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Indian Cheese - Paneer & Channa  

Make your own paneer or channa for all sorts of Indian recipes. All you need is milk, buttermilk and a bit of patience. Really cool technique to learn, and you'll have an unbeatable fresh Indian ingredient when you're done.

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2018-03-20 05:02:37

The Easiest Strawberry Tart You'll Ever Make  

My favorite desserts to make for big family meals or dinner parties can come together in a matter of minutes, or even as an afterthought. They don't require ingredients that are hard to find and they are visually impressive. Such is the case with this simple strawberry tart. I got my hands on some bright red strawberries recently and immediately craved them on top of a buttery crust with a healthy dollop of freshly whipped cream. All you need are strawberries, a sheet of frozen puff pas

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2018-03-19 21:46:02

Screw Spoons - I Need a Damn SHOVEL to Devour This New Oreo Cool Whip  

A post shared by (@thejunkfoodaisle) on Mar 10, 2018 at 8:02am PST Ladies and gentlemen, I have three words that just might make your sweet tooth do a happy dance: Oreo Cool Whip. Yup, it exists now, and it looks fan-freakin'-tastic, y'all. I mean, did you expect anything less from two dessert powerhouses like Cool Whip and Oreo? This heavenly, sugary concoction, properly known as Cool Whip Mix-Ins, incorporates pieces of your favorite cream-filled cookie (Or

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2018-03-19 19:15:40

This Is the Most Popular Pork Chop Recipe on Pinterest β€” Popular on Pinterest  

Kitchn readers love pork chops a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Since we published our tutorial on how to make tender, juicy pork chops a handful of years ago, it's been one of our most popular recipes. There are currently 150 comments on the recipe itself, many which talk about the ease of the technique. "Just created an account here to tell you this is my go to porkchop recipe," said Crystal Z. The tutorial itself is pretty basic. It creates great results, but there's no crispy-crun

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2018-03-19 18:28:49

The Future Looks Sweet, but How Does the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino Actually Taste?  

We've seen the future, people, and it's super bright and filled with sugar! News broke earlier on Monday that Starbucks will be releasing a colorful new Crystal Ball Frappuccino on March 22 for just a few days. While we know the photos of the sugary drink are undeniably appealing, just how tasty is it? Thanks to a few lucky baristas and Frappuccino-loving guinea pigs, the reviews are in, and well, the beloved Instagram-famous Unicorn Frappuccino may have actually found its match. With

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2018-03-19 17:38:53

Recipe: Chili and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

Grab that last bit of leftover chili or a can from the pantry, and the nub of cheddar hanging out in the fridge, because they are the duo that's going to make tonight's mild-mannered chicken breast something to talk about. Chili and cheese stuffed chicken breast may never win any beauty awards, but that's just fine because β€” as this quick dinner proves β€” it's what's on the inside that counts. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 16:07:24

Starbucks Fans Have Some, Um . . . FEELINGS About the Crystal Ball Frappuccino  

Gather round, children, for a tale about the days of old. And by "old," I mean wayyyyy back in 2017 when Starbucks introduced a little thing called the Unicorn Frappuccino. The blue and pink drink quickly took over the cultural conversation, compelling people to visit the coffee chain in droves for a taste of its fantasy-creature-inspired flavor - which was, weirdly, quite sour - and of course, trendy Instagram photos. And now, Starbucks is introducing a new drink with similar potential to capti

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2018-03-19 15:37:11

Modernist Cuisine's Next Enormous Tome Will Tackle Pizza  

Modernist Cuisine" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> Scientist Nathan Myhrvold and crew will explore Neapolitan, Detroit-style, and more The next book to come out of the laboratory kitchen of Modernist Cuisine will be Modernist Pizza. The ink on Modernist Bread, the 52

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2018-03-19 15:11:22

The Crumb-Resistant Keyboard May Be Apple's Ultimate Technological Achievement β€” Pop Culture  

I wish I could tell you that my keyboard is as fresh and clean as the day I bought it, but unfortunately I cannot. Like many people, I take my computer from home to office to Starbucks and back multiple times a day, and all those croissants generate a lot of crumbs. Keyboards are worse than couch cushions for attracting dirt, crumbs, hairs, and other debris. Someday the archaeologists of the future are going to analyze the junk under our keyboards for clues to the dietary habits

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2018-03-19 15:03:07

I Made Kombucha in a Super-Fancy French Fermenting Jar and Here's What I Thought β€” Shopping  

I absolutely love kombucha. What I absolutely don't love is paying $5 a bottle for it β€” especially now that I've gotten my husband and my youngest daughter hooked on it too. With them guzzling down my precious stash, kombucha has morphed from a virtuous, gut-friendly mode of hydration to a flat-out budget buster. Instead of giving up the tart, refreshing, fermented tea drink, I decided to try making it myself. I've wanted to do this for ages, but could never drum up the courage. I k...

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2018-03-19 14:01:09

D.C. Chef Mike Isabella Sued for Sexual Harassment   

Bravo/Getty Images" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> A former manager is accusing Isabella and his partners of creating a hostile environment for women Top Chef star and Washington D.C.-based chef Mike Isabella is being sued for sexual harassment, Danielle Pa

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2018-03-19 13:38:32

The Best Chicken Recipe for Your Zodiac Sign β€” Cooking with the Stars  

Chicken recipes are a dime a dozen on the internet. How are you supposed to weed through them all to find the one that truly speaks to you? The one where when you take a bite for the first time you'll know, deep down, you have found your chicken recipe soul twin? It turns out the answer was inside of you the whole time. Here's your ideal chicken recipe based on your zodiac sign. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 13:37:09

10 Toddler Foods My 5-Year-Old Is Still Happy to Eat β€” Shopping  

When your kids are toddlers, they're volatile little beings that can get hangry in a heartbeat. Heaven forbid you don't have a package of something bunny-shaped in your purse when an errand runs longer than expected β€” you could end up with a raging toddler or unexpectedly having to shell out for ice cream. So you learn to carry snacks. Some snacks are so good, though, that kids never stop wanting to eat them β€” even once they're well past toddlerhood. My girls are now 3 and 5...

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2018-03-19 13:24:09

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Peanut Butter Is Now a Thing - Plus 2 Other Cereal Flavors!  

When it comes to a quick breakfast, I have two standards: peanut butter on toast or cereal with milk. But now, thanks to some absolutely glorious news, that's all about to change! On this, the most glorious day of my breakfast-loving life, I discovered that there is peanut butter out there that's inspired by all of my favorite cereals, from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Fruity Pebbles. According to Instagram snack blogger Junk Banter, The Peanut Principle's three cereal-infused flavors

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2018-03-19 13:13:22

10 Ingenious Ways to Use Leftover Chili β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

Perhaps for some of you, leftover chili is a totally foreign idea that simply does not exist in your world. That is not me, and I'm sure I'm not alone. While I love a hearty bowl of chili, I'm always inclined to repurpose the leftovers in fun, fresh ways that don't feel like I'm eating the same thing again and again. No matter what kind of chili you've got, and whether it's a little or a lot, these 10 recipes will help you use up all the leftovers. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 12:58:13

David Chang's Majordomo Is 2018's Most Exciting Restaurant (So Far)  

Momofuku's first LA outpost is the most exhilarating restaurant opening of 2018 (so far) David Chang speeds through Majordomo, his first Los Angeles restaurant, in a super-heroic blur. From the perch of my hard-won bar seat, I sip a soju cocktail and watch Chang manifest everywhere at once. He's a blip with a furrowed brow among the kitchen's stainless steel, gray tiles, and legion of cooks; he's by the kitchen window, conferring with an anxious-looking server about a d...

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2018-03-19 12:47:56

Watch: Charring Bone-In Tomahawk at a New York Steakhouse  

How Brooklyn's St. Anselm perfected the hefty cut Prime Time hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young are visiting their favorite local steakhouse on this week's episode β€” St. Anselm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The petit restaurant specializes in pitch-perfect, grilled steaks like the butcher's cut and the NY strip au poivre. Of the cuts with a particular loyal following at St. Anselm is the "Ax Handle," a Tomahawk steak that ranges between 45 and 65 ounces and gets its name...

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2018-03-19 12:41:41

Cheesy Bacon Tater Tots Are Game-Day Food at Its Finest  

Add this recipe to your game-day grub playbook: cheesy bacon tater tots. Like nachos with a tender, golden-crusted tater tot base (instead of chips), this fully loaded snack goes hand in hand with rooting for your favorite team. In short, they're comfort food at its finest. Get the fast and easy recipe. Cheesy Bacon Tater Tots From POPSUGAR Food Ingredients1 bag frozen tater tots, thawed 6 tablespoons ranch dressing 6 pieces American cheese, thinly sliced 6 pieces cooked bacon, ch

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2018-03-19 11:57:29

Gabrielle Hamilton's Second Memoir Is About Difficult GoodbyesΒ   

Melanie Dunea/Prune" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> The Prune chef discusses her upcoming book and balancing life as a restaurateur and writer Gabrielle Hamilton worries about whether she looks as busy as she is β€” but it's not clear who would think sheβ€...

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2018-03-19 11:24:18

Recipe: Veggie Supreme Pizza β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

I'm not one of those moms who likes to hide vegetables in my kids' foods, but I'm certainly not above covering vegetables with cheese and serving them up as pizza! Veggie supreme pizza is not only a way to get kids (and grown-ups) to eat more vegetables β€” it's also a thoughtful way to clear out the crisper drawer at the end of the week. With a pesto-meets-ricotta white sauce and just enough mozzarella and Parmesan to hold the veggies in place, this pizza also hits all the right n...

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2018-03-19 10:34:36

6 Easy Easter Eggs That Will Make You Look Like a Creative Genius β€” Easter Essentials  

An afternoon of decorating Easter eggs using something beyond the standard dye kit usually calls for a lot of supplies β€” and creativity and effort. If that combination of things doesn't seem to be in the cards this year, consider making some of these simple eggs. They've all got that wow-factor you're looking for and require very little fuss. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 10:29:05

Watch the Trailer for Netflix's 'Chef's Table: Pastry'  

The new series will focus on four of the world's most acclaimed pastry chefs For the new pastry-themed mini-season of the hit Netflix series Chef's Table, filmmaker David Gelb and his crew filmed four acclaimed chefs on three continents. Here are the stars of Chef's Table: Pastry: Christina Tosi, the James Beard Award-winning chef/restaurateur/TV star behind the ever-growing Milk Bar empire Will Goldfarb, a former NYC pastry chef who decamped to Bali to open Room...

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2018-03-19 10:10:55

10 Pasta Recipes That Are Heavy on Vegetables β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

My mantra for pasta has always been that it can be a wholesome, well-balanced meal if you make it that way. I hate that the carb gets such a bad rap because, well, if you load it with vegetables and eat the portion size that's right for you, it's a dish you can feel good about. These 10 recipes, which are more vegetable than noodle, prove it. They are full of so much color and flavor, you'll want to dig right into them. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 09:44:26

Sonic Wants to Make Pickle Juice Slushies the Flavor of Summer 2018  

Mike Mozart/Flickr" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> Plus, there's a Fritos shortage in NYC, and more food news to start your week Throwback drive-in chain Sonic is giving the people what they apparently want by debuting a pickle juice slushie this June. β...

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2018-03-19 09:26:56

A Perfectly Fine Kitchen Gets Unbelievably Better, Thanks to a Bit of Paint β€” Kitchen Makeovers  

As kitchens go, this one isn't too shabby. There are really nice white countertops, classic subway tiles on the backsplash, and basic wood cabinets that look perfectly sound and in good condition. There's no horribly dated light fixtures, no crappy peeling wallpaper, or any odd woodwork that needs to be ripped out. Even the walls are white and ready to go. Not much you can do to improve this space, right? So very, very wrong. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 08:18:50

The Best Way to Prepare Green Plantains  

Though yellow and black plantains can be peeled and prepped much like a banana, the tough skin and sticky sap of the green plantain require a little extra effort. Read More

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2018-03-19 07:45:06

Want the Best Homemade Pizza? You Have to Turn Up the Heat. β€” Tips from The Kitchn  

I recently did an informal poll among my cooking buddies, asking them how hot they heat their ovens when making pizza at home. They blinked at me and universally responded, "As hot as it will go." That's when I realized I've been falling a little short in the pizza department. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 07:04:47

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making Kombucha β€” Tips from The Kitchn  

As anyone who's brewed several batches of kombucha can attest, it can feel totally intimidating when you're getting started. The most important lessons and tips learned about brewing kombucha didn't come from reading dozens of articles (which I did) β€” it came from actually going through the process again and again and again. Of all the helpful tips I picked up, this is what I wish knew when I first got started. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 06:49:56

20 Minutes Is All You Need For the Best-Ever Baked Chicken Breasts  

Picky eaters, kids, and adults alike will approve of this buttery, lemon-pepper baked chicken recipe. I know this, because I am a former picky eater, and my mom made a rendition of this almost every night of my childhood. Back in the '90s, she relied on Lawry's Lemon Pepper to carry the flavor weight. But now that I'm older and a proud microplane-owner, I've updated the recipe to include fresh lemon zest and ground pepper. Bumping up the oven temperature slashes the cook ti

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2018-03-19 06:43:46

10 Tiny Cleaning Tasks You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less β€” 10-Minute Triumphs  

The best way to keep a kitchen clean is through daily maintenance β€” spending a few minutes at night washing up and a few more in the morning putting things away β€” but even if you're diligent, there are some things that get dirty little by little and have to be addressed every once in a while. The good news is that a lot of those built-up tasks can be addressed in 10 minutes or less. Working in short bursts is an easy and satisfying way to cross something off your to-do list...

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2018-03-19 06:36:42

12 Harry Potter-Inspired Recipes You Can Bring to Life  

Harry Potter fans can never get enough of the Wizarding World. Though it may be difficult (er, or impossible) for us measly muggles to re-create spells, one thing we can bring to life is the food and drink mentioned in the books. Though it may not be as easy as shouting "accio butterbeer!", these recipes are absolutely doable for the home cook. Related:22 Easy Harry Potter DIYs That Even Muggles Can Make

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2018-03-19 06:29:50

This Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken Is a Meal Prep Miracle β€” Delicious Links  

Making a big batch of pulled chicken to have on hand for the week is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Take this sesame chicken, for instance β€” with just 10 minutes of prep and two hours in the slow cooker, you can have tender shredded chicken to use all week long in sandwiches, salads, and grain bowls. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 05:52:21

20 Easy Pasta Recipes Anyone Can Make  

Pasta is the ultimate staple for a fast and easy meal. And even if your pantry and fridge are nearly empty, there's a good chance you have the ingredients on hand for these speedy pasta dishes, because they all have between three and seven ingredients (besides salt and pepper, of course). From parmesan garlic spaghetti to the easiest tomato sauce you'll ever make, these will become your go-to recipes when you need a carb fix ASAP. Related:70+ Vegetarian Pasta Recipes That Prove Carbs C

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2018-03-19 05:34:45

Easiest Dinner Ever: Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino  

Translated: spaghetti with garlic, oil, and chili pepper flakes. This is the kind of meal that makes you stop and think that the simplest foods are often the most wonderful. With only a few ingredients that are staples in most pantries, you can create a beautiful, flavorful, heartwarming meal from scratch. Spaghetti aglio, olio, e peperoncino is a traditional Italian pasta dish. It's well loved by many because it's so easy and inexpensive to make. This is a perfect solution whenever

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2018-03-19 05:09:37

Cheap Seafood Recipes That Will Get You Through Lenten Season  

Meatless Fridays during Lent don't have to be difficult. Delicious and affordable seafood dishes shouldn't be hard to come by. Usually fresh seafood can cost a pretty price tag, but rest assured, there are ways to incorporate fish in your meals without breaking the bank. For example, canned tuna holds a special place in my heart; it's a cheap, versatile ingredient. Frozen fish fillets are also an excellent option when it comes to creating a yummy meal in a pinch. The following 15

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2018-03-19 05:04:09

Prepare to Be Obsessed With These Oreo Cinnamon Rolls  

We've made a lot of cinnamon rolls in our day, but this recipe might take the cake. Introducing Oreo cinnamon rolls . . . minus the cinnamon. These sweet treats are loaded with cookies-and-cream flavor and drizzled with melted Oreo cookie cream. They're the perfect pastries for any Oreo-lover. For more cinnamon roll recipes, check out our supersize cinnamon roll and our birthday cake cinnamon roll. Oreo Cinnamon Rolls From Kevin Smith, POPSUGAR Food Ingredients 8 double-

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2018-03-19 04:51:23

This Secret Wine Cellar in a Kitchen Island Is Like Narnia for Grown-Ups β€” Pop Culture  

When I was small, I wanted nothing more than to learn what the word "wardrobe" meant so I could disappear into one and find a magical icy fairy land full of talking fauns and allegorical lions. Now that I am an adult, my Narnia looks like this amazing secret wine cellar hidden under a perfectly ordinary kitchen island. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 04:50:23

26 Quick Breakfasts That Will Fill You Up Until Lunch  

As much as I love breakfast, all too often I find myself pressed for time and reaching for a mere apple on my way out the door . . . only to be greeted by my stomach grumbles half an hour later. If you're guilty of the same thing, then you need a breakfast intervention. Behold, 26 delicious recipes that are quick, easy, and filling. It's possible to make a good breakfast without getting up any earlier (or at least not much earlier), and the best part is you'll be completely satisf

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2018-03-19 04:47:58

Step Aside, Unicorns - Starbucks's New Crystal Ball Frappuccino Looks 10 Times More Magical  

Your future is looking sugary and delicious because Starbucks is about to launch a brand-new drink: the Crystal Ball Frappuccino. This sure-to-be-viral beverage sounds far tastier and looks way more magical than the over-the-top Unicorn Frappuccino that took over the internet entire damn world last year. It will reportedly feature a white and turquoise peach-flavored cream base, and will be topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of colorful rock candy pieces. From what we can tell, there will

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2018-03-19 04:45:21

Heavy and Whipping Cream Are the Same Thing . . . Right?  

To those of you who've been forced to choose between heavy and whipping cream at the supermarket, you've probably pondered it yourself: isn't all cream more or less the same thing? Related: What Is Ginger Beer, Anyway? Not exactly. There are differences in milk-fat content. All cream contains at least 18 percent milk fat: "whipping cream" is made up of 30 percent, while cartons labeled "heavy cream" or "heavy whipping cream" must contain 36 percent or more. Whipping cream, heavy

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2018-03-19 04:45:08

Meet the "Millennial Betty Crocker" Who's Making At-Home Baking, Well, a Piece of Cake  

Sarah Jones has been called the "Millennial Betty Crocker," but there are multiple reasons this isn't entirely accurate. "It's definitely too soon to be calling me that," she said modestly, "but I certainly take it as a compliment." Jones earned her moniker after launching Miss Jones Baking Co., a line of organic cake mixes and ready-made frostings that's redefining at-home baking. That's where she really diverges from the fictional baking icon: she's disrupting the sta

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2018-03-19 04:36:23

Cookie Cups Inspired by Dominique Ansel's Cookie Shots  

Dominique Ansel, maker of the Cronut, intrigued Americans with one of his latest creations: the Cookie Shot, a chocolate chip cookie cup filled with vanilla milk and inspired by the classic American pairing. While the Cookie Shot is only available at his New York City bakery, we've hacked the concept so you can sip from and chomp on the edible cookie cups at home. Milk-and-Cookie Shots Inspired by Dominique Ansel Bakery Ingredients For the cookies: 1 cup shortening 1/3 cu

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2018-03-19 04:28:40

The Completely Addictive Method For Grilling Burgers  

I've grilled many burgers in my day, many of which were decent but none of which were restaurant-quality - that is, until I learned this technique from America's Test Kitchen. It's by far the most foolproof way to grill a burger with a charred exterior and juicy pink interior. The most important factor? Don't buy preground meat. Another little-known tip is to freeze the patties to prevent them from falling apart on the grill. Finally, let the burgers rest for a full five minu

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2018-03-19 04:22:09

26 Shrimp Recipes Perfect For Any Night of the Week  

There are many reasons to love shrimp: its sweet flavor; succulent, snappy texture; and speed of preparation come to mind. Add to that the versatility of this freezer staple, and it's no surprise that it's a weeknight dinner superstar. Keep reading for everything from a lighter take on bang bang shrimp to a recipe for lemon butter shrimp so irresistible you'll want to mop up every last drop of its sauce. Related:Put a Spin on Game Day With Buffalo Grilled Shrimp

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2018-03-19 04:05:45

7-Eleven's New Tater Tot Bar Is Basically the Fried-Potato Playground of Your Dreams  

Finally, somebody has recognized that there are only two main food groups: tater tots and not tater tots. Yes, 7-Eleven, which has long cornered the market on both sides of the main drink groups - Slurpees and not Slurpees - just launched a new feature that will make you feel like you've won the snack-food lottery. Introducing the tater tot topping bar, the glorious fried-potato playground of your dreams that will empower you to create the loaded tot creation that you've been envision

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2018-03-19 04:04:42

10 Outrageously Brilliant Cooking Tips From Laura Vitale  

If you're not already a fan of Laura Vitale, let us introduce you. Laura is an Italian-born cook who gained popularity through her cooking series on YouTube, called Laura in the Kitchen, and now she also has her own show on Cooking Channel, Simply Laura. It comes as no surprise that the home cook has over two million subscribers online - her "anyone can cook" attitude combined with her approachable recipes and charismatic presence make her impossible not to love. We've learned some pre

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2018-03-19 03:45:37

The Truth Behind Costco's $5 Rotisserie Chicken  

Image Source: Flickr user terren in Virginia We can always count on Dr. Oz to expose the truth about our favorite foods. He recently investigated the hidden ingredients in rotisserie chicken, and now we finally know why it's so addictive. He teamed up with award-winning writer Mark Schatzker to figure out why Americans can't get enough of the stuff, especially Costco's $5 rotisserie chicken. The first shocking piece of information is that rotisserie chicken is often processed, in

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2018-03-19 03:34:51

Magnolia Bakery's Famous Banana Pudding  

While Magnolia Bakery is known for its Sex and the City-approved cupcakes, it's the bakery's creamy banana pudding that's really its showstopper. If you haven't tried it, trust us - this is going to easily become your new favorite dessert. Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding From The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook by Jennifer Appel and Allysa Torey Ingredients1 1/2 cups water 2/3 cup instant vanilla pudding mix 1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 3 cu

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2018-03-19 03:33:37

10 Chick-fil-A Copycat Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings, Even on Sundays  

Why is it that Chick-fil-A cravings seem to hit the hardest on Sundays, the only day the fast-food chain is closed? These copycat recipes allow you to get your fix any time, any day. From the classic Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich to the nuggets and more, every Chick-fil-A obsessive will surely appreciate these recipes that are just as good as - if not better than - the real thing. Just pick up some Chick-fil-A Sauce (or 20), and you're good to go. Related:Get the Dish: Chick-Fil-A Chicken S

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2018-03-19 03:22:27

Copycat! 18 Homemade Versions of Classic Canned Soups  

Growing up, canned soup was always my quick and easy go-to meal; I even went through a phase where I would only eat Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup every night for dinner. Now that I'm older and more skilled in the kitchen, canned soup only makes an appearance when I'm feeling under the weather and can barely muster up the energy to actually cook. As colder weather moves in, I find myself craving the comfort of canned soup but with my own personal culinary touch. These recipes embr

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2018-03-19 03:11:44

This Target-Exclusive Ben & Jerry's Flavor Is Inspired by Camping (but It's Not Too In-Tents)  

Speaking as a person who is constantly on the lookout for yet another reason to go to Target, this Ben & Jerry's news is extra exciting: you can reportedly only get the brand's latest flavor at Target stores, so if you want to taste it, you'll just have to make a Target run. (But don't worry, you're only going "for one thing" - what could possibly go wrong?) The flavor sounds worth the trip, too: it's called Glampfire Trail Mix, and according to the ice cream c

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2018-03-19 03:10:26

Uhh, We Want S'more of Ben & Jerry's New Summery Ice Cream Flavor ASAP  

It may still be freezing cold in my part of the US, but I am ready for Summer. Thankfully, Ben & Jerry's is on the same page, if its new Summer-inspired flavor is anything to go by. Gimme S'more, a toasted-marshmallow ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls, graham cracker swirls, and fudge flakes, will land in a grocery store near you on March 15, and you're going to want to do yourself a favor and pick it up. The rich and creamy ice cream tastes exactly like if a campfire s&

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2018-03-19 02:48:59

Sonic Is Launching a Pickle Juice Slush, and the Possibilities Are Ri-DILL-culous  

I'm just going to throw it right out there: Sonic Drive-In is launching a Pickle Juice Slush just in time for Summer. Depending on your feelings about pickles, this will either be a major dill for you or you'll gag at the very concept. As a former Sonic carhop, I can attest that Slush is essentially frozen sugar water . . . which means that this drink will essentially be an icy, sweet-and-sour, dill-infused clusterf*ck. But as a pickle-lover, I can also attest that it sounds freaking

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2018-03-19 02:32:09

Recipe: Every Pizza Place Salad β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

Iceberg lettuce has fallen into deep disfavor with many cooks and food-lovers. Memories of bad, bland salads from our youth, and pale excuses for greenery on the plates of low-rent restaurants have pushed iceberg to the side in favor of more interesting greens: arugula, romaine, spicy microgreens. But iceberg still has a place, and in the heat of summer I crave it like no other lettuce. Shaved thin, in a feathery pile, iceberg lettuce offers crisp, pure refreshment. In this salad,

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2018-03-19 02:23:31

5 Things Kitchn Editors Never Buy at Costco β€” Shopping  

For those of you say we're "too into Costco" (as if that can be a thing!), we just added this story to prove that the warehouse store isn't totally perfect. As much as we love to load our carts up with nuts, green juices, plastic wrap, rotisserie chickens, booze, and more, there are a few things we skip every single time. Here are five of the most major things we never buy at Costco. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-19 02:07:06

The Future Looks Bright Because Starbucks Is Releasing a Crystal Ball Frappuccino!  

A post shared by Florence Alabama | Starbucks (@florence_alabama_starbucks) on Mar 19, 2018 at 5:04am PDT We've peered into the future and can predict that Starbucks is releasing yet another viral beverage. Following the success of the Unicorn Frappuccino - and many subsequent iterations - Starbucks will soon launch the Crystal Ball Frappuccino for just a few days in March. Though the coffee chain has yet to confirm anything, several baristas have already begun sharing pictures of the

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2018-03-19 01:37:59

I Tried the Pioneer Woman's Best Tomato Soup Ever Recipe and I'll Never Do Store-Bought Again  

One of my ultimate cozy dinner indulgences is definitely a bowl of piping-hot tomato soup accompanied by a grilled cheese. Depending on how ambitious I felt, I used to satisfy my cravings by whipping up a delicious but slightly labor-intensive Ina Garten recipe (which requires chopping four pounds of vine-ripened tomatoes) or cave and grab a sub-par store-bought version. It wasn't until I discovered Pioneer Woman's best tomato soup ever recipe that I realized I could actually pull off

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2018-03-19 01:32:14

100 Breakfasts to Make on Weekends When You Have the Time  

The weekday breakfast struggle is real, but the weekend is the time to unwind and take the time to make something you really want. Maybe that's a treat like Funfetti cinnamon rolls or strawberry-Nutella french toast roll-ups, or perhaps it's something savory like skillet huevos rancheros or perfect buttermilk pancakes, but one thing's for sure: you'll find your perfect recipe in this ultimate list. Browse these 100 weekend-worthy recipes at your leisure to find inspiration, o

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2018-03-19 01:28:56

25 Creative Dinner Ideas That Will Inspire You to Cook Tonight  

"What's for dinner tonight?" It's a question we all face every day. If you're really in need of some fresh recipe ideas, look no further than these 25 of our most popular. Some are fast and easy (under 30 minutes). Others are easy but will take you an hour or more. And lastly, there are a few "projects;" in other words, they require advanced cooking skills and will take around two hours or more. Allow the captions to guide you to making the right dinner choice tonight. Happy cooki

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2018-03-19 01:17:04

Our Top 3 Picks from Sur La Table's Cookware Sale β€” Deal of the Day  

Looking for an excuse to finally get the Le Creuset Dutch oven of your dreams? Sur La Table might have just given you one. The store is currently running its semi-annual cookware sale, offering up to 65 percent off top brands like Le Creuset, Staub, and All-Clad. As an extra incentive, you'll also get free shipping on orders totaling more than $65 with the code SHIPFREE. It's a huge sale, which can be a little overwhelming. That's why we've rounded up three of our favorite deals.

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2018-03-19 01:12:49

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes: The Best of Both Worlds  

It's a tough decision: should you start a lazy Sunday with a plate of fluffy pancakes or ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls? Luckily, you don't need to pick favorites anymore - we're combining the two into one epic breakfast bite. Watch the video to see how these beauties get their cinnamon swirl. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Adapted from Recipe Girl Ingredients For the pancakes: 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk 1 large egg 1 tab

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2018-03-19 01:12:36

Tracking Fast-Food Workers' Efforts to Unionize  

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2018-03-18 15:00:02

Are Runny Egg Yolks Safe for Kids to Eat? β€” Kids at the Table  

I believe a soft-cooked, runny egg β€” and all that rich, saucy goodness you get from breaking the yolk β€” is truly one of breakfast's (and sometimes dinner's) greatest pleasures. Eggs do run the risk of carrying food-borne illnesses like Salmonella, though, and the only way to completely kill any dangerous bacteria that could be in eggs is to cook them all the way through. This is a risk that I've always felt is one I am personally willing to take, since I have a generally healt...

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2018-03-18 13:16:30

30 Make-Ahead Lunches You Can Pack Tonight β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

What's one of the easiest ways to feel like you have your life together? If you ask us, it's prepping lunch the night before. In the grand scheme of things it's a small accomplishment, but when all you want to do after dinner is settle in for a marathon TV session, taking the extra time to make lunch feels like a Herculean effort. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-18 10:24:49

How To Make Crispy, Juicy Fried Chicken β€” Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Let me walk you through the pleasure of eating this crispy, juicy fried chicken: You've got this glistening drumstick with a coating so full of crunchy ripples that it is hard to determine where to hold on. You decide fingertips are best for maneuvering this chicken from the plate to your mouth. As you bring it closer you can smell the spices β€” garlic, onion, pepper, and even the smoky paprika. That first bite is a real stunner. As you dig in, the crust cracks audibly and reveals...

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2018-03-18 08:27:31

Lavender Spray To Help You Relax  

Dive into the world of essential oils. Lavender oil is a great one, just mix it with water in a spray bottle and voila! You have a wonderfully fragrant, relaxing spritzer on hand.

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2018-03-18 05:36:06

20 Easy and Satisfying Weeknight Dinners β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

For weeknight dinners I lean on meals with a short, simple list of ingredients. Bonus points when I can skip the store and pull everything from the pantry or fridge. After spending a long day at work, I just don't have it in me to make a dinner that requires too much attention. Instead, I rely on recipes that are easy and come together fast. Whether you're in the mood for chicken or pork, or prefer to keep things meat-free, these 20 recipes will help you get an easy and sati

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2018-03-18 05:05:18

We Compared Flower Prices at Trader Joe's, Costco, Kroger, and Whole Foods. See What We Learned. β€” Shopping  

Even when the budget's tight, I try to keep fresh blooms around whenever possible. Of course, it's a cost that can really add up, so I can't always swing it. While I'm constantly keeping my eye out for inexpensive bouquets at the grocery store, I had never actually done an official price comparison β€” until now. I recently scoped out prices at Trader Joe's, Costco, Kroger, and Whole foods in my home town of Louisville, Kentucky, getting a cross section of bouquets raging from t...

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2018-03-18 04:40:38

5 Reasons I Don't Keep My Trash Can in a Cabinet β€” Trash Talk  

I firmly believe that some things are best left out of sight. When someone walks into my kitchen, I definitely don't want the first thing they see to be a trash can. So stashing that trash bin in a cabinet seemed like a logical, aesthetically pleasing solution. Bonus: Keeping it behind closed doors meant I wouldn't have to waste (get it?) precious square footage. I'm sad to report, however, that keeping garbage in the cabinet below my kitchen sink has proven to be a bad idea

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2018-03-18 04:23:09

A Basic Template for Making Chili on the Fly β€” Tips from The Kitchn  

The thing I love most about chili (aside from each bite!) is how versatile it is to make. Anything goes with chili, and the best version doesn't come from one prized recipe, but from building it just the way you like it. In fact, I don't think you always need a recipe β€” just a basic template that guides you along to make a pot of chili just the way you like it. Here's how to make any kind of chili without a recipe. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-18 02:45:24

The 10 Things I Always Buy from Trader Joe's for Breakfast β€” Shopping  

I'll be the first to admit that the Trader Joe's cereal aisle is top-notch, but it only scratches the surface of what my favorite grocer delivers in the breakfast department. Whether you like to start the day with a meal that's sweet or savory, hot or cold, or you have the time to cook in the morning or your routine requires an on-the-go solution, you'll find something in the aisles that's just right for you. To help you find breakfast inspiration, here are the 10 breakfast food

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2018-03-17 10:21:30

15 Breakfast Potato Recipes to Start Your Morning Right β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

I've always seen breakfast as just an excuse to eat potatoes. I'll skip sweet offerings, like pancakes and waffles, and dive straight into the savory section of a restaurant menu, usually ordering a dish because it's served with potatoes. If you're a breakfast potato fiend like me, these 15 dishes are sure to help start your morning right. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-17 09:22:52

Watch: Master Sushi Chef Shiro Kashiba Celebrates Local Seattle Seafood  

Kashiba was one of the city's first chefs to focus on the traditional Edomae style "When I first came here, the local fish weren't ready to be used for sushi," remembers chef Shiro Kashiba β€” the chef and owner of Seattle's Sushi Kashiba. "So I started looking for local seafood that I could use." This lead Kashiba to squid, smelt, and geoduck β€” a clam local to the Puget Sound that's highly sought after by sushi chefs. Amazed by these newly discovered ingred...

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2018-03-17 09:15:01

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Corned Beef β€” St. Patrick's Day  

Come mid-March, mentions of the iconic Irish-American classic of corned beef and cabbage begin to show up everywhere. Menus feature it for dinner and recipes for how to make it from scratch pop up on just about every cooking site β€” including our own. That's because this meal has become a delicious way to celebrate elements of the Irish-American experience. And for the intrepid cook, making corned beef at home is a satisfying cooking project. So whether you're making corned...

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2018-03-17 08:37:19

7 Ways to Make Really Good Chili Any Way You Like It β€” Tips from The Kitchn  

There is no such thing as the best chili. It is a myth. Chili is such a deeply personal food, swimming with versatility and made for customization. Instead of searching for the one best chili, you're better off learning how to make a pot the way you like it. From the flavors and ingredients you favor to the diet you follow, you get to decide what your best chili looks like, and we'll help you get there with these tips and recipes. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-17 06:41:08

20 Things to Eat for St. Patrick's Day (Besides Corned Beef) β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

While corned beef has become something of an iconic St. Patrick's Day meal, it's never the one I turn to on this festive holiday. Instead, you'll find me donning something green and sprinkling my day with Irish-inspired fare, including a thick slab of soda bread at breakfast, a helping of colcannon with dinner, and a delicious dessert spiked with Guinness. Here are 20 recipes to inspire your St. Paddy's Day festivities if you want to celebrate without the corned beef and cabbage. READ MORE

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2018-03-17 06:39:04

5 Playful, Last-Minute St. Patrick's Day Treats β€” Tiny Recipes  

St. Patrick's Day is often associated with eating corned beef and colcannon, and drinking dark beer, but if you're looking for a light-hearted way to celebrate the day that doesn't require much preparation, we've got a series of treats for you. The goal behind this series was to create fun, easy-to-make treats that would help parents (or really anyone) do something festive on St. Patrick's Day. From a bright-green lemonade to mint chocolate puppy chow, here are a few ideas. READ MORE

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2018-03-17 05:26:29

How To Clean Enameled Cast Iron Stove Grates β€” Cleaning Lessons from Kitchn  

When was the last time you cleaned the grates on your gas stove? Like, really cleaned them? Hey, we get it. Due to their curves and crannies, anything more than a quick daily wipe-down can feel like a real chore. But grates get greasy, and when they've developed a sticky, spotty film that's no match for your dish cloth, it's time for a deeper clean. Thankfully, it's not that hard to get those grates looking clean and shiny again! Here's how to do it. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-17 05:26:13

Next Week's Meal Plan: 5 Strategic Sheet Pan Dinners β€” Next Week's Meal Plan  

A friend, fellow mom, and meal planner confessed to me recently how much she loathes cooking dinner since going back to work full-time. "I never loved cooking or meal planning before, but now I really can't stand it. I see cooking as time taken away from my now-limited time with my kids," she lamented. We talked a bit about what her family does (and doesn't) like to eat and decided on a strategy. If you need a dinner strategy that gives you some extra time to help with homewo

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2018-03-17 04:39:28

The Secrets of the Best Irish Coffee, According to My Uncle Eddie β€” Brunch All-Stars  

My uncle's a pretty easy-going, good-humored man, but when it comes to Irish coffee, he's nothing but serious. You see, he has his own kit β€” really just an old cardboard box with the words "Eddie's Irish Coffee Kit" scribbled on the outside in a Sharpie β€” but it's filled with his secrets. It's a traveling box, this kit. It comes with him to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve and to other family affairs when capping off the evening with a boozy coffee seems fitting and fes...

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2018-03-17 03:11:29

10 Ingredients That Will Make Any Vegetarian Chili Taste Amazing β€” Tips from The Kitchn  

During my stint as a vegetarian, bean-laden, meat-free chili was one of the dishes I turned to most. While I loved it because it was hearty and comforting, I'll be the first to admit that it never tasted as good as traditional chili, no matter how hard I tried to get it there. The meat in traditional chili lends flavor that's hard to find in beans and veggies. Luckily, there are a handful of vegetarian ingredients that can provide as much, if not more, flavor to the pot β€” many you may al...

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2018-03-17 02:19:09

8 Things to Drink on St. Patrick's Day (Besides Green Beer) β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

It's hard not to get in the celebratory spirit with all novelty green things that pop up around St. Patrick's Day. But green beer is where I'm drawing the line. I say, why drink green beer when there are other options that are equally as festive and far more delicious? From family-friendly beverages to boozy concoctions, here are eight beverages for your St. Patty's Day celebration. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-16 20:21:02

Sonic Is Launching a Pickle Juice Slush, and the Possibilities Are Ri-DILL-culous  

I'm just going to throw it right out there: Sonic Drive-In is launching a Pickle Juice Slush just in time for Summer. Depending on your feelings about pickles, this will either be a major dill for you or you'll gag at the very concept. As a former Sonic carhop, I can attest that Slush is essentially frozen sugar water . . . which means that this drink will essentially be an icy, sweet-and-sour, dill-infused clusterf*ck. But as a pickle-lover, I can also attest that it sounds freaking

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2018-03-16 19:21:11

'The Zimmern List' Offers Tours of America's Great Food Cities  

A smart new travel show and more TV recommendations for the weekend This post originally appeared on March 16, 2018, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" β€” the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Congratulations on making it through another busy week. Now it's time to kick back and catch up on all the great food TV shows you might have missed. Here are recommendations on what to watch (and cook!) this weekend,...

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2018-03-16 17:37:32

James Peterson's Curried Collard Greens  

Peterson takes a South Asian turn, adding coconut milk, garam masala, garlic, chile peppers, and ginger to make his Curried Collard Greens. The collards cook until meltingly tender, and the coconut milk reduces to a thick, luscious sauce. While the curry flavor was a bit muted, the addition of the coconut was transformative--enough to make me to (maybe) reconsider the necessity of bacon in my greens. Read More

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2018-03-16 17:29:07

24 Essential Recipes for Your St. Patrick's Day Celebration β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

When it comes to holiday celebrations, St. Patrick's Day holds an array of delicious possibilities. It might not be traditionally Irish, but we're just as excited to don something green and whip up a Shamrock Shake as we are to load our plates with corned beef and cabbage. From Irish soda bread and colcannon, to a Guinness-spiked chocolate cake and festive drinks, these are the 24 essential recipes for a memorable St. Patrick's Day celebration. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-16 17:26:45

Watch: Brisket-Topped Kimchi Stew Is the Pinnacle of Korean-American Food  

Dallas restaurant Bppop puts a new spin on kimchi-jjigae It's always interesting to me to see how Korean food evolves and develops in different parts of the country; and in the land of barbecue, it's no surprise to see a heavy dose of Texas-style 'cue is making its way to Korean dishes. Bbbop β€” a chainlet in Dallas β€” comes from accomplished chef Sandy Bussey and her husband Greg. At their Oak Cliff location, the duo is experimenting on dishes and concepts that arenβ...

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2018-03-16 16:58:13

Make Your Own Luck with This Cute Tray for St. Patrick's Day β€” St. Patrick's Day  

The party problem: You want a cute, festive decoration for your St. Patrick's Day party, but you don't have a ton of time β€” or crafting ability. The party trick: Get a bunch of pennies and line them up on a tray. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-16 14:24:04

Forget Green Beer β€” Make Dublin Coddle for Saint Patrick's Day β€” Delicious Links  

Listen, I understand your desire to drink green beer on Saint Patrick's Day β€” it's novel and fun, and more importantly it's an excellent excuse to drink more beer! I won't judge you. But before you go out to some bar with all your friends, you should make something that will stick to your stomach and help you get through the night without getting sloppy. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-16 13:28:21

10 Tips for Setting Up an Awesome Chili Bar β€” Tips from The Kitchn  

If you're looking for an excuse to throw a party, invite some friends over for a DIY chili bar night. Why chili? It's a cold-weather classic, stretches to feed a large crowd, and can be tailored to most dietary considerations. Setting up the chili spread in a bar format, rather then simply dolling it out to guests, is the best option for both the host and guests. It not only makes the party easier on you, but it's also a hundred percent more fun! Here's everything you need to kno

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2018-03-16 13:03:25

Vegan Alfredo Sauce Is All About the Cauliflower and Cashew PurΓ©e  

How do you make a vegan version of fettuccine Alfredo when you can't use butter, cheese, or cream? The secret is cauliflower, which can be transformed into a silky and rich puree with the help of some cashews and nutritional yeast. Read More

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2018-03-16 13:00:06

After 500 Days of Chipotle, Burrito Hero Calls It QuitsΒ   

Scott Olson / Staff" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> Legend status, achieved Yesterday, a man by the name of Bruce Wayne ended a 17-month-long, guacamole-heavy journey through the chain restaurant wilderness by eating his 500th meal in 500 days at a Chi

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2018-03-16 12:39:05

Recipe: Mango Kombucha β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

Of all the ways I've flavored kombucha since I first started brewing it last year, I've been coming back to mango again and again. It has a mellow sweetness that's just the right partner for fizzy kombucha's punchy tang. But, to be honest, if I had seen this recipe the first time I made kombucha, there's a good chance I would have thought it was too tricky or advanced. And if you happen to be thinking the same thing right now, let me assure you that it's not the case at all. This

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2018-03-16 11:26:40

What to Do When Your Chili Is Too Spicy, Too Thin, or Too Boring β€” Tips from The Kitchn  

Chili brings out my Goldilocks tendencies. I want one that's spicy, but not so spicy that it has me breathing fire; I want it to be chunky and hearty, but not so much so that it's like wading through wet cement with the occasional bean floating by; and, of course, I want it to be dynamic (the first spoonful should be just as exciting as the last). That's asking a lot of chili, but you know what? This is a dish that can handle all your requests because by its very design, chili is s

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2018-03-16 11:19:03

14 Passover Dinner Recipes for a Super Seder  

No one comes to a Passover seder without expecting to be fed a proper meal, especially after they've drunk all that wine. Here are 14 of our favorite traditional and not-so-traditional savory recipes to make this year's seder a smashing success. Read More

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2018-03-16 10:30:05

Recipe: Paleo Chili β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

Whether you call it Paleo chili or meat-lover's chili, the most important thing to know about this chili is that it is downright delicious. Buried in the rich broth tinged with warm spices and cocoa undertones, you'll find a double dose of beef in the form of seared cubes of chuck with crumbled ground beef. This version skips the beans altogether, but gets its bulk and an extra-hearty texture from a slew of thick-cut root vegetables, like sweet potatoes and carrots. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-16 10:15:09

Anthony Bourdain's 'Hungry Ghosts' Is Not for the Faint of Heart  

Hungry Ghosts/Facebook; Panel art: Hungry Ghosts/Facebook" data-has-syndication-rights="1" src="/> The globe-trotting chef's comic book series promises a violent kitchen nightmare The spookier corners of Japanese folklore serve as the inspiration for Hungry Ghosts, a four-...

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2018-03-16 10:13:48

How To Make Gluten-Free Pizza Dough β€” Recipes from The Kitchn  

The perfect pizza crust at home is chewy and crispy, with a slightly yeasty flavor. It should be easy enough to throw together on a Friday afternoon before friends come over. This is universally true for both traditional pizza and gluten-free pizza crust, despite the fact that each mixes and bakes up slightly different. Working with a readily available gluten-free flour blend, we set out to make an easy gluten-free pizza dough. There's no hard-to-find ingredients or overnight

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2018-03-16 09:23:51

Critics Are Panning Jimmy Buffett's Boozy 'Margaritaville' Musical  

Plus, Amazon may be working on an Instacart competitor, and more food news The reviews are in for Escape to Margaritaville, the Broadway show written by Parrothead musician and paradisiacal cheeseburger expert Jimmy Buffett, and the critics aren't impressed. "If ever there were a time to be drunk in the theater, this is it," writes Jesse Green of the New York Times. Bloomberg's Chris Rovzar agrees: "[L]ike the worst versions of its namesake beverage, it's too wate...

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2018-03-16 09:22:39

The Problem with House Flipping Is That You Get Kitchens Like This β€” Kitchen Makeover  

Here's a kitchen that makes me think, "Sure! Great! I've paid many dollars every month for the privilege of cooking in much worse and much, much smaller spaces!" Turns out, though, it wasn't all that great β€” and the makeover is so much better. READ MORE Β»

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2018-03-16 09:12:57

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