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Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

Space News from SpaceDaily.Com brings the space industry professional daily news from the frontier, with contract, bid, launch and on-orbit satellite news as it happens. Comprehensive daily news resource on space science and industry. Includes updated overview of news from multiple sources.

TRAPPIST-1 planets provide clues to the nature of habitable worlds  

Tempe AZ (SPX) Mar 21, 2018 TRAPPIST-1 is an ultra-cool red dwarf star that is slightly larger, but much more massive, than the planet Jupiter, located about 40 light-years from the Sun in the constellation Aquarius. Among planetary systems, TRAPPIST-1 is of particular interest because seven planets have been detected orbiting this star, a larger number of planets than have been than detected in any other exoplanetar

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2018-03-21 07:58:12

A star disturbed the comets of the solar system in prehistory  

Madrid, Spain (SPX) Mar 21, 2018 About 70,000 years ago, when the human species was already on Earth, a small reddish star approached our solar system and gravitationally disturbed comets and asteroids. Astronomers from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Cambridge have verified that the movement of some of these objects is still marked by that stellar encounter. At a time when modern humans were be

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2018-03-21 07:55:48

GovSat-1 satellite goes operational  

Luxembourg (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 GovSat-1 enters operational service today, to provide secure communications to governmental and institutional users. GovSat-1 is the first satellite of GovSat, a public private partnership between the Government of Luxembourg and the world-leading satellite operator SES. The satellite was launched into space on 31 January on board a flight-proven SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Fo

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2018-03-21 07:07:45

China to launch Long March-5B rocket next year  

Beijing (XNA) Mar 21, 2018 China will launch the Long March-5B carrier rocket around June 2019, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CAST) Monday. The new generation of carrier rocket, the Long March-5B, has entered the model testing phase in preparation for space station missions. Developed by the CAST, the rocket will have a total length of 53.7 meters, with a core-level diame

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2018-03-21 07:02:13

Beyond the WIMP: Unique crystals could expand the search for dark matter  

Berkeley CA (SPX) Mar 21, 2018 A new particle detector design proposed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) could greatly broaden the search for dark matter - which makes up 85 percent of the total mass of the universe yet we don't know what it's made of - into an unexplored realm. While several large physics experiments have been targeting theorized dark matter particl

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2018-03-21 06:16:57

Earth's atmosphere: new results from the International Space Station  

Paris (ESA) Mar 21, 2018 With ESA's help, the latest atmosphere monitor on the International Space Station is delivering results on our planet's ozone, aerosol and nitrogen trioxide levels. Installed last year on the orbital outpost, NASA's sensor tracks the Sun and Moon to probe the constituents of our atmosphere. The Station takes only 90 minutes for a complete circuit of our planet, experiencing 16 sunrises, 16

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2018-03-21 06:09:11

Chirping is welcome in birds but not in fusion devices  

Plainsboro NJ (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Birds do it and so do doughnut-shaped fusion facilities called "tokamaks." But tokamak chirping - a rapidly changing frequency wave that can be far above what the human ear can detect - is hardly welcome to researchers who seek to bring the fusion that powers the sun and stars to Earth. Such chirping signals a loss of heat that can slow fusion reactions, a loss that has long puzzled scientists.

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2018-03-21 05:53:42

Scientists invented method of catching bacteria with 'photonic hook'  

Saint Petersburg, Russia (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 An international research team discovered a new type of curved light beams, dubbed a "photonic hook". Photonic hooks are unique, as their radius of curvature is two times smaller than their wavelength. This is the smallest curvature radius of electromagnetic waves ever recorded. Photonic hook can improve the resolution of optical systems and control the movement of nanoparticles, individual cell

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2018-03-21 05:34:53

Sentinels helping to map minerals  

Paris (ESA) Mar 21, 2018 The traditional way of mapping Earth's geology and mineral resources is a costly and time-consuming undertaking. While satellites cannot entirely replace the expert in the field, they can certainly help - as a recent effort in Africa shows. Geological maps identify different types of rock, faults, groundwater and deposits. They are not only essential for building infrastructure and assessi

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2018-03-21 04:40:01

Tribal College and University Student Conference to host NASA competition  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 21, 2018 Thirty students representing six Native American colleges from around the nation have been selected to compete in a NASA Mars Rover competition at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) student meeting, March 11-14, 2018. This four-day Tribal Colleges and Universities event at Bismarck Event Center, North Dakota, will offer students the opportunity to interact with NASA en

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2018-03-21 03:49:01

Martian oceans formed earlier but weren't as deep as previously thought, study finds  

Washington (UPI) Mar 20, 2018 New research suggests oceans first formed on Mars earlier and were significantly shallower than previously predicted. The new findings also highlight the important role volcanic activity played in shaping the formation and evolution of Mars' oceans. There is plenty of evidence that water existed in abundance on early Mars, but not everyone is convinced that the Red Planet hosted oceans.

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2018-03-21 02:51:29

UK team to lead European mission to study new planets  

London, UK (SPX) Mar 21, 2018 The ARIEL (Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey) mission was selected as the next European Space Agency (ESA) science mission, putting UK leadership at the heart of research into planets that lie outside our solar system - exoplanets. Thousands of exoplanets have now been discovered with a huge diversity of masses, sizes and orbits, but very little is known about thei

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2018-03-21 01:59:40

ESA's next science mission to focus on nature of exoplanets  

Paris (ESA) Mar 21, 2018 The nature of planets orbiting stars in other systems will be the focus for ESA's fourth medium-class science mission, to be launched in mid 2028. ARIEL, the Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey mission, was selected by ESA as part of its Cosmic Vision plan. The mission addresses one of the key themes of Cosmic Vision: What are the conditions for planet formatio

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2018-03-21 01:43:27

Geoengineering polar glaciers to slow sea-level rise  

Princeton NJ (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Targeted geoengineering to preserve continental ice sheets deserves serious research and investment, argues an international team of researchers in a Comment published March 14 in the journal Nature. Without intervention, by 2100 most large coastal cities will face sea levels that are more than three feet higher than they are currently. Previous discussions of geoengineering have looked at

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2018-03-21 01:22:32

'Oumuamua likely came from a binary star system  

London, UK (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 New research finds that 'Oumuamua, the rocky object identified as the first confirmed interstellar asteroid, very likely came from a binary star system. "It's remarkable that we've now seen for the first time a physical object from outside our Solar System," says lead author Dr Alan Jackson, a postdoc at the Centre for Planetary Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough in Ontario,

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2018-03-21 01:01:49

Researchers demonstrate existence of new form of electronic matter  

Champaign IL (SPX) Mar 19, 2018 Researchers have produced a "human scale" demonstration of a new phase of matter called quadrupole topological insulators that was recently predicted using theoretical physics. These are the first experimental findings to validate this theory. The team's work with QTIs was born out of the decade-old understanding of the properties of a class of materials called topological insulators. "TIs

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2018-03-20 08:26:32

New AI mapping algorithm discovers 6,000 new craters on the Moon  

Toronto, Canada (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Wanting to make their job a little easier, researchers at the University of Toronto developed a new artificial intelligence algorithm that helped them identify 6,000 previously unseen craters on Earth's moon. Researchers first trained the neural network on 90,000 images that covered two-thirds of the moon's surface before testing its ability to detect craters on the remaining third portion

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2018-03-20 07:48:35

On The Horizon: A Space Renaissance  

Los Angeles CA (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 We are entering a Renaissance era in human spaceflight. Just as the European masters brought forth a magical period of learning, discovery, invention, fine arts and music five hundred years ago, with the advances in the science and technologies proliferating today, we expect a rejuvenation in human space activity in this dawn of the 21st century. The new US administration has moved swiftly

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2018-03-20 06:52:10

A new way to combine soft materials  

Boston MA (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Every complex human tool, from the first spear to latest smartphone, has contained multiple materials wedged, tied, screwed, glued or soldered together. But the next generation of tools, from autonomous squishy robots to flexible wearables, will be soft. Combining multiple soft materials into a complex machine requires an entirely new toolbox - after all, there's no such thing as a soft screw.

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2018-03-20 06:51:16

Soyuz rocket rolled out for launch  

Baikonur, Kazakhstan (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 A pair of U.S. astronauts and one Russian cosmonaut are just two days away from launching on a 50-hour, 34-orbit flight to the International Space Station. Flight Engineers Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel will flank Soyuz Commander Oleg Artemyev inside the Soyuz MS-08 spacecraft and blast off Wednesday at 1:44 p.m. EDT from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Soyuz rocket that will sh

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2018-03-20 06:04:16

NASA Marshall advances 3-D printed rocket engine nozzle technology  

Huntsville AL (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Rocket engine nozzles operate in extreme temperatures and pressures from the combustion process and are complex and expensive to manufacture. That is why a team of engineers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, developed and proved out a new additive manufacturing technique for nozzle fabrication that can greatly reduce costs and development time. A new process ca

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2018-03-20 05:58:08

Airbus delivers new life support system for the ISS  

Friedrichshafen, Germany (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Airbus has delivered the ACLS (Advanced Closed Loop System), an advanced life support system to purify air and produce oxygen for the International Space Station (ISS). The system also produces water, more or less as a by-product of the technology. ACLS was developed by Airbus for the European Space Agency (ESA) and is set to be used as a technology demonstrator on the ISS from summer 2018.

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2018-03-20 05:39:27

Scientists detect radio echoes of a black hole feeding on a star  

Boston MA (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 On Nov. 11, 2014, a global network of telescopes picked up signals from 300 million light years away that were created by a tidal disruption flare - an explosion of electromagnetic energy that occurs when a black hole rips apart a passing star. Since this discovery, astronomers have trained other telescopes on this very rare event to learn more about how black holes devour matter and regulate th

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2018-03-20 05:06:44

Mars' oceans formed early, possibly aided by massive volcanic eruptions  

Berkeley CA (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 A new scenario seeking to explain how Mars' putative oceans came and went over the last 4 billion years implies that the oceans formed several hundred million years earlier and were not as deep as once thought. The proposal by geophysicists at the University of California, Berkeley, links the existence of oceans early in Mars history to the rise of the solar system's largest volcanic syste

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2018-03-20 04:55:20

ESA testing detection of floating plastic litter from orbit  

Paris (ESA) Mar 20, 2018 The millions of tonnes of plastic ending up in the oceans every year are a global challenge. ESA is responding by looking at the detection of marine plastic litter from space, potentially charting its highest concentrations and understanding the gigantic scale of the problem. We dump around 10 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans annually. Though most conspicuous along coastlines, plast

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2018-03-20 04:40:55

Opportunity Mars Rover brushes a new rock target  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 20, 2018 Opportunity is continuing the exploration of "Perseverance Valley" on the west rim of Endeavour Crater. The rover is positioned about halfway down the approximately 656 feet (200 meter) valley. Opportunity is continuing the imaging survey at each rover location within the valley. In addition to both Navigation Camera (Navcam) and Panoramic Camera (Pancam) panoramas, targeted Pancam multi-s

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2018-03-20 03:13:06

A lesson from Darwin  

Santa Barbara CA (SPX) Mar 19, 2018 When British naturalist Charles Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands in 1835, he took notice of the giant kelp forests ringing the islands. He believed that if those forests were destroyed, a significant number of species would be lost. These underwater ecosystems, Darwin believed, could be even more important than forests on land. Since then, much scientific research has focused on th

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2018-03-20 03:11:50

Cosmologists create largest simulation of galaxy formation yet  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Humans have long tried to explain how stars came to light up the night sky. The wide array of theories throughout history have one common (and correct) governing principle that astrophysicists still use to this day: by understanding the stars and their origins, we learn more about where we come from. However, the vastness of our galaxy - let alone our entire universe - means experiments to

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2018-03-20 02:54:48

Ground-breaking satellite projects will transform society  

London, UK (SPX) Mar 18, 2018 The electric vehicle charging point project, led by Energeo Ltd working with Bournemouth Borough Council, will combine satellite imagery, Open Data, and Machine Learning to deliver an interactive map based user interface. This will help the council identify charge point requirements via visualisation of different features and influences on EV roll out, such as existing charge points, residential

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2018-03-20 02:29:49

Predicting the Lifespan of Materials in Space  

Cleveland OH (SPX) Mar 20, 2018 Almost every product we use has a shelf life. From milk and meat to laundry detergent and batteries, it's important to know when it's safe to use a product, and when it's time to replace it. But what about materials used for spacecraft? It is vital for scientists to know exactly how long a material will last in outer space; which is why Kim de Groh, a senior materials research engineer at

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2018-03-20 01:41:08

Air Force awards launch contracts to SpaceX and ULA  

Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Mar 18, 2018 The US Air Force awarded two Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) launch service contracts. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) has been awarded a $290,594,130 firm-fixed-price contract, for launch services to deliver three GPS III missions (1 base and 2 options) to the intended orbit. United Launch Alliance (ULA) has been awarded a $351,839,510 firm-fixed-price contrac

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2018-03-19 07:49:21

Air Force Chief of Staff: US 'On Track' to Replace Russian RD-180 Rocket Engine  

Washington DC (Sputnik) Mar 16, 2018 The US effort to transition from Russia's RD-180 rocket engine to two domestic suppliers is progressing as planned, Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein said in congressional testimony on Wednesday. "Right now we are on track... to complete the transition period [and] come out the back end with two domestic service providers," Goldfein said when asked for an update on transition

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2018-03-19 07:34:06

China launches land exploration satellite  

Jiuquan, China (XNA) Mar 18, 2018 China launched a land exploration satellite into a preset orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi desert of the country's northwest at 3:10 p.m. Saturday. The satellite is the fourth of its kind and mainly used for exploration of land resources by remote sensing. A Long March-2D rocket carried the satellite into space. The launch was the 268th mission of the

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2018-03-19 07:27:22

Laser-heated nanowires produce micro-scale nuclear fusion  

Fort Collins CO (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 Nuclear fusion, the process that powers our sun, happens when nuclear reactions between light elements produce heavier ones. It's also happening - at a smaller scale - in a Colorado State University laboratory. Using a compact but powerful laser to heat arrays of ordered nanowires, CSU scientists and collaborators have demonstrated micro-scale nuclear fusion in the lab. They have achieved

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2018-03-19 07:18:43

NASA plans giant spacecraft to defend Earth by nuking deadly asteroids  

Livermore CA (SPX) Mar 18, 2018 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists are part of a national planetary defense team that designed a conceptual spacecraft to deflect Earth-bound asteroids and evaluated whether it would be able to nudge a massive asteroid - which has a remote chance to hitting Earth in 2135 - off course. The design and case study are outlined in a paper published recently in Acta Astronautica

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2018-03-19 06:59:47

Lockheed Martin unveils unified platform Henosis prototype for US Cyber Mission Force  

Crystal city, VA (SPX) Mar 19, 2018 The Cyber Solutions division of Lockheed Martin has announced plans to compete for the U.S. Air Force's Unified Platform contract by unveiling details about the Henosis prototype, a joint integrated mission system, at the company's annual Media Day. Like the cyber equivalent to an aircraft carrier, the Henosis prototype could incorporate and integrate cyber effects into multi-domain air, l

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2018-03-19 06:37:48

Aerojet Rocketdyne Ships Starliner Re-entry Thrusters  

Redmond WA (SPX) Mar 18, 2018 Aerojet Rocketdyne recently completed delivery of all of the crew module engines for Boeing's Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner spacecraft. Boeing will integrate the engines into the Starliner crew module at its Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Starliner crew module is designed to transport up to seven passengers or a

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2018-03-19 06:27:01

Chain reaction of fast-draining lakes poses new risk for Greenland ice sheet  

Cambridge UK (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 A growing network of lakes on the Greenland ice sheet has been found to drain in a chain reaction that speeds up the flow of the ice sheet, threatening its stability. Researchers from the UK, Norway, US and Sweden have used a combination of 3D computer modelling and real-world observations to show the previously unknown, yet profound dynamic consequences tied to a growing number of lakes forming

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2018-03-19 05:59:57

NASA science heading to space ranges from the upper atmosphere to microbes  

Houston TX (SPX) Mar 18, 2018 A Dragon spacecraft scheduled to launch into orbit no earlier than April 2, carries the 14th SpaceX commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station for NASA. Lifted into orbit atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, Dragon takes supplies, equipment and scientific research to crew members living and working aboard the station. This flight deli

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2018-03-19 05:28:14

Scientist eyes Chinese satellites to help world tackle air pollution  

Beijing (XNA) Mar 18, 2018 Five years ago, Zhang Xingying first used Chinese polar-orbiting satellites to detect and measure smog, looking for ways to tackle air pollution. Now as China makes progress in clearing its skies, the meteorologist hopes the technology can also be shared to brighten the future for all, both at home and overseas. "Smog may be on the retreat at the moment but remains a problem that can

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2018-03-19 04:18:02

New laws unlock exciting space era for UK  

London, UK (SPX) Mar 18, 2018 New laws are set to get Royal Assent today (15 March 2018) which will unlock an exciting era of British space innovation, exploration and investment. The Space Industry Bill will enable the first commercial space launch from UK soil in history, creating the potential for hundreds of highly-skilled jobs and bringing in billions of pounds for the economy. The passing of the Bill, the m

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2018-03-19 03:51:12

ORNL researchers design novel method for energy-efficient deep neural networks  

Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 An Oak Ridge National Laboratory method to improve the energy efficiency of scientific artificial intelligence is showing early promise in efforts to parse insights from volumes of cancer data. Researchers are realizing the potential of deep learning to rapidly advance science, but "training" the underlying neural networks with large volumes of data to tackle the task at hand can require l

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2018-03-19 03:23:46

Orbital Sciences wins Navy contract for test missiles  

Washington (UPI) Mar 15, 2018 Orbital Sciences Corp., has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy for GQM-163A Coyote Supersonic Sea Skimming Target base vehicles and spares. The deal, announced Wednesday by the Department of Defense, is valued at more than $67.5 million under the terms of a firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-fixed-fee, cost contract. The agreement enables Orbital Sciences Corp., to provide the Nav

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2018-03-19 02:30:58

SpaceX launches innovative secondary payload dispenser along side Hispasat  

Washington DC (Sputnik) Mar 16, 2018 The secondary cargo from the recent Falcon 9 remained undisclosed until US military published orbital data from the launch, where the second object suddenly appeared. A company, related to the launch, claims the cargo is for a R and D mission. The celebratory 50th launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket was supposed to be a regular satellite delivery for Hispasat, a Spanish-language communications operator.

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2018-03-19 02:22:01

China plans to develop a multipurpose, reusable space plane  

Beijing (XNA) Mar 18, 2018 China is developing its homegrown reusable space plane, which observers said could be used to attack foreign aircraft, space stations and even intercept missiles if used for military purposes. The reusable spacecraft can transport people or payloads in orbit from any airport and return to earth, CCTV reported. Unlike rockets which have to be recycled, the space plane will revolutioni

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2018-03-19 02:10:05

Radio telescope array to build surrounding   

Guiyang, China (XNA) Mar 13, 2018 Chinese scientists are considering setting up smaller radio telescopes surrounding FAST to increase array resolution, authorities said. According to the FAST observation station with the National Astronomical Observatories, two to 10 radio telescopes measuring 30 meters in diameter may be set up around FAST, the world's largest single-dish radio telescope. The resolution of the array

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2018-03-16 07:34:54

'Red and dead' NGC 1277 offers insights on the early universe  

Washington (UPI) Mar 13, 2018 New analysis of a "relic galaxy" promises insights into the nature of the early universe. Formed some 12 billion years ago, the NGC 1277 galaxy birthed all of its stars within a span of 100 million years - a star formation rate 1,000 times greater than that of the Milky Way. But nearly as quickly as the galaxy sprang to life, it died out. For the last 10 billion years, NGC 1277

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2018-03-16 06:58:28

NASA, ATLAS to Mature Portable Space Communications Technology  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 15, 2018 Portable ground antenna stations could transform NASA's space communications capabilities. With access to undeveloped regions, the mobile systems could bolster the return of spacecraft science, instrument health and other data to Earth. NASA and ATLAS Space Operations, based in Traverse City, Michigan, are collaborating to test and develop this technology. The company's compact, internet-m

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2018-03-16 06:28:49

The view from inside supersonic combustion  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 In a jet engine, the flow of air is slowed down to increase the temperature and pressure for combustion - burning fuel with the right ratio of fuel and air to conquer drag allows for acceleration. But in supersonic engines achieving the right flow speed, producing the right ratio of evaporated fuel and causing ignition at the right time is more complex. With evaporating liquid in a combust

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2018-03-16 05:37:04

ILS secures additional launch orders for Proton medium vehicle  

Reston VA (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 ILS, a leading provider of commercial launch services, announced multiple launch assignments for Proton Medium launches that will include the use of both the 4.35 meter and the new 5.2 meter payload fairing. The missions will take place beginning in late 2019 from Pad 24 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Proton Medium launch vehicle is an optimized 2-stage version of the herita

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2018-03-16 05:03:08

CosmoQuest releases Mappers 2.0 for crater mapping  

San Francisco CA (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 The CosmoQuest Citizen Science facility released a major update to its Mappers software. This software previously demonstrated that everyday people can map craters as effectively as a group of professionals. With version 2.0, CosmoQuest invites the public to use their skills to answer new science questions related to Mars and Mercury. The public can use their eyes, minds, and time to help determ

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2018-03-16 04:47:36

India working on 16 ton payload capacity to GEO Transfer Orbit  

New Delhi (Sputnik) Mar 16, 2018 he Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is working on a next-generation launch vehicle that would have the capacity of carrying payloads four times higher than the capacity of its operational launch vehicles. The Indian government confirmed the development on Wednesday. "India has a Launch Vehicle system with a capability to put 4 - ton class of satellites to GTO, whereby meeting all

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2018-03-16 04:04:50

Isotropic Systems to offer OneWeb compatible ultra low-cost terminals  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Isotropic Systems, the next-generation satellite terminal provider, reports it will develop a OneWeb compatible Ultra Low-Cost Consumer Broadband terminal. OneWeb's constellation will have the highest throughput of any planned constellation and will support the most customers on its mission to bridge the digital divide. This is a natural fit for Isotropic Systems' technology which can achi

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2018-03-16 03:52:09

UNH researchers find space radiation is increasingly more hazardous  

Durham NH (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 It might sound like something from a science fiction plot - astronauts traveling into deep space being bombarded by cosmic rays - but radiation exposure is science fact. As future missions look to travel back to the moon or even to Mars, new research from the University of New Hampshire's Space Science Center cautions that the exposure to radiation is much higher than previously thought and coul

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2018-03-16 03:41:14

Robotic spiders and bees: The rise of bioinspired microrobots  

Manchester UK (SPX) Mar 06, 2018 Jumping robot spiders and swarms of robotic bees sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but researchers at The University of Manchester are already working on such projects and aiming to lead the world in micro robotics. But what will these kinds of robots be used for and is it something we should be worried? Dr Mostafa Nabawy is the Microsystems Research Theme Leader at The University

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2018-03-16 02:44:01

NASA Glenn tests aircraft engines in an ice crystal environment  

Cleveland OH (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 Sometimes ice can be good, like when it is cooling down a beverage on a hot day or when athletes are gliding over it at the Winter Olympics, but when it forms inside an aircraft engine, the results can be damaging. In January, NASA's Glenn Research Center began testing an aircraft engine in a high-altitude ice crystal environment, to explore a relatively new phenomenon called ice crystal i

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2018-03-16 02:24:26

A Frommer's guide to the future of interplanetary travel  

Tempe AZ (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 It's 2218, and you've got some vacation time coming up. A hundred years ago this meant choices like the Bahamas, wine tasting in Napa or a drive through Italy. Back then people only had one planet to choose from. Now, you're mulling over skiing northern Mars, rafting on Saturn's largest moon, or booking a stay in a luxury hotel and spa floating above Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Helping

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2018-03-16 01:36:58

NASA powers on new instrument staring at the Sun  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 16, 2018 NASA has powered on its latest space payload to continue long-term measurements of the Sun's incoming energy. Total and Spectral solar Irradiance Sensor (TSIS-1), installed on the International Space Station, became fully operational with all instruments collecting science data as of this March. "TSIS-1 extends a long data record that helps us understand the Sun's influence on Earth's radi

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2018-03-16 01:35:48

Russian scientists use lasers to destroy mini asteroids  

Washington (UPI) Mar 14, 2018 To simulate a nuclear explosion on an asteroid careening towards Earth, a team of scientists in Russia built miniature asteroid models and blasted them with lasers. The results of their experiments - published in the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics - could help scientists better understand the type of explosive force needed to knock an Earth-bound asteroid off its coll

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2018-03-16 01:10:47

New 3-D measurements improve understanding of geomagnetic storm hazards  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Measurements of the three-dimensional structure of the earth, as opposed to the one-dimensional models typically used, can help scientists more accurately determine which areas of the United States are most vulnerable to blackouts during hazardous geomagnetic storms. Space weather events such as geomagnetic storms can disturb the earth's magnetic field, interfering with electric power grid

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2018-03-16 01:02:51

Mystery of purple lights in sky solved with help from citizen scientists  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 15, 2018 Notanee Bourassa knew that what he was seeing in the night sky was not normal. Bourassa, an IT technician in Regina, Canada, trekked outside of his home on July 25, 2016, around midnight with his two younger children to show them a beautiful moving light display in the sky - an aurora borealis. He often sky gazes until the early hours of the morning to photograph the aurora with his Nikon camera

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2018-03-15 07:40:23

Changed Man With 'Space Genes': Alterations in US Astronaut's Body Startled NASA  

Washington (Sputnik) Mar 15, 2018 After a year in space International Space Station (ISS) astronaut Scott Kelly returned home slimmer, taller and with younger cells. However, some changes were not for the better. NASA researchers have revealed prelimenary results of the Twins Study project, which took a closer look at individual health and alterations, caused by space travel. The scientists studied the only identical

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2018-03-15 07:32:53

Intelsat EpicNG helping redefine capabilities of airborne applications  

McLean VA (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Our first Intelsat EpicNG satellite has been in space a little over two years now, and we have launched four more since then. With five of these high-throughput satellites (HTS) in orbit and being used by our customers, we have gained quite a bit of both test data and real-world experience demonstrating the capabilities and versatility of the EpicNG technology. We recently published a whit

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2018-03-15 07:02:25

Yale's Expres Instrument ready to find the next Earth Analog  

New Haven, CT (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 A new, ground-based spectrometer designed and built at Yale represents the most powerful step yet in the effort to identify Earth-sized planets in neighboring solar systems. The new instrument, the Extreme Precision Spectrometer (EXPRES), is now operational and collecting data at the Lowell Observatory Discovery Channel Telescope in Arizona. EXPRES will improve measurement precision by a f

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2018-03-15 06:23:28

Quika Partners with Isotropic Systems to develop easy self-install VSAT broadband terminal  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 15, 2018 Isotropic Systems, the next-generation satellite terminal provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Quika Ltd. to develop self-installing, all electronic scanning terminals for the world's first entirely free high-speed satellite Internet for consumers. Quika, a high-throughput Ka-band satellite network operator, and Isotropic Systems will jointly develop an 'out of the box' consum

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2018-03-15 05:52:38

Astronomers discover galaxies spin like clockwork  

Perth, Australia (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Astronomers have discovered that all galaxies rotate once every billion years, no matter how big they are. The Earth spinning around on its axis once gives us the length of a day, and a complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun gives us a year. "It's not Swiss watch precision," said Professor Gerhardt Meurer from the UWA node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

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2018-03-15 04:40:52

Indra Expands With Four New Stations The Ground Segment Managing Galileo Satellites  

Madrid, Spain (SPX) Mar 15, 2018 Indra has been awarded a contract for implementing four new Uplink Stations (ULS), thus expanding the ground segment of the European global positioning system, Galileo. Awarded by the company Thales Alenia Space (France), this contract also includes maintenance and upgrades for all Uplink stations. The new stations will join the ten uplink stations that Indra has already put into service a

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2018-03-15 04:38:40

Studies prove superior performance of HTS for government customers  

McLean VA (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 High-throughput satellite (HTS) constellations have quickly become transformative technology for satellite communications, far surpassing the bandwidth speed and throughput possible with existing satellite communications. Earlier this month SatCom Frontier published a story explaining the difference between open vs. closed HTS architecture. Open architecture systems give government end use

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2018-03-15 04:11:37

BridgeSat and NASA Sign Space Act Agreement for Laser Communications  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 BridgeSat has announced an industry-first agreement with NASA designed to develop a commercialized laser-based free space optical communication system that could support the agency's future missions as they transition to optical communications. The reimbursable agreement is the latest milestone in BridgeSat's mission to revolutionize global communications with a free-space optical network

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2018-03-15 03:59:02

It's Business Time at Rocket Lab  

Huntington Beach CA (SPX) Mar 15, 2018 US orbital launch provider Rocket Lab has confirmed its next launch will be the company's first fully commercial flight. Two Lemur-2 cubesats for launch customer Spire Global will be on board the upcoming launch, with the full manifest to be confirmed in coming weeks. The flight's name was put to a vote on social media, with "It's Business Time" coming out as a clear fan favourite and a co

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2018-03-15 03:33:46

Trump pushes for new 'space force'  

Washington (AFP) March 13, 2018 President Donald Trump said Tuesday he wants the US military to create a new "space force," adding to the Pentagon's current ground, navy and air forces. Trump told troops at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station near San Diego that the new group would be able to encapsulate the "tremendous amount" of work the military and government are doing in space-related defense. "My new national st

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2018-03-15 03:25:49

Big steps toward control of production of tiny building blocks  

Plainsboro NJ (SPX) Mar 13, 2018 Nanoparticles, superstrong and flexible structures such as carbon nanotubes that are measured in billionths of a meter - a diameter thousands of times thinner than a human hair - are used in everything from microchips to sporting goods to pharmaceutical products. But large-scale production of high-quality particles faces challenges ranging from improving the selectivity of the synthesis th

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2018-03-15 03:24:56

Helium ions open whole new world of materials  

Brisbane, Australia (SPX) Mar 06, 2018 They have illustrated their findings with the creation of nano 'sieves' that can help separate molecules down to an unprecedented size 10,000 times finer than a human hair. The research, Superplastic nanoscale pore shaping by ion irradiation, was published in Nature Communications and authored by Dr Morteza Aramesh, Dr Mayamei Yashar, Dr Annalena Wolff, and Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov.

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2018-03-15 02:43:06

NASA Dawn Reveals Recent Changes in Ceres' Surface  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 15, 2018 Observations of Ceres have detected recent variations in its surface, revealing that the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system is a dynamic body that continues to evolve and change. NASA's Dawn mission has found recently exposed deposits that give us new information on the materials in the crust and how they are changing, according to two papers published March 14 in Science Advances

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2018-03-15 02:33:13

NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Nearing the End as Fuel Runs Low  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 15, 2018 Trailing Earth's orbit at 94 million miles away, the Kepler space telescope has survived many potential knock-outs during its nine years in flight, from mechanical failures to being blasted by cosmic rays. At this rate, the hardy spacecraft may reach its finish line in a manner we will consider a wonderful success. With nary a gas station to be found in deep space, the spacecraft is going to run

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2018-03-15 02:31:02

Tokyo Tech's six-legged robots get closer to nature  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 13, 2018 A study led by researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) has uncovered new ways of driving multi-legged robots by means of a two-level controller. The proposed controller uses a network of so-called non-linear oscillators that enables the generation of diverse gaits and postures, which are specified by only a few high-level parameters. The study inspires new research into how mul

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2018-03-14 07:33:55

Next NASA Mars Rover Reaches Key Manufacturing Milestone  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 14, 2018 NASA's Mars 2020 mission has begun the assembly, test and launch operations (ATLO) phase of its development, on track for a July 2020 launch to Mars. The first planned ATLO activities will involve electrical integration of flight hardware into the mission's descent stage. The Mars 2020 rover, as well as its cruise stage, aeroshell and descent stage - a rocket-powered "sky crane" that will

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2018-03-14 07:23:11

JV will deliver Germany's NextGen ground based air defense system TLVS  

Schrobenhausen, Germany (SPX) Mar 12, 2018 MBDA Deutschland and Lockheed Martin have announced a new joint venture to pursue the next generation Integrated Air and Missile Defense System, "TLVS," for the German Bundeswehr. The joint venture is expected to become the prime contractor for the new system, which is currently being negotiated with Germany's procurement office for the Bundeswehr, BAAINBw. Gregory Kee of Lockheed Martin a

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2018-03-14 07:08:54

New Horizons Chooses Nickname for 'Ultimate' Flyby Target  

Washington DC (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 As NASA's New Horizons mission continues exploring the unknown, the mission team has selected a highly appropriate nickname for its next flyby target in the outer reaches of the solar system. With substantial public input, the team has chosen "Ultima Thule" (pronounced ultima thoo-lee") for the Kuiper Belt object the New Horizons spacecraft will explore on Jan. 1, 2019. Officially known as

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2018-03-14 06:29:05

UH optometrist investigates changes in eye structure in astronauts  

Houston TX (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Astronauts who spend time aboard the International Space Station return to Earth with changes to the structure of their eyes which could impact their vision. NASA has studied the phenomenon, known as space flight-associated neuro-ocular syndrome (SANS), for several years, and now a University of Houston optometrist has quantified some of the changes using optical coherence tomography imaging, re

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2018-03-14 06:27:04

Stephen Hawking: a brief history of genius  

London (AFP) March 14, 2018 Stephen Hawking, who has died aged 76, was Britain's most famous modern day scientist, a genius who dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of the Universe. Born on January 8, 1942 - 300 years to the day after the death of the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei - he believed science was his destiny. But fate also dealt Hawking a cruel hand. Most of his life was spent in

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2018-03-14 06:11:28

Asteroids and comets shower Mars with organics  

Amsterdam, Netherlands (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Asteroids and comets appear to be a much more important suppliers of organic molecules on Mars than expected. Until now, astronomers assumed that the organics on Mars mainly came from dust particles from space. Now, computer simulations by an international team of researchers led by Dutch astronomers indicate that one-third of the material comes from asteroids and comets. The findings have been

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2018-03-14 05:56:38

Russian physicists make toy asteroids and blast them with a laser  

Moscow, Russia (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 A large team of Russian researchers from Rosatom, joined by three MIPT physicists, has modeled the impact of a nuclear explosion on an Earth-threatening asteroid. They manufactured miniature asteroids and blasted them with a laser. The modeling technique developed in this study is a way of experimentally evaluating asteroid destruction criteria such as the explosion energy needed to elimin

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2018-03-14 05:44:53

Heat shock system helps bug come back to life after drying up  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 12, 2018 The larva of the sleeping chironomid, Polypedilum vanderplanki - a mosquito-like insect that inhabits semi-arid areas of Africa - is well known for being able to come back to life after being nearly completely desiccated, losing up to 97 percent of its body's water content. However, the genetic mechanisms the insects use to achieve this feat, and, especially is the identity of the master gene th

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2018-03-14 05:24:57

Experiment sheds new light on prehistoric ocean conditions  

Ames IA (SPX) Mar 12, 2018 A new experiment by Iowa State University's Elizabeth Swanner that evaluates the reduction of iron in prehistoric oceans may reinterpret the conditions under which iron-rich sedimentary rock is formed. Swanner, an assistant professor of geological and atmospheric sciences, was part of an international research team including researchers from the University of Tuebingen in Germany and the C

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2018-03-14 05:11:03

'Luna City 2175' will take audience to a future community grappling with how to be civilized  

Tempe AZ (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 A good book can transport the reader into a faraway universe filled with rich detail. The ASU Emerge event will do the same thing this weekend, but the audience actually will be able to touch, see and interact with the newly created world. "Luna City: 2175," the title of the seventh annual ASU Emerge, will be a combined art, theater and museum experience that's based on real research about

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2018-03-14 03:45:46

Artificial intelligence techniques reconstruct mysteries of quantum systems  

New York NY (SPX) Mar 06, 2018 The same techniques used to train self-driving cars and chess-playing computers are now helping physicists explore the complexities of the quantum world. For the first time, physicists have demonstrated that machine learning can reconstruct a quantum system based on relatively few experimental measurements. This method will allow scientists to thoroughly probe systems of particles exponent

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2018-03-14 02:50:29

Jupiter's Great Red Spot getting taller as it shrinks  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Though once big enough to swallow three Earths with room to spare, Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been shrinking for a century and a half. Nobody is sure how long the storm will continue to contract or whether it will disappear altogether. A new study suggests that it hasn't all been downhill, though. The storm seems to have increased in area at least once along the way, and it's growing tal

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2018-03-14 02:22:14

Technique to see objects hidden around corners  

Stanford CA (SPX) Mar 06, 2018 A driverless car is making its way through a winding neighborhood street, about to make a sharp turn onto a road where a child's ball has just rolled. Although no person in the car can see that ball, the car stops to avoid it. This is because the car is outfitted with extremely sensitive laser technology that reflects off nearby objects to see around corners. This scenario is one of many t

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2018-03-14 02:06:59

Double or Nothing: Astronomers Rethink Quasar Environment  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 14, 2018 Using Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) mounted on the Subaru Telescope, astronomers have identified nearly 200 "protoclusters," the progenitors of galaxy clusters, in the early universe, about 12 billion years ago, about ten times more than previously known. They also found that quasars don't tend to reside in protoclusters; but if there is one quasar in a protocluster, there is likely a second nearby. T

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2018-03-14 01:26:07

Opportunity is Halfway Down the Valley  

Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 13, 2018 Opportunity is continuing the exploration of "Perseverance Valley" on the west rim of Endeavour Crater. The rover is positioned about halfway down the approximately 656 feet (200 meter) valley. Opportunity is continuing the imaging survey at each rover location within the valley. In addition to both Navigation Camera (Navcam) and Panoramic Camera (Pancam) panoramas, targeted Pancam multi-s

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2018-03-13 07:55:52

JHU performs first laboratory simulation of exoplanet atmospheric chemistry  

Baltimore MD (SPX) Mar 12, 2018 Scientists have conducted the first lab experiments on haze formation in simulated exoplanet atmospheres, an important step for understanding upcoming observations of planets outside the solar system with the James Webb Space Telescope. The simulations are necessary to establish models of the atmospheres of far-distant worlds, models that can be used to look for signs of life outside the solar s

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2018-03-13 07:25:05

Elon Musk plans to launch spacecraft for Mars in 2019  

Washington (UPI) Mar 11, 2018 Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk said Sunday that he is on track to launch a spacecraft for Mars by next year. "We are building the first ship, or interplanetary ship, right now," Musk said during a question and answer session at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. "And we'll probably be able to do short flights, short up and down flights, probably some time in the first half of next

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2018-03-13 07:19:34

Ukraine eyes new Spaceport downunder  

Moscow (Sputnik) Mar 13, 2018 The Ukrainian Space Agency has reportedly come up with an ambitious proposal to establish a spaceport some 11,500 km from home. According to The West Australian newspaper, Kiev has been lobbying both Canberra and the northwestern Australian state government of Kimberley for two years now, with its proposals falling on deaf ears. Ukraine's ambassador to Australia, Nikolai Kulinich, as

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2018-03-13 06:59:43

Three NASA satellites recreate solar eruption in 3-D  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 12, 2018 The more solar observatories, the merrier: Scientists have developed new models to see how shocks associated with coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, propagate from the Sun - an effort made possible only by combining data from three NASA satellites to produce a much more robust mapping of a CME than any one could do alone. Much the way ships form bow waves as they move through water, CMEs set

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2018-03-13 06:14:46

Mysterious Signals Comes from Very Old Stars at Centre of Our Galaxy  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) Mar 13, 2018 A team of astronomers involving The Australian National University (ANU) has discovered that a mysterious gamma-ray signal from the centre of the Milky Way comes from 10 billion-year-old stars, rather than dark matter as previously thought. Co-researcher Dr. Roland Crocker from ANU said the team had a working hypothesis that the signal was being emitted from thousands of rapidly spinning n

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2018-03-13 05:49:15

Unveiling the depths of Jupiter's winds  

Rehovot, Israel (SPX) Mar 12, 2018 Three papers published tomorrow in Nature answer a question that scientists have been asking ever since Galileo first observed the famous stripes of Jupiter: Are the colorful bands just a pretty surface phenomenon, or are they a significant stratum of the planet? The Weizmann Institute's Prof. Yohai Kaspi led this research in which measurements from NASA's Juno spacecraft were analyzed to

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2018-03-13 05:35:15

NASA Awards $96 Million to U.S. Small Businesses for Tech Research, Development  

Moffett Field CA (SPX) Mar 12, 2018 NASA has selected 128 proposals from American small businesses to advance research and technology in Phase II of its 2017 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. These selections support NASA's future space exploration missions, while also benefiting the U.S. economy. "We look forward to working with these promising small businesses to further advance NASA's missions," said Jim

what do you think?

2018-03-13 05:02:13

15 new planets confirmed around cool dwarf stars  

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 13, 2018 Scientists report the existence of 15 new planets - including one 'super-Earth' that could harbor liquid water - orbiting small, cool stars near our solar system. These stars, known as red dwarfs[1], are of enormous interest for studies of planetary formation and evolution. A research team led by Teruyuki Hirano of Tokyo Institute of Technology's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

what do you think?

2018-03-13 04:26:51

The occurrence of magnetism in the universe  

Dresden, Germany (SPX) Mar 13, 2018 Flows of molten metal can generate magnetic fields. This so-called dynamo effect creates cosmic magnetic fields, like those found on planets, moons and even asteroids. Over the coming years, a globally unique experiment, in which a steel drum containing several tons of liquid sodium rotates around two axes, is intended to demonstrate this effect. It will be carried out in the new DRESDYN f

what do you think?

2018-03-13 04:05:45

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