18 13:07:49

Australia Is Trying to Figure Out Who's Sticking Needles in Strawberries   

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2018-09-18 11:40:24

Emmy Viewers Angered Over Balvenie Scotch Ad Featuring Anthony Bourdain  

The biggest surprise of last night: this tone-deaf ad Less than an hour after Anthony Bourdain appeared in the touching Emmys "in memoriam" montage, scotch manufacturer Balvenie ran an add during last night's awards telecast featuring footage of the late author/TV host talking about "following your passion." The new commercial, which is featured above, understandably sparked a number of negative reactions from viewers on social media. The clip begins with Bourdain in...

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2018-09-18 11:24:17

Salt Bae Proudly Feeds Venezuelan Leader $275 Steak While Venezuelans Starve  

The celebrity chef bragged about hosting Nicolas Maduro in a now-deleted Instagram post Nicolas Maduro — allegedly Venezuela's president and the man responsible for the country's economic collapse and food shortages so severe they are causing starvation — feasted on steak with celebrity chef Salt Bae in Istanbul over the weekend. Nusret Gökçe, the chef known for his salt-sprinkling skills, seemed honored to host Maduro at his restaurant Nusr-Et, and even bragged abo...

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2018-09-18 10:33:16

Coca-Cola Is Looking to Get in the Weed Business  

Plus, a Chick-fil-A opened on Sunday during Hurricane Florence, and more food news Despite the current attorney general's harsh attitude toward marijuana, and its use in smear campaigns, soft-drink behemoth Coca-Cola is taking a look at the market for cannabis beverages, reports Bloomberg. The Atlanta-based company is reportedly considering "drinks infused with CBD — the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that treats pain but doesn't get you high." Coke is eye...

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2018-09-18 10:26:28

McDonald's Workers Are Striking Today Over Sexual Harassment  

Female employees in 10 cities are staging walkouts to protest how the company handles harassment complaints The women of McDonald's are fed up: Female employees of the fast-food giant are staging #MeToo walkouts in 10 U.S. cities today to protest how the company handles sexual harassment. Workers at some, though not all, McDonald's locations in Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, LA, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Orlando, San Francisco, and Durham, North Carolina are plannin...

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2018-09-17 15:55:27

José Andrés and Team Have Fed More Than 80,000 Hurricane Florence Victims  

The chef's nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, is on the ground providing hot meals to residents of the Carolinas Following the devastation of Hurricane Florence, humanitarian chef Jose Andres and his nonprofit World Central Kitchen are on the ground providing meals and water to residents of North and South Carolina. Per recent tweets from Andres, it seems the hunger relief group currently has two kitchens set up in Wilmington and Raleigh, and is working with FEMA, the Red ...

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2018-09-17 15:32:42

Just a Great Photo of Danny Bowien and a Lobster  

From the Editor: On Cooking Light, Danny Bowien's fashion, LA debuts, and more. This post originally appeared on September 15, 2018, in Amanda Kludt's newsletter "From the Editor," a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now. Oh man, this week. The Cooking Light news is sad. The Spotted Pig news, unsurprising. New York won't get a celebrity for governor, and we still can't help but obsess over the ...

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2018-09-17 14:05:58

Watch: How Momofuku Makes Roast Duck Ssam  

The sausage-stuffed duck ssam is Momofuku's latest addition to its wrapped offerings New York City's Ssam Bar gets its name for the Korean word for enclosed or wrapped, and it didn't take long for the restaurant to become known for its brisket ssam, its pork shoulder ssam, and seafood ssams. A little more recently, the team — thanks to director of culinary operations, Matthew Rudofker, and executive chef, Max Ng — has been playing with an impressive duck ssam, which B...

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2018-09-17 13:25:41

Watch a Trailer for the Kenya Episode of 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown'  

The episode features scenes from the late author/TV host's trip with comedian W. Kamau Bell On Sunday, September 23, CNN will air the Kenya-themed installment of Parts Unknown. The Season 12 premiere is the last episode that Anthony Bourdain completed before he died. In a new trailer for the episode, Bourdain's companion on this journey, United Shades of America star W. Kamau Bell, reflects on what it was like to travel with the Kitchen Confidential author after being a fan...

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2018-09-17 13:04:07

The Next-Level Pint Glass That Will Elevate Your Beer Drinking  

Add the sleek glasses found at Mikkeller to your collection A couple of years ago, my husband and I began silently fighting over a single pint glass in our cabinet. I'd race to empty the dishwasher so I could claim it; he'd offer to pour drinks so he could do the same. It's not that we care for chores — we just both wanted the 40 centiliter bodega glass we'd stolen from Mikkeller & Friends in Reykjavík. (Sorry, Mikkeller — but we did buy a lot of beer that nigh...

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2018-09-17 11:50:43

Watch the Enticing Trailer for 'Chef's Table' Season 5  

The new episodes hit Netflix later this month Cue up the Vivaldi: Chef's Table is coming back to Netflix this month. The team behind the Emmy-winning series recently revealed a new lineup of cooks that will get the serious documentary treatment, and now a fresh trailer gives viewers their first glimpse at Season 5. Following years of complaints that the show was too focused on white men, the latest installment of David Gelb's docuseries will finally include more women and...

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2018-09-17 10:47:02

Why Are So Many Australians Working in American Coffee?  

The success of Aussie cafes might be more about the people than the flat whites and avocado toast Australia has given the world so much: Nicole Kidman, the Hemsworth brothers, flat whites, and (some say) avocado toast. At least two of these imports made Australian coffee shops a slow-burn trend of the 2010s — by 2016, a flat white and an avo toast, along with single origin brews, savory dishes (not just pastries), full service, and a clean design aesthetic all became shorthan...

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2018-09-17 10:21:22

Barbecue Twitter Is Losing Its Collective Mind Over a Vegan 'Brisket'  

Plus, Chipotle is trying to lure millennials with bigger servings of guacamole, and more food news to start the week Television writer Kevin Biegel tried to create a vegan "brisket" and posted the results on Twitter, and barbecue enthusiasts are unsurprisingly up in arms. Who would have ever thought lovers of smoked meats would ever be self-righteous in their staunch opinions? I encourage anyone who thinks vegans are obnoxious to read the replies to this

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2018-09-17 09:00:02

Is This the Most Magical Meal on Earth?  

A table at Disneyland's 21 Royal commands an elite $15,000 price tag for what's billed as the ultimate in Disney wizardry The thing about Disney magic is that you either feel it, or you don't. You either swell with inexplicable joy watching Tinker Bell fly past Sleeping Beauty Castle and cruising through a tunnel of international kid-bots singing on repeat, or you just power through it for the kids. The signature brand of Disney whimsy — too earnest to mistake for kit...

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2018-09-15 14:17:45

Watch: The New York Chef Serving an Entirely Vegetarian Omakase  

Kajitsu in Manhattan practices a Japanese cuisine inspired by Buddhists "It felt, to me, more Japanese than Japan," says chef Hiroki Abe of the first time he ate at the sushi counter of New York City's Kajitsu. "This place that spreads Japanese culture — not just in its food but its entire space — was very appealing to me," Abe remembers. Today Abe is the chef behind the Japanese restaurant, and he's continuing the tradition by serving a menu on the basis of s...

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2018-09-15 09:11:01

Netflix's Anime 'Flavors of Youth' Traces the Link Between Food and Memory   

Recommendations on a movie and two TV shows to stream this weekend, plus a roundup of the week's entertainment news This post originally appeared on September 14, 2018, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome back to Friday afternoon, the time of the week that feels like finding a bonus onion ring in a regular order of fries. I've got a few recommendations for t...

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2018-09-14 16:52:00

You Should Stream Chance the Rapper's Pizza-Slasher Movie, 'Slice'  

Chance is good, but he isn't the best part of this flick After its premiere in 21 cities across America earlier this week, Slice, the pizza delivery-paranormal-slasher flick that marks Chance the Rapper's acting debut, is now available to stream via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, XBox, FandangoNow, and Vudu. The release has been anticipated for almost two years, so it is a bit odd that the distribution company A24 is just dropping it in viewers' laps, out of the blue. But, ...

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2018-09-14 16:35:05

Brewery Angers Fans by Hosting Event for MAGA Gubernatorial Candidate  

Republican Brian Kemp gained notoriety for a campaign ad in which he threatened to "round up criminal illegals" with his own truck An Atlanta brewery is seemingly feeling some pangs of regret after angering fans by hosting an event for a controversial political candidate. Last week, Monday Night Brewing played host to the Georgia chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business as it officially endorsed Brian Kemp for governor. Even folks outside Georgia will lik...

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2018-09-14 15:33:58

Athlete Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant for Eating All That He Could  

A German triathlete inhaled nearly 100 plates of sushi A German triathlete has been banned from an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Bavaria after eating a little too much — to the tune of nearly 100 plates of food. German website the Local reports that bodybuilder turned Ironman triathlete Jaroslav Bobrowski paid just 15.90 euros ($18.49) for the bottomless meal at Running Sushi, a restaurant in the city of Landshut. Though he was reportedly a regular, his last meal cross...

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2018-09-14 15:03:37

'GLOW' Sidesteps Nostalgia With Its Clever Use of '80s Junk Food  

Colorful snacks like Cheetos and Twizzlers fill the frame of Netflix's Emmy-nominated wrestling show Set in the mid-1980s, the Emmy-nominated Netflix show GLOW explores the inner-workings of a low-budget women's wrestling TV show, also named GLOW (aka Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). The sisterhood of misfits — who hail from acting, wrestling, and stuntwoman backgrounds — eat all manner of colorful, artificially flavored junk foods. Protagonist Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) a...

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2018-09-14 12:20:02

Chrissy Teigen Invades Target With New Cookware Line  

The budding lifestyle guru's new cookware line, "Cravings by Chrissy Teigen," hits stores September 30 Domestic goddess and all-around delightful human Chrissy Teigen is invading Target with a new line of cookware, utensils, and tableware. The new collection, naturally dubbed Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, is set to launch on September 30 at the retail giant. Teigen's Target collection features 40 items ranging from a Cravings imprinted cast iron pot to a "Go To" chef...

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2018-09-14 11:25:25

Discussing the Things That Die in Restaurants  

On the Eater Upsell podcast this week, we talk about the death of animals, relationships, and plants in restaurants. This week on the Eater Upsell podcast, we talk about death! All kinds of things die in restaurants, but we focus on three. First, we talk to chef Will Horowitz about the hundreds of thousands of eels he's slaughtered over the years and all the mistakes he's made along the way. Chefs Katrina Zito and Sarah Cooper discuss being on the front lines of relationsh...

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2018-09-14 10:58:37

The Labor Board Is Rolling Back Obama-Era Protections for Fast-Food Workers  

The new rule could permit corporations to look the other way when their franchisees commit labor violations The National Labor Relations Board just made life a little harder for fast-food workers. On Friday, the board published a newly proposed rule that severely limits the extent to which companies can be held responsible for how their franchisees treat workers, the New York Times reports, rolling back an Obama-era decision that's been in place since 2015. At the center of ...

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2018-09-14 10:28:58

Cadbury Is Stockpiling Creme Eggs to Stave Off a Brexit-Induced Shortage  

Plus, Anheuser-Busch is sending canned water to victims of Hurricane Florence, and more food news to end the week More Brexit fallout: Cadbury, maker of the creme-filled chocolate eggs that are so popular at Eastertime, is stockpiling said eggs ahead of Great Britain's departure from the European Union, per the Takeout. This is in anticipation of chocolate possibly becoming scarce and/or wildly expensive in Britain should its split from the E.U. come without a trade deal ...

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2018-09-14 09:12:01

American Farmers Are in Crisis  

Falling prices and a trade war mean small farmers are struggling to stay afloat This story was originally published on Civil Eats. Joe Schroeder works as a farm advocate for Farm Aid, where he answers calls to the group's farmer hotline. The calls, which are up 30 percent over last year, range from routine questions about navigating federal programs and exploring credit options to dire pleas for help from farmers who have run out of ways to keep their businesses solvent. H...

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2018-09-13 18:24:16

Why Subway's $5 Footlong Had to Die  

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2018-09-13 14:01:01

Washington, D.C., Gets Its First Three-Michelin-Starred Restaurant  

The Inn at Little Washington earns three stars in the 2019 Michelin guide Washington, D.C., finally has a three-Michelin starred restaurant. Since 2017, the nation's capital has been the only U.S. city without a destination offering what the guides consider to be three-star worthy: "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey." But in the 2019 edition launched today, chef Patrick O'Connell's the Inn at Little Washington breaks that streak, becoming the first three-st...

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2018-09-13 13:56:14

Watch: Can You Make Thai Rolled Ice Cream at Home?  

We set out to see if you can recreate the cold treat at home without a motor I'm quickly learning that all those food internet sensations aren't so hard to recreate after all; so I'm tackling another on this episode: Thai rolled ice cream. Allow me to explain for the uninitiated: an ice cream base is poured over a cold plate, allowed to set, and using what look like putty knives, rolled in to a cylindrical shape. It's typically plated vertically and topped with various ...

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2018-09-13 12:54:33

The Kitchenware Company Helping You DIY What You'd Otherwise Buy  

Cookut wants you to make things — like melty raclette — yourself The videos of gooey, delicious melted raclette being scraped from a wheel over potatoes, meat, bread, and even french fries almost always feature a restaurant in the background, like David Chang's Majordomo. But raclette doesn't have to be the exclusive purview of professionals. It's just one of the foods that Cookut, a French kitchenware company new to the US market, is encouraging folks to prepare on t...

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2018-09-13 11:47:02

Watch: Discovering Cebu-style Lechon in Wilmington, Delaware  

How a Filipino couple ended up cooking one of the most celebrated dishes of the Philippines in Delaware One of my favorite parts about visiting the Philippines is feasting on lechon from Cebu — the region that my mom, Vikki, grew up in. Cebu is argued to have the best roasted pig in the country, though many Filipinos will debate that claim. My mom is joining me on this episode of Halo Halo, and we're driving to Wilmington, Delaware to visit Philippine Smoked BBQ & Grill...

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2018-09-13 11:42:02

What It Takes to Make It Big Selling Boozy Ice Cream  

Clementine's Creamery in St. Louis has national expansion plans and a patent pending The maple bourbon ice cream from Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery in St. Louis has all the flavor of bourbon without any of the boozy bitterness of an actual glass of bourbon. Yet, the alcohol is there. Clementine's owner Tamara Keefe won't say how she does it, but somehow, she makes ice cream that's up to 18 percent ABV — that also tastes good. It took her about six months to...

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2018-09-13 11:22:49

Australian Brewery Releases — Then Pulls — Beer Named 'Pussy Juice'  

Black Hops Brewing bills itself as "three dudes making craft beer" — and they're objectifying women while doing it An Australian brewery drew internet ire last night after releasing a beer with the graphic name "Pussy Juice" — apparently in honor of one of its female employees. Black Hops Brewing on the Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane, announced the beer on social media with a cutesy pastel-colored image of a bartender drawing on the wall (and inexplicably mak...

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2018-09-13 10:32:05

Social Media Campaign to Lure Ryan Gosling to a Toronto Coffee Shop Actually Works  

Plus, the White Castle Impossible Burger is getting a nationwide launch, and more food news Hey, girl, Ryan Gosling just made a Toronto coffee shop owner's day. The dreamy actor was in the city for the Toronto International Film Festival, and Joelle Murray, owner of Grinder Coffee, launched a social media campaign in an attempt to get Gosling to pay the cafe a visit. He obliged, Esquire reports, and as a token of gratitude, Murray gave Gosling a 15 percent discount on his jav...

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2018-09-13 09:02:05

Mega-DJ Steve Aoki Wants to Be the Next Big Player in the Pizza Delivery Game  

Los Angeles-based Pizzaoki is set for national expansion, but the delivery-only model may prove challenging With "Papa" John Schnatter going through a months-long meltdown and his eponymous company suffering the consequences, there appears to be an opening for a new player in the celebrity-fronted pizza-delivery market. Enter Pizzaoki, a new business co-founded by famous disc jockey Steve Aoki, who happens to be the fourth-highest paid DJ on Earth. Pizzaoki launched in Los ...

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2018-09-12 18:18:15

Beloved Food Magazine 'Cooking Light' Is Ending Regular Print Issues  

200 employees at Meredith Corp. were laid off amid a merger of Cooking Light and EatingWell Some of America's most reliable lifestyle and healthy-recipe magazines will disappear from mailboxes at the end of 2018. Less than a year after devouring Time Inc.'s collection of 22 food and lifestyle magazines, Meredith Corp. is scaling back two of its Birmingham, Alabama-based titles — Cooking Light and Coastal Living. The publishing giant announced today that it will merge Co...

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2018-09-12 17:29:57

At Least One Waffle House Has Closed in Anticipation of Hurricane Florence  

The 24-hour Southern institution's rare closure serves as a barometer for natural disasters For anyone still harboring any doubt about the ferocity of Hurricane Florence, hear this: At least one Waffle House location in the storm's path is now closed. The 24-hour chain restaurants rarely close, so news that the Waffle House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has shut its doors until after the storm passes is a clear indicator that this one's going to be a doozy. Local news ...

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2018-09-12 16:22:28

'Chef's Table' Is Finally Doing the Work  

After an earlier outcry, the lauded Netflix series places women and people of color in the spotlight. But is it enough? "My approach has been, 'Let's make a movie about a great character,'" says filmmaker David Gelb, the creator and executive producer of the acclaimed Netflix series Chef's Table. More than anyone else in recent memory, Gelb — who rose to prominence with the 2011 documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi — has successfully drawn audiences into the emotion...

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2018-09-12 14:57:22

Inside Simone, Eater Young Gun Jessica Largey's Stunning LA Debut  

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2018-09-12 11:21:32

Food Network Gets Into Beauty Pageant Game With All-Male 'Sexiest Chef' Show  

Plus, Eataly now offers paid parental leave in the U.S., and more food news The Food Network is developing a competition centered on the physical attractiveness of its all-male cast. The show is linked to People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, according to Today, and it will showcase ten of America's "most beautiful and talented male chefs," all up-and-comers, as opposed to established celebrity cooks. The winner of the special will be featured in this year...

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2018-09-12 11:01:33

Marco Pierre White Turned Down Michelin (Again) at New Singapore Restaurant  

The famed British chef opens the English House this week British chef Marco Pierre White, an iconoclast who famously renounced the three Michelin stars bestowed upon his self-titled London restaurant, is at it again, asking the Michelin Guide not to send inspectors to his new Singapore restaurant. That restaurant, the English House, opens this week in a colonial shophouse with a focus on British classics. Ahead of the opening, White told news outlet Channel News Asia that the

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2018-09-12 10:35:15

David Chang's Upcoming NYC Restaurant Gets a Chef and a Korean Focus   

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2018-09-12 09:22:01

Comedian Aparna Nancherla Puts Tzatziki on Too Many Things  

The stand-up comedian and Twitter superstar answers the Famous Original Eater Questionnaire Even if you've never seen her Netflix special or watched one of her live comedy shows, there's a good chance you're familiar with Aparna Nancherla. The comedian has appeared on buzzy hits like Corporate, 2 Dope Queens, Crashing, and Master of None. She recently wrote a blistering op-ed for the New York Times about Louis C.K.'s comedy comeback. And if you're on Twitter, one of t...

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2018-09-11 14:03:01

Watch: The Montreal Restaurant Getting Creative With Jewish Food Classics  

Gefilte-fish tacos and massafan ice cream sandwiches are on the menu at Fletchers Fletchers is a fascinating experiment in dining, culture, and history inside the Museum of Jewish Montreal — and I am 100 percent here for it. We don't always do things the traditional way on Dining on a Dime, and this trip to Fletchers shows that a food experience can be heightened and given depth when you've got context and historical background to go along with it. Jewish food historian...

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2018-09-11 13:18:02

Chicago's Mari Katsumura Reveals Her Plans for the Former Grace Space  

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2018-09-11 12:21:25

Cynthia Nixon's Controversial Bagel Order, Explained  

The NY gubernatorial candidate raised plenty of eyebrows with her unusual cinnamon-raisin and lox combo New York media has a new fixation, and it's not the identity of the anonymous New York Times op-ed writer or Elon Musk smoking weed on camera. The latest incident to capture hearts, minds, and Twitter timelines has it all: politics, an iconic local foodstuff, a B-list celebrity, and a combination of flavors so divisive that it seemingly crosses party lines. The incident i...

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2018-09-11 12:07:22

Watch: What Do Steaks From a 15-Year-Old Cow Taste Like?  

The hosts of Prime Time set out to see if a cow's age affects its taste "Before 1940, the average age of a harvested animal was 4 to 5 years. Now, it's 12 to 15 months," according to Kinderhook Farm farmer Lee Ranney. The Prime Time duo, Ben Turley and Brent Young, meet with Ranney on his farm in Valtie, New York, to compare three different grass-fed cows: 28 months old, 8 years old, and 15 years old. Typically, Turley and Young receive 28-month-old beef at their New Y...

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2018-09-11 11:42:21

The Ongoing Saga at the Spotted Pig, Explained  

Here's everything that's happened since owner Ken Friedman was accused of sexual misconduct last year Nearly three months after chefs Gabrielle Hamilton and Ashley Merriman announced plans to take over operations at New York City restaurant the Spotted Pig, Eater NY reports that the deal is off. Late last year, the New York Times broke the news that the influential restaurant, open since 2004 and credited with popularizing the gastropub in America, was the setting for mul...

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2018-09-11 10:52:01

Can a Prison Strike Improve Food for the Incarcerated?  

Prisoners in 14 states are pushing to improve the quality of life behind bars This story was originally published on Civil Eats. Since August 21, people in prisons across the U.S. have been on strike. In at least 14 states, they have stopped work, started hunger strikes, and boycotted commissaries, the stores inside correctional facilities that sell food and other products. While much of the news coverage of the protests has focused predominantly on prison labor, the full li

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2018-09-11 10:30:24

Bowing to Customer Demand, Chipotle Brings Back Its Critically Panned Chorizo  

Plus, Subway is getting rid of $5 footlongs, and more food news Chipotle is bringing its version of chorizo back for a limited time, reports Nation's Restaurant News. Despite negative reviews from critics, the burrito chain says chorizo is making a return because customers were disappointed when it disappeared from the menu last year. Reports of foodborne illnesses are becoming more common. It isn't because food safety is getting worse, according to NPR. It's because s...

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2018-09-11 09:22:01

Fundraisers for Sick Restaurant Employees Represent the Failure of American Health Care  

Raising money for sick workers isn't making up for a flaw in the restaurant industry; it's making up for the fact that there's no safety net for anyone When Jason Fisher, a then-29-year-old sous chef at Atlanta's No. 246, found out his cancer had come back, it didn't take long before the restaurant's managers decided to try and raise some money. Within two days, general manager Bradley Wyatt was shocked to see their GoFundMe had already raised a few thousand dollars...

what do you think?

2018-09-11 06:00:02

Meet the Stars of 'Chef's Table' Seasons 5 and 6 on Netflix  

Filmmaker David Gelb and his team are profiling eight new chefs around the world Today, Netflix announces the full lineup of the next two seasons of its award-winning culinary documentary series Chef's Table. Season 5, which is slated to premiere on September 28, will focus on "chefs and cuisines whose stories have for too long been hidden." Season 6, meanwhile, has "the journey home" as its theme, and it's going to land on Netflix at some point next year. Filmma...

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2018-09-10 13:56:23

Another Restaurant World Antihero Dies  

On the death of NYC restaurateur Kenny Shopsin This post originally appeared on September 8, 2018, in Amanda Kludt's newsletter "From the Editor," a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now. Two big stories of particular interest to me I want to highlight before we get into all the news. First: Iconic (iconoclastic?) New York restaurateur and chef Kenny Shopsin died over the Labor Day weekend, an unexp...

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2018-09-10 12:47:04

The 18 Essential Ibiza Restaurants   

Where to find crisp focaccia, freshly-caught seafood, and local wood-fired steaks on Spain's Illa Blanca Ibiza's reputation as a premier destination for unabashed hedonism almost always precedes it, but there is a lot more to the small Balearic island than elite partying. Along with all of its outstanding natural beauty comes a rich fishing tradition and fertile rust-red soil, making the island as excellent a place to eat as it is to frolic. A steadfast group of historic re...

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2018-09-10 12:38:07

Sobbing in Starbucks  

I took a seat by the old man reading the paper, held my grande mocha, and cried At a strip mall Starbucks off a Long Island highway, I felt my bare face flush. The telltale tingle showed up in my nose, then the room blurred as my eyes welled up. Right there, with an old man reading the paper in a plush chair beside me, I cried. No one asked what was happening. I just wept, and the solitude of that moment gave me the first release I'd experienced in months. There's a grand...

what do you think?

2018-09-10 10:36:02

How Pedialyte Got Pedialit   

Inside Pedialyte's journey from toddler flu remedy to hangover fix

what do you think?

2018-09-10 10:23:22

Carla Hall Escapes 'The Chew' to Land Her Own Cooking Segment on 'Good Morning America'  

Plus, an ex-Noma chef wants to save school lunches in America, and more food news Condolences to fans of The Chew, which officially went off the air on Friday after being canceled in May. The news isn't all bad, however, as People reports co-host and restaurateur Carla Hall now hosts a cooking segment in the third hour of ABC's Good Morning America, which is replacing the culinary talk show. In its final months, The Chew was plagued by the fallout from sexual misconduct a...

what do you think?

2018-09-10 10:19:25

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