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Calorie restriction trial in humans suggests benefits for age-related disease  

One of the first studies to explore the effects of calorie restriction on humans showed that cutting caloric intake by 15 percent for two years slowed aging and metabolism and protected against age-related disease. The study found that calorie restriction decreased systemic oxidative stress, which has been tied to age-related neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as cancer, diabetes, and others.

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2018-03-24 12:16:40

Jaguars and well-managed logging concessions can coexist, say conservationists  

Logging activities in biodiverse forests can have a huge negative impact on wildlife, particularly large species such as big cats, but a new study proves that the Western Hemisphere's largest cat species -- the jaguar (Panthera onca) -- can do well in logging concessions that are properly managed.

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2018-03-24 12:10:10

Implications of access to high-quality fruits and vegetables  

Researchers have shown how access to high-quality fruits and vegetables - or lack thereof - strongly influences whether healthy foods make it to a person's breakfast, lunch or dinner plate. 

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2018-03-24 10:48:54

Brain development disorders in children linked to common environmental toxin exposures  

Exposures of pregnant women and children to common thyroid-hormone-disrupting toxins may be linked to the increased incidence of brain development disorders, according to new research. The review describes how numerous, common chemicals can interfere with normal thyroid hormone actions, which are essential for normal brain development in fetuses and young children, and suggests a need for greater public health intervention.

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2018-03-24 02:58:26

Biodiversity and nature's contributions continue dangerous decline, scientists warn  

Biodiversity -- the essential variety of life forms on Earth -- continues to decline in every region of the world, significantly reducing nature's capacity to contribute to people's well-being. This alarming trend endangers economies, livelihoods, food security and the quality of life of people everywhere, according to four landmark science reports written by more than 550 leading experts, from over 100 countries.

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2018-03-24 02:32:17

Flexible ultrasound patch could make it easier to inspect damage in odd-shaped structures  

Researchers have developed a stretchable, flexible patch that could make it easier to perform ultrasound imaging on odd-shaped structures, such as engine parts, turbines, reactor pipe elbows and railroad tracks -- objects that are difficult to examine using conventional ultrasound equipment. The ultrasound patch is a versatile and more convenient tool to inspect machine and building parts for defects and damage deep below the surface.

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2018-03-23 19:52:44

Higher-dose RT lowers risk of recurrence but does not improve survival for men with prostate cancer  

High-dose radiotherapy did not improve survival for men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer but did improve biochemical control and rates of distant metastases, when compared to standard radiotherapy. Men who received higher-dose radiotherapy underwent fewer salvage therapies to control tumors that had grown larger or had spread to another body site; however, they also experienced more side effects than did men on the standard radiotherapy treatment arm.

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2018-03-23 19:47:21

First proof a synthesized antibiotic is capable of treating superbugs  

A 'game changing' new antibiotic which is capable of killing superbugs has been successfully synthesized and used to treat an infection for the first time -- and could lead to the first new class of antibiotic drug in 30 years.

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2018-03-23 17:42:12

High-sensitivity 3-D technique using single-atom measurements  

Researchers have unveiled a stunningly accurate technique for scientific measurements which uses a single atom as the sensor, with sensitivity down to 100 zeptoNewtons.

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2018-03-23 14:53:32

Keeping a tight hold on things: Robot-mounted vacuum grippers flex their artificial muscles  

A short electric pulse is all it takes to generate and release a powerful vacuum in the blink of an eye. The novel vacuum gripper enables robot arms to pick up objects and move them around freely in space. The system works without the need for compressed air to generate the vacuum, it is energy efficient, quiet and suitable for use in clean rooms.

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2018-03-23 13:18:33

Older adults who have slower walking speeds may have increased risk for dementia  

Because there's currently no cure for dementia, it's important to know about risk factors that may lead to developing it. For example, researchers have learned that older adults with slower walking speeds seem to have a greater risk than those with faster walking speeds. Recently, researchers have learned more about changes in walking speed, changes in the ability to think and make decisions, and dementia.

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2018-03-23 12:25:28

More than 2,500 cancer cases a week could be avoided  

More than 135,500 cases of cancer a year in the UK could be prevented through lifestyle changes, according to new figures.

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2018-03-23 12:25:24

Diagnosing breast cancer using red light  

Optical Mammography, which uses harmless red or infrared light, has been developed for use in conjunction with X-rays for diagnosis or monitoring in cases demanding repeated imaging where high amounts of ionizing radiation should be avoided.

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2018-03-23 12:24:20

Growing and surviving: How proteins regulate the cell cycle  

Cell division is the basis of all life. Even the smallest errors in this complex process can lead to grave diseases like cancer. Certain proteins have to be switched on or off at certain times for everything to go according to plan. Biophysicists and medical biochemists have managed to describe the underlying mechanism of this process.

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2018-03-23 12:23:14

Microorganisms can escape from a dead end by swimming  

Researchers have shown that microorganisms can ingeniously escape from a dead end by swimming. The results pave the way to understanding the spread of infectious diseases.

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2018-03-23 12:11:22

Non-psychoactive cannabis ingredient could help addicts stay clean  

A preclinical study in rats has shown that there might be value in using a non-psychoactive and non-addictive ingredient of the Cannabis sativa plant to reduce the risk of relapse among recovering drug and alcohol addicts. The study's findings inform the ongoing debate about the possible medical benefits of non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

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2018-03-23 11:57:21

Grouping students into ability-based sets holds back less able pupils  

Students classed as less able are being hindered by being grouped into ability-based sets, according to new research.

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2018-03-23 11:35:23

Dental oral craniofacial tissue regeneration consortia  

The ability to robustly and predictably regenerate dental, oral and craniofacial (DOC) tissues through tissue engineering and/or regenerative medicine strategies is a major goal for clinicians. While many technologies have shown proof of principle in small animals, few have made it into the clinic.

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2018-03-23 10:59:40

Landfills: A future source of raw materials  

Decontamination of landfills and open dumpsites could prove profitable - both financially and for the environment.

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2018-03-23 10:33:32

In a severe childhood neurodegeneration, novel mechanism found  

Neurology researchers investigating a rare but devastating neurological regression in infants have discovered the cause: gene mutations that severely disrupt crucial functions in mitochondria, the energy-producing structures within cells. The specific disease mechanism, in which mutations disrupt a critical mitochondrial enzyme, has not previously been implicated in a human disease.

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2018-03-23 10:28:04

Breast cancer: New mechanism discovered for dissemination of metastatic tumor cells  

Malignant tumor cells from a primary tumor have to pass into the bloodstream in order to form metastases in other organs. It is accepted in medical research that, in breast cancer for example, tumor cells first of all enter the vascular system and then colonize the sentinel lymph nodes closest to the primary tumor. From there they travel along the lymph channels via further secondary lymph nodes and eventually find their way into the bloodstream. In a mouse model, scientists have now discovered

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2018-03-23 09:23:01

Germany was covered by glaciers 450,000 years ago  

Researchers have obtained new chronological data for the timing of the Elsterian and Saalian glacial cycles in central Germany. They found that the first Quaternary glaciation, which covered huge parts of Europe in ice, occurred as early as 450,000 years ago and not - as previously thought - around 350,000 years ago. The researcher further showed that once these glaciers had retreated, the first people appeared in central Germany around 400,000 years ago.

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2018-03-23 07:59:22

Is knee pain linked to depression?  

According to researchers, knee osteoarthritis affects some 55 percent of people over age 40 in Japan. A research team recently published a study examining the effects of knee pain on depression since, until now, few studies have focused on how knee pain and impaired knee function relate to depression.

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2018-03-23 07:37:05

New study elucidates link between PCOS and anxiety  

Maternal obesity and androgen excess induce sex-specific anxiety in the offspring, according to a study on mice. The findings may help explain why children born to mothers with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have increased risk of developing anxiety later in life.

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2018-03-23 07:34:16

20-year-old assumptions in solar cell production refuted  

Researchers have investigated the manufacturing process of solar cells. The researchers proved that assumptions on chemical processes that were commonplace among researchers and producers for the past 20 years are, in fact, inaccurate.

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2018-03-23 07:26:37

Mysterious head of a pharaoh discovered by Swansea Egyptologist  

Egyptologists have found a depiction of one of the most famous pharaoh's in history Hatshepsut (one of only a handful of female pharaohs) on an object in the Egypt Center stores, which had been chosen for an object handling session.

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2018-03-23 07:20:16

New innovations in cell-free biotechnology  

A new platform to conduct cell-free protein synthesis could lead to improved quality of manufactured protein therapeutics and biomaterials.

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2018-03-23 07:10:55

Staphylococcus aureus: A new mechanism involved in virulence and antibiotic resistance  

A research team has characterized a Staphylococcus aureus gene involved in virulence, biofilm formation and resistance to certain antibiotics. These results open up new avenues for understanding the control of S. aureus virulence mechanisms.

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2018-03-23 06:57:36

Different neural strategies for junior high school male and female English learners  

Researchers have studied the neural response of Japanese junior high school students learning English as a second language, while listening to English sentences. More proficient boys showed more activation in parts of the brain associated with grammatical rules (syntax); girls used a wider range of language information, including speech sounds (phonology) and meaning of words and sentences (semantics). These discoveries may help optimize how boys and girls are taught English.

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2018-03-23 06:26:53

Searching for long-term success in weight management? Forget dieting and eat regularly  

Early adulthood is particularly critical for putting on weight. According to a recent study common factors among young women and men who succeeded in managing their weight in the long term included eating regularly rather than dieting.

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2018-03-23 06:05:02

Which piece resembles your color perception for #theDress image?  

A novel algorithm to simulate the color appearance of objects under chromatic illuminants has been proposed. "#theDress image" refers to a photo that went viral on the Internet in February 2015, when viewers disagreed over the colors seen in the dress. The discussion revealed differences in human color perception and prompted studies in vision science.

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2018-03-23 04:38:21

Analyzing past failures may boost future performance by reducing stress  

A new study suggests for the first time that reflection of past failures might prepare an individual for the next challenge by changing the body's response to stress. The research team found that writing about a past failure led to lower levels of the 'stress' hormone, cortisol, better choices and better outcomes on a new stressful task. This technique may help improve performance in a variety of settings.

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2018-03-23 04:20:52

Metastatic cancer cells modify bone remodeling with small RNA secretion in bone metastasis  

Prostate cancer frequently metastasizes and spreads to bone, causing severe pain, fractures, and other complications. The mechanisms that allow cancer cells to modify bone remodeling are incompletely understood. Researchers have now identified a microRNA, miR-940, that is abundant in exosomes secreted by prostate cancer cells and can trigger bone-forming lesions in mice. The findings indicate that microRNAs play a key role in bone metastatic environment and suggest potential novel therapeutic ta

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2018-03-23 04:11:07

Paleontologists put the bite on an ancient reptile from New England  

Scientists have identified a new species of reptile from prehistoric Connecticut and, boy, does it have a mouth on it. Named Colobops noviportensis, the creature lived 200 million years ago and had exceptionally large jaw muscles -- setting it apart from other reptiles at the time. Even compared to the wide diversity of reptile species today, Colobops noviportensis had quite the bite.

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2018-03-23 03:56:04

Significant role for nitrate in the Arctic landscape  

Because of the very low nitrate levels found in arctic tundra soil, scientists had assumed that plants in this biome do not use nitrate. But a new study challenges this notion. The study has important implications for predicting which arctic plant species will dominate as the climate warms, as well as how much carbon tundra ecosystems can store.

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2018-03-23 03:48:43

Rival competition makes ant sperm better swimmers  

Ant sperm recognize rival sperm and become more mobile, faster and straighter swimmers as a result, according to a new study. The study looked at the factors that modify sperm behavior when there is competition with sperm from other males in a social insect which only mates on a single day during its lifetime.

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2018-03-23 03:46:19

Law of particle dynamics of granular gases: Increasing temps in cooling systems  

For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that the kinetic energy from particles in granular gases such as dust clouds can rise temporarily even though energy is constantly being drawn out of the system. Their research adds further detail to Haff's law (devised 35 years ago), which states that the granular temperature in closed systems continually decreases.

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2018-03-23 03:29:03

The brain learns completely differently than we've assumed since the 20th century  

Based on experimental evidence physicists publish revolutionary new theory on brain learning that contradicts the most common assumption in neuroscience, will transform our understanding of brain function, and open new horizons for advanced deep learning algorithms.

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2018-03-23 03:17:48

Bystander T cells can steal the show in resolving inflammation  

New research reveals that bystander cell accumulation antagonizes rather than abets cell-killing by specific CTLs, curbing inflammation. The finding is noteworthy because that chief anti-inflammatory role has been traditionally ascribed to what are called regulatory T cells, or 'Tregs,' which dampen autoimmune responses. The new study challenges this notion and suggests alternate mechanisms can also be at work.

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2018-03-23 03:17:06

Study suggests method to boost growth of blood vessels and muscle  

Researchers have reversed age-related endurance loss in mice by treating them with a compound that promotes new blood vessel growth. Their study found the compound, which reactivates longevity-linked sirutin proteins, promotes blood vessel and muscle growth, boosting endurance of elderly mice by up to 80 percent.

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2018-03-23 02:46:40

Mutations of the bassoon gene causing new brain disorder  

Newly discovered gene mutations may help explain the cause of a disease that drastically impairs walking and thinking.

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2018-03-23 02:44:21

Breakthrough antimalarial drug delivery system using mesoporous silica nanoparticles  

Drug delivery systems (DDSs) are important methods of delivering medicine to affected areas. An international collaborative research group has successfully developed the world's first DDS for antimalarial drugs. The treatment has increased efficiency up to 240 times as much as when antimalarial medicine is taken orally.

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2018-03-23 01:52:14

Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record  

Sea ice in the Arctic grew to its annual maximum extent last week, and joined 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the four lowest maximum extents on record, according to scientists.

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2018-03-23 01:26:07

How a genetic mutation can interfere with the powerhouses of cells  

Scientists have identified the molecular consequences of a previously undefined genetic mutation. This mutation interferes with the functioning of the mitochondria, known as the powerhouses of cells. It usually occurs following what would normally be a harmless infection in early childhood, leading to a severe disease and subsequently to the brain no longer being able to maintain control of key bodily functions, including motor functions.

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2018-03-23 01:21:42

Millions of Americans seek and find illicit marijuana online  

Researchers found marijuana shopping searches nearly tripled in the United States from 2005 to 2017, peaking between 1.4 and 2.4 million searches each month. Mail-order marijuana retailers occupied half of the first-page results, and three out of every four searches resulted in a mail-order marijuana retailer as the very first suggested link.

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2018-03-22 21:50:18

Mysterious skeleton shows molecular complexity of bone diseases  

A bizarre human skeleton, once rumored to have extraterrestrial origins, has gotten a rather comprehensive genomic work-up, the results of which are now in.

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2018-03-22 21:37:13

Electric textile lights a lamp when stretched  

Working up a sweat from carrying a heavy load? That is when the textile works at its best. Researchers have developed a fabric that converts kinetic energy into electric power. The greater the load applied to the textile and the wetter it becomes the more electricity it generates.

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2018-03-22 20:49:21

Attacking lymphoma at the source  

The efficacy of target specific therapies in lymphoma is limited to subgroups of patients. Scientists have identified a mechanism that confers resistance against a common therapy for lymphoma. They propose an alternative treatment that targets lymphoma signaling at its root, and show that it can be effective in a broader group of patients.

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2018-03-22 20:44:56

Mass treatment with azithromycin may decrease yaws cases in Ghana  

A single round of total-community treatment (TCT) with the antibiotic azithromycin applied to affected rural communities could significantly decrease yaws among the population one year later, according to a new study.

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2018-03-22 20:28:35

Trouble hearing? It could increase your risk of an injury  

A new report finds people with 'a lot of trouble hearing' are twice as likely to suffer from accidental injuries.

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2018-03-22 19:53:43

Identifying the chemical forming carcinogens in recycled water  

Engineers at wastewater recycling plants can rest easy knowing that their methods for minimizing the formation of a potent carcinogen are targeting the right chemical compound. Chemists have confirmed the chemical responsible for the formation of the carcinogen N-nitrosodimethyalmine, or NDMA, in recycled wastewater.

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2018-03-22 19:43:55

Bacteria eat greenhouse gas with a side of protein  

With the ability to leech heavy metals from the environment and digest a potent greenhouse gas, methanotrophic bacteria pull double duty when it comes to cleaning up the environment. But before researchers can explore potential conservation applications, they first must better understand the bacteria's basic physiological processes. New research has identified two never-before-studied proteins, called MbnB and MbnC, as partially responsible for the bacteria's inner workings.

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2018-03-22 17:48:34

Pap test fluids used in gene-based screening test for two gyn cancers  

Cervical fluid samples gathered during routine Papanicolaou (Pap) tests are the basis of a new screening test for endometrial and ovarian cancers.

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2018-03-22 17:39:56

How reciprocity can magnify inequality  

People tend to reciprocate others' actions in ways that increase disparities in wealth, according to new findings. In a series of studies, researchers find that people may see kindness through wealth-tinted glasses, repaying the most to those who need it the least.

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2018-03-22 17:32:15

Gene-based test for urine detects, monitors bladder cancer  

Researchers have developed a test for urine, gathered during a routine procedure, to detect DNA mutations identified with urothelial cancers.

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2018-03-22 16:55:23

Landscape ridges may hold clues about ice age and climate change  

Researchers say the landscape may also hold answers to how glaciers helped form the current terrain and provide insight into the progression of climate change.

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2018-03-22 16:49:53

Breakthrough could aid development of bee-friendly pesticides  

Efforts to create pesticides that are not toxic to bees have been boosted by a scientific breakthrough.

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2018-03-22 15:45:40

Targeting immune cells to slow progression of ALS  

New research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - also known as motor neuron disease - shows that specific immune cells may help slow progression of the disease, an important step towards developing new therapies to treat patients.

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2018-03-22 15:20:35

Waterbirds affected by low water, high salt levels in lakes  

A recent study shows food sources for migratory birds decline with low water levels and high salt content in lakes.

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2018-03-22 14:57:53

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Sixteen times more plastic than previously estimated  

1.8 trillion pieces of plastic weighing 80,000 metric tons are currently afloat in an area known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- and it is rapidly getting worse.

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2018-03-22 14:28:24

Being hungry shuts off perception of chronic pain  

Finding food is a necessary survival skill, but so is avoiding pain. Research using mice showed that being hungry activates a neural pathway that inhibits the perception of and response to chronic pain. The findings offer up new targets for treating pain.

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2018-03-22 13:56:54

Two-billion-year-old salt rock reveals rise of oxygen in ancient atmosphere  

Salts left over from ancient seawater reveal new information about the oxygenation of the Earth's atmosphere more than 2 billion years ago.

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2018-03-22 13:54:47

The universal language of hormones  

Bioinformatics specialists have studied a specific class of hormones which is relevant for plants, bacteria and indirectly for humans, too. Their results challenge previous scientific assumptions.

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2018-03-22 13:46:07

Measurement chip detects Legionella  

In an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, finding the exact source as quickly as possible is essential to preventing further infections. To date, a standard analysis takes days. Researchers have now developed a rapid test that achieves the same result in about 35 minutes.

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2018-03-22 13:19:45

Hip hop music teaches children, parents to recognize stroke and act quickly  

The 'Hip Hop Stroke' initiative uses hip hop music lyrics to effectively educate economically-disadvantaged, minority children and parents about stroke.

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2018-03-22 13:06:40

Physical disability boosts parenting effort, beetles study shows  

Animals that carry a physical impediment can work harder to rear their young as a result, an insect study has shown. They may behave this way in case they are not able to reproduce again, scientists suggest.

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2018-03-22 12:10:09

Epidural stimulation shown to normalize blood pressure following spinal cord injury  

Working with human research participants, researchers have found that spinal cord epidural stimulation can safely and effectively elevate blood pressure in individuals with SCI along with chronic hypotension.

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2018-03-22 11:58:25

Unusual blood clots in leprosy patients characterized  

For years, doctors have observed that some patients with leprosy develop unusual blood clots which can lead to stroke or heart attack. Now, researchers have for the first time characterized these blood clots, leading to a new understanding of how leprosy affects the circulatory system and potential new screening tests to predict leprosy reactions.

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2018-03-22 11:51:45

Antioxidants and amino acids could play role in the treatment of psychosis  

A scientific paper has revealed that some nutrients found in food may help reduce the symptoms of psychotic illness, when used in the early stages of treatment.

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2018-03-22 11:42:58

Early life experiences influence DNA in the adult brain  

In the perennial question of nature versus nurture, a new study suggests an intriguing connection between the two. Scientists report that the type of mothering a female mouse provides her pups actually changes their DNA. The work lends support to studies about how childhood environments affect brain development in humans and could provide insights into neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.

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2018-03-22 11:29:52

Gut bacteria determine speed of tumor growth in pancreatic cancer  

The population of bacteria in the pancreas increases more than a thousand fold in patients with pancreatic cancer, and becomes dominated by species that prevent the immune system from attacking tumor cells.

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2018-03-22 10:48:40

Deep impact: Deep-sea wildlife more vulnerable to extinction than first thought  

The existence of the unusual yeti crabs (Kiwaidae) -- a family of crab-like animals whose hairy claws and bodies are reminiscent of the abominable snowman -- since 2005, but already their future survival could be at risk. New Oxford University research suggests that past environmental changes may have profoundly impacted the geographic range and species diversity of this family. The findings indicate that such animals may be more vulnerable to the effects of human resource exploitation and clima

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2018-03-22 10:29:08

Scientists control molecular alignment on a graphene surface  

Scientists have developed a simple way to align molecules in one direction on a flat graphene surface. Efficiently controlling molecular alignment is expected to lead to significant progress in surface chemistry and molecular engineering, as well as materials science.

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2018-03-22 10:24:44

Custom sequences for polymers using visible light  

Researchers have used a light-sensitive iridium-palladium catalyst to make 'sequential' polymers, using visible light to change how different building blocks are combined into polymer chains. By simply switching the light on or off, they were able to realize different compositions along the polymer chain, allowing precision control over physical properties and material function. This may drastically simplify existing polymer production methods, and help overcome fundamental limits in creating ne

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2018-03-22 10:07:15

Robust superhydrophobic films fabricated from anisotropic silica particles  

Scientists have developed an emulsion-based one-pot synthesis of anisotropic silica by adding various silane coupling agents provides an effective strategy to control particle morphology and modification.

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2018-03-22 10:01:41

Using light to turn yeast into biochemical factories  

Researchers have used a combination of light and genetic engineering to controlling the metabolism, or basic chemical process, of a living cell. Building on techniques that already have transformed the field of neuroscience, the researchers used light to control genetically-modified yeast and increase its output of commercially valuable chemicals.

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2018-03-22 09:35:37

Direct evidence of exposure of pregnant women to herbicide ingredient  

The first birth cohort study of its kind has found more than 90 percent of a group of pregnant women in Central Indiana had detectable levels of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, the most heavily used herbicide worldwide.

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2018-03-22 09:08:24

In field tests, device harvests water from desert air  

You really can extract clean drinking water right from the air, even in the driest of deserts, researchers have found. They've demonstrated a real-world version of a water-harvesting system based on metal organic frameworks, or MOFs, that they first described last year.

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2018-03-22 08:57:43

Antibiotics often inappropriately prescribed for hospitalized kids, global study suggests  

Nearly a third of all antibiotics prescribed for hospitalized children globally were intended to prevent potential infections rather than to treat disease, according to new results.

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2018-03-22 08:45:43

Stopping exercise can increase symptoms of depression  

Stopping exercise can result in increased depressive symptoms, according to new mental health research.

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2018-03-22 07:38:12

Laser-based system offers continuous monitoring of leaks from oil and gas operations  

Researchers have conducted the first field tests for a new laser-based system that could one day be used to continuously monitor for costly and dangerous methane leaks at oil and gas production sites.

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2018-03-22 07:31:38

Whether sustained or sporadic, exercise offers same reductions in premature death risk  

Despite confusing messages, new data shows all moderate or vigorous activity -- even when done in short bursts throughout the day -- can reduce Americans' risk of disease and death, according to new research.

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2018-03-22 07:25:09

Designing a new material for improved ultrasound  

Development of a theoretical basis for ultrahigh piezoelectricity in ferroelectric materials led to a new material with twice the piezo response of any existing commercial ferroelectric ceramics, according to researchers.

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2018-03-22 07:02:16

Research suggests low density of snow leopards in Nepal`s Conservation Area  

The snow leopard is a mammal species of the cat family found at high altitudes in Nepal and other countries around the Himalayan range. However, it has been included in the vulnerable category of IUCN Red list of threatened species in recent years for various reasons.

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2018-03-22 06:51:34

Novel genomics tool enables more accurate identification of rare mutations in cancer cells  

A new computational method allows scientists to identify rare gene mutations in cancer cells with greater accuracy and sensitivity than currently available approaches. The technique is called Lancet and represents a major advance in the identification of tumor cell mutations, a process known as somatic variant calling.

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2018-03-22 06:33:59

Hubble solves cosmic 'whodunit' with interstellar forensics  

On the outskirts of our galaxy, a cosmic tug-of-war is unfolding-and only NASA's Hubble Space Telescope can see who's winning.

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2018-03-22 05:44:02

Home genetic tests should be interpreted by experts  

Results from at-home genetic tests are not always accurate. A new study now shows that up to 40 percent of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic tests provide incorrect readings in the raw data.

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2018-03-22 05:36:23

Kids from wealthier families feel more control over their lives  

Sociologists examined which measures of socioeconomic status -- parents' education, family income, race and parents' occupation -- have the greatest influence over a child's locus of control and why.

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2018-03-22 05:24:22

Advanced vaccines could limit future outbreaks, scientists say  

Novel vaccine technologies are critical to improving the public health response to infectious disease threats that continually emerge and re-emerge, according to scientists. In a new article, experts highlight innovations that could significantly shorten the typical decades-long vaccine development timeline.

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2018-03-22 05:13:29

Three-in-one molecule shows promise in helping certain breast cancer patients  

A newly designed three-part molecule could be the one answer patients with a certain form of breast cancer are looking for, scientists report. This chimera has the ability to simultaneously decrease the expression of three growth factors that are over-expressed in some cancers.

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2018-03-22 05:07:56

The mouse brain can prioritize hunger by suppressing pain when survival is at stake  

Different behaviors are often studied in isolation, leaving unanswered questions about how the brain processes needs and prioritizes behaviors to ensure survival. Now, researchers have shown that pain and hunger interact in complex ways in mice: extreme hunger suppresses less-urgent inflammatory pain, but leaves them able to feel and react to more life-and-death kinds of pain. The study pinpoints a highly specific neural circuit that creates this analgesic effect.

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2018-03-22 04:39:41

Plants really do feed their friends  

Researchers have discovered that as plants develop they craft their root microbiome, favoring microbes that consume very specific metabolites. Their study could help scientists identify ways to enhance the soil microbiome for improved carbon storage and plant productivity.

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2018-03-22 04:38:42

Obesity surgery linked to positive outcomes in very obese teens with diabetes  

This study is the first to compare glycemic control in two groups of very obese adolescents with type 2 diabetes.

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2018-03-22 04:31:07

When the Mediteranean Sea flooded human settlements  

Around 7,600 years ago, the emergence of agricultural settlements in Southeastern Europe and subsequent progress of civilization suddenly came to a standstill. This was most likely caused by an abrupt sea level rise in the northern Aegean Sea. Researchers have now detected evidence of this in the fossils of tiny calcifying marine algae preserved in seafloor sediments.

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2018-03-22 03:56:22

Antimicrobial used in toiletries could become option against malaria  

Not only it inhibits enzymes essential to Plasmodium's survival in two key stages of its lifecycle in humans, but triclosan also performed well in tests against resistant parasites, an international study reveals. The efficiency of malaria treatment with mostly used drugs is undermined by resistant lineages and by the fact that patients present severe side effects in 10 percent of the cases.

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2018-03-22 03:29:01

3-D printing used to create metallic glass alloys  

Researchers have now demonstrated the ability to create amorphous metal, or metallic glass, alloys using 3-D printing technology, opening the door to a variety of applications -- such as more efficient electric motors, better wear-resistant materials, higher strength materials, and lighter weight structures.

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2018-03-22 03:21:25

Probing RNA epigenetics and chromatin structures to predict drug resistance in leukemia  

A research team has begun to unravel the role of RNA epigenetics and chromatin structure in the regulation of 5-azacytidine, a DNA hypomethylating agent in certain leukemias. The results could lead to novel strategies and biomarkers that could reduce the risk of drug resistance.

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2018-03-22 02:21:31

Skilled female potters traveled around the Baltic nearly 5,000 years ago  

During the Corded Ware Culture period, Finland, Estonia and Sweden received skilful female artisans, who had learned to create fashionable and innovative pottery in the eastern region of the Gulf of Finland. The Baltic Sea countries also had a close network for trade in pottery.

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2018-03-22 02:11:44

Blackbirds in the city: Bad health, longer life  

Blackbirds live longer in cities than in forests. But their telomeres, the repetitive stretches of DNA at the ends of the chromosomes, show that these city birds have a much poorer health status than their rural cousins.

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2018-03-22 01:58:43

For graphite pellets, just add elbow grease  

Researchers crush and press functionalized graphene to make strong, light graphite pellets that hold promise for electronic and catalytic applications.

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2018-03-22 01:42:30

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