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"Hyper-democratic" apartment design fits right in to Copenhagen waterfront  

The new can co-exist very nicely with the old.

2017-01-18 13:28:22

Seattle Bike Share system is being shut down  

Bike share programs are public transit, and that requires public support.

2017-01-18 12:04:39

Cormorant makes a beeline  

Our photo of the day comes from beautiful Morro Bay, California.

2017-01-18 11:51:46

'Big Bertha' is modern school bus conversion that's home to family of 5 (Video)  

Find out why one family found living on a renovated bus to be an appealing tiny-house-on-wheels alternative.

2017-01-18 08:19:49

E-waste is growing rapidly in Asia  

As Asian countries buy more electronics, the piles of discarded devices are increasing and it's putting people in danger.

2017-01-18 07:55:39

Why I prefer living in the country  

The country mice and the city mice are fighting it out in Canada. Here's what one writer has to say about it.

2017-01-18 06:56:57

7 tips for cultivating a steady home yoga practice  

Yoga is a holistic mind-body practice that can help you immensely. Here are a few tips on how to actually make it a regular habit.

2017-01-18 06:05:04

Patagonia's new film focuses on fair trade fashion  

The outdoor gear retailer plans to certify 30 percent of its clothes as fair-trade by the end of 2017.

2017-01-18 02:23:33

IKEA's $400 flat-pack city bike will hit US stores next month  

The next time you're going to pick up a few pieces of furniture from this iconic retailer, take a look at the company's new Sladda bike.

2017-01-18 01:15:09

Air pollution cut 30% in 12 months on London's Oxford Street  

Electric buses, cleaner taxis and support for cycling do seem to be making a difference.

2017-01-17 21:40:24

Delhi bans disposable plastics  

India's capital city has taken a strong stand against plastic pollution, but now it needs to convince its residents.

2017-01-17 20:32:50

Plants have primitive eyes, how much can they see?  

Evidence grows that plants receive visual clues to their surroundings

2017-01-17 19:46:11

Photo: The beautiful hoodoos of Aqua Canyon  

Bryce Canyon is famous for its rock spires known as hoodoos.

2017-01-17 17:57:30

Why is Denmark so successful at reducing food waste?  

It's all about the culture.

2017-01-17 16:43:26

Werner Sobek designs refugee housing that anyone would be proud and happy to live in  

Because everyone deserves a decent roof over their head.

2017-01-17 13:31:46

Simple solar-powered water purification system turns sewage water into clean drinking water in India  

The system will also help reduce the spread of disease in rural villages.

2017-01-17 13:27:29

Fancy-haired new moth named for Trump  

The scientist who discovered the new species is hoping the famous name will help encourage conservation efforts.

2017-01-17 13:25:20

Tesla Autopilot is now programmed to break the law  

Speed limits? They don't apply to us.

2017-01-17 09:03:58

5 ways to use leftover coffee  

Turn those cold dregs into something delicious.

2017-01-17 07:19:34

This electric car is the first zero-emissions vehicle to finish the Dakar Rally  

The Acciona 100% EcoPowered rally car powered its way to the finish of the world's toughest motor event without burning a drop of fuel and with no tailpipe emissions.

2017-01-17 07:08:37

NC lawmakers aim to stop wind farm (except it's already been built)  

They say the turbines will interfere with the Navy. But the Navy says they won't.

2017-01-17 06:02:57

Would your neighborhood pass the “cup of sugar” test?  

Do you have a sense of community when you live in the big city?

2017-01-17 01:45:41

Just a normal day, dropping the kid off at school  

But what happens when everybody drives, and everybody wants to do it at the same time

2017-01-16 19:07:50

Living near heavy traffic might give you dementia  

It's enough to make you crazy.

2017-01-16 18:48:27

Photo: Don't judge a fish by its resting face  

Not every fish comes with a cute kissing pout.

2017-01-16 17:43:11

When the self-driving car revolution comes, how will you spend your free time in your vehicle?  

Some experts foresee millions of self-driving cars on the roads within the next five years, which could free up some drive time for other activities.

2017-01-16 16:50:49

A picture is worth.... how to avoid the flu  

The lesson in this ad is still true today

2017-01-16 15:24:49

Neighbors feed neighbors with Little Free Pantries  

These ingenious kitchen cupboards are mounted outdoors, with food and toiletries free to the public.

2017-01-16 15:04:08

Researchers identify 4 basic personality types   

Study on human behavior finds 90% of the population falls into 4 categories; researchers say results are useful for negotiating or for when people need to help each other.

2017-01-16 12:35:09

Novio is a warm & minimalist 210 sq. ft. tiny house from Quebec  

Tiny houses don't have to be overly cute and rustic, as this little modern home shows.

2017-01-16 12:26:24

High-tech mooring will gather data below Antarctic winter ice  

Researchers know a fair amount about polar ocean pH levels in the summer, but this new tool will let them see what is happening year round.

2017-01-16 09:48:45

While all eyes are on Washington, the real anti-environmental action is taking place at the state level  

If you thought things could not get any worse...

2017-01-16 08:43:40

6 fascinating facts about chickens  

It's time we started paying attention to chickens, one of the most misunderstood and ignored species on Earth.

2017-01-16 02:50:41

Multifunctional NOOK is modern single bed that adapts to your needs (Video)  

Optional add-ons like desks, drawers, cabinets, trundle beds and even bike racks make this single bed a place to work, play, rest and relax.

2017-01-13 18:56:03

This startup's wind generator flaps its wings like a hummingbird  

Even in the wild world of offbeat wind energy machines, Tyer Wind's design stands out.

2017-01-13 09:31:20

Dog hair can be turned into wool for knitting  

'Knit Your Dog' is an Illinois-based business that will take your dog's excess hair and transform it into cozy clothes and accessories.

2017-01-13 08:49:55

Mythical ruby seadragon seen in the wild for the first time  

Known only from old museum specimens, scientists have now found the magnificently bizarre ruby seadragon swimming in the sea.

2017-01-13 08:47:17

Prehistoric shrimp emerge from Australian desert after heavy rain  

Imagine millions of these slithering out from the mud? The eggs of this alien desert crustacean remain dormant for years, waiting for a bout of rain to hatch.

2017-01-13 04:01:35

Buying grass-fed dairy is about to get easier  

A new logo is coming to dairy products near you, so learn what it's all about.

2017-01-13 02:25:49

Canadian municipalities use beet juice to de-ice roads  

What do you get when you mix beet juice and salt? A nicely de-iced highway!

2017-01-13 01:41:20

The incredible nature of icebergs revealed in facts and photos  

There's so much more to these beautifully majestic frozen islands than initially meets the eye.

2017-01-12 17:46:32

This unique bike with an unforgettable name can fit in your carry-on bag  

The Kwiggle is a lightweight folding bike that is said to be like "a pleasant mixture of biking and walking" when riding it.

2017-01-12 08:45:42

Why aren't more co-working spaces offering childcare -- and a list that do  

It's a great idea in theory, but in practice, there are hurdles. Plus, a short list of co-working spaces around the world that offer childcare.

2017-01-12 08:23:15

Clever DIY pull-out extensions transform ordinary van into mini-camper (Video)  

This amazing conversion takes the add-on rear kitchen system a huge step further, creating a van that transforms into a full-fledged camper you can sleep in.

2017-01-12 07:56:47

Photo: View of the landscape from behind a waterfall  

Well isn't that clever?

2017-01-12 06:10:04

No more dental fillings? Drug found to stimulate tooth regrowth  

Researchers have found that an Alzheimer's drug triggers dentine regrowth, eliminating need for fillings.

2017-01-12 03:36:29

How much power does it take to watch the Super Bowl?  

From hamsters to hand cranks to hip hop, here are 12 curious ways to power your TV using renewable energy.

2017-01-12 02:05:07

Meet the women who make your clothes  

A group called Remake wants fast fashion to fall out of fashion, by revealing underprivileged garment workers to the world.

2017-01-12 01:34:46

Photo: The mesmerizing gaze of a coyote in snow  

Our beautiful photo of the day comes from Calgary's Weaselhead Park.

2017-01-11 16:49:59

The 2017 New American Home leaves me speechless  

Less is more? Too much is never enough for these guys

2017-01-11 12:56:48

Autonomous solar boat will recreate Mayflower's historic voyage on its 400th anniversary  

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship project aims to build and sail "the world's first full-sized, fully autonomous unmanned ship" across the Atlantic in 2020.

2017-01-11 11:32:09

How fast should an elevator go?  

A look at a very fast elevator in Shanghai raises a few questions.

2017-01-11 11:27:46

Bird flocking inspires technology that cuts plug-in hybrid fuel use by 30 percent  

Researchers looked to energy saving behavior in nature and created a system that applies those ideas to hybrid tech.

2017-01-11 07:48:31

Gov. Cuomo calls for America's largest offshore wind farm, proposes 2.4GW by 2030  

Could it finally be that the United States will get some serious offshore wind?

2017-01-11 06:05:56

More apps and devices won't fix family isolation  

When something causes a problem, you get rid of it. You don't add more of it.

2017-01-11 03:34:15

Nissan imagines the world of 2040, and it really takes some imagination  

it is an attractive vision of empty roads and no pesky pedestrians

2017-01-11 02:08:15

'More Clay, Less Plastic' movement replaces plastic kitchen tools with natural ones  

An Italian project strives to educate people about plastic pollution through talking about ceramics in the home.

2017-01-11 02:03:56

Let there be light: The inspiring story of solar power in Israel's Arava Desert  

When a solar power company has a visionary like Josef Abramowitz at its helm, it will know no boundaries.

2017-01-10 21:23:56

Renault will release its Twizy EV hardware system as an opensource platform  

The Renault POM represents the first foray by a big automaker into truly open-sourcing its vehicle platform.

2017-01-10 14:26:19

6 money-saving rules for limiting food waste when shopping  

Nix food waste and save money by fighting the forces that entice us to buy, buy, buy.

2017-01-10 13:58:11

Refreshing tiny house is built using gooseneck trailer  

This kind of trailer means you can eliminate the head-banging sleeping loft.

2017-01-10 13:04:34

Watch a mother gray whale's graceful parenting of her baby  

Aerial footage shows a curious calf getting too close to a boat as its 45-foot mother comes to the rescue.

2017-01-10 10:32:27

Methane impact on global climate change 25% greater than previously estimated  

Carbon dioxide continues as the main concern, but we ignore methane at our own risk

2017-01-10 07:28:44

Apple, Google, Facebook lead in clean energy and policies says latest Greenpeace report  

But Amazon has some work to do.

2017-01-10 04:12:10

Why are Dutch kids the happiest in the world?  

The secret lies with Dutch parents, whose approach is radically different from that of American parents.

2017-01-10 03:32:05

Photo: Clearwing hummingbird moth goes incognito  

Behold the most majestic of masked moths!

2017-01-10 01:25:57

These tiny lenses can turn your smartphone or tablet into a microscope  

Use your mobile device to explore the tiny side of life with these easy-on/easy-off lenses.

2017-01-09 13:44:51

Adaptable "sleeping box" helps expand this 376 sq. ft. micro-apartment  

Hidden storage and a flexible open plan make this small apartment feel bigger.

2017-01-09 12:03:30

'All the Time in the World' is a beautiful film about a family living in the Yukon wilderness  

A family of 5 makes a conscious decision to disconnect, in order to reconnect.

2017-01-09 11:11:21

What's your sleep animal … wolf, lion, bear or dolphin?  

Yet another quiz to tell you what you are.

2017-01-09 09:31:22

I was wrong about vertical farms; Aerofarms shows how to make them really work.  

Can I hit delete on ten years worth of posts?

2017-01-09 08:03:29

Photo: Tree sparrow in a frosty tree is the picture of winter  

Our gorgeous photo of the day comes from chilly British Columbia.

2017-01-09 06:49:25

Fully Charged tests Schaeffler's pedal-electric 'biohybrid'  

It's efficient. It's convenient. And it is, apparently, a lot of fun...

2017-01-09 04:58:02

California's iconic 'drive-thru' tree succumbs to storm   

The historic Pioneer Cabin tree, a beloved 1000-year-old giant sequoia at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, was toppled by an onslaught of rain ... and human folly.

2017-01-09 04:20:49

The world is gaining weight at a shocking rate  

An interesting map reveals how global obesity rates have skyrocketed between 1975 and 2014.

2017-01-09 03:58:14

Bring back the trolley bus  

Most trolley systems were ripped out in favor of diesel buses. This was a big mistake.

2017-01-09 03:54:16

It's time to really do something about air pollution and ban diesels  

We were all lied to, and it is time to fix it.

2017-01-09 03:44:01

Israel builds world's largest solar tower  

The country is slowly, but surely working towards a move to renewable energy.

2017-01-09 03:05:42

Even auto execs say electric cars will dominate by 2025  

And they predict that car ownership will drop precipitously too...

2017-01-09 02:04:56

Photo: Bluefish shares a saucy secret  

If a bluefish can pitch woo...

2017-01-06 14:12:01

Geodesic dome protects cob house & family of 6 in Arctic Circle (Video)  

This freethinking family of six wanted to build their own eco-friendly home, surrounded by nature, and sheltered from the region's harsh weather by a glass dome.

2017-01-06 12:29:39

Thanks to a solar air heater, it costs $100 to heat this tiny house all winter (Video)  

In a Canadian province where a winter heating with electricity might cost a few hundred dollars per month minimum, this man manages to cut his heating bill by using free solar energy.

2017-01-06 12:25:30

Tokyo's Nagakin tower goes tall and goes wood  

It is a modern plug-in city that is organic in more ways than one.

2017-01-06 11:23:29

The car of the future will be part of your living room  

Never go outside again with Hyundai Mobility Vision.

2017-01-06 10:45:32

This ebike conversion kit has a 100-mile range, and doubles as an indoor trainer  

The new Falco eDrive promises to turn your bicycle into a long-range ebike, as well as enabling off-season and inclement weather indoor training.

2017-01-06 07:03:22

The Strida folding bike turns 30   

This TreeHugger favorite has had quite a ride.

2017-01-06 06:31:17

11 facts about blue whales, the largest animals ever known to live on Earth  

So colossal are these majestic marine mammals, their hearts alone weigh as much as a car.

2017-01-06 05:01:28

Why you should feed your baby peanuts  

The American medical community's stance on peanut-containing foods has done a 180-degree turn.

2017-01-06 04:45:03

Gorgeous new prefab is modular. Or is it Flat-pack? Or post-and-beam? Never mind.   

These designs from Leckie Studio and the Backcountry Hut Company are lovely to look at, but what are they really?

2017-01-05 19:32:01

Israeli startup aims to enable wireless charging of electric buses while driving  

ElectRoad's wireless charging system could help increase the adoption of electric vehicles, especially in the public transportation sector.

2017-01-05 13:11:08

Welcome to the magical world of ice castles  

Hand-built from ice and snow, these sparkling structures surely sprang straight from a fairy tale.

2017-01-05 11:23:25

There's a trick to sustainable healthy eating  

Hint: It will save you money.

2017-01-05 10:14:51

Photo: Burrowing owl gives a home tour  

Who (who) needs trees when you can live in an earth-sheltered home?

2017-01-05 09:38:57

10 beautiful ice skating trails in Canada  

Strap on your skates and go places with these stunning ice trails that wander through Canadian forests, cities, and parks.

2017-01-05 09:31:36

China to spend $361 billion on green energy, predicts 13 million jobs  

This is awesome. And it still won't be enough...

2017-01-05 09:08:37

Taking back the streets: Most businesses on urban streets make their money from pedestrians and cyclists  

A Toronto study has wider implications, and shows once again the importance of good active transportation infrastructure

2017-01-05 08:36:06

Artist's nature-inspired paintings of life & death are surreal yet sublime  

This self-taught artist combines the rigor of nature illustration with a mythical narrative about nature and the connection between all living things.

2017-01-05 06:54:07

Clever concave roof design harvests rainwater in hot climates   

This bowl-like, double-roof design helps to collect rainwater before it evaporates, and also provides more shade for buildings in arid regions.

2017-01-05 06:22:33

Drop-front desk looks like a giant pill on your wall  

We roundly approve of the Emko Pill desk that goes away when your work is done

2017-01-05 02:05:08

Finally, a useful wearable for our smog-filled dystopian future  

All the air pollution monitoring and alerts in the world won't actually protect you from breathing it in when you have to go out in it. But this product might.

2017-01-04 18:01:23

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