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1 Move to Prep Your Entire Body For Working Out  

A proper warmup before any strength-training workout will not only help you perform better during your sweat session, but it also might help ease the delayed pain, known as DOMS, that can follow a tough workout. After three to five minutes of light cardio, do a handful of walkouts to prep your entire body for the upcoming challenges you will be facing, from holding multiple planks to heaving kettlebells. We've added a lunge to this classic move to make the exercise even more effective. Rela

2017-09-26 12:02:30

These 33 Meal-Prep Ideas are Healthy, Simple, and Delicious  

To prevent consuming every food in sight, a little preparation goes a long way. From breakfasts to snacks to lunch and dinner, if you're new to meal prepping or you're getting bored with the same old combinations, find inspiration in these simple and delicious meal-prep ideas. Related16 Must-Follow Meal-Prep Tips For Weight Loss

2017-09-26 11:13:34

This Beautiful, Candy-Corn-Colored Layered Smoothie Is All Halloween Fun, No Sugar  

There's something so iconic about candy corn at Halloween - but let's be honest, they don't actually taste that awesome . . . they're like little bites of corn syrup! So how do you get the spirited, fun feeling of candy corn without the excess sugar and unwanted calories? This layered smoothie is the perfect solution: it's healthy, vegan, simple, and tasty. The candy corn colors make it extra fun and festive for Halloween, and you'll get the anti-inflammatory prope

2017-09-26 09:58:57

This Is the Only Crunch Exercise I Do These Days - Because It Burns  

When it comes to working my core, I really like the plank and all its variations. And I am fan of working my abs while standing; it makes me feel tough. But sometimes I want to lay down when I work my abs, and when I do, I want my abs to burn. And this frog crunch is my go-to ab exercise when I just can't get off the floor. Frog Crunch Start on your back with your hands behind your head and your elbows wide. Keeping your heels together and toes pointed out, bring your knees to touch you

2017-09-26 05:35:40

Get in on Pumpkin Spice Season Without Breaking Whole30 - This Savory Soup Is Delicious  

Love pumpkin, but you're sick of sweets? Maybe you're just not that into sugary food, or you're trying Whole30 but still want to get in on the pumpkin spice craze. Either way, you need to try the Züpa Noma Pumpkin Cinnamon Sage Soup. Made from pumpkin and squash, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, sage, and ginger, this blend is high in vitamins A and C and fiber, with a touch of turmeric for reducing inflammation. RelatedBeyond the Lattes: 30+ Healthy Pumpkin Spice Treats, Snacks, and F...

2017-09-25 18:03:44

You'll Be Han Swole-O When You Wear This Star Wars-Style Activewear to the Gym  

May the gains be with you, friends, because you're about to roll up to the gym and say, "Luke, I am your spotter." The Force will be strong with your workout, but don't let the power go to your head - you don't want to be that person at the gym looking down on other people, saying, "I find your lack of gains disturbing." Just don't go to the dark side, OK? Ahead are over 20 of our favorite picks for rocking your very best BB-8 or C-3PO look in the gym. Which will you choose?

2017-09-25 16:09:34

Consider All Your Cravings Answered With These Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Recipes  

It's the most wonderful time of year - Fall is here and everything tastes and smells (and sometimes even looks) like pumpkin. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty soup or a sweet treat, these pumpkin recipes will satisfy you, and the best part is they're all vegan. Even if you don't follow a vegan diet, though, you can certainly find pleasure from these dishes. Better yet, make them for your friends and see if they can even tell that there's no dairy involved. Related

2017-09-25 14:47:01

HIIT the Track With This Total-Body, No-Equipment Workout  

The kids are going back to school! Yay! But now time is tighter than ever. Let's not get hung up on the bad news. Let's get to work with this calorie-blasting workout that takes less time than you'd think to stay lean. If you're strapped for time but still want to get a workout in that burns mega calories, you need to consider high-intensity interval training (HIIT), one of the most efficient styles of working out. It saves you time and produces superior body results. The be

2017-09-25 08:55:30

Once You Start Baking With Avocado, You May Never Go Back to Butter  

Full of omega-3s and vitamin E, avocados taste perfect when thinly sliced on a salad, thrown in a fruity smoothie, or paired with salty sunflower seeds. Yet another way you can incorporate the ever-versatile avocado into your culinary life: as a substitute for butter. RelatedEverything You Need to Know About Baking With Coconut Oil When baking, substitute half the amount of butter in your recipe for mashed avocado. If you substitute the whole amount, you'll end up with flatter results

2017-09-25 08:26:04

Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar? This Dietitian Says You Need More Protein  

You probably know by now that you need to be eating a good amount of protein if you're trying to lose weight or gain some muscle. But there are plenty of people out there who aren't working toward either of those goals - and that's totally OK, too. However, if you're not watching your protein intake carefully, there's a chance that you're not getting enough of it on a daily basis, and that's when your health starts to suffer. "When you don't consume adeq

2017-09-25 06:04:06

Got Cravings? These Creamy Smoothies Taste Like Milkshakes  

Sometimes you want a refreshing, tangy, fruity smoothie - and other times you're just really craving a chocolate milkshake. We know this because, honestly, we get these milkshake cravings all the time too. Fortunately, there are lightened-up ways to have a delicious, creamy, decadent treat without sabotaging your digestive tract or making your stomach feel like it's filled with cement. If you're in the mood for a frothy treat but hoping for something a little healthier, then we ha

2017-09-25 04:34:06

This Cooking Guide Will Make You a Tempeh Master  

Tofu is usually the first food people experiment with when they switch to a more plant-based diet. Tofu is pretty easy to cook with because it has such a bland flavor, but tempeh is another soy product that shouldn't be forgotten! Made by fermenting cooked soybeans, it's less processed than tofu and offers more protein and way more fiber per serving. Here are four easy ways to start cooking with tempeh. Just be aware that there are different types, so try a few varieties to see which y

2017-09-25 04:26:25

These Photos Prove You Don't Have to Be "Scary Skinny" to Have an Eating Disorder  

Carissa Seligman recently posted these transformation photos on her Instagram page to convey a very important message about eating disorders that doesn't get talked about much. She captions the above photos, "The girl with the eating disorder isn't always the one who looks 'scary skinny.' In fact, she may not even be the thinnest in the room. But what you see on the outside doesn't always translate to what is going on inside." Carissa told POPSUGAR that her disordered

2017-09-25 03:49:32

A Dietitian's 8 Tips For Making the Perfect Salad For Weight Loss  

Salads and weight loss go hand-in-hand, right? Whatever diet or lifestyle change you've got going on, salads get the thumbs up! That's because veggies are full of hunger-satiating fiber and water to make you feel more full, and eating more veggies is one of the easiest things you can do to reach your weight-loss goals. In order for your bowl to help you lose weight, we asked certified dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition to offer tips on how to make a sal

2017-09-25 03:13:45

Selena Gomez Is the Newest Face of Puma  

Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Sep 18, 2017 at 10:00am PDT One of our all-time favorite celebs has teamed up with one of our all-time favorite fitness brands for an exceptionally exciting new collaboration: Selena Gomez is the new face of Puma! According to Vogue, it's a "long-term partnership" that will be an "ongoing series of projects, as [Selena] has been tasked to design product and help direct future campaigns."

2017-09-24 21:13:03

Try Demi Lovato's Workout With This 30-Minute Sweat Sesh  

We're big fans of Demi Lovato, and after working out with her trainer, Kim Glass, we're big fans of her, too. As a former Olympian - she won silver playing indoor volleyball - Kim knows a lot about working out the entire body efficiently and effectively. Grab a set of medium weights and two towels to use as gliders (or paper plates if you're working out on carpeting). And the answer is yes - everyone in this workout is sporting gear from Demi's line for Fabletics. Outfits: D

2017-09-24 09:13:10

This Crazy-Stylish Activewear Looks Expensive AF, but It's Actually From Target  

It's not Jonathan Simkhai for Carbon 38 . . . and it's not Lululemon x Taryn Toomey. In fact, there's no designer collab in this collection - it's simply Target's new fashion-forward activewear line, JoyLab. We're swooning over gorgeously clean lines, beautiful colors, soft florals, and styles that look flawless on all body types. The collection debuts Oct. 1, and we're already certain we need all of it, especially because the prices range from $15 to $45, with

2017-09-24 05:08:09

Get Insanely Strong With This Intense 10-Minute Bodyweight Workout  

5-10-15. That's all you need to remember for this quick, but intense, workout. You'll strengthen the arms, upper back, core, butt, and legs in just 10 minutes. And you don't need an expensive gym membership or equipment to do this workout - just you and your own determination to push yourself hard. Directions: Set a timer for five minutes. Keep repeating the below three-move circuit until the five minutes are up. Take a two-minute break and repeat for another five minutes. Or make

2017-09-24 03:04:38

Deliciously Filling High-Protein Smoothies to Help With Weight Loss  

Smoothies are an easy way to pack tons of vitamins and nutrients into your day, but if your concoction falls short on protein, you'll likely be hungry soon after sipping. In order to make a smoothie that will keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours, protein is a must! Nutritionists Stephanie Clarke, RD, and Willow Jarosh, RD, of C&J Nutrition recommend that your breakfast offers 13 to 20 grams of protein. More is OK, but certified dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole

2017-09-24 02:47:41

This Is the Workout Laura Did Every Day to Lose 115 Pounds (Hint: It's Not Cardio)  

Do yourself a favor. Never forget where you started. Never forget how badly you wanted that change. Never forget how hard you fought just to start. It takes courage and strength to try. If you're teetering on the edge of a change, don't hesitate. I know... it's hard. It's worth it. Never forget. . . . This is my heaviest - over 300lbs in 2014. My thinnest (cut)- at 180 in May 2017. My current (bulk) at about 195. Each girl was fighting for something. A post shared by Lau

2017-09-23 18:52:52

Warning: This 5-Move, 5-Minute Workout May Destroy You  

One of my favorite local San Francisco studios has to be Salt. The women-owned studio offers a variety of classes, some that incorporate barre and kickboxing, and others that are hardcore HIIT classes that will leave you dripping in salty sweat. I love the community aspect and that each and every workout leaves me the perfect amount of sore. During my most recent class, we were tasked with a pretty grueling HIIT circuit after an already intense 45 minutes of class. I won't lie; there was a

2017-09-23 18:36:30

The Secret Behind Getting the Best Results at the Gym  

There are as many tips for making your workout better as there are opinions in the world. We get it. It's hard to really know which advice you should follow, especially since so much of it can be questionable at best. Let's look past the gurus and experts who don't seem to have any reasonable credentials to have earned those titles and get down to science of workout performance. When it comes to improving the results you see in the gym, diet plays a huge role - specifically, cons

2017-09-23 10:31:19

Obsessed With ACV? Here's Why Harley Pasternak Suggests You Pump the Brakes  

Celebrity trainer, nutritionist, and New York Times bestselling author Harley Pasternak, MS, has no problem sharing strong opinions on hotly debated nutrition topics (the Keto diet and juice cleanses come to mind). When we asked him to debunk some fitness and health trends, the first thing that came to his mind was ACV. "Apple cider vinegar - people are drinking gallons of it without any scientific substantiation," he told POPSUGAR. RelatedWhy It's Important to Stop Drinking Shots of ACV

2017-09-22 10:49:46

Chill Out With This Stress-Relieving Lavender Nice Cream  

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed and reaching for a pint of ice cream, make sure it's this soothing nice cream! This tasty dairy-free ice cream is full of stress-busting lavender and blueberries to keep you cool and collected. RelatedCreate Some Serious Chill With This DIY Aromatherapy Candle Stress-Relief Lavender Nice Cream From Lisa Barnet Ingredients3 1/3 cups (2 cans) coconut milk 2 tablespoons dried culinary lavender 3/4 cup frozen organic blueberries 2/3 cup agave

2017-09-22 10:28:04

Forget the Farm: Old MacDonald Had a Yoga Studio, E-I-E-I-Om  

With a tweet tweet here, and a bark bark there, here a meow, there an oink, everywhere a squawk and wheeek! Wow. We've been doing yoga all wrong. With humans. What were we thinking?! Yoga with animals seems way more adorable, and yeah, maybe more distracting and furry, but definitely more fun! A little yoga here, some snuggling there, and probably a whole lot of erupting in giggles. We're in!

2017-09-22 09:14:16

This Superchallenging Bodyweight Workout Will Rock Every Muscle Group  

While visiting New York City a few weeks ago, I knew I had to check out the ultrapopular (crazy hard) workout at DOGPOUND gym in TriBeCa. I got the chance to take a class with Rhys Athayde, founding trainer at DOGPOUND, who completely kicked my ass (in the best way possible). I asked him to put together a DOGPOUND-style workout for all of you at home so you could get a taste of what the workout is all about. RelatedI Tried the Revenge Body Workout and Just Barely Survived "This is a full-body wo

2017-09-22 08:41:20

The Key to This Trainer's Booty Gains Had Nothing to Do With Squats  

Someone asked me the other day how much I squat and I was like umm I don't! Squats are an amazing compound movement and should definitely not be discounted. But I hate squats so I never squat. Luckily for me, squats aren't the only exercise that grow the booty! Want to grow

2017-09-22 06:29:14

You'll Feel Sexy and Fun When You Do This Dance With The Fitness Marshall  

Are you ready to live your best life? The Fitness Marshall is here to help. This impossibly fun, uptempo, and groovy tune from Jax Jones called "Instruction" will be the soundtrack for many body rolls and sassy hip moves. You're going to have so much fun dancing to this!

2017-09-22 05:05:31

If You Love Coffee and Working Out Equally, These Quotes Will Speak to You  

If you had to choose between coffee and working out, you probably couldn't decide. They are equally your two absolute favorite things in the entire world. You can't survive without either. If this sounds like your life, these quotes might as well have been written by you. Related300-Calorie Iced Coffee Protein Smoothie (Tastes Like Melted Coffee Ice Cream!)

2017-09-22 04:51:48

This Dairy-Free Ice Cream Might Be Halo Top For Vegans  

The healthy ice cream craze has been delightful for millions of dieters, but even the most beloved brands like Halo Top leave vegans and dairy-free eaters with no dessert - and a whole lot of FOMO. A recent brand to respond to said void in the healthy dessert space is Vegallia, a dairy-free dessert line with no added sugar, using xylitol (a sugar alcohol) as a sweetener (similar to Halo Top, which uses erythritol in addition to cane sugar and stevia). The brand offers seven vegan, gluten-free f

2017-09-22 04:45:16

Need Some On-the-Go Paleo Grub? Try These Yummy Snacks From Whole Foods  

Grain-free, dairy-free, low carb, high protein: these are a few basic dos and don'ts of the ever-popular Paleo diet, which aims to mimic a caveman diet, filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat, and very little processed ingredients. Chances are you're already wondering how the heck this eating plan even works without feeling starved, sluggish, or just downright angry. Sure, there are already countless Paleo recipes available for you to whip up at the drop of a hat, bu

2017-09-22 03:20:15

I Sent Away a Sample of My Poop, and Here's What I Learned About My Health  

"When in doubt, follow your gut," conventional wisdom tells us. And when it comes to your health, it's actually not bad advice. The organisms living in our guts can help explain everything from our weight to our mental state. "There is clear evidence from various studies that our microbiomes impact human health," explained Cornell University professor Maureen Hanson and her research associate Ludovic Giloteaux. The pair told POPSUGAR that the bacteria in our guts are "involved in the proc

2017-09-22 03:15:58

Use This 1 At-Home Move to Banish Lower Belly Fat  

Let's talk about lower belly fat. It's OK. Really. Let it out. While it is impossible to spot-reduce a certain area of the body, adding muscle and exercising can be very effective in reducing overall body fat - especially in the lower belly. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn naturally, even while at rest. Doing moves that target your lower abs may sometimes prove difficult and time-consuming, but not if you pick the right one. Here's the move you need in yo

2017-09-22 01:33:30

What to Know About LISS Workouts and Why So Many People Are Doing Them  

Are you in need of a break from a high-intensity cardio schedule? Maybe you've heard of LISS - a low-key style of cardio training and a fitness term that's been blowing up on social media. We chatted with Jake Peterson, a NASM-certified and Precision Nutrition-certified trainer, about the new fitness trend that's cropping up to figure out what exactly it is. So, what is LISS? LISS stands stands for Low-Intensity Sustained State - think marathon vs. sprint. Basically, any cardio-

2017-09-22 01:18:19

So You've Eaten, You're Full, but You're Still Mentally "Hungry" - Now What?  

You know by now that there's a difference between emotional eating and eating to survive; what we crave emotionally often differs from what our body actually craves and needs, and sometimes that can be tough to navigate. While emotional eating left unchecked can lead to serious weight and health issues, there is still something to be said for ensuring you're emotionally and mentally sated when you eat. As registered dietitian Lisa Eberly-Mastela, RD, MPH, put it, "Food is not simply f

2017-09-21 18:43:05

Build Endurance and Burn Fat in Just 45 Minutes With This Treadmill Workout  

As good as those short and sweet workouts can be, there are times when you want to invest a little more time and effort into your run. This is where you'll really build up your endurance, burn more calories, and feel stronger in general. Michael Olzinski, MSc, Purplepatch endurance coach and Equinox run coach, told POPSUGAR that it's necessary to mix things up every now and then and challenge your body with a longer workout. "Sometimes you really need to condition your aerobic engine

2017-09-21 13:23:08

Feast Your Eyes on the Shirtless Guy Who Should Be Dubbed "the Kettlebell King"  

His Instagram handle is primal.swoledier - and once you see these pictures, you will understand why. Meet Eric Leija, the shirtless 24-year-old who is taking Instagram by storm. He's a kettlebell specialist who can do some pretty insane things with his pretty insane physique. Eric films his workouts on a regular basis, and each of them is as impressive as the last. Did we mention he's shirtless most of the time? Make sure you're sitting down for this one. RelatedDice Iida-Klein

2017-09-21 12:59:17

Is There 1 Exercise You Should Do Every Day? Jillian Michaels Weighs In  

Some trainers may try and tell you to do an ab series every day or to hold plank or to squat, but is there really one exercise you should be doing every day for strength training and weight loss? According to Jillian Michaels, who spoke to me at the Tone It Up Tour in San Francisco, there isn't! "Doing the same exercise every day would create a host of issues [and] imbalances. You'd adapt to it. You wouldn't change. You'd get overuse injuries," Jillian told POPSUGAR. She add

2017-09-21 12:35:16

If You Hate the Taste of Protein Powder, You Will Love This Alternative  

If you're anything like me, you find protein powder to be a necessary evil. Necessary because you absolutely need it to support your active lifestyle, but evil because it absolutely tastes disgusting. And if you follow a dairy-free diet, the "tastes disgusting" element is compounded by about 100 percent. Most plant-based protein powders tend to be chalky and lack the creaminess of their whey counterparts. This has been my plight for several years now, and while I've tried to live my l

2017-09-21 10:26:49

Bottoms Up: These Are the Alcoholic Drinks You Can Have If You're Paleo  

The hardest part of starting any diet is figuring out what you're allowed to eat and drink - and what you're not. The Paleo diet is known for restricting grains, sugar, and dairy, but when it comes to alcohol, things get a bit confusing. There isn't a definitive answer out there on which kinds of booze you're allowed to indulge in on the Paleo diet, but there are a few easy rules to remember if you don't want to miss out on happy hour. First of all, know that beer is t

2017-09-21 07:34:17

Will Having an Orgasm Ease Your Menstrual Cramps? Here's What a Doctor Says  

When your period is around the corner and your cramps gradually start to kick in, the first things you reach for are ibuprofen and a hot water bottle (and maybe some dark chocolate). One PMS remedy you may have never considered, though, is having sex. Before you cringe and back away, hear us out. Medical professionals say that having an orgasm can actually help relieve your menstrual cramps. POPSUGAR spoke to Jennifer Wider, MD, a renowned women's health expert and author, who explained t

2017-09-21 07:19:13

Sometimes You Just Need to Look at Dozens of Photos of Shirtless Men Doing Yoga  

There's something about men doing yoga that is just so damn attractive. Their strength, their balance, their subtle calmness, their vibrant energy, their joy - it just emanates beauty. Seeing men feel so free to practice yoga shirtless makes us feel just as vibrant. You may need to scroll through these photos a few times . . . you know, to feel more joy. RelatedPhotos of Naked Men Doing Yoga. You're Welcome.

2017-09-21 07:19:09

Recharge and Relax: Our Favorite Healthy Hotels and Resorts  

Vacations are meant for relaxing, but sitting around all day can get boring pretty quickly. Whether it's a morning yoga practice on the beach, a spectacular hike, or biking through wine country, choosing a fitness-minded hotel or resort definitely has its perks. Planning your own vacation? Consider one of these fit destinations. Related: Healthy Travel Guide

2017-09-21 06:01:50

Think You're Allergic to Gluten? You Have to See These Before-and-After Belly Photos  

A post shared by Esme (@balanceforyou) on Sep 18, 2017 at 6:00pm PDT These aren't your typical belly bloat before-and-after photos from one weekend of gorging on pizza, french fries, ice cream, and beer. This is way more serious. Esme captions the above photo, "first picture: before being diagnosed with celiac disease" and "second picture: after being diagnosed with celiac disease." Wow. Can you imagine the pain and discomfort she was experiencing? Esme says, "the summer of 2015 was

2017-09-21 04:39:24

BRB, Filling a Bathtub With Siggi's Pumpkin & Spice Icelandic Yogurt  

Let us start by saying that we already love Siggi's: Icelandic yogurt (or skyr) is one of the healthiest yogurts you can get, and this brand in particular is a dietitian favorite, with some dietitians we've interviewed saying it's the only brand they'll buy. It delivers high-protein, low-sugar options with a decadent creaminess and rich flavor we haven't quite experienced with Greek yogurt, and it always keeps us coming back to try new flavors (though the vanilla variet

2017-09-20 15:50:10

Lighten Up Chicken Salad With a Secret Ingredient  

Mayo-laden chicken salad can clock in at more than 500 calories per serving. Sub in nonfat Greek yogurt to keep the same texture and tang you love but cut the calories and fat of the traditional in half. Serve your salad over a bed of lettuce, tucked in a pita pocket, or on top of a toasted English muffin for a light yet satisfying lunch. Related12 Healthy Chicken Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Greek-Yogurt Chicken Salad From Lizzie Fuhr, POPSUGAR Fitness Ingredients2 large boneless,

2017-09-20 10:41:21

Jacqueline Lost 350 Pounds and Was Still Body Shamed - Here's Her Perfect Response  

When we were on vacation in Mexico a few weeks ago, it was the first time I had worn a bathing suit in a long time, and it had been even longer since I wore a bathing suit without a cover up. I was nervous to take my cover up off and to walk into the pool or walk on the beach. I still felt like that same 500 pound girl...then it happened. A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover up off. So what did I do? I took a deep

2017-09-20 06:53:39

Forget Coffee: This Quick Yoga Sequence Will Give You a Boost of Midday Energy  

It's just after lunch and you're starting to feel tired. Rather than reaching for yet another serving of caffeine, consider taking a break and finding a quiet spot to do some yoga. This short yet effective sequence will give you the energy you need to power through the day, and it's just as suitable for beginners as it is for advanced practitioners. You'll go through a simple flow that will get your blood moving and your heart pumping. You'll forget coffee even existed.

2017-09-20 04:08:11

Bookmark This Page For When You Forget to Take Your Birth Control  

Accidentally skipping a birth control pill, or two, can leave you beyond worried. We turned to a board certified physician to offer advice on when you've missed a dose, or two, or three, of birth control pills. Keep reading to hear what she has to say on the matter. I have receives countless questions from women who have inadvertently skipped a birth control pill, so I will be giving a general overview on what to do when you realize you have missed a dose. While this column will have gene

2017-09-20 02:57:29

How Emma Stone Put on 15 Pounds of Muscle For Battle of the Sexes  

A post shared by JASON WALSH (@risemovement) on Jan 10, 2017 at 4:59pm PST We've seen Emma Stone play a variety of roles over the years, and she perfects each and every one of them. This year, though, we get to see her star in perhaps her most interesting role of all time - legendary tennis player Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes. In order to prepare for this movie, which stars Steve Carell and will be released on Sept. 22, Emma had to get in serious shape, and celebrity trai

2017-09-20 02:19:11

Get Ready For a 10-Minute Booty Burner - No Equipment Needed  

You don't need any equipment to tone, strengthen, and shape your booty. This 10-minute workout from Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness gets the job done fast. You'll be surprised how little time it takes to get your backside burning. On Anna: Show Me Your Mumu top, Sweaty Betty bra and tights, and Dr. Scholl's shoes. On Katie: Onzie outfit and Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) shoes. Yoga Design Lab mats

2017-09-20 01:53:17

13 Veggie Sandwich Fillings So Good, You'll Forget Meat Was Even a Thing  

Leaving lunch to chance is the easiest way to throw your healthy intentions off track, even if you're vegetarian. If you're trying to eat more vegetables or just need more options for your vegetarian packed lunches, check out 13 sandwich fillings that are fiber full, packed with flavor, and meat free! RelatedRoll With It: 21 Healthy Wrap Recipes

2017-09-19 18:09:14

These Are the Most Effective Ways to Avoid Getting a Cold This Season  

As we welcome the spiced lattes and crisp leaves of Fall, we also enter into the throes of cold and flu season, where every doorknob and elevator button becomes an obstacle in the battle to stay sniffle-free. Current estimates project that Americans will come down with about half a billion (yes, that's a "b") colds this year, and anywhere between five to 20 percent of the population will develop the dreaded flu. But salvation is possible, and it comes in the form of prevention. Here, we r

2017-09-19 14:01:08

Dive Headfirst Into Fall With These Tasty (and Healthy) Pumpkin Soup Recipes  

Pumpkins aren't just for fun Halloween festivities; they also make pretty amazing comfort-food ingredients. These fiber-full globes mix with pretty much any ingredient you can think of to make warming recipes, whether sweet or savory. Perfect the following recipes to avoid getting left out of the pumpkin frenzy this Fall. RelatedVegan Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cheesecake - Enough Said!

2017-09-19 12:48:19

These Brownies Are Packed With Immunity-Boosting Power  

These brownies have a secret ingredient you'll never be able to guess. Give up? They're packed with reishi mushroom powder, which is full of immunity-boosting and antiaging properties. And did we mention these brownies are also vegan? These treats have a lot going for them. Regular brownies just seem boring by comparison!

2017-09-19 12:37:22

These Hearty Green Soups Are as Healthy as They Are Beautiful  

Upping your vegetable intake is so much easier than you think, no matter what time of year it is. There is always an abundance of seasonal leafy greens at your nearest grocery store or farmers market, and there are also a multitude of ways to enjoy them. If you want to enjoy the ease of making your own soups, grab your favorite vegetables and get started with these 13 green recipes that are healthy and hearty. RelatedWant to Lose Weight? Here's the Dinner This Celebrity Trainer Suggests

2017-09-19 09:58:42

This Sweet Potato Salad = The Perfect Weight-Loss Lunch  

When heading to a dinner party, I always opt to bring a healthy, hearty dish, something that will change everyone's perspective on what "health" food actually tastes like. I recently was cooking for a table of guests with dietary restrictions ranging from Paleo to gluten-free and all the way to vegan. It seemed like a recipe for disaster, but instead, my cookbook research brought me to the perfect salad to please everyone's (picky) palates: food journalist Mark Bittman's spicy sw

2017-09-19 08:35:11

Why Some People Sweat a Lot More Than Others  

You're trucking along on the treadmill and as you reach for a towel to wipe off the perspiration on your forehead, you can't help but notice the guy to the right who's sweating so much. It looks like he jumped in a river. Why is it that some people sweat like crazy and some are barely glistening? Sweating is the body's way of cooling itself off and maintaining a healthy temperature. You're born with between two and four million sweat glands. Women have more sweat glan

2017-09-19 07:36:24

If You've Got Big Boobs, Here Are Some Tips For Buying the Perfect Sports Bra  

Activewear is an investment, and your spending shouldn't be limited to the most visible items you workout in like cool trainers and snazzy leggings, because your undergarments matter just as much. This is even more important for bustier women. The size of your chest should never stand in the way of your active lifestyle and fitness pursuits, so if you're struggling with ill-fitting sports bras, or having to double-bra your way through every workout, the following tips will make your

2017-09-19 07:29:24

We Might Steal the Tone It Up Girls' Motto For Healthy Eating: "Lean, Clean, Green"  

We often look to Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott for fitness and health inspiration. They're the masterminds behind Tone It Up, the renowned online wellness community that connects women all over the world with accessible workouts and nutrition plans. All it takes is one glance at their Instagram profile to see that they're reliable sources when it comes to planning out your daily diet. Karena and Katrina are currently in the middle of their Tone It Up Tour, which visits 15 major citie

2017-09-19 07:21:46

Harley Pasternak's Best Weight-Loss Tip Is So Easy, You'll Think He's Kidding  

If you're familiar with the works of celeb trainer, nutritionist, and New York Times bestselling author Harley Pasternak, you know his motto well: "Strong in the gym, lean in life." It's one of the core principles of his training style and shapes the way he gives weight-loss advice to his A-list clients like Ariana Grande, Behati Prinsloo, Amy Schumer, Katy Perry, and the Kardashians. RelatedWhy Harley Pasternak Says to Avoid These 2 Workouts If Weight Loss Is Your Goal We've t

2017-09-19 06:58:04

This Is the Only Period Tracking App You Will Ever Need  

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly which days in the month your skin is going to break out, or when you know for a fact you're going to crave chocolate no matter what? One app has made this possible with a few taps, and it's as helpful as it sounds. Let me convince you why this period tracker is something you absolutely need to have on your phone. Clue, the personalized health app, is a period tracker like no other. It has transformed the way I manage my period and sympt

2017-09-19 06:05:33

Being "Dumped on a Romantic Weekend Getaway" Sparked Sian's 87-Pound Weight Loss  

It was Sian Ryan's New Year's resolution in January 2015 that got her excited to start her weight-loss journey. She told POPSUGAR, "I decided I had had enough of looking how I looked." After a few failed attempts, she finally lost 20 pounds, but then regained it back, plus some, by the time Summer rolled around. She said, "I was in a relationship where we ate a lot of food, dined out a lot, and spent a lot of time at the pub and going out drinking." Sian Before It wasn't until S

2017-09-19 05:32:59

Kayla Itsines Shares a BBG "Advanced Leg Workout," and We're Sore Just Watching  

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Sep 19, 2017 at 4:33am PDT You've heard so many women rave about Kayla Itsines and her BBG program. You've seen the inspiring before-and-after transformations and heard about the amazing community. But you're probably wondering, what are the workouts really like? Well, wonder no more. Here's Kayla herself performing the "BBG Week 9 Legs" Workout. In her caption she lays it all out for anyone who wants to try it, noting

2017-09-19 03:56:10

All You Need Is a Jump Rope For This Killer CrossFit Cardio Workout  

When you're short on time, the last thing you want to do is pack your bag and commute to your gym. Sometimes it's nice to be able to squeeze in a tough, effective workout in the comfort of your own home (or outside, depending on the weather). This killer workout is perfect for moments like this, and it's a CrossFit classic, so you know it's a good one. It's called Annie, and although it looks simple on paper, it will have you sweating bullets in no time. You'll on

2017-09-18 18:25:30

The 1 Smoothie That Will Turn You Into a Beet Believer  

For the longest time, I was never really a fan of beets. Although I loved their intensely rich color, I was always a bit turned off by how slimy they appeared. I know - sounds ridiculous, right? But then I kept reading time and time again about how nutritious this earthy purple root is for you. Did you know beets are teeming with antioxidants, inflammatory compounds, and naturally occurring nitric oxide that has been proven to lower blood pressure and improve brain function . . . and even incre

2017-09-18 09:03:01

What to Do About Red Face After Exercise  

Working out is a sweaty business, but it can leave some people red in the face. To answer this reader's question, we turned to a board certified physician for information and advice. Dear Dr. Sugar, I still have to take PE in school this year and next, and I turn beet red. It's really embarrassing; no one else seems to get as red as I do. It makes me sad to be teased about it . . . Is there any way to get less red? - Feeling Rosie We all worry about red faces (blushing, rashes, acne,

2017-09-18 08:23:50

Kathryn Proved That Your Weight Doesn't Matter, Especially When It Comes to Booty Gains  

November '16- July '17. No implants (lol). Just non-stop grind, lifting heavy a$$ weight 6 days a week. It's crazy how if I were to measure my progress on a month to month basis, I'd hardly see a difference. But, when I compare my progress over time... DAMN! Hard work sure pays off

2017-09-18 07:24:31

Kayla Itsines (and Her 6-Pack) Are Here With Some More Words of Inspiration  

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Sep 18, 2017 at 6:29am PDT Kayla Itsines, creater of the insanely popular BBG program for fitness and weight loss, is gracing our Instagram feeds with not only her amazing six-pack but also these words of wisdom. She captioned the above photo, "If you want to be HEALTHY, LEAN, FIT and HAPPY, it doesn't matter if you your goals is to lose weight or gain weight or get somewhere in between, for BOTH you have to work very hard to get ther

2017-09-18 06:55:22

Soft, Sweet, and Packed With Protein, These Vegan Pancakes Come Together in 15 Minutes  

Brunch is ahh-mazing - well, not if you're vegan. It pretty much sucks, actually. Most pancakes, waffles, scones, and muffins you order at restaurants are made with butter, milk, and eggs. So take matters into your own hands and have a fabulous brunch at home with these homemade, supersoft and sweet vegan protein pancakes. What makes these so special is that they won't put you into the pancake coma you normally get after a stack of typical flapjacks. That's because each of these

2017-09-18 05:15:40

Ditching Cardio For Weights and Eating More Helped Emma "Build a Bum"  

A post shared by Emma Alvarez (@em.fitnessuk) on Sep 12, 2017 at 11:35am PDT We're hearing about more and more women who are picking up barbells - not just to lose weight, but to grow their muscles. Emma Alvarez's recent transformation post proves that lifting offers some serious booty gains! Emma admits, "Yes, I was that stereotypical gal who originally started off using the running machine and thought I could build a bum . . . HOW WRONG WAS I, EH?!?! WEIGHTS IS THE ANSWER (and

2017-09-18 05:05:48

30 Reminders That Burpees Are the F*cking Worst and No One Likes Them  

Whether you're a total beginner or a veteran fitness enthusiast, there's something many of us can agree on: burpees suck. While they're an excellent total-body workout, they're also a surefire way to push your body to its "I'm gonna puke" limits and they leave us feeling particularly uncomfortable. Yet because they're so effective at building strength and blasting calories, they tend to be built into many, many workouts. Thus, the antiburpee sentiment was born, and

2017-09-18 04:01:27

More Reps or Heavier Weight For Weight Loss? The Tone It Up Girls Give Their Answer  

Although we know there isn't one right way to lose weight, we can't help but ask what the most effective path to weight loss is. Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, the fitness gurus behind Tone It Up, an online community that has over 1 million followers on Instagram, have worked with countless women who are trying to get in shape, so they know firsthand what it takes to get the results you want. I recently had the chance to chat with Karena and Katrina at the Tone It Up Tour in San Franc

2017-09-18 03:17:06

Give Your Baked Goods a Protein Boost With This Dietitian's Tip  

Whether you're baking a batch of cookies, cupcakes, or pancakes, here's an easy baking tip from certified dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition. It will increase the protein and fiber in your baked goods without sacrificing flavor or texture. Leslie told POPSUGAR, "Replace half a cup of white flour with half a cup of oat flour." All you do is grind up rolled oats in a food processor or NutriBullet to have homemade oat flour on hand. One cup of oats makes abo

2017-09-17 13:01:13

Get a Restful Night's Sleep With This DIY Lush Sleepy Body Lotion  

If you have trouble winding down when it comes time for bed, you're not alone. Whip up this DIY sleepy body lotion, filled with calming lavender and ylang-ylang oil extracts, for a little peace of mind. Apply before bedtime for a relaxing (and moisturizing) night's sleep! RelatedMake Your Own Sleepy-Time Eye Mask Laced With Lavender DIY Lush Sleepy Body Lotion From Lisa Barnet Ingredients3 tablespoons almond oil 1 tablespoon jojoba oil 2 teaspoons cocoa butter 2 teaspoons bee

2017-09-17 12:28:35

A 20-Minute Fit and Sexy Workout For Your Entire Body  

Grab a set of weights and get ready to work your entire body, in just 20 minutes - warmup and cooldown included. We stack the circuits in this sweat session, adding a new exercise to each round. It keeps it interesting, not to mention challenging! We provide modifications for all the exercises, making this workout perfect no matter your fitness level.

2017-09-17 01:22:42

Maeve Thinks BMI Is Total Bullsh*t - and We Can't Help but Agree  

A post shared by Maeve Madden (@maeve_madden) on Aug 23, 2017 at 2:04pm PDT Maeve Madden recently went to the doctor, and after stepping on the scale, she discovered her BMI (body mass index) ID number was 26. BMI is a measure of your body fat based on your weight in relation to your height. A healthy BMI is considered 18.5 to 24.9, so technically Maeve was considered "overweight." And the photo on the right shows that her BMI was 18, which is officially considered "normal." Maeve captione

2017-09-16 21:32:49

The Filling Fall Salad That Can Help You Detox  

It's the perfect time to give the body a clean slate, but detox mode isn't defined by a diet of lemons and maple syrup. Candice Kumai of Top Chef fame began developing this recipe on her search for a healthier version of fat-laden coleslaw. What she ended up creating was a detox and diuretic salad that stands strong on its own. Apples marry with the dynamic duo of red and Savoy cabbage, combining for a fiber-filled meal that aids in digestion. The addition of fennel seeds adds to the

2017-09-16 10:55:11

These Super Herbs Fight Stress, Give You Energy, and Promote Weight Loss  

Those of you who are immersed in the health world may already be familiar with the term "adaptogen," but for those of you who may have been caught off guard (for example, me, at a vegan restaurant, reading a tea menu and saying "Wait, what is adaptogen flavor?") - let's chat about this up-and-coming naturopathic trend. Related: Natural Anxiety Treatments What Are They? Adaptogens are herbs! And in some cases, roots and mushrooms. These special plants help with stress, anxiety, sleep, your

2017-09-16 08:15:05

What 100 Calories Looks Like: Veggie Edition  

Veggies are always prized as being low in calories, but do you ever wonder exactly what that means? Check out the chart below to see what 100 calories of your favorite veggies looks like. You won't believe how many cherry tomatoes you'd have to eat to reach 100 calories! Food Amount Calories Asparagus 33 spears 109 Avocado 1/3 of the fruit 107 Beet (sliced) 2 3/4 cups 103 Bell pepper (green) 4 1/2 medium peppers 104 Bell pepper (red) 3 1/2 medium peppers 106 Broccoli (

2017-09-16 08:08:37

I Fasted 20 Hours a Day For 2 Weeks, and I Can't Believe This Happened  

I've been following the 16:8 intermittent fasting (IF) plan for over seven months now, which means I don't eat for 16 hours a day and only eat during the other eight hours. I find a lot of inspiration and information from watching YouTube videos on IF. Recently, I'd been seeing a lot about the Warrior Diet. It's a stricter form of intermittent fasting, during which you have a much shorter eating window of just four hours and then a fasting window of 20 hours. Before Warrior D

2017-09-15 19:46:14

Think Yoga Is "Too Slow" or Not Competitive Enough? Bob Harper Will Change Your Mind  

A post shared by Bob Harper (@bobharper) on Aug 30, 2017 at 9:02am PDT Bob Harper is known and loved for his ruthless training tactics on The Biggest Loser. You could always find him screaming until his throat hurt, sweating until there were no towels left, and pushing contestants to be the absolute best version of themselves. But everything about Bob's savage fitness mentality changed when he suffered a heart attack in February. He had to slow down his workouts tremendously, and he&#

2017-09-15 19:40:43

This No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake Will Blow Your Mind  

We're loving all the amazing things cauliflower can do. So, of course we were inspired to make a cheesecake with this wonder food. It's vegan and requires no baking - so easy!

2017-09-15 19:16:40

The Ultimate Dumbbell Workout to Sculpt and Transform Your Arms  

If you effectively and quickly want to strengthen your muscles and lose extra body fat to reveal your arms' shape and definition, skip the bodyweight moves and pick up some weights. Here's a dumbbell workout you can do at the gym or at home to sculpt your arms and upper back. Directions: Grab a pair of medium-weight dumbbells and complete this five-move workout four times. Find descriptions of each exercise ahead. The Workout 10 man makers 10 reverse flies 10 reverse lunges with bice

2017-09-15 12:14:34

This Woman Went Against the Rulebook and Revealed the 1 Thing She Did to Detect Breast Cancer  

There are many things we do to try to detect breast cancer early on, whether we're consistently doing self-checks while standing in the shower or visiting the doctor regularly, but one woman is revealing a simple tactic she used and is hoping it will save lives the same way it did hers. Hayley Browning is a 27-year-old woman from the UK who detected her breast cancer by doing the exact opposite of what she was always told to do to check for lumps - she laid down. Hayley took to Facebook

2017-09-15 11:36:25

Ease Your Way Into Pumpkin Spice Season With This Delicious Smoothie Bowl  

September is a funny month - the weather's still quite warm, but the Fall vibes are undeniable. Pumpkins and squash begin to pop up at the market, but many of the traditional ways to cook these gourds don't feel quite right. If you, like myself, are eager to get your pumpkin spice fix but aren't quite ready to dig into a bowl of soup or a piping-hot cup of oatmeal, this pumpkin pie smoothie bowl is just the thing to bridge the seasons. Creamy and barely sweetened, this festive

2017-09-15 10:39:10

These 6 Moves Are Guaranteed to Heat Up Your Sex Life  

Jake DuPree taught you the best ways to work out when hungover, and now he's sharing some moves to improve your sex life. Get ready for feats of flexibility and twerking. Lots and lots of twerking. On Jake: Onzie top, Lorna Jane shorts, Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) shoes Manduka mat

2017-09-15 08:44:52

This Amazing Transformation Proves Lifting Weights WON'T Make You Bulk Up  

A post shared by Rebecca Catherine Smith (@rebeccafitness_eats) on Sep 14, 2017 at 11:55am PDT Rebecca Catherine Smith, a fitness influencer with almost 40K followers, has been on the fitness train for quite a while. She used to be all about cardio, but has since switched gears to weight training, and recently posted this before-and-after photo to ease women's fears about lifting and bulking up. She captioned this amazing transformation: "LIFTING MAKES YOU MANLY?!" It infuriates her,

2017-09-15 08:14:20

Erica Lost 150 Pounds, Became a Personal Trainer, and Now Owns a Fitness Studio  

What you think you become What you feel you attract What you imagine you create Your thoughts and feelings are powerful, make sure you feed them the right kind of energy!

2017-09-15 07:22:22

25+ Healthy Lunches That Are So Easy to Take to Work, It'll Make Your Head Spin  

When you're rushing out the door in the morning, the last thing on your mind is packing a full lunch for yourself. We get that, and we've been there many times. Rather than grabbing fast food on your lunch hour, these healthy recipes will save you from eating something that might make you feel bloated and tired later on. Every one of these lunches is easy to pack and take to work - no soups, chilis, or messy finger foods here. Just a lot of healthy, nutritious food that fits easily int

2017-09-15 07:17:28

Look Out, Because Ellie Goulding Is Kicking Ass Once Again at the Boxing Gym  

With @nikoalgieri a few days back. Feel like I'm starting over with boxing! Always telling people to keep their hands up or get punched in the face and here I am being sloppy A post shared by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on Sep 14, 2017 at 12:09pm PDT She's a world-class performer who has become an international sensation over the last several years, and there's no doubt that she's a hard worker when it comes to all aspects of her life. Ellie Goulding is back again t

2017-09-15 06:24:41

Jessica Lost Over 160 Pounds in a Year, and It All Started With Portion Control  

2017-09-15 01:09:34

Ever Wondered What a Rowing Class Is Like? Here's What It's All About  

After losing 15 pounds on the Whole30 diet, assisted with a combination of SoulCycle and running, I have been looking for ways to push myself to the next level when it comes to fitness. As a former rower - I was on both my high school and college crew teams - I knew that rowing was a full-body workout, but I'd forgotten the important aspects of the exercise. Coincidentally, I had heard about CITYROW from a friend and, with a zest for sweat, I decided to take a class. CITYROW is a group exe

2017-09-15 01:04:14

Can You Drink Tequila If You're Paleo? Here's the Answer You've Been Waiting For  

Although you're trying your best to be healthy and eat a Paleo diet of unprocessed, nontoxic foods, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself every now and again and eat or drink something you love. That's why there are so many Paleo dessert and snack options out there. But what about alcohol? There aren't Paleo versions of your favorite cocktails, so you're probably wondering if there is any liquor that you're allowed to drink. If you're a fan of margar

2017-09-14 20:01:13

25 Surefire Tips to Help You Lose Those Last Few Pounds  

Maybe you are super into fitness and have sworn off these bad-for-you foods, but it can still be frustrating when you're trying to lose weight and the numbers on the scale aren't shifting. Here are 25 tips to help you along your weight-loss journey, one step at a time!

2017-09-14 14:07:37

Meet the Easiest Low-Carb, Protein-Packed Breakfast Ever  

If turning on the oven before work sounds like a pain, but you want to reap the healthy benefits of our baked egg in an avocado, try this even easier recipe that brings together this match made in omega-3 heaven. Hard-boil your eggs in advance for a throw-together breakfast that will fill you up with protein and fiber, keeping you surprisingly full and satisfied until lunchtime rolls around. Anyone on a low-carb plan who's always on the go needs this naturally gluten-free recipe in their l

2017-09-14 11:46:21

Yes, Those Are Lucky Charms Marshmallows on This Vegan Matcha Latte  

The only way to make matcha even more of a millennial beverage? Add Lucky Charms. In New York City, Cha Cha Matcha unveiled a new drink consisting of the trendy green tea powder, macadamia nut milk, and Lucky Charms-inspired marshmallows. Even better, the drink is entirely vegan - including the marshmallows! We got to try it and can attest to the fact that it tastes exactly like Lucky Charms. The matcha flavor definitely does come through, but the latte is pretty dominated by the sweet marshmal

2017-09-14 11:16:48

This Chia Pudding Is Weight-Loss-Approved  

It's OK if you want need chocolate for breakfast. Sometimes it's nonnegotiable. With this recipe for chocolate chia protein, you can get your chocolate fix and still get a ton of protein - almost 24 grams - making this a great breakfast if you're looking to lose weight. That's because this dairy-free chia pudding involves a little breakfast hack. It's made with plant-based protein powder. Brilliant, right? The protein combined with the fiber will keep you full all morni

2017-09-14 10:35:35

If You're at Chipotle, These Are the Leanest, Lightest Orders  

Chipotle has had its fair share of bad press in the past year or so, that's for sure. But it still remains one of the most popular fast-casual restaurants in the United States. Clearly, people are still into it. If you're out with friends at Chipotle, or stopping roadside at the beacon of silver-wrapped burritos while traveling, we've got a handful of tips for you. Related: These Are the Healthiest Things You Can Order at Taco Bell Before we get into how to order the four items Ch

2017-09-14 08:38:09

This At-Home Cardio Workout Contains Zero Running  

You can get your heart rate up in the comfort of your own home. Skip the gym and the cardio machines for this short, fun, and challenging cardio workout. We think you'll love it! And your arms and legs will feel worked, too. Equipment wise, you will need a step (for step-ups) and a jump rope. If there are no stairs in your home, use a small bench, march in place with some vigor, or up the intensity by running in place doing the high-knee run - this advanced variation works the abs, too. I

2017-09-14 06:54:22

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