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Browse over 100,000 different recipes. New recipes are added daily with photos and reviews. Cooking tips and hints, interesting food articles, and other cooking information. CDKitchen is one of the first and largest recipes websites online. Over 100,000 searchable recipes that let you change serving size, print in various formats, share on social media and more. The site also has a panel of professional foodies who write weekly cooking articles, a variety of online cooking games, personal online cookbooks and more.

Rice Pilaf For 100  

A seasoned rice dish that can be served with any kind of meat or vegetable. With rich infusions of mouth-watering stocks and aromatic hints of garlic, this dish is guaranteed to be a favorite at any gathering.

2017-07-22 05:08:05

Did You Celebrate National Junk Food Day?  

Junk food. What do those two words bring to mind? How 'bout potato chips, pizza, Pop Tarts and doughnuts? Funnel cakes, Twinkies, and Tastykakes? Cheese puffs, candy bars and double-stuff Oreos? I bet you could list even more too! Yeah, when someone says junk food, I get this instant clip art visual in my brain - one that leaves me with that I've-eaten-but-I'm-still-hungry feeling. It's kind of like when I've eaten at McDonald's: the food tastes good while I'm eating it (and I'm usually very

2017-07-22 03:44:57

Plan B on the Road: Food That Travels Well  

If this summer finds you and your family motoring to the beach, the campsite or a summer cottage, there's one thing you can count on: hungry kids. Plan A: Hop in the car and go. Stop at any available fast food joint when hungry. Stand in line or wait in drive-thru. End up spending twice as much time and money as originally planned. Plan B: Pack some quick and easy nutritious foods in a cooler. Stop at a shady park or rest stop and spend just the right amount of time eating, walking and stretchin

2017-07-21 04:31:46

Asparagus and...  

At some point during the day, most of us will ask the question "What's for dinner tonight?" For the past six weeks, I knew with a good degree of certainty that my answer to that question would be "asparagus and..." Our asparagus harvest was abundant. Everyday I picked between 10-15 beautiful spears. We started the bed three years ago and in order to allow for the crowns to develop a strong root system, we had to be patient and limit our harvesting to a few short weeks last year. But now that t

2017-07-20 04:10:32

Street Food Made Simple, Part II  

Eating street food in Asia it is easy to wonder how so much good food can be made so quickly. Not all street foods are easy to make at home. Some equipment like super hot gas flames or open charcoal fires would probably not pass indoor fire regulations. However there are several lessons from cooking these fast foods of Asia that can be taken off the streets and into the kitchen for the everyday cook.

2017-07-20 01:09:18

Gone Fishin'  

Summertime should be full of activities that the snowy winters, rainy springs, and chilly autumns don't allow. Playing baseball till the sun goes down, swimming all day until your skin is the color of a tomato, lazily floating along a crystal clear lake with a fishing pole in hand: these are the moments summer is made of. And yet this time of year it is easy to look back and realize that the summer has nearly slipped by without you stopping for one second to enjoy a swing of the bat, dip in the

2017-07-19 03:58:25

California Root Beer  

You'll notice that there is no root beer in this recipe. It's titled as such because the unique blend of ingredients creates a root beer like flavor (with a kick!)

2017-07-19 01:44:08

Lunch on the Rocks  

So many of the top chefs are going back to basics by bypassing the fusion route and stressing simple, fresh ingredients done to perfection so that natural flavors shine through. I am in complete agreement with this fresh ingredients craze. Why use anything else really? In fact, one should make it a rule of thumb to skip right past the canned and dried fruits and vegetables when fresh produce is readily available. And when you feel the need to spice things up a bit, you can still use simple fres

2017-07-19 01:43:59

Grilled Fish Tacos with Thai Slaw  

You'll want to live everyday like it's Taco Tuesday when you make this Thai inspired recipe. Grilled mahi mahi is first marinated in lime juice, coconut milk and red chili paste, then served covered in a Thai slaw on warm tortillas.

2017-07-18 05:14:34

Fruit and Ice Make Summer Nice  

In the peak of summer heat, it takes more than water to cool the body down. If it is the end of a long day working in the yard, a cold beer at sunset might be in order. A jog through the neighborhood in full sun might require the patronage of a pint-sized lemonade stand along the way. Or for a more filling yet still cooling beverage, a chilly smoothie of frozen fruits and yogurt could be just the thing to cool down without weighing down when the sun is blazing. In parts of the world where summer

2017-07-18 01:51:11

Baking In The Sweet Scent Of Summer  

I don't bake much these days. This poses a problem at times like these where a whiff of a ripe Georgia peach at the market is enough to send my head spinning in nostalgic longing for a crusty biscuit topped cobbler. Or the sight of a pile of apricots takes me back to faraway place where my younger self scrambled up a neighbor's tree to collect the small fuzzy fruit. A paper bag bulging with our collection would form a week's worth of cake-topped puddings and afternoon snacks on lazy summer days.

2017-07-18 01:17:46

Sweet Potato Ice Cream  

This ice cream is wonderfully rich and creamy! The flavor of the sweet potato is subtle. If you freeze it overnight, the flavor will be a little more pronounced than when it freshly comes out of the ice cream maker.

2017-07-17 05:03:46

Going With the (Whole) Grain  

I recently realized that during the summertime, our children's normally healthy eating habits can fall by the wayside. Regular routines get relaxed along with carefully planned menus. Long afternoons spent at the pool or beach lend themselves to easy dinners like pizza or hot dogs. Plus there are all kinds of treats like toasted marshmallows and ice cream sundaes with all the fixings. What would childhood be without these things? One way that we can ensure our children do still eat somewhat heal

2017-07-17 04:40:28

Souperb Ideas For Summer  

Summer is the perfect time for soup. Chilled soup, that is. Most of us think of soup as the start to a meal, or a single hearty helping to warm our bodies from the winter chill. Soup can be equally satisfying when cold and just as effective to soothe us from the summer sizzle. With all the seasonal produce available, it is easy to prepare and often healthy to eat. Cold soup can be served as a first course, main course, or even dessert. Some soups are cooked first then chilled, while others are m

2017-07-17 04:11:50

Going Off The Grid  

My wish for cooler weather was granted one quiet afternoon last week, when the familiar smell of ozone that precedes a lightning storm hit the air. As our dog started to do her normal pre-storm routine of hiding under the bed and curling into the smallest and tightest ball she could, I knew we were in for a doozy. This storm was unlike anything I had seen before. As we watched out the window, all the trees in the yard looked as if they were going to be uprooted, and the rain was coming down side

2017-07-16 04:01:50

Patio Produce: Lettuce  

You don't need acres of land to grow your own fresh, healthy and delicious produce. In fact, you don't need any land at all. If you have a sunny spot on a patio, you're in business. And while you aren't going to get large yields, it's fun to watch the plants progress and even more fun to celebrate with a special meal made with your harvest. One of the easiest patio crops to grow is lettuce. Lettuce is the second most popular vegetable in the United States. Americans eat about 30 pounds of it per

2017-07-16 01:07:13

Herbed Pork Steaks  

Pork steaks are marinated in a herb and garlic mixture and then grilled. They can also be cooked under the broiler or on the stovetop (a grill pan or cast iron skillet work great)

2017-07-15 05:36:19

Vinegar, Vincotto, and Verjus: Part Two, Vincotto  

Sweeter and thicker than traditional vinegars, vincotto is a condiment that no foodie's pantry should be without. The word vincotto is translated as "cooked wine." Vincotto is made from Negroamaro and Black Malavasia grapes that have been left to dry on the vine or over wooden frames. The dried grapes are then gently boiled for at least 24 hours until the juices are reduced to 20% of their original volume. The resulting syrup, along with the mother vinegar or starter, is stored in aged oak barre

2017-07-15 04:45:34

Can't Stand the Heat? It's All Cool in the Kitchen  

They tell me it has been unseasonably hot here in So Cal the last week. I wish I could confirm or deny that rumor, but sunstroke has left me a little delirious and thus my opinion can hardly be trusted. Do not fear, though, a steady diet of mojitos and coconut sorbet seems to have me on the road to recovery. I am sure I will be back to lounging beachside on my well-oiled back-side in no time. In the meantime, hot chocolate, Hot Tamales, and hot kitchens must all be avoided as any one of those mi

2017-07-15 03:14:22

A Very Serious Matter  

Usually I like to take a lighthearted approach in this column and talk about fun topics associated with cooking and eating with kids. But this week I would like to turn to a more serious matter ñ that of food safety. Recently I had my first choking scare with my older son. A peaceful calm had descended over the house as we approached the bedtime hour. In the evening, my older son usually gets a couple minutes to wind down with his latest favorite TV show while I get our baby boy ready to

2017-07-14 04:25:43

Italian Cube Steak  

Cube steaks are quickly simmered in a beefy tomato sauce for an easy weeknight dinner.

2017-07-14 02:36:55

Stewing Georgia Style  

Way down in South Georgia, not too far from the Florida border, is one of the most active port towns on the Atlantic: Brunswick. Most of we sons of Georgia make it through Brunswick at least once, sometimes on the way to Jekyll or St. Simon's island (where I camped as a Boy Scout a few times). One of the town's claims to fame is Brunswick stew, a tomato based vegetable stew that my grandmother loves to eat with saltines. Now, I gotta say that this stew looks just like you-know-what, replete with

2017-07-14 01:49:51

Knee High by the Fourth of July  

Every gentleman farmer knows that corn in the fields should be knee high by the fourth of July. It's an eagerly anticipated sign that the corn crop is on schedule for maturing on time. Our sweet corn is just about knee right now and I can hardly wait for that first ear to mature. Sweet corn is a popular planting for the home gardener. If you have the available space (you'll have to plant it in several rows or a block to assure proper pollination) and the proper environment (a long growing season

2017-07-13 04:33:45

Turkey Brew Burgers  

This is not your typical dried out turkey burger. It has just the right balance of ground turkey, bread crumbs, egg, beer, and flavorings to turn this burger into a real winner.

2017-07-13 03:51:56

One-Pot Pasta With Italian Chicken  

A delicious one-dish meal. Chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic are cooked in a skillet with your choice of pasta.

2017-07-13 03:18:54

Street Food Made Simple, Part I  

Imagine driving down the main street of your town. As you drive you pass the bright lights of the many fast food restaurants that beckon you to stop for a quick dinner on the way home from work or a brief sit at a plastic chair for lunch. Now imagine that, instead of each of these fast food restaurants being part of a multi-national chain, each one has a sole owner and proprietor. In place of a generic assortment of burgers and fries, chicken sandwiches and limp salads, each of these quick stop

2017-07-13 01:36:27

The Other Independence Day  

Chances are as you are reading this article you still may be recovering from a 4th of July celebration. But before you write off the rest of the summer as devoid of meaningful holidays until the fall, consider that there is another holiday around the corner much sooner than you would think. Take the fourth of July and stick a "1" before the 4 and you have the second best holiday of the summer, le quatorze juillet, or the Fourteenth of July--Bastille Day as we like to call it on this side of the

2017-07-12 04:43:40

New Food of the Month: Key Limes  

July's new food of the month packs a lot of punch into a little package, for it offers not only a cool and refreshing taste, but also an interesting history: the Key lime. Share this tidbit with the sea-faring mates at your house: To combat the dreaded scurvy that affected sailors long-at-sea in the eighteenth century, the British navy guzzled over one million gallons of lime juice. Imported cheaply from the English colony of Jamaica, the sailors would often drink their required ration of lime

2017-07-12 02:07:52

Creamy Mushroom Salmon Bake  

This mouth-watering dinner is a delicious combination of earth and sea, fusing the fresh taste of salmon with the rich earthiness of mushrooms to create a simply divine dinner.

2017-07-12 01:34:44

Edible Landscaping Part Two: Should You Really Be Eating Those Flowers?  

Edible flowers have become so common that I can now buy them in little plastic clamshell containers at the local grocery store. Many restaurants feature them on their menus and bakeries adorn cakes with them. They are not the source of curiosity that they used to be. But are they as safe as we assume them to be? Most of us already know that not all flowers are edible. But not all edible flowers are truly fit for human consumption. To be on the safe side, you should eat flowers only when you are

2017-07-11 02:49:22

Kids and Food Choices: What Would They Choose?  

The girls wiped their dripping chins on their arms, smiling up at me with a sparkle in their eyes that came from much more than the juicy peaches I had just peeled and sliced for them. From much more than the bananas that the youngest always asked for. Just the sheer exuberance that emanated from this small group of friends served to remind me of the ever-rejuvenating force of childhood energy - energy that we adults may find so exhausting or frustrating at times. Yet it's that same energy that

2017-07-11 02:37:05

Santa Fe Steak  

New York strip steaks are lightly seasoned with chili powder and fresh oregano and served with a refreshing black bean salsa.

2017-07-10 05:31:49

A Cool Glass of Iced Tea from the Slow Cooker  

There is nothing quite like a cool glass of iced tea to refresh you on a warm summer day. As June is National Iced Tea month, I thought I might share an easy technique to brew up a huge amount of tea in the slow cooker that you can use the whole summer long! Iced tea was a staple of my childhood; my mother always had a big jug of sun tea going on the back patio. I am not sure if she didn't get the proportion right or the sun was never strong enough in that spot (or maybe she didn't want us to ha

2017-07-10 03:12:22

Preserving Basil  

Fresh basil is the ultimate "scent of summer." Pungent and slightly sweet, it's the one herb that I simply cannot do without for warm weather cooking. But its lifespan in the garden is limited. As delicate as it is beautiful, the basil plant is the first to be damaged by frost. In Indiana, our anticipated first frost date is October 6th. How can it be that I may only have less than 8 weeks left to enjoy my garden's fresh basil?

2017-07-10 02:18:37

Summer's Best Salad  

If there's one entree that defines "the ultimate summer meal" for me, it's my friend Karen's Salmon and Green Bean Salad. When our green beans are ready for harvest, this is the first meal I make with them. My husband and I have this salad at least twice a week during peak green bean season. Its ease of preparation and sensational flavor make it a favorite. Just add a loaf of crusty bread and a glass of Pinot Grigio for a summer meal that's perfect patio or picnic fare.

2017-07-09 05:48:29

Mint: One Man's Weed Is Another Man's Mojito  

Mint might be misunderstood. On one hand, it is an invasive weed that stubbornly grows in the yards of even the most black-thumbed gardeners and threatens to take over the herb gardens of the green thumbed. On the other hand, it's a potent and diverse herb that brings refreshing flavor to everything from tea to salads. Much more than an electric green jelly to accompany leg of lamb, mint has many delicious culinary uses such that even the black thumbed gardener might find inspiration from this a

2017-07-09 03:55:08

Casting About For Dinner  

Ever since Huck Finn first cast a line into the waters of Mark Twain's novel, summer fishing has seemed to be the birthright of every American boy. Pants rolled up, fishing line attached to the end of a stick; sitting on a river bank waiting for a bite was a by-gone era's Game Boy, a way for idle boys to pass the time on lazy summer days. Today, those boys who fished on a pond became men who still fish--now in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Those fishing men had daughters and found that girls could

2017-07-08 03:50:46

Outback Steakhouse Coconut Shrimp  

Learn to make this awesome Outback appetizer at home. Shrimp get a dunk in easy homemade coconut batter before being fried, baked, and served with tangy orange dipping sauce. Easy and addicting.

2017-07-08 03:19:06

Happy Fill-In-the-Blank Day!  

With all the yummy, albeit obscure, fun food holidays that are approaching, it's so hard to celebrate just one. What's a girl to do on days like today, when it's National Milk Chocolate Day AND National Hamburger Day? Dive herself right into a milk chocolate hamburger? Hmm, that sounds tempting, actually. But it can be a little hard to keep up with. It's like a food-recognition frenzy. I have to say, all the bases are covered, ranging from lasagna day, cheesecake day, raspberry cake day, raspb

2017-07-08 03:17:51

Chop Suey  

A combination of beef and pork is slow cooked with onion, celery, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. Serve over rice or your favorite Asian-style noodles.

2017-07-07 05:17:51

Summer Spritzers  

I thought I would share some of my favorite summer drink recipes with you this week. I'm not much of a fan of the super-alcohol style drinks (read single malt scotch and the like). My self-designed mixed drinks tend to be fruity and sweet without being syrupy or cloying. In fact, for those of you watching your carb belts, I substitute diet lemon lime or ginger ale soda in place of regular in my own drinks. I don't have a huge stock of liquor on hand, but I do keep several staples around for mixi

2017-07-07 03:43:12

Gamberi Con Aglio (Shrimp With Garlic Sauce)  

Classic flavor combinations with great ingredients are tough to beat! Shrimp cooked with olive oil, garlic and white wine go perfectly with pasta (if you can resist eating them all first!)

2017-07-06 05:16:32

Relief For The Pressure Cooker  

I am a human pressure cooker. I mean literally, when I am under pressure or stress, what do I do? I cook. Some people do yoga, others golf, I cook. I do other forms of stress relief, for sure: run, road rage, drink a bottle of Cabernet by myself, but at the end of the day, as I am tearing my hair out, I usually ask myself, what would I rather be doing? The answer is always that I would rather be, well, cooking.

2017-07-06 04:59:47

Cooking From The Cupboard  

We've all been there: it's a Wednesday night and you don't get home until 9:30pm from the gym, a charity meeting, PTA, fill in the blank. All you know is McDonald's is not looking like the healthiest option. But you will need to put something in your hollow stomach before the head hits the pillow. So what does that leave you? The answer lies in whatever is lurking in your cupboard or refrigerator. When I think of the standard state of my fridge I can picture door shelves full of hot sauces, so

2017-07-06 01:15:53

Kale By Any Other Name  

There exists a real and logical reason why, at a recent dinner party, I out-ed myself as something of an expert on black kale. After all, I can't remember the last time someone found such information to be cool party banter. In fact, the woman who brought up the topic had not been talking to me at all (making my butting in all the worse and my credibility on the subject a bit suspect). Feeling a tad embarrassed and not wanting to come off as too much of a know-it-all (even though I clearly alrea

2017-07-05 05:01:33

A Shower Fresh Party  

For some reason I was under the impression that career women these days were waiting until later in life to get married. Judging by the number of weddings I will be attending this summer involving some of my very best, well-educated friends, I am tempted think that this is not the case at all. No matter. While I continue to struggle on with the concept of "dating," it is my pleasure and privilege to celebrate in the happiness of my soon-to-be hitched girlfriends. At least I would be happy, if we

2017-07-05 04:48:01

Banana-Rum Punch  

A tropical cocktail made of orange juice mixed with creme de banana liqueur and rum.

2017-07-05 03:49:25

Healthy Homemade Popsicles  

Do you remember the pure joy you felt as a kid when taking the first lick of an ice pop? I'm remembering that feeling as I watch my son eat popsicles this year, and re-living that joy vicariously each time he eats one. Lately we have been experimenting with making all different types of homemade popsicles. Last week I wrote about making homemade ice cream, and next up in my frozen dessert series I wanted to share some ideas for making ice pops at home. Sure, it's easy to buy a box of popsicles

2017-07-04 03:38:41

Breaded Goat's Cheese  

This recipe for deep fried cheese makes a great appetizer or starter. Serve it on a bed of salad greens for a pretty presentation.

2017-07-04 02:52:22

All American Buffalo Wings  

These party-favorites have the heat of buffalo wings with a little sweetness to make them completely addicting. Want extra flavor? Brush them with the sauce and let sit a few hours (or overnight) in the fridge before baking.

2017-07-02 05:23:01

An Herbaceous Garden  

Every year about this time I usually try to plant a small garden on my patio, and every year I fail miserably. But this year is different. Normally I just go about my modest garden with little more than a watering can and a prayer. This year I am determined to get it right, to grow my seedlings of hope into a full-on cornucopia of cooking delights, a bounty to be had with little more than a step out my front door and a pair of kitchen shears. Much to my surprise, so far the little patio garden i

2017-07-02 05:21:05

Oven Roasted Roma Tomatoes  

Roasted tomatoes are soo underrated! These oven-roasted wonders are great on their own, but also make an incredibly flavorful substitute for regular tomatoes in most dishes. Try them with fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic for a twist on classic caprese salad!

2017-07-02 01:57:25

A&W Burgers  

Copycat versions of the entire family of A&W burgers like the Papa Burger, Mama Burger, and Teen Burger (plus onion rings and chili dogs!)

2017-07-02 01:42:56

As American As . . . Tacos?  

Sunday morning crossword puzzle, Fourth of July edition. Four down, two across. Clue: "As American as:"

2017-07-01 01:42:26

As American as Corn on the Cob, Potato Salad, and a Hot Fudge Sundae  

It's the 4th of July and like any good American, you're getting ready to grill some burgers and hot dogs, right? Well, before you make all your cooking plans, consider highlighting the foods that are native to America along with those grilling staples, on this most patriotic of holidays. Many of our favorite summer sides are made with foods that could at one time only be found in North, Central, and South America. Just like at Thanksgiving, foods that America gave the world make their mark on In

2017-07-01 01:12:29

Grilled Corn With Chipotle Butter  

Chipotle and lime kick up the flavors in this grilled corn on the cob recipe. Ready in under 30 minutes too!

2017-06-30 04:14:20

4th of July BBQ Sauce Improvisation  

What better way to celebrate this Independence Day than the traditional way with a backyard barbecue? Along with fireworks, watermelon, and blueberry pie, one of the great joys of July 4th is the time to kick back, spend some time with your loved ones, and enjoy an open air meal. I have talked about my love of barbecue in some of my other articles. One of my favorite things about barbecue is the sauce - there are just so many different ways to make BBQ sauce that you could come up with a new v

2017-06-30 03:03:40

Slow Cooker Low Country Boil  

A flavorful slow cooker version of a seafood boil with shrimp, smoked sausage, potatoes, and corn. A fun Fourth of July recipe that everyone will enjoy.

2017-06-30 02:39:29

Soft Shell Tacos  

Throw together this easy Tex-Mex meal in mere minutes. Top individual servings with your favorite taco toppings.

2017-06-28 02:12:20

Slow Cooked Side Dishes For Your Summer Barbecue  

I am a big fan of the summer barbecue. Nothing is a better celebration of warm weather than some smoking hot grilled food eaten outdoors with your close friends or family, preferably with a frosty beverage in hand. While I am not always appreciative of my husband's penchant for the newest in technology or fanciest gadgets, I was thoroughly on board with the purchase of a deluxe gas grill, even though it took up half of our small back patio. Growing up, we used the Weber charcoal kettle, which ba

2017-06-27 05:43:40

Blueberries: Summer's Handpicked Bounty  

The berries were clustered together in groups of six, eight and ten; as we reached among the leaves, the previous night's rainstorm's rivulets ran down our arms. Slipping the occasional berry in our mouths, its savory pop released sun-warmed juices that dribbled down our chins as we savored its sweetness. My kids and I were picking fresh blueberries together in a neighbor's backyard. Lately it's been the little things that matter most: the berries we've picked together, the pages we've colored,

2017-06-27 02:05:42

Sloppy Joes for 100  

Need to serve a large group (or a gaggle of teenagers)? These sloppy joes are tasty AND easy to make and work well made in a large batch. The recipe can be made ahead of time and reheated when ready to serve. It also freezes well.

2017-06-24 04:11:39

Grilled Mexican Onions  

Use your favorite mexican style seasoning blend in this recipe (even taco seasoning work work) to season the onions. don't have a grill? No problem, simply bake the onions at 400F until soft.

2017-06-23 03:25:43

Garlic Eggs Over Easy  

If basic over-easy eggs sound like a boring breakfast, try this simple trick to jazz them up a bit.

2017-06-23 02:45:36

Getting In Touch with My Inner German  

This summer, I have had quite a lot of free time on my hands. It's been great to be able to get a lot of writing work done, and catch up on stuff like balancing my checkbook, cleaning my house, and grocery shopping (you know, all the "fun" stuff of life). However, lots of free time also means that I have the ability to spend way too much time on Google. Searching for random stuff. Like sauerbraten. I honestly don't even remember how I found the recipe, but somehow, it entered into my life and I

2017-06-22 04:27:08

Apple Bacon Salad  

A light and flavorful salad made with torn lettuce, apples, croutons, green onions, cooked bacon, and a light oil and lemon juice dressing.

2017-06-22 02:56:56

Frozen Virgin Margaritas  

Want to celebrate this weekend but don't want to imbibe? Try this non-alcoholic margarita recipe that tastes like the real deal (without the hangover)

2017-06-21 04:52:33

Bringing Home the Ice Cream  

Simply put, I am obsessed with ice cream right now. Happens every year about this time. The heat turns up, lacking a pool to throw myself in, the next best thing is to bring down the temperature from the inside out with a delicious frozen treat.

2017-06-20 02:23:15

An Ordinary Man  

The proudest day of his life was the day he became an American citizen. He'd come to America from Poland after the war. He knew some English, a skill which he believed kept him alive in the concentration camp. His brother found him a job in a bakery where he worked double shifts. Not being able to afford an apartment on his small weekly income, he slept on the bakery floor. He met the love of his life but postponed marriage until he was able to get a secure job at a factory and knew he would be

2017-06-18 04:18:28

The Perfect Tomato Sandwich  

Once the tomatoes in our garden begin to ripen, I have the same thing for lunch every day - a big tomato sandwich. While the concept of a slice of tomato between two pieces of bread is simple, the options for creating it can be a bit overwhelming. First, there's the bread. White, whole wheat, sourdough, whole grain? Thick or thin slices? Toasted or not toasted? My pick? May the nutrition gurus and my naturopath forgive me, but this is one time where nothing but squishy white thin untoasted slic

2017-06-17 05:31:42

The Strawberry Alarm Clock is About to Buzz  

Now is the one time of year when everyone in America can get decent berries. Yes, I know, we can get fresh berries all year round now from places south of the Equator. And that's not a bad thing. And I don't have a particular problem with importing produce from other countries, so long as the produce is grown in an environmentally respectful manner and the people who work at those farms are treated in a humane and respectful manner. But there really is no strawberry like a fresh-picked one.

2017-06-16 05:08:41

Minimalist Slow Cooking  

One of the key benefits of the slow cooker is that it allows you to maximize flavors with a minimal expenditure of time. The design of the slow cooker allows you to throw a couple (or a dozen) ingredients in the pot in the morning, and forget about it until dinnertime. Because a lot of the time you are rushing out the door to start your day, simpler recipes work better for a busy weeknight dinner - sometimes just three or four ingredients make the best recipe. Since summer is the time for sim

2017-06-15 05:21:45

Spicy Porcupine Meatballs  

Classic porcupine meatballs (ground beef mixed with rice) baked in a spicy tomato-based sauce.

2017-06-14 05:56:47

Father's Day and Summer Solstice  

Not only is Father's Day right around the corner, so is the first day of summer, or Summer Solstice as traditional cultures have referred to it through millennia. But how does Father's day take shape in your family? Is it a last minute grab-and-go gift holiday? Hit the mall, grab a tie or shirt (and don't forget the card), and take it to the gift-wrap counter? Do you remember to send that card - and even tuck a gift card (Home Depot, Golfer's Heaven, Baseball Bonanza) inside? That's really w

2017-06-14 05:27:26

Puffy Tacos  

Can't decide between a hard or soft shell taco? Try a puffy taco instead! Tortillas are cooked in oil until puffed and crispy and then stuffed full with your favorite fillings.

2017-06-13 03:22:33

Grilled Flanken Short Ribs in Lettuce Cups  

These beef short ribs get treated to a sweet ginger-soy marinade before they're tossed on the grill, mixed with rice, and added in a lettuce cup. The lettuce gives a nice crunch and cool flavor to the short ribs, not to mention the awesome presentation and finger-food convenience.

2017-06-13 01:49:34

The Beauty of Compound Butter  

Today, I'd like to talk a bit about butter. Specifically compound butter. Now before you run away in fear, compound butter is far more interesting and far easier to make than its mathematical name implies. It would be just as accurate, for example, to call this "herb and lemon butter" or "chipotle and orange butter." Compound butter is literally butter than has been infused with other seasonings and then used as a very basic sauce on anything from steak to clams, baked potatoes to corn. Before

2017-06-10 01:18:59

Mushroom Wild Rice  

Mushrooms and a combination of brown and wild rice are slow cooked in a rich broth made from beef consomme and French onion soup.

2017-06-09 04:18:33

Tacos Con Carne  

This savory Mexican dish is a favorite any time of the year. Saute your beef with onions and pepper and simmer in a tomato sauce spiced with coriander, cumin, and chili powder.

2017-06-06 03:26:38

Butter Pecan Ice Cream  

Forget Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dazs, you can make your own wonderfully addictive ice cream at home. Pecans are browned in butter and then combined with a brown sugar syrup and standard ice cream base.

2017-05-30 02:01:59

How To Make Rice  

Once you understand the ratio of water to rice you'll be a pro at cooking rice. If you use a different kind of rice (other than long grain) you may have to adjust the ratio and/or cooking time.

2017-05-28 04:07:11

The Best Damn Grilled Chicken Ever  

The secret to this winning chicken recipe is in the seasoning paste. Let the chicken marinate in the paste overnight for best results. The butter baste re-introduces the flavors to the chicken while it cooks. You can leave the skin on the chicken or remove it. You can also use this recipe for boneless chicken.

2017-05-27 05:53:52

Grilled Pork Spareribs With Zesty Cherry BBQ Sauce  

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start to the grilling season. Try something new this year. These grilled pork spareribs have the perfect balance of sweet and savory in the cherry barbecue sauce. Serve with lots of napkins because you will be digging face-first into these succulent ribs!

2017-05-27 03:24:24

Killer Steaks  

Your favorite cuts of steak are marinated in a mixture of red wine, vinegar, Worcestershire, garlic, mustard, onion, and Italian seasoning and then grilled or broiled to desired doneness.

2017-05-26 01:49:02

Easy Grilled Baby Back Ribs  

Baby back ribs are coated with a dry rub made with brown sugar, paprika, chili powder, black pepper, garlic powder and salt. The original directions are for grilling the ribs but we included oven directions in our review.

2017-05-25 05:42:55

Low Country Boil  

Lowcountry is an area located along the South Carolina coast and it has a distinct cuisine that is similar to Cajun cooking. This tasty seafood boil is made with Italian sausage, potatoes, corn, shrimp, and seasoned with Old Bay.

2017-05-25 04:34:58

Berry Burst Sorbet  

A blend of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries make up this creamy sorbet recipe.

2017-05-24 05:45:20

Blackened Chicken Breasts with Soybean Succotash  

Spicy grilled chicken served Louisiana-style with a creamy soybean (edamame), corn, and bell pepper succotash.

2017-05-23 03:41:01

Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream Sandwiches  

Easy three-ingredient ice cream sandwiches made with your choice of ice cream, chocolate wafer cookies, and chocolate chips.

2017-05-23 03:06:54

Pork Steaks With Plum Glaze  

This different way of cooking pork steak starts with lean pork tenderloin that is cut into "steaks". But the real appeal is the grilled plums and onion-plum sauce glaze.

2017-05-20 02:22:56

Quick and Easy Challenge  

One of the most common issues I hear when talking about cooking with other parents is how to get a healthy dinner on the table quickly and easily. It doesn't matter what your day might involve. Whether you've shuttled back and forth between jobs, childcare, activities, and the grocery store, or just spent the day at home keeping the little ones entertained, either scenario is an exhausting proposition, and you may have little energy and time at the end of the day for preparing a delicious, whole

2017-05-18 04:06:16

Cashew Pork  

Pork chops are pan seared and served with a delicious cashew sauce.

2017-05-15 03:38:24

Wuollet Bakery's Brownie Enormous  

What's better than these famous bakery brownies? Hmmm, maybe making them for Mom from scratch at home and serving with ice cream. Try this simple and delicious brownie recipe with added walnuts and chocolate chunks. Ice cream optional!

2017-05-14 04:05:25

Giant Ding Dong Cake  

If your childhood was full of Hostess Ding Dongs and you're feeling nostalgic, this cake is a jackpot! A creamy filling inside the cake makes for a delicious surprise. Best of all, this upsized version is big enough to share.

2017-05-11 12:29:53

The Next "It" Sauce  

Pesto was so nineties. There was a time when pesto came with everything, from appearing as a topping on a piece of salmon to a spread on sandwiches to the traditional pasta sauce. Then came the aughts and pesto was just a little too 20th century for most chefs. Looking for an herby sauce to replace it, chefs looked south and picked up on chimichurri. While Italian pesto was a little too passe, the quintessential Argentinean chimichurri was certainly au courant.

2017-05-11 05:35:55

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies  

Remember these classic chocolate chip cookies? They are packed with semisweet chocolate, coconut, and pecans. Go ahead, make a big batch, they freeze great.

2017-05-09 05:35:12

Pork Steaks And Baked Apples  

Red wine cooked pork steak meets white wine baked apples for a delicious encounter.

2017-05-09 01:11:17

Jerri's Sweet And Sour Pork  

Battered and fried pork (or chicken) is mixed with a simple homemade sweet and sour sauce with carrots, bell pepper, and pineapple.

2017-05-08 03:26:34

Egg Substitute  

This make-ahead egg substitute is reduced calorie and protein packed. It even has a yellow eggy color from a little turmeric added to the mix.

2017-05-07 04:58:56

Dulce de Leche Waffles  

These waffles are for the dessert lover! Start with mini frozen waffles (or homemade if you're feeling industrious) and top them with Nutella and caramel sauce. Decadent!

2017-05-05 05:25:33

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