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Windows 10 LTSB becomes Windows 10 LTSC  

Microsoft announced back in April of 2017 that it would release two feature updates of its Windows 10 operating system per year; one in March and the other in September of each year. The Windows 10 Creators Update, released back in April 2017, was the first feature update of Windows 10 that followed the new release schedule. The Fall Creators Update, which will come out in September 2017, will be the next. Along with the change of the release schedule came release terminology changes. Microsoft

2017-07-28 17:09:12

LibreOffice 5.4 Free Cross-Platform Office Suite is out  

LibreOffice 5.4, a new version of the popular cross-platform open source Office suite, has been released on July 28, 2017 to the public. The new version, which is the last major release of the LibreOffice 5.x family, improves Microsoft Office compatibility, new features in all modules, and better PDF rendering for imported PDF documents. The new version can be downloaded already from the official project website. Update checks in LibreOffice, which you can run with a click on Help > Check for Up

2017-07-28 11:44:26

JPEG Saver: photo slideshow screensaver  

JPEG Saver is a free screensaver for Microsoft Windows devices that adds impressive photo slideshow capabilities to the screensaver functionality. Screensavers are not really used anymore on devices that are connected to modern displays to save the screen from burn ins. Instead, they are mostly there for aesthetic or informational purposes. This means that they are still useful to some users. Microsoft announced recently that it would deprecate some screensaving functionality in the upcoming ver

2017-07-28 11:07:49

Ghacks Deals: The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle (91% off)  

The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle is an eLearning bundle that consists of four courses. The four courses build up on each other and are suitable for users of all experience levels. Knowledge of math -- calculus, linear Algebra and Probability -- as well as Python and Numpy is helpful though. If you need a Python refresher, or are just getting started, check out these Python eLearning offers to get started. Deep Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in Python

2017-07-28 05:57:41

Canonical Looking for user input on software selection for Ubuntu  

Canonical's Ubuntu Linux distribution is one of the, if not THE, most popular distributions of any GNU/Linux systems available; and now the company is looking for input from the masses on what software should be included in Ubuntu 18.04. The next long-term support release of the popular GNU/Linux operating system from Canonical is scheduled for April 2018, and will feature a number of changes; most notable is the switch from the Unity desktop environment and the return to GNOME. However, Dustin

2017-07-28 04:27:45

Configure Google Chrome to display certificates directly  

Google moved the option to display certificates in Google Chrome from the site properties menu to the Developer Tools. All you had to do previously to display the certificate of a site in Chrome was to click on the site icon in the browser and select details to display the certificate in the browser. After the change rolled out, users have to open the Developer Tools, select Security in the interface, and click on the "view certificate" button in it. Not very elegant, especially if you need to v

2017-07-27 12:31:38

USB 3.2 promises twice the performance of USB 3.1  

USB 3.0 was a big step up from USB 2.0 in terms of performance, which in turn was a big improvement over USB 1.0. It then got a bit confusing when USB 3.1 was introduced, as it was decided to rename USB 3.0 devices to USB 3.1 Gen 1, and pave the way for USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices on top of that. USB 3.1 Gen 2, or SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps, is the fastest version of USB right now. It offers speeds up to 10 Gbit/s which effectively doubles the speed of USB 3.1 Gen 1 devices which are good for a maximum tr

2017-07-27 09:43:30

Windows Repair 4.0 released: repair Windows software  

Windows Repair 4.0 is the newest version of the popular repair software for Microsoft Windows that is available as a free and professional version. The program, which the developers recommend to run in safe mode with networking, is designed to fix numerous issues that Windows users may experience on their Windows machines. We reviewed one of the first versions of Windows Repair back in 2011. A lot has changed since then. Windows Repair fixes issues with Windows programs and settings, and advance

2017-07-27 06:51:03

Google moves Instant Search to the retirement home  

When Google launched Google Instant Search back in 2010, the company called it a fundamental shift in search that would save searchers time when running searches on Google. Instant Search displayed search results page to the user during the process of typing the actual search phrase the user was interested in. In best case, it would display the desired results earlier. In worst case, it would throw a number of unrelated search results page at you while you tried to focus on typing your search qu

2017-07-27 04:43:45

Firefox Voice Fill, Notes and Send Experiments  

Mozilla plans to launch the three new Test Pilot experiments Voice Fill, Notes and Send for the Firefox web browser soon. Voice Fill adds voice commands for running searches on search engines to Firefox, Notes adds notepad functionality, and Send an option to transfer files securely by using encryption. Mozilla launched the first wave of Test Pilot experiments back in May 2016, and new experiments regularly afterwards. Experiments are designed to gather user feedback, telemetry and interest. We

2017-07-26 20:10:30

Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16251: new Cortana commands  

Development of the next feature update of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, is slowly coming to an end as Microsoft shifted development from adding features in builds to fixing issues and giving the new version a bit of polishing before release. Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16251 is not overly spectacular when it comes to new features because of that. While that is the case, it does ship with some that are noteworthy, and others that are not really that useful in the current iteration..

2017-07-26 19:15:45

Disable autoplaying video in Google app on Android  

If you use the Google application on Android, you may have noticed that videos may autoplay when they are shown in search results. Jennifer Slegg was the first to notice this on Google Search on desktop devices. She noticed that Google would autoplay videos on select searches. When she searched for "The Lego Ninjago Movie" or "Justice League Release Date" for instance, Google would display a movie trailer in the Knowledge Graph area of the search results, and play the movie trailer automatically

2017-07-26 16:32:48

Microsoft’s stance on unsupported hardware adds uncertainty to Windows 10  

Things were quite easy to understand from a support perspective in the pre-Windows 10 age. If you installed Windows on a PC or bought a PC with Windows pre-installed, you could be certain that you could run it until Microsoft ended support for the operating system. Upgrades to newer versions of Windows were possible as well, and if an upgrade was supported, you could be certain that you could run the new operating system version on the device for the remainder of its support phase. Microsoft cut

2017-07-26 14:49:18

Chrome 60 Stable is out  

Google released the stable version of the Chrome 60 web browser yesterday for the supported desktop operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux. The new version is mostly a security and under-the-hood release that introduces little functionality to the frontend side of the browser. Google notes on the Chrome Releases blog that the company has patched 40 security issues in Google Chrome, but lists only those contributed by external researches on the blog. The company notes that Chrome 60 will roll o

2017-07-26 11:10:15

Kaspersky Free Antivirus worldwide roll out begins  

Kaspersky announced the worldwide rollout of Kaspersky Free, a free limited version of Kaspersky Internet Security, yesterday. We reviewed the initial version of Kaspersky Free back in 2016 when Kaspersky began to distribute it in selection regions. While the security program was released only in those regions, downloads were not restricted to them. Kasperksy plans to roll out the free version of the company's security software to a worldwide audience starting this month. The roll out will happe

2017-07-26 07:40:51

Using AES Crypt to quickly encrypt / decrypt files on GNU/Linux  

There are multiple ways to encrypt files, or encrypt your entire filesystem, make containers, encrypt emails etc. However, AES Crypt has got to be the absolute most simple way to encrypt virtually any file quickly and easily in GNU/Linux. The reasons for doing so are many, but just to name a few: Keeping private information on your machine private Keeping private information you intend to send to someone else private Keeping files you intend to store online, private Hiding things from the booge

2017-07-26 05:14:53

Adobe retires Flash in December 2020  

Adobe announced today that it plans to retire Adobe Flash in December 2020 when it will stop updating and distributing Flash. The company suggests that developers switch from using Flash to modern web technologies such as HMTL5, WebGL or WebAssembly. Specifically, we will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats. Adobe will support Flash "on a number of major" operating system

2017-07-25 17:20:17

Ghacks Deals: The Ultimate Android N Development Bundle (90% off)  

The Ultimate Android N Development Bundle is a five course series that takes you from beginner programmer to master. The courses build up on each other but are open to users of all experience levels. Android N is the latest version of Android at the time of writing with Android O being readied by Google right now. Course access is granted for life, and all five courses are currently available for $39 which is a discount of 90% over the regular price. The following courses are included: Android

2017-07-25 12:25:21

Firefox blocks all GitHub release downloads as deceptive  

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox web browser right now to download releases hosted on the project hosting website Github, you will notice that you cannot do so directly anymore. For instance, if you try to download the latest Atom editor builds, you get the warning message. The browser displays a "deceptive site!" warning when you click on a download link and states that site the downloads are hosted on has been reported and blocked. Downloads on GitHub are powered by Amazon AWS. This web pa

2017-07-25 12:03:00

Policy Plus brings Group Policy to all Windows editions  

Policy Plus is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows that introduces Group Policy access on all editions of the Windows operating system. Microsoft limits access to the Group Policy to professional and Enterprise editions of Windows. This means that Home edition users, for instance those running Windows 10 Home or Windows 7 Home Premium, cannot use the Group Policy for administrative tasks. While it is possible usually to make changes to the Windows Registry which have the same effect

2017-07-25 11:37:01

Google app takes screenshot of your searches on Android  

Google rolls out a feature currently on Android that introduces a "recent" feature in the Google application on Android devices. The Google application ships with many Android devices by default. It is often displayed as a search form on the Android home screen. Users may use it to search on Google Search directly without using a web browser installed on the device for that. The company saves the search history of Google users already, but has added a new feature to the Google application that c

2017-07-25 07:47:37

Microsoft Paint will move to the Windows Store  

Microsoft plans to remove Microsoft Paint from the Windows 10 operating system and make the app available through Windows Store instead. Microsoft revealed removed and deprecated features of the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version of the operating system recently. The long standing default image editor of Windows, Microsoft Paint, was listed under deprecated. Many sites out there reported wrongly that Microsoft would remove Microsoft Paint from the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. D

2017-07-25 06:02:01

8 things Microsoft needs to fix in Windows 10  

Windows 10 was released in 2015 with much fanfare as the next and last version of the Windows operating system. While Windows 10 was designed for the ground up to work on any device type, its interface was flexible enough to provide desktop users with a different experience than users on mobile devices (the few that were supported). Microsoft got away from the Windows 8 experiment of pushing a unified mobile and touch optimized interface to the Windows population -- which backfired for the most

2017-07-25 05:15:40

Windows 10 Web Search gets a tad more useful  

The most recent Insider Build of the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update comes with extended web search functionality that makes it a tad more useful than it is right now in stable versions of Windows 10. Microsoft integrated web search capabilities into the default search functionality on Windows 10. This means that Windows 10 users may get search results returned to them when they run searches on the device. I did not find this particularly useful, as Windows 10 returns search suggestions

2017-07-24 15:10:09

Manage TV Shows with Series Organizer  

Series Organizer is a free portable software program for Microsoft Windows devices to manage, look up and keep track of TV shows. Keeping track of TV shows that you are interested in, own, or have access to can be quite the daunting task depending on how much of a TV show fan you really are. You may find the free program Series Organizer useful if you like to keep your TV shows in digital format on your computer running Windows as it was designed for that task. The program uses an interface that

2017-07-24 12:41:20

RadioMaximus: play and record Internet Radio  

RadioMaximus is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may use to play and record Internet Radio. The program is available as a free, limited version and a pro version. The free version supports all the basic features that you would like to see in an Internet Radio application: you can browse and search radio stations, play them, and record stations on top of that. The free version is provided as a 32-bit and 64-bit program for Microsoft Windows. While it comes with an in

2017-07-24 07:30:50

Disable the preloading of Firefox autocomplete URLs  

Mozilla plans to launch a new feature in Firefox soon which will preload autocomplete URLs in the Firefox browser when users type in the address bar. Designed to give the connection to these sites a boost by doing some initial connecting before the user activates those links, some users may prefer to disable this feature for privacy purposes. The tweak will preload URLs displayed by Firefox's autocomplete functionality. When a user types in Firefox's address bar, suggestions are displayed as the

2017-07-24 04:21:43

Firefox’s unloaded tab handling got a whole lot better  

Starting with Firefox 55, scheduled for an August 8th, 2017 release, unloaded tab handling in the Firefox web browser got a whole lot better. This should have a positive impact on all Firefox users who restore the last browsing session on start of the browser. It improves the time it takes to load the browser and also the memory consumption. To hammer home the point, Mozilla employee Dietrich Ayala ran a test with a Firefox profile with 1691 open tabs in the browsing session. Note: Startup time

2017-07-23 18:21:13

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Removed Features  

Microsoft plans to release the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the next feature update for Windows 10 in a couple of months. The Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 will introduce new functionality but also remove some that was available in previous versions of the operating system. Microsoft published a Support article that highlights removed or deprecated features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The difference between removed and deprecated is the following: removed features are no lo

2017-07-23 07:28:42

A look at I-Nex – a CPU-Z like Application for GNU/Linux  

When I was running Windows one of the first pieces of software I'd install after I'd grabbed all my necessities, was CPU-Z. It was useful for looking at temperatures, specs, generating reports, and just overall gathering of information. In GNU/Linux we can do all of this via the terminal, but not everyone likes to use consoles, and some may not even know how to. Thankfully, I-Nex exists, and it serves many of the same purposes. Installing I-Nex can be easily done on numerous distributions. For a

2017-07-23 05:40:45

Firefox 56: automatic 32-bit to 64-bit upgrade  

Mozilla plans to upgrade Firefox 32-bit installations to the 64-bit version of the web browser when it releases Firefox 56 later this year. While stable 64-bit versions of the browser have been available for Linux and Mac OS X for a long time, the same cannot be said for the Firefox 64-bit version for Windows. While it was offered as 64-bit development versions for those interested, a stable version was not provided for a long time Mozilla started to release Firefox 64-bit for Windows in Decembe

2017-07-22 07:49:25

A look at the nano text editor in GNU/Linux  

Given that I have been writing the odd article here and there about server work, hosting, VPS and the like, I thought that perhaps an article about editing configuration files / text documents in a command line scenario might be a good idea. There are a few major text editors out there, some more user-friendly while some are more complex but bring extra power and configuration (I'm looking at you Vim.) The editor that most users who are new to the world of working with text only will likely star

2017-07-22 05:04:37

Firefox’s new WebExtensions Permissions update system  

The move from legacy add-ons to WebExtensions introduces a permissions system that is similar to the one used by Google Chrome extensions. WebExtensions may request certain permissions. These are displayed to the user during installation, and are also listed on the add-ons page on the Mozilla website. Add-on authors may integrate new functionality and additional permissions in add-on updates. This is required for instance when the add-on uses new APIs that require extra permissions. Mozilla had

2017-07-21 11:25:30

YouTube Video Editor and Photo slideshows being retired  

Google plans to remove the two YouTube features Video Editor and Photo slideshows from the popular video hosting and streaming service. The company revealed the decision on two YouTube support pages. According to the information posted on the pages, both features will be removed from YouTube on September 20, 2017. The YouTube Video Editor provides creators with basic video editing functionality. Creators may edit videos they have already uploaded to YouTube in several ways, for instance by addin

2017-07-21 09:47:15

Nintendo N64 Classic Mini: Nintendo’s next console?  

Nintendo may be working on the next console of its retro revival series: the Nintendo N64 Classic Mini, or short N64 Classic. Nintendo's classic consoles are very popular. The company released the NES Classic console back in 2016 which started the craze. The SNES Classic Edition will be out in September 2017, and it appears that the company is not finished yet. Both the NES Classic and the SNES Classic consoles sold extremely well. In fact, it was difficult to get one of the devices as they sold

2017-07-21 05:54:02

After a year, Motion Stills lands on Android  

Motion Stills, an experimental short video creation application by Google, has been released by the company for the Android platform. Google launched Motion Stills in June 2016 for iOS, and has now brought the application to Android as well. Google lists the application as experimental and hints that it may integrate the functionality into company products such as Google Photos if it is well received. Motion Stills for Android Motion Stills is a simple application that you may use to create sho

2017-07-21 04:15:02

Firefox Focus 1.1 for Android released  

Mozilla has just released Firefox Focus 1.1 for Android. Firefox Focus is a mobile browser that puts the much of its focus on user privacy. The organization released Firefox Focus -- known as Firefox Klar in German speaking countries -- about a month ago for Android. More than one million Android users have downloaded and installed the mobile browser in the past month. The browser is not only popular, but also highly rated with its review score of 4.5 based on more than 9100 ratings at the time

2017-07-20 16:27:21

Ghacks Deals: The Robotics & Machine Learning of Self-Driving Cars (95% off)  

Robotics, machine learning and self-driving cars are some of the hottest topics in tech right now. The Robotics & Machine Learning of Self-Driving Cars course puts you behind the steering wheel of learning machine learning and robotics concepts and fundamentals that apply to self-driving cards. The course is designed for users of all experience levels. It covers a broad spectrum of topics in its 82 lectures that include Python, artificial neural networks, or batteries. Click here to open The R...

2017-07-20 13:41:58

Wireshark 2.4 released  

Wireshark 2.4.0 is a major new version of the popular network protocol analyzer for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X devices. The application is available as a 32-bit and 64-bit installer for Windows, and as a portable version for Windwos as well. One of the new features is experimental support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows installer packages (msi). The developers of Wireshark suggested that these new installer packages are used independently of the old. Users who have installed either one of the

2017-07-20 09:03:14

uBlock Origin WebExtension lands on Firefox AMO  

The WebExtension version of the popular content blocker uBlock Origin has landed on Mozilla's official Add-ons website for the Firefox web browser. A big upcoming shift from legacy add-ons to WebExtensions forces add-on developers to port their legacy add-ons to ensure compatibility with Firefox 57 and newer versions of the browser. Mozilla plans to cut off legacy support in Firefox 57 Stable which means essentially that add-ons that are not WebExtensions by the time won't work anymore in the we

2017-07-20 06:56:15

Microsoft extends support of Windows 10 version 1607 to 2023  

Microsoft confirmed to Zdnet yesterday that it will support PCs with Intel's Clover Trail processor with security updates until 2023. We revealed on Tuesday that devices with Intel Clover Trail processors cannot be upgraded from an earlier version of Windows 10 to the Creators Update version of the operating system (or any future update like the Fall Creators Update). The error message Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC is displayed during the upgrade process, and there does not seem t

2017-07-20 04:44:46

OneDrive Version History for all file types  

Microsoft announced today that it is expanding support for OneDrive's version history feature to all file types stored by the service. OneDrive supported the restoration of document file formats by using the service's version history feature up until recently. Today's roll out brings support for the recovery of any file type to OneDrive. Microsoft notes that this was one of the most requested user features. Considering that competing services like Dropbox or Google Drive support the recovery of

2017-07-19 17:26:07

Avast acquires Piriform, makers of CCleaner  

Avast just announced that the company has acquired the software company Piriform, best known for the software program CCleaner for Windows. Piriform's flagship product is CCleaner, a temporary file cleaner and traces remover for Windows. The company has created other respectable programs such as Speccy, a hardware inventory software, Defraggler, a file defragmentation program, and Recuva, a file recovery application. The company started out as a producer of high quality Windows programs, but has

2017-07-19 13:50:59

Windows 10: less downtime during feature upgrades  

Microsoft plans to roll out a change in the coming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that aims to reduce the time the computer is installing the update. The new feature shifts some processes which are currently processed during installation of the update. Microsoft separates Windows 10 updates into online and offline phases. The process begins with the online phase. Windows Update finds a new update for the PC and starts to download it. Up until now, that is all that happens in the online phase. W

2017-07-19 12:45:17

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.0 released  

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.0 has been released; it is a complete rewrite of the security application that Malwarebytes, maker of the popular security solution Malwarebytes, acquired in October 2016. We reviewed AdwCleaner back in 2012 for the first time, and have followed the program ever since, for instance when we reviewed AdwCleaner 5.0 which introduced Windows 10 support in 2015. AdwCleaner is a specialized tool for Windows that scans the system for adware or changes caused by adware to remov

2017-07-19 06:44:44

How to check Hard Drive Disk Health in GNU/Linux  

So, I recently purchased a new (used, but new to me) laptop, that had a 1TB 5400RPM Hard Disk in it, granted the laptop is fairly powerful and capable of modern gaming, rendering, and number crunching thanks to a 4th generation i7 CPU and a Dedicated 2GB GDDR5 GPU. However, the HDD seemed to be running awfully slowly, even for a 5400RPM drive. I've been using strictly Solid State Drives for a number of years now, so I admit there was always the possibility of me just having become spoiled, but...

2017-07-19 04:29:25

Microsoft Edge: reveal hidden preferences on about:flags  

The most recent build of Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 Insider channel comes with a change that hides some preferences on the browser's about:Flags page. Microsoft Edge is a rather bare bones web browser when you compare its feature set to other browsers out there. It is like Notepad on Windows, a good but not great program that you can use for basic tasks. When you compare options that Edge ships with, with those of Google Chrome or Firefox, you will soon realize that you don't get a lot of

2017-07-18 16:11:32

Ghacks Deals: 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle (96% off)  

If you always wanted to get started programming your own computer or mobile games, but never knew how to start, the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle may be an excellent starting point for you. Also, it is handy for anyone else who likes to learn game programming in particular. Nine game development courses are part of the bundle, and you get them all for 96% off the regular price. The following courses are included: Master Unity Game Development: Ultimate Beginners Bootcamp -- Learn Uni

2017-07-18 10:10:56

How to delete large folders in Windows super fast  

When you delete huge folders in Windows, you will notice that the process takes quite a bit of time to complete. I keep backup folders of Ghacks locally on a platter-based drive, and these folders come close to 30 Gigabytes in size with more than 140,000 files and 350 folders. When I need to delete them again, it takes a long time if I run the delete operation in Windows Explorer. First thing that happens is that Windows runs calculations which in itself may take a very long time to complete. Th

2017-07-18 08:18:07

Luminar Photo Editor for Windows: first look  

Luminar is a popular photo editor for Apple Mac OS X devices. The company Macphun has released a beta version of Luminar for Windows that brings most features of the Mac software to Windows devices. Luminar is offered as a beta version currently. You can only download it after you enter an email address on the developer website, and need to use the activation code that is sent to the email address to register the software. Considering that the Mac version is commercial, it seems very likely that

2017-07-18 07:03:41

Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC  

Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC is an error message that Windows 10 may throw during the update to a newer version of the operating system. Microsoft moved away from the classic service pack / new version of Windows update scheme of the past to Windows as a Service with the company's Windows 10 operating system. Windows as a Service pushes out feature updates frequently to Windows 10 systems that administrators and users need to install for continued support. While Microsoft plans t

2017-07-18 05:13:09

Microsoft releases LinkedIn Windows 10 app (web wrapper)  

Microsoft and LinkedIn announced today the release of the new LinkedIn application for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. The app, which will be rolled out gradually until the end of the month to the Windows 10 population is LinkedIn's first application for Windows 10. The company announced earlier that it made the decision to retire the Windows Phone application. The blog posts on the Windows Experience and LinkedIn blog highlight that Windows 10 users will "enjoy a richer, more engaging

2017-07-17 16:44:00

Is this the last version of MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema)?  

Media Player Classic Home Cinema, or short MPC-HC, is a popular open source media player for Microsoft Windows devices. The program is available as a 32-bit and 64-bit version for Windows, and may be installed or run as a portable program. MPC-HC is a fork of the Media Player Classic application for Windows. The player interface looks similar to that of Windows Media Player 6.4, a legacy version of the built-in media player for Windows, but similarities between the two programs end there. You ca

2017-07-17 10:37:08

Texmaker 5.0 LaTeX editor released  

Texmaker 5.0, a new version of the crossplatform LaTeX editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, has been released on July 17, 2017. The new version comes with a new interface, high DPI support for Texmaker on Windows and Linux, and other improvements. Windows and Linux users should not confuse Texmaker, a LaTeX editor, with TextMaker, a word processor that is developed by SoftMaker and part of the company's Office suite. The programs are not related in any way. Windows users can download a portab

2017-07-17 08:36:29

Canvas Defender: canvas fingerprinting protection  

Canvas Defender is a free add-on for Firefox and Chrome that manipulates the canvas fingerprint to protect against canvas fingerprinting. Canvas Fingerprinting uses the HTML5 Canvas element. The Canvas element may be used to draw graphics on a web page, and it is supported by all major web browsers. The fingerprinting makes use of the fact that the canvas output is often not identical when it is rendered in different browsers. This is not always the case, and that's why Canvas fingerprinting is

2017-07-17 05:06:22

Royal RSS Reader for Windows  

Royal RSS Reader is a free portable program for Windows that is a basic and compact program for reading RSS feeds on the desktop. While RSS feeds are still practicably found on most sites on the Internet, RSS reading seems to have taken a backseat in the eyes of companies in favor or notification systems and messaging applications. Still, if you want to read RSS feeds, you can do so in pretty much any browser directly, by using online services, apps, or desktop programs. Check out our overview o

2017-07-16 10:35:30

Core Linux Question and Answers For Beginners  

Linux, or GNU/Linux, is has grown in popularity exponentially over the course of the past ten years or so, and with that and the rise of users switching from Windows; there are a lot of questions that get asked. This article, is simply a number of these questions, and the answers associated with them. Feel free to post questions about Linux that you are curious about in the comment section below. Is Linux Free To Use? In short - Mostly. The vast majority of distributions used at home are free...

2017-07-16 04:38:17

Fotowall 1.0: create posters, wallpapers and original pictures  

Fotowall 1.0 is a software program for Windows and Linux that you may use to create original pictures by using the creative tools it offers. Jack Wallen reviewed an early version of the program back in 2010 for Linux, and focused in it on the creation of unique wallpapers. While one of Fotowall's applications is the creation of wallpapers, it can be used for more than that. You can create all kinds of picture outputs, like posters or covers for instance. Recent versions support integration of te

2017-07-15 07:20:53

uBlock Origin: official repository and downloads  

uBlock Origin is a popular cross-browser content blocker that is seen by many as one of the most efficient extensions of its kind. The browser extension is available for Firefox and Chromium based browsers, as well as Microsoft Edge. Basically, what that means is that you can install it in virtually any browser out there right now -- with the exception of Internet Explorer. The extension was initially known as uBlock -- originally named with the Greek letter µ instead of u -- and released for ...

2017-07-15 06:04:07

Send any file with WhatsApp  

The most recent WhatsApp update for Android and iOS enables the sending of any file type to other users of the messaging service. File attachments were limited to a selection of files up until now. This meant that you could not send any file type not supported officially to other users of WhatsApp. This was a clear disadvantage in comparison to messaging services like Telegram or Skype which supported the sending of any file types for a long time. The most recent update to WhatsApp introduces th

2017-07-14 16:39:09

Use Windows PowerShell to install optional features  

Microsoft Windows ships with a set of so-called optional features that users may enable or disable using the "turn Windows features on or off" control panel applet. This works well for the most part, but requires that you open the Control Panel on the operating system unless you load the Features window directly by typing optionalfeatures in Start. While that is sufficient most of the time, administrators may use PowerShell as well to manage optional features of the Windows operating system. The

2017-07-14 10:50:39

Mozilla is held to a higher standard  

If you follow tech news or my site, you have probably stumbled upon the Firefox uses Google Analytics controversy by now. Let me refresh your memory if you have not. A user of Firefox discovered that Mozilla Firefox connects to Google Analytics when users of the browser load the Get Add-ons page of about:addons. That page displays a remote web page on Mozilla's website when loaded, and that's where the Google Analytics connection comes into play. Mozilla stated in a response that it has brokered

2017-07-14 07:22:18

Pale Moon 27.4 is out  

Pale Moon 27.4 has been released by the team responsible for the web browser, and is now available for direct download and automatic update. The new version of the browser introduces new features and changes to it; existing users may notice that most of the media streaming issues that some experienced should be fixed in this release  for instance. Since Pale Moon 27.4 fixes several security issues as well, it is highly recommended to update the browser to the latest version as soon as possible ...

2017-07-14 04:41:05

Windows 10 Build 16241: Task Manager Process Groups  

Microsoft published a new build of the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update today to the Fast Ring Insider channel. While users should not expect major features being integrated into the new version of Windows 10 at this stage in development, new builds do feature gradual improvements over previous ones. The last build featured for instance options in the UI to limit the upload and download bandwidth of Windows Update. While that is not a particularly new feature in itself, as it has been av

2017-07-13 18:27:37

Ghacks Deals: The Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle (96% off)  

The Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle includes nine courses in total that cover hacking, ethical hacking, and other security topics. The price is 96% off of the original price right now, and the following courses are included in the bundle: Bug Bounty: Web Hacking -- Get Paid to Legally Hack The World's Biggest Web Apps Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux From A to Z -- Discover the Power of Kali Linux, One of the Most Popular Ethical Hacking Tools Ethical Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techni

2017-07-13 17:05:20

Microsoft is giving away truckloads of ebooks  

Microsoft is doing it again; the company is giving away (for free) an entire collection of ebooks covering major Microsoft products such as Windows, Windows Server, Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, and a lot more. All that it takes is to visit the official giveaway page hosted on Eric Ligman's blog on MSDN, and start downloading any ebooks that you are interested in. (Eric Ligman is Mcirosoft's Directory of Sales Excellence). Downloads are not limited, and anyone may download one, some or even

2017-07-13 13:03:04

RegistryChangesView: monitor Windows Registry modifications  

RegistryChangesView is a brand new portable application by Nirsoft for Windows that you may use to monitor the Registry for changes. The program has been designed to take Registry snapshots, and compare these snapshots to list all changes that have been made to the keys and values included in both snapshots. This can be very useful, for instance to find out which changes the installation of a program makes to the Registry, to monitor a particular key or value that you are interested in, or to re

2017-07-13 12:02:32

Google Backup and Sync is here: let’s take a look  

Google Backup and Sync is a new program by Google that combines Google Photos and Google Drive functionality in a single client application. The new client replaces the old clients that Google provided for these tasks. Downloads are available on Google Drive and Google Photos; I could not get the download to start on Google Drive, but the download started fine on Google Photos. The new Google Backup and Sync is available for Windows and Mac operating systems only at this point in time. It seems

2017-07-13 08:11:36

Privacy blunder? Firefox’s Get Add-ons page uses Google Analytics  

The Firefox web browser ships with an add-on management interface that users may load directly by typing about:addons in the browser's address bar, or by using menus of the browser the page is linked from. The management interface comes with several pages that separate extensions from themes, plugins, services, scripts and other "add-ons" that users may add to Firefox in one way or another. There is also a Get Add-ons page that lists add-on suggestions to users. It is making the rounds right now

2017-07-13 07:41:27

Fedora 26 Released  

It's been a number of years since I sat down and gave Fedora a spin; I've always leaned more towards some of the other distributions out there with features that more suited my style. However, with the release of Fedora 26 I thought perhaps I should give the very popular and powerful distribution it's due diligence and see how it runs. Fedora is the upstream source for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and therefore is quite powerful by its very nature, and would be well suited to home users and ...

2017-07-13 04:10:16

Bitdefender 2018 changes  

Bitdefender released a refresh of the company's Bitdefender product line yesterday that improves it in several key security areas. Bitdefender Total Security 2018, Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 are all available already on the Bitdefender website. Existing users may download the new versions from Bitdefender Central to install the new version and replace the old version with it in the process. The following guide concentrates on the changes in the three v

2017-07-12 13:03:22

Remove the Windows.old folder manually  

Windows creates the folder Windows.old on a PC running Windows when you upgrade the PC to a new version of the operating system. The Windows.old folder contains files and folders of the old installation of Windows, and the main reason it is there is that it is used to restore the old system if the user wants to go back to it. This folder may take up a sizeable amount of space, but will get deleted automatically usually by Windows after a set period of time. Windows users may also use the disk cl

2017-07-12 09:38:17

Shutdown8: shut down, sleep, restart Windows PCs  

Shutdown8 is a free program for Microsoft Windows that provides you with the means to change the power state of a Windows PC. That alone is not overly spectacular, considering that you can change the power state from the Start Menu or by pressing the power button of the PC. What sets it apart are two features: first that it comes with a timer functionality, and second that it may be easier to access than the default Windows options. The latter is true especially if you pin the program to the tas

2017-07-12 08:17:05

Twitter adds option to mute new accounts  

Twitter announced on July 10 through the company's Twitter Safety account that new options to mute notifications have been added to the site. The social messaging service supports several security functions to deal with other Twitter users. This includes blocking accounts, muting words or muting accounts. While it is easy to mute accounts for instance, doing so won't prevent blocked users from creating new accounts to interact with you again. Blocking also always means that you are acting after

2017-07-12 05:02:25

How to use OneDrive’s Files On-Demand feature  

Microsoft revealed plans recently to bring back the placeholder feature of the company's file hosting and syncing service OneDrive. Files On-Demand, the new name of the feature, was added to recent Windows 10 Insider Builds already, and the company plans to release the feature with the Fall Creators Update that will be out in a couple of months. Microsoft did limit the supported file systems of OneDrive to NTFS for that change though, and was rightfully criticized for making the change without p

2017-07-11 19:46:15

Microsoft Security Updates July 2017 release  

Microsoft released security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products on July 11, 2017. The following guide provides you with in-depth information on the July 2017 Microsoft Patch Day. It starts with an executive summary that covers important to-know bits about the updates. What follows is the distribution of updates for individual operating systems, server and client, and other Microsoft products. It lists security updates, security advisories, and non-s

2017-07-11 17:01:12

Jump: subscription-based Indie Gaming service  

Jump is a subscription-based Indie gaming service that is available for various desktop operating systems and as a Web-based version. Are game subscription services becoming the next big thing? The makers of Jump seem to think so. The service is in beta currently until July 24th and will launch officially later this year. The service focuses on independent games, and will feature a list of over 60 titles on start that users can play using the service. The monthly fee is $9.99, and there is a 14

2017-07-11 12:15:22

Ghacks Deals: Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription (94% off)  

Windscribe is a popular VPN provider that offers free and paid services. The free service is good for testing Windscribe, the Pro service to get the most out of it. Windscribe Pro does not limit bandwidth, allows P2P traffic, does not log user activities, and may be used on any number of devices. The service is available for the desktop operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as iOS and Android (coming soon). This particular deal is for a lifetime subscription of the service. What's p

2017-07-11 10:31:29

Out of Process Web Extensions in Firefox Nightly  

Firefox Nightly users on Windows may configure the web browser to move Web Extensions to their own process in the most recent builds. Mozilla's work on Firefox's multi-process architecture continues. The organization rolled out the new architecture to Firefox Stable this year, and increased the number of multi-process content processes in the recently released Firefox 54 for some systems as well. The separation of Firefox core from websites and plugins improves stability of the browser, as crash

2017-07-11 08:54:18

Google Chrome: password export and import  

Google Chrome users can import saved passwords from Internet Explorer or Safari, but Google never added an option to the browser to import or export passwords using the browser's UI. While Chrome users may use sync to synchronize their passwords to other devices they use Chrome on, users who don't use sync or want to import Chrome passwords into another browser cannot use that functionality. This leaves browser extensions, and an experimental password import and export option. Google Chrome user

2017-07-10 18:49:28

Microsoft 365: Windows and Office subscription bundle  

Microsoft 365 is a new subscription-based service by Microsoft that includes Windows,Office 365 and Windows Mobility in a single package. Announced officially on July 10, 2017 by irk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team on the official Office blog, Microsoft 365 is the next step in Microsoft's transformation to a company that moves from traditional software sales to subscription-based services. The new service will be offered in two editions: Microsoft 365 Enterprise, and M

2017-07-10 16:05:59

Google News Alternatives  

Google launched a new design for the company's Google News service recently which Google stated was a long overdue modernization of it. As is the case with most fundamental changes to a service, Google has not received only love for the change but also criticism. While mobile users seem to be fine with Google News for the most part, at least some desktop users are not. They state that there is too much widespace, and that the layout is not optimized for going through news quickly anymore as less

2017-07-10 12:03:25

Caffeine: prevent sleep on Android devices  

Caffeine is a free application for Android devices that prevents sleep, lock or screen dimming automatically or manually. Power saving modes are essential on mobile devices as these modes will preserve battery when active. That's handy on the one hand, but not so handy in other situations. Take chat applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for instance. If you don't write for a minute or so, your device may enter the power saving state already depending on how it is configured. The same

2017-07-10 10:07:03

GoldenDict: dictionary with Wikipedia integration  

GoldenDict is a free cross-platform dictionary program with Wikipedia integration and support for global hotkeys to power its functionality. Jack mentioned the dictionary back in 2010 in his Linux Dictionary Tools overview, but I never reviewed the application for Windows. While word definitions are just a click away in web browsers, as there are plenty of online services that provide you with information, you may sometimes prefer to use a desktop program. Desktop programs may support the loadin

2017-07-10 05:51:31

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Limit Windows Update bandwidth  

Microsoft added a new feature to the Windows Update functionality of the most recent Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Insider build that allows you to limit the Windows Update bandwidth. Microsoft did not mention the new feature in the Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16237 post on the official Microsoft website. Note: This is a preview build feature. While it is likely that it will be part of the Fall Creators Update version that Microsoft plans to release in a couple of months, there is no guar

2017-07-09 17:37:13

Remove Windows 10 Context Menu bloat  

Microsoft added new entries to the File Explorer context menu in Windows 10 that some users of the operating system may like, and others may call bloat. If you right-click on files in the most recent release build of Windows 10, the Creators Update, you get up to three additional context menu items. You may get "Edit with Paint 3D" to edit an image with the built-in Paint 3D application, a "Cast to Device" entry to cast the media file to another device, and the "Share" entry which opens the Shar

2017-07-09 13:01:16

Accessing your Linux server from within Microsoft Windows  

In a previous article we discussed how to start up a basic web server with nginx and get a primitive webpage online, however, what if we are hosting our website on a VPS server not located locally, and we are wanting to access the server from within Microsoft Windows? There are two solutions that I would jump to right away: Putty and WinSCP. Putty is an application that allows us to make an SSH connection to a remote server (Putty also can use things like Telnet, but we won't be getting into tha

2017-07-09 04:38:08

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16237  

Microsoft has pushed out another build of its upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update feature update to the Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring channel. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16237 brings new features to Microsoft Edge, the default browser of Windows 10,  and improvements to Windows Shell, Input, gaming, Task Manager, Hyper-V, and a truckload of other fixes and changes. The new version is already available through Windows Update. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16237 Microsoft Edge Work ...

2017-07-08 06:24:13

Install Pamac in Arch Linux for a GUI like Manjaro  

Arch Linux by default does not come with a GUI tool for updating packages or working with the AUR (Arch User Repository), and this is just fine for most Arch users. However, having used Manjaro for quite a while fairly recently, I kind of got used to using Pamac as a GUI option for these things when I didn't feel like mucking around with a terminal. So, I decided to install it on my Arch system, and thought perhaps I might not be the only one who would like that, and thought I'd share it the exc

2017-07-08 03:45:53

Firefox Add-ons WebExtensions State July 2017  

Back in March 2017 and April 2017 we published two articles about Firefox add-ons and the progress that was made towards WebExtensions compatibility. This article is a follow up to those previous articles. It analyzes the situation in July three and two months after we published the initial articles. Mozilla plans to release Firefox 57 as a WebExtensions supporting browser only in regards to add-ons. This means that any add-on that is not a WebExtension by that time will stop working. Firefox 57

2017-07-07 11:04:20

uBlock Origin: browse without account  

If you use the browser extension uBlock Origin, available for Firefox and Chrome-based browsers, you may browse without account. is a community site that is well frequented. It is a n question and answer type site that is described as a "place to share knowledge and better understand the world". While anyone may access pages on Quora, only the questions are visible on pages for users who are not signed in to an account. We detailed back in 2013 how to access answers on Quora.

2017-07-07 09:30:54

Access Firefox about:config preferences directly  

If you want to access Firefox about:config preferences directly, you can do so to speed up the editing of preferences, or bookmark them. Firefox's about:config feature, and the underlying structure that powers it, is a mighty feature that is more powerful than that of any other browser out there. While Chrome or Edge come with their own experimental flags section, these pale when compared to what Firefox users have access to. The usual method of editing these preferences is to load about:config,

2017-07-07 05:11:05

neutriNote: powerful note-taking for Android  

The Android application neutriNote is a powerful note taking application that supports math (LaTeX), rich markdown, and drawings among other things. Many Android devices come with basic note taking functionality, and a new application needs to offer something that these default applications don't offer to stand a chance. The free application neutriNote does that, but is still easy enough to use for basic note taking without all the fancy stuff added to it. The application is free, does not have

2017-07-06 19:41:16

Bitdefender Home Scanner review  

Bitdefender Home Scanner is a free program by security company Bitdefender that scans devices on local networks for security issues. The need for security has expanded with Internet of Things being a trend, and household devices such as your fridge or thermostat connecting to a local network or the Internet. It is no longer sufficient to just make sure that your laptop, smartphone or desktop computer is protected. Any device with connectivity, be it a smart TV, game console or household item, ca

2017-07-06 16:20:09

Ghacks Deals: Getflix: 30 Year Subscription (96% off)  

Getflix is an online service that lets you access geographically restricted content such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC or Hulu on the Internet. Many online streaming services restrict access to their content. If you are from the US and use Hulu or Netflix all the time, you lose access as soon as you leave the country (for vacation, business). Getflix uses DNS to let you access these services regardless of where you are. I tested this with Netflix US just a moment ago, and it worked without prob

2017-07-06 13:34:02

How to sync Vivaldi user data  

If you use the Vivaldi browser on multiple devices, or even a stable and development version on the same computer, you may have run into a roadblock when it comes to making sure the user data is synced between all Vivaldi versions. Vivaldi does not support Sync yet, but it is a feature that the company works on actively. It is likely that Sync will ship this year. For now however, the only option that Vivaldi users have is to sync data manually between profiles. While this requires some manual w

2017-07-06 12:56:03

How to disable animations in Firefox Photon  

Mozilla continues its work on Photon, a visual refresh of the Firefox web browser that will be released later this year (most expect it to launch in Firefox 57 out November 2017). You can check out Photon design screenshots here and here, but keep in mind that this is still being worked on and subject to change. Photon introduces a number of changes to Firefox's interface, for instance the new Page Action menu that is shown as three dots in the address bar, or the new UI density option to switch

2017-07-06 04:54:22

Microsoft releases July 2017 Non-Security Office updates  

Microsoft has just released non-security updates for Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016; a day later than anticipated because of 4th of July in the US. Only non-security Office updates get released by Microsoft on the first Tuesday of the month. That's the reason why you don't see patches for Office 2007 or Office 2010 as both are on extended support which means that Microsoft supports them with security updates only. Security updates for Office are traditionally released on the second Tuesday of a

2017-07-05 20:00:26

Avira partners with AdGuard to integrate adblocker into products  

Avira announced today that it has integrated adblocking functionality into the company's browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The decision to integrate an adblocker into company products came as a result of a study that Avira ran back in February 2017. One of the takeaways of the study was that about a quarter of all hits could be tracked to the domains of five advertising networks. What this meant was that about 25% of all attacks originated from advertisement. Avira ran th

2017-07-05 17:12:38

How to reset Data usage in Windows 10  

Data usage is a handy feature of the Windows 10 operating system that reveals the data transfer totals from the last 30 days. Besides displaying the total amount of data that was transferred in the last 30 days, it may also highlight data for different connection types -- e.g. Ethernet and Wireless -- and list the top applications. While the stat is quite handy to have, as it provides an overview of data transfer on the device, it is not as handy as it could be. Data usage has no reset option, a

2017-07-05 13:10:40

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