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Colors of scintillating Venus  

Venus reaches inferior conjunction today, officially leaving the evening sky. It has been low in the sky, where Earth's atmosphere has caused Venus to scintillate, or twinkle, in many colors.

2017-03-25 02:36:38

Perfect airplane glory  

You might catch an airplane glory when a mist or cloud lies below you, with the sun shining upon it.

2017-03-24 06:27:29

New map of space dust in 3-D  

Sure, we're all collections of space dust. But astronomers also want to study it in order to understand how space dust in our Milky Way obscures starlight from afar.

2017-03-24 01:22:24

Does Mars sometimes have rings?  

It's possible that Mars' closer moon - Phobos - might alternate between becoming a planetary ring and clumping together to form a moon.

2017-03-23 14:18:39

Venus after sunset and before sunrise!  

The planet Venus is now appearing in the west after sunset and in the east before sunrise. Don't believe it? Astronomer Bruce McClure reports on his observation.

2017-03-23 04:56:11

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico  

Ancient structures in a desolate area of land in surrounded by the Navajo reservation. Around 1,000 years ago, the architects of this place walked away.

2017-03-23 02:54:44

Record low sea ice at both poles  

Considering both poles in February 2017, Earth essentially lost the equivalent of a chunk of sea ice larger than Mexico, in contrast to the average global minimum for 1981-2010.

2017-03-23 02:09:28

Star’s death spiral into black hole  

What happens when a star with about our sun's mass spirals into a black hole? With the distant event known as ASASSN-14li, astronomers have figured out some details.

2017-03-22 04:51:19

What is stellar magnitude?  

Brightest stars to the eye are 1st magnitude, and dimmest stars to the eye are 6th magnitude. How the magnitude scale works in astronomy and why it's useful.

2017-03-22 01:06:26

How a Venus flytrap knows to snap shut  

Cool video, especially if you've never seen a Venus flytrap in action.

2017-03-21 12:08:08

It looked like the sun set twice  

A lone, small, very brightly illuminated passing cloud - at the exact point where the sun was going down - caused the illusion of a double sunset.

2017-03-21 06:02:22

7 Earth-sized worlds? What we really see  

A reality check from astrophysicist Brian Koberlein on what we actually see of the 7 recently discovered Earth-sized planets orbiting the star TRAPPIST-1.

2017-03-21 04:44:01

Fizzy lakes for Saturn’s moon Titan?  

Bright features - informally known as "magic islands" - seem to appear and disappear in a Titan sea. A new study shows that bubbles could, potentially, be the cause.

2017-03-20 13:44:07

Last sunset of winter sun pillar  

Photographer Josh Blash caught this sun pillar last night in Hampton, New Hampshire. It's caused by ice crystals drifting in the air.

2017-03-20 09:23:13

Watch the sun’s shift on your horizon  

Here's a fun activity for the coming months. Note how far the sun moves on your horizon each day, as spring shifts toward summer (or autumn towards winter).

2017-03-20 05:47:57

How to take great photos of star trails  

When a camera captures a star's movement across the sky, it's called a star trail. An astrophotographer explains how he does it.

2017-03-18 06:22:17

New mosaic of Orion Nebula  

The Orion Nebula - 1,400 light-years away- is the closest star formation region to Earth. This image is the latest in the Hubble Space Telescope's collection.

2017-03-18 02:43:40

Venus about to leave evening sky  

And Mercury is climbing into it. By late March, Venus will have moved to the east before dawn as Mercury stages its best evening apparition of the year for northern observers.

2017-03-18 02:01:24

Last night’s successful SpaceX launch  

After standing down due to high winds, SpaceX chose March 16 for its EchoStar XXIII launch. SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket delivered this commercial communications satellite for EchoStar Corporation to a geostationary transfer orbit.

2017-03-17 13:29:48

Bodies freed from gravity’s grip  

Life on Earth is used to gravity. So what happens to our cells and tissues in space?

2017-03-17 09:05:37

Weekend moon near Antares and Saturn  

The moon is waning, appearing later each night. It's in a pretty inconspicuous place in our sky. But if you start watching these objects now, you'll get a preview of their excellent show coming up this June.

2017-03-17 02:44:58

Green flash at sunset  

It's easiest to see a green flash with optical aid, in this case a zoom lens. But you have to be very careful not to look too soon, or you'll dazzle - or damage - your eyes.

2017-03-17 02:18:49

Great Barrier Reef is dying  

Authors of a cover story in journal Nature this week called for immediate global action to reduce the magnitude of climate warming in order to secure a future for coral reefs.

2017-03-16 02:36:46

Celestial spiral is a double star  

It's not a spiral galaxy. It's a double star system seen from Earth to create a spiral shape in a shell of gas.

2017-03-16 02:04:05

In early universe, where was dark matter?  

A surprising result - based on new observations of distant galaxies - suggests that dark matter was less influential in the early universe than it is today.

2017-03-15 15:07:33

Closest-yet star to black hole  

Astronomers have found a star that whips around a black hole about twice an hour. That's a very close orbit, possibly the tightest orbital dance ever witnessed for a star and black hole.

2017-03-15 13:39:33

Real-life Hoth is disappearing  

Hardangerjøkulen, the Norwegian ice cap better known to Star Wars fans as the ice planet Hoth, is melting and may disappear by 2100.

2017-03-15 12:23:27

See it! Moon sweeps past Jupiter  

Monday and Tuesday nights, the waning moon and this planet were near each other and the 2 brightest things in the night sky. Photos from the EarthSky community.

2017-03-15 01:51:55

Back-to-back Mars dust storms  

In the past few weeks, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has reported two dust storms that sprang up in Mars northern hemisphere, then exploded to continent-size upon shifting southward.

2017-03-13 06:02:02

Cloud shadow on nearby clouds  

Like all objects illuminated by sunlight, clouds cast a shadow.

2017-03-13 03:55:21

When galaxies collide, black holes eat  

When our Milky Way galaxy and neighboring Andromeda galaxy collide, supermassive black holes will have a feast!

2017-03-12 15:37:02

Full-looking moon edges toward Jupiter  

On March 12, 2017, look east as darkness falls to see a brilliant, full-looking moon. Bright Jupiter will rise shortly after the moon, by early to mid-evening.

2017-03-12 03:26:59

Cassini shows strange Saturn moon Pan  

Wonderful Cassini spacecraft - now in its final year orbiting Saturn - shows us a tiny, walnut-shaped shepherding moon.

2017-03-12 01:03:13

Last full moon of season this weekend  

March 2017 full moon is the 3rd of 3 full moons between the December solstice and March equinox. Harbinger of spring for Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere's Harvest Moon.

2017-03-11 06:10:11

Vibrant sundog  

A sundog - a piece of a larger halo around the sun or moon - is caused by tiny ice crystals in the upper air.

2017-03-11 06:05:26

Comet Encke nearest sun today  

Faithful Comet Encke - one of the shortest-period comets known - is closest to the sun today. Read how its frequent returns helped reveal the true nature of comets.

2017-03-10 03:06:20

Most US wildfires ignited by people  

A study reports that 84% of U.S. wildfires between 1992 and 2012 were started by things like discarded cigarettes, unattended campfires, and arson.

2017-03-09 12:50:46

Moon sweeps into Leo on March 9  

The moon will spend several days traversing the large constellation Leo the Lion. Notice our moon, and Leo's stars, and contemplate the Earth and moon's long and varied history.

2017-03-09 06:50:23

Leo and Chinese guardian lions  

An earthly lion guards the gates, while, in the sky, a celestial Lion - Leo - ascends. Astrophotographer Jeff Dai of China tells the story.

2017-03-09 03:09:13

Stardust sheds light on 1st stars  

Astronomers observed a young galaxy, existing when the universe was only 4% of its current age. It had a mass of interstellar dust, formed during explosions of an earlier generation of stars.

2017-03-08 13:05:43

Why pandas are black and white  

The giant panda's distinct black-and-white markings have two functions: camouflage and communication, says a new study.

2017-03-08 11:08:27

Moon and constellation Cancer on March 8  

You'll find a bright waxing gibbous moon shining in front of Cancer the Crab - faintest constellation of the zodiac - on March 8, 2017.

2017-03-08 06:07:50

Rat-shaped cloud, with virga  

"What was interesting ... was the development of a small upside-down cumulus on the underside of the cloud head from which delicate curtains of virga could be seen descending."

2017-03-08 02:11:35

Add your eclipse event to the AAS map  

The American Astronomical Society is the U.S. association of professional astronomers. The Society wants to help you publicize your event for the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse.

2017-03-07 07:46:24

GOES-16’s 1st flashy images  

Detecting and predicting severe weather just got easier, scientists announced, with the 1st images from a new Lightning Mapper onboard NOAA's new GOES-16 satellite.

2017-03-07 05:49:04

Ceres’ bright spots are young  

Scientists have learned that Ceres' bright spots are only about 4 million years old. And - to geologists - youth means activity and, in this case, ice volcanos.

2017-03-06 13:32:01

How do astronomers find exoplanets?  

Stars are incredibly bright in contrast to any planets that may be orbiting them. So finding exoplanets - planets orbiting distant suns - isn't easy. Here's how it's done.

2017-03-06 06:50:14

Astronomers respond to 7-planet find  

Love this video of astronomers showing their excitement about the discovery of 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star.

2017-03-05 14:13:07

Last night’s moon hides Aldebaran  

The occultation by the moon of Aldebaran - brightest star in Taurus the Bull - was visible from North America. Great set of photos here from the EarthSky community!

2017-03-05 13:02:33

Webb telescope to probe 7 worlds  

The nearness of 7 newly found Earth-sized planets - and the smallness their host star - make them perfect targets for the new space telescope that'll be Hubble's successor.

2017-03-05 02:26:57

California sediments pour into the sea  

Drought plagued California and much of the American Southwest for nearly 5 years before this year. Now satellites see swollen rivers dumping sediments into the sea.

2017-03-05 01:27:53

Cancer? Here’s your constellation  

Here's how to find the constellation Cancer in your sky. Plus Cancer's place in sky history, lore and science.

2017-03-05 01:04:17

Star party fun  

An astronomer's red headlamp leaves a streak on this time-exposure photo of the northern sky.

2017-03-04 13:03:29

Wicked fast aurora  

Tommy Richardsen said, "It started a second or 2 before I clicked the shutter button, and faded before the 13-second exposure was over."

2017-03-04 04:50:25

What our teeth say about us  

Anthropologists gather clues about how our ancient ancestors lived from their teeth. Plus what will our teeth tell future anthropologists about us?

2017-03-03 08:49:28

At the mouth of a Mars mega-flood  

New images from ESA's Mars Express spacecraft show an ancient outflow region, where fierce floodwaters once raged.

2017-03-02 12:25:41

Milky Way over Nubble Light  

Jatin Thakkar said, "My Milky Way season begins with this image of the Milky Way rising over the Nubble lighthouse, located in York, Maine."

2017-03-02 10:15:14

Venus' retrograde starts March 2  

And so a transition begins, which will end only after Venus has left the western evening sky and appears in the east before dawn.

2017-03-02 06:36:03

Annular eclipse after sunrise  

Thank you, Vincent Bouchama, for your beautiful composite of Sunday's solar eclipse!

2017-03-02 05:18:33

Astronauts’ brains change shape in space  

MRIs taken before and after missions show that astronauts' brains compress and expand in space.

2017-03-02 02:37:42

World’s oldest microfossils in Canada  

A new discovery provides direct evidence of one of Earth's oldest life forms, in a place known to harbor some of Earth's oldest rocks.

2017-03-01 20:11:11

Curiosity rover spies Mars dust devils  

As NASA explained, "On Mars, wind rules."

2017-03-01 12:58:22

Moon close to Mars on March 1  

You'll notice Venus near the moon first, because it's so dazzlingly bright. But the "star" closer to Wednesday's moon is Mars. Plus, Uranus and Mars are in the same binocular field.

2017-03-01 06:40:35

Jupiter abstract  

This gorgeous image isn't a painting. It's a new photo by the daredevil Juno spacecraft, as it skimmed close to Jupiter on its last close pass near the planet.

2017-03-01 01:45:38

Venus is a crescent now, too  

Telescopes reveal that Venus is now waning to a thin crescent phase, as it prepares to pass between the Earth and sun on March 25, 2017.

2017-02-28 06:02:17

Don’t miss moon and Venus February 28  

The crescent moon and planet Venus are close on February 28, 2017. If you could see Venus through a telescope, you'd find it in a crescent phase, too.

2017-02-28 05:04:14

Galapagos tortoise back from the brink  

Galapagos giant tortoises, on the brink of extinction, have made a comeback thanks to these innovative conservation strategies

2017-02-28 02:18:12

SpaceX to send 2 people around moon  

SpaceX founder Elon Musk would not name the two individuals who approached the company with an offer to pay for a flight around the moon and back.

2017-02-27 12:39:47

Go young moon hunting this week  

On February 27, the moon is more than a day old for much of the globe. It's waxing, appearing higher in the west after sunset each successive evening. Bright object nearby is Venus!

2017-02-27 06:14:29

Storm chasers honor Bill Paxton  

An amazing several-state tribute - stretching across Tornado Alley - honoring Twister star Bill Paxton, who died Sunday due to complications from heart surgery.

2017-02-27 05:29:23

Catch Comet Encke this evening!  

The comet's orbital period is short - only 3.3 years - and the orbit is relatively close to Earth. Encke's Comet is now on its 63rd known visit to our part of space.

2017-02-26 08:51:35

Favorite photos: Ring of fire eclipse  

The annular - or ring of fire - eclipse was visible from Earth's Southern Hemisphere. Photos here!

2017-02-26 06:50:31

Stacked moons  

A stack of moon images from Friday morning (February 24, 2017) taken at 1 minute intervals as the moon rose from the horizon, by Ken Christison.

2017-02-26 05:13:07

February 26 ring of fire eclipse  

The annular eclipse of the sun on February 26, 2017 takes place in the Southern Hemisphere, along a very narrow path that runs through South America and Africa.

2017-02-26 01:11:46

20 years after Dolly  

Everything you always wanted to know about the Dolly the cloned sheep and what came next, from a biomedical researcher and cloning expert.

2017-02-25 07:38:51

Last flight gone  

Hunter Davis wrote, "Winter is almost here at the South Pole. The last flight for the summer left last week. I'm just waiting for the sun to go down so I can photograph some stars! "

2017-02-25 06:30:39

Ring of fire eclipse on Sunday  

The February 26, 2017 annular solar eclipse - aka a ring of fire eclipse - will be visible from parts of Earth's Southern Hemisphere.

2017-02-25 05:59:36

Cherry blossoms opening in Japan  

In Japan at least, spring has sprung! Are you seeing signs of spring in your hometown?

2017-02-24 14:55:43

Ancient tortoise reveals tropical DNA  

An ancient giant tortoise that tumbled into a sinkhole 1,000 years ago has given researchers a rare look at tropical DNA.

2017-02-24 06:36:57

Ice circles in Syracuse, New York  

You need slow-moving currents, moving in circular eddies, to form ice circles, and you need just the right air and water temperature. So they're rare!

2017-02-23 01:57:37

What is the crater-dome illusion?  

When you see spacecraft images of craters on other worlds, do you sometimes think they look like domes? Here's how to change your perception.

2017-02-23 01:35:46

Gaza rainbow  

What a lovely scene. Mason Abu Hamid captured this image in Gaza, Palestine last week.

2017-02-22 06:53:56

Wow! Nearby TRAPPIST-1 has 7 planets  

Big discovery! NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting a tiny star only 40 light-years away. Three of them are firmly in the habitable zone.

2017-02-22 06:29:44

What would life be like near TRAPPIST-1?  

The newly discovered exoplanets orbiting this nearby star are likely to be bathed in high-energy ultraviolet radiation. What would life be like there? An expert explains.

2017-02-22 06:06:38

Scientists spy 8th continent, Zealandia  

A long-lost continent is submerged in the depths of the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Should it be recognized as a full-fledged continent?

2017-02-22 02:47:32

Brightest, farthest pulsar found!  

In one second, this distant pulsar - the spinning remains of a once-massive star - emits the same amount of energy as that released by our sun in 3.5 years.

2017-02-21 09:11:02

Chicago from St. Joseph, Michigan  

The little building in the center of the sunset is in Chicago, as seen from across Lake Michigan, 60 miles away.

2017-02-21 08:42:51

Watch drone video of Falcon 9 landing  

You've probably seen footage of rockets taking off, but here's Falcon 9 returning to Earth and landing safely after its launch on Sunday.

2017-02-21 05:46:59

Sick of watching politics? Watch live panda-cam!  

Listen to the birds chirping and watch the giant panda loll around and chew on bamboo. Peace!

2017-02-21 02:10:33

How did horses evolve?  

A new 'tree of life,' showing how horses have evolved over the past 18 million years challenges long-held ideas.

2017-02-20 20:01:22

Venus green flash  

To see a green flash of Venus, you need a very clear day with no haze or cloud low in the sky, a distant horizon (preferably a sea horizon) and a telescope! Photo by Colin Legg.

2017-02-20 04:52:27

Help astronomers look for Planet 9  

There might be an unknown 9th planet that orbits far from Earth, on the outer fringes of our solar system. You can help astronomers find it, if it exists!

2017-02-20 03:52:46

Star brightness versus star luminosity  

Some extremely large and hot stars blaze away with the luminosity of a million suns! But other stars look bright only because they're near Earth.

2017-02-19 13:58:12

Do animals dream?  

Your dog or cats might look as if it's dreaming when its whiskers twitch and legs wiggle. But are animals really dreaming?

2017-02-19 10:44:35

Moon, Saturn, Antares early Monday  

If you see them, notice the colors of Saturn and Antares. Saturn is golden, and the star, Antares, is reddish. Plus you might notice Antares twinkling, while Saturn shines steadily!

2017-02-19 02:45:06

Michigan sun halo  

Walter Elliot captured this enormous sun halo over Grand Haven, Michigan on February 16, 2017.

2017-02-18 06:39:19

Skies after Tropical Storm Dineo  

The storm made landfall near Mozambique in southeast Africa this week, causing at least 7 deaths. Hundreds of miles away, Peter Lowenstein captured strange and shifting skies.

2017-02-18 05:19:31

Moon, Antares, Saturn early Sunday  

Late tonight - February 18, 2017 - or before dawn Sunday, look for planet Saturn and star Antares close to the wide waning crescent moon.

2017-02-18 04:07:45

Gemini? Here’s your contellation  

How to see the constellation Gemini in the night sky, plus some of ancient lore about the legendary Twins.

2017-02-18 03:40:46

Watch SpaceX Dragon launch February 18  

SpaceX is scheduled to launch its Dragon spacecraft resupply mission to the International Space Station no earlier than 10:01 a.m. EST (1501 UTC) on Saturday, February 18. How to watch.

2017-02-17 07:21:23

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