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Drinking and droning is now illegal in New Jersey  

REUTERS/Jason Lee New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a law on Monday making it illegal to fly an unmanned drone after too many drinks. The law prohibits flying a drone with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher, the same as for driving a vehicle. Violators face up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. (Reuters) - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a law on Monday making it illegal to fly an unmanned drone aircraft after too many drinks, a spokesman sa

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2018-01-16 06:56:43

Top North Korea expert makes the case for the US bombing Kim Jong Un's personal toilet  

KCNA/Reuters Jeffrey Lewis, a top expert on North Korea, wrote a column suggesting the US should bomb Kim Jong Un's personal toilet to put the fear in him. Lewis's suggestion, while funny, shows the kind of thinking needed to properly calibrate a "bloody nose" strike, which the US is reportedly considering. Lewis and others found Kim has a personal port-a-potty brought with him to missile launches, and the US could demonstrate its precision and skill by striking it. A top authority on

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2018-01-16 06:26:29

Netflix says it's 'still exploring' the possibility of launching on the Nintendo Switch (NFLX, NTDOY)  

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesNot all hope is lost for Nintendo's fans eager to watch their favourite Netflix show on their brand new Switch. In a statement sent to Polygon, representatives of the streaming giant said that they are "still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don't have definitive plans to share at this time." The website reached out to the firm in response to a tweet sent out by Netflix's customer support official account, in which they answered a fan account's question

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2018-01-16 05:58:38

The UK scrambled 2 fighters on 'quick reaction alert' to intercept Russian bombers near British airspace  

LONDON (AP) — Britain's Royal Air Force scrambled two fighter jets to intercept Russian strategic bombers near UK airspace on Monday, in another illustration of ongoing tensions. The RAF confirmed that it sent Typhoon aircraft from the Lossiemouth base in Scotland on a "quick reaction alert" as two Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack bombers approached Britain. "The Russian aircraft were initially monitored by a variety of friendly nation fighters and subsequently intercepted by the RAF in the

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2018-01-16 05:46:46

THE MOBILE CARRIER LANDSCAPE: How AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are overcoming slow user growth amid a fierce price war  

BI Intelligence This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here. It hasn't been smooth sailing for telecoms in recent years. Native voice and messaging services, which once accounted for the vast majority of telecoms' subscriber revenue, are struggling to compete with over-the-top (OTT) apps, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber — and they're losing. A fi

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2018-01-16 05:41:10

A frequent traveller asks every hotel he stays in for a 'unique drawing of Godzilla' upon arrival — and it proves what you can get away with if you just ask  

Hotelchamp Patrick Feary, communications strategist for Hotelchamp, makes a bizarre request at every hotel he stays at. He asks that there be a "hand-drawn Godzilla" in the room when he arrives. Three hotels have obliged so far, proving what you can get when you ask for it. It's no secret that there are tricks and tips frequent travellers should use to try and snag a cheap flight — and there are plenty of ways to enhance your hotel experience, too. For most people, this inv

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2018-01-16 05:30:22

Ministers from 20 nations meet in Vancouver to discuss using sanctions to shut down North Korea's nuclear ambitions  

Reuters Ministers from 20 nations that backed South Korea in the 1950s Korean War have gathered in Vancouver to discuss using sanctions to halt Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. The group will look to find ways to increase diplomatic and financial pressure on North Korea. China reacted angrily to the meeting, saying it was displaying "Cold War" thinking.  VANCOUVER (Reuters) - A meeting of states that backed South Korea in the Korean war will look at ways to better implement sanction

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2018-01-16 05:30:18

Airbnb's new 'Pay Less Up Front' option allows you to spread out the cost of your booking — here's how it works  

By Mr.Whiskey Airbnb has introduced a new payment option called "Pay Less Up Front." It allows guests to pay for part of their trip at the time of booking and the rest closer to the check-in date. To qualify, the total stay must be $250 (£181) or more, and be booked at least 14 days from the check-in date. It is available to guests booking anywhere in the world, with the exception of Brazil, China, and India.   With the "January Blues" supposedly in full swing, many of us

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2018-01-16 05:30:15

Breaking with his predecessors, Trump skips community service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, spends time on his golf course  

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst President Donald Trump did not participate in any community service or volunteer work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He urged the public on Friday, before leaving for his Florida golf club, to observe the day "with acts of civic work and community service in honor of Dr. King's extraordinary life." Trump's decision to refrain from doing community service marks a departure from tradition observed by his recent predecessors.  Before leaving the White House for

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2018-01-16 05:14:53

McDonald's is falling short on recycling in one massive way — here's how it's changing that fact  

Reuters McDonald's plans to add recycling to its more than 36,000 locations around the world by 2025.  Currently, customers can only recycle at roughly 10% of locations.  The fast-food chain is also switching to packaging made with renewable, recycled, or certified materials.  "As the world's largest restaurant company, we have the opportunity — and frankly responsibility — to use our scale for good," McDonald's chief supply chain and sustainability officer told

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2018-01-16 04:05:44

North Korean media slams Trump for 'nuclear button' tweet, calls it the 'spasm of a lunatic'  

KCNA/via REUTERS TOKYO (AP) — North Korea's state-run media say U.S. President Donald Trump's tweet about having a bigger nuclear button than leader Kim Jong Un's is the "spasm of a lunatic." Rodong Sinmun, the ruling party newspaper, lashed out at Trump in a commentary on Tuesday that took issue with the U.S. commander in chief's Jan. 3 tweet that "I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!" The tone of Tuesday's article

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2018-01-16 03:57:29

China fired a prominent professor in a major win for the country's growing #MeToo movement  

Guang Niu/Getty Images A Chinese university announced it had removed a prominent professor after hearing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him. The professor's firing has become a major win for China's #MeToo movement, which has struggled to gain traction in a traditional and largely conservative society. Sexual misconduct has long been taboo subject in China, but the movement is slowly bringing the topic to the national agenda.  The #MeToo movement spread lik

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2018-01-16 03:44:33

South Korea is launching a massive 52,000-store shopping festival to boost tickets sales to the Winter Olympics  

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images South Korea is launching a 42-day shopping festival which will include 52,000 stores, from 700 companies. The festival aims to increase ticket sales to the Winter Olympics. As of December, only 61% of tickets to PyeongChang had been sold. South Korea is launching a 42-day shopping festival aimed at foreigners to increase Winter Olympic ticket sales. The Korea Grand Sale launches on January 18 with 52,000 stores, from 700 companies, taking part. Discounts w

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2018-01-16 02:27:40

MORGAN STANLEY: Here are the 6 internet stocks to bet on in 2018  

Thomson Reuters Technology stocks have been a beacon of strength in the stock market for much of the 8 1/2-year equity bull market, and a big driver has been internet companies. Morgan Stanley has picked six internet stocks that it says will make good investments in 2018. In 2017, making money investing in tech stocks was an easy proposition. The S&P 500 Information Technology Index surged 37%, outpacing the next-closest sector by 15 percentage points and nearly doubling the return

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2018-01-16 02:23:22

Japanese city used loudspeakers to recall potentially deadly blowfish after it was sold  

tsuda / Flickr TOKYO (AP) — A city in central Japan has used its emergency loudspeaker system to recall four packages of blowfish meat after discovering a fifth one contained the potentially deadly liver. No one has died. The fish known as fugu is an expensive winter delicacy but requires a license because of the dangers of mishandling. The fugu's liver is toxic and banned. Regional health officials said Tuesday a supermarket in Gamagori sold five packages of assorted blowfish meat. The

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2018-01-16 02:21:01

Another North Korean ghost ship, with seven bodies on board, has washed ashore  

Kyodo via Reuters Another "ghost ship", suspected to be from North Korea, has washed ashore in Japan. The boat contained the remains of seven men, and a North Korean propaganda pin. 2017 saw the most ghost ships to arrive in Japan since data collection began. A boat that washed ashore in Japan this month appears to be another North Korean ghost ship. The capsized boat, that had seven bodies on board, washed ashore in the Ishikawa Prefecture, east of Tokyo, last Wednesday. Police annou

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2018-01-16 02:20:51

Here's everything flight attendants notice about you when you board a plane — and their tips could help you get a free upgrade  

Shutterstock / Dmitry Birin What the cabin crew think of you is vital if you're looking to bag a free upgrade. A Quora user asked: "What do flight attendants notice about passengers as they board the plane?" According to flight attendants, the long list includes what you're wearing, if you're travelling alone, and if you're a frequent traveller. Ultimately, being in the running for an upgrade comes down to simply being nice to the crew — or giving them a gift if that doesn't work.

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2018-01-16 01:14:06

A top Republican gave Trump a jar of Starburst candies after bonding with him on Air Force One  

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has become one of President Donald Trump's closest Republican allies in Congress; so much that McCarthy once gifted Trump a jar of Starburst candies after a trip on Air Force One last fall. Trump and the Republican from California grew close toward the end of the 2016 election when McCarthy called Trump regularly to update him on happenings in Congress, and offer him political advice. Both Republicans and Democrats have expressed r

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2018-01-15 22:53:35

Basic income experts predict an important milestone for free money in 2018  

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters Advocates for universal basic income expect the idea to become politically mainstream in 2018. Politicians have already started proposing trials for their cities and states. Existing welfare programs could offer a foundation for bringing basic income to the masses, experts agree. The world is still a long ways off from universal basic income, a system of social welfare in which every person on the planet receives a standard salary just for being alive. But ad

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2018-01-15 22:51:18

Russia and Turkey are threatening the US' new Kurdish-dominated force in Syria  

Thomson Reuters Russia and Turkey have threatened the US-led coalition's new Kurdish-dominated "Border Security Force." The US acknowledged on Sunday that it is training a force of 30,000 personnel to operate along the north and eastern parts of Syria. The development only increases tensions between the US, Russia, and Turkey. The US-led coalition in Syria acknowledged on Sunday that it's training a Kurdish-dominated "Border Security Force" to operate in northern and eastern parts of

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2018-01-15 22:50:18

Palestinians are getting 3G mobile services in the West Bank  

REUTERS/Mohammed Salem Two Palestinian cellular providers will launch 3G mobile networks for customers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank by the end of January. Jawwal and Wataniya Mobile will be launching the service simultaneously having recently received a green light from Israel. The 3G service will not be extended into the Gaza Strip at this stage. GAZA (Reuters) - Palestinian cellular providers Jawwal and Wataniya Mobile will launch 3G mobile networks for customers in the Israeli-

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2018-01-15 22:40:26

Do lobsters feel pain?  

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty A new animal protection law in Switzerland requires that lobsters be stunned before being cooked. Animal rights activists and some scientists argue that lobsters' central nervous systems are complex enough that they can feel pain.  There is no conclusive evidence about whether lobsters can feel pain. People are more sensitive about killing lobsters than other animals. Few diners cringe at the thought of a fish slowly suffocating to death, for instance, but

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2018-01-15 22:37:09

An investing platform founded by a 25-year-old went free — and now it's facing a backlash from its rivals  

VCG/Getty Images Chicago-based M1 Finance made its investing platform free in December.   Now its larger rivals are attacking the move as "desperate" and bad for wealth creation. Chicago-based investing startup M1 Finance made a bet that it could become a financial services juggernaut by charging its users nothing to use its platform. Now, some larger players in the automated investing space are criticizing the move. M1, which was founded by CEO Brian Barnes when he was 25, origi

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2018-01-15 22:11:59

The first climate refugees in Vietnam are starting to emerge  

1.7 million people have migrated out of Vietnam's agriculturally productive Mekong Delta over the last 10 years. Crop yields have fallen in the region, and rising levels of salt water and freshwater droughts are to blame. Sea level rise and other climate-related factors have contributed to the Mekong Delta's decline. The Vietnamese Mekong Delta is one of Earth’s most agriculturally productive regions and is of global importance for its exports of rice, shrimp, and fruit. The

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2018-01-15 21:23:05

California couple charged with torture after police rescued their 13 children, some of whom were chained to beds  

Riverside County Sheriff's Department via Reuters A couple in California was charged with torture after their thirteen malnourished children were rescued from a house on Monday. Some of the children, ranging in age from 2 to 29, were found chained to beds. Police rescued the siblings after a 17-year-old girl escaped from the house and alerted authorities. (Reuters) - Thirteen malnourished siblings, ranging in age from 2 to 29, were rescued by police in California from a house where som

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2018-01-15 20:58:08

We compared grocery shopping at stores in the US and the UK — and it was shockingly clear which country does it better  

Business Insider/Mary Hanbury The US grocery sector is being disrupted as Lidl ramps up its store count in the US and Amazon takes market share with its acquisition of Whole Foods.  We compared two stores in London and New York City to see how the shopping experience differed.  We found a big difference in price, quality, and variety.   America's grocery scene is in the midst of a major shake-up. Last year, German discount store Lidl announced plans to expand in the US

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2018-01-15 20:50:28

The incredible career of Jim Mattis, the legendary Marine general turned defense secretary  

Gleb Garanich/Reuters Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has achieved a legendary status on par with the heroes of the US Military's past. Stories of his achievements and sayings are told in the same way that Patton, Pershing, Marshall, and MacArthur. He is widely viewed as above politics — a man dedicated to his job and his country. In his 44 years of service, Mattis rose through the ranks of the military to the very top. He has received numerous colorful nicknames — most

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2018-01-15 20:30:48

Vogue, Burberry, and Michael Kors have stopped working with iconic photographer Mario Testino following sexual misconduct allegations  

Getty/ Dimitrios Kambouris Male models and assistants have accused photographer Mario Testino, one of the world's top fashion photographers, of sexual misconduct. Testino has worked with huge names like Kate Moss, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue and Vanity Fair, has stopped working with the photographer "for the foreseeable future." Brands including Burberry and Michael Kors have also suspended Testino. He denies the alle

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2018-01-15 20:28:37

Your toothbrush is probably more disgusting than you thought — here's how often you should replace it  

A New York City dentist says many of his patients never change their toothbrush unless he hands them a new one. How often you should replace your brush depends on how often you use it, but you can tell it needs to go when the bristles start to bend. Storing it upright will help it dry out between uses and prevent bacteria buildup.  After more than 15 years working as a dentist in New York City, Keith Arbeitman said he has seen "a lot of teeth". So he knows how delinquent most pe

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2018-01-15 20:12:16

We put In-N-Out and Five Guys to the test in a battle of the burger chains — and the winner surprised us  

Melia Robinson/Business Insider In a battle of the burgers, Five Guys is winning. The East Coast burger sensation claimed the top spot in a 2017 brand report from Harris Poll, based on input from over 100,000 consumers. In-N-Out, a cult favorite on the West Coast, held the title for the previous two years and has long been considered Five Guys' top rival. The burger chain recently announced it's opening a distribution center in Colorado, which could allow it to expand further east. All stores

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2018-01-15 19:48:33

Mexican drug traffickers may catch a break from Jeff Sessions' marijuana crackdown  

Mexican drug traffickers may catch a break from Jeff Sessions' marijuana crackdownNOW WATCH: Yes, organic marijuana is real — and you probably don't want anything else

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2018-01-15 19:27:39

Trump's latest move on immigration will likely empower a group he's vowed to 'destroy'  

Trump's latest move on immigration will likely empower a group he's vowed to 'destroy'NOW WATCH: The surprising economic reason drug cartel members get head-to-toe tattoos

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2018-01-15 19:11:20

It's bonus season on Wall Street — here's when each of the big banks is announcing how much people will get paid  

Ian Rutherford/Getty Images Wall Street bonus season, when bankers really make their money, is nearly upon us. People familiar with the big banks' bonus schedules have provided an outline of when each bank is expected to announce bonuses. While most of us experience a mix of excitement and apprehension in the weeks approaching Christmas, for bankers the feeling comes a month later. 2017 is officially in the books, and Wall Street is headed toward its favorite time of the year: bonus s

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2018-01-15 18:57:23

10 years after cold calling his way into a job, this Ghanaian founder just got $15 million to grow his thriving start-up  

Benjamin Zhang/Business Insider 10 years after cold calling his way into a job, Nyansa co-founder and CEO Abe Ankumah has a burgeoning startup in his hands.  The company, Nyansa,  just raised $15 million in a Series B led by Intel Capital.  Nyansa has a networking analytics product that helps companies like Tesla and Uber monitor how well different "internet of things" devices are functioning on a network.   When Abe Ankumah, CEO of the network analytics company Ny

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2018-01-15 18:06:07

Saudi Arabia is starting to screen films after decades-long ban lifted  

REUTERS/Reem Baeshen A 35-year-old ban on cinemas has been lifted in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia began screening feature-length animated children's films this weekend. The first permanent theaters could open as early as March. JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia began screening feature-length animated children's films this weekend in a makeshift theater, after a 35-year-old ban on cinemas was lifted in the conservative Islamic kingdom. The first permanent theaters could open

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2018-01-15 17:49:48

GOLDMAN SACHS: There's a strategy that will help you crush earnings season using these 20 stocks  

Spencer Platt / Getty Images Goldman Sachs has formulated a strategy for earnings season that has provided outsize returns for the past two decades. It involves the purchase of options straddles that are cheap relative to history and that capture a company's earnings period. The firm provides a list of 20 well-positioned companies, including Netflix, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Wells Fargo. Earnings season is upon us, and if Wall Street forecasts are to be believed, it should

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2018-01-15 17:47:46

35 big tech predictions for 2018  

BIITechnology is increasingly disrupting every part of our daily lives. Smart speakers and voice assistants let us interact with our homes and with retailers in new and seamless ways. Smartphones are taking over as the dominant shopping device. Viewers continue to move away from traditional TV toward digital platforms. And the list is growing. Nearly every industry has been disrupted by digital technologies over the past 10 years. And in 2018, we expect to see more transformative developmen

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2018-01-15 17:37:51

Transgender recruits are openly enlisting in the US military, despite uncertainty created by Trump  

Thomson ReutersCHICAGO (Reuters) - Transgender Americans are openly enlisting in the US military for the first time, saying they feel confident that court rulings blocking Republican President Donald Trump's ban on their service will stand. Nicholas Bade, a 37-year-old transgender man who is among the first of what advocates expect will be a small but historic surge of enlistments, has wanted to join the military since he was young. "I just couldn't face the idea of doing it as a traditional f

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2018-01-15 17:19:22

A shake-up at a key Pentagon agency is making employees fear they're being replaced by artificial intelligence  

There's a "reorganization" underway at the Pentagon's National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Some veteran imagery analysts fear their jobs might drastically change — and that their work will be outsourced to artificial intelligence. Agency staffers are also concerned that AI is not yet advanced enough to truly replace most aspects of human analysis. When Kim Jong Un gears up to launch a ballistic missile, analysts at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency comb thro

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2018-01-15 15:43:36

A new study found that 700 Amazon employees in Ohio are on food stamps  

Getty/Scott Olson A study by Policy Matters Ohio found that 700 Amazon workers in the state received food stamps benefits. It's likely most of those receiving the benefits are part-time workers at Amazon's large warehouses in Columbus. As Amazon grows, so does its impact on local economies. A new study by Policy Matters Ohio — a nonprofit policy research organization focused on issues that impact low-income residents — found that as of August, more than 700 Amazon employees

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2018-01-15 15:24:59

Billionaire media mogul Barry Diller can boil down his rule for hiring top talent into a single sentence  

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Barry Diller is the chairman of media holding company IAC. In his long career in media and show business, he's hired and trained power brokers from when they were young and inexperienced. He believes that it is best to promote inexperienced, hungry people to leadership roles, so that they grow into the role in a way preferable to a veteran set in his or her ways. Barry Diller — the chairman of IAC, whose holdings include Tinder, the Daily Beast, and Angie's

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2018-01-15 15:05:28

The ugliest building in every US state, according to people who live there  

Architecture is a form of art. When a city constructs a new building, it should add beauty to its streetscape. But that doesn't always happen. Every town across the United States likely has a tower, a government complex, or an office building that residents wish never went up. Business Insider asked readers to name the one architectural eyesore they loathe in their state. Responses ranged from a building that looks like a giant wooden basket to a hotel painted solid gold. The most unpopular

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2018-01-15 14:54:46

Ram has finally revealed its new 1500 pickup — now the 2018 truck wars can begin (FCAU)  

Ram Ram debuted its new full-size pickup in Detroit. The new truck contains several innovations, including a large infotainment screen and a new hybrid drivetrain offering. It's set to do battle this year with the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado. DETROIT — At the 2018 Detroit auto show on Monday, Ram pulled the cover off its new 1500 full-size pickups. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' newest vehicle competes with the refreshed Ford F-150 and the all-new Chevy Silverado. "The all-n

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2018-01-15 14:21:53

Geniuses aren't born, they're made — and 3 of their daily habits can make you smarter  

We often use genius to imply someone was born great.  Natural talent exists, but most people we consider geniuses still worked daily and put in considerable effort.  Reflecting for 10 minutes, reading for 20, and focusing for 30 minutes a day can help you get smarter at anything — even if you weren't born brilliant.  The word "genius" is one of the most misused terms in history. While it's often referenced accurately, the connotation that we commonly associate

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2018-01-15 14:10:02

Police violence kills women like Erica Garner through trauma, pain, and loss  

AP Erica Garner, the daughter of the Staten Island man who was killed by a police officer who placed him in a chokehold, died at the end of 2017. Her death has turned attention toward the indirect and often deadly secondary effects of police violence on people's mental and physical health. People living with trauma of this kind have died outside of the US as well, in place like Brazil. The sting of the premature death of 27-year-old Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, is s

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2018-01-15 14:07:38

A woman's tactic for deflecting unwanted attention from guys at the gym has gone viral for all the right reasons  

Shutterstock A Twitter user shared a recent experience at the gym which has gone viral. She witnessed a girl pretend she had just farted in order to get a guy who had approached her and her friend to leave them alone. Tweet has been shared over 22,000 times and received over 130,000 likes. American author Olivia Cole, who uses the Twitter handle @RantingOwl, shared a situation she witnessed at the gym with her followers — and it has certainly got people talking. Cole, who is fr

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2018-01-15 14:01:07

Nintendo's president said the Switch is a console 'with a long lifespan'  

Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters Nintendo has sold more than 10 million units of its Switch console so far. Nintendo's president Tatsumi Kimishima announced last year that the company wants to reach 14 million consoles sold by the end of the fiscal year in March, and also set next year's goal for 20 million more. In a recent interview, Kimishima said that the console has "a long lifespan," but to achieve its long-term goals the second year will be "crucial." Nintendo has big ambitions for 2018.

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2018-01-15 13:48:18

An infamous mystery trader refuses to give up on a bet that the stock market will go nuts  

Warner Bros. A trader just rolled over a massive volatility bet that could pay out $262.5 million if all goes according to plan. The wager is on a large increase in the CBOE Volatility Index, which serves as the stock market's fear gauge, and has been suppressed for most of the past year. The stock market may be grinding out new high after new high, but one trader is remaining steadfast on the view that turbulence is right around the corner. Just six weeks after rolling over a massive

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2018-01-15 13:31:47

The son of 'El Chapo' Guzman's former right-hand man is reportedly talking to US authorities, and it could be trouble for the Sinaloa cartel  

(AP Photo/Rashide Frias) The son of one of Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's closest associates has pleaded guilty to drug-trafficking charges in the US. There are already signs the son is cooperating with US authorities, and he could provide them with detailed information about the cartel's inner workings. The details he divulges could lead to more blows to the cartel's leadership and set off another, bloodier round of infighting. Damaso Lopez Serrano, 29, pleaded gui

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2018-01-15 13:25:23

Forget 'Type A' — if you want to be successful, look at people who are 'Type R'  

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Flickr 'Type R' is a new alternative to 'Type A' and 'Type B' people.  It describes those who are resilient — people who can accept change, failure, and disruption.  They see challenge as opportunity and can reframe less-than-idea situations into a constructive perspective.  When life throws you a curveball—a setback at work, a job loss, or a painful event in your personal life—how do you react? If y

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2018-01-15 13:10:09

Devin Nunes is under mounting pressure to release the transcript of a House Intel interview with Fusion GPS  

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee want its Republican chairman, Devin Nunes, to release the transcript of the panel's interview with Fusion GPS cofounder Glenn Simpson. Fusion GPS wants the transcript released, too. The House Democrats can't distribute the transcript unilaterally, like the Senate Judiciary Democrats did, because the House committee's rules require Republicans' consent. The House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat is calling on

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2018-01-15 13:08:54

Three hot states are taking VC money away from Silicon Valley  

Shutterstock It's become ever more expensive for venture capitalists to invest in California-based startups. So VC are increasingly investing in startups based in states other than California. Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Florida all have emerging startup scenes and could benefit from the trend. When searching for startups to invest in, venture capitalists are increasingly casting their eyes outside of California — a trend that could benefit some states that were previously far f

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2018-01-15 12:50:37

20 electric cars you'll see on the road by 2025  

Aston Martin While electric vehicles aren't posting big sales numbers yet, auto companies are making significant investments in them. Both new and traditional car manufacturers plan to release electric vehicles in the coming years. Some of the vehicles have specs and tech features that exceed most gas-powered cars. While electric vehicles still represent a very small percentage of global car sales, automotive companies have made significant investments in them. As governments move to i

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2018-01-15 12:42:55

An early stage startup investor made its term sheet public to increase transparency in tech investment  

Forward Partners British venture capital firm Forward Partners has published a detailed pre-seed term sheet. The public term sheet means founders can learn what to expect from a funding deal. Early stage startup investor Forward Partners has published its pre-seed term sheet, giving entrepreneurs a detailed look at what they can expect from a funding deal. You can see the term sheet below. A term sheet is a non-binding agreement between a startup founder and their investor, and covers

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2018-01-15 12:22:12

The best videos of fans celebrating the Vikings' miraculous game-winning touchdown in the playoffs  

See You Yang / YouTube The Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints on the final play of the game on Sunday night, scoring the first walk-off touchdown in postseason history. Vikings fans across the country rejoiced, providing the world with a whole new set of amazing fan reaction videos as they watch in utter elation as their team wins against all odds. With the win, the Vikings earned a spot in the NFC Championship next week against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Minnesota Vikings

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2018-01-15 11:33:18

Forget Iceland — these are the 10 places around the world everyone will be visiting in 2018, according to travelers  

Shutterstock We're barely into 2018, but travelers are already chiming in on this year's newest travel hotspots.  TripAdvisor recently released its annual list of global travel destinations on the rise, and this year's list includes gems from Croatia to Kenya. TripAdvisor based its rankings on year-to-year increases in positive reviews for attractions, restaurants, and hotels in each destination, as well as search and booking data. Read on to see the 10 global destinations that are

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2018-01-15 11:12:36

The luxurious Ritz-Carlton where Saudi Arabia's richest and most powerful elites were held prisoner will reopen as a hotel next month  

Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh was used as a prison during Saudi Arabia's crackdown on corruption. Dozens of princes, senior officials and top businessmen were detained and confined in the hotel. The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh will reopen for business next month. RIYADH (Reuters) - The luxury Riyadh hotel used as a prison during Saudi Arabia's crackdown on corruption will reopen for business next month, according to a company employee and its website

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2018-01-15 10:44:25

Cage fighting's 'next great superstar' tells us how he plans to 'go for the kill' in his fight on Saturday  

Bellator MMA Cage fighting's "next great superstar" Aaron Pico is "going in for the kill" when he fights at Bellator 192 on Saturday. Pico tells Business Insider how he was "brought back to life" while laying low in Mexico after a humiliating loss in his debut fight last year. He has linked up with combat sports veteran Antonio McKee who guided Pico to a crushing victory in his subsequent fight. Pico tells us he has been training for a repeat performance this weekend.   Blue chi

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2018-01-15 10:29:09

Apple has an obligation to make the iPhone safer for kids  

Getty Images/Mario Tama Research shows that there's a link between digital media use and depression — especially for kids and teens. There's an increasing consensus that the tech companies who have led us into the digital age have a responsibility to build some safeguards. The average teen spends at least six hours a day looking at a screen, with most of it from using a smartphone. Many parents, naturally, have wondered if so much time spent in front of a screen is safe. Recent

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2018-01-15 10:21:26

Russia's military conducts massive missile drills across country  

AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian military is conducting massive drills involving truck-mounted intercontinental ballistic missile launchers. The Defense Ministry said maneuvers involving Topol-M and Yars missile launchers began Monday. Those types of nuclear-tipped ICBMs are mounted on heavy all-terrain vehicles, making it more difficult for an enemy to spot them. The ministry said the drills are being conducted across a vast area from the Ivanovo region just northeast

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2018-01-15 10:20:22

China is heading toward a debt crisis that will throw into question everything we think we know about its economy  

REUTERS/Jason Lee China's economic stability is founded on a mountain of debt that Council on Foreign Relations experts warn will end in a crisis.  The country's total non-financial sector debt, which includes household, corporate and government debt, will surge to nearly 300% of GDP by 2022, up from 242% in 2016. By some estimates, China’s true growth rate after taking the bad debt into account could be just half the official 6.9%. China’s worrisome build-up of corpor

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2018-01-15 09:58:42

Scientists spent a month exploring the Gulf of Mexico's deep sea habitats — and the images they brought back are astonishing  

Image courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Gulf of Mexico 2017. There's a spectacular, uncharted alien world right off the Gulf Coast, and a recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) expedition sought to uncover its secrets. This past December, a NOAA team, aboard the Okeanos Explorer, conducted the first of three month-long studies of the deepest parts of the Gulf of Mexico, with the dual aim of exploring the diversity of deep-water habitats and mapping the seaf

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2018-01-15 09:10:40

Simone Biles releases statement saying she was assaulted by former gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar  

Julio Cortez/AP Simone Biles on Monday released a statement alleging she was sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. Biles is one of 140 women to accuse Nassar of sexual assault and molestation. Nassar has already pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography and is expected to be sentence to life in prison for sexual assault charges. Simone Biles is the latest member of the USA Gymnastics team to allege she was sexually assaulted by former team doctor Larry Nass

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2018-01-15 09:02:56

A Georgetown professor explains how Martin Luther King Jr. 'has been severely whitewashed'  

Michael Eric Dyson, professor of sociology at Georgetown University, and author of "Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America," reveals what a lot of people get wrong about Martin Luther King Jr. Towards the end of King's life, he became more radical and eager to challenge the notion that America was a racially blind country. Following is a transcript of the video. When you think about it, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. has been severely whitewashed. What I mean by that is that

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2018-01-15 08:32:43

Mark Zuckerberg's former mentor has spent a week attacking Facebook for becoming 'toxic' (FB)  

Rob Kim/Getty Roger McNamee, an early Facebook investor, has spent the past week attacking CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his firm's role in spreading fake news during elections. McNamee said he noticed anti-Hillary Clinton memes spread by "bad actors" in early 2016 and flagged them to Facebook, which he said didn't take his concerns seriously. Now Facebook and other tech firms are under scrutiny from Congress about whether their algorithms promoted fake information. McNamee said Facebook needed

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2018-01-15 07:43:39

What Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks can learn from Venmo and the Boston Celtics  

Dunkin' Donuts Instead of chasing their fans from app to app and social network to social network, brands must incorporate social engagement into their brand environments from the start, argues Vivoom CEO Katherine Hays. Such an approach helps brands retain control over their own brand experiences, create one-to-one relationships with their fans and followers because it collects audience data. Brands can take a page out of the playbooks of the Boston Celtics, for example, which al

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2018-01-15 07:03:26

JPMorgan lost $273 million on a single client in the fourth quarter (JPM)  

Thomson Reuters In an already wonky quarter, JPMorgan reported taking a $143 million loss in its equities trading department from a single client. The department had strong equities performance apart from that one loss. The client was identified as Steinhoff International, a South African retailer embroiled in an accounting scandal. Total losses related to Steinhoff could be as much as $273 million. After accounting for effects from the new tax law, JPMorgan posted a solid quarter, an

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2018-01-15 06:56:03

North Korea was preparing for the Olympics long before Kim Jong Un said he wanted to send a delegation  

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images North Korea was preparing its delegation for the Olympics well before Kim Jon Un announced his desire to partake in the Winter Games. North Korea was already going through the process of selecting its cheer squad before the end of 2017. But Kim only publicly announced the country's desire to participate in the Olympics on January 1, 2018. North Korea was planning to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics well before its leader Kim Jong Un announced his des

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2018-01-15 06:41:38

Japan criticizes China for sailing an advanced, stealthy submarine near disputed islands  

POOL New/REUTERS TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's defense minister criticized China on Monday for sailing an advanced stealthy nuclear submarine close to disputed islands claimed by Japan and China, saying the action had stoked tension. The submarine, which Japan detected in the East China Sea, was a 110-meter-long Shang-class vessel, which is able to dive deeper and for longer than older boats and is armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles, according to Japan's Ministry of Defence. "Operating a

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2018-01-15 06:36:18

Bitcoin's main technology opens up opportunities to profit from these 14 stocks, HSBC says  

Spencer Platt/Getty It's quite easy to buy bitcoin. But it's not as straightforward to directly profit from blockchain, the technology that drives the cryptocurrency. Analysts at HSBC have identified a handful of stocks mostly in the US, Japan, and China that let investors do just that. Blockchain is basically a decentralized system that ensures everyone has the same information about payments at the same time. It's an obsession in corners of Wall Street, and central banks from China to Canad

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2018-01-15 06:34:09

The State Department is telling US citizens 'do not travel' to 5 states in Mexico  

The State Department is telling US citizens 'do not travel' to 5 states in MexicoNOW WATCH: The wives of El Chapo's henchmen reveal how they hid and spent $2 billion

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2018-01-15 05:42:51

Messaging app Telegram is looking to raise $1.2 billion to become the Mastercard 'for the new decentralized economy'  

Flickr/TechCrunch Telegram, the messaging app, is developing a blockchain platform to rival bitcoin and ethereum. It is looking to raise at least $1.2 billion to develop its so-called TON platform and cryptocurrency called Grams. It would be the largest token sale ever.   Private messaging app Telegram is planning to gatecrash the cryptocurrency world with a blockbuster ten-figure initial coin offering. The company, which reaches more than 170 million monthly users, is looking

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2018-01-15 05:41:51

The most ridiculous law in every state  

Darren McCollester/Getty We've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in America, but you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Sites which rarely link to states' current statutes or may misinterpret them — only perpetuate the myths. Yes, it's illegal for a drunk person to enter a bar in Alaska. No, a woman's hair does not legally belong to her husband in Michigan. The list goes on. We decided to undertake some legal legwork

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2018-01-15 05:35:21

Video shows a wallaby hopping across the Sydney Harbour Bridge  

Screenshot A wallaby was spotted on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Tuesday. NSW police say they received a call for assistance around 5am. Wallabies are often spotted in national parks around Sydney Harbour, but rarely stray from dense bushland. Motorists on the Sydney Harbour Bridge early this morning were startled to see a pedestrian hopping south across the eight-lane bridge when a rock wallaby decided to head to the CBD without getting its feet wet. NSW police say they received a c

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2018-01-15 05:28:41

Xiaomi is picking banks for an IPO worth up to $100 billion  

Etienne Oliveau/Getty Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has begun picking banks to underwrite its public offering, which might value the firm at up to $100 billion, according to Bloomberg. The firm may go public in the second half of this year. Xiaomi was once the biggest smartphone maker in China, earning it plaudits as "the Apple of China." The firm has sunk to fourth place in China behind Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, but has made strong progress in India where it's one of the top three manufacturer

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2018-01-15 04:47:59

The Cliven Bundy mistrial highlights a glaring cultural flaw in our criminal justice system  

Thomson Reuters Cliven Bundy, the rancher who protested federal authorities in a Nevada land use case, was released from court due to a mistrial. The mistrial resulted from prosecutorial misconduct, which is a cultural problem in the US criminal justice system. Techniques like "parallel construction" often lead to the kind of misconduct that occurred in the Bundy trial. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — Cliven Bundy wanted to walk out of the courtroom in his jail jumpsuit and ankle

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2018-01-15 04:46:23

North Korea slams South Korea for giving Trump credit for historic talks  

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images North Korean state media slammed South Korea for giving President Donald Trump any credit for recent inter-Korean talks. Last week South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Trump "did a lot" to help the talks. South and North Korea are meeting again on Monday to agree on details for North Korea to attend the Olympic Games. North Korean state media slammed South Korea for giving President Donald Trump credit for recent inter-Korea talks, Yonhap reported Sunday.

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2018-01-15 04:43:44

SoftBank has invested €460 million into a German car startup  

GettyJapanese tech behemoth SoftBank has invested €460 million (£409 million) into used car marketplace Auto1, valuing the startup at €2.9 billion (£2.6 billion).  Founded in Berlin in 2012, Auto1 has sold hundreds of thousands of cars on its platform. Revenues in 2016 came in at €1.5 billion (£1.3 billion).  Backed by the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, Auto1 connects car buyers with car sellers in around 30 countries.  The SoftBank inves

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2018-01-15 04:23:53

A key metric shows the stock market is at 'extreme' levels that are the most stretched in 20 years  

Reuters / Darrin Zammit Lupi A technical indicator called the "relative strength index" is the most stretched it's been in 20 years, and the second-most extended since 1928, according to Morgan Stanley. While this doesn't necessarily spell impending doom for stocks, it should give investors caution as they consider adding to positions. The further an asset climbs, the more likely it is to fall back down. That's the logic behind a technical indicator called the "relative strength index,

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2018-01-15 04:17:52

Aziz Ansari denies sexual assault after accusation from woman he went on a date with  

Greg Doherty/Getty Images A woman has accused Aziz Ansari of sexual assault. She said the comedian kept attempting to have sex with her despite her signalling that she didn't want to. Ansari said the night's events were "by all indications... completely consensual." A woman has accused comedian Aziz Ansari of sexual assault during a date with the comedian, calling it a "violating night and a painful one" — but Ansari responded by describing the encounter as "consensual". The Bro

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2018-01-15 04:03:49

Here's how newspapers in Minnesota and Louisiana reacted to the Vikings miracle win  

Pioneer Press / Newseum On Sunday night the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a miraculous comeback over the New Orleans Saints in the final seconds that will not soon be forgotten. The victory came on the last play of the game, with Vikings quarterback Case Keenum connecting with Stefon Diggs, who was able to scamper into the end zone thanks to a bit of blown coverage on the part of the Saints defense. It was the first walk-off touchdown in regulation in NFL postseason history. In Minne

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2018-01-15 03:54:12

This drone collects snot from humpback whales for the good of science  

Macquarie University/Business Insider Australian researchers are researching humpback whales' health by analysing spray from their blowholes.  The scientists developed a waterproof drone to collect the mucus at sea. They say they have successfully sampled 59 whales without upsetting any. Watch the video of the drone in action below.  Australian researchers have built a drone to hunt and collect the snot of humpback whales as they pass Sydney. Vanessa Pirotta from Macquarie

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2018-01-15 03:52:39

10 things in tech you need to know today (AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, FB, AMZN, SFTBY, SSNLF)  

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesGood morning! Here is the tech news you need to start your week. 1. Some Facebook ex-staffers have criticised the company's decision to shift towards news five years ago. The criticism comes after Facebook's decision of favouring friends' posts in the News Feed again, after two years of steady user engagement decline. 2. Google decided to ban searches for "gorillas" and similar words in Google Photos after it displayed black people in some instances back in 2015. Th

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2018-01-15 03:51:02

Softbank wants to raise $18 billion through an IPO for its mobile unit  

Thomson Reuters Softbank's Japanese wireless business could be one of the biggest IPOs by a Japanese company in two decades.  The IPO could reportedly raise $18 billion.  Softbank Group is aiming to sell about 30% of Softbank Corp.  TOKYO (Reuters) - SoftBank Group Corp said on Monday it was considering listing its Japanese wireless business — a move that could reportedly raise $18 billion and would accelerate the conglomerate's transformation into one of the world

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2018-01-15 03:42:14

The heads of one of the biggest video game studios have been accused of inappropriate behaviour  

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images French publications Le Monde, Canard PC, and Mediapart have separately published reports in which they depict an unhealthy environment at Quantic Dream, a game development studio close to Sony and PlayStation. Anonymous employees mentioned the heads of Quantic Dream, David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière, in particular, describing a series of inappropriate situations involving them specifically. The two bosses denied the allegations in full, and publish

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2018-01-15 03:13:41

JPMorgan beats earnings expectations after accounting for $2.4 billion hit from tax reform (JPM)  

Getty/Win McNamee JPMorgan Chase released the results from its fourth quarter Friday, beating analyst earnings expectations on an adjusted basis with $1.76 a share. Wall Street analysts had been expecting $1.69 a share. "2017 was a record year on many measures for JPMorgan Chase as we added clients and customers and delivered record EPS," CEO Jamie Dimon said in a statement. "We had healthy growth in Treasury Services, Securities Services and Investment Banking — we were #1 in IB fees g

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2018-01-15 03:12:39

The Vikings' miracle touchdown was made possible when a Saints defender played the pass in the worst way possible  

Fox/NFL The Minnesota Vikings pulled off a 29-24 win over the New Orleans Saints with a touchdown catch and run from Stefon Diggs as time expired. The play was made possible when Saints safety Marcus Williams tried to deliver a big hit on Diggs and missed him entirely, leaving Diggs with an open field. Afterward, Williams reportedly cried over his blunder. The Minnesota Vikings advanced to the NFC Championship on Sunday with a miracle pass, catch, and touchdown from Case Keenum and Ste

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2018-01-15 02:34:03

Richard Branson has told Virgin Trains to start selling the Daily Mail again — even though they're political enemies  

Alex Wong/Getty Images Virgin Trains recently stopped stocking the Daily Mail because of its editorial stance. The Mail then accused the company of politically-motivated censorship. In recent months Mail columns have called Branson a "boastful billionaire" and "condescending swine" plotting to "hijack Brexit." But in a blog post Branson said he'd told Virgin Trains to put the papers back, adding that the company should not be "moralising on behalf of others." The Mail told BI it welc

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2018-01-15 02:25:51

Spain has told Catalonia's ousted president he isn't allowed to rule the region via Skype  

Thomson Reuters Carles Puigdemont is not allowed to rule Catalonia from abroad, Spain has said. Puigdemont supporters floated the idea of him running the regional government in exile from Brussels via video-link technology like Skype. Madrid is currently using emergency powers to run Catalonia and is due to hand control back soon, possibly to Puigdemont. But Spain's Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, said they would not give control back to somebody located abroad. Catalonia's ousted lead

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2018-01-15 02:06:17

26 tourist landmarks in Europe that are worth lining up for, according to top travel experts  

Flickr/Mark Fischer We've all been there. You've gone to the Eiffel Tower on your first day in Paris. Now you're three hours deep in queues and your schedule for the rest of the weekend has been thrown off. Then you reach the top of the iconic tower, take in your surroundings, and realise that the very best thing about Paris's skyline is missing from your view. There are many tourist traps which sound great in theory but will eat into your holiday in a big way. Once you go, you realise that

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2018-01-15 02:01:59

Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan dies at age 46  

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of the Irish rock group The Cranberries, has died. She was 46. O'Riordan's publicist said the singer died suddenly on Monday at the age of 46 during a trip to London for a recording session. The Irish group, which combined indie guitar with O‘Riordan’s distinctive Irish lilt and yoddle, shot to fame in the 1990s with hits like “Linger” and “Zombie.” DUBLIN (Reuters) - Dolores O‘Rior

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2018-01-15 01:43:30

The floor of the Jakarta Stock Exchange has collapsed, injuring at least 72  

Adam Harvey/ Twitter The second floor of the Jakarta Stock Exchange collapsed on Monday afternoon. At least 72 people have been taken to hospital. There are no confirmed reports of fatalities. The Indonesia Stock Exchange has reopened. Dozens of people have been injured after the second floor of a Jakarta Stock Exchange tower collapsed Monday afternoon. At least 72 people were taken to local hospitals, Argo Yuwono, a senior commissioner for Jakarta Police said, according to CNN. Acc

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2018-01-15 01:34:50

Ford just unveiled a Mustang that references a legendary movie car chase starring Steve McQueen (F)  

Ford Ford unveiled a new special-edition Mustang to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the the film "Bullitt." The original "Bullitt" Mustang was also on hand for the reveal in Detroit. The Bullitt 'Stang edges the current Mustang GT for performance. The most famous car chase in cinematic history involved Steve McQueen in a 1968 Mustang, dark green, and some hit men in a Dodge Charger. Even if you haven't seen the '68 film, "Bullitt," you might be able to guess who came out on top. F

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2018-01-15 01:29:49

UFC is planning to strip Conor McGregor of his lightweight world championship title — here's why  

Getty Images Conor McGregor does not intend to return to UFC until September. UFC president Dana White says if that is correct then he will strip McGregor of the Irishman's lightweight world championship belt. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will fight for the title in McGregor's absence — but McGregor would get "first crack" at his old belt "if and when" he does return to the sport.   UFC is making contingency plans for what will happen if lightweight champion Conor

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2018-01-15 01:21:41

Inside the beautiful cemetery where New York's rich and powerful were laid to rest  

Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider Deep in Brooklyn’s interior lies Green-Wood Cemetery, one of the largest and most prominent burial grounds in the United States. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Green-Wood was a premier final destination, housing the remains of New York City’s elite in fields as varied as business, art, industry, and politics. Among the most notable eternal residents are corrupt politician William “Boss” Tweed, toy store founder F.A.O. Schwarz, pi

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2018-01-14 21:38:15

A 7-day guide to getting richer, fitter, and happier  

Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse We recently published a guide to changing your life — overhauling your habits and replacing them with better ones — in 31 days. But 31 days is a long time. If you need (or want) to see a change sooner, we've got you covered. Below, you'll find a seven-day guide to earning, exercising, and smiling more. For each day of the week, we've listed the change you should make and why it's key. Read on for the secrets to a one-week life makeo

what do you think?

2018-01-14 21:31:34

Wall Street Journal clashes with Trump over the accuracy of a quote about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un  

Mark Wilson/Getty Images The White House accused the Wall Street Journal of misquoting President Donald Trump. It's difficult to distinguish from the transcript whether Trump said he currently has a good relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  The White House late on Saturday criticized the Wall Street Journal, claiming the paper misquoted President Donald Trump in a recent interview. In a tweet on Saturday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused

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2018-01-14 21:26:15

Shake Shack is testing a new chicken sandwich that will soon be available nationwide — here's how it tastes  

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Shake Shack's new grilled chicken club sandwich is being tested in Brooklyn, New York locations. It'll be available nationwide for a limited time starting January 26. The sandwich is decent, but the chicken itself leaves something to be desired. Shake Shack is testing a new grilled chicken sandwich at its locations in Brooklyn, New York. The "Griddled Chick'n Club" is a decidedly healthy item for a chain that serves cheese fries, hot dogs, and double ch

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2018-01-14 21:07:33

Jaguars star running back Leonard Fournette leaves playoff game with injury, is questionable to return  

AP Photo/Don Wright Jacksonville Jaguars star running back Leonard Fournette limped off the field with an ankle injury during Sunday's game against the Steelers. Fournette had been having quite a game for the Jaguars, with 82 yards on 12 rushes and two touchdowns before leaving late in the second quarter. He is questionable to return. Jaguars star running back Leonard Fournette had to leave the field on Sunday against the Steelers after going down with an ankle injury. He's questionabl

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2018-01-14 20:08:48

A Wall Street consultancy eviscerated crypto in a massive report — and it should strike fear into the heart of every bitcoin bull  

Thomson Reuters Quinlan & Associates put out a massive report that should strike fear into the heart of every bitcoin bull. The consultancy laid out a bear case for bitcoin that puts it at just $1,800 at the end of 2018. A Wall Street consultancy is predicting a massive crash in the cryptocurrency market this year. Quinlan & Associates put out a report Thursday titled "Fool's Gold: Unearthing The World of Cryptocurrency" in which they outline a case for bitcoin dropping to $1,8

what do you think?

2018-01-14 19:58:16

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