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Good Housekeeping is the most trusted online source for advice about food, diet, beauty, health, family and home, plus exclusive product reviews from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Selected articles from the current issue and past issue archives. Features subscription information and newsletter.

101 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized  

Your mess is simply no match for these helpful solutions.

2017-03-21 04:48:30

A 30-Day Guide to Completing All of Your Spring Cleaning Tasks  

Tis' the season of finally completing all the cleaning tasks you've been putting off. But that doesn't mean everything has to happen in one (extremely exhausting) weekend. We've broken this time down into 30 days so you can tackle one chore at a time, then relax on the sofa as a reward afterwards — you've earned it.

2017-03-20 06:55:44

I Desperately Want a Clean Home, But My Brain Can't Process Clutter  

Taking chaos and sorting it into an organized, functional system isn't just difficult — often, it feels impossible.

2017-03-20 01:07:34

This Pinecone Bear Is Officially the Cutest Craft of All Time  

It's so adorable, we can hardly bear it.

2017-03-17 19:28:42

Someone Please Buy This $89,900 South Carolina Home  

If you don't, we will!

2017-03-17 02:12:33

Make Your Home Smell Heavenly With DIY Essential Oil Diffusers  

Every room in the house needs one of these.

2017-03-16 18:39:42

People Are Obsessing Over These $4 Mugs to No End  

TJ Maxx and Marshalls can't keep them in stock.

2017-03-16 12:41:43

7 Days of Spring Cleaning for a Sparkling, Happy Home  

You can brighten up your whole home (and outlook!) in a few quickie steps. Tackle one to-do a day, and in a week, you'll be way less stressed.

2017-03-16 11:35:25

15 Clever Cleaning Products You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now  

Our love for Amazon knows no bounds. Dusting, vacuuming and washing dishes on the other hand, not so much. That's why we decided to search our favorite site to see what's out there to help us. While our Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute hasn't tested the products, these did catch our attention thanks to their quirkiness — hopefully they will make your to-do list go by faster

2017-03-16 07:19:37

Please, Please, Just Learn to Make Your Bed Already  

"There's scientific evidence that suggests making your bed is overall better for you and your sleep habits."

2017-03-15 16:16:03

Keep Your Tea Toasty With This DIY Fox Cup Cozy  

It couldn't be more simple — or more adorable.

2017-03-14 20:33:59

15 Little Spring Cleaning Tasks You Can Tackle in Under an Hour  

Who wants to devote an entire weekend to cleaning your home from head to toe? Not us. For some reason, the same chores feel more manageable when tackled one tiny task at a time. That's why we're going to check off one of these jobs every day to embrace the season, but keep our sanity.

2017-03-14 08:48:56

10 Bulk Storage Ideas That Might Have Taken It a Little Too Far  

We're impressed, but also a little scared ...

2017-03-09 14:44:42

13 Clever Bathroom Organizers You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now  

It's impossible to take a relaxing bubble bath if every counter in your bathroom is covered in clutter. Plus, leaving things like a hot straightener or a delicate powder compact out at all times is just asking for trouble. But Amazon has tons of genius solutions that'll keep items under control — and these picks are some of our very favorite.

2017-03-06 12:30:47

This DIY Rustic Cooler Made From an Old Fridge Will Be a Hit at Your Summer Parties  

With just $40 for supplies, standard tools and a free day or two, you can turn your old fridge into an attractive backyard cooler.

2017-03-03 12:33:06

Hula Hoop Wreaths Are Going to Be Big This Spring  

When it comes to wreaths, the bigger the better.

2017-02-28 02:02:38

Spoil Your Backyard Birds With the Cutest Seed Wreath  

Your home is about to be the most popular spot on the block.

2017-02-24 12:27:37

Everyone on Pinterest Is Obsessed With This Magical Unicorn Blanket  

The best part? You can make it yourself!

2017-02-22 02:16:02

Always Losing Your Keys? Look in the Messiest Spot First  

This makes so much sense.

2017-02-21 07:01:08

How to Make a Chunky Knit Bunny for Easter  

It only takes a few hours.

2017-02-21 05:50:24

These DIY Dry Erase Boards Could Not Possibly Be Easier to Make  

So clever, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner.

2017-02-17 19:30:49

10 Plumbers Share Their Worst On-the-Job Horror Stories  

Listen, plumbers don't have it easy: They're usually called to someone's house when there's either a blockage in their pipes (gross) or a leak (yuck). But, most of the time, that's just part of the job. It's not until snakes are crawling out of the pipeline that it becomes a serious problem. These are some of their worst-of-the-worst tales from the field.

2017-02-17 12:07:56

50 Dream Homes in the Woods That Will Make You Long to Escape It All  

For every person who longs for the pace of city life, there's someone who finds bliss far, far away from the hustle and bustle. For those who crave peace, quiet and privacy, there's nothing better than a home nestled among gorgeous trees. Here are just a handful of woodsy dream homes that run the gamut from rustic to contemporary and everything in between.

2017-02-17 08:02:01

This Little Girl's Science Fair Cleaning Discovery Won Her First Place  

Totally impressive.

2017-02-16 07:39:25

Anyone Can Grow Herbs With This Super-Helpful Chart  

This will be the year you finally get it right.

2017-02-16 03:14:52

The Valentine's Day Cards This 4-Year-Old Made for His Classmates Are Going Viral  

Saving this idea for next year!

2017-02-15 04:38:27

13 Fun (and Functional) Kitchen Products You Can Buy on Amazon  

We strongly believe that kitchens should be fun and functional, which is why we can't get enough of these Amazon products. They may not change your cooking game, but they are definitely innovative. Fair warning: Since we haven't tried any of these, we can't be sure they are worth the money, but they sure are cool.

2017-02-14 21:37:09

This Succulent Turtle Planter Is Basically a Chic Version of the Chia Pet  

It's no wonder Pinterest can't get enough.

2017-02-14 10:31:27

11 Things in Your Home That Are Making You Unhappy  

When you walk into a room, pay attention to how you feel. Do your surroundings inspire you? Or do you experience a vaguely persistent "blah" feeling? If the latter rings true, you might want to take a second look at the decor and clutter within the space. Surprisingly, these things can have an impact on your day-to-day emotions, according to experts.

2017-02-14 10:21:35

Here's Evidence That Glitter Is the Stuff of Parents' Nightmares  

Our hearts go out to this mom and dad.

2017-02-13 10:06:06

Finger Knitting Is Officially the New Arm Knitting  

These projects take "handmade" to a new level.

2017-02-09 04:26:34

Every Mom Will Relate to This Woman's Hilariously Honest Cleaning Guide  

"Swipe a Clorox wipe across a few surfaces in your bathrooms."

2017-02-07 03:42:14

How to Make Your Own Bouncy Balls at Home  

Five ingredients + four easy steps = endless hours of pure bouncing joy.

2017-02-06 09:10:34

How to Make Scratch-Off Gifts Cards With Just Paint and Dish Soap  

Skip the love coupons this year — these are much more fun.

2017-02-03 18:59:29

A Couple Just Won $15,000 After Suing Their Neighbors Over Pile of Manure  

And you thought your neighbors were crappy.

2017-02-03 14:19:44

There's a New Mr. Clean and He's the Cleaning Guru of Our Dreams  

He's got the white t-shirt, gold earring and bright smile thing down.

2017-02-03 10:47:36

How to Make the Stretchiest, Gooiest Snow Slime  

Your kids will want to play with it all day — and you just might want to steal it from them.

2017-02-02 19:27:38

A New Study Warns of Laundry Packet Eye Burn Risks for Kids  

The number of chemical burns from packs was 32 times higher in 2015 than in 2012, when they were first introduced.

2017-02-02 18:10:20

41 Beautiful Flowers With Surprising Meanings  

In the past, a rose was not simply a rose — it carried a message to its intended recipient. Despite the beauty in the floral realm, not every bloom had a positive meaning. These particular ones, which we found in A Victorian Flower Dictionary and The Farmer's Almanac, are some of the most interesting.

2017-02-02 13:08:44

Meet the Dad Who Lives With His 5 Kids in a 1,050-Square-Foot Home  

He says living small is making his children better people.

2017-02-02 05:59:20

16 Homes That Defined "Curb Appeal" in Every Decade  

What constitutes a "classic" home certainly has changed over the years.

2017-02-01 10:49:52

IKEA Recalls Beach Chair Due to Reports of Amputated Fingertips  

Customers have notified the retailer about 13 injuries at this point.

2017-01-30 19:02:33

New Wheelchair-Friendly Tiny House Offers Independence for Disabled Family Members  

"Wheel Pad" lets people comfortably transition after becoming immobile.

2017-01-27 04:27:40

12 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining the Taste of Your Food  

After going above and beyond cleaning your kitchen, you're probably not thinking about how what you just did is going to impact your food. But we have bad news: That hard work might end up ruining tomorrow's dinner. Try avoiding these cleaning mistakes and we think your next cup of coffee will taste so much better.

2017-01-26 06:52:34

How to Make a DIY Lava Lamp With Just a Few Ingredients  

Who knew Alka Seltzer was so magical?

2017-01-25 12:37:30

15 Organization Tricks to Make Your Pantry Feel Twice as Big  

This kitchen closet is responsible for a lot of storage. Probably the most in the entire room, actually. So it's safe to say everyone probably feels like they could use a little more space for canned goods and snacks. Good thing these tricks will deliver just that.

2017-01-20 14:24:08

Nate Berkus Warns Parents About the Dangers of Glass Tables  

"I did not think it was a safety hazard!"

2017-01-19 07:25:36

How to Make Adorable Little Sailboats Out of Wine Bottle Corks  

This kid-friendly craft makes the cutest vessels ever seen on dry land — and you probably already have all the supplies.

2017-01-18 12:29:46

My Four Kids And I Built Our Own House After Watching YouTube Tutorials  

Author Cara Brookins opens up about her family's unbelievable feat.

2017-01-18 09:38:03

WARNING: Your Baby's Sophie the Giraffe Toy Might Be Full of Mold  

This is absolutely horrifying.

2017-01-17 02:51:32

How to Get the Lingering Smell of Fried Food Out of Your Kitchen  

Everyone loves fried food. No one likes the smell.

2017-01-13 16:47:43

Everyone on Pinterest Is Going Nuts Over These Gorgeous Stacked Wood Fireplace Screens  

Making one is easier than it looks.

2017-01-12 19:52:45

11 Kitchen Items You Need to Toss ASAP  

While some tools and appliances make getting dinner on the table 1,000x easier, you can definitely live without that small army of plastic Chinese takeout containers living in the cabinet beside your oven. Say goodbye to the stuff on this list and don't look back.

2017-01-12 03:03:55

12 Bathroom Paint Colors That Always Look Fresh and Clean  

Paint is the pixie dust of the home improvement world. A few coats can revamp even a blah, beige-tiled bathroom. No matter if you're working with a powder room or master suite, these pro-approved colors will upgrade your space fast.

2017-01-12 02:59:49

10 of the Grossest Things Your Kids Touch Every Day  

It's a sad truth that the world is filled with germs. We can't see them, but they're there. And try as you might to protect your kids from them, sometimes it's outside of your control. These are some of the gross things your children handle — and what you should do about it.

2017-01-10 05:22:10

A New Study Says You May Be Too Old to Buy IKEA Furniture  

Could you one day give up shopping the stylish Swedish retailer?

2017-01-10 03:46:26

Craftiest Man Ever Knits Sweaters of All the Places His Visits  

His skills put Grandma's to shame.

2017-01-09 18:55:08

30 Creative Things to Do With Popsicle Sticks  

They're cheap, durable, and whether you're collecting them from literal popsicles or buying wooden craft sticks in bulk at the store, there are a million ways to have fun with 'em on a rainy afternoon.

2017-01-09 02:28:07

9 Trendy Home Features That Are Secretly a Pain  

We've seen them all: Gorgeous ideas that look amazing on blogs but can't hold up to the demands of real life. Whether you got sucked into the open shelving craze, or had to swear off slipcovers (or else swear some more), these are just a few ideas that are best left to the Pinterest pros.

2017-01-05 11:21:16

5 Easy DIY Tutorials for That Viral Chunky Knit Blanket  

It's time to cuddle up with some Netflix and knits!

2017-01-04 04:22:17

10 Things That Growing Up in an Old House Taught Me About Life  

I grew up in an 1850s Greek Revival that my parents restored from top to bottom over the course of 10 years. When they bought it, it was in such poor condition that the realtor who showed them the house said that they were his only clients who would even get out of the car to look at it. I, for one, am awfully glad they did — that old house was the wisest teacher I have ever had. Here are 10 of the most valuable lessons it taught me.

2017-01-03 12:50:35

This Mattress Promises to Solve Your Cold Feet Problem Forever  

Dreams do come true.

2017-01-03 03:53:59

10 Definitive Reasons You Need More Houseplants in Your Life  

If you blame genetics for your lack of green thumb, it's time to teach yourself the powers of keeping a plant alive. It turns out these livings things can do even more for your physical and mental health than they can for your living room decor — and here's proof.

2016-12-28 20:01:00

Memory Pillows and Crafts Are a Bittersweet Pinterest Trend  

It's a lovely way to honor those we've loved and lost.

2016-12-28 19:25:40

6 Decor Trends That Need to Go Away in 2017  

We've hit max capacity with the palm prints and oversized arrows, folks.

2016-12-28 18:35:00

10 Most Genius Organizers on Amazon Right Now  

What if we told you there's a magical place where, at the touch of a button, your home would be the most organized it's ever been. Well, it exists and it's called Amazon. Sure, you have to pay for products to get it that way, but we've come up with a list to make that part easy for you.

2016-12-19 17:59:43

Cleaning Products You Should NEVER Mix  

These cleaners are common (and helpful to have around), but the wrong combo can be quite dangerous.

2016-12-15 05:00:00

Cleaning Products You Should NEVER Mix  

These cleaners are common (and helpful to have around), but the wrong combo can be quite dangerous.

2016-12-15 05:00:00

Nurse's Husband Transforms Her Closet Into the Most Pinterest-Perfect Vanity  

Best. DIY. (and husband?) Ever.

2016-12-14 19:24:54

The Best Cleaning and Organizing Tricks We Learned This Year  

The art of improving one's house is never done. There are always more tricks to make your fridge feel twice as big and another method that promises to get gum out of carpet. And since it's our job to keep a pulse on home hacks, we wanted to share the highlights of what we learned in 2016.

2016-12-13 21:35:56

Knitters Everywhere Are Obsessed With This Genius Yarn Bowl  

It's all about the slip-free rubber bottom.

2016-12-12 20:06:00

Here Are All the Relationship Problems IKEA Claims It Can Fix in Your Life  

Got a snorer on your bed? There's a bed for that.

2016-12-09 19:15:00

Why We Need to Just Stop With Open Floor Plans  

Sometimes the cons outweigh the sunny pros.

2016-12-07 16:20:35

It's Time to Stop Putting Hardwood Floors in Every Room  

The maintenance alone isn't always worth the perceived home value.

2016-12-06 19:24:00

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Freezer  

Plus, a helpful tip for simple grab-and-go dinners.

2016-12-05 05:00:02

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Freezer  

Plus, a helpful tip for simple grab-and-go dinners.

2016-12-05 05:00:02

8 Tchotchkes That Could Be Worth More Than You Think  

It's always surprising to see what sort of collectibles appreciate over time. Sure, anything with a celebrity connection or historical importance will command a bundle, but you'd be surprised at the more average-seeming "collectibles" that have a value that goes beyond sentimental. Here are just a few of these everyday trinkets that are currently trending on eBay.

2016-12-02 19:19:09

7 Trends That'll Be "in" for 2017 — and 3 That'll Be "Out"  

If 2016 was a little unpredictable, 2017 is looking to be a boundary-pushing year for interiors. At least, that's what real estate website Trulia is seeing with their trend forecast for the coming year. From unusual textures to jaw-dropping colors, we spoke with a few designers on the looks that will define 2017 (along with the three "trends" that will be on their way out).

2016-12-02 18:39:10

I Hate My Kitchen Island — And Think It's Useless  

What used to be a dream feature is kind of a nightmare in reality.

2016-11-22 20:06:34

50 Super Festive Trash-to-Treasure Christmas Crafts  

Sure, you could buy everything at the store, but what's the fun in that? (And half the time, you know you could do it better anyway.) We took some of the most common household items around—think toilet paper rolls and dated decor signs—and used a little elbow grease to transform them into the most adorable holiday crafts you ever did celebrate with.

2016-11-21 22:00:00

This Artist Transformed a 4-Year-Old's Room Into a Glow-in-the-Dark Wonder  

Suddenly, he didn't think turning off the lights wasn't so scary.

2016-11-21 21:04:00

11 Mind-Blowing Drawers Everyone Needs in Their Home  

These savvy organizers will keep things neat, organized, and totally out of your guests' sight.

2016-11-21 18:52:00

13 Ways to Wrangle All Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Supplies  

Consider this a list of ways to keep your gift-giving stress levels low this year. Don't miss our tips on wrapping prettier presents, either.

2016-11-16 23:00:00

Can You Believe This Floor Is Made of $130 Worth of Pennies?  

It took two months to complete.

2016-11-16 20:27:29

15 Dreamy Kitchen Island Ideas  

Gourmet dishes or microwave dinners, a spacious island makes mealtime less of a pain. A smart prep station can even stash cookbooks, host cocktail hour and anchor a truly stunning space. Feeling inspired? Get more kitchen ideas for a room that'll make you want to cook.

2016-11-15 17:18:00

This Couch Is Designed to Hold You All Night Long  

Because is there anything better after a terrible day?

2016-11-11 22:44:42

This Mom Found a Brilliant Way to Keep Her Living Room Spotless Until Thanksgiving  

And the Internet is loving her for it!

2016-11-10 20:32:15

This Nap Desk Is a Workday Game Changer  

You can skip that afternoon coffee and take a quick snooze instead.

2016-11-09 17:14:11

People Are Using Their Empty Wine Bottles to Make Christmas Trees  

Hey, wine not?

2016-11-07 21:25:04

15 Fancy IKEA Hacks That Only Look Super Expensive  

It's no secret one of the biggest reasons this Swedish retailer is popular is because it's affordable â€" but that doesn't mean you want your bookshelves or headboard to look like they were a steal. Don't worry: These makeovers will have you doubting that your furniture really arrived on your doorstep in a flat pack.

2016-11-07 21:12:44

The Fast, Easy Way to Make Oversized Christmas Ornaments  

Bigger ornaments mean happier holidays.

2016-11-07 20:32:06

The 20 Indoor Houseplants You Can't Kill  

Okay, even the toughest plant is not indestructible, but with a few expert tips you can beat the odds. "You can kill anything," says Sharon Nejman, senior horticulturist at the Chicago Botanic Garden. That includes giving a potted friend too much sun â€" or too much H2O. "The roots can't handle the absorption and start to rot," she adds. Your best bet: Setting plants in gravel-filled saucers so they're not sitting in extra drainage water and built-up salt.

2016-11-01 20:00:00

11 Big Mistakes You Make Painting Kitchen Cabinets  

Only fools rush into this major DIY undertaking.

2016-11-01 18:00:00

The Only Guide You Need to Decode Laundry Symbols  

There's nothing worse than pulling a brand-new sweater out of the dryer only to discover it's more likely to fit your daughter's Barbie than you. Chances are, this is the result of not reading (or understanding!) your garment's care label. Don't stress. We created this guide to help translate everything you need to know about washing your clothes.

2016-10-28 21:39:00

Tiny House Villages Are the Next Big Thing  

A tribe of teeny homes may be headed to your neighborhood.

2016-10-28 19:59:12

10 Things You Should Remove From Your Bathroom Right Now  

Raise your hand if you've never thought about how hot and humid bathrooms affect the things you store in said space (us either). That's just one of the reasons you might need to find a new home for your makeup, jewelry, towels, and more.

2016-10-27 19:41:00

FYI: Burglars Don't Care If You Have an Alarm System  

Same goes for dogs and surveillance cameras.

2016-10-26 18:27:46

That Controversial "Fixer Upper" Rental Has Officially Been Shut Down  

Guess you won't be able to try out that upstairs kitchen after all.

2016-10-21 19:56:12

The Most Stunning Way to Display Mums on Your Porch This Fall  

Monogram fans, this planter is for you!

2016-10-19 17:27:38

You Should Always Put a Quarter on a Frozen Cup of Water Before a Hurricane  

This refrigerator trick could literally save your life.

2016-10-17 22:06:43

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