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Gay News | The Advocate | The World's Leading Source for LGBT News and Entertainment

Gay News, The Advocate, The World's Leading Source for LGBT News and Entertainment The U.S.-based national gay and lesbian newsmagazine. Includes the GSK pride guide, forums, and links related to articles.

Is the Queer Community Eating Its Own (Again)?  

Recent battles over the rainbow flag and the Star of David have exposed long-simmering biases.

2017-07-28 19:58:16

Auntie Maxine Waters Just Coined a New Power Phrase  

The congresswoman/Resistance queen persisted in "reclaiming" her time. 

2017-07-28 15:06:22

McCain Praise Drowns Out the Real (Female) Senate Heroes  

Sens. Murkowski and Collins were steadfast in their commitment to healthcare — but McCain got most of the credit.

2017-07-28 12:37:26

Trump's Nominees for the Courts Are Horrifying and Dangerous  

Several of his nominees, if confirmed, could mean justice denied for LGBT people and other vulnerable groups.

2017-07-28 12:12:19

Over 60 Years of Art Form Queer Identity  

2017-07-28 11:56:24

When 'Butching Up' Is a Survival Mechanism  

We saw a character on Insecure do it — is "code-switching" practical or cowardly? Sampson McCormick shares his experience.

2017-07-28 07:22:47

113 Pride Photos That Turn Us On  

2017-07-28 05:17:19

A Bi Gold Medalist on Life in the Ring  

Britain's Nicola Adams, the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal for boxing, discusses the art of her sport and her life as an out bisexual in a new memoir. Read an exclusive excerpt below.

2017-07-28 04:30:23

Security Camera Catches Man Setting Fire to LGBT Center  

The disturbing footage allegedly shows a former client of the youth center.

2017-07-28 03:55:23

Day 1? Transgender Military Ban Protests  

2017-07-28 02:30:05

31 Photos of Go-Go Bears Dancing With the Camera  

2017-07-27 21:49:11

Teen Girl Whose Girlfriend Died in Livestreamed Car Crash Shares Story  

The teen survived the crash that killed her girfriend, an accident the girlfriend's sister livestreamed on Instagram.

2017-07-27 21:09:45

Head of Boy Scouts Apologizes for Donald Trump's Inappropriate Jamboree Speech  

The Boy Scouts of America finally apologizes for Trump's self-congratulatory political speech to a group of young men.

2017-07-27 10:40:03

The Good News: Transphobia No Longer a Slam-Dunk  

Donald Trump maybe be ginning up transphobia to save his imploding presidency, but he's actually to the right of many Republicans on the issue.

2017-07-27 09:25:10

Heroic Lesbian Police Officer Gets Medal of Valor — From Trump  

The president, who's more often undermining LGBT people, today honored one who helped save lives when a gunman attacked a congressional baseball practice.

2017-07-27 07:15:21

Trump Just Nominated an Anti-LGBT 'Ambassador for Religious Freedom'  

Gov. Sam Brownback's record on LGBT rights is so bad that California banned travel to Kansas.

2017-07-27 05:50:47

Chelsea Clinton Done With Media Claiming Trump Is Pro-LGBT  

Clinton tweeted the Washington Post to finally put the notion to rest.

2017-07-27 04:59:26

Day Two of Trump's Ban, and Trans Troops Are Still Serving  

The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that the military will not discharge service members until the president sends further direction.

2017-07-27 04:46:18

Jenny Boylan Shares Heartrending Stories From Trans Service Members on Twitter  

In response to Trump's ban on trans people in the military, Boylan curated stories from those who've served.

2017-07-27 04:36:34

Late Night vs. the Trump Trans Ban  

These straight dudes stepped up to the plate to call out the president's cruelty.

2017-07-27 04:36:30

Justice Department Says Federal Law Doesn't Ban Antigay Discrimination  

The department, led by Jeff Sessions, made that argument in a case involving whether a law banning sex discrimination covers sexual orientation.

2017-07-27 01:44:24

Channel Your Fury Against Trump's Trans Assault  

Here's how to take action against this latest travesty.

2017-07-27 01:24:48

Caitlyn Jenner and Log Cabin Slam Trump's Trans Military Ban  

Prominent LGBT Republicans condemned the president for his discrminatory action.

2017-07-26 21:32:46

Trump and His PR Flack Refuse to Elaborate on Trans Ban  

It appears the president didn't think through another one of his decisions.

2017-07-26 21:30:29

Far-Right Leaders Gloat About Trans Ban, Take Credit for It  

Donald Trump is pandering to the religious right, and its leaders are over the moon.

2017-07-26 20:10:03

Military Ban: Could LGBs and Women Be Next?   

Trump's hateful ban on trans people in the military could be just the beginning. 

2017-07-26 19:07:55

John McCain, Other GOPers Oppose Trans Military Ban  

Those at least voicing reservations about the move include some expected and some surprising names.

2017-07-26 18:56:10

Trans Activists: Trump's Military Ban   

Transgender leaders minced no words about the president's announcement of a new ban on trans service members.

2017-07-26 17:09:21

LGBTs to America: 'We Told You So'  

For the last time, Donald Trump is not an LGBT ally.

2017-07-26 16:38:56

These Trans Texans Aren't Afraid to Stand Up to Bullies and Bigots  

Meet two women and a man who go out of their way to stand up for their community and fellow Texans.

2017-07-26 12:23:14

18 Talk Show Moments That Made LGBT History  

2017-07-26 09:44:40

Brigadier Bone Spurs Has One Hell of a Nerve  

This trans vet has a message for the alleged draft dodger.

2017-07-26 06:19:47


Trump had fooled some voters during the campaign into believing he was a friend to LGBT people. He isn't.

2017-07-26 06:11:41

I'm OK With the Dems Backing Away From Identity Politics  

The truth is that most Americans are centrist, writes Amanda Kerri, and we can't risk the Republicans holding on to power.

2017-07-26 05:26:42

9 Trans Vets on Service and Living Authentically  

2017-07-26 05:26:25

Report: Mike Pence Lobbying Against Funding of Trans Troops' Transition Costs   

One bill to ban such coverage failed, but sources say Pence is renewing the effort.

2017-07-26 02:07:49

This Trans Woman Is a Former Boy Scout and Has Thoughts on the Trump Rally  

The Boy Scouts of America's embrace of a wannabe king is just its latest disaster.

2017-07-26 01:28:13

Texas Senate Gives Initial OK to Restrictive Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill'  

The bill needs one more approval by the Senate before it goes to the House.

2017-07-25 17:21:20

Piers Morgan Hates Gender-Fluid People So Much He Called a Baby 'It' on TV  

The talking head purposefully and repeatedly said things to offend gender-nonconforming/nonbinary people.

2017-07-25 16:37:48

Why People Shouldn't Dub 4-Year-Old Prince George a Gay Icon  

Since a picture of the royal toddler in a seemingly effeminate pose went viral, many are making presumptions about his sexuality.

2017-07-25 14:10:54

Cyndi Lauper: 'When Things Get Really Bad, Artists Respond'  

The Emmy-, Grammy-, and Tony-winner discusses music's role in The Resistance, her latest Broadway project, and how gay music executive Michael Alago helped her career.

2017-07-25 12:13:24

9 Female-Led Films No One Should Be Surprised Were a Box Office Smash  

If you're shocked that Wonder Woman and Girls Trip are burning up the box office, you'd shouldn't be.

2017-07-25 07:30:05

Trans Trailblazer Aleshia Brevard Dead at 79  

She was one of the first people to have transitional surgery at a time where the word "transgender" didn't exist, but she was so much more than that.  

2017-07-25 05:17:43

STUDY: 16,899 Condomless Sex Acts, Zero HIV Transmissions in Mixed-Status Couples  

A new study reaffirms that HIV-positive people with an undectable viral load pose almost zero risk of transmitting the virus to same-sex partners.

2017-07-25 04:30:56

Army of Us: Queer Soldiers Do Battle Against ISIS  

A group of volunteer soldiers from around the world is helping fight the international terror group, which has frequently targeted gay men.

2017-07-25 02:42:16

Why This Lesbian's 'Love Connection' Matters  

Liz Baxter sees her appearance on Love Connection as anything but a lark.

2017-07-25 02:01:26

Orlando Mourns Loss of Watermark Editor Billy Manes  

Manes covered the shooting and helped his community mourn after the Pulse shooting.

2017-07-25 01:31:07

Surf, Sand, Sun, Sensuality (Photos)  

2017-07-25 01:03:40

Chris Christie's Uneven Record on LGBT Rights  

The New Jersey governor signs two trans-inclusive bills into law, which reverses course from his previous actions on trans rights.

2017-07-24 21:24:09

Ranking Randy: Rainbow's Most Scathing Parodies  

Comedian Randy Rainbow has kept us sane through the election and now during its horrifying aftermath. Here's a listing of his best work.

2017-07-24 15:22:42

Insecure's New Gay Character Gave a Quick Lesson in Code-Switching  

Issa's gay brother brings some much-needed queer visibility to the HBO series.

2017-07-24 11:05:53

GOP Rep Doesn't Get Geography, Wants to Challenge Female Senators to a Duel  

Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas apparently doesn't know that Alaska is not in the Northeast. 

2017-07-24 10:05:06

Donald Trump Blocks Rosie O'Donnell on Twitter  

Trump has publicly called O'Donnell a "pig" and a "loser," but he's too sensitive for her tweets. 

2017-07-24 06:31:51

Danielle LoPresti and Alicia Champion's Long Road to Parenthood  

Founders of San Diego's IndieFest, this bisexual couple faced down homophobia, discrimination, a seven year delay, and death itself in pursuit of family. 

2017-07-24 04:50:34

105 Pics of Gay Pool Party Season in L.A.  

2017-07-24 04:40:47

Why This Activist Is Biking 4,200 Miles This Summer  

Trystan Cotten is taking advocacy to new lengths.

2017-07-24 03:32:38

This Trans Woman Will Stop Breathing Without Obamacare  

Before the ACA, Regina Kalacova almost went broke paying for her lifesaving asthma medications. Mitch McConnell wants to go back to those days.

2017-07-24 03:01:59

109 Photos as Berlin Celebrates Pride and Marriage  

2017-07-24 02:23:19

Anthony Scaramucci Hasn't Deleted Support for Same-Sex Marriage  

The new White House communicatons director deleted tweets that would be a "distraction."

2017-07-23 08:48:53

These Texans Are Up Against Ignorant Lawmakers  

Transgender people and their families rallied outside the Capitol to enlighten their representatives.

2017-07-22 13:09:55

Ready for Boycott? Texas Moves Closer on Anti-Trans Law  

Senate Bill 3 moved ahead even after predictions of massive losses if the law ultimately passes.

2017-07-22 08:43:49

Kim Davis's Fight Against Marriage Equality to Cost Kentucky Over $200K  

A federal judge today ordered the state to cover the fees for lawyers representing the couples who sued Davis when she shut down marriage license operations.

2017-07-22 01:43:29

The Sunlight, Shadows, and Saturation of Ryam Anthony (Photos)  

2017-07-22 01:23:50

'80s Icon Alison Moyet's 'The Rarest Birds' Is a Love Song to LGBT People   

Moyet, who rose to fame with Yaz in the '80s, has always found community with LGBT people. 

2017-07-21 21:53:27

After Allegedly Exposing Himself and Getting Tasered, GOP Official Quits  

David Narramore, a Republican party official in Kentucky, is accused of exposing himself in a men's restroom and then resisting arrest.

2017-07-21 21:51:22

7 Ways to Resist This Week  

Take a Girls Trip, stream Comic-Con, slam Donald Trump with poetry, and more ways to resist this week.

2017-07-21 13:42:39

69 Ways to Cruise With the Hanky Code Today  

2017-07-21 12:31:56

A Christian Org Is Trying to 'Take Back the Rainbow,' and the Internet Is Snickering  

People noted how a rainbow-lit Noah's Ark re-creation looked like a glorious gay cruise.

2017-07-21 12:17:47

Don't Let Trump Erase Trans Elders  

We have not won the battle over census inclusion.

2017-07-21 11:36:28

How to Disclose Your HIV Status on a First Date  

Dates can be awkward. Coming out as poz doesn't have to be.

2017-07-21 08:33:57

Lawsuit: New North Carolina Bathroom Law Still Discriminates  

The amended suit by the ACLU and Lambda Legal says HB 142 doesn't fix the problems caused by the infamous anti-LGBT HB 2.

2017-07-21 06:09:59

State AGs Urge Betsy DeVos to Maintain Regs on Campus Sexual Assault Investigations   

The 20 attorneys general worry that any rollback of the guidance on handling accusations will endanger students.

2017-07-21 05:34:57

Randy Rainbow Roasts Trump Jr. Russia Meeting   

The parody pairs Broadway with Donald Trump Jr.'s still-mysterious gathering with Russian officials.

2017-07-21 05:01:26

Chinese LGBT Conference Is Canceled — Again  

Organizers of an LGBT gathering have once again encountered obstacles.

2017-07-21 04:34:21

P-Town: Stars, Stripes, Abs, and Fur (Photos)  

2017-07-21 03:22:25

13 Shows We Can't Believe Don't Have Queer Characters  

2017-07-21 02:50:49

A Trans Bathroom in Cartagena  

A surprising experience in South America has this writer pondering the larger issues involved in bathroom access.

2017-07-21 02:35:38

Antigay Judge Nominated by Trump Is Confirmed to Federal Appeals Court  

John K. Bush, confirmed today to the Sixth Circuit, has objected to rulings against sodomy laws and likened abortion to slavery.

2017-07-20 20:09:54

Four Dem Members of Congress Sued for Displaying Pride Flag  

A homophobe who tried to marry his laptop is going to extreme lengths to remove symbols of LGBT support.

2017-07-20 18:21:12

Kevin Smith Apologizes for Ben Affleck Gay Kiss Story  

The Chasing Amy director is sorry for bringing up Affleck's 20-year-old remark that kissing a man was his "greatest acting challenge."

2017-07-20 15:20:36

WNBA's Sue Bird Comes Out, Is Dating Megan Rapinoe  

Bird said she has been out to friends and family for years, but now felt like the right time to go public.

2017-07-20 15:03:07

Love Conquers All: A Story of a Family Healed  

Soon after learning that her son was HIV-positive, this preacher's wife was dealt another blow — her husband of 30 years was leaving her for a man.

2017-07-20 10:19:27

Florida Mayoral Candidate Berates LGBT and Black Citizens  

A Florida politician attacked LGBT people for their "sin" and told black activists to "go back to Africa" during an official candidates' forum this week.

2017-07-20 09:41:14

Young Trans Artist Targeted by Neo-Nazis  

Behind the doxxing of Sophie Labelle.

2017-07-20 05:56:02

Pride and Perseverance From Uganda to Nicaragua  

The American Jewish World Service is fighting for equality in places where being out is a constant risk.

2017-07-20 05:17:25

My Cancer Is Not a Death Sentence, Thanks to the ACA  

This young gay man's life is evidence that Obamacare works.

2017-07-20 04:40:11

TLC Will Spotlight Trans Issues in Jackie Evancho Special  

The one-hour episode will show how Donald Trump's inauguration singer is speaking out against his rollback of transgender rights, alongside her trans sister, Juliet.

2017-07-20 03:47:38

Using His Assets for Activism (Photos)  

2017-07-20 02:34:40

'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women' Is the Year's Queerest Movie  

Out actor Luke Evans plays Wonder Woman's poly creator while out director Angela Robinson helms. 

2017-07-20 02:15:27

56 Photos of Leo Ursini and His Friends  

2017-07-19 21:27:20

Britain Bans Gender Stereotyping in Advertising — Could That Fly in the U.S.?  

How would Carl's Jr. ever sell a burger if the company couldn't use stereotypes of women?

2017-07-19 20:07:48

Right Wing Loses It After Rosie Retweets Game Where Trump Falls Off Cliff  

Rosie retweets a game where you can push the failed president off a cliff and conservatives lose their minds, though they didn't seem bothered when Trump advocated repealing Obamacare without a replacement.

2017-07-19 15:06:22

Bi Daughter of Evangelist Finds Her Truth  

Alabama's Brandi Burgess is truly living her best life.

2017-07-19 13:54:34

Evan Rachel Wood Drags Ben Affleck's Squeamish 'Gay Kiss' Remark  

The bisexual Westworld actress had a strong response to the Oscar winner's claim that kissing another man is the world's greatest thespian feat.

2017-07-19 12:37:27

Keith Olbermann Just Slammed Eric Trump So Hard on Twitter That He Blocked Him  

One came out the victor, and the other was Eric Trump.

2017-07-19 09:01:04

26 Football Players Who Came Out of the Closet  

2017-07-19 08:21:01

Caitlyn Jenner on How 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)' Helped Her Through  

Jenner clarified that the song, deemed offensive to trans women, made her feel good. 

2017-07-19 07:36:02

White Nationalist Site Joins Anti-LGBT Groups in Campaign Against Southern Poverty Law Center, a site carrying racist and anti-Semitic articles, joins those objecting to the SPLC's listing of "hate groups."

2017-07-19 07:29:29

Reading the Far Right: Don't Call Us Haters  

The extreme-right media, which we read so you don't have to, object to the "hate group" label for certain organizations, even when it fits.

2017-07-19 07:26:16

What Makes San Diego Pride Unique? Hint: Uniforms  

The LGBT celebration in "America's Finest City" is an interesting amalgam of liberal and conservative values.

2017-07-19 05:26:11

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