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Dornob | Modern Home, Interior & Furniture Designs & DIY Ideas

Modern Home, Interior & Furniture Designs & Ideas Dornob features creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas. Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more. Come for upcycled cargo shipping container houses, stay for space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!

This Moving House: Camper Van Conversion Inspired by Boat Interiors  

The phrase “camper van” conjures visions of hand-painted 1970s Volkswagen buses with curtains in the windows, parked in front of your house for a suspiciously long time. Long synonymous with hippie culture, these vans ha

2017-03-23 12:21:11

Starchitect Frank Gehry to Teach Online Masterclass  

Ever wondered how master craftsmen conceive of, execute, and complete their projects? Well, now you too can have the chance to be taught by the masters, via a new online learning platform called MasterClass. Go inside the minds of s

2017-03-22 21:06:33

Grovemade Takes Life Back to Simplicity with Hand-crafted Products  

The world is changing and as people increasingly turn their backs on waste and excess, the minimalist lifestyle grows in popularity. At its core, this movement is about simplicity and necessity, bringing life back to the basics of f

2017-03-21 09:08:42

Tap into Nature: Wooden Faucets Offer a Warm Alternative to Marble and Metal  

Created using carefully selected, high-quality materials, the luxury wooden faucets from Green Home Design harness all the breathtaking aesthetic of the woodlands, but with a sleek functionality that will mold elegantly and effortle

2017-03-20 09:44:28

Nokia Is Re-releasing a Modern Version of Their Iconic 2000s Phone  

Iconic 2000s phone the Nokia 3310 is to be given a new lease on life according to an announcement about its re-release made ahead of Barcelona's Mobile World Congress at the beginning of March 2017. The phone is marketed as a back...

2017-03-17 19:30:50

Artist-Welder Gives Old Cars New Life as Cool Furniture  

Joel Hester uses his training as a welder and his love of cars to design and make cool, unique furniture from junkyard metal. A summer job as a teen introduced him to metalwork and welding, and that fall he constructed a queen-size,

2017-03-16 09:45:37

Breathing Easy at the Office: Co-Working Space Filled with 1,000 Plants  

If you feel like the stuffy air, close confines, and general dreariness of your office environment is making you physically ill, you're probably right. Many office buildings are poorly ventilated and either too dry or too damp, th...

2017-03-13 04:36:36

ActivAided Wearable Biofunctional Gear to Improve Posture and Zap Back Pain  

Back pain is an equal-opportunity ailment. It can strike people who don’t exercise, it can develop suddenly if you bend the wrong way or trip and jar your back, and it can sideline athletes who are in great shape. Kelly Collie

2017-03-13 04:07:02

nanoGriptech: Revolutionary Adhesive Inspired by… Geckos  

Geckos are versatile little guys. Not only can they sell you car insurance in just a few minutes, they’re legendary for their ability to stick. Yes, their feet pads are covered with tiny hairs that combine to create a switch-o

2017-03-10 05:01:22

Anish Kapoor's Continuous Black Whirlpool Comes to the US  

New York's Brooklyn Bridge Park is set to receive a new piece of public art: Anish Kapoor's captivating “Descension,” a continuous black whirlpool set into the ground. The project has been commissioned by the Public ...

2017-03-09 05:32:58

Whitecrow Hub: Tire System for Efficient, Safe Mountain Biking  

Mountain bikers know the importance of grip. Traction keeps them upright and safe as they navigate rough, rocky terrain, splash through puddles, and squelch along leafy, muddy trails. Whether you’re climbing up steep inclines

2017-03-08 14:35:02

Sony Koov: Connected Robotics Kit Helps Kids Learn STEM  

Like a digital version of toy bricks, the Sony KOOV system lets kids build virtually anything their imaginations can dream up, but what happens next is much cooler than your typical LEGO creation. The KOOV is actually a robot buildi

2017-03-08 03:06:11

Himalayan Salt Brings Light and Nature Back to Your Life  

Himalayan salt, a rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan, has become the latest health fad due to a number of benefits that it is said to possess. Being less processed than both table salt and sea salt, it is Himalayan salt is

2017-03-07 09:59:49

MOON: Lunar Globe Transmits NASA Moon Phase Data in Real Time  

Is the lunar effect real? Ask anyone who works in the emergency room of a hospital, and they'll probably tell you that things get a little loony during the full moon every month. Our calendar is built around this hunk of rock's ...

2017-03-06 22:34:56

Can't Seem to Keep a Plant Alive? Innovative Technology Has You Covered  

Some of us, no matter how good our intentions, just can't keep a plant alive. Each and every year, we “black thumbs” decide we're going to give that basil plant another shot because it's so worth it to have fresh h...

2017-03-03 14:37:08

Dezeen Launches Brexit Passport Contest  

British online magazine Dezeen has launched a competition to design a passport for the UK after Brexit, the winner of which will receive a £1000 prize. The competition is purely theoretical in nature, but draws on the decision take...

2017-03-02 02:40:04

Graphic White Grid Creates an Unusual Layout for This Modern Home  

The space between two towering buildings on a Vietnam street becomes one big inhabitable plant trellis thanks to an unusual arrangement of space devised by local firm Block Architects. Looking up from the sidewalk, the new volume ap

2017-03-01 02:35:33

Elby: A Pedal-Assist Hybrid E-Bike That's Intuitive and Versatile  

Sometimes you want to go for a bike ride, but other times you just need to get from point A to point B. In true hybrid style, the Elby bike straddles the best of both worlds. The chargeable e-bike will happily take you for a spin al

2017-03-01 01:10:35

Q&A with Boltt Wearables Co-Founder Aayushi Kishore  

Smart technology continues to integrate further and further into every aspect of our daily lives, including fitness and health thanks to programs and devices like fitness tracker apps and wearables. At this year’s CES in Janua

2017-02-28 03:37:42

Pocket Kitchen: A Craft Kit for Creating Miniature Food  

Why are we so fascinated by small things? Whether it’s the mini toys and figurines we used to act out stories as kids or even the cute, compact houses that are all the rage today, tiny has a lasting appeal. Singapore-based des

2017-02-27 21:34:51

Fertile Grounds: Coffeemaker Reuses Spent Beans to Grow Edible Mushrooms  

Spent coffee grounds have all sorts of uses around the house and in your beauty routine. Instead of tossing yours in the trash after every pot, you could actually be salvaging them as garden fertilizer, natural pest repellent for yo

2017-02-27 08:28:38

Storytime Storage: 10 Custom Bookcases to Showcase Your Favorite Genre  

If you’re an avid book collector, chances are you’ve got entire shelves devoted to a particular favorite genre, whether you’re addicted to epic fantasy, enamored with historical romances, or a voracious consumer of

2017-02-24 14:07:34

Renewal Workshop: Giving New Life to Designer Clothes  

Taking what’s old and making it new again is a very traditional concept, and one that, sadly, current society has all but abandoned. There isn’t a whole lot of mending or fixing going on these days, at least in the riche

2017-02-24 01:25:57

Highlights from the 2017 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair  

The Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair took place earlier this month, with over 700 exhibitors showing their work over five days. Part of the Stockholm Design Week, which also included the Northern Light Fair, the annual Swedish des

2017-02-23 07:24:09

New Netflix Series Brings Design to the Masses  

On February 10, Netflix released a new series titled “Abstract: The Art of Design,” delving into the minds of some of the world’s biggest innovators in the design industry. The term "Netflix and Chill" has beco...

2017-02-23 02:23:31

Intel Curie: This $10 Module Provides Powerful Data in a Tiny Package  

A whole lot of power is packed into the tiniest possible package when it comes to Intel's Curie module, a button-sized device that offers a complete, low-power solution for a range of wearable devices and consumer products. The mi...

2017-02-22 20:56:51

ROXs: A Fun Outdoor Gaming System for Kids  

We don’t need an education expert to tell us that creative play is essential for the development of a happy child. And we don’t need a doctor to tell us that kids today need more exercise and time outdoors. A new gaming

2017-02-22 09:06:25

Cook the Perfect “No Oven” Pizza in Just Three Minutes  

What if we said you could have delicious homemade pizza on the table as quickly as speed-dialing your local pizza place for take-out? The inventor behind Ironate promises no-oven pizza in a fraction of the time it takes to bake one,

2017-02-21 12:10:21

A Test Run of the Hullo Pillow Finds a Great Alternative to Traditional Sleep Solutions  

When it comes to pillows, we've all heard of fillings like memory foam, polyester, and down, but what about buckwheat? Hullo pillows are stuffed with natural buckwheat hulls (actually a common filling throughout Asia) that provid...

2017-02-21 12:08:03

Heading Toward Affordable Medical Technology with the Olive Next-Gen Hearing Aid  

Glittering like a faceted jewel, this invaluable little piece of tech looks more like a fancy wireless earbud than a medical device. Many people who could benefit from wearing hearing aids choose not to because of the social stigma,

2017-02-20 04:46:09

Iconic Farnsworth House to Feature in Hollywood Film  

One of architecture's most enduring icons is set to be immortalized on the silver screen. Farnsworth House, designed by master architect Mies Van Der Rohe, will be the subject of a new Hollywood movie about the house's commissio...

2017-02-17 09:45:47

Storage Stairs: 5 Double-Duty Designs That Maximize Space  

Are the stairs in your home a missed opportunity? Incorporating some clever built-in storage into this typically underused area is one of the easiest space-saving tricks in the book, and you can get a whole lot more than just a dark

2017-02-17 04:25:11

Baby-Cuddling Shirts for New Moms and Dads  

“Equal-opportunity parenting” is the name of the game for the designers at Lalabu. Gone is the assumption that only mothers need and want to bond with their newborns. The company has developed baby-snuggling shirts for b

2017-02-16 11:56:11

Hillside Home: Cozy Cantilevered Design Built Around a Tree  

While the technical definition of a tree house insists that a structure must be supported by tree trunks and sit among their branches, a similar effect can be had simply by integrating trees that already exist on a building plot int

2017-02-15 04:40:26

The Seventy2: A Smart Survival Kit for Emergencies  

Hurricanes, earthquakes, civil rebellion, terror attacks, floods, etc. Life can be uncertain, and without being alarmist, it’s important to be prepared. A well-thought-out plan and a variety of basic supplies can help people w

2017-02-14 07:10:13

Artificial Intelligence Drives Toyota's Futuristic Concept-i Vehicle  

For most of us, the days when we were happy as long as our vehicles could reliably get us from point A to point B have passed. We expect more and more from our cars, including fuel efficiency, low emissions, GPS navigation systems,

2017-02-13 03:18:01

Foster + Partners Rise to the Challenge, Winning Jabal Omar Development Project Competition  

Renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners has announced a new competition win for a project in one of the world's most sacred grounds, Makkah. Located close to Grand Mosque and Holy Kaaba, the main area of interest to visitors...

2017-02-10 13:56:43

Printing in 2.5 Dimensions: Casio Printer Adds Realistic Textures to Paper  

Once 3D printing hits the consumer market on a widespread scale, it has the potential to totally change how we view manufacturing. Many technophiles have visions of creating their own jewelry, housewares, and even mechanical parts w

2017-02-09 13:37:07

Throw This Panoramic Ball Camera into the Air for Awesome Aerial Photos  

Panoramic photography has come a long way since the days of analog cameras. Back before digital SLRs were widely available, capturing a panoramic shot involved spinning around to take a series of photos, getting them developed and h

2017-02-08 20:45:01

Dog and Bone Earbuds Customize Comfort  

Finding the right pair of earphones can be such a headache, literally. Headphones are notoriously uncomfortable, presenting a constant ergonomic challenge for industrial designers to overcome. In-ear, over-ear, wrap-around, clip-on,

2017-02-08 07:16:58

Canon and Solidiphy Bring Life into 3D  

Remember how people used to tell a photographer, “Oh, no. Please don’t take my picture from the left—that is my bad side”? That just won’t cut it anymore: Advances in technology mean that machines will be s...

2017-02-07 02:37:42

Driving Innovation: 4 Designs Pushing the Boundaries of Travel  

Retrofuturists of the 20th century imagined that humans would be cruising around in flying cars, taking trips to outer space, and living in high-tech homes in the sky. We still don’t have any of those things just yet, but mayb

2017-02-06 10:41:20

Helping Hand: Neofect Smart Glove is a High-Tech Rehab Device  

It's hard to grasp just how difficult it can be to navigate daily tasks without the full use of your hands until you experience it yourself (no pun intended). Simple things you once took for granted—like scratching an itch, putt...

2017-02-03 01:32:36

Zink: High-Tech Photo Paper With the Ink Built In  

A printer with no messy toner or rapidly emptying ink cartridges? If it seems to good to be true, you haven’t met Zink, the photographic printer paper with the ink built in (sounds a bit like the old paint-with-water books we

2017-02-01 09:06:30

Wearable Tech Awards: The Best of the Best at CES 2017 by STUFF Magazine  

Maybe Google Glass wasn't as big of a hit as the company hoped, but wearable tech is definitely still at the forefront of gadget advancements, and the best and brightest examples got a lot of attention at this year's CES in Las ...

2017-01-31 01:17:19

Stepping Forward: Honda Revolutionizes Mobility with Walking Assist Device  

Honda's already a big name in other forms of mobility, like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and engines, so why not walking devices, too? The Japanese manufacturer has spent much of the last two decades refining technology that could r...

2017-01-30 04:52:38

Your Own Personal Robot Companion: Kuri 8 is a Cute Home Helper  

A humanoid, mobile, and much cuter version of the Amazon Echo, the “Kuri 8” robot by California-based startup Mayfield Robotics will perform a range of actions at your command. But its functionality doesn't end there. ...

2017-01-27 07:32:06

4 Smart Kitchen Devices to Make Life Easier  

With all adults in the house often working 9 to 5 to make a living these days, we usually get home and are rushing to get dinner on the table. So, any devices that help keep our kitchen and household running smoothly are a big plus.

2017-01-26 05:39:10

ODG Smartglasses: A New Way to View the World  

Gone are the days when we thought only the distant future could have high-tech toys and gadgets. We’re firmly in the digital age, and it seems that every day a new development is announced. Robots, digital devices to turn our...

2017-01-25 03:53:56

CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards  

At the annual CES Unveiled New York event late last year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) revealed the Best of Innovation Honorees for CES 2017. Dozens of products were selected across 28 categories based on their engineer

2017-01-25 01:11:55

Levitating Weatherproof Speaker by LG Improves Upon a Cool Concept  

A “floating speaker” sounds like a gimmick. It looks cool, it definitely has a futuristic Jetsons house kind of vibe, but does it actually do its job? After all, we want speakers to work like speakers, regardless of any

2017-01-24 04:44:13

This Smart Bed's Got Your Number: Self-Adjusting, Feet-Warming, and Snore-Stopping  

We've all seen those late-night infomercials for Sleep Number beds—you know, the ones that lift the head of the mattress to make you more comfortable while reading, and allow you and your bed partner to choose different comfort ...

2017-01-23 04:29:33

Drop the Mercury: Casio's LampFree Projectors Put on a Vivid Display  

Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) puts the latest and greatest consumer technology on display, including the hottest innovations from some of the world's biggest brands. Dornob took a trip to Las Vegas for this ye...

2017-01-20 11:04:49

DietSensor: Scan and Track What You Eat and Drink  

Watching what we eat is important for many reasons, whether it’s to monitor food intake to manage a chronic illness or to lose weight and stay healthy. Now, an invention that a French couple pioneered to help their nine-year-o

2017-01-20 05:32:04

Stay Powered Up with These 5 Cool Solar Chargers  

Devices. We all rely on them every day, and we’re stuck in a constant loop of charging and using and charging. While we now have more options for powering up, there are still plenty of times when we’re off-grid. No elec...

2017-01-19 13:25:08

Safer City Biking with the Laserlight  

City cycling is an adventure and great exercise, of course, especially when dodging aggressive cabs and weaving around people engrossed in their phones as they walk out in front of you. The avid bikers at Blaze have developed a cool

2017-01-18 06:12:38

Literally Green: Eco-Friendly House Covered in Naturally Insulating Vegetation  

Vertical vegetation—that is, living plants clinging to a wall—strikes many people as an expensive, hard-to-maintain hassle. There's no question that installation can be tricky, requiring well-thought-out, high-quality systems ...

2017-01-17 13:23:08

Infinite Possibilities: Multi-Purpose NOOK Fits a Whole Room into a Twin Bed  

The modular room-within-a-room concept has really taken off over the last few years, with lots of furniture designers and manufacturers realizing that easy-to-assemble, customizable furniture is a great fit for the modern lifestyle.

2017-01-16 08:12:11

This Doomsday Bunker Community for the Rich is Not Exactly Luxurious—At Least Not Yet  

From the description alone, you might get the wrong idea about this unusual neighborhood in a remote area of South Dakota: green-roofed dwellings sit in orderly rows amid a lush green field with views of hills in the distance, promi

2017-01-13 06:33:30

The Nomatic Travel Bag: Stuffed with 20 Handy Features  

Traveling can be quite a performance. Airlines charge for luggage, so there’s the challenge of stuffing everything in a carry-on bag—if you can. Security checks make it important to have easy access to passports, boarding pa...

2017-01-12 12:23:15

Cotopaxi's Libre Sweater: Classically Rugged for Every Season  

Okay, here’s a sweater that might make you yearn for the great outdoors. There’s just something about the clean, classic design, and the fact that it’s made from cuddly llama wool, that makes us want to head for th

2017-01-11 05:06:33

Believe It or Not, This Home Used to Be a Dilapidated Public Bathroom  

There's virtually no space left for housing within the entire city of London, yet the city's population continues to grow every year, requiring at least 250,000 new dwellings annually just to keep up. There's a high concentrat...

2017-01-10 09:38:12

Trick Out Your Bike: FormMount Makes Adding Tech Accessories a Snap  

At its heart, cycling is a simple pastime. A bike with two wheels is people-powered to a destination for either fun, sport or commuting purposes. Now, however, it has evolved into an activity that uses technology to transform from i

2017-01-09 12:53:46

Nomadic Life Kit: Minimalist Japanese Set Makes Any Space Feel Like Home  

What objects would you say help make any space feel like home? Selecting just a handful of practical objects for basic functions like dining, sleeping and meditating can be difficult, but it gets even harder when you have to make su

2017-01-06 12:16:39

The Slice Planner: A Cool Digital/Paper Organizer  

While we do love digital, there’s nothing quite like the raspy feel of sharp pencil on textured paper. It feels more personal, somehow, and creative in a connected, direct way. The company behind the Slice Planner has devised

2017-01-05 13:34:58

Designers Go Out on a Limb with the Legs Jacket  

Cycling or walking to work always sounds like a great idea on a balmy, sunny day. But when it’s blowing up a storm and raining cats and dogs? Not so much. Cue the Legs Jacket by VEAR, rain pants that are windproof, waterproof,

2017-01-04 03:27:33

Steam-Bent Wooden Home Adapts Furniture-Making Techniques for Architecture  

Ever wonder how furniture makers get stiff, sturdy wood to adopt the kinds of elegant curves you see in chairs, pianos and even the shingles that adorn dome-shaped structures? Sometimes it's soaked, and sometimes it's steamed. S...

2017-01-03 19:57:10

Owl-Shaped Concrete House in Korea Watches Out Over the City  

Buildings shaped like animals aren't generally known for their subtlety. More often than not, they're gaudy and literal, serving as must-photograph stops along a tourist's list of weird roadside attractions. But when architect...

2017-01-02 13:30:39

A Stylish, Military-Grade Shock-Absorbing iPhone Case? Yes, Please!  

Know anyone who has ever cracked their phone screen? Yes, we thought you might. We’ve all heard horror stories of new phones falling out of pockets and onto concrete, and those tales rarely end well. The fancier the phone, the

2016-12-30 14:00:39

Buy or DIY: These Tiny Wooden Houses Are Full of Gorgeous Timber Details  

You know how some people love that “new car smell” so much they spritz its bottled approximation around their vehicles once it has worn off? It's actually made up of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are off-g...

2016-12-29 14:00:29

The Ekster: A Secure, Trackable, Stylish, Skinny Wallet  

There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling of panic when you think you’ve lost your wallet, running around in a cold sweat retracing your steps, patting down all the pockets in every jacket and pair of pants you own,

2016-12-28 22:00:18

Fuel Your Inner Builder With the Flexo Bendable Building Block and Tendon System  

Entrepreneurs have an uncanny knack for experiencing a situation and turning it into a new idea or invention. Case in point: Mark Stolten was waiting for his appointment with a physiotherapist for treatment on his torn bicep tendon

2016-12-28 14:00:37

Old-School Wooden Tablet Covers Give Class  

In these times of generic, mass-produced, short-life-span goods, it’s comforting to be reminded that there are still people out there who are devoting their time and talent to custom-crafted items. And hopefully if enough cust

2016-12-27 14:00:36

Crystal Light: Four Icy Lamps Marry Warmth and Wintry Visuals  

For hundreds of years, crystals and faceted glass have been set into lamps to produce brilliant refracted patterns, amplifying the light output. By the 18th century, crystal chandeliers took on the baroque and rococo forms we still

2016-12-26 14:00:14

Privacy Pop: This Bed Tent is a Dark, Comforting Fort for All Ages  

Blackout curtains definitely do well in blocking out light that would otherwise stream in through the windows, but they can keep air from flowing, making the room feel stagnant. The same goes for traditional bed canopies, which are

2016-12-23 14:00:03

Oofos: Sporty “Recovery Footwear”  

Whether you run marathons or stand on your feet all day at work, Oofos sandals and slides are designed to give your tired toes (and arches) the relief they deserve. As the designers point out, most athletic shoes are constructed to

2016-12-22 14:00:56

O Christmas Structure: Belgium's Controversial Ultramodern “Tree”  

Ah, the town Christmas tree — a towering vision of evergreen boughs, twinkling lights, tinsel and ornaments proudly erected in a public square for all to enjoy. Many people look forward to the day it's installed, gathering to wa...

2016-12-21 14:00:10

Dear Human's Recycled-Paper Furnishings  

Recycling is the right thing to do, of course, but it takes on a whole new value when you see the cool creations that designers can dream up from “waste” paper. Designers Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell of Dear

2016-12-20 22:00:57

OWL Paperlamps Bring Light to Life  

Adding a splash of playfulness to a creative design usually gives a product a colorful jolt. Need proof? Check out OWL paperlamps, the fruit of the imagination of two architects based in Lisbon, Portugal. “We were inspired by...

2016-12-20 14:00:52

Green Hills in the City: Undulating Apartment Building Built Into the Mountainside  

When space is at a premium in any given city, high housing density is a top priority. That means more plentiful and affordable housing for everyone, but this usually comes at the cost of grassy yards for residents to enjoy. Gaze out

2016-12-19 22:00:52

Give Your Bike Zing with the Copenhagen Wheel  

Talk about upcycling! The Copenhagen Wheel turns your bike into a hybrid e-bike, giving you a major mobility boost right away. Superpedestrian, a team of designers and robotics engineers, has licensed the Copenhagen Wheel. The compa

2016-12-19 14:00:20

Carv Your Way to Ski Success  

Hurtling down the ski slope and hearing voices in your head? Don’t worry. You’re not going crazy. (Well, probably not…) The Carv system is a smart wearable that gives you coaching tips and live feedback on your con

2016-12-16 22:00:26

The Classiest of Kitchens? Freestanding System Made of Luxurious Materials  

We've all done it. We've dropped glasses of wine on the floor and watched in horror as the dark red liquid splashed up all over the kitchen cabinets. We've accidentally let tomato sauce simmer too long and come back to find th...

2016-12-16 18:09:53

Snatch a Few Quick Dreams With the Aubergine Pillow — Perfect for a Power Nap  

Who needs a power snooze pillow? You don’t have to be a one-man (or woman) powerhouse professional; anyone dashing about — busy, busy, busy — wanting rest during their hectic day could use a place to lay their head. This n...

2016-12-15 22:00:13

“Smile for the Birdie!”  

Birdwatching is elevated to a whole new level with the Bird Photo Booth system. No more shivering in the cold, pulling your jacket tighter around you in the wind, trying to clear fog from your binoculars to spot your feathered frien

2016-12-15 14:00:23

Plugin House: Built for $10K in One Day With Nothing But a Hex Key  

Can a house that costs just $10,000 be comfortable, durable, spacious and safe? What if you go on to say that it's so easy to build, it takes just 24 hours and a hex key, with no other tools required? At this point, most of us are...

2016-12-14 22:00:43

Fabrics of the Future  

Dutch designer, inventor, researcher and fashion pro Aniela Hoitink has taken everything we know about fabrics and turned it on its head. This ain’t your father’s wool and cotton. Perhaps “creative scientist”

2016-12-14 14:00:56

Just Porter Backpacks Blend Quality and Kindness  

When you can buy a quality product and help others at the same time, it’s truly a win-win. Just Porter’s Buy a Bag, Give a Bag does exactly what it promises, donating a bag stuffed full of school supplies to needy kids w

2016-12-13 22:00:39

Clocks Don't Get More Bonkers — Or Beautiful — Than the Bad Dog Designs Nixie Tube Clocks  

If you could turn back time, you may just elect to revisit the mid-fifties. Along with all that is cool about mid-century modern design, it was also the decade that invented the Nixie tube. Trademarked by the Burroughs Corporation,

2016-12-13 14:00:52

Formerly Abandoned, This Incredible London Mansion is a Treasure Trove of Historic Objects  

100 years is an awful long time for a house to be abandoned. You might imagine that after so long, its interiors would be unsalvageable, damaged by vandals, Mother Nature and the ever-ticking hand of the clock. Yet somehow, the hist

2016-12-12 22:00:59

Star Wars Comes Home: Cute Character-Shaped Household Objects by Nendo  

How do you balance a love for pop culture with a modern, minimalist interior design aesthetic? Some comic book fans, film fiends and toy collectors hide their treasure troves of memorabilia away in an infrequently-used room, especia

2016-12-12 14:00:34

Going Solo: The Lean, Green, One-Wheel Machine  

You know how we’re supposed to work on adding balance to our lives? Well, the Solowheel can help. Think of it as an electric bicycle, but with only one wheel. The Solowheel is gyro-stabilized, which helps the most balance-chal

2016-12-09 23:00:34

Brilliant in Beijing: Two Tiny Residences Full of Space-Saving Tricks  

How do you renovate a tiny, traditional house set into a narrow “hutong” alley in Beijing so it fits a large family spanning three generations? Chinese architecture firm B.L.U.E. clearly has plenty of answers to that que

2016-12-09 14:00:17

Q&A: Indo-Scarf's Mission to Comfort  

When Lawrence Hartley quit his job and set off to travel around southeast Asia in September 2015, little did he suspect that the trip would totally change his life. He and his friend Conrad Bergeron traveled to Thailand, Vietnam and

2016-12-08 22:00:26

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy a Customized 21st Century Home Cinema Experience  

A home cinema set-up can be a simple case of a projector coupled with a projector screen; just fiddle around with the lighting a bit, settle down and watch. However, there’s so much artistry, gizmo wizardry and full-on 30̵

2016-12-08 14:00:59

Get Off My Case! Cool Custom Cases for Musicians and More  

Have you ever dreamed of being in a rock band, touring and playing music for thousands of adoring fans? It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of it all. After all, who doesn’t want to see the world and be idolized? W

2016-12-07 17:43:08

The Curious Kit's Playful Approach to Learning Tech Skills  

The best way to learn is when you don’t realize you are. That’s when the new skill or knowledge can sneak past your defenses and embed itself in your brain organically. Children are good examples of this educational stra

2016-12-06 22:00:57

The Student-Designed Voz Box Gives Speech to the Voiceless  

Like many vital things in our lives, we tend to take expressing our thoughts and needs for granted. Have an opinion? Go right ahead and voice it. Hungry and want a sandwich? Sure, shout it out and someone will deliver. Imagine, then

2016-12-06 14:00:45

One Cool Pool: Cantilevered Design Boasts a Window in the Floor  

There's nothing quite as relaxing as a swimming pool with a view, but cantilever a pool over a stunning landscape and add a glass panel in the floor, and you're really taking it to a whole new level. Elevated swimming pools with...

2016-12-05 22:00:04

Fly the Bionic Bird… with Your Phone  

Inventor Edwin Van Ruymbeke first became interested in flying model birds when he worked for his father and grandfather’s business making the TIM rubber-band bird. While he loved the low-tech original flying bird model, he alw

2016-12-05 14:00:14

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