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Group-edited weblog about technology start-ups, particularly the Web 2.0 sector.

NBA all-star Baron Davis wants to prep athletes and entertainers for the startup game  

 Last Saturday afternoon in the penthouse suite of the London West Hollywood, two-time NBA all-star Baron Davis was providing assists in a different kind of court. In front of a gathering of entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, designers, musicians, and members of the Los Angeles investment community and business elite, Davis was putting on a show designed to encourage, educate and inspire… Read More

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2018-02-19 05:11:04

Google's Tez payments app now lets users handle their utility bills and more  

 Google’s Tez payment service in India has got a major update that allows users to pay their utilities and other bills via the app. The service was launched last September for iOS and Android and it initially allowed for payments between bank accounts using India’s UPI (Unified Payments Interface) protocol. Now the app has gotten support to pay for bills from more than 80… Read More

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2018-02-19 04:34:34

Facebook will verify the location of U.S. election ad buyers by mailing them postcards  

 Facebook’s global director of policy programs says it will start sending postcards by snail mail to verify buyers of ads related to United States elections. Katie Harbath, who described the plan at a conference held by the National Association of Secretaries of State this weekend, didn’t reveal when the program will start, but told Reuters that it would be before the… Read More

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2018-02-19 01:09:12

Here's how to keep track of Elon Musk's Roadster and Starman in space  

 Elon Musk’s Starman, the mannequin driver of the Tesla Roadster SpaceX launched aboard its Falcon Heavy rocket, is taking a trip around our solar system, in a large elliptical orbit that will bring him relatively close to Mars, the Sun and other heavenly bodies. But how to track the trip, now that the Roadster’s onboard batteries are out of juice and no longer transmitting live… Read More

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2018-02-18 20:52:33

Fake news is an existential crisis for social media   

 Every gun outrage in America is now routinely followed by a flood of Russian-linked Twitter bot activity. Exacerbating social division is the name of this game. And it’s playing out all over social media continually, not just around elections. Read More

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2018-02-18 14:34:01

Technological solutions to technology's problems feature in “How to Fix The Future”  

 In this edition of Innovate 2018, Andrew Keen finds himself in the hot seat. Keen, whose new book, “How to Fix the Future”, was published earlier this month, discusses a moment when it has suddenly become fashionable for tech luminaries to abandon utopianism in favor of its opposite.  The first generation of IPO winners have now become some of tech’s most vocal… Read More

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2018-02-18 10:35:34

Fake news is not the real problem  

 It’s the Internet’s fault, we’re told. Brexiters and Remainers, Republicans and Democrats — every side of every political dispute now lives in its own separate reality, bellowing “fake news!” at every attempt to breach their borders of belief. The fragmentation of the media, coupled with the filter-bubble effect and the dominance of Facebook and Google,… Read More

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2018-02-18 08:15:36

Trump cites Facebook exec's comments downplaying Russian ad influence on election  

 You’d be forgiven for missing Donald Trump’s multiple retweets of Facebook executive Rob Goldman over the weekend. Perhaps you were spending time with family, watching Black Panther or just attempting to forget politics for a moment by ignoring the manic flurry of social media updates from the leader of the free world. But in amongst a deluge of tweets that blamed Democrats for… Read More

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2018-02-18 08:13:24

South Korea aims for startup gold  

 Back in 2011, when South Korea won its longshot bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, the country wasn’t widely recognized as a destination for ski and snow lovers. It wasn’t considered much of a tech startup hub either. Fast forward seven years and a lot has changed. Read More

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2018-02-18 07:33:48

3D printing company New Matter is shutting down this month  

 Perhaps 2014 wasn’t the ideal time to get into the 3D printing game. After years of hype, the even the biggest names have been struggling to stay afloat. Pasadena startup New Matter is joining the growing list of companies who’ve unsuccessfully made a go at it, announcing that it will be closing up shop by the end of the month. It’s not for lacking of trying — and… Read More

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2018-02-18 05:26:10

The CC Aurora is actually pretty fun, as far as projectors go  

 Projectors are boring. They remind me of vacation slideshows and school film strips — neither of which I’m in a particular hurry to revisit in my adult life. That said, I’ve always harbored some germ of a notion that some day I might buy one. XGIMI’s CC Aurora is the closest I’ve seen to being a projector that I could actually muster any reasonable amount of… Read More

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2018-02-18 03:58:31

Robot assistants and a marijuana incubator  

 We’ve had plenty of time to get used to our robot overlords and Boston Dynamics is helping us get there. This week we talk about the company’s addition of a door-opening arm to its SpotMini robot. It’s not spooky at all. We then switch gears and discuss Facebook’s Messenger for Kids. Is it good, bad or the company’s master plan to get every last human being with… Read More

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2018-02-18 01:28:17

RightEye's portable eye-tracking test catches concussions and reading problems in five minutes  

 They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but physiologically speaking, they’re windows to the brain. RightEye is a startup that looks through that window to detect common but often subtle vision issues resulting from concussions and other brain troubles. Its quick, portable eye-tracking station can tell in minutes whether you should see a doctor — or look into becoming a pro… Read More

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2018-02-17 21:31:43

Digital nomads are hiring and firing their governments  

 The nation state has survived wars, plagues, and upheaval, but it won’t survive digital nomads, not if people like Karoli Hindriks have something to say about it. Hindriks is the founder of Jobbatical, a platform that allows digital nomads to find work in other countries and helps with the logistics of getting there. The company also embodies a new world of highly-skilled, global… Read More

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2018-02-17 21:26:11

A peek inside Alphabet's investing universe  

 Chances are you’ve heard of Google. You’re likely a contributor to one of the 3.5 billion search queries the website processes daily. But unless you’re a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur or a slightly obsessive tech journalist, you may not know that Google, or, more properly, Alphabet, is also invests in startups. And, like most of what Google does, Alphabet invests… Read More

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2018-02-17 20:11:06

Uber, Google and other tech employees form Coalition of Black Excellence  

 When black employee resource groups from a variety of tech companies come together, black magic happens. More specifically, black excellence happens. The Coalition of Black Excellence Week, spearheaded by Uber Litigation Counsel Angela Johnson in collaboration with black ERGs from over 40 tech companies like Facebook, Google, eBay, Lyft and Microsoft, kicks off this Monday in the San Francisco… Read More

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2018-02-17 17:48:38

How ad-free subscriptions could solve Facebook  

 At the core of Facebook’s “well-being” problem is that its business is directly coupled with total time spent on its apps. The more hours you pass on the social network, the more ads you see and click, the more money it earns. That puts its plan to make using Facebook healthier at odds with its finances, restricting how far it’s willing to go to protect us from the harms… Read More

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2018-02-17 16:44:31

Engineering against all odds, or how NYC's subway will get wireless in the tunnels  

 Never ask a wireless engineer working on the NYC subway system “What can go wrong?” Flooding, ice, brake dust, and power outages relentlessly attack the network components. Rats — many, many rats — can eat power and fiber optic cables and bring down the whole system. Humans are no different, as their curiosity or malice strikes a blow against wireless hardware… Read More

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2018-02-17 15:31:30

Sqreen wants to become the IFTTT of web app security  

 French startup Sqreen recently launched a Security Hub with dozens of plugins to put you in control of the security of your web app. In many ways, it feels like enabling tasks on popular automation service IFTTT. Sqreen participated in TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield and Y Combinator’s current batch. The vision of the product hasn’t changed. Sqreen lets you protect your… Read More

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2018-02-17 14:37:09

Facebook didn't mean to send spam texts to two-factor authentication users  

 Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos apologized for spam texts that were incorrectly sent to users who had activated two-factor authentication. The company is working on a fix, and you won’t receive non-security-related text messages if you never signed up for those notifications. Facebook says it was a bug. But calling it a bug is a bit too easy — it’s a feature that… Read More

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2018-02-17 08:14:06

Visa confirms Coinbase wasn't at fault for overcharging users  

 Yesterday, we wrote that Coinbase customers were being charged multiple times for past transactions. While some speculated that the erroneous withdraws were down to a Coinbase engineering issue, Coinbase issued a statement saying it wasn’t liable for the duplicate charges. The blame, instead, rested with Visa for the way it handled a migration of merchant categories for… Read More

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2018-02-17 04:34:46

Telegram has raised an initial $850M for its billion-dollar ICO  

 It looks like Telegram’s billion-dollar ICO has reached its first milestone after the chat app company raised an initial $850 million, according to a filing. A document submitted to the SEC earlier this week states that the money was raised “for the development of the TON Blockchain, the development and maintenance of Telegram Messenger and the other purposes.” The security… Read More

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2018-02-17 03:37:19

Gillmor Gang: Where's The Beef  

 The Gillmor Gang — Keith Teare, Esteban Kolsky, Denis Pombriant, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, February 16, 2018. The Gang catches its breath as cryptocurrency crashes and rebounds, Facebook attacks its stream or does it, while publishers and their aggregators cozy up to a wave of bundling @stevegillmor, ekolsky, @DenisPombriant Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor… Read More

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2018-02-17 01:57:44

Original Content podcast: We welcome the reign of Marvel's 'Black Panther'  

 Marvel’s Black Panther officially opens today, but TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington and Anthony Ha have seen it already. Darrell and Anthony are both comic book nerds, and the latest episode of the Original Content podcast includes plenty of discussion about how the latest movie fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Black Panther isn’t just for hardcore comic geeks, so… Read More

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2018-02-16 20:55:44

Cloudflare is protecting the internet using groovy lava lamps  

Cloudflare has a unique way of protecting a huge portion of the world’s internet. They call it their Wall of Entropy; a wall lined with lava lamps that are being filmed with a camera. That data is then converted to numbers jumbled up with a couple other sources of randomness in other parts of the world, like a Geiger counter and a chaotic pendulum, and is then fed into an algorithm with… Read More

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2018-02-16 20:24:15

Zelle users are finding out the hard way there's no fraud protection  

 Scammers have taken to Zelle, the Venmo alternative backed by U.S. banks, to defraud consumers who believe the service includes the same protections they’ve come to expect from PayPal. A number of customers report having lost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, over Zelle, when they used it for transactions with people they didn’t know – like tickets bought off a… Read More

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2018-02-16 20:12:15

National Labor Relations Board rejected Damore's claim that Google fired him unjustly  

 A federal body overseeing labor disputes advised the dismissal of Jeremy Damore’s claim that Google fired him unjustly for his controversial memo regarding inclusion and diversity programs at the company. Citing similar precedents, the NLRB counsel deemed parts of the memo “so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive” as to shed their status as protected speech in the workplace. Read More

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2018-02-16 19:39:33

Clever Ethereum honeypot lets coins come in but won't let them back out  

 An interesting new Ethereum-based honeypot has been discovered that essentially allows hackers to steal from hackers. The honeypot is detailed on Reddit. A user was hunting for examples of contracts that exhibited possible were susceptible to a “reentrancy attack.” It’s a bit complex but at its core the attack lets you concurrently request your money out of a smart contract… Read More

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2018-02-16 17:23:33

Federal judge rules that embedded tweets can represent copyright infringement  

 A recent ruling by a New York federal judge could have significant implications for how copyright laws are enforced. The ruling was made in a case where Justin Goldman accused publications including Breitbart, Time, Yahoo, Vox Media and the Boston Globe of violating his copyright by embedding into their stories tweets with his photo of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Read More

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2018-02-16 17:16:56

People are trolling iPhone users with the 'killer symbol' that crashes their apps  

 Surprise! Assorted jerks on the internet have weaponized the Unicode-based bug we reported yesterday to insta-crash apps running on an iPhone or a Mac. The result is somewhere between the old Alt + F4 trick and a script kiddie stunt, and it ranges from being annoying to rendering a device unusable, depending on the tenacity of the troll. Read More

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2018-02-16 15:43:37

Essential Phone's new 'Halo Gray' color goes on sale exclusively at Amazon  

 The Essential Phone is currently in the midst of being rolled out in a range of new colors, including three that will be released excessively on Essential’s own website, with a staged release schedule that began Thursday. On Friday, however, Essential revealed a surprise fourth new color, “Halo Gray,” which will be exclusive to Amazon and which is now available to… Read More

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2018-02-16 13:50:14 is an insurance aggregator without all the clutter  

 French startup lets you find and compare all sorts of insurance products without having to enter all your personal information. While insurance aggregators are nothing new, they usually ask you for your email address, phone number and more. And chances are those companies are going to spam you with offers. But has a different approach as you don’t have to enter any… Read More

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2018-02-16 13:32:42

Uber is reportedly preparing to sell its Southeast Asian business to Grab  

 Uber is preparing to sell its Southeast Asian business to Grab in exchange for a stake in the Singaporean ridesharing company that has a big presence in that region, according to a new report from CNBC. Read More

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2018-02-16 13:16:31

Barnes & Noble is killing itself  

 I’ve been chronicling the slow demise of B&N for years now, watching the company bleed out, drop by drop, until it has become a shell of its former value. B&N was a cultural center in places without cultural centers. It was a stopover on rainy days in New York, Chicago, and Cleveland and it was a place you could go to get your kids’ first books. That’s mostly over now.… Read More

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2018-02-16 12:38:31

Streaming service Fandor has a new COO and a new Chief Product Engineering Officer  

 Fandor has expanded its executive team, promoting General Counsel and Chief Distribution Officer Felice Oper to the role of COO, and appointing TS Ramakrishnan as its Chief Product Engineering Officer. Oper joined the company in 2015, around the same time that Larry Aidem took over as CEO. Aidem, who previously worked with Oper at HBO, said that her role at Fandor has expanded organically,… Read More

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2018-02-16 12:31:57

Sorry, Apple's 'Carpool Karaoke' gets a second season  

 Despite its almost universally negative reception from critics, Apple has chosen to renew James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” series for Apple Music for a second season. CBS CEO Leslie Moonves announced the renewal on the company’s earning call this week, as part of its commitment to producing more original content, according to a report from Deadline. The series, which… Read More

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2018-02-16 12:29:41

Montana-based mapping startup onXmaps raises a round of funding fit for Big Sky Country  

 A mapping startup based in Missoula, Mont., which allows users to download sophisticated offline topographic maps outlining public and private lands and a number of other features geared towards hunting, fishing and camping, has pulled in its first major outside funding. onXmaps has closed a $20.3 million Series A round led by Summit Partners. Bessemer Venture Partners, Millennium… Read More

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2018-02-16 12:19:50

Yandex shows off the first tests of self-driving cars on Moscow roads  

 Russian search and internet services giant Yandex has been working on its autonomous driving program, and its most recent achievement is a public self-driving pilot of its self-driving test car in Moscow, the first such test on public roads in the Russian capital. Yandex had an additional degree of difficulty to contend with, too: Their recent testing, which kicked off in December of last… Read More

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2018-02-16 12:10:04

Bynder acquires digital asset management service Webdam from Shutterstock for $49.1M  

 Bynder, one of the leading companies in the digital asset management space, today announced that it has acquired Shutterstock‘s Webdam. The Amsterdam-based company tells us that it paid $49.1 million for Webdam, which Shutterstock itself acquired back in 2014. Like Bynder, Webdam’s focus is on helping enterprises and agencies manage their digital assets. Currently Webdam… Read More

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2018-02-16 11:59:29

Ontario's Provincial Police reveal a Tesla Model X pursuit vehicle prototype  

 Tesla’s Model X is arguably the best performing SUV you can buy, so it’s fitting that Canada’s Ontario Provincial Police would select it for a cruiser demonstration vehicle, revealed at this week’s Toronto international car show. The Tesla Model X, a P90D model, features full OPP badging and black and white paint, as well as working lights and sirens, but it’s… Read More

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2018-02-16 09:52:18

Apple employees are reportedly walking into walls at the company's fancy new glass office  

 People in glass offices should probably watch where they’re going. Collisions have been one very clear downside of Apple’s $427 million spaceship office in Cupertino, according to a story out of Bloomberg. The “people familiar with the incidents” won’t say how widespread a phenomenon all of this is, but there’s a definite potential downside to glass walls in… Read More

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2018-02-16 09:35:55

Online estate agency Home Made raises £850K seed at £4.3M post-money valuation  

 Home Made, which is focused exclusively on London lettings for properties in the £500,000-plus range, has raised £850,000 in seed funding. The round is led by private equity firm Tethys Equity and is said to give the young company a £4.3 million post-money valuation. Read More

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2018-02-16 09:21:48

Twilio will soon launch Flex, a dedicated contact center solution  

 Twilio’s Engagement Cloud, its suite of products for building new customer experiences, is about to get a new feature, TechCrunch has learned. The company plans on launching the beta of a full contact center solution for businesses at the Enterprise Connect conference in March, according to a tip we received this afternoon. When reached for confirmation, Twilio had no comment. Read More

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2018-02-16 06:43:51

Coinbase blames Visa for glitch that overcharged users  

 While Coinbase has had its fair share of technical issues the last few months, it seems the latest one may not be its fault. Earlier today reports started coming in across social media and Reddit that Coinbase users were seeing strange charges on their credit and debit cards. Many of these were users being double-charged for a past transaction, although there were also some (unconfirmed)… Read More

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2018-02-16 05:51:22

India's Zoomcar raises $40M led by automotive giant Mahindra & Mahindra  

 India’s Zoomcar — which operates an on-demand car rental service — has raised a $40 million Series C round led by Mahindra & Mahindra, the 70-year-old Indian corporation that specializes in automotive. Ford and other existing investors also took part in the round, Zoomcar confirmed. CEO and co-founder Greg Moran added that the round is still open and may be extended… Read More

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2018-02-16 05:17:30

Equity podcast: Uber's losing billions, Amazon lays off hundreds and somehow Instacart gets more money  

 Welcome to “Equity,” TechCrunch’s venture capital and tech business podcast. On this week, we were joined by Mike Ghaffary from Social Capital, who was the perfect guest because he used to run Eat24, when it was Yelp’s food delivery business. Food delivery is highly relevant to this week’s news. First up, we talked about Uber, which is losing lots of money in Asia… Read More

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2018-02-16 05:15:08

The Rise of the Rest seed fund announces its first group of investments  

 The Rise of the Rest seed fund’s first round of startup investments cover eight states that are usually overlooked by tech investors, including Kentucky, South Carolina and Ohio. The $150 million fund was launched in December by Steve Case and J.D. Vance, with backing from many of America’s most influential businesspeople, to support tech ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley, New… Read More

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2018-02-16 04:02:01

H-E-B acquires Texas-based on-demand company Favor  

 H-E-B has acquired Favor, the on-demand delivery service out of Texas. Favor will continue to operate as an independent wholly owned subsidiary of the grocery chain. The company first in 2013, bringing a Texas-tailored approach to on-demand delivery. While many on-demand services, such as Postmates, focus on high-density areas like NYC and San Francisco, Favor built a product that serves… Read More

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2018-02-16 03:09:06

Twitter is killing its Twitter for Mac desktop client  

 On Friday, Twitter announced that it would abandon its lesser-loved Mac app, directing users to instead. The company declared that it will refocus its efforts on “a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms” rather than continuing development for Twitter for Mac, a message that doesn’t sound great for TweetDeck lovers. Read More

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2018-02-16 03:08:13

Oracle grabs Zenedge as it continues to beef up its cloud security play  

 Oracle announced yesterday that it intends to acquire Zenedge, a 4-year old hybrid security startup. They didn’t reveal a purchase price. With Zenedge, Oracle gets a security service to add it to its growing cloud play. In this case, the company has products to protect customers whether in the cloud, on-prem or across hybrid environments. The company offers a range of services from… Read More

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2018-02-16 02:29:18

ICO startups band together to create $100M+ grant fund for Ethereum projects  

 In a first of its kind, half a dozen ICO companies have come together to collaborate on a new fund that plans to pay out more than $100 million to promising projects in the Ethereum crypto space. The vehicle — called the Ethereum Community Fund — will be supported by crypto projects Omise Go, Cosmos, Golem, Maker, and Raiden, with Japanese VC Global Brain also in tow. The door… Read More

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2018-02-16 01:51:11

Special counsel Robert Mueller indicts Russian bot farm for election meddling  

 Special Counsel Robert Mueller has just handed down a set of indictments, charging 13 Russian citizens and three Russian organizations with interference in the U.S. presidential election in efforts dating back to 2014. The indictment names the Internet Research Agency as one of the sources of the fake accounts meant to create divisions in American society. Read More

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2018-02-16 01:15:08

This autonomous 3D scanner figures out where it needs to look  

 If you need to make a 3D model of an object, there are plenty of ways to do so, but most are only automated to the extent that they know how to spin in circles around that object and put together a mesh. This new system from Fraunhofer does it more intelligently, getting a basic idea of the object to be scanned and planning out what motions will let it do so efficiently and comprehensively. Read More

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2018-02-15 21:59:07

Lyft gets into bike-sharing through partnership with Baltimore  

 Bike-sharing has become the hot new mode of transportation for startups. Today, Lyft is announcing a partnership with the Baltimore Bike Share program to support new transportation hubs for bikes, and designated pick-up and drop-off spots for Lyft, the Baltimore Business Journal reports. Read More

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2018-02-15 18:49:33

Under Russian pressure to remove content, Instagram complies but YouTube holds off  

 Instagram has taken down content posted by Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny under pressure from a government agency, while YouTube has yet to do so. Navalny and others have criticized Instagram for complying to what they call a politically motivated move to silence him. Read More

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2018-02-15 18:19:04

France's telecom regulator thinks net neutrality should also apply to devices  

 The ARCEP just published a thorough 65-page report (embedded below) about the devices we use every day. The report says that devices give you a portion of the internet and prevent an open internet. “With net neutrality, we spend all our time cleaning pipes, but nobody is looking at faucets,” ARCEP president Sebastien Soriano told me. “Everybody assumes that the devices that… Read More

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2018-02-15 16:21:27

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel basically says the Snapchat redesign is here to stay  

 Despite a lot of backlash over a big redesign for the Snapchat app — which to be sure is a very big deal for a product-centric company like Snap — Snap CEO Evan Spiegel vigorously defended the redesign and basically said people need to get used to it. Spiegel said at the Goldman Sachs Internet & Technology Conference that even people complaining about the app was a sort of… Read More

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2018-02-15 16:17:08

Lydia raises $16.1 million to become the PayPal of mobile payments  

 French startup Lydia is raising a $16.1 million round (€13 million) led by CNP Assurances with existing investors XAnge, New Alpha AM, Oddo BHF and Groupe Duval also participating. Lydia isn’t the first startup that wants to replace PayPal, and also probably not the last one. But it’s clear that the company is slowly becoming mainstream in France. The company first focused on… Read More

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2018-02-15 13:28:23

LiveLike raises $9.6M to get more broadcasters streaming in VR  

 LiveLike, a startup that powers VR streaming experiences for broadcasters like FOX Sports and Sky, has raised a $9.6M Series B round led by Greycroft Partners and Lepe Partners. This brings total funding raised to just over $23M. As a refresher, LiveLike’s VR experience let you select different camera angles, sit in and look around a virtual “suite”, view pre-produced content… Read More

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2018-02-15 13:04:32

Facebook teams up with Lyft and others for crisis response efforts  

 Facebook is amping up its Community Help efforts, now enabling companies like Lyft, Chase, International Medical Corps and Save the Children to easily provide information and services, like food, transportation and shelter, to people in crisis. “Our priority is to build tools that help keep people safe and provide them with ways to get the help they need to recover and rebuild after a… Read More

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2018-02-15 12:28:37

Beyond the BS of Singularity U's $32M raise to teach trendspotting  

 Twenty minutes into my interview with CEO Rob Nail, and I still couldn’t cut through the buzzwords about his online and in-person education startup. So I asked him straight up, “with as little BS as possible, what does Singularity University do?” He told me “You learn to read the news differently and how to identify which of all the crazy breakthroughs might be relevant… Read More

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2018-02-15 12:17:48

Google to acquire Xively IoT platform from LogMeIn for $50M  

 Google announced today that it intends to buy Xively from LogMeIn, giving Google Cloud an established IoT platform to add to their product portfolio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Google indicated it wants to use this purchase as a springboard into the growing IoT market, which it believes will reach 20 billion connected things by 2020. Read More

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2018-02-15 11:18:56

Nokia is re-evaluating its wearables division  

 Nokia’s been facing an uphill battle for relevance in the consumer space ever since the company threw in the towel on smartphones. Wearables seemed like a reasonable road, so the company snapped up French electronics company Withings back in 2016, phasing out the name a year later and rebranding itself Nokia Health. Of course, the past year has seen much of the air escape from wearables,… Read More

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2018-02-15 10:47:46

As tech automates, Blinkist keeps its book summary service very human  

 When I first heard of Blinkist, a service that breaks down recent nonfiction books to easily digestible snippets, I was afraid it would turn out to be some machine-learning-driven auto-summary thing. But in talking to co-founder Niklas Jansen, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the company is still very much people-powered — and in fact, that may be the root of its continuing success. Read More

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2018-02-15 09:58:36

Essential Phone arriving in three new limited edition colors  

 The Essential Phone, still among the best deals you can find in smartphones today, is now set to be available in three new colors, including “Ocean Depths,” “Copper Black” and “Stellar Gray.” These include two previously announced colours, the aquamarine-ish Ocean Depths and the dark matte “Stellar Gray,” but also the surprising third options,… Read More

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2018-02-15 09:44:43

You can buy a $20 leather coaster for your HomePod  

 Sure, yesterday’s big wood staining HomePod news was a bit of a black eye for Apple’s smart speaker, but it’s going to be a boon for one very specific, extremely narrow product category. I’m sure I’m going to get 50 similar pitches the minute this story publishes, but Pad & Quill owner Brian Holmes beat everyone to the punch by alerting us to a $20 leather… Read More

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2018-02-15 08:46:49

Marvel's 'Black Panther' is a new high point for superhero cinema  

 Black Panther doesn’t look like any movie I’ve seen. I mean, I don’t want to downplay America’s long history of black cinema (a history that already includes a handful of black superheroes). Nor am I ignoring the fact that Black Panther is the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — so yes, it conforms in a number of ways to the dictates of… Read More

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2018-02-15 08:36:58

CoinTracker will keep track of your crypto as you transfer it between wallets and exchanges  

 It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market cap has grown faster than the broader crypto industry. This means that the options for tools to help hold, track and manage your cryptocurrency are still pretty slim. CoinTracker is one of the recently launched startups trying to help. Part of YC’s Winter ’18 class, it’s a platform to track your crypto across all… Read More

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2018-02-15 07:52:29

Unsplash raises $7.25M to bring cryptocurrency to its free, curated photo platform  

 Unsplash is rethinking the way photography gets distributed and monetized, and today it’s announcing a $7.25 million Series A to fund those efforts. The site actually started as a side project for freelance marketplace Crew, but eventually the founders decided to focus on Unsplash and sold Crew to Dribbble. While the Unsplash photo library contains only 400,000 photos (compared to the… Read More

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2018-02-15 07:49:40

The plague of rationalization  

 Failure doesn’t usually happen “to” startups. It happens when founders rationalize problems until it’s too late. Attack problems early and the startup will advance. Rationalize that the problems don’t exist and you’ll just be another depressing startup post-mortem. Read More

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2018-02-15 07:30:31 launches and raises $18m to bring objectivity and efficiency to hiring  

 Traditional models of recruiting are a mess. At companies like Google, quite literally millions of people apply for open roles, forcing hundreds of recruiters to sift through thousands of resumes per job opening. Worse, in their race to process through those applicants, recruiters often use fuzzy and subjective impressions of a candidate to match them to a role, rather than clear and… Read More

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2018-02-15 07:21:15

This new text bomb crashes most Mac and iOS apps with a single Unicode symbol  

 TechCrunch has learned of a potentially serious new bug affecting a wide range of Apple devices. During their development work on an international news feed, software engineers at Aloha Browser discovered two Unicode symbols in a non-English language that can crash any Apple device that uses Apple’s default San Francisco font. Read More

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2018-02-15 07:12:35

With $250 million, Peter Diamandis' new startup is all about taking stem cells from placentas  

 Stem cells derived from a human placenta hold the key to unlocking a myriad of potentials in regenerative medicine and are the focus of X-Prize and Singularity University founder Peter Diamandis’ new endeavor. Called Celularity, the startup is a spinout from Celgene, a global biopharmaceutical company creating gene therapies. Diamandis teamed up with Dr. Robert Hariri, the founder of… Read More

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2018-02-15 07:02:42

Pandora Premium comes to the web  

 Pandora is plugging a hole in its paid subscription service with today’s launch of Pandora Premium on the web. While free users of the radio service could listen to their stations via the browser, oddly, those who pay for an upgraded experience couldn’t play their music on-demand, build playlists, or take advantage of any of the paid-only features. Not surprisingly, a web… Read More

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2018-02-15 06:56:20

Google's Project Fi now offers data coverage in 170 countries  

 Project Fi, Google’s multi-network cell service, now provides you with data coverage in 170 countries. That’s up from the 135 countries the company has long offered service in. New countries where service is now available include the likes of Belize and Myanmar. The good thing here is that Project Fi still doesn’t charge you extra for your data usage in these countries. Read More

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2018-02-15 06:47:46

Fujifilm's X-H1 camera adds top video chops to X Series still shooting prowess  

 Fujifilm’s mirrorless lineup of X Series cameras has an excellent reputation, especially thanks to their ability to produce great-looking images comparable to full-frame competitors from crop sensors due to their unique image processing. Among still photographers, the X-Pro 2 and X-T2 especially have earned top marks and even replaced the standard Canon and Nikon gear of more than a… Read More

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2018-02-15 05:59:05

Amazon's Alexa Skills Developer Console gets its biggest redesign since launch  

 Amazon today is rolling out the biggest makeover for its Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console – the console where voice app developers create their skills – since its debut back in 2015. The new console has been redesigned with a focus on improving developer workflows, says Amazon. It now offers separate sections for “build,” “test,” “launch,”… Read More

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2018-02-15 05:55:35

Google launches a lightweight 'Gmail Go' app for Android  

 Google has added a notable addition to its line of “Go” edition apps – the lightweight apps designed primarily for emerging markets – with the launch of Gmail Go. The app, like others in the Go line, takes up less storage space on users’ smartphones and makes better use of mobile data compared with the regular version of Gmail. The app offers standard Gmail… Read More

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2018-02-15 05:18:30

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies signs first cross-state deal in the U.S.  

 One of the two major dedicated companies pursuing the creation of functional Hyperloops (high-speed tunnel transportation that can zoom pods around in low pressure) has signed its first agreements that could lead to an interstate Hyperloop system. The deal with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) includes agreements with both the North Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) and… Read More

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2018-02-15 04:27:32

Chat app Kakao's games business lands $130M from Tencent and others ahead of IPO  

 Korea’s dominant messaging firm Kakao is back raising funds after its games business, a standalone unit that is headed for an IPO, pulled in $130 million (140 billion KRW) from Tencent and a range of other strategic investors. The company, which owns Korea’s top mobile messaging app and one of the country’s largest internet portals, operates a sprawl of business that… Read More

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2018-02-15 04:15:56

Senator calls on Tinder to fix a security flaw that lets randos snoop through your dates  

 Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is nervous about Tinder. He may not be swiping on the service this Valentine’s Day, but with a new letter demanding that Tinder resolve some security issues, Wyden is looking out for everyone who is. Last month, a security report surfaced what it deemed “disturbing vulnerabilities” in the dating app. Wyden’s letter cites the research, demanding… Read More

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2018-02-15 03:52:08

UK accuses Russia of 2017's NotPetya ransomware attacks  

 The UK government has directly accused Russia of being behind the so called NotPetya ransomware attack last year — which quickly spread around the globe, including affecting businesses in Spain, France and India, demanding payment in Bitcoin to unlock infected machines. Read More

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2018-02-15 03:42:50

Let's meet in New York  

 I’ve been holding a series of micro meetups in New York over the past few years and I thought we should have one on February 28 to talk about token sales/ICOs. I’ll bring in an outside speaker and I’d love to have one or two companies pitch who are working on their own token. If you would like to be on a panel with me or pitch in front of the group email… Read More

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2018-02-15 03:14:31

Slack adds Edith Cooper to board of directors  

 Slack had added Edith Cooper, who most recently served as the global head of human capital management at Goldman Sachs, to its board of directors. As Slack prepares “for accelerated growth at scale,” Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield wrote in a blog post today, Cooper marks Slack’s second independent board member. “She has an unrivaled depth of experience in the hardest… Read More

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2018-02-15 03:04:50

Swiss pharma company Roche is buying Flatiron Health for $1.9 billion  

 Roche, the global pharmaceutical company from Switzerland, today announced it will scoop up Flatiron Health, a startup analyzing real-time oncology data to help cancer patients and doctors, in a $1.9 billion deal. Flatiron has also confirmed the deal to TechCrunch. Read More

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2018-02-15 03:01:40

Twitch launches always-on chat rooms for channels  

 Game streaming site Twitch today is debuting an always-on chat room feature it’s simply calling “Rooms.” The addition was first announced at its developer event TwitchCon back in October, and was expected to launch before year-end. That timing shifted a bit, but the feature is going live today across both web and mobile for Twitch users worldwide. Rooms are custom chat… Read More

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2018-02-15 02:31:22

Founders' Co-op, a fixture on Seattle's venture scene, is raising its fourth fund  

 Founders’ Co-op, a Seattle-based seed-stage venture firm, is looking to close its fourth and newest fund with $25 million, according to an SEC filing that shows the outfit has raised at least $10.7 million toward that end. The firm — now a fixture on Seattle’s venture scene — was created 10 years ago and closed its last fund in 2015 with $20 million. Read More

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2018-02-15 02:23:43

Social analytics companies MVPindex and Umbel are merging  

 MVPindex and Umbel, two companies delivering social media data to the sports and entertainment industries, are teaming up. The combined company will be led by MVPindex’s co-founders, with Stan Woodward serving as CEO, Shawn Spieth as president and chairman and Kyle Nelson as chief marketing officer. Umbel will be represented on the executive team as well, with CFO Iser Cukierman becoming… Read More

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2018-02-15 02:03:49

Samsung's Notebook 9 Pen is a reasonably capable convertible  

 You’d be forgiven if you’ve had some trouble combing through Samsung’s laptop product page. I’ve been looking most of the afternoon, and I couldn’t really tell you the distinctions between the various lines. But while the company’s not doing a great job mitigating brand confusion, it is delivering some solid devices — and the Notebook 9 Pen is no… Read More

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2018-02-15 01:40:15

Facebook should actually be Tinder too  

 There’s beauty in the double-blind opt-in. That’s the way you match with someone on Tinder. You like them, they like you, you both find out and get connected. But to date, the feature’s largely been trapped in dating apps that match you with randos or that not everyone wants to be on. That means this anti-loneliness technology is leaving some people out. Facebook, meanwhile,… Read More

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2018-02-14 19:35:14

Final round of tickets released for TechCrunch's Winter Party  

 We’re just about a week away from hosting our inaugural Winter Party at Galvanize. If you haven’t been able to grab a ticket yet, today is your lucky day. We’ve released our final round of tickets to TechCrunch’s first-ever Winter Party, so do yourself a solid and pick yours up so you can join in the fun on Friday, February 23. Read More

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2018-02-14 19:29:46

Very famous VC Bill Gurley says startup boardrooms are now just filled with *clapping hand noise*  

 Fresh off a public spat between Uber investor Benchmark Capital and former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Benchmark general partner Bill Gurley took the stage in front of a large room of bankerfolk at the Goldman Sachs Internet and Technology Conference to talk about how startup boardrooms are now filled with a lot of cheerleaders that aren’t holding founders accountable. Read More

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2018-02-14 19:02:32

Blockchain engineers are in demand  

 Demand is off the charts for blockchain talent, and the capital is waiting to back it up. More than $3.7 billion has been raised through ICOs in the United States alone. Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market; there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer. Read More

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2018-02-14 18:26:38

Microsoft's HoloLens is now available to rent  

 Microsoft has spent much of the past couple of years arguing its vision of an augmented reality future with the HoloLens. Now, it’s realizing that for potential buyers of the company’s enterprise-focused Commercial Suite edition, there’s some desire to try it out before they break out the corporate card. Until now, the best way for interested companies to see whether… Read More

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2018-02-14 14:41:29

Uber could be profitable if it wants to, says CEO  

 Uber lost $4.5 billion last year, but CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said he’s not worried. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, the newly appointed chief defended the company’s financials, saying that “we can turn the knobs to get this business even on a full basis profitable, but you would sacrifice growth and sacrifice… Read More

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2018-02-14 14:20:41

Meet Lumi, the Los Angeles startup that just raised $9 million for a packaging business  

 Alongside co-founder and longtime partner Stephan Ango, Jesse Genet has built a business with Lumi that’s already been profitable, and has just raised $9 million in venture funding to boost its growth.  Read More

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2018-02-14 13:41:41

Want to be a founder? Go get a job, says venture capitalist Joe Kraus of GV  

 Yesterday, at Startup Grind, an event series that’s aimed at new founders and people contemplating becoming entrepreneurs, we sat down with Joe Kraus, a partner for the last eight years with Google’s early-stage investing arm, GV. Kraus shared a range of founder-friendly advice, including what GV and Kraus in particular look for in founding teams. Read More

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2018-02-14 13:37:17

Varsity Tutors lands $50 million in Series C funding  

 Varsity Tutors, the learning platform founded in 2011, today announced the close of a $50 million Series C funding round led by Learn Capital. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and existing investor TCV also participated in the round. Varsity Tutors started as an offline service, connecting the best tutors on campus with those who needed help for IRL study sessions. Fast forward seven years and… Read More

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2018-02-14 13:28:23

Data can only get you so far before your human ingenuity needs to kick in  

 Tony La Russa is a member of the MLB Hall of Fame as a manager. The man helped introduce video study and analytics to the game of baseball when he was manager of the great Oakland A’s teams in the late 1980s and 1990s. He understands the value of data, but he also gets that data only gets you so far before humans have to adjust to the situation in front of them. Read More

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2018-02-14 13:20:51

Pinterest will finally let you rearrange your pins  

 Good morning and happy Wednesday, everyone! Here is a thing that falls under Today In Very Good Things: Pinterest is going to, finally, finally, let you move pins around on your boards. This seems really small and trivial but, really, this is one of the biggest quality of life improvements to the service that I’ve seen (and probably many others) in many months now. Pinterest has been… Read More

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2018-02-14 12:58:12

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