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The complete Google Chrome audio muting guide  

Websites and services that you open in Google Chrome may use the browser's audio playback capabilities to play audio. While audio playback is wanted most of the time, for instance when you click on the play button on YouTube to play a video or on Spotify's website to play a song, it is sometimes done without user interaction and often unwanted as a consequence in these situations. Sites may display advertisement that uses audio, as video ads with sound, or play videos automatically when you visi

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2018-03-18 19:52:13

How to update the Microsoft Edge web browser  

Microsoft launched the web browser Microsoft Edge as the default system browser of the Windows 10 operating system. The company made Edge the default browser but distributes Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 as well with the operating system. Microsoft Edge is integrated in Windows 10; it is not available for any other version of Windows 10 and it appears that Microsoft has no intention to change that. The company did release Microsoft Edge for Google's Android and Apple's iOS operating systems, ho

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2018-03-18 14:58:47

Add eyecandy to KDE5 Plasma  

In a previous article, I talked about theming KDE, and how powerful the environment is. I remember using Ubuntu back when an application called Compiz existed, with the Emerald theme engine. Those were the days of eyecandy; you could make your windows wobble, turn your desktop into a giant 3D cube, add all kinds of effects and animations. Wait... You still can! Thankfully, some of these awesome effects, as well as others, have been included into KDE! So, let's just jump right into it, and add so

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2018-03-18 07:14:21

Game Saturday: The Wizard (RPG, Turn-based, online)  

The Wizard is a turn-based strategy game with light roleplaying elements that you can play online in any modern browser. You control the apprentice wizard Kevin in the dungeon crawler who is following a thief deeper and deeper into a dungeon to retrieve his stolen goods. To do that, you combat all kinds of monsters that roam the dungeon. You start with a single spell, magic missile, at your disposal but learn new spells as the game progresses. Kevin earns experience points while you play the gam

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2018-03-17 16:10:51

Theming KDE 5 Plasma  

For many years KDE has been known as a powerhouse of a desktop environment, boasting both plenty of features as well as a wide array of bells and whistles for the eyecandy minded. Thankfully, KDE is also incredibly easy to theme. There are numerous ways available to theme, ranging from using third party software to download new themes from websites, to manual installation. However, this tutorial will cover simply using the built-in theme manager, and downloading new themes, cursors and login scr

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2018-03-17 06:43:05

Mozilla Firefox 59.0.1 is a security release  

Mozilla plans to distribute an update to Firefox's stable channel today that brings the version to Firefox 59.0.1 on the stable channel. Firefox ESR is updated to version address the issue as well. The release comes three days after the release of Firefox 59.0 to the Stable channel. Update: The release is available and the security advisory page describes the issue as "Out of bounds memory write while processing Vorbis audio data". While we do know that Firefox 59.0.1 includes security

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2018-03-16 13:53:41

Private Internet Access releases software as open source  

Private Internet Access, a company best known for its VPN Service of the same name, announced today that it started the process of releasing all of its software as open source. The company plans to release all of its client-side programs, extensions and libraries as open source over the course of the next six month period. Today marks the start of an exciting shift over here at Private Internet Access. As long-time supporters of the Free and Open Source Software community, we have started the pr

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2018-03-16 12:16:53

Use DISM to fix issues SFC can't  

A common suggestion on Windows support forums is to scan the system for file integrity issues using the command sfc /scannow which you may run on the active system but also on external drives. SFC, which stands for System File Scan, is a built-in administrative tool to verify the integrity of operating system files and to repair files that are corrupt, damaged or changed. SFC scans have three possible outcomes: The scan did not find any issues. The scan did find issues and fixed them. The scan

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2018-03-16 10:02:36

How to get Google Search results in a different language  

When you run searches on Google Search, results are returned based on your location and not necessarily on the query or language you used to type the search phrase. If you are in Germany and search for Windows 10 Privacy, you get a mishmash of local German results and international English results. Some queries return only German results with no apparent way of changing that. Setting search results to the region works well in most cases. If you are a Japanese citizen in Japan, you probably want

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2018-03-16 07:15:12

Save In: use multiple download folders in Firefox or Chrome  

Save In... is a browser extension for the Firefox and Chrome web browser that you may use to add multiple download folders to Firefox or Chrome to switch between the folders when downloading files. The extension supports additional functionality, a dynamic rules-based feature to rename or route downloads automatically based on rules you define. All major web browsers use one download folder for file downloads. While you may change the download folder usually to any location you like, you have to

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2018-03-15 17:06:38

Ghacks Deals: The Complete Application Development Bundle (89% off)  

The Complete Application Development Bundle is a big eLearning bundle. The bundle includes six different programming and development related courses that teach you Electron, Django, Laravel, React Native and jQuery Mobile. The bundle is available for $35 right now, 89% off the regular price of $320. It includes the following courses: Beginner's Guide to Electron Framework --Learn to Build Desktop Apps Using Electron Framework Projects in Django: Learn Django Building Projects -- Build Real-Wor

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2018-03-15 13:20:19

Lumen Privacy Monitor monitors Android apps tracking  

Lumen Privacy Monitor is a free application for Google Android that monitors connections that applications make on a device it runs on to uncover communication with tracking servers and data collecting. Created as an academic research project, Lumen Privacy Monitor provided the researchers with a large set of data to analyze. The results were published in the paper "Apps, Trackers, Privacy, and Regulators A Global Study of the Mobile Tracking Ecosystem" (access PDF here). One of the key findings

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2018-03-15 09:39:19

Back to Basics Part 5 -- Working with archives in GNU/Linux  

So, last time we learned to use the grep command to search through documents, searches, processes, etc, but what about working with archives? What good is working from the commmand line, if you get stuck the moment you have to unpackage something? Thankfully, I actually find it incredibly simple to extract and package things via terminal in comparison to using something like Ark. It's come to the point where I'll tend to extract things via terminal, after downloading them from Firefox, rathe...

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2018-03-15 06:24:59

8 Tools to detect fake storage devices  

The rise of the global marketplace and sites like eBay or Amazon has made it easier for consumers to purchase computer hardware and for manufacturers and companies to sell hardware to users from around the world. But the rise made those marketplaces attractive to criminals as well who use them to sell fake or counterfeit hardware to unsuspecting buyers. While there may be indicators that a product is not genuine, for instance if it is offered at a (way) lower price than comparable products or if

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2018-03-14 13:49:32

Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 for Firefox released  

Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 for the Mozilla Firefox web browser is a major update to the bookmarks management WebExtension that Sören Hentzschel, the developer of the add-on, launched last year. Bookmarks Organizer is a management extension for bookmarks that is primarily used to detect duplicate, broken and redirecting bookmarks. Firefox users may correct issues, for instance by deleting bookmarks or fixing redirects, using built-in tools. You can check out our initial review of Bookmarks Organize...

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2018-03-14 09:58:56

Amazon launches Free Games with Prime on Twitch  

I have to admit that I did not pay a lot of attention when Amazon announced Twitch Prime some time ago even though I'm an Amazon Prime customer. Amazon acquired the game streaming service Twitch a while ago and added an option to Twitch to link an account on the site to an Amazon account. Doing so is beneficial to Amazon customers as it unlocks ad-free viewing, free loot that includes free commercial games, and discounts for some games on Amazon. Linking the account is beneficial if you use Twit

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2018-03-14 07:51:09

Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Beta 1 Released  

Many of the popular flavours of the famous Ubuntu Linux system such as Kubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu, have released beta downloads for the upcoming Long-Term Support release of Ubuntu 18.04. Typically, the Ubuntu team releases an LTS edition of the OS, every two years, which will carry major security updates and patches, as well as full support, for five years. Most users typically prefer to stay on the LTS releases, and upgrade when necessary; but some prefer to

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2018-03-14 06:46:35

Microsoft Security Updates March 2018 release overview  

Today is Microsoft's Security Patch Day for March 2018. The company released security updates for all supported client and server versions of Windows, and other company products such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Our Microsoft Security Updates overview provides you with a detailed overview: it lists all released security and non-security updates, security advisories, and links to direct downloads and additional resources for research. Note: We recommend that you back

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2018-03-13 18:44:50

Ghacks Deals: Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle: Lifetime Access (Price Drop)  

Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle: Lifetime Access is a big eLearning bundle with nine courses in total that prep you for nine different Cisco exams. The bundle is available for $49 for a limited time and grants lifetime access to all courses. The courses are designed for users of all experience levels: Cisco 100-105: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 - ICND1 V3 -- Take the First Step Toward an Invaluable Cisco CCNA Certification Cisco 200-105: Interconnecting Cisco Netwo

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2018-03-13 15:30:42

How to remove drive letters in Windows  

Windows assigns drive letters to internal and external hard drives, optical drives, Flash memory cards and other devices automatically when it recognizes them. The main reason for that is that it allows users of the system to interact with the devices directly; it would certainly be inconvenient if users had to assign drive letters to new devices manually, or even each time devices get connected. Sometimes, however, you may not want drive letters assigned to devices automatically or at all. A co

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2018-03-13 11:58:18

Firefox 59.0 release overview  

Firefox 59.0 will be offered to the stable channel of the browser on March 13, 2018. It is the second major update after the release of Firefox 57.0 Quantum which introduced major changes across the board. The release overview highlights all major and minor changes sorted into categories such as security or developer for easier accessibility. All official channels are updated as well around the same time. Firefox Beta moves to Firefox 60, Firefox Nightly to 61, and Firefox ESR to 52.7. Executive

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2018-03-13 07:33:21

Mozilla wants to do something about annoying in-page popups  

In-page popups can be quite the annoyance on the Internet. These popups appear on the active page and not in form of a new windows displayed over or under the current browser window. If you are long enough on the Internet, you probably encountered sites that threw these popups in your face already; the in-page popups are used to get you to subscribe to the site's newsletter, or inform you about a very special offer that expires soon. Most popups include forms that require the email address and s

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2018-03-12 19:56:25

Configure Telemetry settings on Windows 10 devices  

Windows 10 was not Microsoft's first operating system that collected Telemetry data but Microsoft changed what is collected and the control users have over the functionality significantly in Windows 10. The move to Windows as a Service played a major role in the decision as Microsoft's decision to switch from a "one major new version of Windows every three years" to "two not so big but still significant updates per year" release scheme. Telemetry, or how Microsoft likes to call it these days, di

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2018-03-12 19:03:10

CurrPorts 2.5: sent and received bytes added to program  

CurrPorts 2.5, a new version of the program that lists open TCP/IP network ports and connections, lists sent and received bytes, and sent and received packets in its interface. CurrPorts by Nirsoft was one of the first programs that I reviewed here on Ghacks Technology News. The first CurrPorts review dates back to November 2005, the second to 2010. The application lists processes that with open ports or connections when you run it. It lists programs that you started, a web browser like Chrome o

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2018-03-12 13:16:47

Firefox 59: Firefox Screenshots gets image editing functionality  

Mozilla plans to improve the built-in screenshot tool of the Firefox web browser in Firefox 59 Stable by adding image editing functionality to it. Screenshot functionality is not entirely new. Mozilla added screen capturing options to Firefox back in 2012 when it added the functionality to the browser's Developer Toolbar. The Screenshot tool, however, improved the visibility of the functionality. First launched as the Test Pilot experiment Page Shot and integrated natively in Firefox Nightly in

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2018-03-12 09:34:14

Save and restore Firefox tabs with Session Boss  

Session Boss is a free browser extension for the Firefox web browser to save and restore Firefox tabs for safekeeping, backups or working with different tab sets. The well-designed extension saves sessions automatically in intervals and supports manual session savings to give users full control over the saving of tabs in the browser. Firefox comes with session saving and restoration functionality built-in which works for the majority of users reliably (provided that they configured Firefox to re

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2018-03-12 07:46:16

Secunia retires Personal Software Inspector (PSI)  

When Secunia launched Personal Software Inspector (PSI) almost a decade ago, it was welcome with open arms by users who wanted to run security scans on Windows systems to detect security issues and outdated applications. The company switched from an online tool to a software program and launched version 3.0 of the application back in 2012. Version 3.0 of the program featured a new streamlined interface and lacked some of the features that previous versions of the program supported. Today, Flexer

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2018-03-11 07:49:20

Things you'll need when seeking GNU/Linux support online  

You broke something. Congratulations! You're one of the millions of people across the globe, who have broken their system, perhaps without having any clue whatsoever about how you even did it... Okay, so, you've tried some searches online, you've asked your other computer savvy friends, and you've also dug out your favourite hammer - just incase you need to break something. Being real though, there's many times where you may need to seek out help online using forums, IRC, or mailing ...

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2018-03-11 07:09:19

Game Saturday: Unpuzzle 2 (Puzzle, Online)  

Unpuzzle 2 is a free puzzle game in which you try to remove connections between all puzzle pieces in each level to proceed to the next. The only option that you have is to drag puzzle pieces vertically or horizontally. As you can imagine, this is not as easy as it sounds. You may drag them only if no other puzzle piece is in the way, only if it is connected to a single other piece, and if other connections don't get in the way either. If you take a look at the screenshot below that shows an earl

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2018-03-10 14:05:35

Firefox 60 ships with Windows Group Policy Support  

Mozilla is working on integrating Group Policy Support for Firefox running on Windows devices in the upcoming Firefox 60 release. Firefox 60 is the next Extended Support Release of the web browser which replaces Firefox ESR 52.x, the last official version of Firefox to support the old extensions system. Mozilla made Firefox 60 the next ESR target and not Firefox 59. According to the Firefox release schedule, Firefox 60 will be released on May 8, 2018. Mozilla Firefox supports an automatic config

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2018-03-10 07:54:45

A look at KDE Neon – a minimal mini-distribution  

So, with the news of Linux Mint no longer providing KDE in future releases, some people have started to wonder where they might turn should the need / desire to change distributions in the future arises; granted you don't have to leave LM-KDE at all if you don't want, there will just be no more ISO's being made, etc. A little while ago, the suggestion had been made that I write up an overview for KDE Neon, and I thought this might be the perfect time to showcase it. The machine I am using ...

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2018-03-09 12:19:43

Ghostery: open source and new business model  

The source code of the privacy extension Ghostery for the web browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge, has been published on GitHub by the development company. Ghostery is a very popular browser extension. On Firefox, it is one of seven extensions with more than 1 million users; and on Chrome, it has more than 2.8 million active users. The extension has not been without controversy in the past. While the extension did what it was supposed to do -- protect user privacy while running -- it was th

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2018-03-09 09:20:00

Recent WizTree updates bring improvements across the board  

WizTree 3.19 is the latest version of the large folder and files browser for Microsoft's Windows operating system.  It is my favorite application of its kind as it is super fast and well designed. The developer of WizTree is very responsive and releases new versions of the program regularly. In fact, you may also want to check out the developer's other programs such as Bulk Image Downloader or WizMouse as they are excellent as well. Tip: check out our August 2017 WizTree 3.0 review for a full r...

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2018-03-09 07:35:47

Report: Forced Windows 10 version 1709 upgrades that bypass Windows Update  

Reports are coming in that Windows 10 systems running an earlier feature version of the operating system are upgraded to Windows 10 version 1709 forcefully in some circumstances. The issue seems to be related to KB4023814, "Some versions of Windows 10 display a notification to install the latest version", which Microsoft updated on March 5, 2018 the last time. It informs customers that notifications may be displayed on devices that run older versions of Windows 10 that state that the devices nee

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2018-03-08 20:53:58

Ghacks Deals: ZenMate Premium: Lifetime Subscription (94% off)  

If you are still looking for a primary, secondary or tertiary VPN solution, ZenMate Premium may be worth a closer look considering that the following offer may look to good to be true. Today's deal is for a lifetime premium subscription for just $49.99 instead of the regular price of $840 provided that you are a new customer and not an existing one. ZenMate is available as browser extensions, desktop programs for Windows and Mac, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. ZenMate Premium offers unlim

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2018-03-08 19:31:21

McAfee acquires VPN company TunnelBear  

Security company McAfee announced the acquisition of TunnelBear, a Toronto-based company best known for its VPN product TunnelBear, today. We reviewed TunnelBear's VPN solution in 2015 for the first time when the company launched a Chrome extension that users could install to integrate the functionality into the Chrome browser. The company expanded its offering in recent years and maintains apps for the desktop operating systems Windows and Mac OS, and the mobile operating systems iOS and Androi

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2018-03-08 16:09:47

A look at NordVPN's browser extensions  

NordVPN is a fairly popular VPN service provider that supports many of the features that users come to expect from a service of its kind this day and age. It claims that it has a strict no logging policy, allows P2P traffic, offers servers in a lot of countries and regions, and does not restrict user bandwidth. The company released an add-on for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers which customers may install and use. While one could argue that there is no need for a browser add-on if NordVPN is

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2018-03-08 13:15:36

Microsoft adds two new privacy options to Windows 10 setup  

When you set up Windows 10 on a computer or in a virtual machine, a privacy settings screen is displayed during setup which lets you change some privacy-related settings before the first start of the operating system. The page lists options to turn privacy-related settings off, as all are enabled by default. You may use it to switch from the collection of data from full to basic, disable tailored experiences (Edge uses less battery than your browser), and turn off location-based experiences or s

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2018-03-08 09:13:03

Interactive Malware Analysis Tool Any.Run launches  

Any.Run, an interactive malware analysis tool based in Russia opened its doors to the public yesterday. A free community version is available at the time which allows anyone to register an account and start analyzing Windows programs, scripts and other files. While you can use established services like Virustotal to analyze files, most are not interactive. Any.Run supports a full sandboxed environment that you may use to analyze files interactively. Think of a virtual machine that you run a vers

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2018-03-08 06:55:40

Malwarebytes 3.4.4 update released  

Malwarebytes, maker of the security software of the same name, released Malwarebytes 3.4.4 for the Microsoft Windows operating system yesterday. The new version is the first stable release for Windows in 2018. Existing Malwarebytes installations should pick up the update automatically as automatic updates are enabled by default. A click on "install application updates" under Settings > Application runs a check for updates if the automatic update functionality is turned off. The new version is av

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2018-03-07 15:51:42

Google Chrome 65 release information  

Google started the rollout of the web browser Google Chrome 65 for desktop and mobile systems earlier today. The release post on the official Chrome Releases blog does not reveal much about changes, improvements or new features but an hour-long combing through of the official changelog revealed several interesting changes in Chrome 65. Desktop users can load chrome://settings/help to run a manual check for updates. Chrome should pick up the new version, 65.0.3325.146, on page load. The situation

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2018-03-07 13:03:16

Microsoft Office March 2018 Patch Day  

Microsoft released non-security updates for Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 yesterday. The company releases non-security updates for Office on the first Tuesday of each month, and security updates along with security updates for Windows and other Microsoft products on the second Tuesday of each month. Note that the updates listed below are only available for Microsoft Installer (MSI) based editions of Office. The updates don't apply to click-to-run editions of Microsoft Office such as Micro

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2018-03-07 10:08:10

How to protect individual shows or movies on Netflix with a PIN  

Netflix announced plans to improve the built-in parental control functionality of the streaming service to give parents more control over what minors may watch on the service. The service's parental controls are straightforward right now. Parents set up a four digit PIN and a maturity level in the Settings. The maturity level separates minors into age groups, e.g. little kids from 0 to 5, and teens from 12 to 16. The selected level restricts content on the streaming platform. If you set the PIN

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2018-03-07 06:57:38

Back to Basics Part 4 – using grep in GNU/Linux  

One of the really confusing things for users who are new to messing with the command line, can be trying to search with specifics. A useful little tool for aiding in this process, is called grep, or "global regular expression print," which will search for regular statements in anything you pipe it through, and show you matches for what you looked for (if any exist.) A rather straightforward example of this, before we continue, would be to use grep to search through the list of processes give...

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2018-03-07 05:53:42

The Alias command in GNU/Linux and helpful tips with it  

There is a terminal command called alias, that many users may not know exists, but likely will be very happy to find out about it. The alias command, allows you to redefine what you type, to make things happen. It gives you the option to map large commands to an alias that you may run then instead of the large command to execute it. A very straightforward (although risky) example of this would be: alias dla="rm -rf *" The reason this is both handy, but risky, is now if I enter any directory and

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2018-03-06 16:29:34

Ghacks Deals: The Complete C Programming Bundle (94% off)  

Programming and learning to code bundles are highly popular on Ghacks Deals. Today's bundle, The Complete C Programming Bundle , includes seven eLearning courses to lean C programming (with a bit of C++, Python and Ruby thrown into the mix). You get access to the following seven courses for lifetime: C Programming For Beginners -- Launch Your Programming Mission with This Introduction to C Algorithms in C: Concepts, Examples, Code + Time Complexity --Computer Science Runs on Algorithms & It's

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2018-03-06 12:49:15

Pale Moon 27.8 released  

The developers of Pale Moon released two new versions of the browser in the past couple of days. Pale Moon 27.8.0 was released on March 2, 2018 and the follow-up release Pale Moon 27.8.1 on March 6, 2018. Pale Moon users who want to update to the newest version may do so from within the application. A click on the Pale Moon button and the selection of Help > About Pale Moon displays the current version of the browser in a new window. A click on "check for updates" runs an update check. The new v

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2018-03-06 11:31:40

Windows Firewall Control Tips  

Windows Firewall Control is a standalone program for Microsoft Windows PCs that extends the functionality of the built-in Windows Firewall and improves manageability significantly. A free version is provided but you need to donate to the developer to get a lifetime license for the registered version which adds a notification system for outbound connections and an option to create temporary rules. Check out our Windows Firewall Control review to find out more about the functionality of the applic

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2018-03-06 07:48:55

KB4090913 for Windows 10 fixes USB bug  

Microsoft released the cumulative update KB4090913 for Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) on March 5, 2018. The update fixes an issue with some USB devices connected to the Windows 10 device. Microsoft released several patches for Windows 10 version 1709 in February. One of the updates was KB4074588, a big cumulative update released on February 13, 2018 which addressed numerous issues but introduced bugs as well. One of the bugs affected some USB devices and onboard devices that sto...

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2018-03-06 06:05:03

Nemp Music Player for Windows  

Nemp is an open source music player for Microsoft Windows PCs with a rich feature set that runs on very old versions of Windows as well as all supported versions of the operating system. Nemp, which stands for Noch Ein MP3 Player (Yet Another MP3 Player), is offered as a portable program. You can run the music player without installation, for instance on a USB Drive that stores your music collection. The player runs a wizard on first start that you may use to define important settings that inclu

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2018-03-05 17:25:14

Windows Firewall Control 5.1 with Security improvements  

Windows Firewall Control 5.1 is the latest version of the security program for Windows that extends the functionality of the built-in firewall called Windows Firewall. We reviewed Windows Firewall Control back in 2009 for the first time and concluded that it was an excellent application for Windows systems that were configured to use Windows Firewall for protection. The developer released Windows Firewall Control 5.0 in late 2017 and two smaller updates afterward. Windows Firewall Control 5.1 is

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2018-03-05 11:53:26

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update features  

Microsoft plans to release the next feature update for the Windows 10 operating system in March/April of 2018. The company switched to a "two feature updates per year" release schedule  which means that it will release a feature update in the Fall as well. Leaked documents suggest that Microsoft calls the update Spring Creators Update. The company has not revealed the name officially yet, though. We have a pretty clear picture of the changes and new features in the Spring Creators Update thanks...

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2018-03-05 10:08:18

Fix: Windows couldn't be installed. We couldn't update the system reserved partition  

Windows couldn't be installed. We couldn't update the system reserved partition is an error message that you may receive when you try to upgrade Windows. I ran into the issue on a machine running Windows 10 Insider Builds but users experienced the issue in earlier versions of Windows as well. The error seemed to be common on Windows 8.1 systems that users tried to upgrade to Windows 10. The system reserved partition contains boot information for Windows. Microsoft notes that users may receive th

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2018-03-05 09:21:04

Project Gutenberg blocks access from Germany  

Internet users from Germany who try to access the international website of Project Gutenberg, a free ebook repository (and audiobooks),  get a "Your IP address is blocked" message when they attempt to load any page on the site with the exception of the homepage. Project Gutenberg hosts more than 56,000 free ebooks in various formats. Ebooks are offered in English, Spanish, German and other languages, and are considered free to use in the United States as they are not protected under U.S. copyri...

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2018-03-04 12:01:37

A Look at Tiled – Tiled map editor for GNU/Linux  

I've been a D&D Player for a long time, but have been without a campaign now for a few years. I've spoken to some friends, and there seems to be some building interest in starting an online campaign on such a website like Roll20. I started looking into options for building maps, outside of just using the Roll20 editor itself, and discovered a program called Tiled, which was exactly what I was looking for. It didn't take me long after downloading it, to fall in love. Tiled gives you the opt...

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2018-03-04 07:06:32

Game Saturday: Protector IV (strategy, online)  

Protector IV is a free online tower defense game in which you follow a main quest and complete side-quests to level up your character and heroes. Each game begins with the creation of the main character. You answer a handful of questions that determine initial bonuses, e.g. magic or ranged combat. You learn later that there are basic skills and talents that your main character may learn or acquire. These skills and talents give bonuses to your heroes and the troops they let you recruit. Heroes h

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2018-03-03 14:26:10

Volume Concierge 2: auto-volume scheduler for Windows  

Volume Concierge 2 is a free program for Microsoft Windows PCs that lets you configure automatic rules that change the system volume. You can change the volume for individual applications on Windows, but you cannot make any other modifications to it. Maybe, you'd like the volume to be lower in the morning or late at night, and higher throughout the day. Or, you want the volume to be high on the weekend when you play all that rock music on your PC, or very low late at night when you listen to an

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2018-03-03 08:50:47

A look at darktable – RAW developer on GNU/Linux  

I previously wrote an article about the tools I use for GNU/Linux and photography, and mentioned the ones I personally have made the most use of. One application that was only mentioned in passing, that I felt deserved its own article, is darktable. Like many applications available on GNU/Linux systems, darktable is cross-platform, and also available on Windows and MacOS systems. darktable is a very powerful application primarily used to edit RAW files shot on DSLR cameras. Very similar to softw

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2018-03-02 15:30:22

Grammarly Grammar and Spelling Checker issues  

After spending months using Grammarly's browser extension -- the Firefox add-on most often -- I have come to like and dislike the extension. You can check out my Grammarly Premium review for a rundown on features. In this article, I will concentrate on issues that I experienced while using Grammarly. I developed workarounds for some of them and don't consider them critical enough to stop using Grammarly, for now. I'm not sure whether I will extend my subscription once it runs out, however. Gramm

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2018-03-02 12:09:37

AdBlock extension introduces local content caching solution  

AdBlock, a popular adblocking extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, and not to be confused with Adblock Plus, comes with a new local content caching option in its recent version for Chrome. The feature is labeled as a beta right now, and it is only available in the Chrome version. Bleeping Computer reports that the feature will be introduced in the AdBlock Firefox extension as well shortly. The new feature is disabled by default. It provides local copies of commonly us

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2018-03-02 11:12:46

DTube is more than a YouTube alternative  

YouTube is the world's largest video hosting platform but will it keep its position or will it drop in user popularity? And if it does, which service will pick the number one spot then? DTube is a decentralized video platform that utilizes the Blockchain and P2P technology. The first thing that I noticed when I visited the start page of the platform was that it listed Dollar amounts underneath each video. The main interface of DTube displays hot, trending and watched videos on the start page. Y

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2018-03-02 06:41:52

Ghacks Deals: The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle (98% off)  

The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle is a big bundle that helps you prep for 14 different CompTIA exams or simple learn the skills without taking the exams. This is a massive eLearning bundle designed for users of all experience levels. Access to all courses is granted for lifetime, and the full set of courses is available for just $59 instead of the regular price of $4927. The bundle includes the following courses: CompTIA A+ 220-901 -- Start Your Path to a Successful IT Ca

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2018-03-01 20:00:25

Bitwarden Desktop App released  

The makers of the password manager Bitwarden have released desktop versions of the application for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The password manager was previously available as a browser extension for major web browsers, as mobile applications for Android and iOS, and a web-version that users could access using any modern browser. The installer, at least the installer for Windows is offered as a web-installer. This means that the installer requires an active Internet connection to download program

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2018-03-01 16:38:52

A history of Fingerprinting protection in Firefox  

Fingerprinting is a common technique used predominantly by advertising agencies and marketing companies to track people on the Internet. Mozilla introduced the preference privacy.resistFingerprinting in Firefox 41 as part of the Tor Uplift project. The official Tor browser is based on Firefox ESR; Tor Uplift aims to introduce patches that the Tor development team makes to the Tor browser to Firefox. See our article on Tor Browser privacy changes coming to Firefox for additional information on To

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2018-03-01 12:57:32

Mozilla discontinues support for Firefox extension beta versions  

Jorge Villalobos announced on the official Mozilla Add-ons blog today that Mozilla will stop supporting beta versions of extensions. Firefox add-on developers could upload beta or development versions of their extensions to the same channel the release add-on was offered on. This gave users of the add-on options to test upcoming features and changes, and assist the developer by reporting issues. Beta versions of extensions were listed under Version History on an add-ons page on Mozilla AMO. Fire

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2018-03-01 07:31:35

Tips and Tricks for KDE 5 Dolphin File Manager  

Years ago when the KDE team decided to move from Konquerer to Dolphin in KDE4, it was controversial, with some people in support of the move, and others against it. Now, it's widely recognized that Dolphin is probably the most powerful file manager for GNU/Linux, with a number of features and enhancements to make workflow as simple, quick, and informative as possible. With that said, I thought I would perhaps share just a few things that people may overlook in their Dolphin setup, that you mig...

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2018-03-01 05:58:26

BleachBit 2.0 temporary file cleaner review  

BleachBit 2.0 is a new version of the temporary cross-platform file cleaner that is often compared to Piriform's CCleaner application for Windows. BleachBit 2.0 is a major release; the last stable version before version 2.0 was version 1.12 released in 2016. BleachBit is configured to run checks for updates regularly. You can download the latest version of the program from the official website to upgrade the existing version, however, if you prefer that. Tip: Bleachbit supports the integration o

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2018-02-28 12:28:08

RegScanner 2.30 includes more Time-based Registry filters  

RegScanner is a great portable Registry tool for Microsoft Windows devices by one of our favorite developers Nirsoft. We reviewed the program back in 2008 for the first time and fell in love with it right from the get-go. It is a search tool for the Windows Registry that works oh-so-much better than the rudimentary find functionality that Microsoft built-into the native Registry Editor decades ago. RegScanner is a portable program that you run without installing it. This makes it a welcome compa

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2018-02-28 11:47:01

Firefox 60: Disable Firefox Sync integration  

Mozilla added a new customization option to Firefox 60 that gives an option to users of the web browser to disable the browser's Firefox Sync integration. Firefox Sync is a data synchronization service that is integrated into the Firefox browser. Users need to sign up for a Firefox Account to use it and may then sync some data with the cloud and other connected devices. Sync evolved over the years; it started out as an add-on for the Firefox web browser but was built-in Firefox eventually to rea

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2018-02-28 09:14:52

What are the best Chrome video download extensions?  

Google Chrome users have plenty of options when it comes to installing extensions to download videos from Internet sites. A quick search for video downloader on Google Chrome's official Web Store reveals more than a hundred different extensions that you can install. Not all are multi-site extensions, and many don't work that well. One caveat is that Google does not permit extensions to support downloading videos from YouTube. You won't find a single Chrome video download extension listed on the

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2018-02-28 06:38:43

Report: Windows 7 PCs without antivirus solution can't new receive updates  

A report on Myce suggests that Windows 7 PCs without installed antivirus solutions can't receive new updates via Windows Update anymore. Microsoft identified a compatibility issue with "Windows security updates released in January [2018] and a small number of antivirus products". Some antivirus products "make unsupported calls into Windows kernel memory" which can lead to blue screen errors on systems these products are installed on, so Microsoft. The company states that devices that run incompa

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2018-02-27 20:03:28

Ghacks Deals: Complete Full Stack Developer eBook Bundle (93% off)  

Up until now, I have promoted mostly video courses on Ghacks Deals here on this blog. Video courses are quite popular but there are users who prefer text over video for a variety of reasons (searchable, can be printed, offline use). The Complete Full Stack Developer eBook Bundle is a collection of 16 development related ebooks that you can get for $29 instead of the regular price of $464, they are high-quality ebooks from SitePoint. Books introduce you to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, UX design

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2018-02-27 17:39:30

MemPlus memory management software for Windows review  

MemPlus is a free software program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to analyze memory use and optimize system memory manually or automatically. You have plenty of options if your Windows PC is short on memory sometimes or all of the time. While you could consider adding more Gigabytes of memory to resolve the issue that way, you could also try and use a program like MemPlus to improve memory management on the system. A software program is sometimes the only option that you have; if you c

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2018-02-27 14:46:16

Make permanent changes to web pages with Chrome's Overrides Dev Tool  

Local Overrides is a relatively new experimental feature of the Developer Tools of the Google Chrome web browser that you may use to make permanent changes to web pages similar to how you'd do so using userscripts or userstyles. While most users may not want to modify style or other content on web pages they visit regularly; some users want to do so to remove annoyances, improve usability or make other modifications. A good example is a site that is too bright in the eyes of the user. Using over

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2018-02-27 11:47:18

Apple drops Windows XP and Vista iTunes Store support  

Apple announced recently that it would introduce security changes to the iTunes Store on May 25, 2018, which prevent PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista from using the store. Windows XP and Vista users may continue using older versions of iTunes installed on devices, but these versions will be feature limited. New purchases or downloads of already purchased items are no longer possible after the upgrade. Windows XP or Vista users who use iTunes won't be able to re-download purchased items an

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2018-02-27 06:51:19

Harden Windows PCs with SysHardener  

SysHardener is a free program for Microsoft's Windows operating system that system administrators may run to harden the Windows environment and reduce attack vectors. Windows ships with a default configuration that concentrates on compatibility rather than security. While newer versions of Windows come with more and more security features and tools, it is fair to say that the default state of the operating system after installation is not as secure as it could be. This is not a problem that is i

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2018-02-26 19:41:12

Addons Detector for Android review  

Addons Detector is a free application for Google's Android operating system that reveals which addon packages installed applications use among other things. You may use it to find out which apps include advertising or analytics addons, which apps make use of push notifications, or which apps use which permissions on the device. While Android displays installation prompts whenever you install an application on your Android device, it is fair to say that information and control is limited. It may

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2018-02-26 16:11:49

How to set up Remote Desktop on Windows  

Remote Desktop is a built-in feature of Microsoft's Windows operating system which enables you to control a Windows PC from remote devices using Microsoft's Remote Desktop client app. All versions of Windows support remote connections, but only professional or Enterprise editions can be configured to accept remote connections. In other words, if you manage a PC with Windows 10 Pro, you may enable Remote Desktop on that device to connect to it remotely. You cannot do so, however, if you manage a

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2018-02-26 12:38:37

Mozilla removes individual cookie management in Firefox 60  

The most recent version of Firefox Nightly, currently at version 60, comes with changes to Firefox's cookie management. Mozilla merged cookie settings with site data in the web browser which impacts how you configure and manage cookie options. If you run Firefox 59 or earlier, you can load about:preferences#privacy to manage privacy related settings in Firefox. If you set the history to "use custom settings for history" or "remember history", you get an option manage cookie settings and to remov

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2018-02-26 06:55:04

Block YouTube Channels, Videos and comments with Video Blocker  

YouTube is an excellent resource for video content, but it is also plagued by spam, trolls, and lots of video content that you dislike. The trending and recommended video sections on the YouTube homepage, and the suggestions that YouTube lists in the sidebar on video pages may contain content that you would never watch. We talked about Video Blocker before here in Ghacks We reviewed the Video Blocker extension for Chrome back in 2014 and found it to be an effective weapon against videos on YouTu

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2018-02-25 18:07:22

Three essential tools for the GNU/Linux Photographer  

As a Journalist by day, and awesome cave dwelling Linux nerd by night, I take a lot of photographs with my Nikon D3300. That said, there are the obvious tools by Adobe that one can use, such as Photoshop, but there are some pretty awesome tools available for free to GNU/Linux users I thought I might share. With the three together, I've got basically everything I have needed. GIMP Every list that talks about GNU/Linux and photos / editing, will undoubtedly include GIMP. It's a powerful altern...

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2018-02-25 06:42:26

Firefox 60: HTTPS upgrade for Mixed Content  

Mozilla plans to launch a new feature in Firefox 60 that upgrades optionally-blockable mixed content on HTTPS sites to HTTPS if possible. The migration to an HTTPS powered World Wide Web is in full swing. One of the byproducts of the migration is that some sites may load HTTPS and HTTP content. This is called Mixed Content and it is undesirable as it reduces security and privacy if loaded. Mixed Content is divided into blockable and optionally-blockable content. Modern web browsers block any con

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2018-02-24 09:37:27

You can now report content on Ghacks  

I don't write a lot about things that go on behind the scenes here on Ghacks. We work on the site constantly to improve it and make tweaks to it, but most of those happen in the background and are not exposed to the user interface. For some time now, I wanted to add a "report" option to posts on the site. Ghacks has nearly 20,000 articles published which landed on the site over the course of 13 years and it is clear that some of these require updating. I also try to update at least five posts pe

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2018-02-24 07:57:09

KB4077528 and KB4077525 for Windows 10 released  

Microsoft released two cumulative updates for Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows 10 version 1703 yesterday under KB4077528 and KB4077525. About 15% of all Windows 10 devices don't run the latest version, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, according to AdDuplex. While the Fall Creators Update should be available to all customers -- minus the ones that have incompatible hardware -- some admins and customers prefer not to install it yet or cannot install it because they run into issues doing so.

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2018-02-23 12:59:51

Search across all Firefox tabs with Search Multi Tabs  

Search Multi Tabs is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that enables you to search across all open Firefox tabs at once. Veteran Firefox users may remember extensions such as Tabby2 from 2011, Findbar Tweak from 2013 or Hugo Search All Tabs from 2013 which offered the same functionality. All of these extensions are not compatible with Firefox 57 anymore as Mozilla removed support for the classic add-on system in that release. Search Multi Tabs Search Multi Tabs is the first WebExtensio

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2018-02-23 10:49:30

Chronological list of all updated Microsoft KB support articles  

It is difficult to keep up with Microsoft. If you administrate Windows server or client systems or are responsible for maintaining PCs in a home network or even individual PCs of friends or family, you already have a lot to do when it comes to keeping them up to date. Sure, you can keep automatic updates enabled and hope for the best. Microsoft's past performance in this regard has made this less practicable as you will run into issues eventually. Microsoft maintains a huge Knowledge Base (KB) w

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2018-02-23 06:42:31

Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox 2.0 released  

Security company Bitdefender has releaser Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox 2.0, a security extension for Mozilla's Firefox web browser today. The new version of Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox is the first version that is based on the WebExtensions system. It introduces new functionality such as whitelist functionality and a system and design update among other new features. Bitdefender Trafficlight Bitdefender Trafficlight for Firefox is a standalone browser extension; a running Bitde

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2018-02-22 19:41:08

Ghacks Deals: Pay What You Want: Absolute Python Bundle  

The Absolute Python Bundle is a Pay What You Want eLeraning course. All courses are designed for users of all experience levels and access is granted for lifetime. Some are absolute beginner courses that teach you Python from start to finish, others are aimed at programmers or teach you Python through a series of exercises. You need to beat the average price -- currently $11.67 at the time of writing -- to get all five courses or at least $1 to get one of the courses. The following courses are

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2018-02-22 16:01:32

How to open Gigabyte-sized text files on Windows  

When you try to load a Gigabyte-sized text file on Windows, you will find out quickly that the default programs that Windows ships with are not suited for this. While most users may never encounter huge text files on any system, those who do need a program that opens these text documents reliably. Neither Notepad nor Wordpad open very large text files, and even favorite third-party alternatives such as Notepad++ won't once file size reaches a certain threshold. Most programs refuse to load a 30

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2018-02-22 13:58:36

Check your passwords against the Pwned Passwords database  

Is a password that you use actively to protect an account secure? The question is difficult to answer as it depends on your definition of secure. Secure can mean, among other things, that it cannot be cracked in reasonable time, or that it is not already on a publicly accessible password list. Pwned Passwords The Pwned Passwords database of Have I Been Pwned has been updated recently with new password data sets. The service accepts a password and reveals whether it was found on any of the lists

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2018-02-22 11:55:17

Router Default Passwords for Windows  

Router Default Passwords is a portable free software for Microsoft Windows devices that is a little helper application for discovering a router's IP address and listing default passwords. Most Windows PCs are connected to routers or modems for Internet connectivity. While most users leave routers or modems alone most of the time, it may sometimes be necessary to access the admin dashboard of these devices. Access may be necessary to set up new services, manage the network configuration, change t

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2018-02-22 08:12:04

Use Chrome's Task Manager to find out which site or extension slows it down  

One of the unique features of Google Chrome is the integrated task manager that the web browser ships with. While all modern operating systems feature a Task Manager, Chrome's task manager gives users a detailed view of all loaded websites, browser extensions and other components of the browser. All of these show up as Chrome processes in the operating system's task manager making it difficult to impossible to associate open sites or loaded extensions with processes that use too much CPU or memo

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2018-02-21 17:40:36

uTorrent Web First Look  

uTorrent Web is a web-based client of the still-popular uTorrent BitTorrent application. The developers of uTorrent announced plans to release a web-based version of uTorrent in early 2017. Note: uTorrent Web is blocked by Windows Defender and possibly also other security software as potentially unwanted software. You may need to exclude the program or move it out of quarantine to download and use it. The uTorrent Web client is available for Windows right now. It runs in the background on the Wi

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2018-02-21 14:38:20

Dark Reader dark theme extension for Firefox  

Dark Reader is a popular browser extension for Google Chrome which its developer, Alexander Shutov, released for Mozilla Firefox recently. The basic idea of the extension is to turn any website design to a dark theme design for better readability especially at night when too bright sites become harder to look at. Dark themes are quite popular and users who want to use them on sites have multiple options. Common options include installing extensions or userstyles for the purpose. Dark Reader is a

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2018-02-21 06:15:12

Back to basics Part 2 – Managing Users on a Debian base system  

In part 1 of this little series we did some updating via CLI. Now, we will once again take a look at how to manage things via the terminal; like how to create and delete users, as well as set/change user passwords. With that said, I'm focusing this article on users who are running a distribution that is based on Debian, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint (Based on Ubuntu, but still applicable), etc. The reason for this, is that most users who are brand new to the GNU/Linux world will likely be running o

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2018-02-20 17:03:16

Ghacks Deals: VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription (91% off)  

Today's featured deal is a lifetime subscription for the VPN service VPNSecure. It is available for $39.99 instead of the regular price of $450 for a limited time only and gives you lifetime access to the service. That's about $3 per month for the first year and then free from then on out. VPNSecure promises that it does not log activity and does not limit the bandwidth of users. It supports torrents, and maintains servers in more than 46 different countries. The software is available for Windo

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2018-02-20 14:32:25

XTR Toolbox review  

XTR Toolbox is an open source program for Windows to tweak, clean and optimize the operating system. You can download and run the tool without installation but need to know that it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher. XTR Toolbox is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all supported versions of Windows. Those are, at the time of writing, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. XTR Toolbox The interface divides the available modules in the groups "quick tools", "other

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2018-02-20 14:01:55

Firefox 60 with new preference to disable FTP  

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 60 with a new preference to disable support for the FTP protocol. The preference is disabled by default so that FTP sites can still be accessed in Firefox 60. FTP, just like HTTP, is on its way out. Browser makers, site operators and hosting companies move to newer protocols that support encryption among other things to better protect user data against spying and manipulation. The next step in the migration from HTTP to HTTPS is the flagging of HTTP sites as inse

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2018-02-20 08:15:50

Chrome 64 for Android cuts URLs automatically when you share them  

Links are the lifeblood of the Internet. They point from one site to another and are often used to connect similar resources with each other, for attribution, or research. Links can be clean, e.g., or they can be what many consider messy, e.g.,

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2018-02-20 06:24:07

CopyQ is an advanced Clipboard Manager  

CopyQ is a cross-platform open-source clipboard manager for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X that is easy to use and quite powerful thanks to the advanced features that it offers. Clipboard managers extend the functionality of the built-in clipboard function of the operating system. The clipboard on Windows is limited to a single entry which means that it erases the previously stored entry whenever a new one os copied. Most clipboard managers remember multiple copied items and many offer additional f

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2018-02-19 18:18:43

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