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Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

Space News from SpaceDaily.Com brings the space industry professional daily news from the frontier, with contract, bid, launch and on-orbit satellite news as it happens. Comprehensive daily news resource on space science and industry. Includes updated overview of news from multiple sources.

Three top Russian space industry execs held for 'fraud'  

Moscow (AFP) Aug 19, 2018 Three top executives of the Russian space company Energia, which designs and manufactures the Soyuz and Progress spacecrafts, have been arrested for alleged fraud, investigators said on Sunday. "Energia's deputy director Alexei Beloborodov and two of his subordinates were arrested and charged with attempted fraud," the Investigative Committee of Russia said in a statement. The arrests co

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2018-08-20 02:32:33

Astronomers identify some of the oldest galaxies in the universe  

Durham UK (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 Astronomers have identified some of the earliest galaxies in the Universe. The team from the Institute for Computational Cosmology at Durham University and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has found evidence that the faintest satellite galaxies orbiting our own Milky Way galaxy are amongst the very first galaxies that formed in our Universe. Scientists working on this resea

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2018-08-19 13:25:22

Parker Solar Probe marks first mission milestones on voyage to Sun  

Laurel MD (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 Just two days after launch on Aug. 11, 2018, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, NASA's Parker Solar Probe achieved several planned milestones toward full commissioning and operations, announced mission controllers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, or APL, in Laurel, Maryland. On Aug. 13, the high-gain antenna, which Parker Solar Probe uses to communicate high-

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2018-08-19 13:22:07

Most wear-resistant metal alloy in the world engineered at Sandia National Laboratories  

Albuquerque NM (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 If you're ever unlucky enough to have a car with metal tires, you might consider a set made from a new alloy engineered at Sandia National Laboratories. You could skid - not drive, skid - around the Earth's equator 500 times before wearing out the tread. Sandia's materials science team has engineered a platinum-gold alloy believed to be the most wear-resistant metal in the world. It's 100

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2018-08-19 12:30:04

SKA Telescope Manager Critical Design Review Successfully Completed  

Johannesburg, South Africa (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 SARAO made a significant contribution to the Telescope Manager consortium, which is one of 12 engineering consortia representing 500 engineers in 20 countries building the SKA observatory and telescopes. Nine of the consortia focused on a component of the telescope, each critical to the overall success of the project, while three others focused on developing advanced instrumentation for th

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2018-08-19 10:48:58

Robot wars: China shows off automated doctors, teachers and combat stars  

Beijing (AFP) Aug 19, 2018 Robots that can diagnose diseases, play badminton and wow audiences with their musical skills are among the machines China hopes could revolutionise its economy, with visitors to a Beijing exhibition offered a glimpse of an automated future. The popular stars of this year's World Robot Conference, which ends Sunday, were undoubtedly the small, amateur-made "battle bots" which smashed, hammer

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2018-08-19 10:33:43

Under pressure, hydrogen offers a reflection of giant planet interiors  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 Lab-based mimicry allowed an international team of physicists including Carnegie's Alexander Goncharov to probe hydrogen under the conditions found in the interiors of giant planets - where experts believe it gets squeezed until it becomes a liquid metal, capable of conducting electricity. Their work is published in Science. Hydrogen is the most-abundant element in the universe and the sim

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2018-08-19 09:47:13

Astronomers find far fewer galaxies than they expected  

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 University of California astronomers, including three from UCLA, have resolved a mystery about the early universe and its first galaxies. Astronomers have known that more than 12 billion years ago, about 1 billion years after the Big Bang, the gas in deep space was, on average, much more opaque than it is now in some regions, although the opacity varied widely from place to place. But they weren

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2018-08-19 09:06:43

China's radio heliograph may cooperate with NASA's spacecraft in solar observation: scientist  

Beijing (XNA) Aug 20, 2018 A Chinese scientist says the country's solar radio heliograph is likely to cooperate with NASA's recently launched Parker Solar Probe to study the Sun. The Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph (CSRH), built at Ming'antu, a radio quiet region in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, consists of 100 antennas with different frequency spectra covering an area of 10 square km. It can moni

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2018-08-19 07:07:03

Hubble Paints Picture of the Evolving Universe  

Baltimore MD (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 Astronomers using the ultraviolet vision of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have captured one of the largest panoramic views of the fire and fury of star birth in the distant universe. The field features approximately 15,000 galaxies, about 12,000 of which are forming stars. Hubble's ultraviolet vision opens a new window on the evolving universe, tracking the birth of stars over the last 11

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2018-08-19 06:11:37

What is NASA's Heat Melt Compactor?  

Moffett Field CA (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 Dealing with trash is a challenge wherever people work and live, and space is no exception. Astronauts produce a couple of pounds of trash per crew member per day. To better manage this, NASA is developing a new trash processing system to demonstrate on the International Space Station. This work is critical for potential future missions traveling farther from Earth, to the Moon and Mars, a

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2018-08-19 04:30:42

Novel sensors could enable smarter textiles  

Newark DE (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 A team of engineers at the University of Delaware is developing next-generation smart textiles by creating flexible carbon nanotube composite coatings on a wide range of fibers, including cotton, nylon and wool. Their discovery is reported in the journal ACS Sensors where they demonstrate the ability to measure an exceptionally wide range of pressure - from the light touch of a fingertip to bein

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2018-08-19 04:17:32

Study of material surrounding distant stars shows Earth's ingredients 'pretty normal'  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 The Earth's building blocks seem to be built from 'pretty normal' ingredients, according to researchers working with the world's most powerful telescopes. Scientists have measured the compositions of 18 different planetary systems from up to 456 light years away and compared them to ours, and found that many elements are present in similar proportions to those found on Earth. This is among

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2018-08-19 03:26:40

Discovery of a structurally 'inside-out' planetary nebula  

Hong Kong (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 The Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia (IAA-CSIC) in Spain, the Laboratory for Space Research (LSR) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and an International team comprising scientists from Argentina, Mexico and Germany have discovered the unusual evolution of the central star of a planetary nebula in our Milky Way. This extraordinary discovery sheds light on the future evolution, and more i

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2018-08-19 02:55:18

NASA's NICER Does the Space Station Twist  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 20, 2018 This time-lapse video, obtained June 8, 2018, shows the precise choreography of NASA's Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) as it studies pulsars and other X-ray sources from its perch aboard the International Space Station. NICER observes and tracks numerous sources each day, ranging from the star closest to the Sun, Proxima Centauri, to X-ray sources in other galaxies. Move

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2018-08-19 01:04:18

Aerojet Rocketdyne Expands Solid Rocket Motor Center of Excellence at Arkansas Facility  

Little Rock AR (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 Aerojet Rocketdyne, a leader in the development and manufacture of aerospace and defense products, has announced plans to expand its Southern Arkansas facility near Camden, where the company manufactures solid rocket motors and warheads critical to national defense. Aerojet Rocketdyne's currently envisioned expansion plans include investing in new infrastructure and creating more than 140

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2018-08-17 11:43:45

Ultrahot planets have starlike atmospheres  

Tempe AZ (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Recent observations by NASA's Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes of ultrahot Jupiter-like planets have perplexed theorists. The spectra of these planets have suggested they have exotic - and improbable - compositions. However, a new study just published by a research team that includes Arizona State University astrophysicist Michael Line, an assistant professor in ASU's School of Earth an

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2018-08-17 11:39:24

China unveils Chang'e-4 rover to explore Moon's far side  

Beijing (XNA) Aug 17, 2018 China's moon lander and rover for the Chang'e-4 lunar probe, which is expected to land on the far side of the moon this year, was unveiled Wednesday. Images displayed at Wednesday's press conference showed the rover was a rectangular box with two foldable solar panels and six wheels. It is 1.5 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.1 meters high. Wu Weiren, the chief designer of China's lun

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2018-08-17 11:01:16

The Science Team Continues to Listen for Opportunity as Storm Diminishes  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 17, 2018 The planet-encircling dust storm on Mars continues to decay, although in fits and starts. Atmospheric opacity (tau) over the rover site was estimated down near 2.1, but then popped up to 2.5. It is expected that Opportunity has experienced a low-power fault, and perhaps even a mission clock fault. Additionally, the up-loss timer has also since expired, adding another fault condition.

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2018-08-17 10:27:33

In neutron stars, protons may do the heavy lifting  

Boston MA (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 Neutron stars are the smallest, densest stars in the universe, born out of the gravitational collapse of extremely massive stars. True to their name, neutron stars are composed almost entirely of neutrons - neutral subatomic particles that have been compressed into a small, incredibly dense celestial package. A new study in Nature, co-led by MIT researchers, suggests that some properties o

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2018-08-17 09:24:44

Stennis Begins 5th Series of RS-25 Engine Tests  

Stennis Space Center MIS (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 Stennis Space Center showcased what it does best for new NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on Aug. 14, hosting the agency leader for the first in another series of RS-25 rocket engine hot fire tests in support of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) Program. Operators conducted a successful test of RS-25 developmental engine No. 0525 - complete with a new flight controller unit - on the A-1 T

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2018-08-17 08:38:08

Astronomers discover the most distant radio galaxy ever  

Amsterdam, Netherlands (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 After nearly twenty years, the record of the most distant radio galaxy ever discovered has been broken. A team led by PhD student Aayush Saxena (Leiden Observatory, the Netherlands) has found a radio galaxy from a time when the universe was only 7% of its current age, at a distance of 12 billion light-years. The team used the Giant Meter-wave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in India to initially id

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2018-08-17 07:37:22

Arecibo Observatory to get $5.8 Million Upgrade to Expand View  

Orlando FL (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 The National Science Foundation has awarded a team of scientists $5.8 million to design and mount a supersensitive antenna at the focal point of the Arecibo Observatory's 1,000-foot-diameter dish, which is managed by the University of Central Florida. The antenna, called a phased-array feed, will increase the telescope's observation capabilities 500 percent. The team, led by Brigham Young

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2018-08-17 06:49:41

Six Things About Opportunity'S Recovery Efforts  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 17, 2018 NASA's Opportunity rover has been silent since June 10, when a planet-encircling dust storm cut off solar power for the nearly-15-year-old rover. Now that scientists think the global dust storm is "decaying" - meaning more dust is falling out of the atmosphere than is being raised back into it - skies might soon clear enough for the solar-powered rover to recharge and attempt to "phone home."

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2018-08-17 06:42:59

Scientists discovered organic acid in a protoplanetary disk  

Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 The importance of the finding is that the organic acid is much more difficult to obtain than other organic molecules found in protoplanetary discs before. If methanol is obtained from carbon monoxide on the surface of dust particles under stellar radiation, then formic acid requires more complex reactions, which are not possible without active processes of organic synthesis. 'We have found

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2018-08-17 06:10:12

MSU astronomers discovered supermassive black hole in an ultracompact dwarf galaxy  

Moscow, Russia (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 Fornax UCD3 is a part of a Fornax galaxy cluster and belongs to a very rare and unusual class of galaxies - ultracompact dwarfs. The mass of such dwarf galaxies reaches several dozen millions of solar masses and the radius, typically, does not exceed three hundred light years. This ratio between mass and size makes UCDs the densest stellar systems in the Universe. "We have discovered a sup

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2018-08-17 06:07:11

NASA Administrator Views SLS Progress During First Visit to Marshall  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 Completing a three-day tour spanning three states, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine made his first visit to the Rocket City as the agency's administrator on Wednesday, Aug. 15. Bridenstine spent the day at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, where he was briefed on space station science operations, technology development and Space Launch System (SLS) progress. Sig

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2018-08-17 05:28:06

NASA Team Demonstrates "Science on a Shoestring" with Greenhouse Gas-Measuring Instrument  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 A novel instrument that has already proven its mettle on field campaigns will attempt to measure atmospheric greenhouse gases from an occultation-viewing, low-Earth-orbiting CubeSat mission called Mini-Carb early next year - marking the first time this type of instrument has flown in space. Emily Wilson, a scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is teaming w

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2018-08-17 04:37:17

Goonhilly and Spacebit parpace to accelerate commercial space exploration through blockchain technology  

London, UK (SPX) Aug 17, 2018 Goonhilly Earth Station, the UK satellite communications innovator and space gateway, has announced that it is collaborating with space blockchain technology pioneers, Spacebit, to develop the use of blockchain technology for space-based data applications and mission deployment. Blockchain technology has the potential to introduce new techniques to accelerate space exploration by creating an eco

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2018-08-17 01:52:16

Magnetic fields can quash zonal jets deep in gas giants  

Livermore CA (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Magnetic fields around a planet or the Sun can overpower the zonal jets that affect atmospheric circulation. New research by a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientist and a collaborator from the Australian National University (ANU) provides a theoretical explanation for why self-organized fluid flows called zonal jets or "zonal flows" can be suppressed by the presence of a

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2018-08-17 01:10:34

Students digging into data archive spot mysterious X-ray source  

Paris (ESA) Aug 13, 2018 An enigmatic X-ray source revealed as part of a data-mining project for high-school students shows unexplored avenues hidden in the vast archive of ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray Observatory. When XMM-Newton was launched in 1999, most students who are finishing high school today were not even born. Yet ESA's almost two-decade old X-ray observatory has many surprises to be explored by the next gene

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2018-08-16 10:41:54

Iron and titanium in the atmosphere of exoplanet orbiting KELT-9  

Geneva, Switzerland (SPX) Aug 16, 2018 Exoplanets, planets in other solar systems, can orbit very close to their host star. When, in addition to this, the host star is much hotter than our Sun, then the exoplanet becomes as hot as a star. The hottest "ultra-hot" planet was discovered last year by American astronomers. Today, an international team, led by researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), who joined forces with

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2018-08-16 09:56:26

Impact of a stellar intruder on our solar system  

Bonn, Germany (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 The solar system was formed from a protoplanetary disk consisting of gas and dust. Since the cumulative mass of all objects beyond Neptune is much smaller than expected and the bodies there have mostly inclined, eccentric orbits it is likely that some process restructured the outer solar system after its formation. Susanne Pfalzner from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn,

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2018-08-16 09:08:25

Early opaque universe linked to galaxy scarcity  

Riverside CA (SPX) Aug 16, 2018 A team of astronomers led by George Becker at the University of California, Riverside, has made a surprising discovery: 12.5 billion years ago, the most opaque place in the universe contained relatively little matter. It has long been known that the universe is filled with a web-like network of dark matter and gas. This "cosmic web" accounts for most of the matter in the universe, whereas

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2018-08-16 08:30:24

Meteorite bombardment likely to have created the Earth's oldest rocks  

Boston MA (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 Scientists have found that 4.02 billion year old silica-rich felsic rocks from the Acasta River, Canada - the oldest rock formation known on Earth - probably formed at high temperatures and at a surprisingly shallow depth of the planet's nascent crust. The high temperatures needed to melt the shallow crust were likely caused by a meteorite bombardment around half a billion years after the

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2018-08-16 08:06:30

Unraveling the nature of 'whistlers' from space in the lab  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 16, 2018 Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles present new research on a curious cosmic phenomenon known as "whistlers" - very low frequency packets of radio waves that race along magnetic field lines. This first-of-its-kind study, appearing in the Physics of Plasmas, from AIP Publishing, provides new insights into the nature of whistlers and space plasmas - regions of energized p

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2018-08-16 06:41:57

Lockheed Martin to Build Infrared Spacecraft for US Air Force  

Washington (Sputnik) Aug 15, 2018 US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin won almost $3 billion to build three space vehicles to operate in geosynchronous high earth orbits (HEO) 22,000 miles above the planet, the Defense Department said in a press release. "Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Sunnyvale, California, has been awarded a $2,935,545,188 not-to-exceed undefinitized contract for three Next Generation Overhead Persistent I

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2018-08-16 06:16:48

NASA satellites assist states in estimating abundance of key wildlife species  

Logan UT (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Climate and land-use change are shrinking natural wildlife habitats around the world. Yet despite their importance to rural economies and natural ecosystems, remarkably little is known about the geographic distribution of most wild species - especially those that migrate seasonally over large areas. By combining NASA satellite imagery with wildlife surveys conducted by state natural resour

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2018-08-16 05:46:33

ISRO to launch GSAT-32 in Oct 2019 to replace GSAT-6A which went incommunicado days after launch  

Bengaluru (IANS) Aug 14, 2018 Indian space agency ISRO will launch GSAT-32 satellite in October 2019 to replace GSAT-6A which stopped communicating a few days after its launch on March 29, an official said on Sunday. "We have not been able to establish a link with GSAT-6A satellite so far. Even as we are continuously monitoring the satellite, as days are progressing, our chances of reviving it are less." "The GSA

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2018-08-16 04:17:27

Tesla: Musk's tweet a bridge too far?  

New York (AFP) Aug 12, 2018 Tesla chief executive Elon Musk got into legal hot water this week after announcing on Twitter he had sufficient financing already in hand to take the electric automaker private. Many in US financial circles are wondering where he will he get all this money, and have turned skeptical despite the reverence in which they normally hold Musk, who founded the company in 2003 to transform cars int

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2018-08-16 04:01:11

GTAR Technologies tapped for inflatable satellite antennas  

Washington (UPI) Aug 13, 2018 GATR Technologies has received a $522.5 million contract modification for multiple size Inflatable Satellite Antenna systems, kits, spare parts and training. Work locations and funding on the contract, announced by the Department of Defense on Friday, will be determined with each order. The work is expected to be completed by September 2023. The Inflatable Satellite Antenna Syste

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2018-08-16 03:49:19

The universe's rate of expansion is in dispute - and we may need new physics to solve it  

London, UK (The Conversation) Aug 09, 2018 Next time you eat a blueberry (or chocolate chip) muffin consider what happened to the blueberries in the batter as it was baked. The blueberries started off all squished together, but as the muffin expanded they started to move away from each other. If you could sit on one blueberry you would see all the others moving away from you, but the same would be true for any blueberry you chose. In thi

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2018-08-16 03:30:56

US dismisses 'hypocritical' draft space weapons treaty  

Geneva (AFP) Aug 14, 2018 The United States voiced strong opposition Tuesday to a treaty proposed by Russia and China explicitly aimed at preventing an arms race in space, calling it "hollow and hypocritical". A top US official told the global disarmament body in Geneva that Washington had no confidence in the draft Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space and of the Threat or Use of Force

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2018-08-16 03:25:30

NASA Administrator Plans to Meet With Russian Space Agency Chief in Near Future  

Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2018 Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), said he was ready to hold a meeting with Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, in the near future. On Sunday, Roscosmos said that Rogozin would hold talks with Bridenstine at the Baikonur spaceport in October. "Not yet, but I intend to in the near future and we

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2018-08-16 02:55:12

NASA Administrator Views Progress Building SLS and Orion Hardware  

New Orleans LA (SPX) Aug 16, 2018 NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine made his first official visit to NASA's rocket factory, the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Aug. 13, for tours and briefings on progress building the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft. "What we're doing here is something that's never been done before," said Bridenstine. "We're launching the biggest rocket carrying the

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2018-08-16 01:27:01

Planet-Encircling Dust Storm of Mars shows signs of slowing  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 15, 2018 The planet-encircling dust storm on Mars continues to show indications of decay. Dust-lifting sites have decreased and surface features are starting to emerge. There are indications that the atmospheric opacity might be decreasing over the Opportunity site. Since the last contact with the rover on Sol 5111 (June 10, 2018), Opportunity has likely experienced a low-power fault and perhaps, a

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2018-08-15 10:57:03

Breaking down the Wiedemann-Franz law  

Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Aug 13, 2018 From everyday experience we know that metals are good conductors for both electricity and heat - think inductive cooking or electronic devices warming up upon intense use. That intimate link of heat and electrical transport is no coincidence. In typical metals both sorts of conductivity arise from the flow of 'free' electrons, which move like a gas of independent particles through the material.

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2018-08-15 10:47:24

India to send manned mission to space by 2022: Modi  

New Delhi (AFP) Aug 15, 2018 India will send a manned mission into space by 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Wednesday in a speech to the nation. "India will send into space - a man or a woman - by 2022, before that if possible," Modi said in a marathon address at the Red Fort in New Delhi for the country's Independence Day. The astronaut would be "carrying the national flag," Modi said. The conser

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2018-08-15 08:51:08

Sierra Nevada Corporation completes key step for NASA's NextSTEP-2 study  

Sparks NV (SPX) Aug 15, 2018 Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) completed a NASA study for the Power and Propulsion Element (PPE), which is the first module planned to be launched for NASA's Gateway in lunar orbit. The study was performed under one of SNC's Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships-2 (NextSTEP-2) contracts. SNC plans to submit a bid to win the NASA contract when the agency issues its formal so

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2018-08-15 07:58:07

Superconductivity above 10 K discovered in a novel quasi-one-dimensional compound K2Mo3As3  

Beijing, China (SPX) Aug 13, 2018 In the past century, superconductivity has been observed in thousands of substances with multifarious chemical compositions and crystal structures; however, researchers have still not found an explicit method for discovering new superconductors. For the unconventional high-Tc superconductors of cuprates and iron pnictides/chalcogenides, the occurrence of superconductivity is highly related

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2018-08-15 07:56:48

ASTERIA Wins Small Satellite Mission of the Year Award  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 15, 2018 The ASTERIA mission has earned the Small Satellite Mission of the Year award from the Small Satellite Technical Committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). The award is given to a mission that has "demonstrated a significant improvement in the capability of small satellites," according to the award description. The mission is a collaboration between NASA's J

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2018-08-15 07:44:51

Student Experiments Soar with Early Morning Launch from Wallops  

Wallops VA (SPX) Aug 15, 2018 Approximately 100 undergraduate university and community college students from across the United States were on hand to witness the launch of their experiments and technology demonstration projects on a NASA suborbital rocket at 6:13 a.m., Aug. 14, from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility. The Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket launched as the sun was rising over the horizon and carried

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2018-08-15 07:06:32

Threat from on high: race on to bolster drone defences  

Paris (AFP) Aug 13, 2018 From hand-held copters that zoom around the living room to high-speed craft offering the sensation of flying over the countryside, drones have won over legions of fans - and are proving a growing challenge for security authorities. Experts say models readily available on the market can easily be turned into a "poor man's weapon", a remote-controlled bomb or a means of filming a site in prep

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2018-08-15 07:03:19

Iron and Titanium in the Atmosphere of an Exoplanet  

Geneva, Switzerland (SPX) Aug 15, 2018 Exoplanets, planets in other solar systems, can orbit very close to their host star. When, in addition to this, the host star is much hotter than our Sun, then the exoplanet becomes as hot as a star. The hottest "ultra-hot" planet was discovered last year by American astronomers. Today, an international team, led by researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), who joined forces with

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2018-08-15 05:34:31

Trump says 'Space Force' to dominate foes, cites China  

Fort Drum, United States (AFP) Aug 13, 2018 US President Donald Trump signed an almost $750 billion defense spending bill Monday, while vowing a new "Space Force" would give America dominance over rivals in China and elsewhere. "Our competitors have begun weaponizing space," Trump warned troops at Fort Drum in New York state, as he signed a National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress earlier this month. "It's not enough

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2018-08-15 05:31:20

Corals and algae go back further than previously thought, all the way to Jurassic Period  

Corvallis OR (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Algae and corals have been leaning on each other since dinosaurs roamed the earth, much longer than had been previously thought, according to new research led by scientists at Oregon State University and Penn State. The findings, published in Current Biology, are a key advance toward a better understanding of coral reefs, the Earth's largest and most significant structures of biological or

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2018-08-15 05:18:09

RS-25 Engine Tests Modernization Upgrades  

Stennis Space Center, MS (SPX) Aug 15, 2018 With NASA Administrator James "Jim" Bridenstine in attendance, Aerojet Rocketdyne marked a significant milestone in efforts to reduce costs on the RS-25 engine that powers NASA's new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), at NASA's Stennis Space Center. The occasion was a hot-fire test of an RS-25 development engine where its main combustion chamber (MCC), the very heart of the engine, was

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2018-08-15 04:41:20

Iran unveils next generation missile: media  

Tehran (AFP) Aug 13, 2018 Iran unveiled a next generation short-range ballistic missile on Monday and vowed to further boost its capabilities, Iranian media said, at a time of rising tensions with the United States. State broadcaster IRIB said the new Fateh Mobin missile had "successfully passed its tests" and could strike targets on land and sea. "As promised to our dear people, we will not spare any effort to i

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2018-08-15 02:37:41

'Building up' stretchable electronics to be as multipurpose as your smartphone  

San Diego CA (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 By stacking and connecting layers of stretchable circuits on top of one another, engineers have developed an approach to build soft, pliable "3D stretchable electronics" that can pack a lot of functions while staying thin and small in size. The work is published in the Aug. 13 issue of Nature Electronics. As a proof of concept, a team led by the University of California San Diego has built

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2018-08-15 01:56:40

SpaceX vows manned flight to space station is on track  

Los Angeles (AFP) Aug 14, 2018 Tech magnate Elon Musk's SpaceX vowed Monday to send its first astronauts into orbit on schedule next year - part of a drive to restore America's dominance of the space race. Gwynne Shotwell, the aerospace manufacturer's president, told journalists in Los Angeles an unmanned flight to the International Space Station in November would pave the way for a manned mission in April 2019. "Pre

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2018-08-15 01:49:02

Aeolus in launch tower  

Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Aug 15, 2018 ESA's Aeolus wind satellite is poised for liftoff from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. This latest Earth Explorer satellite has been at the launch site since early July being readied for its ride into space on 21 August at 21:20 GMT (23:20 CEST). Aeolus was sealed from view in its Vega rocket fairing last week, after which it was rolled out to the launch pad, hoisted into the

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2018-08-15 01:44:32

India's Second Moon Mission as "Complex" as NASA's Apollo Mission  

New Delhi (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2018 The Indian Space Agency had planned the launch of its second moon mission for October this year, but scientists reviewing their preparedness suggested that more tests were needed before the launch. The mission is now likely to be preceded by Israel's moon mission, planned for December this year. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced the postponement of its much-awaite

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2018-08-14 03:27:30

Partners in space, partners in signature: an AEHF tradition  

Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Program marked a significant occasion, June 22 when members of the leadership team at the Space and Missile Systems Center, the Aerospace Corporation and Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company all gathered to place their signatures on a thermal space blanket that will travel in space inside the AEHF-4 satellite this coming October. "We have an op

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2018-08-14 03:08:46

US Working Hard to Cease Reliance on Russian Rocket Engines - NASA  

Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2018 The United States is working hard to halt its dependence on Russia's RD-180 rocket engines, Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said. Earlier in August, the US administration announced new sanctions against Russia in response to Moscow's alleged use of chemical weapons against Russian ex-intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in the UK c

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2018-08-14 02:44:53

26 days in the air: Airbus drone smashes world record  

Farnborough UK (Sputnik) Aug 10, 2018 Airbus has praised the success of the drone's maiden flight and plans to increase the device's duration, while the UK government is set to become the first one to adopt the technology for its needs. While Airbus is mostly known for its passenger aircraft construction, it is also one of the global leaders in space engineering. The company's press-release published on Wednesday reveals anoth

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2018-08-14 02:29:52

New Pentagon report names Russia, China as threats to US space capabilities  

Washington (Sputnik) Aug 10, 2018 A new space report by the Pentagon has named Russia and China as key threats to US space capabilities, according to a document released on Thursday. "The United States faces rapidly growing threats to our space capabilities. China and Russia, our strategic competitors, are explicitly pursuing space warfighting capabilities to neutralize US space capabilities during a time of conflict," the

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2018-08-14 02:21:49

Reef corals have endured since 'age of dinosaurs' and may survive global warming  

Kaust, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 The relationship between corals and the micro-algae that enable them to build reefs is considerably older and more diverse than previously assumed, according to an international team of scientists. The team's research suggests that coral-algal partnerships have endured numerous climate change events in their long history, and offers a glimmer of hope that at least some are likely to surviv

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2018-08-14 02:07:19

'We're at Beginning of New Phase of Utilizing Space For Peaceful Purposes'  

Sydney (Sputnik) Aug 14, 2018 The UK is looking to launch its first commercial rocket from its own soil by 2021. According to a report by CNBC, the global security and aerospace company - Lockheed Martin - has received the largest portion of United Kingdom Space Agency's funding to develop an orbital launch site for small rockets in Scotland. Sputnik discussed the feasibility of the UK aim to launch commercial rockets

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2018-08-14 02:07:07

NASA finds Amazon drought leaves long legacy of damage  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 10, 2018 A single season of drought in the Amazon rainforest can reduce the forest's carbon dioxide absorption for years after the rains return, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. This is the first study to quantify the long-term legacy of an Amazon drought. A research team from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and other institutions used satellite li

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2018-08-14 01:49:58

Historic space weather could clarify what's next  

Warwick UK (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 Historic space weather may help us understand what's coming next, according to new research by the University of Warwick. Professor Sandra Chapman, from Warwick's Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics, led a project which charted the space weather in previous solar cycles across the last half century, and discovered an underlying repeatable pattern in how space weather activity changes

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2018-08-14 01:49:25

Wearable 'microbrewery' saves human body from radiation damage  

West Lafayette IN (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 The same way that yeast yields beer and bread can help hospital lab workers better track their daily radiation exposure, enabling a faster assessment of tissue damage that could lead to cancer. But rather than building portable cellars or ovens, Purdue University researchers have engineered yeast "microbreweries" within disposable badges made of freezer paper, aluminum and tape. Simply add

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2018-08-14 01:41:56

New Gamma-Ray Bursts Research Reveals Time-Reversible Mirroring Effect  

Charleston SC (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 It is titled "Smoke and Mirrors," but a new discovery from College of Charleston astrophysicist Jon Hakkila may be anything but smoke and mirrors. Hakkila and student researchers have discovered a peculiarity in the light curves of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) that may provide a breakthrough in understanding the conditions that produce these events. GRBs are the intrinsically brightest explosio

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2018-08-14 01:38:22

PlanetWatchers Launches Foresights Analytics Platform to Advance Commercial Forestry  

San Francisco CA (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 The forest manager's nightmare of struggling to manage widely dispersed forestry assets in remote, challenging, and inaccessible locations is now a thing of the past with PlanetWatchers' new Foresights Analytics Platform (Foresights). PlanetWatchers, a geospatial intelligence and enterprise natural resource monitoring services company, is the first startup in the new space revolution ecosy

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2018-08-14 01:31:01

Finding the happy medium of black holes  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Scientists have taken major steps in their hunt to find black holes that are neither very small nor extremely large. Finding these elusive intermediate-mass black holes could help astronomers better understand what the "seeds" for the largest black holes in the early Universe were. The new research comes from two separate studies, each using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and o

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2018-08-14 01:28:42

Quantum chains in graphene nanoribbons  

Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A material that consists of atoms of a single element, but has completely different properties depending on the atomic arrangement - this may sound strange, but is actually reality with graphene nano-ribbons. The ribbons, which are only a few carbon atoms wide and exactly one atom thick, have very different electronic properties depending on their shape and width: conductor, semiconductor or ins

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2018-08-14 01:18:45

Earth mini-moons: Potential for exciting scientific and commercial opportunities  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 14, 2018 The detection of "mini-moons" - small asteroids temporarily captured in orbit around Earth - will vastly improve our scientific understanding of asteroids and the Earth-Moon system, says a new review published in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Science. These small and fast-moving visitors have so-far evaded detection by existing technology, with only one confirmed mini-moon discovery to date.

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2018-08-14 01:12:10

Britain competes for the launch of an estimated 2,000 satellites by 2030  

Sutherland UK (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 This morning (9 August) at his first visit to the site of a future UK spaceport in Sutherland, Business Secretary Greg Clark expanded on the commercial opportunities to be gained. He commented that thanks to the UK's location, planned regulatory framework, private sector strategy and space ecosystem, Britain has a competitive advantage to compete for a substantial share of a market for lau

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2018-08-12 20:52:33

NASA Reveals How It Would Stay Afloat Without Delivery of Russian Rocket Engines  

Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 13, 2018 At present, NASA and the US military continue to rely on the Russian-made RD-180 and RD-181 engines due to a lack of reliable domestic alternatives for their rocket systems. NASA has declined to comment on how exactly it would react to a possible halt in the supply of Russian rocket engines to the United States in response to Washington's new sanctions, referring only to secondary companie

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2018-08-12 20:43:44

New Image Gallery For The Planetary Science Archive  

Paris (ESA) Aug 13, 2018 Scientists exploring ESA's Planetary Science Archive website can now browse images and other data products via a visual gallery. This newly added feature was developed to facilitate the search process of data collected by the agency's space science missions at planets, moons and other small bodies in the Solar System. The Planetary Science Archive (PSA) is the online interface for scientis

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2018-08-12 19:35:21

Getting more out of microbes: studying shewanella in microgravity  

Houston TX (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 While cities, towns, and spaceships operated entirely from energy generated by microbial sources are still the stuff of science fiction, scientific knowledge needed for such a future can build from studies like the latest microbial investigation to arrive at the International Space Station. An experiment called Investigating the Physiology and Fitness of an Exoelectrogenic Organism under M

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2018-08-12 19:24:22

Omega Centauri unlikely to harbor life  

Riverside CA (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Searching for life in the vast universe is an overwhelming task, but scientists can cross one place off their list. Omega Centauri - a densely packed cluster of stars in our galactic backyard - is unlikely to be home to habitable planets, according to a study by scientists at the , and San Francisco State University. Forthcoming in The Astrophysical Journal, the study was led by Stephen Ka

what do you think?

2018-08-12 19:03:37

Water is destroyed, then reborn in ultrahot Jupiters  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Aug 10, 2018 Imagine a place where the weather forecast is always the same: scorching temperatures, relentlessly sunny, and with absolutely zero chance of rain. This hellish scenario exists on the permanent daysides of a type of planet found outside our solar system dubbed an "ultrahot Jupiter." These worlds orbit extremely close to their stars, with one side of the planet permanently facing the star.

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2018-08-12 15:28:21

PhD student develops spinning heat shield for future spacecraft  

Manchester UK (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A University of Manchester PhD student has developed a prototype flexible heat shield for spacecraft that could reduce the cost of space travel and even aid future space missions to Mars. Heat shields are essentially used as the brakes to stop spacecraft burning up and crashing on entry and re-entry into a planet's atmosphere. This design is the first in the world to utilise centrifugal fo

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2018-08-12 12:29:46

Study finds possible connection between US tornado activity, Arctic sea ice  

Champaign IL (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 The effects of global climate change taking place in the Arctic may influence weather much closer to home for millions of Americans, researchers report. The United States has experienced many changes in severe-weather behavior over the past decade, including fewer tornado touchdowns in than in the past. A new study suggests that atmospheric circulation changes that coincide with a loss of

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2018-08-12 11:43:01

Volatile visionary: Tesla's Musk divides Wall Street  

New York (AFP) Aug 8, 2018 "Boring bonehead questions are not cool. Next?" Tesla chief Elon Musk complained in May, shortly before shutting down questions from Wall Street. The now-infamous conference call in a nutshell represents the unorthodox approach of Musk, whose brazen aspirations to remake the transportation universe and confrontational approach to opponents has aroused both passionate support and furious crit

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2018-08-12 11:13:32

Scientists reduced the weight of optics for satellite observation by 100 times  

Samara Oblast, Russia (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (IEEE) published the article of the group of scientists of Samara National Research University. It describes the work on the creation and use of ultralight diffraction optics for obtaining high-resolution images. In this paper, the technology of manufacturing of a 256-layer diffraction harmonic lens and the al

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2018-08-12 10:53:07

Pairs of small colliding galaxies may seed future stars  

New York NY (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A pair of dwarf galaxies closely circling the Milky Way, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, were in the throes of merging into one when they fell into our galaxy. The duo is thought to hold enough gas to replenish half of the Milky Way's supply of star-making fuel, and now, a study in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society offers new insights into how galaxies like ours are ab

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2018-08-12 08:42:26

Balloon-borne telescope looks for cosmic gamma rays  

Kobe, Japan (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Cosmic gamma rays can provide us with important insights into the high-energy phenomena in our universe. The GRAINE (Gamma-Ray Astro-Imager with Nuclear Emulsion) collaboration aims to high resolution record high-energy cosmic gamma rays using a balloon-borne nuclear emulsion telescope. In April 2018 the team successfully completed another balloon flight test. Nuclear emulsion film can rec

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2018-08-12 03:55:18

NASA blasts off historic probe to 'touch Sun'  

Tampa (AFP) Aug 12, 2018 NASA on Sunday blasted off a $1.5 billion spacecraft toward the Sun on a historic mission to protect the Earth by unveiling the mysteries of dangerous solar storms. "Three, two, one, and liftoff!" said a NASA commentator as the Parker Solar Probe lit up the dark night sky aboard a Delta IV-Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 3:31 am (0731 GMT). The unmanned spacecraft aims to ge

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2018-08-12 01:56:26

Chinese astronomers discover most lithium-rich giant in galaxy with LAMOST  

Beijing, China (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A research team, led by the astronomers from National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, discovered the most lithium-rich giant ever known to date, with lithium abundance 3,000 times higher than normal giants. It is in the direction of Ophiuchus, north side of the Galactic disk, with a distance of 4,500 light years to Earth. The findings were realized

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2018-08-12 01:54:27

NIST shows laser ranging can 'see' 3D objects melting in fires  

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 09, 2018 Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have used a laser detection and ranging (LADAR) system to image three-dimensional (3D) objects melting in flames. The method could offer a precise, safe and compact way to measure structures as they collapse in fires. Optical range measurements, already used in manufacturing and other fields, may help overcome practic

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2018-08-12 01:33:38

NASA postpones for 24 hours launch of historic spaceship to Sun  

Tampa (AFP) Aug 11, 2018 NASA postponed until Sunday the launch of the first ever spacecraft to fly directly toward the Sun on a mission to plunge into our star's sizzling atmosphere and unlock its mysteries. The reason for the delay was not immediately clear, but was called for after a gaseous helium alarm was sounded in the last moments before liftoff, officials said. Engineers are taking utmost caution with t

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2018-08-11 09:23:42

Iron-silica particles unlock part of the mystery of Earth's oxygenation  

Edmonton, Canada (SPX) Aug 08, 2018 The oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere was thanks, in part, to iron and silica particles in ancient seawater, according to a new study by geomicrobiologists at the University of Alberta. But these results solve only part of this ancient mystery. Early organisms called cyanobacteria produced oxygen through oxygenic photosynthesis, resulting in the oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere. But cyano

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2018-08-10 11:42:33

Satellite measurements of the Earth's magnetosphere promise better space weather forecasts  

Kanazawa, Japan (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Earth is constantly being hammered by charged particles emitted by the Sun that have enough power to make life on Earth almost impossible. We survive because Earth's magnetic field traps and deflects these particles, preventing the vast majority of them from ever reaching the planet's surface. The trapped particles bounce back and forth between the North and South poles in complex, ever-ch

what do you think?

2018-08-10 11:17:35

Lockheed receives contract for Aegis ballistic missile defense  

Washington (UPI) Aug 08, 2018 Lockheed Martin has received a $15.8 million contract for materials and development support of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system. The modification to a previous contract, announced Tuesday by the Department of Defense, increases the cumulative value of the contract to just under $2.9 billion. The contract provides for materials and support for Aegis Ballistic Missile Def

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2018-08-10 10:10:06

Study helps solve mystery under Jupiter's coloured bands  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 Scientists from Australia and the United States have helped to solve the mystery underlying Jupiter's coloured bands in a new study on the interaction between atmospheres and magnetic fields. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Unlike Earth, Jupiter has no solid surface - it is a gaseous planet, consisting mostly of hydrogen and helium. Several strong jet streams flo

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2018-08-10 09:59:38

Space probe to plunge into fiery solar corona  

Berkeley CA (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 On August 11, NASA plans to launch Earth's first spacecraft to venture inside the orbits of Venus and Mercury to touch the very edge of the Sun's fiery corona. Outfitted with instruments designed and built at the University of California, Berkeley, the Parker Solar Probe will achieve a goal that space scientists have dreamed about for decades: to get close enough to the Sun to learn how th

what do you think?

2018-08-10 09:53:18

Parker Solar Probe: humanity's first visit to a star  

Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 NASA's historic Parker Solar Probe mission will revolutionize our understanding of the Sun, where changing conditions can propagate out into the solar system, affecting Earth and other worlds. Parker Solar Probe will travel through the Sun's atmosphere, closer to the surface than any spacecraft before it, facing brutal heat and radiation conditions - and ultimately providing humanity with

what do you think?

2018-08-10 09:03:48

By turning its back on Wall Street, Tesla could avoid market pressures  

New York (AFP) Aug 8, 2018 Exiting US stock markets, a possibility raised Tuesday by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, could ease some of the pressure on the electric automaker but will come at a hefty cost. - Testing the waters - Tesla debuted on Wall Street in 2010, seven years after its launch, with a Nasdaq listing under the ticker symbol "TSLA." As with other firms wooing markets, this allowed the company to raise cap

what do you think?

2018-08-10 08:59:46

Scientist begins developing instrument for finding extraterrestrial bacteria  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 10, 2018 A NASA scientist wants to create a planetary robot that would mimic what biologists do every day in terrestrial laboratories: look through microscopes to visually identify microbial life living in samples. Although very early in its technology development, the concept would take NASA's hunt for extraterrestrial life to the next level by actually looking for bacteria and archaea in soil and

what do you think?

2018-08-10 08:19:32

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