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gHacks Technology News | Latest Tech News, Software And Tutorials

A technology news blog with daily software reviews, web browser tips, latest tech news and IT news.

How to install and manage fonts on Windows 10  

The Windows operating system, just like any other OS, ships with a selection of fonts included that any program may use directly. If you want access to other fonts, those that don't come with Windows, you need to install these fonts first before they become available. Programs sometimes allow you to make use of fonts without installing them. If you want fonts to become available system wide however, or want to use them in programs that don't support this option, then you have to install them on

2017-06-25 12:52:23

Essential Applications for GNU/Linux Users  

So, you've made the switch from Windows or MacOSX to GNU/Linux, congratulations! There is a good chance that you've also installed a distribution like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, or perhaps Manjaro; and so you have a wide range of software already installed. However, There are a number of applications that don't always ship by default, that I feel every user should have or at least be aware of, and some that people have by default but have not ventured to use; so I thought a list of essent...

2017-06-25 06:17:12

IFTTT update brings VoIP Calls support  

If This Then That is a handy online service that you may use to automate things on your computer or mobile devices. The service calls these recipes applets, and they enable you to automate all kinds of things; examples include getting a weather report notification each day at 7 am, saving email attachments automatically to a cloud storage service, or tweeting your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter. According to the IFTTT website, more than 400 services are supported by it at the time of wri

2017-06-24 09:00:16

Extend Windows Vista by installing Windows Server 2008 updates  

Microsoft ended extended support for Windows Vista back in April 2017 which means that the company won't release security updates anymore for the operating system. While Microsoft itself loosened that up a little bit by releasing security patches on the June 2017 Patch Day for the unsupported operating systems Windows Vista and Windows XP, it was an exemption to the rule. Generally speaking, support for Vista ended and that means no security update releases anymore to the public. Günter Born re...

2017-06-24 06:00:30

Google won’t read Gmail emails anymore for advertisement  

According to a new blog post on Google's blog, Google will soon stop scanning emails on its Gmail email service for advertisement purposes. Gmail scans user emails on Gmail for a variety of purposes. These include to make sure that they don't contain spam or malware, but also to use the information for advertising purposes. Privacy advocates have criticized Google for the practice, and Microsoft never failed to mention the fact and even used it in the company's infamous Scroogled advertisement c

2017-06-23 17:16:46

PCMark 10 Basic: Benchmark for Home PCs  

Futuremark's PCMark 10 Basic is a free for-home use version of the company's flagship benchmarks PCMark 10 Advanced and Professional. The company released PCMark 10 Professional Edition earlier this month on June 6th, 2017, and has released PCMark 10 Advanced and PCMark 10 Basic on June 22, 2017. PCMark 10 is available on the company's website and on Steam. The free version of the benchmark has a size of 2.7 Gigabytes. It is supplied as a zip file that you need to extract on a Windows machine, a

2017-06-23 12:42:20

All In One System Rescue Toolkit 2017 is out  

All In One System Rescue Toolkit 2017 is a new version of the system analysis and repair toolkit that combines Live CD functionality and Windows tools. We reviewed the initial release version of the All In One System Rescue Toolkit back in 2016, and found it to be a great tool not only for professional support technicians but also everyday users who want access to an assortment of tools that they can boot or run directly. The new version of the toolkit is already available for download on the m

2017-06-23 09:26:30

Mozilla should hide legacy add-ons on Firefox AMO  

The Firefox add-ons repository, short AMO (Addons Mozilla Org), hosts thousands of add-ons for the Firefox web browser. I like Firefox AMO more than the Google Chrome Web Store, and the core reason for that is that it makes add-on discovery easier. I can sort by newest or updated for instance, something that cannot be done on Google's Chrome Web Store. Mozilla lists featured add-ons, most popular add-ons, as well as up and coming extensions on the front page. All add-on types that are supported

2017-06-23 04:34:27

Mozilla improves CSS Grid Inspector in Firefox Nightly  

Mozilla announced just a moment ago that it has improved the CSS Grid Inspector of Firefox's integrated Developer Tools significantly. The new functionality has been added to Firefox Nightly, the cutting edge development version of the Firefox web browser that gets new features first before they migrate to Beta and then to Stable versions of the web browser. CSS Grid Layout is a method of dividing a web page into regions, and defining relationships of elements on the page. The name grid comes fr

2017-06-22 17:13:40

Ghacks Deals: IT Security Specialist Super Bundle (98% off)  

IT Security Specialist Super Bundle is an eLearning package that prepares you for ten IT security and risk management certification exams. The bundle preps you for the following exams: CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Cisco 210-260: CCNA Security Risk Management Professional (RMP) CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Certified Information Systems Secur

2017-06-22 16:07:32

Opera 46.0 is out: find out what is new  

Opera Software released Opera 46.0 on June 22, 1017 to the Stable channel brings along with it stability improvements and quality improvements. Opera states that the release  is the second stage of the Reborn project, a project to improve the look and feel of the Opera browser. Opera users can use the browser's automatic update functionality to download and install the Opera 46.0 update, or download it directly from the Opera website. A click on Menu > About Opera runs a manual update check in ...

2017-06-22 10:31:04

Steam Summer Sale 2017 tips  

The Steam Summer Sale 2017 beings today on June 22, 2017. It is an event that many PC gamers -- and also some Mac and Linux gamers -- look forward to as thousands of games, apps and some hardware will be available often at huge discounts to the regular price (up to 90%). Sales on Steam are not as eventful anymore as they have been years ago. This comes down to an increase in sales throughout the year, and that there is no real "event" anymore that is integrated into the sale. What you get are de

2017-06-22 08:56:34

Windows 10 Insider Build 16226: lots of improvements  

Microsoft published Windows 10 Insider Build 16226 a couple of hours ago to the Fast Ring Insider channel. This new build includes a truckload of improvements and features, and also some fixes. Insiders who have been plagued by the dreaded "inaccessible boot device" error, or updates that hung at around 33% can run the new update as the issues have been fixed. The update is available through Windows Update already, provided that the device is part of the Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring channel. Hig

2017-06-22 04:23:35

Kaspersky VirusDesk: online file and link scanner  

Kaspersky VirusDesk is a free service by Russian security firm Kaspersky that enables you to scan files or links for viruses and other threats. While most computer users would probably agree that having a resident antivirus solution installed is a must in these days and age, especially on Windows, there is little to argue about the usefulness of complementing online scanners. Online file scanners give you a second opinion on a file, and if they have integrated multiple antivirus engines, an even

2017-06-21 17:27:24

AMP Browser: desktop browser with AMP support  

AMP Browser is a free Chromium-based web web browser for Microsoft Windows devices that may load AMP pages just like mobile browsers can. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source project that is pushed mostly by Google. The project aims to make websites faster through various means, but most importantly by limiting what AMP powered web pages may use or display in regards to technology. Speed plays an important role on today's Internet. Websites that are slow loading lose business, and Go

2017-06-21 11:26:05

uBlock Origin 1.13: Element Zapper and CSP Filter  

UBlock Origin 1.13.0 is a new version of the popular content blocking extension for Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. It introduces two new features to the extension: Element Zapper and CSP filtering. The latest version of uBlock Origin is already listed on the official Chrome Web Store and Mozilla AMO website. Interested users can download it from the extension stores, existing users may use the automatic update functionality of the browser to update to the new version. The new version of

2017-06-21 08:06:06

Mozilla Code Repository fork Unified XUL Platform  

M.C.Straver, the lead developer of the Pale Moon web browser, has created a fork of the Mozilla Code Repository as a starting point for further development. The developers of Pale Moon, a browser based on Firefox code, had to find a way to deal with the changes that Mozilla planned to make to the core of the Firefox web browser in 2017. Mozilla plans to cut the classic add-on system from Firefox when Firefox 57 hits for instance, and remove XUL and XPCOM components from the browser in the proces

2017-06-21 04:46:39

ProtonVPN Swiss-based VPN launches  

ProtonVPN, a VPN service by the makers of the privacy focused ProtonMail email service, is out of beta testing and now available to the public. The creators of the Swiss-based VPN service promise the same level of trust, transparency, and communication that has been fundamental to the success of ProtonMail. ProtonVPN ships with four subscription plans, of which the first is entirely free. It is limited in regards to speed, devices that you may run it on simultaneously, and the number of countrie

2017-06-20 17:49:07

Ghacks Deals: VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription (88% off)  

VPN Secure is an Australian VPN service with servers in over 46 different countries of the world. The service comes with all the bells and whistles that you'd expect from a VNP, including a strict no-logging policy, support for p2p traffic, DNS leak and kill switch support, and more. The lifetime subscription includes updates, and is available for just $49.99; that's about $4 per month in the first year, and then a free ride starting in the 14th month. Lifetime means lifetime, updates are inclu

2017-06-20 14:15:18

Create and print posters on Windows  

Easy Poster Printer is a free program for Microsoft Windows that you may use to create posters out of any image on the system. While you can print any image or photo on your computer if a printer is connected to it, there is no option to create posters out of those images by default. While you can use specialized printers for that, you may also use a program like Easy Poster Printer instead to create posters using regular printers. The program offers similar functionality to long-standing favori

2017-06-20 09:31:53

HDCleaner: system cleaner and optimizer for Windows  

HDCleaner is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices that lets you clean and optimize the operating system. There is certainly no shortage when it comes to so-called cleaner applications for Windows. There is the popular CCleaner application, and also entire suites of applications such as Advanced System Care or System Mechanic. HDCleaner 2017 falls into the latter category. It comes with a lot of tools despite its relatively small size of under 5 Megabytes. The program itself is l

2017-06-20 07:48:52

Remove “Reconnect to Sync” from Firefox menu  

Firefox Sync is Mozilla's official data synchronization service for the Firefox web browser. Firefox users need to sign up for it using an email address before it becomes available. Once it does, browser data such as bookmarks, the browsing history, tabs, passwords or preferences are synced automatically across all devices that you sign in with the account. Useful if you use Firefox on multiple devices, and want access to the same set of information on all of these devices. Also handy as a remot

2017-06-20 04:06:47

StorURL: cross-browser bookmarks manager for Windows  

StorURL is a cross-browser bookmarks manager for Microsoft Windows devices that supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Bookmarks are quite the useful thing in the browser world, considering that they allow you to keep a record of sites in the browser. You may place bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar, on the New Tab Page if the browser supports adding favorites there, or the bookmarks folder. You can sync bookmarks easily between versions of the same browser, and also import bookm

2017-06-19 18:11:57

Block Firefox connections with ReqBlock  

ReqBlock is a WebExtension for the Firefox web browser that enables you to check and block Firefox connections to web resources. Firefox users have a couple of options when it comes to blocking resources. They can run an add-on in the browser to block resources, or configure firewall or hosts file on the operating system to do so. Add-ons that fall in the category are among many others the popular NoScript blocker, and any content blocker such as uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus. It may make sense

2017-06-19 14:39:39

Hello World mixes wallpapers with information  

Wallpaper applications are a dime a dozen on Android, and most offer similar functionality: browse wallpapers using filters, set wallpapers, and that is about it. While they may differ in terms of sources for the wallpapers, you should not expect major differences between apps. Hello World changes that. The Android application  provides you with a selection of "real-world" wallpaper images. So far so normal. What sets it apart from other wallpaper apps for Android -- such as Google Wallpapers, ...

2017-06-19 10:18:30

Control Windows 10 Privacy with WPD  

WPD is a free program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that lets users tweak privacy related settings and features. Privacy is still a hot topic when it comes to Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. While things seem to have cooled down a bit, there are still lots of users out there who don't want to use Windows 10 because of privacy concerns. Microsoft revealed some details on the collecting of Telemetry data back in April, and seems to have opened up a bit more as it released in

2017-06-19 04:21:11

APKUpdater update brings support for Google Play updates  

The latest version of the Android application update checker and installer APKUpdater, APKUpdater 1.5, brings support for Google Play update checking among other things. We reviewed APKUpdater when it was released to the public, and I suggest you check out the initial review for a general overview of the program's functionality. Basically, what it enables is an option to check for updates using alternate sources. While most Android users install apps from Google Play probably, some apps are not

2017-06-18 12:48:42

Backup your GNU/Linux system with CrashPlan  

Backup, backup, backup...This is the biggest thing that I wish everyone would follow when messing around with your computer, regardless of operating system but especially with GNU/Linux. GNU/Linux is fairly stable nowadays, but anyone who uses it regularly knows that this can change in the blink of an eye, and so...backup! There are plenty of different ways to backup your system, but one that I have found very easy to use is a piece of software called CrashPlan. CrashPlan is one of very few user

2017-06-18 05:54:51

Restore download information in Firefox  

Mozilla Firefox 54.0 was released this week, and one of the changes it shipped with was a simplification of the download button and download status panel. The change impacts the download icon that Firefox displays in its interface, and the download panel, which opens when you click on the download icon. Mozilla stripped away information from both the download icon and panel. For the download icon, information on the remaining time was removed. What users get instead is a new animation that fills

2017-06-17 08:05:44

Firefox Focus for Android preview  

Firefox Focus, known as Firefox Klar in Germany, is a privacy-focused web browser by Mozilla that will be available for Android soon as well. Firefox Focus is different from other browsers; first, because it is clearly focused on privacy, and second, because it offers a stripped down experience that is focused on single tab browsing. Note: Firefox Focus has been released as a release candidate for Android. It is likely that there won't be any major changes before release, but things may change n

2017-06-17 06:22:09

Virustotal Redesign and new tools Sneak Peek  

Virustotal, a service that Google acquired years ago, will get a facelift and new features soon according to a report on Bleeping Computer. The redesign, which will go live in the coming months according to the report, is a work in progress. It has been specifically designed with responsiveness in mind, which means that the interface adjusts itself automatically to the screen size of the device that is used to access it. A sneak peek version is available which anyone may use to test the new desi

2017-06-16 13:23:19

Calibre 3.0 ebook manager released  

Calibre 3.0 is the latest version of the popular cross-platform ebook management software that lets you download, read and convert ebooks among other things. Calibre 3.0 is a major new release of the program; this means that it ships with a bunch of new features and improvements that all users of previous versions benefit from. The major features, which we will take a closer look later on in this article, are support for high resolution displays, and a complete rewrite of the Content server. The

2017-06-16 10:11:15

QuiteRSS Feed Reader gets first update in over a year  

QuiteRSS, a desktop feed reader that is available for Windows and Mac OS X, has received an update that brings the version to 0.18.5. The release is the first update for the RSS feed reader in over a year -- actually in more than 15 months -- and a proof of life at the same time. Windows users have plenty of options when it comes to RSS readers, even on the desktop. You can check out our list of free RSS readers for Windows for an overview. QuiteRSS is the RSS feed reader that I'm using on Windo

2017-06-16 04:48:35

First look at Firefox’s Preferences Search  

Mozilla plans to launch a redesigned options page later this year in Firefox, and one of the changes is a search option to find preferences quickly. The new preferences page lists less groups than before. The effect is that some preferences have moved to another location, and that users may need some time adjusting to the new hierarchy of preferences. Good news is that nothing is removed, so that all preferences that exist in Firefox 54 Stable will also be available when the change hits that int

2017-06-16 04:01:27

Thunderbird 52.2.0 update: issues with IMAP folders  

The Thunderbird team has released Thunderbird 52.2.0 today, a new stable version of the popular cross-platform email client. The new version of Thunderbird is already available through the email client's automatic update system. Most users who have it installed will have their Thunderbird client updated to version 52.2.0 automatically. I ran into an issue with the new version, and would like to talk about it for a moment before I look at other things that are new. The problem that I ran into was

2017-06-15 18:46:28

Ghacks Deals: Complete White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing Bundle (97% off)  

Complete White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing Bundle is an eLearning bundle that is all about white hat hacking and penetration testing. The five courses of the bundle include two penetration testing courses, two courses that teach you some foundations, and one course that takes a closer look at Cisco's Packet Tracer Network Simulator. Here is the listing of included courses: Network Penetration Tester - Build a $120K/Year Career -- Learn to Think Like a Hacker & Protect Networks Before It'

2017-06-15 16:27:22

How to enable TLS 1.3 support in Firefox and Chrome  

The following guide provides you with instructions on enabling TLS 1.3 (Transport Layer Security) support in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Transport Layer Security, short TLS, is a cryptographic protocol to communicate securely over a computer network. The current version of TLS is 1.2 while TLS 1.3 is available as a draft currently. TLS 1.3 is based on TLS 1.2 but offers major security and privacy improvement over the protocol that web browsers support currently by default. While it would

2017-06-15 14:11:49

Vivaldi 1.10 ships with usability improvements  

Vivaldi Technologies AS released a new web browser version of the Vivaldi browser, Vivaldi 1.10, to the stable channel on June 15, 2017. Vivaldi users should get update notifications when they start the browser the next time. Vivaldi supports manual update checks, and you may load Vivaldi menu > Help > Check for Updates to start that process. Another option is to download the latest version from the official Vivaldi website. There is it available for all supported desktop operating systems. Viva

2017-06-15 07:05:07

Firefox 54: new preferences and Ghacks user.js changes  

This article offers information on changes made to the Firefox 54 preferences, as well as new, deprecated, or removed Ghacks user.js preferences. Mozilla released Firefox 54.0 this week to the Stable channel. The major change of the release was the enabling of multiple content processes. You can download the latest version of the Ghacks user.js file from the official repository over on GitHub. For new users: the user.js file is a configuration file that Firefox may load on start. It modifies bro

2017-06-15 06:21:38

A comparison of Linux VPS Providers for beginner hosting  

In a previous article I went over the basics of hosting a webserver and basic website on a home machine. However, realistically it is much more appropriate to do such a thing on an external server, for numerous reasons such as: Not using resources needed on your personal machine No issues with ISP's blocking ports Various IP address issues More stable connections Commonly, more faster connection speeds With that being said, there are so many providers out there, that shopping around can be a...

2017-06-15 05:06:07
32 (Tech Sites We Love) is a long standing community site of software authors and users that is entirely donation based. This is the third part of a series in which we review tech sites that we have a lot of respect for. The first two parts covered the download portal and We have a long standing history with the guys that run Our first mention of the site dates back to the year 2006; we reviewed Screenshot Captor, an excellent screen capturing tool for Wi

2017-06-14 12:55:28

Switch sound devices on Windows with a hotkey  

SoundSwitch is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows devices that enables you to switch between sound devices using a hotkey. You may sometimes need to switch between different sound devices, be it for playing sound or recording it. Maybe you have a setup that uses speakers by default, but you are switching to headphones when you use Skype or start playing games. If you don't use a specialized software like SoundSwitch, you are stuck with making the changes using Windows configuration

2017-06-14 11:27:23

Block sites on Google Search with Personal Blocklist for Firefox  

Personal Blocklist is a port of the Google Chrome extension by Google that enables you to block sites when you are using Google's Search engine. If you run searches on an Internet search engine, you may eventually stumble upon sites that rank highly, but don't provide a lot of value. You may also have made the decision in the past not to use a particular service, for instance a download portal that ships its downloads with a wrapper that has no other purpose than to bombard you with ads and unpl

2017-06-14 08:22:33

OneDrive Placeholders: damn time they are making a comeback  

Microsoft revealed yesterday that the OneDrive's Files On-Demand feature is rolling out to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring on Windows 10. Files On-Demand is a new placeholder system that Microsoft plans to integrate in OneDrive, and make available to all customers on Windows 10 when the Fall Creators Update is released. Basically, what the feature does is list all files and folders that are on OneDrive, regardless of their sync status. This means, that you will always see all files that are on

2017-06-14 04:33:25

Firefox 54.0: find out what is new  

Firefox 54.0 has been released on June 13, 2017 to the stable channel. The new version is offered through the Firefox web browser's automatic update functionality, and also provided as a direct download from Mozilla's website. All other Firefox channels, those are Beta, Nightly and ESR, are also updated. Mozilla did remove the Aurora channel from the release cycle when Firefox 53 was released. Firefox Beta is promoted to version 55, Firefox Nightly to version 56, and Firefox ESR to version 52.2

2017-06-13 18:04:43

Microsoft Security Updates June 2017 release  

Microsoft released updates, security and non-security, on June 13, 2017 for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows, and other products.The number of supported operating system versions shrank by one as Vista support ended back in April 2017. The same is true for the Windows 10 RTM version which is also no longer supported. The following guide provides you with extensive information on the June 2017 Patch Day. It features information about how operating systems and other Microsoft products a

2017-06-13 17:31:19

Ghacks Deals (last chance): Private Internet Access subscription (63% off)  

Last chance to grab a Private Internet Access subscription for 63% off. The deal will expire this week. You can get a 2-year subscription to the popular and well liked Private Internet Access VPN network for $59.95 which is 63% off the regular price. That's less than $3 per month. Included in the package is support for using up to 5 devices simultaneously, and with unlimited bandwidth. Private Internet Access has more than 3300 servers in 25 countries, and is compatible with all major desktop a

2017-06-13 15:25:32

Chrome gets super-handy rotate to fullscreen video mode  

Chrome for Android has a new feature that switches to fullscreen video mode automatically when you rotate the Android device. Note: The feature is hidden behind an experimental flag right now, and only available in development versions of Chrome. I tested it in Chrome Canary, and have not found it yet in Chrome Stable. Also, this is an Android only feature that won't be available on desktop versions of Chrome. If you play videos regularly on your Android device, you may do so in portrait mode, o

2017-06-13 13:41:15

Saving battery on AMOLED devices  

AMOLED Wallpapers HD is a free application for Android that provides you with specially crafted wallpapers for AMOLED displays. AMOLED, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a display technology that uses self-illuminating diodes. This is different from LCD displays, which use a backlight instead. AMOLED displays are integrated into most Samsung devices, Google devices, as well as devices by manufacturers such as BlackBerry, Motorola and OnePlus. One advantage that AMOLED devices have i

2017-06-13 09:16:55

Firefox: disable “This Connection is not Secure” warnings  

Firefox displays "This Connection is not Secure. Logins entered here could be compromised" warning messages when sites don't protect their login pages with HTTPS. The idea behind the feature is to display a visual reminder to Firefox users that the data that they enter into a form is not protected when they hit the login or submit button on websites that don't use HTTPS. While that is a handy reminder for many inexperienced Firefox users, experienced users may not find it super handy to have. Th

2017-06-13 04:23:12

A look at an early version of Firefox 57’s New Tab Page  

Mozilla plans to launch a New Tab Page design and functionality when it releases Firefox 57 in November 2017 to the stable channel audience. Firefox users won't lose any functionality when the New Tab Page launches, but they will get more features on the page, and more customization options. The current New Tab Page of the Firefox web browser displays a search form prominently on the page, and below that popular or pinned sites. Firefox users may hide the display of sites, and replace the New Ta

2017-06-12 20:28:52

Fix Inaccessible Boot Device error on Windows 10  

Windows users who upgrade their systems to a new version of Windows, mostly on Windows 10, may run into into Inaccessible Boot Device error when they do so. Windows 10 machines are upgraded more often than machines running previous versions of Windows. The main reason for that is that Microsoft is pumping out two new feature updates per year for the operating system. Install errors may happen at any of those updates; usually when they are download and installed through Windows Update. I ran into

2017-06-12 18:42:37

Run .Net Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 on Windows 10  

Software programs that require the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5 may not run by default on Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. The same is true for Windows 8 machines, but not for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. We talked about fixing the issue on Windows 8 PCs back in 2012, and would like to provide you with information on handling this issue in Windows 10 today. The Microsoft .Net Framework is provided in different versions. While some versions replace others, this is not the case

2017-06-12 14:35:42

How to remove extra iTunes components on Windows  

When you install Apple's iTunes software on Windows, a lot of extra components are installed automatically with no option to prevent this from happening. The most recent version of iTunes at the time of writing for instance -- iTunes 12.6.1 for Windows -- installs an additional five components next to iTunes. They are: Apple Application Support (32-bit), Apple Application Support (64-bit), Bonjour, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support. The iTunes installer, in addition to this, ins

2017-06-12 08:57:25

Blocking .Net Framework 4.7 installations  

Windows users who don't want the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 at this point in time may block the Windows Update deployment of it. Microsoft released the new .Net Framework 4.7 back in April 2017, and announced back then that it would distribute the new version "in a couple of months" through Windows Update. Anyone interested in the new version could download online and offline installers for the .Net Framework 4.7 already. The new version introduces new capabilities to the framework which users

2017-06-12 04:51:42

Control Tracking with Baycloud Bouncer  

Baycloud Bouncer is a web browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, that give you full control over online tracking. Online tracking, through the use of browser cookies or otherwise, is so common in this day and age that you are hard pressed at finding advertising services or popular sites that don't track users in one way or another. Do Not Track was designed with good intentions. It is a value that is transferred with header information when programs connect to sites. If set, it tells t

2017-06-11 15:07:25

List of Windows tools  

The following list provides you with detailed information on tools that you can run on Windows PCs using nothing but a short name that is associated with them. This is the third part of the administrative tools series here on Ghacks. The first two parts looked at Control Panel shortcuts, and Microsoft Management Console snap-ins such as services.msc. This article is all about shortcuts that you can run to start various tools on the Windows operating system. Note that most shortcuts work in all v

2017-06-11 06:01:04

KeePass 2.36: detect duplicate or similar passwords  

A new version of the KeePass password manager has been released which brings the version of the desktop program to 2.36. KeePass 2.36 ships with new features and fixes for the most part. Several improvements were made in regards to auditing existing passwords. KeePass users have options now to check for duplicate or similar passwords, and to create a password quality report which provides an estimation of the quality of all passwords. Existing users may download the new version from the develope

2017-06-10 13:48:27

Windows .msc files overview  

MSC files are snap-in control files that are associated with the Microsoft Management Console on Windows machines to run administrative tasks. You may run some msc files like services.msc or gpedit.msc regularly, but there are plenty more that you can run or create on Windows client and server machines to speed up administrative processes. Microsoft Windows ships with native .msc files integrated in the operating system, and support for the creation or importing of custom snap-in control files.

2017-06-10 07:01:18

Microsoft to shut down on December 15, 2017  

Microsoft announced today that it plans to shut down the company's Office document sharing service on December 15, 2017. started out as a cooperation between Microsoft and Facebook in April 2010. Created using Microsoft's Office Web Apps platform, it allowed Facebook users to create, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents. The editors integrated with Office on Mac and PC devices, and allowed for local editing of documents -- opposed to online editing -- and syncing of edite

2017-06-09 12:40:07

Firefox’s Search Box future unclear  

Mozilla plans to ship Firefox's new interface Photon, out with Firefox 57, without a search box for new users of the web browser. Mozilla notes however that the search box won't be removed entirely in Firefox 57. It remains visible for existing Firefox installations where it is displayed on, and remains also an option in the customize menu so that users who want to use it can add it to the main Firefox toolbar. Mozilla's reasoning for the change is summed up in the latest Photon Engineering News

2017-06-09 10:50:10

CoolTweak: resize, share images from Windows context menu  

CoolTweak is a free software program for Windows that adds image editing and sharing options to the Windows Explorer context menu. The name of the program is a bit misleading, as you may assume when reading it that it is all about tweaking Windows. This is however not the case. The free program comes with an interface, but it is mainly used to add, edit, order or remove the various context menu options that it supports. The application adds a CoolTweak menu to Explorer when you right-click on su

2017-06-09 08:35:12

Windows 10 Build 16215: usability improvements across the board  

Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16215 yesterday, and it ships with a massive list of usability improvements. Windows Insiders who are on the Fast Ring can check for the update right away using Windows Update. The PC should pick it up automatically, and install it on the device. Make sure you read through the list of known issues first however, as there may be some deal breakers in the release. For instance, on-demand features from Windows Update such as Microsoft .NET

2017-06-09 05:15:29

Advanced Uninstaller Pro review  

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a free program for Windows that enables you to monitor and remove software installations from PCs running Windows. Software installations, and especially the removal of installed programs, is still one of the weak areas of the Windows operating system. One reason for that is that the likelihood of leftovers is pretty high, but it depends ultimately on the program that is installed. While some programs may not have any leftovers, others may leave behind hundreds of Reg

2017-06-08 17:34:08

Ghacks Deals: The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle (94% off)  

The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle is a big eLearning bundle. It features eight JavaScript courses that cover web development, MEAN STack, Node programming, MongoDB, AngularJS, and more. The courses are designed for users of all experience levels. There is an introductory course that offers more than 25 hours of training to get you a solid foundation of front-end JavaScript development, and some backend development as well. Here is the list of all courses included in the bundle: Become a Web Dev

2017-06-08 16:12:03

Tor Browser 7.0 released  

A new version of Tor Browser, a Firefox-based web browser with Tor functionality added to it, has been released on June 7, 2017. Tor Browser 7.0 introduces support for Firefox's multi-process architecture e10s and content sandboxing as the major new features of the release. The browser itself is now based on Firefox 52 ESR, the most recent Extended Support Release version of the Firefox web browser. You can check out what is new in Firefox 52 here. Note that Firefox 52 ESR ships with improvement

2017-06-08 11:54:03

Amazon shuts down unlimited storage plan for Drive  

Amazon announced recently that it will no longer offer an unlimited storage plan for the company's Amazon Drive storage solution. The company launched Cloud Drive Unlimited back in March 2015. Users who signed up for an "Unlimited Everything" account back then were not restricted in terms of online storage space. The company did offer another plan, "unlimited photos", which provided customers with options to store an unlimited number of photos on Amazon's cloud servers. Amazon Unlimited Photos h

2017-06-08 05:09:33

Fix broken plugin content on the Web with NoPlugin  

NoPlugin is a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Opera that is been designed to fix web content that requires plugins on the Internet. Plugins are on their way out, with all major browser developers having announced that classic plugins won't be part of future browser versions anymore. The web is moving to a HTML5 future, and plugins are a relic of the past. While Flash is still being kept around, at least for a little bit longer, depending on the browser that you are using, plugins other th

2017-06-08 04:38:06

Photo & Video Import for Windows 10  

Photo & Video Import is an application for Windows 10 by the creator of FastPictureViewer that improves media transfers on Windows 10. While you can connect most devices, think smartphone, digital cameras, tablets or memory cards, to Windows 10 devices, and have them picked up automatically by the operating system, there is still room for improvement when it comes to the process. The two advantages that Photo & Video Import offers are that it is both simpler and faster than the native solution o

2017-06-07 18:38:08

Software to disable Nvidia Telemetry  

When you install drivers for your Nvidia graphics card on Windows, a Telemetry service and several Telemetry tasks get added as well. We talked about disabling Nvidia Telemetry already by making manual changes to the Windows operating system. Basically, what it involves is disabling three tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler to block these tasks from running on the Windows machine to gather and submit data. The process may need to be repeated after driver updates, as things may be set to their de

2017-06-07 17:18:53
152 Summer Sale 2017 brings huge discounts  

The Summer Sale 2017 has started, and it brings along with it discounts for more than 1500 products and more. is a digital distribution platform that works a bit differently from heavyweights such as Steam, uPlay or Origin. Two of the main differentiators are that it does not require customers to use a client software program (customers may use Gog Galaxy optionally), and that the program's it offers are not making use of DRM. The platforms initial focus was on old classic games.

2017-06-07 13:29:25

Ghacks Deals: NetSpot Home for Windows and Mac: Lifetime License (72% off)  

NetSpot Home is a powerful Wi-Fi analysis, survey, and troubleshooting program for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X devices. It helps you analyze Wifi coverage anywhere you are, map out the coverage of an apartment, hotel room or other locations, helps you locate dead zones or zones with less than ideal wireless coverage, and lets you run speed tests directly from within the application. The software is offered with a lifetime licenbse. This means that all minor and major updates to the sof

2017-06-07 09:37:00

Everything Desktop Search review  

Everything is a long standing desktop search program for Microsoft Windows devices that is both powerful and very fast. Our first review of Everything dates back to 2008, and the most recent one took a look at the first beta in 2013 that introduced 64-bit support in Everything. Everything is a search program for Windows that uses fast indexing to display files and folders to the user. The initial indexing is very fast, and should complete in less than a minute if a lot of files are on the system

2017-06-07 07:31:17

Encryption and Strong Passwords  

Encryption is becoming more and more recommended and less and less for the tinfoil hat wearing type. It's not uncommon to hear of people in the tech world encrypting their harddrives just for the purpose of extra security. I personally encrypt my laptop; both the Windows side I keep for image and audio/video editing, and the GNU/Linux side I use for everything else. But, while popularity of full disk encryption is on the rise, it's from my experience that many people actually understand it b...

2017-06-07 03:58:29

Archiver Menu: archive web pages and load cached copies  

Archiver Menu is a Firefox add-on that allows you to make a copy of a web page on archiving sites, and to retrieve a cached copy of it. There are situations where you may want to keep a copy of an article or web page. Maybe for local access, legal reasons, reference, documentation, or fear that it may be taken down. While you can always save any web page to the local device using the browser's save functionality, you may sometimes prefer an online copy of it instead. Online copies have the advan

2017-06-06 13:33:42

Open Windows Control Panel applets directly  

The following master list lets you launch control panel applets from the command line, run box, or Start Menu search on Windows PCs. The Windows Control Panel is an administrative interface that is part of all recent versions of Windows. It enables you to customize and manage different parts of the operating system, for instance devices, software, sound, the firewall, or user accounts. Microsoft began its move away from the Control Panel in Windows 8 when it introduced a new administrative hub c

2017-06-06 12:21:50

Fix The program can’t start because is missing  

The Windows error message "The program can't start because is missing" can be a frustrating one to resolve. The error message suggests to reinstall the program "Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem", but this is usually not the solution that fixes the issue. The following guide provides you with information on the system error that you may experience on Windows PCs, and how to fix it so that the error is not thrown anymore. The program can't start be

2017-06-06 07:49:01

Chrome 59 brings security fixes, Material Design Settings  

Google released Google Chrome 59 on June 5, 2017 to the Stable channel on all supported operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The new version of Google Chrome ships with 30 security fixes, Settings updated to Material Design, new Developer Tools features, full screenshot capture, and under-the-hood improvements. The official release announcement is -- as usual -- not very forthcoming in regards to the changes of the release. Google highlights the security fixes and Material De

2017-06-06 04:55:35

Firefox: powerful smartUp Gestures Chrome extension ported  

SmartUp Gestures is a popular mouse gestures and drag&drop extensions for the Google Chrome web browser that is now also available for Firefox. Firefox supports a handful of drag&drop operations by default, but to make use of mouse gestures and advanced operations, add-ons are required. Our first review of a mouse gestures add-on for Firefox dates back to 2007, and we have published reviews add-ons like Grab and Drag Scrolling, TabFlip or Super Drag and Go afterwards. Mozilla's AMO hosts dozens

2017-06-05 17:39:37

Wallpaper Studio 10 brings Windows, Android and Xbox One wallpapers together  

Wallpaper Studio 10 is a wallpaper app for Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One that syncs wallpapers between devices, and more. While I hear some of you sigh already because of "yet another wallpaper software" getting a review here on Ghacks, others may not be that quick to dismiss the application. Computer users have several options when it comes to getting new wallpapers for their devices. They may download them from the manufacturer if provided, use wallpaper sites to download them directly, use

2017-06-05 14:59:38

The end of the social bookmarking site Delicious  

Pinboard, a site you may have never heard of, has acquired the social bookmarking site Delicious in an all-money deal for $35000 US Dollars. Delicious, or, was a popular social bookmarking site back in the days when sites like Digg made up the forefront of social news sites on the Internet. Anyone could join the site, and add bookmarks to it using various tools that were made available. Users could vote on bookmarks, and being on the top bookmarks of a given day resulted in a good ch

2017-06-05 09:04:59

Kodi 18 to launch with 64-bit version for Windows  

The developers of the free media player software Kodi announced that the upcoming Kodi 18 will ship as a 64-bit version for Windows. Kodi, which originated as a project to bring a better media player to Microsoft's first Xbox console, is a popular cross-platform media player thanks to its customization options and support for multimedia formats and services. While it can be used to add and play local media files, support for streaming audio and video, as well as TV is also provided. You can chec

2017-06-05 04:52:19

Firefox: Always open site in Container Tab  

Mozilla added a much requested feature to Firefox's Container Tabs experiment recently that enables you to always open sites in a specific container. Container Tabs is an upcoming feature of the Firefox web browser that is available as a Test Pilot experiment, and in Firefox Nightly. Mozilla launched the Container Tabs experiment a couple of months ago as a Test Pilot experiment.  We talked about the feature in 2016 before already when it was revealed for the first time. Called Containers back ...

2017-06-04 16:53:55

Capture2Text: OCR Software for Windows  

Capture2Text is a free portable program for Windows that provides you with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality on the Windows desktop. Put simply: it enables you to mark anything on the desktop to retrieve the text part of it, and get it copied to the Windows Clipboard. The application works similarly to free alternatives such as Free OCR or the Java-bsed JOCR, but is regularly updated and fully compatible with all recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. OCR oper

2017-06-04 06:45:16

Stop Windows from installing drivers for specific devices  

Windows may install drivers for select devices, say the graphics card, under certain circumstances. This happens by default for instance when the device is setup, but may also happen when Microsoft pushes driver updates through Windows Updates. We published a tutorial -- How to disable driver updates from Windows Update -- previously that highlights three methods to block Microsoft from installing device drivers through Windows Update. If you need to reinforce the protection, for instance becaus

2017-06-03 11:14:26

Why Bing Video Search is better than YouTube Search  

You have a lot of options when it comes to watching videos on your devices. Most users seem to use YouTube more or less exclusively for all their family friendly video needs, but sites like Vimeo or Dailymotion are popular as well. Search on YouTube, with YouTube being a Google property, should be one of the strong features of the video streaming site, but it is not really. While it works, and even lets you filter by upload date and some additional features, it is nowhere near where it could be.

2017-06-03 05:14:33

XMeters: display resource use on the Windows taskbar  

XMeters is a program for Microsoft Windows devices that displays the resource use of the computer on the Windows taskbar. You have plenty of options when it comes to monitoring the resource use of a Windows PC. From using built-in Windows tools like the Task Manager or Resource Monitor, to third-party solutions like GKrellM, My System Monitor or Rainmeter with its system widgets. XMeters is a bit different, as it adds the information to the system tray area of the Windows taskbar. It is not the

2017-06-02 12:14:24

Google Chrome will block some ads in 2018  

Google revealed yesterday that the company's Chrome web browser will start blocking some ads on the Internet from 2018 on. Many sites reported that Google will integrate a native ad-blocker in the Google Chrome web browser, but that is only partially true. While we don't have any version of Chrome yet that supports the new tech, judging from Google's description here, things are not as black and white as you'd expect them to be. Fact is, that Google Chrome will block some ads starting in 2018. G

2017-06-02 10:39:22

Speed up Chrome start by lazy loading tabs  

Native Lazy Tabs is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that speeds up the loading of the web browser by using lazy loading. You may have noticed that Chrome's startup performance lacks severely if Google Chrome is configured to load the previous browsing session on start. The core reason for that is the Chrome will load sites in any tab on start, regardless of how many tabs are open in the web browser. If you had 50 or 100 tabs open in the last browsing session, Chrome will load these ta

2017-06-02 07:48:18

Why I won’t be using Adobe Scan  

Adobe Scan is a new application for Android by Adobe that turns the device's camera into a scanner with text recognition (OCR) support. Basically, what it enables you to do is scan anything with text, recipes, notes, documents, business cards, newspaper articles, use OCR to identify the text, and save it as an Adobe PDF document. Adobe Scan is not the first application that offers this functionality, but the name Adobe may convince some users to give the application a try, or favor it over other

2017-06-02 04:12:24

Ghacks Deals: The Complete Python Programming Bundle (93% off)  

The Complete Python Programming Bundle includes seven Python programming courses that is aimed at total beginners but also interesting to programmers who want to add another programming language to their resume, or Python coders who want to dive deeper into Python. The following courses are included in the bundle: Python Programming for Beginners -- Take the First Step On Your Coding Odyssey Python Game Development: Create a Flappy Bird Clone -- Delve Into Python Programming by Building Your V

2017-06-01 19:00:00

Bing Visual Search: search in images  

Bing Visual Search is a new feature of Bing's Image Search tool that allows you to select objects in images to run searches for them. The new feature, which is live already on Bing, provides you with options to run searches for objects or people that are displayed in images that are returned by Bing's Image Search tool. The process itself works similarly to how you would capture a rectangular screenshot on the screen. You draw a rectangle around the object, Bing identifies it, and returns result

2017-06-01 17:23:35

Major Skype update moves it closer to Snapchat and WhatsApp  

Microsoft announced a moment ago that it has released a preview version of the "next generation of Skype" which changes the software dramatically. Released initially only for Android, but promised to land for iOS, Windows and Mac OS X later on, the new Skype Preview app is all about creating, playing, sharing, and "doing more" with the people Skype users care about according to Microsoft. Note: The Skype Preview for Android is only available in the following countries right now: United States, U

2017-06-01 15:49:40

Portable network scanner Dipiscan for Windows  

Dipiscan is a portable network scanner for Microsoft Windows devices to run scans on an IP range to detect network devices. Plenty of tools for network administrators and administration exist that help you manage devices connected to a local area network. Most operating systems ship with built-in options to ping, trace, display TCP connections, or run telnet or ftp sessions. Third-party tools offer better control and manageability, for instance by running scans for devices in a network, sending

2017-06-01 14:24:39

Google launches new Gmail security features  

Google announced a bundle of new security features or improvements for its Gmail email service that are being rolled out currently. Three of the four new features are available exclusively to Google Suite customers, the fourth to all users of Gmail. All Gmail users benefit from better protection against malicious attachments according to Google's announcement. This includes Google Suite customers who use Gmail, regular Google users who use Gmail on the Web or in one of the applications that supp

2017-06-01 06:47:25

HTTPS Everywhere WebExtension for Firefox  

HTTPS Everywhere is a popular cross-browser extension that you may use to enforce the use of HTTPS on websites that support it. While the extension does nothing for sites that use only HTTP or HTTPS, it is designed for those sites that support both protocols but don't enforce one or the other on its users. This can be the case when a site tests the HTTPS rollout for instance but has yet to make the full switch to the secure protocol. HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox is available as a legacy add-on c

2017-06-01 04:20:12

YouTube App update launches with major UI changes  

Google launched a new version of the YouTube application today on iOS and Android which comes with major changes to the apps' interface. Changing the interface of an app that has been around for some time is always a daunting task. It is almost guaranteed that part of the user base will dislike the change. Google notes that the update "provides a consistent layout across mobile" and "allows for easier navigation within the app". The biggest change of the update is the moving of the top navigatio

2017-05-31 18:55:13

Tad, a cross-platform tabular data viewer  

Tad is a free, cross-platform tabular data viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux to improve how you work with comma delimited files. While you can load most csv files in Office programs like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and online services like Office365 or Google Docs, doing so may not offer the greatest of experiences. This is especially the case when the data set is medium large or very large, as many solutions tend to lag a lot.. While you do get a tabular view of the data, these programs may

2017-05-31 17:21:49

Z-Cron: task scheduling for Windows  

Z-Cron, described as a task and backup scheduler by its developer, is a task scheduling program for Microsoft Windows devices. The program copies part of the Cron system that you may known from the GNU/Linux world already. It gives you great control over tasks on the system, for instance by defining when and how often they run. Z-Cron installation holds no surprises, but you may be asked to point the program to missing file dependencies. I was asked to install one of the myriads Microsoft Runtim

2017-05-31 07:37:14

Installing Spotify in GNU/Linux  

Spotify is one of the most popular among the various subscription based companies and applications around in what seems to be a growing trend. I personally have been subscribed for about three years now, and almost constantly having music from Spotify playing on either my laptop or my cellphone. Windows users have no need to fret, Spotify is easily download and installed; but what about GNU/Linux users? Installing Spotify on Ubuntu/Linux Mint / Derivatives Installing Spotify is extremely easy f

2017-05-31 05:01:17

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