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How many Model 3's has Tesla actually built? This estimator tracks production  

Tesla's production troubles with the Model 3 are still an ongoing concern for the EV maker, with Elon Musk just a few months back conceding that Tesla was in the midst of "production hell." Though the company initially planned to manufacture 5,000 Model 3 units per month by the end of 2017, production hurdles forced the company to push back that deadline twice. As it stands now, Tesla maintains that it will be able to reach the 5,000 units per month threshold by the end of June of this year. Du

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2018-02-17 21:08:45

This new $99 robot vacuum has quickly become one of the top-rated models on Amazon  

It’s quite rare to come across a low-cost device in a popular consumer electronics category that has an even better customer rating than most of the pricier products in the category. That’s exactly the case with the Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, however, which is available right now on Amazon for just $99.99. It has a 4.6-star rating from more than 430 customer reviews, making it one of the best-rated robot vacuums on Amazon. It’s no surprise though, considering this Housmil

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2018-02-17 08:15:36

Experts agree: There's no real threat of a robot uprising anytime soon  

The Twitterati have been freaked out for several days now over a video showcasing the creepy door-opening ability of the SpotMini, a dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics. The robot is so creepily life-like, it quickly became the top trending video on Tuesday and prompted a flurry of only slightly humorous tweets warning that the beginning of the end of the Age of Man had arrived. Take heart, though, ye who fear the Singularity and the Rise of the Machines are at hand. David Held, an assistant pr

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2018-02-17 07:11:19

Google wants to make it easier for 911 operators to locate mobile callers  

While emergency services are able to immediately see the address when an individual calls from a landline, the same doesn't apply for mobile phones. The good news is that the gap might begin to close, as Google is reportedly running tests on new technology that would make it easier for 911 operators to locate mobile callers. According to The Wall Street Journal, 911 centers said the results of the test were promising. Google's test covered tens of thousands of calls throughout the country in De

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2018-02-17 05:51:31

Tesla's next-gen Roadster looks incredible in these new colors  

When Tesla unveiled its highly anticipated Tesla Semi this past November, Elon Musk surprised everyone when he also introduced a next-gen version of the company's iconic Roadster. And with the type of showmanship we've come to expect from Musk, Tesla introduced the Roadster by having it drive out of the back of a Tesla Semi. Without exaggeration, Tesla's Roadster is an absolute screamer. With a 0-60 MPH time of just 1.9 seconds flat, Tesla's next-gen Roadster is faster than the Bugatti Veyron a

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2018-02-17 04:31:49

10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week  

It's time to hit the movies again, with Black Panther and Early Man opening this week in theaters across the country. I for one am making good progress with the Oscar-nominated films, but Black Panther ranks pretty high on my list of movies to watch. On top of new movie releases, we've also got a collection of new trailers to show you from this past week, including the latest Incredibles 2 and Ready Player One trailers. A Quiet Place We haven't yet seen the monsters in A Quiet Place, but...

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2018-02-17 03:44:09

Amazon's deal of the day is a $42 HD camera drone that returns to you with the push of a button  

Amazon has some great deals going today for President's Day weekend, like these luxurious pillow toppers that fit any mattress and feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. In our humble opinion, though, the star of the show has to be the DROCON Drone X708W FPV Training Quadcopter With HD Camera. For just $41.99, you get an awesome drone that streams live HD video to your smartphone while you pilot it. It also has headless mode, which people love, and it can do flips with the push of a button. But t

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2018-02-17 01:20:30

A $27 box is all it takes to keep your DVR after you've cut the cord  

The first thing you did after you cut the cord was buy a good HDTV antenna so you could keep watching live network TV in 1080p HD for free. Well, the first thing you did was your happy dance, but you know what we mean. Now that you have live network TV, wouldn’t it be nice to have your DVR back so you can record your favorite shows? Guess what: you can have it back. The Mediasonic Homeworx HW180STB OTA HDTV DVR only costs $27 right now on Amazon, and it can record OTA TV at full 1080p reso

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2018-02-16 20:40:31

Watch an Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home get lost in endless conversation  

When the first generation of Google Home speakers was released, a bunch of different people made videos with the goal of getting the Home speaker and an Amazon Echo lost in infinite loops, where the two speakers talk to each other indefinitely. Now that Apple's HomePod is finally out, the same test can be performed using all three speakers. The first attempt is already available online, a video that's nearly four hours and 30 minutes long. As ridiculous as that sounds, it's still a lot shor...

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2018-02-16 18:51:46

Any lamp in your home can be motion activated with this $18 box  

Do you love the idea of having your lights turn on automatically when you enter a certain room? Do you hate the idea of having to spend hundreds of dollars on a smart home solution and Wi-Fi connected lighting? Well, there’s another option that’s much simpler and much cheaper. Plug a Westek MLC12BC-4 Indoor Plug-In Corded Motion Activated Light Control into any standard wall outlet, then plug a lamp into the box. Presto! You now have a motion-activated light that will turn on anytime

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2018-02-16 16:09:27

Apple's new 'Close Your Rings' ad definitely wasn't well thought-out  

The HomePod, Apple's opening salvo in the war against Amazon Echo and Google Home, is off to an inconspicuous start. Despite fawning reviews about the speaker's sound quality, the HomePod failed to sell out, and a number of features like multi-room support or stereo pairing don't work at launch. To make a bad launch worse, it was revealed this week that the $349 speaker can leave a white ring on some wooden surfaces. Apple tried to downplay the issue, saying that it's 'not unusual' for a speake

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2018-02-16 12:32:04

The best fast wireless charging pad Amazon sells has never been cheaper  

There are really only two wireless chargers out there that iPhone and Android users should consider. If you want a versatile model that can convert from a charging pad to a charging stand, this Samsung fast wireless charger is terrific. If you want to save some money while also getting a unit made out of better materials (metal instead of plastic), the best fast wireless charging pad Amazon sells is currently on sale at its lowest price ever. The RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger launched at $49.99

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2018-02-16 12:25:29

First Galaxy S10 leak surfaces a week ahead of Samsung's Galaxy S9 launch  

We're just over a week away from the unveiling of the Galaxy S9, so naturally the Galaxy S10 rumors are beginning to bubble up. This week, frequent smartphone leaker Roland Quandt shared an interesting line from a LinkedIn profile which seems to suggest that the Snapdragon 855 processor will be a 7nm chip. Qualcomm has yet to confirm this, of course, but its contractors appear to have spoiled the surprise at least a few months early. On Wednesday, we reported on Qualcomm's Snapdragon X24 LT

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2018-02-16 12:16:39

Google just 'ruined' image search, but we'll show you how to fix it  

People who constantly search for images online will immediately notice what Google did to the Images section of its search engine. For everyone else, it's just a regular Friday. Google came under fire for removing the view image option that allowed anybody to easily download any image found online, including photos they should have paid for. The official button might be gone, but it's easy to bring it back and we'll tell you how to do it. Google removed the button after Getty Images compl...

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2018-02-16 11:53:56

You can have a Super NES Classic in your hands by next week  

Nintendo's Switch is definitely still the hottest video game console in the world right now, but there's another box by Nintendo that people are infatuated with. If you're still on the hunt for a Super NES Classic console, we have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that you can easily buy a new SNES Classic Edition right now and have it in your hands as soon as Sunday thanks to free Prime shipping. The bad news is you're going to have to pay a little extra to do it. There

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2018-02-16 10:42:18

8 paid iPhone apps that are free to download today  

Happy Friday, Apple fans! Before you bail on work or school and dive head-first into the nice long three-day weekend we have coming up, you've got one last roundup of the day's best iOS app sales to enjoy. We've got eight fresh paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free that you can check out on Friday, but be sure to do it soon before these sales end. This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated w

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2018-02-16 10:26:01

NASA's Opportunity rover just discovered possible evidence of water on Mars  

Mars is a big, dusty, dry ball of rock, sand, and dust... we think. Believe it or not, despite the fact that NASA has several rovers on the Red Planet, we're still not entirely sure how much water is there, and it's proven incredibly difficult to pin down. Curious geological features that were thought to be proof of flowing water were later disputed as the effects of wind instead, and for every researcher to declared proof of water, another comes along with a very dry explanation. Well, get read

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2018-02-16 10:17:05

Major dog food brands recalls shipments tainted with euthanasia drug  

Shipments of a handful of major dog food brands are being frozen as samples have tested positive for a drug commonly used to euthanize animals. The J.M. Smucker Co., most well-known for its jams and jellies marketed under the Smucker's label, is also the owner several dog food brands including Kibbles 'n Bits, Gravy Train, Ol' Roy, and Skippy. Wet canned versions of those brands are now being pulled from stores. WJLA in Washington, DC, investigated claims from a pet owner who said her dogs beca

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2018-02-16 10:10:30

Today's best deals: Fast wireless charger, Alexa bulbs and smart plug, $17 Crock-Pot, SSDs, more  

Friday is finally here and we have a nice long weekend to look forward to. But there's something else you have to look forward to first: today's roundup of the best available daily deals. Highlights include the lowest price ever on our favorite fast wireless charging pad, one of the lowest prices we've ever seen for an Alexa smart plug, an awesome Echo Dot rival for just $19.99, Alexa enabled smart LED bulbs for under $10 each, the lowest price in more than a year on Arlo Pro cameras, $114 off a

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2018-02-16 10:09:37

Apple may have just confirmed that all 2018 iPhones will have the iPhone X's new design  

Reports from multiple independent sources say that Apple will launch three iPhones in 2018, and they'll all have the same design as last year's iPhone X. The notch, which cuts into the top side of the display to make room for Face ID camera components, the speaker, and the new selfie camera will be found on all new models this coming September. That also means no new iPhones will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, of course. Apple doesn't comment on speculation about unreleased products, but...

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2018-02-16 09:32:37

Sony drops PS VR bundle prices as low as $200 for the next two weeks  

If you missed out on Sony's PlayStation VR holiday deals late last year, you're in luck. The company is bringing back the discounts for a limited time beginning this Sunday, February 18th, dropping the price of PS VR bundles as low as $199.99. The deals will only be available until Saturday, March 3rd though, so you'll have to act fast. The cheapest of the three discounted bundles is the Gran Turismo Sport bundle, which comes with a physical copy of the game as well as a PS VR headset and PlayS

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2018-02-16 06:32:52

Bose's best wired headphones are half off on Amazon, and we'll show you how to make them wireless  

There's precious little question that the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are the best wired noise cancelling headphones that Bose makes. They offer a terrific design, killer sound quality, and industry-leading noise cancellation technology that people around the world swear by. These awesome headphones are on sale right now on Amazon for just $159, which is just a few dollars away from their lowest price ever. Definitely check them out. Here are some highlights from th

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2018-02-16 06:05:33

NASA just discovered nearly 100 new alien planets as the search for life heats up  

NASA's Kepler space telescope was launched for the purpose of finding new objects, like planets, far off in space, and it has done its job so incredibly well astronomers now have more new planets than they know what to do with. Researchers just announced latest batch of worlds that Kepler has detected, numbering a whopping 95, and pushing the space telescope's total tally to over 2,400 new planets. The Kepler telescope is currently in an extended mission phase after already completing its prima

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2018-02-16 05:50:09

People love this $10 smart light bulb that works with Alexa and Google Assistant  

Connected lighting is one of the biggest trends in consumer tech right now. Why? Because it’s awesome. Having the ability to control the lighting in your home with your voice or your smart home hub is terrific, but it’s also very expensive. That’s what it’s so cool that the Sengled Element Classic A19 Soft White Smart LED Bulb only costs $9.99 on Amazon — or even less if you buy a 4-pack or 8-pack! This nifty smart bulb works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Sma

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2018-02-16 05:34:53

Even future hardware changes won't be enough to fix Spectre and Meltdown attacks  

Remember the Meltdown and Spectre chip architecture flaws that affect the vast majority of computers we interact with on a daily basis, including smartphones and tablets? The hardware issues have been patched via software updates that, in turn, caused unwanted side-effects themselves, including temporary issues like unexpected boots, or permanent ones like a drop in performance. In the future, new chips should come with hardware changes that would prevent Meltdown and Spectre-like attacks. That

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2018-02-16 04:27:28

Apple's most talented workers can't stop walking into doors  

Apple recently completed its brand-new headquarters in Cupertino, California. The giant UFO-shaped building -- the most expensive building in the US -- is sprawling glass-and-steel manifesto, a very physical manifestation of Apple's ethos to always put design first. And, in the most Apple way possible, putting form over function is causing some problems. According to Bloomberg, Apple employees keep walking into the glass panes and glass pods littering the building. Attempts to make things saf...

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2018-02-16 03:40:39

Project Fi makes its already-great roaming coverage even better  

Google's Project Fi built its reputation by having the simplest pay-as-you-use data plan anywhere, but that's not all the network is good for. Project Fi's international usage plan, which doesn't have any extra charges for international data compared to domestic, is about all you could ever ask for. Starting today, the plan is getting a little more ubiquitous. Project Fi's international plan now covers 135 countries, up from 170, and Google also has a neat new feature to help you work out what

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2018-02-16 02:20:31

Someone got his hands on a Galaxy S9 and spilled its remaining secrets  

We have just over one week to go until Samsung finally takes the wraps off its new flagship smartphone duo, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Well to be honest, there aren't really any "wraps" on either new smartphone anymore. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are two of the most hotly anticipated handsets of 2018, so they've been the focus of countless leaks and rumors for nearly six months now. Despite the fact that neither phone has been made official by Samsung, we've already known everything there i

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2018-02-16 01:38:08

Woman uses Apple Watch's SOS feature to call 911 after being struck by a drunk driver  

It almost sounds bizarre to say, but the Apple Watch has helped save a number of lives since its release more than two years ago. Just about four months ago, for example, an Apple Watch owner went to the doctor after the device detected an abnormally high heart rate. Upon further examination, the man was found to have a pulmonary embolism, a serious condition that manifests when a blood clot appears in the lungs. The man quickly received proper medical care and, in the process, avoided what coul

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2018-02-16 01:17:22

'Fe' review: In tune with nature  

In an age when games have no choice but to explain all of their arcane controls, upgrade systems, progression loops and ancient lore, Fe is a pleasant respite. There are no tutorials, walls of text, branching paths or chatty NPCs. In Fe, it's just you and a vast, dangerous forest, filled with mysteries that you'll uncover on your journey. Fe is an open world platforming adventure from Zoink, an independent developer best known for Stick it to The Man and Zombie Vikings. It follows a small, stra

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2018-02-15 20:43:49

The US's leading Bitcoin exchange is draining tens of thousands of dollars from users' bank accounts  

Coinbase, the leading US crypto-currency exchange, has a problem. According to dozens of reports on Reddit and Twitter, the company has been making repeated unauthorized charges to some users' bank accounts, totaling tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. The company confirmed the issue in a statement on Reddit, saying "we can confirm that the unexpected charges are originating from our payment processing network, and are related to charges from previous purchases," a spokesperson for...

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2018-02-15 20:15:23

Apple isn't the only company that has problems with speaker design  

Yesterday, we learned that Apple's HomePod, a $349 smart speaker designed to fit in with your other luxurious home furnishings, leaves a white stain on some types of wooden surfaces. Apple admitted to the flaw straight away, suggested it wasn't "unusual," and suggested that anyone worried about their kitchen counters should put the HomePod on an "alternative surface." Despite what Apple might want you to believe, the vast majority of speakers on the market won't mess up your wooden tables. Rub

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2018-02-15 19:38:33

Arlo Pro cameras just dropped to their lowest price in a year on Amazon  

Everyone knows that Netgear's Arlo Pro home security camera system is by far the best wireless camera system on the market. Everyone also knows that these awesome cameras come with a pretty steep price tag. Well, we have some great news for anyone looking to expand their Arlo systems. Amazon is currently running a big sale that slashes $40 off the price of Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Add-on Security Cameras. This is the lowest price they've been in a full year, and I have no idea when they might be on s

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2018-02-15 18:37:29

These LED bulbs work with Alexa and Google Assistant, and they cost under $10 each  

Since Philips Hue smart lighting products are so expensive, people are always on the lookout for good smart bulbs that are a bit more affordable. Well, look no further than the Sengled Element Classic A19 60W Equivalent Soft White Smart LED Bulb. This top-rated smart LED bulb works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and popular smart home systems like SmartThings and Wink. It comes in either soft white or daylight, and a single bulb costs just $9.99. But wait... Amazon also sells 4-packs that drop th

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2018-02-15 14:49:08

This crazy device puts a 7″ touchscreen where your rearview mirror used to be  

Ok seriously, the SENDOW Mirror Dual Dash Camera with 7 Inch 1080P IPS Touchscreen has to be one of the coolest things you can put in any car. This crazy all-in-one gadget mounts over your existing rearview mirror and connects to a rear-mounted camera to give you a 170-degree wide-angle view of the road behind you. It has an integrated front-facing dash cam as well, but the real fun is the screen itself — it’s a 7-inch high-definition touchscreen that lets you navigate all of the dev

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2018-02-15 13:27:22

You have another chance to play 'Sea of Thieves' this weekend  

If you didn't get your fill of swashbuckling and treasure hunting last month, we have good news. Rare announced on Thursday that it will run a scale test for Sea of Thieves this weekend in order to see how the servers hold up when a large number of players log on and try to play all at once. The test will begin on Friday, February 16th at 5 AM EST and will run through Sunday, February 18th at 5 AM EST. That's 48 hours worth of seafaring adventures. The first of multiple planned scale tests, thi

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2018-02-15 12:37:28

Galaxy S9 cases confirm Samsung isn't going for a radical redesign  

The Galaxy S9 isn't even official yet, but you can already buy a plethora of accessories for it, including a variety of protective cases that are already listed online. That's because the Galaxy S9 design hasn't exactly been a mystery. We've known for a few months now that Samsung decided to recycle the Galaxy S8 for one more year. The only changes affect the rear panel, where Samsung reshuffled the rear camera, flash, and fingerprint sensor into a more finger-friendly arrangement. ...

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2018-02-15 11:36:30

Samsung halted its Android 8.0 Oreo update due to 'unexpected' Galaxy S8 reboots  

Samsung quietly halted the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ earlier this week just days after the update began rolling out the flagship phones without any explanation or warning. Whatever convinced Samsung to put a stop to the update must have been serious, but the company took its time before revealing what happened. It turns out that the final Android 8.0 release for the Galaxy S8 family of device comes with an unwanted side effect: Unexpected reboots. "Followin...

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2018-02-15 11:29:56

Solar storm expected to reach Earth today – here's what you need to know  

The Sun is pretty important to life as we know it. After all, we wouldn't be here without it, but it also gives us a headache every once in a while. Astronomers captured a glimpse of a large solar flare a few days ago which produced a CME, or coronal mass ejection, and it's expected to hit Earth today as a solar storm. When a coronal mass ejection takes place, the Sun spits a mass of plasma and electromagnetic radiation into space. When it happens to toss that material in the direction of Earth

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2018-02-15 10:58:46

This hilarious adult game replaced Cards Against Humanity as Amazon's top-seller  

Before we even discuss this game at all, we have a word of caution: DO NOT play the What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game with young children. Trust us. With that out of the way, a new king has been crowned on Amazon, with What Do You Meme? having recently replaced Cards Against Humanity as the best-selling game on Amazon. It has more than 2,500 5-star customer reviews and a 4.5-star rating overall, and it’s impossible to overstate how much fun it is to play while you’re enjoying a few

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2018-02-15 10:21:28

Meet the $40 accessory every single Apple Watch owner should have  

Traveling with the Apple Watch used to be a huge pain in the neck, because it meant having to bring that monstrous extra charger in addition to all the other cables you already travel with. Seriously, Apple’s iPhone charging cables are only a few feet long, and yet its Apple Watch charger is about 800 feet. Well, leave that charger at home from now on and pick up an Oittm Pocket Sized Apple Watch Charger instead. It’s the size of a key chain and it has a magnetic wireless charging di

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2018-02-15 08:53:45

NASA is going to return an ancient Mars rock to its home planet  

An incredibly old Martian relic will soon be headed back from the planet where it originated thanks to the Mars 2020 mission. The space agency is planning on taking a piece of the meteorite known as Sayh al Uhaymir (SaU008) and including it in their highly-anticipated rover adventure to the Red Planet. The rock, which was part of a larger meteorite discovery back in 1999, is thought to have originated on Mars. A chunk of the planet is believed to have been blown off into space by an impact, and

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2018-02-15 07:17:30

Next Windows 10 update brings new 'Ultimate Performance' mode to desktops  

As part of a raft of updates coming this spring, Microsoft will be bringing a new power management system that "reduces micro-latencies" and enhances overall system performance through a series of tiny performance bumps. Unfortunately, that sounds quite dull, so Microsoft has decided to call its new mode "Ultimate Performance," which should get your IT department all hot and bothered. The mode will only work on non-battery-powered high-performance workstations running Windows 10 Pro, so it's no

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2018-02-15 07:16:56

New teardown reveals Apple's HomePod costs $216 to make  

While Apple typically enjoys healthy margins across its entire product line, the recently released HomePod isn't exactly positioned as a huge profit-maker for the Cupertino-based company. According to a recent teardown analysis conducted by TechInsights and provided to Bloomberg, Apple's new smart speaker costs approximately $216 to make. With a base price of $349, some quick math reveals that the profit margin on the HomePod is probably in the range of 38%. As to the cost breakdown, TechInsigh

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2018-02-15 07:08:44

Today's top deals: $9 Alexa LED bulbs, Arlo Pro, top-rated camera drone for $90, Bose earbuds, more  

We've got some killer daily deals lined up for you on Thursday, and our roundup is highlighted by the lowest price in a year on Arlo Pro wireless home security cameras. Other top deals today include $10 off one of the best-rated camera drones on Amazon, a 4-pack of Alexa and Google Assistant enabled LED smart bulbs, a tiny $8 accessory every Roku Stick and Fire TV owner should have, an Alexa smart speaker just like the Echo Dot for just $19.99, a $60 video doorbell with the same features as a $2

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2018-02-15 06:50:52

Meteorite hunting is big business, and this chunk just sold for nearly $250,000  

Money might not grow on trees, but it most certainly does fall from the sky. Meteorite hunting might sound like a quirky pastime but it can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor if you're willing to part with the precious space rocks you come across. The latest example of this is a foot-long chunk of warped, jagged iron that arrived on Earth some 50,000 years ago and just scored a record-breaking auction price of $237,500. The rock is thought to be a fragment of the object that created the famous

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2018-02-15 05:54:55

The FDA just approved the first-ever blood test that can diagnose concussions  

The human body can become damaged in a seemingly endless number of ways, but doctors have long known that brain trauma is particularly dire. It is not only devastating, but also hard to detect. Diagnosing an individual with a concussion is sometimes a shot in the dark even for trained medical professionals, as symptoms aren't always apparent and reliable tests like CT scans are incredibly costly and time-consuming. Now, for the first time ever, the FDA has approved a new type of blood test that

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2018-02-15 04:38:18

The iPhone took in 51% of global smartphone revenue over Christmas  

New research data compiled by Strategy Analytics reveals that Apple's iPhone lineup accounted for a whopping 51% of global smartphone revenues during the 2017 holiday quarter. Specifically, the iPhone generated approximately $61.4 billion in revenue during the December quarter, with the global smartphone market raking in $120 billion during the same time period. Year over year, the iPhone's share of global smartphone revenue increased slightly, jumping from 48% to 51%. With Apple occupying the

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2018-02-15 04:26:38

Warren Buffett's longtime sidekick says Bitcoin is 'noxious poison'  

Bitcoin's surge to fame and fortune this year has forced the question of whether cryptocurrencies are viable out of Reddit threads and into the world of mainstream finance. It's become the most-asked question of any serious investor or analyst, and the opinions range from "this might be interesting" to something a lot less polite. As it turns out, you can put Charlie Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett's long-time number-two, in that second category. During a ques

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2018-02-15 04:12:55

The thought of Facebook launching its own smart speakers is incredibly scary  

Amazon and Google are currently the major players in the smart speaker business, with the former being the undisputed king of this product category. Many other companies have similar products in stores, including devices that are powered by Amazon's own voice tech. Apple just launched the HomePod, it's own competitor to Amazon's Echos and Google's Homes, arriving late to the smart speaker party — well, Apple sells the speaker primarily as a high-end speaker than a smart one. Fa...

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2018-02-15 03:52:04

Rare Amazon sale on Bose's first truly wireless earbuds will save you $50  

Bose has been a top global brand in the personal audio space for what seems like an eternity, so it was only a matter of time before the company came out with truly wireless earbuds. Cord-free Bluetooth headphones have been around for a few years now, but last year's AirPods launch took this new market segment from emerging to exploding. Every company seems to have its own truly wireless earbuds now, but the Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones are easily one of the best options

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2018-02-15 02:43:12

$32 sound machine ensures a good night's sleep, and it's so small you can take it anywhere  

Going on vacation is obviously awesome. Trying to get some shut-eye when there’s all kinds of noise in the hallway outside of your hotel room door is significantly less awesome. Lucky for you, there’s a tiny little gadget that can help you sleep at home, and it’s so compact that you can take it with you anywhere you go. Check out the LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker with Fan Sounds, White Noise, and Ocean Sounds. Trust us, you’ll be glad

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2018-02-15 01:34:36

$50 4K action cam with 15 accessories is a much better deal than GoPro's $400 Hero6  

The new GoPro Hero6 Black is a pretty awesome action camera… if you’re a professional or you’ve got $400 burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for a good 4K action cam to use sporadically when the occasion arises, definitely check out the Campark ACT74 Action Camera. It only costs $50, it comes with 15 accessories including an extra battery, and it has an insanely good 4.3-star rating from more than 1,800 customer reviews. You won’t find anything else th

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2018-02-14 17:47:34

Apple is now selling certified refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 models for $50 off  

If you've been waiting for the right time to pick up the latest Apple Watch (and would prefer to save a few dollars in the process), you should check out Apple's updated list of refurbished products. Spotted by 9to5Toys on Wednesday, two Apple Watch Series 3 models have been added to Apple's list of certified refurbished devices. The first of the two refurbished watches is the 38mm Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band, which sells for $279.00 ($50 off the price of a new Apple Watch). T...

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2018-02-14 15:31:25

Magic Leap's plan to stream holograms will change how we watch sports  

Magic Leap, the mysterious tech company that spent years developing augmented reality goggles in complete secrecy, has finally shed light on one of the intended uses for its headset. At an event yesterday, CEO Rony Abovitz and NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed that the two companies are teaming up to bring NBA content to Magic Leap, via virtual screens in the headset. The announcement was interesting because neither party sees this as just another way for you to watch content. Instead, Mag...

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2018-02-14 11:44:15

Apple confirms its overpriced speaker will ruin your overpriced furniture  

Since being officially released last week, Apple's $349 HomePod has earned rave reviews for packing excellent sound quality into such a small speaker. But the verdict on the rest of the HomePod's features hasn't been quite so enthusiastically good, and now a new problem with the design has emerged. First highlighted by Pocket-Lint and The Wirecutter, and now confirmed in statements from Apple, it appears that the silicone base of the HomePod can leave a white ring on some wooden furniture, e...

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2018-02-14 11:33:22

Divorcing couple fights over $830,000 crypto stash  

Crypto traders might not like it, but there are plenty of reasons to regulate Bitcoin and all its brethren. The nature of digital money gives governments around the world plenty of headaches, and many of them have started enforcing regulations against Bitcoin and altcoins. The main worries are related to illegal activities, money laundering, and tax evasion powered by cryptocurrencies. It turns out that some crypto fans may soon ask for a particular type of regulation themselves, laws that prot

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2018-02-14 11:23:26

Photographer captures award-winning image of sunken WWII trucks and cycles frozen in time  

An photo captured deep inside the hull of a British ship sunken during World War II just took home the top prize for Underwater Photographer of the Year, and one glimpse at the haunting image is enough to see why. The photo, called 'Cycle-War,' was shot by Tobias Friedrich, and it's nothing short of mesmerizing. The award-winning picture was snapped inside the cargo hold of the SS Thistlegorm, a British Merchant Navy ship which was barely a year old at the time of her sinking. The ship was one

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2018-02-14 11:19:05

Eufy Genie is the same as Amazon's Echo Dot, but it's only $19.99 today  

OK, bargain hunters, stop what you're doing right now because this sale is one you won't want to miss. Amazon has a Valentine's Day deal going that slashes $10 off the price of the insanely popular Echo Dot, dropping the price to $40. That would be a solid bargain, but there's another deal on Amazon that's twice as good. Literally. The Eufy Genie Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa is basically the same thing as the Echo Dot, and a limited-time sale has dropped the price to just $19.99. That's right

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2018-02-14 11:04:56

New version of the iPhone X with an even bigger screen might cost just $699 this year  

According to comments made during yesterday's shareholder meeting by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone X has a customer satisfaction rating of 99%. He didn't elaborate on exactly where that figure came from, but it's safe to say that Apple's tenth-anniversary iPhone is a hit with Apple fans. The iPhone X is by far the most impressive iPhone Apple has ever released, both in terms of power and design. The glass and stainless steel housing is stunning, and the "notched" OLED display started a trend th

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2018-02-14 10:58:42

The NSA and FBI don't see the irony of boycotting phones with built-in government backdoors  

Remember that whole Apple vs. FBI fight from early 2016? The government wanted to force Apple to develop what's essentially a backdoor into iOS that only Apple and/or government officials would control to get into the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino's shooters. Fast forward to more modern times, and we have six top US intelligence chiefs saying they do not trust devices made by Chinese smartphone makers Huawei and ZTE because they could be used to spy on US citizens. In other ...

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2018-02-14 10:21:21

Amazon sale slashes $40 off the Google mesh Wi-Fi system everyone loves  

Pretty much every consumer electronics company on the planet sells its own mesh Wi-Fi system these days, and some are better than others. And there is a common thread that runs through all of the models that offer good coverage and consistently fast data speeds: they're expensive. There are a select few that offer killer performance at shockingly reasonable prices, and everyone's favorite has been the Google Wifi System for quite some time now. If you don't already have a mesh system, now is the

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2018-02-14 09:47:44

Apple says HomePod's white stains 'not unusual,' suggests placing on 'different surface'  

Apple has responded to numerous reports that the HomePod can stain some wooden surfaces with a resounding 'meh.' In an updated support article, Apple confirmed that the HomePod's silicone base can "diffuse oils" into certain wooden surfaces, but it says that it's "not unusual" for this to happen with speakers, and suggests that users put it somewhere else. In other words, you're placing it wrong. "It is not unusual for any speaker with a vibration-dampening silicone base to leave mild mark

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2018-02-14 09:43:23

Today's best deals: $80 camera drone, $16 Bluetooth earbuds, $20 Alexa speaker, $10 Alexa bulb, more  

Happy Valentine's Day, bargain hunters! Our gift to you isn't anything crummy like flowers or $12 chocolates, it's a roundup of the best daily deals we could find. Highlights from today's list include an "Amazon's Choice" camera drone for just $89.99 after a $10 on-site coupon, a Eufy smart speaker that's basically an Echo Dot for just $19.99, the wireless borescope camera everyone loves for $37, an Alexa and Google Assistant enabled LED light bulb for $9.99, $10 off a battery that makes your Go

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2018-02-14 08:56:51

Feast your eyes on the first ever photo of a single atom hovering in thin air  

If you paid attention in science class you know that atoms make up everything. They're the smallest unit of matter, and everything you've ever touched, felt, or breathed is made up of matter, include your own body. They're so small, in fact, that actually seeing an individual atom is pretty much impossible without the use of high-powered microscopes. I say "pretty much," because there is apparently an exception to that rule, and a truly remarkable photo showing a single atom captured in space ha

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2018-02-14 08:54:53

😳Samsung's Galaxy S9+ crushed the iPhone X in a new leaked benchmark 😳  

There's not much time left until Samsung officially takes the wraps off of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ -- nor is there much left to unveil -- but that hasn't stopped the leaks from pouring out. In fact, just hours ago the Galaxy S9+ appeared to pass through the AnTuTu benchmarking tool, confirming some of the rumored specs. As expected, the Galaxy S9+ (codenamed SM-G9650) will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM (as opposed to 4GB for the Galaxy S9) and an Adreno 630 GPU. But the

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2018-02-14 08:41:49

Amazon's deal of the day is a $14 mystery you can't solve until it arrives  

If you like surprises and tasty treats, today is your lucky day. Amazon has a cool little package called Prime Surprise Sweets that typically costs between $18 and $20. The box's contents are a mystery — all Amazon says is that when it arrives, the Prime Sweets package will contain at least four different full-sized sweets that are "top-notch." You'll have no idea what they are until your delivery arrives, and Amazon gives an idea of what you might get in the graphic below: It's a fun lit

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2018-02-14 08:24:21

Who cares about 5G when Qualcomm's new LTE modem is this fast  

Late this year, we're expecting to see the first 5G devices become available for very limited use on a handful of real-world 5G networks. That's going to be a huge step forward in the journey towards nationwide high-speed connectivity, but it will also still be the first step. You're going to have to wait until the next decade for 5G to become ubiquitous, but luckily, Qualcomm has a bonkers new LTE modem to fill in the gaps. The company has announced its new Snapdragon X24 modem in advance of t

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2018-02-14 07:19:41

Apple's upcoming iPhone X sequel may have new design with a smaller notch  

As it turns out, the notch on the iPhone X proved to be far less of a divisive issue than initially anticipated. Though many people were quick to call the notch an unseemly distraction when Apple originally unveiled the device this past September, the reality is that the notch is far more conspicuous and irksome in pictures than it is in your hands. In short, the controversy over the iPhone X notch quickly evaporated once the device actually started shipping. That said, Apple is reportedly inte

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2018-02-14 07:13:29

8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today  

Apple fans, our gift to you on Valentine's Day is to ensure that not a single Valentine's Day-themed app makes it into our roundup today. Instead, we've got eight paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free that you might actually use. Grab them now while you can, because these sales could end at any moment. This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell ho

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2018-02-14 02:34:27

Former Microsoft executive argues that Apple's decision to slow down iOS development has nothing to do with bugs  

Alongside the release of revamped iPhone models, Apple every year also releases a new iteration of iOS, complete with a wide array of new features and system improvements. While not every iOS update is as transformative as, say, iOS 7, Apple over the years has done a solid job of adding enough compelling features to new versions of iOS to convince most users that upgrading is worth it. With iOS 12, however, Apple will reportedly be taking a different approach. Rather than trying to cram in as m

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2018-02-14 02:29:30

Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play specs, prices and renders leak online  

While Samsung's Galaxy S9 has dominated headlines in the mobile world for most of 2018, there are plenty of other phones to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. Not all of them are high-end flagships either, as Motorola has found a niche in recent years with its mid-range Moto G family of devices. We had a chance to go hands on with the Moto G5 and G5 Plus last year shortly before they launched, and now, just days before MWC 2018, the next generation of Moto G phones have begun to le

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2018-02-14 01:54:26

Woman tries to sleep off a headache, somehow wakes up with a British accent instead  

A pounding migraine headache is a pretty dreadful experience. Over-the-counter painkillers often come up well short of relieving the discomfort and sometimes the only thing you can do is close your eyes and hope that it's gone when you wake up. An Arizona woman did just that, but when she woke up she got something she never expected: a foreign accent. That's disturbing enough on its own, but this isn't even the first time Myers has experienced a headache-prompted voice change. In fact, it began

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2018-02-14 01:45:36

Track Elon Musk's Tesla as it travels towards Mars at 43,861mph  

There was a lot to like about SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch last week, like the fact that it was the heaviest commercial rocket to ever launch, or that the two side boosters executed an Olympic-skating-worthy side-by-side landing after launch. But the most breathtaking photos from the exercise have undoubtedly been of Elon Musk's cherry-red Tesla Roadster, which was the payload for the rocket, and which is now flying through space towards Mars. Video from the Tesla only lasted for a couple hours

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2018-02-14 01:01:40

Chris Rock's first stand-up special in 10 years debuts tomorrow on Netflix  

While some TV giants like HBO like mapping out their schedule months in advance, Netflix in recent months has shown an affinity for the element of surprise. In late 2017, for example, Netflix dropped word that it was releasing a brand new and completely unexpected Dave Chappelle special with just a few days notice. More recently, Netflix during the Super Bowl surprised everyone with a commercial announcing that the J.J. Abrams' movie The Cloverfield Paradox would be available immediately after ...

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2018-02-13 21:01:04

Here's what you can do in 'Sea of Thieves' that you couldn't in the beta  

After spending a few hours playing the Sea of Thieves beta last month (and a dozen or so hours watching others play it), the Xbox exclusive shot up to the top of my list of most anticipated games. Few games better understand how to make the act of exploration itself feel as meaningful as the missions or the combat or the story. But if there were any concerns that were expressed coming out of what was a very successful beta test, they were all in regards to the game's longevity. Once you've sail

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2018-02-13 20:46:05

Android malware is taking over phones to mine for cryptocurrency  

If you were optimistic enough to believe that Android's malware plague couldn't get any worse, I have some bad news for you. This week, the team behind anti-malware software Malwarebytes reported on a new strain of malware that is redirecting Android owners to pages that use the device's processing power to mine for cryptocurrency. Malwarebytes first discovered the malware when investigating a separate campaign late last month. Specifically, the team was testing a malvertising chain on Windows

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2018-02-13 16:04:07

Fake Best Buy reviews show just how desperate Huawei is to sell phones  

2018 was meant to be the year that Huawei finally cracked the US market. The Chinese company, which has risen to become the second-biggest smartphone company in the world by sales, designed a killer Android phone that would appeal to the US market, set up key distribution deals with AT&T and Verizon, and planned a $100 million ad campaign to accompany the launch. Unfortunately for Huawei, Congressional leaders were concerned about a Chinese tech company pairing with US networks, and lawmakers s

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2018-02-13 15:14:04

5 ways the iPhone X could be better  

With about seven months to go until Apple unveils its new 2018 iPhone lineup, it seems like we shouldn't be talking about the company's iPhone X successors right now. And yet because the company has so much trouble keeping its suppliers from leaking information to insiders like KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we already know plenty about the company's plans for its next-generation iPhones. According to Kuo, Apple plans to release not two but three new iPhone models this coming September. O

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2018-02-13 10:35:41

Researchers prove that money does indeed buy happiness  

You've no doubt heard the old saying "money can't buy happiness" at least a few times over the years, but new research suggests that it's simply not true. As it turns out, money can indeed make a person happy, but exactly how much is needed to maximize the average person's mood varies significantly from country to country. The research, which was led by Andrew Jebb of Purdue University and published in Nature Human Behavior, lands at a dollar figure that is quite a bit lower than you might be ex

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2018-02-13 09:38:58

Tim Cook says Apple's wearables business is almost as big as a Fortune 300 company  

Steve Jobs used to make fun of Amazon for not releasing specific sales figures for devices like the Kindle, which is somewhat comical given that Apple over the past few years has refused to divulge how many Apple Watch units the company sells every quarter. As for the reasoning behind Apple's decision, the company's initial explanation was that it didn't want to provide competitors with any strategic information about its brand new wearable. Even if you buy that argument, it doesn't really hold

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2018-02-13 09:30:17

Galaxy S9's Animoji clone will supposedly be even better than the real thing  

When Apple introduced Animoji in September, it did so in part to make an important point. The TrueDepth camera that enables Face ID's 3D facial recognition on the iPhone X has other uses beyond providing secure biometric authentication for unlocking and mobile payments. Once the iPhone X launched, Animoji went viral. Of course, others could have launched Animoji-style 3D emoji well before Apple, but nobody did. Now that Apple has done it, top Android makers are racing to match it, proving once

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2018-02-13 09:17:23

Ancient fossilized mammoth tracks tell a tragic tale, but reveal a family bond  

Over centuries, paleontologists have been able to paint a pretty vivid picture of what life was like on Earth before humans arrived, but long-extinct creatures don't actually leave all that much behind. For beasts like mammoths which roamed the land tens of thousands of years ago, bones are often all that we have left, but a recently-discovered fossilized trackway in Oregon is providing researchers with a rare glimpse of how the animals socialized and cared for each other. The footprints, which...

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2018-02-13 08:40:42

Philips Norelco just released a brand new version of everyone's favorite electric shaver  

It looks like Christmas came early this year because Philips Norelco just released a brand new version of everyone's favorite electric shaver and trimmer. Of course we're talking about the OneBlade, which flies in the face of the multi-blade manual razer craze by introducing perfection in the form of an electric razer with one blade. While the earlier OneBlade and OneBlade Pro models were designed solely for the face, the new Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body hybrid electric trimmer and shave

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2018-02-13 08:03:23

Researchers found an easy way to kill the flu virus  

The flu season in 2018 is one of the worst we've experienced in recent years. In fact, health officials confirmed this past Friday that we're on track to break several records before the 2018 flu season is through. Representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that hospitalizations related to the flu have already surpassed earlier records, and doctor visits from people with flu-like symptoms haven't been this high since the H1N1 "swine flu" pandemic back in 2009....

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2018-02-13 07:54:07

Former Apple developer explains why the company's software is struggling  

In recent months, Apple's software development has been called into question like never before. Between a critical security bug in macOS, a brand-new product being launched late and without half of its features enabled, or a throttling feature being snuck into an iOS update, it seems that something is wrong in Apple's development process. Outwardly, the company says everything is fine, while also revealing that it's going to take a year off from major feature development to focus on bug fixes a

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2018-02-13 07:22:21

Litecoin creator says the upcoming fork is scam  

Most people have absolutely no idea what Litecoin is, or that the sixth cryptocurrency of the world by market cap is about to get a fork of its own much like Bitcoin did last year. Some of those who are aware of Litecoin probably know that Litecoin Cash is coming soon, "sold" as a faster version of Litecoin when it comes to transaction times. Whatever the case, you should stay away from Litecoin Cash right now, as the actual founder of Litecoin sees it as a potential scam. One of the w...

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2018-02-13 07:20:44

iPhone X is a flop? New report says Apple will gain market share in 2018 as Samsung slides  

As is the case every year, Samsung and Apple launch new smartphone models in 2018 that are better and more sophisticated than their predecessors. Samsung's handsets are coming first, with the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 set to launch in March and September, respectively. Apple, meanwhile, is expected to release three new iPhone X successors this coming September. But a new report says that it's Apple's iPhone that will win when it comes to market share gains this year. TrendForce issued a ne...

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2018-02-13 06:39:03

Many popular ID theft protection services fail to offer basic security features  

It's difficult not to be concerned about identity theft in the modern era. Individuals, businesses and even governments are being hacked with regularity, which is why it's no surprise that identity theft protection services like Credit Sesame and LifeLock have been popping up in recent years, offering to keep our identities safe for a monthly fee. Unfortunately, as Tom's Guide reports, many of these services put personal information at risk by failing to offer two-factor authentication (2FA) fo

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2018-02-13 04:25:22

2017 was a great year for T-Mobile, but things are only just getting started  

Last week, T-Mobile reported its results for the last quarter of 2017. Headlining the generally-excellent news was T-Mobile's subscriber figures, which shows the company added 891,000 postpaid customers in Q4 2017, while keeping "churn" -- the turnover of customers, where lower is better -- to a Q4 record of just 1.18%. With strong numbers like that, it's easy to expect that 2018 will be a slightly flatter year for the company. In fact, T-Mobile's own projections predict the company will add ju

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2018-02-13 04:16:01

Your kitchen needs this $23 breakfast sandwich maker with 2,800 5-star reviews  

With about 2,800 5-star ratings and a 4.5-star rating overall, the Hamilton Beach 25476 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker is one of the best-rated products in the entire Home & Kitchen category. Considering that’s one of the most popular categories on Amazon’s entire website, you know that this is a high quality product. Using this awesome breakfast sandwich maker, you can cook yourself or anyone else in your family a delicious breakfast in a matter of minutes. It’s also very e

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2018-02-13 04:09:55

Bill Gates thinks the government should force tech companies to unlock phones  

Apple and the FBI were engaged in a massive polemic/legal battle/PR nightmare a couple of years ago. Apple did not want to create a backdoor into iOS so that the FBI could access encrypted information on an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters. The agency, meanwhile, wasn't happy to see its investigation hindered by a matter the FBI knew Apple could technically fix. Ultimately, both won. Apple wasn't forced to create an iOS backdoor that would allow the government and whoev...

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2018-02-13 03:48:42

Don't pay $200 for a Ring Video Doorbell when Amazon's best-selling model is only $60  

The DING WiFi Video Doorbell might not have the name recognition that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro have, but don’t let that keep you from checking it out. It’s only $59.99, and it’s Amazon’s best-selling video doorbell for a few other reasons, too. First, it’s easy to install and it has all the features you would expect from a video doorbell. It also has some features you wouldn’t expect, like a 6-month trial of DING’s 7-day clou

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2018-02-13 02:21:29

MoviePass's new subscription option gets you unlimited movies for $7.95 a month  

Remember when MoviePass, Fandor, and Costco partnered up to offer customers an unbelievably cheap subscription bundle that would cover both cinema and streaming? Well, the main stars of that deal are back with a similar deal, and this time around Costco isn't involved. MoviePass and Fandor late on Friday announced a new annual subscription plan that costs just $116, or $7.95 per month. That translates into savings of over $120, according to the press release. MoviePass regularly costs $...

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2018-02-13 02:07:53

YouTube TV is adding CNN, NBA basketball and the MLB – but it'll cost you  

YouTube TV is one of the best cord-cutting cable alternatives out there as it currently stands. The pricing and channel line-up is in line with the rest of the market, but rather than having to deal with a buggy interface and limited platforms, customers can use the YouTube interface they know and love on virtually any set-top box. According to a leaked post from BuzzFeed, things are getting even better starting tomorrow. YouTube TV is adding channels from the Turner family, which includes CNN...

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2018-02-13 02:05:12

Nearly every Galaxy S9 spec has now leaked  

Less than two weeks remain until Samsung takes the wraps off its next big thing. The Galaxy S9, sadly, isn't going to bring over a revolutionary new design — at this point, it's pretty hard to do that given that we've somewhat reached peak glass rectangle. But it won't be a dull device either considering what we know about the handset so far, and the numerous Galaxy S9 leaks that we've seen since late 2017 have pretty much revealed everything there is to know about the phone. That s...

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2018-02-13 01:57:26

Amazon has $9.99 LED light bulbs that can be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant  

If you’re not already invested in the Philips Hue ecosystem, we should warn you that Hue products are very expensive. Don’t get us wrong — they’re awesome, but expensive. Those of you looking for a simple smart lighting solution that can integrate with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant should definitely check out the Sengled Element Classic A19 Smart LED Bulb, which is a great low-cost option for people in search of a reliable smart light bul

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2018-02-13 01:13:49

SpaceX reveals why Falcon Heavy's center booster crashed into the ocean  

Last week's launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy was incredible for so many reasons, not least of which was Elon Musk's extremely low expectations for the craft's debut. Despite it being the very first test flight, things went almost perfectly for SpaceX, and Musk's own Tesla Roadster sailed for the heavens while two Falcon-9-based side boosters landed side by side for the world to see. Unfortunately, the center booster didn't survive its return journey, and now we finally know why. The center boost

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2018-02-12 20:59:12

Snapchat brings its Snap Map to the web  

While Snapchat users are still reeling from the recent update, the company has continued to expand beyond the reaches of the app. After giving users the ability to share and watch Stories outside of the app last month, Snap this week is bringing the Snap Map feature to the web for anyone to browse, regardless of whether or not they have the app. You can check out the web-based Snap Map for yourself at right now. As the web-based Snap Map is disconnected from the Snapchat app, y

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2018-02-12 20:11:05

Replace your entire bulky socket wrench set with one $10 adapter  

It’s pretty rare to find something that costs so little and yet still manages to pack in so much value. Such is the case with the Kusonkey Multi-function 7mm-19mm Universal Socket Adapter, which is probably one of the best little gadgets we’ve come across in recent memory. This simple device replaces your entire socket wrench set with a single tiny socket tool that can attach to a standard handle or even your electric drill. The adapter is filled with retractable metal pins that can

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2018-02-12 16:45:33

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