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What monarch butterflies prefer  

Will our survival strategy for monarchs work? Initiatives emphasize milkweed plantings along roadsides. New research shows egg-laying monarchs much prefer off-road farmlands.

2017-11-21 11:01:28

Fern, contrail shadow, singing dunes  

It was a beautiful day for natural phenomena in the sky, and on the ground.

2017-11-21 10:10:32

It’s the 1st known interstellar asteroid  

It swept nearest the sun in September, then sped away again, back to interstellar space. Astronomers named it `Oumuamua. It's dark red, very elongated and unlike anything in our solar system.

2017-11-20 21:00:14

Zimbabwe sunset and young moon  

Following several days of cloud, rain and uncertainty, the skies suddenly cleared to reveal the sun and moon setting on what was expected to be the end of an era in Zimbabwe.

2017-11-20 11:00:37

Watch for the moon and Saturn  

The moon and Saturn are fairly easy to spot Monday evening, if you have a clear view to the west after sunset. Mercury is tougher, but possible!

2017-11-20 08:01:48

Help astrobiologist find extreme rocks  

A scientist launches a hunt for earthly extraterrestrials. Help her find them!

2017-11-19 11:49:50

Venezuela is losing its last glacier  

Venezuela's last glacier is about to disappear, making it the first country in modern history to lose all of its glaciers.

2017-11-19 11:12:14

Young moon and Mercury after sunset  

How easy or hard (or possible) it will be to spot them depends on your location on the globe.

2017-11-19 08:51:02

Leonid over Georgia  

Steve Royer captured this meteor on the morning of November 18, 2017 in Saint. Marys, Georgia.

2017-11-18 21:52:40

Jupiter’s independently pulsating auroras  

The auroras over Earth's north and south poles typically mirror each other. But X-ray observations show that Jupiter's auroras pulsate on different timescales.

2017-11-18 11:30:14

Video: Our living planet from space  

"That's the Earth, breathing every single day, changing with the seasons, responding to the sun, to the changing winds, ocean currents and temperatures."

2017-11-18 11:09:44

5 discoveries we owe to twins  

Years of twin research have led to incredible insights into how our genes and the environment affect our health.

2017-11-17 11:03:48

Scientists warn: Soon it will be too late to save Earth  

More than 15,000 scientists in 184 countries have signed a letter urging the world to address major environmental concerns. "Soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out."

2017-11-16 12:42:16

Platform reflecting  

At first this looks like a cube floating in space ... but look again.

2017-11-16 10:05:03

How tiger sharks are helping seagrass  

A heatwave in 2011 killed off seagrass beds in Shark Bay, Australia. Now, scientists have discovered that tiger sharks are helping the ecosystem recover.

2017-11-15 11:46:31

Earth’s shadow  

Earth's shadow (in dark blue) climbs above the Raquette River in Potsdam, New York, shortly after sunset.

2017-11-15 10:02:54

Don’t miss moon, Venus, Jupiter at dawn  

Jupiter and Venus are low in the east before sunup now, but they're our sky's 2 brightest planets. You'll need an unobstructed horizon to see this beautiful morning scene.

2017-11-15 08:01:07

Citizen inventors: NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge  

Future space missions won't be able to carry all their building materials from Earth. Competitors are challenged to fabricate habitats using indigenous materials. $2 million prize!

2017-11-14 11:15:36

Scientists find teeth of early human ancestor  

A remarkable find of fossil teeth from tiny, furry-tailed creatures - thought by scientists to be a human ancestor - dating back 145 million years.

2017-11-14 11:00:47

See it! Venus and Jupiter meet at dawn  

Favorite photos from the EarthSky community around the globe of Monday morning's spectacular Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Thanks to all who submitted or posted at our Facebook page! Still posting, so check back ...

2017-11-13 13:19:15

Moving shadows around a planet-forming star  

This star has a spiral disk of dust around it. Processes in the inner disk - winds, or swirls or clashes of pebbles - seem to be casting shadows on the outer disk.

2017-11-13 11:00:39

Moon begins a slide past 3 planets  

Use the moon to find the planet Mars on the mornings of November 14 and 15. Also, watch for Venus and Jupiter, which are still close together!

2017-11-13 08:04:23

When mammals switched from nights to days  

Mammals once were night creatures. A new study suggests they became active in daylight after the dinosaurs went extinct, 66 million years ago.

2017-11-12 11:21:49

Venus-Jupiter conjunction Monday a.m.  

Watch for the super-close pairing of the sky's 2 brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter. They'll be in the sunrise direction, low in the east at dawn.

2017-11-12 08:40:58

Bright meteor!  

The North Taurid meteor shower is peaking around now. It tends to produce a lot of fireballs, or very bright meteors. Keep watching! The shower is sparse, but it goes all month.

2017-11-11 17:16:06

Study probes Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Plus, a new mission?  

A new study shed light on what powers Enceladus' extraordinary geologic activity, while - at a conference in Seattle last week - space visionaries discussed a return to Saturn's geyser moon.

2017-11-11 11:01:36

Wow! Juno’s 8th science flyby of Jupiter  

A new and awesome batch of images has emerged from the Juno mission's most recent flyby of Jupiter. Plus, the mission gets a new project manager.

2017-11-10 11:05:40

What makes zombie ants obey  

Zombie ant fungus doesn't attack ants' brains. Instead, the fungus invades an ant's entire body, forming an interconnected 3-D network, forcing the ant to move.

2017-11-09 11:27:38

Birds and sun, New Delhi, India  

C.B. Devgun wrote that it was a foggy morning in New Delhi - November 8, 2017 - when he captured this photo.

2017-11-09 10:00:27

The zombie star that wouldn’t die  

Supernovae like this one - designated iPTF14hls - usually remain bright for about 100 days. This one stayed bright for 600 days. Then, astronomers found a 1954 explosion in the same spot in the sky.

2017-11-08 18:01:38

Want birds in your yard? Plant native trees  

A recently published study confirms that native trees are most effective in hosting caterpillars, an important food for birds.

2017-11-08 11:15:48

November sunset over Stainforth, UK  

Graham Telford captured this sunset while he was fishing at Stainforth, a village in the United Kingdom.

2017-11-08 09:34:14

Nickname New Horizons’ next target  

The craft that flew by Pluto in 2015 is heading for the Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69. NASA and the New Horizons spacecraft team want you to help nickname it.

2017-11-07 19:01:01

2016 greenhouse gases at record high  

As climate talks open in Bonn, Germany this week, negotiators are considering a report from the World Meteorological Organization, urging action now.

2017-11-07 11:38:38

2017 ozone hole smallest since 1988  

This year's ozone hole peaked in September at its smallest observed extent since 1988, due to an unstable and unusually warm Antarctic vortex in 2017.

2017-11-07 11:04:28

Cloud shadow mystery  

We don't know what's causing the shadow on these clouds in this photo by Asthadi Setyawan in Indonesia.

2017-11-07 10:07:24

Is daylight saving time worth the trouble?  

Advocates say daylight saving time saves energy and wins wars. But studies show that injuries and illnesses rise when the clocks change.

2017-11-06 17:00:16

Next Mars rover will have 23 eyes  

Cameras have come a long way since the first Mars rover in 1997. The newest Mars rover from NASA - on the Mars 2020 mission - will have a wider field of view, plus more color and 3-D imaging.

2017-11-05 19:00:18

Watch for Jupiter, below Venus!  

Bright Jupiter will emerge from the dawn glare this week to join dazzling bright Venus. Spectacular Venus-Jupiter conjunction ahead on November 13.

2017-11-05 10:32:00

Moon hides bright star Aldebaran  

As seen from around the world, the moon and star Aldebaran will cross the sky together on this night. From parts of the world, the moon will pass in front of Aldebaran.

2017-11-05 08:01:17

See it! Full Hunter’s Moon  

This weekend's Hunter's Moon, as captured by EarthSky friends around the world. Thank you to all who submitted photos!

2017-11-04 20:25:24

Astronomers complete 1st global asteroid tracking drill  

This is only a test. Astronomers report on the TC4 Observation Campaign, which, in October, used a real Near-Earth Asteroid to practice our global response to a potential asteroid threat.

2017-11-04 12:30:01

Will Earth undergo 15 days of darkness in November 2017?  

The days-of-darkness online hoax is back! Do these hoaxes ever die? No, Earth will not experience 15 days of darkness in November, 2017.

2017-11-04 10:00:47

Asteroids photobomb distant galaxies  

The Hubble Space Telescope captured nearby asteroids photobombing distant galaxies

2017-11-04 08:45:50

Hunter’s Moon shines on  

The Northern Hemisphere's Hunter's Moon is bright and in the sky all night, making it tough to see the peak of the South Taurid meteor shower. Never fear. It's a wide peak, and the shower produces many fireballs!

2017-11-04 08:01:18

Pisces? Here’s your constellation  

How to see the constellation Pisces. Plus sky lore and science.

2017-11-03 10:16:03

Full Hunter’s Moon on November 3-4  

It's the full moon after the Harvest Moon. It bears the name Hunter's Moon for us in the Northern Hemisphere. For all of Earth, this full moon shines all night on November 3-4, 2017.

2017-11-03 07:20:23

Twin Yellowstone super-eruptions altered global climate  

The Yellowstone supervolcano's last eruption wasn't a single event, but 2 closely-spaced eruptions that put the brakes on a natural global-warming trend, says a study.

2017-11-02 10:34:15

Taurid fireballs this weekend?  

Although a modest shower, perhaps offering 5 meteors per hour, the Taurid shower just might produce some fireballs under the light of the full moon.

2017-11-02 10:00:19

Manasquan Reservoir reflections  

Photo by John Entwistle.

2017-11-02 09:00:29

Waxing toward full Hunter’s Moon  

To the eye, the moon will appear nearly full as the sun sets on November 2. Watch for it in the east as soon as the sun goes down. In fact, it has a bit more to go, and full moon is November 3-4.

2017-11-02 07:35:24

Is telekinesis real?  

A neuroscientist talks about the history of telekinesis and the complexity of the human brain.

2017-11-01 11:44:09

A rare chance to scrutinize a comet’s jet  

On July 3, 2016 - as Comet 67P erupted with a plume of dust - the orbiting Rosetta spacecraft happened to pass right through the dust cloud.

2017-11-01 10:22:07

What’s the birthstone for November?  

November's birthstone, the topaz, was thought to have the power to cool boiling water, as well as excessive anger.

2017-11-01 10:08:29

Venus and Spica close at dawn  

Dazzling planet Venus and Spica, Virgo's brightest star, are in the same binocular field before sunrise on or around November 2, 2017.

2017-11-01 07:13:18

Boo! Halloween star trails  

When your camera stays fixed as the stars move throughout the night, you get a photo of what are called star trails. Then ... just add pumpkins.

2017-10-31 12:00:49

Deep-sea nightmares and other ocean spookiness  

Eerie denizens of the ocean depths star in this video from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

2017-10-31 09:30:46

Smokey sunset skies over Italy  

These swirling, intense red sunset skies are due to ongoing wildfires in northern Italy.

2017-10-30 18:02:59

What is dark matter?  

Cosmologists are heading back to their chalkboards, as experiments designed to figure out the nature of dark matter come up empty.

2017-10-30 10:36:17

Mojave Forsaken: Ghost towns and dark skies  

Let the creepiness begin! Just in time for Halloween, a new video from ProjectSkyGlow depicting spooky California ghost towns under the darkest of dark night skies.

2017-10-30 10:01:33

Flying Horse over Cusco, Peru  

If you travel from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere, or vice versa, you'll see familiar constellations. But their location in the sky will be shifted in surprising and delightful ways.

2017-10-30 09:00:39

Small object visits from beyond solar system  

This small asteroid (or comet) passed under Earth's orbit on October 14 at about 60 times the moon's distance. Now it appears to be heading toward interstellar space again.

2017-10-29 12:01:03

How do human genes act in space?  

"Looking at gene expression ... we really see an explosion, like fireworks taking off, as soon as the human body gets into space."

2017-10-29 10:02:48

Misty moon over North Borneo  

Jenney Disimon captured the moon in a misty sky on International Observe the Moon Night (October 28) over Sabah, North Borneo

2017-10-28 15:40:22

Photos: Observe the Moon Night  

Saturday night is International Observe the Moon Night, and EarthSky community members from around the world sent photos, reminding us that we all see the same moon.

2017-10-28 15:40:22

Did Ceres once have an ocean?  

Two recent studies explore the possibility of an ancient ocean on dwarf planet Ceres, largest world in the asteroid belt. If it existed, what happened to it? And could Ceres still have liquid water today?

2017-10-28 10:12:46

Wayward moon receding from Earth  

As you view our companion world tonight, ponder on the rich history and intriguing future of our planet Earth and its wayward moon!

2017-10-28 07:53:28

A potential human habitat on the moon?  

A new study says a hole in the moon's Marius Hills region is the skylight of an underground lava tube large enough to house a city.

2017-10-27 12:02:00

Star trails over Smiths Falls  

Fiona M. Donnelly captured this image on October 21. 2017, in Smiths Falls, Ontario. She wrote, "Our Earth's rotation during a one-hour period."

2017-10-27 09:00:09

Blue jets, red sprites and other flashes  

In recent years, the International Space Station has given astronauts the chance to photograph transient luminous events - or TLEs - natural light shows produced at the tops of thunderstorms.

2017-10-26 10:10:30

Webcam surveys high clouds on Mars  

A webcam on ESA's Mars Express has acquired an unprecedented catalog of more than 21,000 images, providing a global survey of unusual, high-altitude, martian clouds.

2017-10-26 10:01:14

Airglow over Little Grand Canyon, Utah  

The light of excited atoms and molecules, high over Utah's own smaller version of the Grand Canyon.

2017-10-26 09:12:13

Fornax Galaxy Cluster reveals its secrets  

This new 2.3-gigapixel image of the Fornax Galaxy Cluster - one of the largest images ever released by European Southern Observatory - might make you feel small.

2017-10-25 17:39:55

How the universe creates gold  

Finally, scientists know how the universe makes gold. They've seen it created in the cosmic fire of 2 colliding stars via the gravitational wave they emitted.

2017-10-25 14:31:35

Pluto: Preparing for the perfect alignment  

Pluto will cross the plane of the ecliptic - the Earth-sun plane - in 2018. This hasn't happened since 1931, near the time of the Pluto's discovery. Astronomers are getting ready!

2017-10-25 10:19:53

Moon-gazing tonight? Think of Pluto  

Tonight and tomorrow - October 25 and 26, 2017 - the waxing crescent moon shines in the same part of the sky as tiny, fascinating Pluto.

2017-10-25 07:01:29

Artificial intelligence finds 56 new gravitational lens candidates  

Using the same technology Tesla is using to teach cars to drive themselves, European astronomers are using artificial intelligence to seek out and find many new gravitational lenses.

2017-10-24 11:18:53

Apogee moon, still near Saturn  

Agogee means 'farthest from Earth.' This most-distant moon of October, 2017 lingers near Saturn on the sky's dome.

2017-10-24 07:27:12

How cold and wet this winter in the US?  

La Niña (or not) is the biggest wildcard in how this year's winter might shape up. Overall, NOAA's outlook suggests a relatively cool, wet U.S. North - and warm, dry U.S. South - this winter.

2017-10-23 20:00:57

From Arizona, 2 Taurid fireball photos  

First 2 Taurid fireball photos we've seen this year, but we're expecting more. These 2 photographers, 100 miles apart, likely saw the same bright meteor.

2017-10-23 18:00:04

Alligators eat sharks  

Jaws beware! Alligators might be coming for you, according to new research.

2017-10-23 10:17:11

How to see Auriga the Charioteer  

Come to know constellation Auriga's bright star Capella and the little asterism called The Kids.

2017-10-23 10:01:00

What is an astronomical unit?  

Astronomers use astronomical units - or AU - to describe solar system distances. Definition of AU here. Also, mean distances in AU to prominent solar system objects.

2017-10-23 10:00:36

Keep watching moon, Saturn, Antares  

On October 23 and 24, the bright object near the waxing moon is the planet Saturn. A modest, backyard telescope will show its rings.

2017-10-23 07:31:16

Reliving Cassini’s final moments  

"Cassini managed to survive for 91 seconds in this epic battle, before tipping over backward during the last 8 seconds and then finally losing radio contact with Earth."

2017-10-22 18:01:32

Astronomers confirm Earth has an asteroid buddy  

It's the best and most stable example to date of a near-Earth companion, or "quasi-satellite." It's a small asteroid called 2016 HO3. It travels along with Earth in orbit around the sun.

2017-10-22 10:15:31

See it! Orionid meteors this weekend  

This weekend's Orionid meteor shower didn't disappoint. EarthSky community photos, here.

2017-10-22 09:32:19

Echo Lake  

Fall color over New Hampshire.

2017-10-22 08:44:39

Spot moon, Antares, Saturn after sunset  

Most everyone worldwide should spot the young moon after sundown, with Antares and Saturn nearby. Miss 'em tonight? No worries. They'll be close the next few evenings.

2017-10-22 07:21:07

Young moon, refracted by atmosphere  

This timelapse from Mike Cohea shows the October 20 young moon - only 1.3% illuminated - setting over Newport, Rhode Island, being refracted by Earth's atmosphere. Thanks, Mike! Awesome.

2017-10-21 09:14:02

See it! Elusive Uranus at opposition  

Uranus - most distant planet visible, barely, to the unaided eye - was opposite the sun this week. Photos from the EarthSky community here.

2017-10-20 10:16:00

Watch for Taurid fireballs  

North and South Taurid meteor showers happen simultaneously in late October and November. They're relatively minor showers, but produce a high percentage of fireballs, or bright meteors.

2017-10-19 16:04:02

Whales and dolphins live ‘human-like’ lives  

They work together, talk to each other and use tools. A new study links the complexity of Cetacean culture and behavior to the size of their brains.

2017-10-19 10:38:49

Sunset over Atlantic, from Brazil  

Saquarema was once known as Brazil's surfing capital. Spring is in progress there, and Helio C. Vital says that the sunset is almost back over the ocean.

2017-10-19 09:00:30

Uranus at opposition on October 19  

Opposition for Uranus - or any outer planet - means it's opposite the sun in our sky, rising at sunset. The new moon provides a dark night for viewing this faint world.

2017-10-19 07:01:57

Traveling to Mars? Top 6 health challenges  

NASA aims to have humans on Mars by the 2030s. The people making the long space journey will experience health risks they've never faced before.

2017-10-18 10:34:51

See it! Moon passes Venus and Mars  

Did you see the moon sweep past the planets this week? Spectacular images from EarthSky friends here. Thanks to all who submitted!

2017-10-18 09:00:30

Bright star Deneb transits at nightfall  

When the sun or a star transits, it's at its highest in the sky. Deneb's transit at nightfall marks a shift toward winter - or summer - depending on where you are.

2017-10-18 07:01:33

More evidence for a Planet 9  

No new large planet on the outskirts of our solar system has yet been discovered, although evidence is building, astronomers say. By the way, if Planet 9 does exist … it's definitely not headed our way.

2017-10-17 18:15:06

What are gravitational waves?  

If you understand how a trampoline works, you'll be able to understand what gravitational waves are.

2017-10-17 10:00:02

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