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wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

wikiHow is a wiki based collaboration to build the world’s largest, highest quality how to manual. Our multilingual how to manual has free step-by-step instructions on how to do all types of things. A collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual.

How to Read Piano Chords  

If you understand how to read piano chords, you can sit down and play nearly any song with a basic chord chart - you don't even have to learn a lot of music theory or know how to read sheet music. Chord notations can be intimidating, but they'll make more sense once you learn your scales and understand a little about piano chord theory.

2017-08-17 04:07:46

How to Fade Eyebrows  

Eyebrows naturally start lighter near your nose and get darker towards the tail. When you fade your eyebrows, you'll enhance this look. Fill in your brows with a subtle fade to achieve nice shape and lift. For a more dramatic look, make a more obvious gradient from the beginning of your brows to the ends. This also create a lovely frame for your eye. Create an ombre effect by lining and filling in your brows with different, matching shades of pencil and powder.

2017-08-16 06:54:44

How to Publish a Book on Amazon  

You've just completed your first book, and you can't wait to present it to the world. Now what? The self-publishing services offered by websites like Amazon have made it easier than ever for aspiring authors to get their works out there. Once you've put the finishing touches on your manuscript, you can browse Amazon's publishing options to find the format that works best for you, enter key details, set a price and perform other tasks that will put your book into immediate circulation and...

2017-08-16 04:12:10

How to Take an Autistic Child to the Dentist  

Dentist trips can be difficult for any child. For an autistic child, it may be especially frightening. Here is how to help your child and give them the easiest possible experience at the dentist office.

2017-08-16 03:42:17

How to Befriend a Professor  

Befriending your professor can open many professional doors, especially if you are pursuing graduate studies or post-grad studies. Establishing a good relationship with your professor can make it easier for you to get recommendation letters for jobs or positions after school. It can also enrich your experience in the classroom and deepen your learning. To befriend a professor, start by introducing yourself to them in a friendly, professional way. Then, model good behavior in the class and mainta

2017-08-15 08:14:01

How to Do a Vitamin C Flush  

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for your body. You can get Vitamin C through your diet by eating foods like oranges, red peppers, kale, broccoli, and strawberries. You can also do a flush by buying powdered Vitamin C and mixing it into water (or other drinks), which advocates believe can help with issues like stress, illnesses, and hormonal imbalances. Before you attempt a flush, take precautions and speak to your doctor about any risks and potential benefits. The Vitamin C flush

2017-08-15 03:44:56

How to Add Nitrogen to Compost  

Compost is high in organic material and can help keep your lawn and plants healthy. Amazingly, you can create compost with things that you would usually just throw away like table scraps, lawn clippings, and dead leaves. Sometimes, however, compost can become nitrogen deficient, and will stop breaking down. If you notice that your compost is not decomposing over the course of several months, it means that you need to add more nitrogen to it. Luckily, there are a wide variety of ways you can incr

2017-08-15 03:35:22

How to Make Cheetos  

Most people are content to buy a package of Cheetos from the store when they get a craving, but you can also make a homemade version in your own kitchen. The great thing about homemade snacks like this is that you can customize the recipe to accommodate different dietary requirements, change ingredients to suit your tastes, and experiment with different cooking methods and recipes until you find your favorite. When you want as close to the real thing as possible, the key to homemade Cheetos is d

2017-08-14 06:31:45

How to Clean Drinking Glasses  

There are several ways to effectively clean drinking glasses with everyday household products. Wash glasses regularly with warm water and a minimal amount of dish soap, and allow the glasses to air dry. If you use a dishwasher, opt for a gentle cycle and space out the glasses to avoid damage. Use a vinegar solution to clean cloudy residue or streaks. For dark stains, try a bleach and water soak, or use plain toothpaste to gently scrub your glasses.

2017-08-14 06:17:57

How to Create a Woven Ponytail  

A woven ponytail is a great way to add a little flair to your favorite ponytail style. You can opt for a simple style that only requires you to pull two stands of hair through your ponytail. Twisting sections of your hair over an existing ponytail gives you a slightly more complex look, or you can try a more intricate design that incorporates two types of braids. No matter what type of woven ponytail you try, your hair will look amazing!

2017-08-14 04:26:35

How to Make Breadcrumbs  

If you're looking to use up stale bread or need breadcrumbs for a recipe, it's easy to make breadcrumbs at home. Make soft, fresh breadcrumbs by processing fresh bread in a food processor. Or bake them in the oven to make dried breadcrumbs. You can also toast and grate slices of bread if you don't have a food processor. Consider sauteing breadcrumbs in a little oil to make extra crunchy breadcrumbs. Regardless of how you make the breadcrumbs, store them in an airtight container at room temperatu

2017-08-13 10:15:01

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent  

Whether you're buying or selling a property, a quality real estate agent is vital to make the process run smoothly. Seek out an agent with excellent credentials and references. Meet with a handful of agents to make sure any questions you have are answered. Watch out for potential red flags. Agents who charge very low costs or only work part-time may not be reliable.

2017-08-13 09:39:57

How to Sour Milk  

When you open the fridge and find sour milk, it's usually bad news. But the truth is that sour milk can actually be a handy ingredient in a variety of baked goods and savory dishes. You don't want to use milk that's actually spoiled, though, so knowing how to sour milk yourself can definitely come in handy. By mixing a little bit of acid into your regular milk, you can help thicken and curdle it so it has a tangy taste. You can even do the same with a can of sweetened condensed milk, though you

2017-08-13 02:26:13

How to Grow Crabapple Trees  

A crabapple tree is a flowering tree that adds lovely color to any landscape. In the fall, the tree also produces edible fruit and often offers attractive fall foliage, which gives it multi-season appeal. You can grow a crabapple tree from seeds or purchase a young tree at a nursery for planting. The most important step in growing a healthy tree, though, is ensuring that it receives full sun and is watered thoroughly.

2017-08-12 08:21:34

How to Increase Driving Visibility in Rain  

Driving in the rain, especially after dark, can cause dramatic declines in visibility. The best ways to improve driving visibility in the rain are to turn on your headlights and your windshield wipers. Stay away from large vehicles that leave a large spray in their wake. Keep your headlights clean and clear, and change windshield wipers that are aged or deteriorating.

2017-08-12 07:14:33

How to Bathe a Pet Quail  

Quails can sometimes get dirty from time to time, considering they are ground-dwelling birds. Although the likelihood that you will need to bathe your quail is slim (as they are capable of keeping themselves clean), you might have to step in to help your quail keep clean. This article will teach you how to bathe your quail.

2017-08-12 03:42:36

How to Build Big Side Delts  

Shoulders can be difficult muscles to build. It's easy to get the size you want in your chest and arms, but still struggle with your deltoid muscles. To build big side delts, do exercises that isolate and specifically work those muscles. Make sure you're working the muscles to fatigue. Design your training regimen so that you're doing your shoulder work early in the week, when you're well rested.

2017-08-11 07:49:11

How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors  

While Rock, Paper, Scissors is commonly thought to be a game of chance, it actually isn't! Depending on whether you're playing an inexperienced or experienced player, you can observe the patterns of your opponent, take advantage of statistical tendencies, or mislead your opponent to successfully win at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

2017-08-11 04:11:53

How to Claim Land  

In the U.S. there are a few circumstances where you can file a claim on abandoned, unclaimed, and currently owned land. Check with your state's abandoned land division to find land previously held by owners who died without heirs or have failed to pay property taxes. You may also be able to claim land based on the laws of adverse possession (a.k.a. "squatter's rights"), provided you meet specific requirements. In any case, you must be prepared to pay associated fees and officially regist...

2017-08-11 01:50:07

How to Avoid Contributing to Traffic Congestion  

If you drive frequently, traffic congestion can be a major daily headache. With a few simple driving techniques, however, you can be part of the solution. Being a safe driver can help speed up the flow of traffic, but you can also take alternative transportation, such as buses or bikes. You can even plan your route and trips strategically to reduce the time you are on the road, helping relieve the burden on other drivers.

2017-08-10 14:43:36

How to Soothe a Baby Who Has Colic  

Crying is a natural occurrence with a newborn, but a baby who seems to cry constantly may have colic. Colic can cause newborns to wail for several hours a day for up to three months, then just stop as suddenly as it appeared. Unfortunately, the best medical advice is to be patient and "wait it out," and the evidence for the many colic remedies out there is largely anecdotal. But anecdotal evidence may do when your baby has been crying for five hours nonstop!

2017-08-10 04:50:25

How to Do Geode Nail Art  

Geode nails are one of the most popular looks of the season. Inspired by geodes, they are a combination of drab, stony gray and glistening, shimmering purple. Because of their organic nature, there is no right or wrong way to do geode nails, and they are perfect for those who don't have a steady hand. They take a while to create, but the results are well worth the time and effort.

2017-08-10 02:36:38

How to Get the Smell of Gasoline Off Your Hands  

Any mechanic or person who has put gasoline in their car knows how strong the smell of it can be. The smell lingers and unfortunately does not quickly go away on its own. Luckily, there are several ways to remove the smell of gasoline off your hands without the use of harsh chemicals. You can use white vinegar, vanilla extract, lemon juice, or detergent and salt to make your hands smell nice and clean.

2017-08-09 04:47:28

How to Peacefully Protest  

Protests are a great way to bring attention to a cause while expressing your discontent, but your message might be lost if violence, rioting, or vandalism occurs. If you are organizing the march, work ahead of time to identify safe and legal avenues to protest. Participants should use unaggressive tactics to gain visibility without confrontation. This can be done by working with both the police and legal aid to ensure that nobody violates the law or individual rights.

2017-08-09 04:13:08

How to Make Waffles with a Grill Pan  

Don't have a waffle iron but still want a batch of fluffy, warm waffles? You can enjoy this version of your favorite breakfast treat by making the waffles on a grill pan. Once cooked on the grill pan, the waffle will feature a similar texture to ones cooked on a waffle iron, and will taste just as delicious.

2017-08-09 01:35:18

How to Become a Customs Inspector  

Customs inspectors play a very important role in national security. Whether they're assessing who or what is leaving or entering a country, they're enforcing laws that ensure safety. This job keeps you on the edge of your seat and puts you in a position to make a difference. If this sounds compelling to you, there are several things you'll need to do to start on a career path. Make sure you meet the basic requirements, go through the application process, and make some impressive additions ...

2017-08-08 17:29:58

How to Pike Press  

The pike press is a popular muscle building exercise. It is a great way to work your upper body muscles, especially your shoulder and arm muscles. To do a pike press, start by warming up your wrists, arms, and shoulder muscles. Then, do a pike press to get a feel for the exercise. You can add variations to the pike press to make it more challenging.

2017-08-08 12:18:41

How to Use Amazon Prime  

Using Amazon Prime is easy, and membership allows you to access plenty of excellent benefits. First, sign up for Prime by activating a 30-day free trial or purchasing a membership plan. Have eligible products shipped within two days for free, and stream or download TV and movies from Prime Video. In addition to these popular benefits, you can explore a variety of lesser known features, such as Prime Pantry, Prime Music, and unlimited photo storage.

2017-08-08 02:23:33

How to Volunteer to Advance Your Career  

Everyone could use a little career boost, and volunteering can help give you just that. If you're just starting out, volunteering can help you gain experience, but even if you're established in your career, volunteering can still benefit you. You can gain new skills that will help you advance your career. Start by finding the perfect place to volunteer.

2017-08-07 19:58:07

How to Care for a Tarantula  

Tarantulas are hairy spiders that live for the night. With more than 800 species, you'll have a wide range of options when choosing a pet tarantula, from burrowing to tree-dwelling tarantulas! Once you get your tarantula home, you'll want to create a comfortable habitat with a stable temperature, high humidity and nice hiding places. You'll need to follow a feeding schedule, but tarantulas don't need the daily feeding that more conventional pets require.

2017-08-07 04:46:03

How to Work in the Alternative Energy Industry  

For many people, changing the world is a dream. For the millions of workers in the field of alternative energy, it's a daily reality. Launching a career in clean energy is a rewarding way to build a healthier planet, and one that grows more important every year. After completing your primary education and developing a unique skillset, you can begin making inroads that will help you land a job where you can make a real difference.

2017-08-07 02:56:21

How to Mute Words on Twitter  

Twitter allows its users to mute words they don't want to see. Muting a word will remove Tweets with that term or hashtag from your notifications, timeline, and replies.

2017-08-06 08:38:08

How to Iron Rayon  

Rayon is a soft and light fabric that is similar to silk. It's great for breezy summer dresses, but it isn't the sturdiest fabric. Rayon can be easily damaged and stretched if not ironed properly. Ironing rayon, luckily, isn't so difficult as long as you learn a few simple rules to care for it. Do things like ironing the garment inside out, using a low heat setting, and allowing it to cool before hanging it up so that your rayon stays beautiful and wrinkle-free until the next wash.

2017-08-06 06:48:45

How to Make Galaxy Frosting  

Let your desserts blast off into space by spreading some delicious, galaxy-themed frosting over it. This toothsome frosting will spice up any dessert, bringing a galactic and magnificent look to cakes, cupcakes, donuts, or even cookies! Makes: Each recipe makes about 2-4 cups of frosting

2017-08-06 03:30:26

How to Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer  

For many people, being glued to a desk with a computer is a part of their daily routine. But sitting at the computer all day may not be good for your body or mind. It may cause backaches due to poor posture, discomfort from lack of movement, weight gain and anxiety. You can get exercise while sitting at your computer by doing cardiovascular conditioning and building your muscles with strength moves.

2017-08-05 06:56:26

How to Clean Shoe Insoles  

Your shoes' insoles can get pretty worn out after a while. With every step you take, the porous inserts absorb dirt, oil and perspiration, which can eventually lead to bacteria and mold. Killing these germs and banishing the stench they cause can be difficult, but it's not impossible, provided you know the right tricks. For mild odors, you can simply scrub the insoles with soap and water. To save funkier foot liners, you may have to turn to more intensive solutions like baking soda or rubbin...

2017-08-05 05:42:50

How to Make Calamine Soap  

Calamine lotion is helpful when it comes to soothing dry, itchy skin. Sometimes it's not enough, however, and your skin needs a little more care. Instead of continuously applying calamine lotion, why not try washing yourself with calamine soap? Melt-and-pour soap is a safe and easy way to make a small batch for yourself. If you are an experienced soap maker, you could try making a larger batch using the cold process method.

2017-08-05 01:11:42

How to Debone a Chicken Breast  

Boneless chicken breasts can be very expensive at the grocery store, but with a little practice, you can debone them yourself at home! Whether you need to make boneless skinless chicken breasts, debone skin-on breasts, or debone an already-cooked chicken breast, you can quickly and easily learn this skill in your own kitchen.

2017-08-04 11:34:06

How to Taper Jeans  

As trends change, you might want to keep up with them without buying a whole new wardrobe. Tapering your jeans can completely alter their style, and you don't have to be a seamstress to do it successfully. First narrow the lower leg and then make a new hem to convert your flares to a straight or skinny jean.

2017-08-04 02:55:20

How to Crochet the Abstract Cat Stitch  

The abstract cat stitch is a fun crochet design that creates cat-like shapes using a series of shell stitches, double crochet stitches, and drop stitches. As long as you have some knowledge of how to crochet, you can learn how to create this design. Try making an abstract cat scarf, blanket, or washcloth as a gift for a cat-loving friend or for yourself!

2017-08-04 01:34:45

How to Polish Gold  

Gold is a beautiful, but soft precious metal that requires gentle use. You should only polish gold once or twice a year. Polishing gold too much can cause damage. But, with special care and effort, you can have your gold shining like new.

2017-08-03 19:44:51

How to Make Pickled Chiles  

Pickled chile peppers, sometimes spelled "chili peppers," are a tasty side and a popular topping for foods like tacos, burgers, and nachos. Pickle chiles in water, rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Pickle chiles in white wine for a rich, unique flavor. Use a pressure canner when pickling to seal your jars and get the maximum shelf life from your pickled chiles. When pickled properly, chiles will last for up to 12 months.

2017-08-03 08:43:46

How to Add a Watermark to a Page in Microsoft Word  

This wikiHow teaches you how to add a watermark to a Microsoft Word document.

2017-08-03 04:07:14

How to Live Well with Down Syndrome (Teens)  

As a teen with Down Syndrome, you already understand that you're different. You've recognized that your face is unique, you learn different things from most teens your age, and you struggle with many challenges that most people don't face. You may sometimes feel different, but that's okay. You can make the most of it and thrive, even in your teen years.

2017-08-02 14:35:56

How to Lower Myostatin Levels  

Myostatin is a protein that prevents muscular growth, tone, and body strength. Many bodybuilders and some scientists believe that lowering myostatin can increase muscular development, as well as prevent aging and improve overall health. To lower myostatin levels, both cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise, as well as resistance training (weight training), are useful. Quitting smoking and taking a follistatin supplement might also help.

2017-08-02 06:57:28

How to Only Move One Eye  

Moving one eye at a time makes it look like you have superhuman control, but with a little time and effort, pretty much anyone can learn this skill. Warm up your face muscles so you have the best shot of executing this maneuver. Crossing your eyes, especially, will be important for pulling this off. Techniques for crossing your eyes are included, as well as two popular exercises.

2017-08-02 04:37:26

How to Reuse Wire Hangers  

Reuse old wire hangers by remaking them into more useful items, such as padded clothes hangers, shoe hangers, or coat racks. Wire hangers can also be useful with household tasks like snaking clogged drains, running cable wires behind drywall, and skimming debris off a backyard pool. You can also use old hangers to do crafts and kids' activities like making decorative wreaths, blowing bubbles, and roasting marshmallows or hot dogs.

2017-08-01 07:40:25

How to Braid Garlic  

A garlic braid is a tidy way to store your garlic. However, there are more benefits to braiding garlic than just its appearance. There's also the convenience in being able to grab a clove or two whenever you need it and garlic that stays fresher longer because of improved air circulation. Braiding garlic can seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get the basics down, you can make these fun ropes in no time.

2017-08-01 04:44:08

How to Stop a Cat from Chewing on Your Hair  

Cats sometimes lick or chew their humans' hair as a sign of affection, just like they groom their feline brethren. On occasion, these behaviors can also be provoked by stress or health problems, or they can result when a kitten is weaned too early. You may like the sentiment but might not want your kitty messing up your hairdo with its saliva. Learn why your cat is so interested in your hair, then you can take the appropriate steps to curb this behavior.

2017-08-01 01:53:22

How to Bequeath Property  

You can bequeath property by writing a will. In the will, you'll name the beneficiary for your property, which is the person who will receive it when you die. Drafting a will is easy, and you can do it yourself. If you change your mind at some point in the future, you can change the beneficiary by drafting a codicil, which is an amendment to your will. However, some property isn't passed through a will, so you should leave it to your beneficiaries in an appropriate manner.

2017-07-31 09:53:09

How to Practice Self Care As a Parent  

Making time for yourself can be difficult as a parent, and it's easy to go days without giving yourself proper care. Yet, giving to yourself helps you give to others. First, set aside some time for yourself and stick to it. Do activities that prioritize your emotional and physical health. If you have problems being consistent, get an accountability partner or schedule a regular babysitter. And remember-- it's important to have moments to relax!

2017-07-31 05:12:55

How to Grow a Hipster Beard  

A hipster beard is a statement look that is unique to your facial structure. Shave your face first so your beard can start at an even length. Let it grow out to the length you desire. Your beard will appear wild at first, but can be controlled by trimming and styling. After you've made the perfect beard, maintain it with routine trimming, weekly washing with shampoo and conditioner, and applying beard oil.

2017-07-31 03:07:28

How to Scale a Business  

When you "scale" a business, you commit to growing it. However, scaling requires more than simply increasing your customer base or sales. Instead, you need to proactively plan to handle the increased workload in a cost-efficient manner. Scaling requires a lot of planning, so don't rush into the process.

2017-07-30 20:17:31

How to Make Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins  

Cream cheese goes with almost everything, especially blueberries. This recipe will make a delicious batch of blueberry muffins topped with cream cheese satiate cravings for both, and is much lighter and fluffier than a piece of cheesecake. Read on to make them for yourself! Recipe serves 18 muffins.

2017-07-30 09:21:31

How to Make a Pom Pom  

Pom poms come in a few different varieties. There are the pom poms that are used to accent knit and crochet projects, pom poms that cheerleaders use, and tissue paper pom poms that are used for decoration. You can make one or all three of these types of pom poms with the right materials.

2017-07-30 04:03:17

How to Upshift  

If you drive a manual vehicle or a motorcycle, upshifting is an important aspect of driving on the road. Unlike automatic vehicles, which automatically switch gears, manual vehicles require the driver to do it themselves. Even though upshifting seems daunting at first, with enough practice you'll be able to master the technique and drive down the road with confidence.

2017-07-29 05:08:58

How to Halve an Egg  

Sometimes a recipe calls for half an egg, or sometimes you want to alter a recipe that results in your only needing a half an egg. The trick to halving an egg properly is whisking it first, whether you're using the whole egg or just the whites or the yolks. If you're using just whites or yolks, separating them properly is crucial to halving an egg.

2017-07-29 04:34:08

How to Lubricate a Lock  

Locks typically last for around seven years. To maximize the lifespan of your lock, you should perform regular cleaning and lubrication. You can use compressed air to clean locks, as well as wet cleaners like WD-40. Dry lubes are great for locks because they require less follow up lubrication.

2017-07-29 02:18:03

How to Become an Optometrist  

Optometrists diagnose vision problems, prescribe corrective lenses, and prescribe eye medications. They differ from ophthalmologists, who can also perform eye surgeries, and from opticians, who design, fit, and dispense lenses. To become an optometrist, you should get a bachelor's in science, go into an optometry degree program, and pass all your licensing exams.

2017-07-28 16:13:47

How to Speak Professionally on the Phone  

Emails, live chat, web inquirers, and social media all have their place, but the phone is still the preferred communication choice for many when it comes to business. How many times have you spoken with someone on the phone and thought how unprofessional he or she was? Make sure others are not saying the same about you. Here's everything you need to know about handling calls in a professional manner.

2017-07-28 02:54:07

How to Clean a Blackened or Burnt Coffee Pot  

Forgetting to turn off your coffeemaker before you leave the house in the mornings or leaving coffeemakers on overnight can have adverse effects on the look of your coffeemaker. Leaving the pot resting on its burner for too long can lead to scorch marks and discoloration at the bottom of your pot. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can also give your routine cup of joe a bad taste.

2017-07-28 02:52:36

How to Explain Racism to a Child  

Explaining racism to a child is not easy. You may be afraid that you will use the wrong words, or confuse the child. This article will help you to understand how to explain racism to a child.

2017-07-27 12:40:42

How to Choose a First Knitting Project  

You'd like to start out knitting! How exciting! There's so many things to knit, but what will you choose? Start reading below for help! Just make sure you know how to knit and purl.

2017-07-27 02:37:41

How to Grade Hair Extensions  

Hair extensions are given grades, meant to indicate their quality. Unfortunately, these grades--starting at A (or 1A) and going up to AAAAA (or 5A) or higher--are not regulated and may not be consistent from brand to brand. Additionally, there is some disagreement about what these grades mean. By learning the specifics of each, you will be able to distinguish between 100% human hair, Remy hair, and Virgin hair. Furthermore, by looking at the length of strands in your hair extensions and evaluati

2017-07-27 01:18:16

How to Avoid Traffic Jams  

Nothing ruins an otherwise perfect day like getting stuck in a traffic jam. By planning your journey ahead, however, you can avoid most congestion. There are also a number of technological tools that can help you skirt traffic issues, even in real time. You can also consider changing the times you travel at and transportation methods, especially if you live in an area that is constantly prone to traffic jams. With a little planning, you'll reach your destination without raising your blood pressu

2017-07-26 13:12:01

How to Make a Balloon Arch  

Balloon arches are a great addition to just about any party or event. They look impressive and complex, but they are actually quite simple to make. You can make a basic balloon arch with regular balloons or a floating one with helium balloons. You can even mount an arch onto your wall using chicken wire. Whichever arch you choose, you are bound to impress your guests!

2017-07-26 11:22:12

How to Use Night Shift on iPhone or iPad  

Night Shift is a feature that Apple introduced in iOS 9.3. Night Shift shifts your display to the warmer end of the color spectrum. The purpose of this is to stop blue light, which affects your sleep patterns. Because blue light is reduced, you can use a device right until you sleep and still have a good night's sleep!

2017-07-26 06:18:35

How to Establish an Effective Skincare Routine  

With so many skincare products on the market, choosing the right combination might seem overwhelming, but creating a skincare routine can be fun! To make sure that your routine works for you, you should first consider what type of skin you have. You can then put together a personalized regimen of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliants, and masks. Within a few months, you will be delighted by your beautiful skin!

2017-07-26 02:51:55

How to Safely Meet a Person You Met Online  

Meeting people online is fairly common, and often works out just fine for everyone involved. Still, there are risks when you get together in person with someone you've met online for the first time. Whether you're on social media or on a dating app, safeguard yourself and your private information from would-be criminals. If you want to safely meet a person you met online, keep your first few meetings public and brief, and always have an escape route.

2017-07-25 16:59:40

How to Get Financial Aid for College  

Getting financial aid for college in the U.S. can look intimidating. However, the process of applying isn't as complicated as it first seems, as long as you tackle one thing at a time. Start by filing FAFSA application to become eligible for federal grants. Negotiate with your school of choice for better aid. After you've done that, you can conduct a thorough, creative search for non-federal grants and scholarships. Consider federal loans and low-interest private loans when necessary, and don't

2017-07-25 12:25:06

How to Use Night Shift on iOS  

REDIRECT Use Night Shift on iPhone or iPad

2017-07-25 03:56:42

How to Deal With Overly Competitive Colleagues  

The majority of people want a workplace that is friendly, productive, and enjoyable. However, sometimes workers who have an overly competitive attitude can make this difficult to achieve. If you suspect you're on the receiving end of regular negative treatment dished out by an over-competitive co-worker, by assessing your workplace, learning to cope, and taking steps to protect yourself you can successfully deal with overly competitive colleagues.

2017-07-24 07:01:03

How to Take Action to Reduce Global Warming  

Global warming is largely caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Unfortunately, the modern global economy is tied to carbon-based fuels. Because of this, taking on global warming might seem overwhelming. However, there are many things you can do to help reduce its effect. By changing your consumption habits, taking steps to save energy, and organizing with others, you'll be able to take a real stand against global warming. In the end, you'll not only help save the planet, but you'll have fun rais...

2017-07-24 03:49:22

How to Play Shuffleboard  

Shuffleboard is a game that uses a long board and disks. In this game, players attempt to get their disks to the furthest point on the board without going over the edges or crossing the end line. There are four different variations of the game: table shuffleboard, outdoor shuffleboard, deck shuffleboard, and shovelboard. The rules are similar, but there are some important differences.

2017-07-24 03:07:41

How to Work as a Freelance Journalist  

If you're an independent person who enjoys journalism but doesn't want to be restricted to a single publication, freelancing may be the career for you. As a freelance journalist, you'll have the freedom to work at your own pace and write about topics that interest you. However, being a freelance journalist is also hard work and requires dedication and follow through. If you follow the right steps and take a structured approach, you can land your first assignment and thrive as a freelance journal

2017-07-23 12:52:37

How to Recycle Old Computer Hard Drives  

Electronic waste (or e-waste) is a major problem. You can help mitigate this problem by recycling your computer hard drive. Before you discard your hard drive, it is important to make sure all of your data has been removed. Then, once you have removed your hard drive, you can choose between disassembling the hard drive and recycling all the aluminum, or simply sending the hard drive to the manufacturer for recycling.

2017-07-23 11:10:14

How to Obtain a Security Clearance  

A security clearance is required to access confidential information. If you're a government employee or work for certain government contractors, then you may need a clearance. Unfortunately, you can't get a security clearance on your own. Instead, you must be sponsored by a government agency or by an appropriate employer. After you apply, an investigator will perform a background check and review any security concerns that turn up.

2017-07-23 01:42:55

How to Become a Dentist  

Dentistry can be an exciting career. You may want to become a dentist because you are interested in oral health and have a passion to help people. Becoming a dentist takes a lot of education, but after you finish your schooling, you will be ready for a challenging and rewarding career.

2017-07-22 12:38:18

How to Make Rock Candy  

Rock candy makes for a delicious science experiment you can do in your own kitchen. Rock candy can form on a wooden stick or a string and you can add colors and flavors to customize your candy in any way you can imagine!

2017-07-22 04:15:48

How to Get Rid of Snakes  

Snakes are common in many parts of the world, and if you have a big yard that's home to a variety of plants and insects, chances are you encounter them from time to time. The presence of snakes indicates an ecosystem is healthy, but having them in your yard can be unsettling and even dangerous, in the case of venomous snakes. For non-venomous snakes inside of your house, you can generally leave the snake alone and it will find its own way out. If you'd like a more hands-on approach to snake ...

2017-07-22 03:51:58

How to Cope with the End of a Long Friendship  

All friendships are prone to disagreements or problems at times, but sometimes these can cause irreparable harm. Dealing with the end of a long term friendship can be particularly tough as this person likely knows you well and is very integrated into your life. You can cope with this loss through focusing on your healing, maintaining your current friendships, and practicing self-care.

2017-07-21 11:08:02

How to Wash a Motorcycle  

Washing your motorcycle isn't just about keeping your sweet ride looking great. If you don't wash your bike regularly and correctly, you'll risk damaging its looks and its parts. Giving your dirty motorcycle a bath, however, doesn't require more than some basic supplies like water, a sponge, and detergent. Polish up details like the wheels and any chrome before you finish, and your bike will soon be turning heads again.

2017-07-21 10:51:54

How to Highlight Your Hair Naturally  

Whether your hair is dark, brown, blonde or red, the process of highlighting brings out its natural bright tones. Spending time in the sun is an easy, effective way to naturally highlight your hair, but if you want to speed the process along, there are other natural ways to boost the golden hues in your hair. Learn how to use a variety of household supplies to achieve a stylish highlighted look.

2017-07-21 01:18:26

How to Treat a Bee Sting  

Spending time in your garden or a park is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Of course, you may be subject to a bee sting - a common but painful experience! Treating a bee sting quickly can help alleviate the discomfort. Remove the stinger right away, watch out for signs of an allergic reaction, and then try home remedies or over-the-counter medication to improve the pain and swelling.

2017-07-20 12:52:24

How to Clean a Coffee Maker  

Coffee makers are convenient household appliances that can provide you with a fresh cup of java first thing in the morning. However, due to the high levels of moisture, they can easily harbor mold and bacteria. Drip filter coffee makers require cleaning after each use. They also need to be deep cleaned monthly to remove hard water deposits, leftover coffee oils, and other impurities. With a little elbow grease, you can keep your coffee maker nice and clean.

2017-07-20 06:18:34

How to Brush Your Teeth if You're Blind or Visually Impaired  

Brushing your teeth is a regular part of dental hygiene that all dentists recommend you should do at least twice a day. For someone who is sighted, brushing your teeth is considered an easy task and can simply be done independently. For someone who is blind or visually impaired, this type of personal hygiene brings up some challenges. This article will provide a few tips to make brushing your teeth a little easier.

2017-07-20 01:12:38

How to Wash a Baseball Cap by Hand  

Whether you wear your baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes, to bring your favorite team luck, or simply to hide a bad hair day, chances are you will need to wash it at some point. It's often best to play it safe by washing caps by hand. You wouldn't want to ruin your favorite one, right? Whether made of cotton, wool, or something else, most baseball caps can be cleaned with just a bit of detergent, some water, and a cloth. Let the cap air dry when done, and it'll be ready for another ...

2017-07-19 10:21:21

How to Use a Curling Wand  

If you're tired of the kinks and lines that using a curling iron with a clamp produce, try using a curling wand. These heat tools work to curl your hair without clipping it in place, creating smooth, full, spirals. There are several different looks you can do with a curling wand, from basic curls to tight ringlets.

2017-07-19 09:48:44

How to Cook Dandelion Greens  

Dandelion greens are a wild edible that are high in iron, calcium, protein, and vitamins A and C, plus they can add a delicious new taste to salads, soups, sandwiches, and side dishes. While many people think of dandelions as nothing more than a pesky weed, they have been used for ages to make foods, wines, and even jellies. Some people do find dandelions bitter, which is why it can help to boil them before cooking, or mask their bitterness by balancing it out with other flavors. It also helps i

2017-07-19 04:13:08

How to Clean a Glass Top Stove  

Glass top stoves are often more susceptible to scratches and pits due to their delicate surfaces, especially when cleaned using abrasive sponges and cleaning products. Consider buying a commercial cleaning products designed specifically for glass top stoves, or you can safely and efficiently clean your glass top stove using baking soda, water, and a soft microfiber towel.

2017-07-18 12:50:23

How to Cut a Watermelon  

One of the most popular summertime fruits is the watermelon. This cool, sweet, king of fruit is also very healthy. They are freshest when you buy them whole and cut them yourself. You can cut watermelon into rounds, wedges, slices, or cubes, or even scoop out the flesh with a melon baller.

2017-07-18 07:32:38

How to Improve Your Diet During Menopause  

When you reach menopause, you can expect your body to change in many ways. This can lead to symptoms such as fatigue and mood swings. Improving your diet can help manage your symptoms and cut back on your risk for age-related health issues. Go for a balanced diet made up of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. Eat foods rich in nutrients like calcium to manage symptoms of menopause. Avoid unhealthy foods, like foods high in fat and sugar, to stay healthy as you age.

2017-07-18 01:47:19

How to Angle Park  

Whereas most normal parking spots are perpendicular, angled parking spots allow drivers to glide into the spot with minimal steering. This makes them a quicker, more efficient way to park, especially in areas with a lot of traffic like parking garages and city streets. Because of how little maneuvering is involved, learning to park at an angle couldn't be easier. As you approach the spot, cut the wheel gently until you're even with the lines or cars beside you, then place your vehicle in par...

2017-07-17 10:27:51

How to Make Lip Balm  

Do you use lip balm a lot? If so, making your own is a great way to save money. Best of all, you can choose exactly what goes inside to create a special blend that's perfect for you. If you can't decide, then you can try a pre-made recipe instead. A single recipe will yield several jars of lip balm. You can store them in the fridge or give them away to friends and family members as gifts.

2017-07-17 04:21:48

How to Clean a Toaster  

The toaster can sometimes be forgotten in the kitchen clean-up, yet it certainly deserves a regular cleaning. Crumbs build up in a toaster over time, so you should periodically deep clean your toaster so it works properly. To clean a toaster, remove the crumb tray from the bottom and clean that first. Then, clean the interior and exterior. When you're done, your toaster will be fresh, clean, and ready to use.

2017-07-17 03:38:21

How to Cut a Bell Pepper  

Bell peppers are great in lots of dishes! They can be used cooked or raw; you can stuff them, dice them, stew them, or scatter rings in a salad. And they're quite good for you, too. Yet large peppers are pretty awkward and strange to cut, what with the seeds and ribs and the tough skin. While there are many ways to cut bell peppers, they mostly boil down to two: hollowed-out peppers, which can be cut into rings, or julienne strips, which can be cut crosswise into dice.

2017-07-16 11:40:48

How to Apply Stage Makeup  

If you're a performer, stage makeup is essential. The bright stage lights will wash out your skin tone and obscure your facial features, and stage makeup is applied to prevent that from happening. The way you put on makeup for the stage is a lot different than your everyday makeup, though. The results may seem pretty dramatic in the mirror, but onstage it looks flattering and makes you easily recognizable from a distance.

2017-07-16 03:11:20

How to View Source Code  

This wikiHow teaches you how to view the source code, which is the programming language behind any website, on most common browsers. Excluding a Safari trick, you cannot view a website's source code while using a mobile browser.

2017-07-16 01:33:26

How to Have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD)  

A wake initiated lucid dream, or WILD, is when you enter a lucid dream directly from the waking state, and are aware of the transition from wakefulness to dreaming. Most recorded lucid dreams are "dream initiated," stemming from an ordinary dream. Studies have shown that wake initiated lucid dreams are more likely than dream initiated lucid dreams (DILDs) to include the sensation of out of body experiences, floating, or flying. They may be more vivid than dream initiated lucid dreams. Cultivatin

2017-07-15 09:38:48

How to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment  

Potty training a puppy is a little trickier when you have an apartment, since you can't install a doggie door or easily let your furry companion outside. The key is to start early and be consistent. Place your dog on a regular feeding schedule so you can predict when she'll need to go outside, and reward her every time she demonstrates good behavior. Before you know it, your puppy will run to the door and wag her tail instead of having indoor accidents. Read on to learn more about how to potty t

2017-07-15 08:38:22

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