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Group-edited weblog about technology start-ups, particularly the Web 2.0 sector.

Tile lays off dozens after a disappointing holiday  

 Tile, one of the best known item-tracking gadgets out there, has laid off some 30 people and reportedly froze the potential hires of another 10, TechCrunch has learned. This comes less than a year after the company raised a $25 million B round last May. The layoffs are reportedly due to disappointing sales over the holidays. Read More

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2018-01-18 18:55:03 wants to make FDA compliance easier for startups  

 The FDA approval process can be like navigating a minefield for health startups hoping to get through regulations and begin selling to the American public. YC company hopes to help these small businesses by automating the process for them. Biomedical engineer Jared Seehafer came up with the idea through his own experience consulting with health companies. Read More

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2018-01-18 18:47:22

Dell announces partnership with AR headset-maker Meta to start selling its dev kit  

 Dell is about to start selling an augmented reality headset that seeks to rival Microsoft’s HoloLens. The $1,495 augmented reality headset dev kit comes from the startup Meta and will soon be available for purchase on Dell’s website. It had previously only been available for order on Meta’s site. Read More

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2018-01-18 17:02:43

Facebook won't retreat from Stories as it adds desktop posting  

 Facebook Stories might feel redundant because 300 million people use its other Snapchat clones on Instagram and WhatsApp. But Facebook is convinced that the narrative, ephemeral, camera-first format is the future of sharing… and advertising. So Facebook is doubling down on Stories by testing the ability to create them from desktop, and a much more prominent placement for viewing. Read More

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2018-01-18 16:33:30

No, Mark Zuckerberg didn't buy a giant yacht  

 Though searching through Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page last year might have led you to think he spends all his free time cozying up to a plate of grits with random families in Louisiana, it turns out he enjoyed a lot of billionaire simple pleasures in 2017, as well. Namely, the Facebook CEO bought a $150 million ultra-luxury super yacht in Monaco this past September. Read More

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2018-01-18 14:38:19

Turo car-sharing marketplace launches in Germany  

 Peer-to-peer car-sharing platform Turo is expanding to Germany officially, starting today, after acquiring Daimler’s Croove in-house product for providing essentially the same service. Turo also received a significant strategic investment from Daimler at the same time, as it acquired the automaker’s car-sharing experiment, and it now operates peer-to-peer rental services in the U.S. Read More

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2018-01-18 14:30:37

Diverse teams are still *really* good for business, McKinsey says  

 Diversity is good for business — not just from the ethical standpoint, but from the perspective of a company’s bottom line, according to McKinsey & Company. As a follow-up to its “Why Diversity Matters” study in 2015, McKinsey analyzed more than 1,000 companies across 12 countries, looking at their respective profits and value creation. Read More

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2018-01-18 14:27:19

Amazon cancels three original series developed under ousted studio head Roy Price  

 Amazon may have recently greenlit another season of its comedic superhero series The Tick, but it’s also cleaning house of other original programming that, presumably, hasn’t been doing as well. According to reports from Variety and Deadline – the latter confirmed by an “Amazon insider” – the company is now cancelling three other comedies,… Read More

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2018-01-18 14:10:58

ARM's CEO Simon Segars on Spectre/Meltdown, IoT security and more  

 This year’s CES happened in the shadow of the Spectre and Meltdown disclosures, and virtually every conversation at the show turned to this topic at some point. Because this was CES, we had the ability to talk to quite a few people who are close to this issue, including ARM CEO Simon Segars, who stopped by to talk about security and these recent disclosures and their mitigations. Read More

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2018-01-18 14:01:06

Peugeot plans 100 percent electrified vehicle lineup by 2025  

 European automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen plans to offer electric and hybrid electric powertrain options for all of its vehicles by 2025, according to CEO Carlos Tavares. The chief executive also said that PSA will seek to re-enter the U.S. market, according to Reuters, and revealed that they company aims to offer partial autonomous driving features on 80 percent of its car lineup by 2030, with… Read More

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2018-01-18 13:25:12

Apple revamps web design for App Store  

 Apple has updated the look of its web-based App Store, 9to5Mac first reported. It definitely has the feel of the iOS 11 App Store, which Apple completely redesigned and launched last September. But, unlike iOS 11, there’s no focus on app discovery. The functionality is about the same as before, but what it comes down to is the clean design that feels simpler — perhaps due to the… Read More

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2018-01-18 13:14:16

Casually prep for nuclear war with this Minecraft tour of the Russian and American fallout bunkers  

 Virtual tourism is a little heavy in 2018. Sure, you’ve seen the Minecraft Eiffel Tower and beamed aboard the Minecraft USS Enterprise, but have you considered where you might wait out the end of days? Well, not you exactly, but people more important than you. Read More

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2018-01-18 13:11:04

Assembla acquires Cornerstone, a Subversion client for MacOS  

 Assembla, which offers a version control service for the enterprise with a strong focus on Subversion, today announced that it has acquired Cornerstone, one of the most popular Subversion clients for MacOS. Read More

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2018-01-18 12:35:16

Amazon reveals top 20 city candidates for its second HQ  

 Amazon has reviewed the proposals from potential candidate cities for its second North American headquarters location, and it found 20 of those the most promising. The mayors of these top 20 cities will now fight to the death in a Battle Royale-style island arena… er wait, no actually they’ll just move on the next portion of Amazon’s submission phase, which includes… Read More

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2018-01-18 12:08:56

Adidas joins Carbon's board as its 3D printed shoes finally drop  

 In its three and a half years of existence, Carbon has become a leading light in the industry-wide push to bring 3D printing to manufacturing. The company’s proprietary CLIP tech has sped up the process of additive manufacturing by leaps and bounds. It’s also found the perfect partner in Adidas, whose Futurecraft 4D shoes are about as good a poster child for the tech as one… Read More

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2018-01-18 11:45:16

Facebook agrees to take a deeper look into Russian Brexit meddling  

 Facebook has said it will conduct a wider investigation into whether there was Russian meddling on its platform relating to the 2016 Brexit referendum vote in the UK.  Read More

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2018-01-18 11:30:07

Snap Inc. lays off at least two dozen amid slowed user growth and engagement  

 Snap Inc. has laid off at least two dozen people across several divisions within the company, according to The Information, which first reported the news. Snap has since confirmed these layoffs, which largely affect those on the content teams in the New York and London offices. Read More

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2018-01-18 10:23:33

Drone comes to the rescue of two swimmers in Australia  

 One day, they may yet turn against us, but for now, they’re still our allies: A drone rescued two teenage swimmers in distress off the coast of New South Wales in Australia, according to a new report. The drone spotted two teenagers in trouble around a half-a-mile out from shore, and then dropped a flotation device it carries for the purpose to give them something to hang on to (via… Read More

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2018-01-18 10:16:09

IBM's year-over-year revenue didn't decline in the last quarter  

 Here’s a surprise: After 22 quarters of consecutive year-over-year revenue declines, IBM today reported that its revenue increased from Q4 2016 to Q4 2017. The company reported revenue of $22.5 billion for the last quarter, up from $21.77 billion a year ago. Read More

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2018-01-18 10:10:25

AI voice assistant developer Rokid raises $100M Series B extension to build its US presence  

 Rokid, a Chinese startup that makes an AI voice assistant and smart devices, just raised a Series B extension round led by Temasek Holdings, with participation from Credit Suisse, IDG Capital and CDIB Capital. The size of the round was not released, but a source familiar with the deal told TechCrunch that it is $100 million. Read More

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2018-01-18 10:04:57

Okta teams up with ServiceNow to bring identity layer to breach containment  

 Okta and fellow cloud company ServiceNow got together to build an app that helps ServiceNow customers using their security operations tools find security issues related to identity and take action immediately. The company launched the Okta Identity Cloud for Security Operations app today. It’s available in the ServiceNow app store and has been designed for customers who are using both… Read More

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2018-01-18 10:03:03

Fortnite Battle Royale gets an updated map  

 Fortnite, which has topped 50 million players, has released an update to the game in the form of version V.2.2.0. The patch is significant in that it brings a long-awaited update to the Battle Royale map. Fortnite Battle Royale quite literally takes a page out of the PUBG playbook. In it, 100 players are dropped into a map, where they loot for gear and try to take down the competition. But… Read More

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2018-01-18 09:53:37

FCC report keeps faster definition of broadband and separates mobile from fixed connections  

 The FCC’s yearly report of broadband deployment keeps some crucial definitions in place that some feared would be changed or eliminated to ease the responsibilities of internet service providers. The threat of a lowered speed standard and the merging of mobile and fixed broadband services will not be carried out, it seems. Read More

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2018-01-18 09:51:59

Why you should care about the warrantless surveillance bill on its way to Trump's desk  

 After debate ended in a close cloture vote on Tuesday, the Senate has voted to pass a bill that will renew for another six years one of the NSA’s most controversial practices. The bill provides for an extension of the U.S. government’s practice of collecting the private communications of American citizens when they are communicating with a foreign target. Read More

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2018-01-18 09:05:11

Uber's big SoftBank deal has officially closed  

 SoftBank’s $1.2 billion primary direct investment deal has officially closed, according to Uber itself, which confirmed the deal closure and provided the following statement to TechCrunch via a spokesperson: We’re proud to have SoftBank, Dragoneer and the entire consortium in the Uber family. This is a great outcome for our shareholders, employees and customers, strengthening… Read More

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2018-01-18 09:03:58

The BecDot is a toy that helps teach vision-impaired kids to read braille  

 Learning braille is a skill that, like most, is best learned at an early age by those who need it. But toddlers with vision impairment often have few or no options to do so, leaving them behind their peers academically and socially. BecDot is a toy created by the parents facing that challenge that teaches kids braille in a fun, simple way, and is both robust and affordable. Read More

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2018-01-18 08:57:39

Audience data provider Eyeota raises $12.5M  

 Eyeota is looking to sell audience data to advertisers around the world, and it’s announcing that it’s raised $12.5 million in Series B funding for further growth. The company was actually founded back in 2010, but it didn’t raise its Series A until two years ago. CEO Kevin Tan admitted that the company had been “difficult for early-stage investors to wrap their head… Read More

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2018-01-18 08:34:08

Slack comes to Linux as a snap  

 Slack’s ambition to become the default, go-to place for employees chat to each other and link into hundreds of other applications to get work done is getting one more step up today by becoming available on a new platform. From today, Slack will be available as a Snap, an application package that’s available across a range of open-source-based Linux environments. This opens the app… Read More

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2018-01-18 08:15:33

Group Nine Media hires Stacy Green as its first chief people officer  

 Group Nine Media has hired Stacy Green to lead its human resources team. The company was created at the end of 2016 by the merger of Thrillist, The Dodo, NowThis and Seeker. CEO Ben Lerer said that at the time, he assumed there would be a “Lego-like” process of combining the best teams from each organization — and since Thrillist had the largest HR staff, it seemed natural… Read More

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2018-01-18 06:17:09

Spotify launches 'Spotlight,' a new podcast format with visual elements  

 Spotify has been working on building out its podcast business, and now offers a large catalog of shows (including our own Original Content, which you should definitely check out). Today, it’s debuting a new “multimedia format” that adds visual elements to podcasts (as well as audiobooks, news bites, and other audio, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just call all… Read More

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2018-01-18 06:08:29

Microsoft's new drawing bot is an AI artist  

 Microsoft today is unveiling new artificial intelligence technology that’s something of an artist – a “drawing bot.” The bot is capable of creating images from text descriptions of an object, but it also adds details to those images that weren’t included the text, indicating that the AI has a little imagination of its own, says Microsoft. “If you go to Bing… Read More

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2018-01-18 06:08:24

Birch raises $1 million to help you reap the best credit card rewards  

 Birch Finance, a TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 Battlefield alum, has raised a $1 million seed round from AGP Miami, Kevin Johnson, the former CEO of Ebates and Frank Azor, founder of Alienware. The plan is to grow Birch Finance’s user base and increase its opportunities for monetization. Birch Finance aims to help people make the most of the credit cards in their wallets by telling them… Read More

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2018-01-18 05:37:05

Coinbase acqui-hires Memo.AI technical team management tool  

 Coinbase, the white-hot cryptocurrency exchange, is bringing on more engineering talent to help it continue to capitalize on the crypto boom. The company has announced that it’s bringing on the engineering team from Memo.AI, a two-year-old startup that built a Slackbot for helping technical teams manage notes and instructions. Excited to announce the @MemoAIHQ team is joining Coinbase! Read More

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2018-01-18 05:29:47

CES sucked this year  

 I’ve heard tell of people predicting the weather through achy joints. CES isn’t all that different. You get a sixth sense about the show once you’ve been to a few. A few weeks before the show starts you get a slight throb in your bones, telling you whether this CES will be a memorable one. All signs ahead of this year’s show pointed to a lackluster offering. Read More

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2018-01-18 05:08:57

A bug is messing up the keyboard for some Messenger users on iPhones  

 If you’re having issues with Facebook Messenger on your iPhone right now, you’re not alone. An annoying bug is affecting typing inside the app. Some users on iOS devices are finding that the app is freezing after they type a couple of words in a chat bubble, but other apps are working fine. The glitch obviously makes having conversations through Messenger more than a little… Read More

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2018-01-18 04:48:55

WhatsApp officially launches its app for businesses in select markets  

 WhatsApp today officially launched its new WhatsApp Business app in select markets, including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S., ahead of its planned worldwide rollout. The addition of business profiles and new messaging tools aimed at business customers is part of the company’s broader plan to generate revenue by charging larger enterprises for advanced tools to… Read More

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2018-01-18 04:39:30

Facebook appoints American Express CEO to board of directors  

 Facebook announced today the addition of Kenneth I. Chenault, CEO of American Express, to its board of directors. His appointment becomes effective Feb. 5, 2018. “I’ve been trying to recruit Ken for years,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a press release. “He has unique expertise in areas I believe Facebook needs to learn and improve — customer service,… Read More

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2018-01-18 04:34:01

Crunch Report | Apple pledges $350 billion investment in U.S. economy  

apple, 350 billion, us economy, bitconnect, shuts down, twit, twitter, suing, Tech, news, recap, daily, review, hands on, Silicon Valley, Tito, hamze, technology, TechCrunch, crunch, report, disrupt, Crunch Report, Tito hamze Read More

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2018-01-18 03:55:14

Google is investing in Indonesia-based Uber rival Go-Jek  

 Google is back investing in ride-hailing companies. The U.S. search firm and China’s Meituan-Dianping are among the tech giants set to invest in Go-Jek, the Indonesia-based rival to Grab and Uber, a source with knowledge of discussions told TechCrunch. We understand a deal could be completed as soon as next week, though whether Go-Jek announces it is unclear since it has history of… Read More

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2018-01-18 03:39:58

Fli Charge demonstrates its charging pad with Craftsman power tools  

 Don’t call Fli Charge wireless charging. Fli Charge is conductive charging. It’s just like plugging something into a wall but uses powered surfaces to distribute power. And thanks to proprietary tech, it’s safe to the touch and just as fast as a wall outlet. The company stopped by TechCrunch’s CES 2018 booth to show off their latest generation. It works and… Read More

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2018-01-18 02:26:49

Bringing luxury perks to co-living life, Ollie raises cash to expand  

 As rents continue to soar in America’s most desirable cities, companies like New York-based Ollie are angling to transform the real-estate market with an updated version of an old model of co-living spaces.  Read More

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2018-01-18 01:50:59

Twitch partners with Disney Digital Network on content, adds software for broadcasting pre-recorded videos  

 On the heels of Twitch’s exec shakeup yesterday which saw the Amazon-owned streaming site adding a new COO, the company today announced a multi-year partnership with Disney Digital Network to bring several top creators to its site. The company also debuted new software for all creators that will allow them to broadcast pre-recorded content to their channels. Disney Digital Network is… Read More

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2018-01-18 01:33:36

Education quiz app Kahoot says it's now used by 50% of all US K-12 students, 70M users overall  

 With HQ Trivia continuing its viral and popular run, and education remaining a perennially strong category in app stores, it was only a matter of time before someone came along that combined elements of both to hitmaking effect. Kahoot, an app based out of Oslo, Norway that aims to teach its users across a wide variety of subjects and ideas by way of quizzes that they take in competition… Read More

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2018-01-18 01:32:28

A new date for Startup Battlefield Dubai  

 We’re thrilled to be heading to Dubai, but as it turns out, it will be a little later than expected. Due to scheduling changes, Startup Battlefield Dubai, originally slated for April 2018, will now take place in January 2019. This will give us even more time to make this an incredible event in a truly exciting region for tech and startups. What happens if you’re thinking about… Read More

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2018-01-18 01:15:12

Ledger raises another $75 million to become the leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets  

 Ledger just raised an impressive Series B round of $75 million (€61 million), led by Draper Esprit. The startup already raised a $7 million round last year. But the cryptocurrency mania probably made it easy to raise more money. If you have more than a bit of money in cryptocurrencies, chances are you’ve heard about Ledger wallets. The French startup has been designing some of the… Read More

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2018-01-18 01:09:11

Giphy builds transparent GIF library for Instagram Stories  

 Instagram now lets some users slap background-less GIFs sourced from Giphy onto their Instagram Stories. Rolling out for wider testing with a Giphy-branded design, the new GIF sticker engine could further differentiate Instagram Stories from Snapchat, which has yet to embrace the animation trend. Read More

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2018-01-17 19:52:37

Nomad's new wireless charging hub is a traveler's best friend  

 If you spend any meaningful amount of time in hotels, you’ll know that many of them are still living in the age of the 30-pin adapter, even though most of us have already moved on to Lightning, wireless charging and USB-C. Nomad’s new wireless USB hub really cuts down on clutter, and makes it easy to charge what you need to charge, when you need to charge it. Read More

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2018-01-17 17:56:25

Apple rerouting employee shuttles after highway attacks shatter windows on buses during commutes  

 In the past week, five Apple commuter shuttles carrying employees to and from the company’s Cupertino offices have been attacked, several sources tell us. Windows on the buses were shattered by what employees are suspecting was a gun being fired at the vehicles. Read More

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2018-01-17 17:11:27

Amazon's Echo, Alexa and Music Unlimited are hitting Australia and New Zealand next month  

 Amazon announced its intentions to launch the Echo down under during its big AWS Re:Invent show back in November. Details were pretty light on the offering at the time, but now the company’s back with specifics a few weeks ahead of availability. Read More

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2018-01-17 17:04:54

Volumetric photogrammetry — big words, bigger impact on VR  

 Virtual reality: Most people have at least a rudimentary understanding of what the term means. For consumers, VR generally means strapping on a head-mounted display, stepping into a new world and enjoying the experience. The enveloping nature of VR allows people to explore environments in 360-degrees, but for most, how these immersive worlds are created is a mystery. Read More

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2018-01-17 16:32:28

Google is rolling out a fix for those Home-related Wi-Fi issues  

 In the latest of a recent spate of bugs plaguing Google’s most recent hardware offerings, a number of Home and Chromecast users have been reporting issues around their devices’ Wi-Fi connectivity this week. Google has since acknowledged the issue on its support page, noting that “In certain situations, a bug in the Cast software on Android phones may incorrectly send a… Read More

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2018-01-17 16:17:12

Watch a thought race across the surface of the brain  

 Although neuroscientists have a general idea of what parts of the brain do what, catching them in the act is a difficult proposition. But UC Berkeley researchers have managed to do it, visualizing based on direct measurement the path of a single thought (or at least thread) through the brain. Read More

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2018-01-17 15:09:38

Bitcoin drops below $10K after three days of cryptocurrency correction  

 The crypto crash that began two days ago accelerated yesterday and today, with essentially all top 100 coins down anywhere between 15-30 percent. The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is hovering around $450 billion, down ~30 percent from $650 billion just 48 hours ago. Yesterday, Bitcoin was just a few dollars away from dropping below $10,000, but it bounced back around $11k,… Read More

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2018-01-17 13:46:50

Siri's podcast-promoting 'Give me the News' feature is now out of beta  

 A few weeks back, Apple added “Give me the news” to Siri’s repertoire of tricks in the latest beta version of iOS. The feature comes as the company is readying its smart assistant for the imminent arrival of the HomePod, the company’s first smart assistant-driven device. The feature is now out of beta here in the States and the U.K. Asking Siri for the news will default… Read More

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2018-01-17 12:57:12

Google's AutoML lets you train custom machine learning models without having to code  

 Google today announced the alpha launch of AutoML Vision, a new service that helps developers — including those with no machine learning (ML) expertise — build custom image recognition models. While Google plans to expand this custom ML model builder under the AutoML brand to other areas, the service for now only supports computer vision models. Read More

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2018-01-17 12:55:59

Natural home products startup Grove Collaborative bets niche wins over the Amazonization of everything  

 Who needs Amazon when you can make your own online distribution channel? At least, that’s the idea behind Grove Collaborative, a natural home care products company that ships natural cleaning brands like Method and Mrs. Meyer’s. Co-founder Stuart Landesberg started the company in 2014 after working with retail brands during his time as an investor at TPG. He noticed how limited… Read More

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2018-01-17 12:48:15

Amazon takes on Wish with an “Under $10” selection of products that ship for free  

 Amazon has quietly launched a new feature that’s seemingly aimed at helping the retailer better compete with discount shopping apps such as Wish and others. In the Amazon iOS app and on the web, Amazon recently added a new section offering products under $10 that ship for free. Some of the products are also available on Prime, but the feature doesn’t appear to be limited to… Read More

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2018-01-17 12:38:29

Study shows software used to predict repeat offenders is no better at it than untrained humans  

 COMPAS, a piece of software commonly used in the justice system to predict which offenders will find themselves behind bars again, is no better than soliciting random people on Mechanical Turk to determine the same thing, a new study has found. Oh, and they’re both racially biased. Read More

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2018-01-17 11:41:52

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to call your congressperson in support of DACA  

 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants you to call your congressperson to act on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Since 2012, 800,000 undocumented immigrants have received DACA status. “Every day that Congress doesn’t act more DACA recipients are losing their status,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post this morning. If President Donald Trump has his way, DACA… Read More

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2018-01-17 11:17:02

Tim Cook says you'll soon be able to turn off the system that slows iPhones as the battery gets older  

 As we learned back at the end of December, Apple has been limiting the maximum performance of iPhones as the batteries within get older. The goal, they’ve stated, is to prevent random device shutdowns as time goes on and the battery’s output starts to wane. But that’s something they ought to have explained better from Day 1 of the software change; most users would never… Read More

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2018-01-17 10:43:19

Sketchfab launches a store to become a stock photo site for 3D models  

 Sketchfab just launched a store so that you can buy and sell 3D models and reuse them in commercial projects. This is a major new feature for Sketchfab, which has become one of the biggest repositories of 3D models on the web. It feels like Sketchfab is becoming a sort of stock photography site, except that it’s all about 3D models. While Sketchfab already has 2 million 3D models on… Read More

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2018-01-17 10:39:01

Google's new G Suite security center gives admins a new perspective on their organization's security  

 Google today launched a new tool for G Suite admins that gives them a better view of the state of their organization’s security. The new G Suite Security Center, which is only available to G Suite Enterprise users, features two main components. The first is a dashboard that gives admins an overview of current security metrics across services like Gmail (think incoming phishing emails)… Read More

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2018-01-17 10:22:36

Global app downloads topped 175 billion in 2017, revenue surpassed $86 billion  

 Global app downloads topped 175 billion and consumer spending exceeded $86 billion in 2017, thanks to growth in emerging markets including China, India, Brazil and Russia, according to a new report from App Annie out this morning. Notably, India has now become the number two country by downloads, passing the U.S., which is now third. China has long since been in the lead. The difference… Read More

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2018-01-17 09:55:40

Aptiv and Lyft's Vegas self-driving pilot to expand beyond CES  

 Self-driving technology provider Aptiv and ride-hailing company Lyft ran a pilot program of self-driving, on-demand ride hailing during CES in Las Vegas this year, offering transit between 20 different locations in the city including major hotels and casinos. Now, both are announcing that they’re definitely extending the project beyond the timeframe of CES in Las Vegas, and that… Read More

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2018-01-17 09:47:05

This small robotic stingray could be the future of biological bots  

 What do you get when you smush a bunch off live heart cells, specialized biomaterials, and electrodes into a tiny, stingray-shaped package? If you said “lunch” than you’re wrong. Instead, you get the first example of bioinspired robotic systems that can imitate nature using both electrical and organic components. The resulting project – a 10mm long robot that can swim… Read More

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2018-01-17 09:05:32

Apple pledges $350 billion investment in US economy over next five years  

 Apple is about to give the U.S. economy a huge boost in the form of a $350 billion five-year investment. As part of that, it will commit $55 billion this year alone and plans on adding 20,000 new jobs over that time frame. Following in the footsteps of Amazon, it also plans to add a new campus somewhere in the U.S. this year. There is a lot of news here. Read More

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2018-01-17 08:58:53

Chariot expands to Columbus, Ohio with JPMorgan Chase commuter shuttle  

 Ford’s Chariot shared commuter shuttle service is expanding to its latest new market: Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus launch is in partnership with JPMorgan Chase, and initial service in the area will be specifically a shuttle for the company’s 400 Corporate Center employees located within the city. Read More

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2018-01-17 08:57:43

YouTube partners with Kevin Durant to expand original sports programming  

 YouTube announced today that it’s enlisted the help of basketball star Kevin Durant in a bid to expand original sports content. The Golden State Warriors small forward and business partner Rich Kleiman have signed on to develop programming centered around Durant and fellow professional athletes under the umbrella of their Thirty Five Media video business. Read More

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2018-01-17 08:52:17

Arkadium brings its interactive content to the Associated Press  

 The Associated Press is partnering with Arkadium to use InHabit, an interactive content tool launched last year. Arkadium’s goal for InHabit is to automatically add interactive polls, quizzes and games into relevant stories, hopefully making those stories more engaging in the process. The technology was initially designed for sports content, so the AP is starting its integration on its… Read More

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2018-01-17 08:21:05

Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin exits COO role, now filled by former Pandora COO Sara Clemens  

 Twitch today announced its co-founder Kevin Lin will be stepping down from the COO role at the company, amid a series of new executive hires. Lin will continue to work at Twitch in a newly developed, and still unnamed, role leading “Culture, Strategy & Innovation,” which reports directly to Twitch CEO Emmett Shear. Replacing Lin as COO is former Pandora COO Sara Clemens. Read More

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2018-01-17 08:09:39

Apple greenlights new Reese Witherspoon-backed comedy series starring Kristen Wiig  

 Apple has landed its first half-hour comedy series, according to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter. The series, which will be exec-produced by and star SNL vet Kristen Wiig, hails from Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine. This is the third project from Hello Sunshine that Apple has picked up to aid in its streaming TV ambitions. Read More

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2018-01-17 08:04:13

CircleCI raises $31M Series C for its DevOps platform  

 CircleCI was recently in the news because its founder, Paul Biggar, wrote about his experience at the now infamous Silicon Valley sex party that was also attended by the likes of Elon Musk (who said it was just nerds on a couch). In less salacious news, CircleCI also today announced that it has raised a $31 million Series C round for its software automation platform. Top Tier Capital Partners… Read More

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2018-01-17 07:16:42

Amazon Studios greenlights second season of The Tick  

 Amazon Studios has today announced that it has greenlit The Tick Season 2. The series is yet another rendition of the animated version that ran in the 90s, as well as Fox’s live action version that starred Patrick Warburton. It follows superhero, the Tick, and his sidekick Arthur through half-hour long adventures. The shows original creator, Ben Edlund, is returning for Amazon’s… Read More

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2018-01-17 06:33:27

Nintendo's bringing DIY robots and more to the Switch using cardboard  

 Nintendo’s big new surprise interactive experience for the Switch is now official, and it’s basically a maker kit for the portable console that uses cardboard component pieces to allow people to build a range of different creations and play with them using the console to power games that interact with the DIY components. Read More

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2018-01-17 06:01:17

Facebook “Watch Party” lets Groups view videos simultaneously  

 Facebook’s turning its push for well-being through active, not passive, content consumption into a feature with its new test of “Watch Party”. It allows Group admins to pick any public video on Facebook and show it to their members at the same time with a dedicated comment reel to create a “shared viewing experience”. Live videos on Facebook generate six times… Read More

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2018-01-17 05:35:56

Thinknum is remixing data to create cool content  

 Archimedes once said “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world.” For Thinknum, a data startup, that saying should go “Give me statistics, and I shall measure the world.” The company, whose bread and butter is the collection and analysis of public data, has launched a new blog dedicated to finding fascinating trends in boring numbers. Led by journalist… Read More

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2018-01-17 05:30:26

Revolut launches geolocation-powered travel insurance  

 Fintech startup Revolut is launching international medical and dental insurance. You can subscribe using the company’s app for £1 per day or more depending on the options. But the best part is that you can set it up and forget about it as Revolut uses your device’s location data to automatically turn insurance coverage on and off. By default, insurance coverage costs £1 per day… Read More

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2018-01-17 05:01:21

Hike unbundles its messaging app to reach India's next wave of smartphone users  

 How do you compete with the world’s largest chat app in its strongest market? Hike, the Indian messaging app valued at more than $1 billion, is taking a unique approach to battling WhatsApp which involves dismantling its service, layering it on budget Android phones and offering free connectivity. The company, which is backed by the likes of Tencent and Foxconn, today unveiled… Read More

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2018-01-17 04:45:50

The Ocean Solutions Accelerator will nurture companies looking to keep our planet blue  

 You can’t swing a cat in the Bay Area without hitting some startup accelerator or another, but it can be hard to find one with a mission. That’s the easy part with the Ocean Solutions Accelerator, a new program that aims to help advance startups in tech and conservation relating to… you guessed it, the big blue. They’re now accepting applications for their first wave… Read More

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2018-01-17 04:15:27

Cloudflare Access aims to replace corporate VPNs  

 If you’re part of a big company, chances are that there are resources that are only available via the internal network, or whatever your company calls it. The usual way to access these from outside company property is a VPN, but VPNs are a clumsy solution — one companies like Google and Amazon are leaving behind. Now Cloudflare wants you to do the same and use its new Access… Read More

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2018-01-17 03:51:45

Google will make page speed a factor in mobile search ranking starting in July  

 Google today announced a significant change in how it ranks websites for mobile searches: it will now take page speed into consideration as one of its signals, the company says. The change, which Google is referring to as the “Speed Update,” will go into effect in July 2018, and will downrank very slow websites under certain conditions. Though speed will become more of a factor… Read More

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2018-01-17 03:10:26

Join TechCrunch at our 1st Annual Winter Party  

 If you’re based in the SF Bay Area, you’re likely familiar with the annual party we host with August Capital every summer. After 12 years, that event still sells out fast and gathers top investors and founders in Silicon Valley for an evening of networking and fun. In keeping with that spirit, TechCrunch will be hosting our 1st Annual Winter Party in San Francisco and add a… Read More

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2018-01-17 03:06:04

The Last Mile is launching its coding program at a women's prison in Indiana  

 The Last Mile, a coding program that first launched inside California’s San Quentin State Prison, has expanded to its first out-of-state prison. Yesterday, The Last Mile announced its plans to launch at the Indiana Women’s Prison with support from Governor Eric J. Holcomb. Read More

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2018-01-17 03:04:54

Google and Salesforce unveil first elements of partnership  

 Last fall at Dreamforce, Google and Salesforce announced a partnership. Today, the two companies unveiled the first pieces of that agreement. For starters, Google Analytics 360 users can now import data from the Salesforce CRM tool such as leads and opportunities, among other pieces. This could allow marketers to have a more complete view of the customer journey from first contact to sale… Read More

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2018-01-17 02:23:38

Planning your startup's acquisition just got easier with Slack's private shared channels  

 A few months ago Slack launched a beta feature called Shared Channels, which let two organizations share a common channel. So for example a startup could have a channel that it shared with its PR firm or lawyers. But sometimes discussions between two companies are too sensitive for the entire company to see, so today slack is rolling out Private Shared Channels. Also still in beta, the… Read More

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2018-01-17 02:16:02

Company builder Entrepreneur First is expanding to Berlin  

 Entrepreneur First (EF), the London-headquartered company builder that invests in individuals “pre-team, pre-idea” to help create new technology startups, is continuing to expand internationally. Following adding an outpost and program in Singapore, in addition to London, the so-called talent-first investor is setting up shop in Berlin, kicking off its first German program this April. Read More

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2018-01-17 01:59:49

Uber rival Grab acquires Indian startup to bulk up its mobile payment platform  

 Grab, Uber’s main rival in Southeast Asia, is continuing to develop its mobile payment strategy after it announced the acquisition of India-based startup iKaaz. The deal — which is undisclosed — will see iKaaz’s engineering team join the Bangalore-based engineering office which Grab opened last year. The firm declined to say how many new recruits are moving over… Read More

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2018-01-17 01:43:10

Google's Project Fi now caps data bills at $60  

 Google’s Project Fi cell service never played the “unlimited data” game that most carriers in the U.S. like to play (and which is never truly unlimited). Instead, Google simply offered data at $10/GB/month and would give you a refund for any data you paid for but didn’t use. Now, however, it’s taking its own stab at what is essentially an unlimited data plan. With… Read More

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2018-01-17 01:24:47

2018 could bring the IPOs that tech has been promised for years  

 After years of drought and parched conditions, the U.S. tech IPO market could see a number of well-known players push forward with their debuts in 2018. That sentiment is grounded in the number of companies currently rumored to have filed or started preparation for a public debut. However, the wave may not manifest. In the past few years, there has been a surprising dearth of IPO activity. Read More

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2018-01-16 19:55:57

In a close vote, the Senate ends debate on warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens  

 On Tuesday, the Senate undertook a cloture vote to end debate on a bill that would renew a controversial legal loophole that provides U.S. intelligence agencies with a means for the warrantless surveillance of American citizens. With 60 for and 38 against, the Senate voted in favor of cloture, a considerable blow to privacy advocates who have long pushed for reform. Read More

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2018-01-16 18:35:30

Marijuana-friendly states ask Congress to make banking legal for the weed industry  

 Recreational marijuana might be having its moment, but that doesn’t mean that all the kinks are worked out. Because of laws that still classify it as an illicit substance on the federal level, the banking industry has yet to warm up to the burgeoning weed business for fear of criminal liability. Read More

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2018-01-16 18:18:55

Lawsuit filed by 22 state attorneys general seeks to block net neutrality repeal  

 A lawsuit filed today by the attorneys general of 22 states seeks to block the Federal Communications Commission’s recent controversial vote to repeal Obama era Net Neutrality regulations. The filing is led by New York State Attorney General Schneiderman, who called rollback a potential “disaster for New York consumers and businesses, and for everyone who cares about a free and… Read More

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2018-01-16 17:55:20

Expanding into new markets, Namely adds former Box exec, Graham Younger, as president  

 Graham Younger, a former executive vice president of Box and longtime enterprise software executive, is joining the human resources services provider Namely as its new president. The New York-based company, which provides human resources management software for mid-sized companies, is growing, and has plans to expand its geographic footprint with offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta. And Younger… Read More

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2018-01-16 16:49:59

DJI teases its latest device ahead of next week's reveal  

 Seems DJI was keeping its powder dry last week at CES. The drone giant announced a pair of camera gimbals at the show, but the big news was still a couple of weeks away. The company has sent out invites for its next big announcement, set for January 23 in New York City. The location could be a hint as far as what to expect here. In recent years, the company has preferred Los Angeles as the… Read More

what do you think?

2018-01-16 16:40:11

Curve, the fintech that connects all your cards to a single card and app, gets full consumer launch  

 Curve, the London fintech startup that offers a platform that lets you consolidate all your bank cards into a single Curve card and app to make it easier to manage your spending, is finally launching to U.K. consumers. Up until now, the service remained in beta and was only officially available to business users. Read More

what do you think?

2018-01-16 16:10:39

Google moves into Shenzhen in latest China expansion  

 A month after announcing plans to open its first AI lab in China, Google is expanding again through a move into Shenzhen. The U.S. tech giant has opened an office in the Chinese city, which borders Hong Kong and known for being a global hardware hub, according to an internal email obtained by TechCrunch. This isn’t a fully-blown Google campus, instead the company has taken up space within… Read More

what do you think?

2018-01-16 15:43:32

Hawaii's emergency alert interface looks straight out of the '90s  

 No one who’s used a long-running government website expects such things to be fancy — just functional. But there’s a limit to what can be tolerated, and I believe we’ve reached it with Hawaii’s emergency alert system, which is so dated that it would be hilarious if it hadn’t just caused a statewide panic. Geocities ain’t got nothing on this. Read More

what do you think?

2018-01-16 13:57:55

With all 49 Democrats on board, Senate leaders sound off on plan to restore net neutrality  

 Democrats in the Senate have achieved unanimous party support of the plan to undo the FCC’s recently passed order gutting net neutrality. All 49 Democratic Senators and one Republican are ready to officially disapprove the Restoring Internet Freedom rule, requiring only one more vote to send this bill to… its inevitable death on the floor of the House or at best the desk of the… Read More

what do you think?

2018-01-16 13:23:09

Bitconnect, which has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme, shuts down  

 Bitconnect, the lending and exchange platform that was long suspected by many in the crypto community of being a Ponzi scheme, has announced it’s shutting down. In a release on its website the platform said the shutdown is attributed to “continuous bad press” surrounding the platform, two cease and desist letters from both Texas and North Carolina’s securities boards,… Read More

what do you think?

2018-01-16 13:12:16

Lyft Concierge, its ride-booking service for businesses, opens to all  

 Lyft today announced it’s expanding its Concierge program – the service that allows organizations to schedule rides for other people – to more business customers. First announced in 2016, the service was originally designed to help patients get to medical appointments, particularly in areas where they may not have a car of their own, like New York, where more than half of… Read More

what do you think?

2018-01-16 12:25:23

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