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How to Enable Full-Screen Camera Shots on Your Galaxy S9  

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have terrific cameras that are packed with awesome features. But if you've grown tired of taking and viewing photos on only a part of your screen, Samsung has built in settings to let you take full advantage of their flagships' Infinity Display. For optimal camera performance, both the S9 and S9+ are set to take photos at an aspect ratio of 4:3 to get the full 12 MP resolution out of their image sensors. If you're willing to bump the resolution down to either 7.9 or 5.2 M

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2018-03-22 16:27:57

Google Photos Waiting for Wi-Fi? Here's the Fix  

If you're on a limited data plan, you no doubt set Google Photos to only back up over Wi-Fi on your Android device. In recent months, however, there have been many complaints that Photos won't actually back up your pictures when you get back home and connect to your network. Thankfully, the fix is fairly simple. I started noticing this issue sometime around late 2017/early 2018. After being out and about and taking some pictures, I'd get home and connect to Wi-Fi, but Google Photos would have

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2018-03-22 12:22:16

Instagram 101: How to Add a Link in Your Story  

For the longest time, the only clickable link you could throw up on Instagram was in your profile's bio, and that's still true for a lot of users. The only way to add a clickable link aside from the aforementioned one is in an Instagram story, where users checking out your story would swipe up to load the webpage before going back to finish your story. This feature is available on both the Android and iOS versions of the Instagram app, but only specific users will be able to take advantage of

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2018-03-22 12:12:26

The Alcatel 1X Is Bringing Android Go & Solid Specs to the US  

Since making waves at Mobile World Congress 2018, Android Go devices have slowly trickled their way onto US shores. Only one device was officially announced for the US at MWC, but several OEMs have extended availability to the US in the months since, and it looks like we just received another. Alcatel announced a few entry-level and midrange phones at MWC 2018, but none were given official US release dates. This changed recently when Alcatel confirmed that two of the devices will make their wa

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2018-03-22 10:57:29

Instagram 101: How to Add #Hashtags & @Account Tags to Your Bio  

Your Instagram bio could always be used to link to other websites or profiles or just to show off your witty personality. Now, you also have the ability to use this section to tag other Instagram accounts as well as add tappable hashtags. Whether you want to link out to your best friend, company, or the latest trend in your city — if it has a profile name or tag, it can be in your bio. These new tagging features were added as a server-side update on March 21, 2018, but as always, make sure y...

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2018-03-22 10:26:44

Here Is What We Know About the Magic Leap Lumin OS & Lumin Runtime  

A core concept that has resonated through societies of the world over the course the last few hundred years is "knowledge is power." And understanding that concept gives us the drive to push further forward and learn as much as we can on a subject. At the moment, that subject for us at Next Reality is the recently released information about Magic Leap's upcoming Magic Leap One: Creator Edition. In order to learn everything we can about the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition, we have continued to

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2018-03-22 10:06:04

How to Wash Jeans by Hand  

Hand washing is a great way to extend the life of your favorite pair of jeans. It is a gentler process than machine washing and prevents, or at least slows, the fading and break down of fibers. Choose between hand washing your jeans in cool water or spot cleaning.

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2018-03-22 09:07:27

How to Break Boards with Your Bare Hands  

Learning how to break boards with your bare hands can be done right at home. Start by conditioning your hands to get them ready for striking, and make sure your board is set up properly and safely. By having confidence in your ability to break the board and following some simple strategies, you'll soon master the martial arts stunt of board-breaking.

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2018-03-22 07:25:10

Facebook Messenger 101: How to Chat with Friends Without a Facebook Account  

For some of you, whether or not to delete Facebook is a daily struggle. One reason you might not have wiped out your Facebook account yet could be because of Messenger, which provides millions of people with different devices an easy way to communicate with each other. But here's a secret you might not know: you don't need to have a Facebook account to use Facebook's popular chat app. Just to be clear, though, you do need to keep your Facebook account if you want to hang on to your Messenger a

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2018-03-22 06:42:46

How to Keep a Dress Shirt from Riding Up  

If you tend to have trouble keeping your shirt tucked in throughout the day, it may be time to try out a new method of holding it in place. First thing's first—make sure that you're wearing a dress shirt that's been sized and cut specifically for your frame. You can then create a neat, trim profile by folding the excess fabric on the sides of the shirt before you tuck it in. If all else fails, invest in a pair of handy shirt stays or make the switch to a more casual untucked style.

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2018-03-22 02:44:49

New Magic Leap Gesture Documentation Offers Insight into How Hands Will Make Its Digital World Come Alive  

As the week of the Game Developer's Conference hits the mid-point, we've already had some major announcements hit the AR space. The specific timing of these announcements are thanks in part to a conference within a conference called VRDC, aimed at VR, AR, and MR developers. And while the week is hardly over, the announcement that is still having a big effect on the developer population is the reveal of the Creator Portal for the long-awaited Magic Leap One device. After spending a few years te

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2018-03-22 01:59:50

How to Increase the Number of Volume Steps on Your Galaxy S9  

By default, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ only have 15 media volume steps — in other words, there are only 15 increments between silent and full volume. That's usually fine if you're using your phone's speakers, but if you're wearing headphones, more fine-tuned controls would be helpful. In the past, you could increase this to as many as 150 volume steps by installing Samsung's own SoundAssistant app. But for some reason, Samsung has made this app unavailable to Galaxy S9 users on the Play Store. We...

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2018-03-21 19:13:21

How to Become a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States  

Becoming a legal permanent resident of the United States is a lengthy bureaucratic process. Once you determine your eligibility, you will need to find someone who can sponsor your application. Then, you and your sponsor will have to provide substantial evidence of your status, employment, or relationship. The process of becoming a legal permanent resident will generally take at least a year from the date you start filing, but successful applicants will finish the process with their Green Card, w

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2018-03-21 17:57:18

NY Times Brings Readers Closer to Bowie's Freaky Costumes in Augmented Reality  

Continuing with its new paradigm of using augmented reality to cover the news, The New York Times has published a feature story that takes a peek into the late David Bowie's eclectic wardrobe of on-stage outfits. The retrospective showcases four iconic Bowie costumes, including the famed "Tokyo Pop" jumpsuit and the lightning bolt suit from the Aladdin Sane tour in 1973, his clown costume from the "Ashes to Ashes" music video in 1980, and the infamous "1980 Floorshow" bodysuit from his live TV

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2018-03-21 17:34:30

Magic Leap Resolves Legal Conflict with Former Security Director  

Flying under the radar during Magic Leap's big week at the Game Developers Conference, the company settled a potentially ugly lawsuit with a former employee. Earlier this month, we reported that Magic Leap's senior director of global security, Todd Keil, was embroiled in a dispute involving his claim of alleged violations of the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) related to HoloLens shipments to the company and age discrimination. Subsequently, Magic Leap denied the allegations in a legal filing

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2018-03-21 17:25:44

Instagram 101: How to Unarchive Posts to Make Them Visible to Other Users Again  

In mid-2017, Instagram added the ability to archive posts you've previously shared so that only you could see them going forward. As easy as it is to archive one of your Instagram photos or videos, it can be just as easy to forget how to unarchive it so others can see it again in all its glory. Actually, sometimes you may archive an Instagram photo or video and forget you even did so. If you don't use the archive feature much, it's very easy to head to your Instagram profile and freak out that

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2018-03-21 13:52:22

Make Custom Walls, Platforms, Ramps & Roofs in Fortnite Battle Royale  

One of the more unique aspects of Fortnite Battle Royale is the ability to create structures. Using in-game materials, players can create walls and ramps for cover and to extend mobility. But creating isn't limited to just the basic generic structures. To really maximize their benefits, great players edit their creations to fit their needs. Editing structures allows you to modify them to better fit their intended purpose. While this process can be used to simply adjust the direction of the str

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2018-03-21 10:10:41

How to Get the Blush Gold iPhone X — Announcement Date, Release Date & Where to Buy  

Before the Sept. 2017 event held by Apple, we thought the new iPhone X would come in three different colors. While only a Space Gray and Silver option made it to the Nov. 2017 release, the missing third hue may finally be on its way, if the latest rumors are to be believed. If you can't wait for the new Blush Gold color, here's when and how you can expect to get your hands on one. Apple hasn't made any official announcements about an iPhone X in Blush Gold. In fact, we only know about it from

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2018-03-21 10:08:14

Scope AR Adds ARCore Support to Live Remote Assistance App  

Scope AR has decided to take its live remote assistance enterprise application, Remote AR, further into the mobile augmented reality realm by harnessing the powers of Google's recently released ARCore. While previously supporting devices like the HoloLens, ODG R7, as well as recently having included Apple's ARKit-compatible smartphones to the list, the new ARCore version of the app adds a potential 100 million new Android devices its compatibility pool. Video: . Of the many highly scrutinize

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2018-03-21 10:03:04

How to Plant in Poor Soils  

Whether you want to grow flowers, trees, or vegetables, plants can add natural beauty to your yard. However, planting and growing plants may not seem so simple if your yard doesn't have rich soil. Fortunately, there are several things you can do throughout the planting process to ensure that your plants thrive, including amending the soil with compost, planting the root ball properly, and/or choosing to plant specific plants that thrive in your particular soil type.

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2018-03-21 07:31:52

These Are the ONLY Ways to Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale  

Thanks to its free-to-play strategy, many items in Fortnite Battle Royale require V-Bucks, the in-game currency. You can purchase V-Bucks with real-world money, but many would rather earn V-Bucks instead of getting nickeled and dimed by micro-transactions. While limited, there are a few ways to earn free V-Bucks in the game. Unfortunately, with its popularity comes many malicious individuals who will sell players lies or illegal hacks to earn "free" V-Bucks. Please don't trust these, as the me

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2018-03-21 06:35:07

Hacking WhatsApp: How to See Messages That Someone Deleted  

To help keep potential drama at bay, WhatsApp lets you delete questionable messages before the other person even sees them. If you're on the receiving end and you're curious about the deleted text, however, there's an Android app that lets you view erased messages. WhatsApp now gives you about 68 minutes to erase a sent message, which is much higher than the seven minutes past versions offered. An app called WhatsRemoved has taken advantage of this and now gives you a higher chance to preserve

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2018-03-21 04:57:08

Facebook Messenger 101: How to Invite People to Group Chats with a Link  

While some of our group chats should probably remain private and closed off, others will only get better with more people. Whether you're organizing an event and need a headcount or you just want to share a funny YouTube video with a large crowd, you can add all the friends you want on Facebook Messenger by sending them a unique link. While you can always add people to your Facebook Messenger group chat via the app itself, using a link allows you to invite a lot of people all at once. Instead

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2018-03-21 02:26:55

How to Change Your Name in Skype  

This wikiHow teaches you how to change your Skype display name, which is the name people see when you appear in their contacts. You can change your Skype display name on the Skype website and on the mobile version of Skype, but you cannot change your Skype display name in the Skype program for Windows and Mac computers. You also can't change your Skype username without creating a new account.

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2018-03-21 01:24:36

How to Transfer an Image Onto Glass  

Putting an image onto a glass object—such as a glass, mason jar, mirror, or window—is a way to personalize and decorate your living space. You can transfer any type of image that has been printed from a laser printer, or that you find in a book or magazine. To transfer an image onto glass, fix adhesive packing tape to the image you'd like to transfer. Soak the image and tape in warm water, then remove the paper and stick the image onto a glass object. Alternately, you can use a gel transfe...

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2018-03-20 15:29:16

Here's What Magic Leap's Creator Portal & Lumin SDK Docs Reveal About How You'll Develop for & Use Magic Leap One  

Now that we've had a chance to jump into the Lumin SDK documentation at Magic Leap's Creator Portal, we now have much more detail about how the device will function and utilize software than any single piece of content released by Magic Leap to date. So now that much of the mystery (at least on the software side) has been dispelled, join us on the magical journey into the heart of spatial computing. Lumin OS: We knew that the operating system would be called Lumin. We now know that it is deri

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2018-03-20 13:09:55

Google Debuts an ARCore Exclusive with Curate App from Sotheby's International Realty  

Just weeks after officially launching its mobile augmented reality toolkit, Google can now claim one of its first Android and ARCore app exclusives with the Curate app from Sotheby's International Realty. Available now in the Play Store, Curate operates similarly to furniture visualization apps like IKEA Place and Houzz. The app allows users to visualize full interior designs, such as living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and bedroom suites, and quickly swap out designs and capture screenshots

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2018-03-20 11:01:28

Hands-on with Samsung's Official OEM Cases for the Galaxy S9  

The Galaxy S9 is now in the hands of millons of excited users. Getting a new phone is always fun, but it's important to think about protecting your device. Perhaps the most popular cases for the Galaxy S9 are the official OEM options from Samsung. There are a plethora of cases, whatever your preference and needs may be. Let's take a look at each case individually, along with the pros and cons. With each Galaxy flagship, Samsung offers a slew of OEM covers at launch. This year we have quite a s

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2018-03-20 10:32:33

The Latest News & Rumors on Huawei's Upcoming P20, P20 Pro & P20 Lite  

As we approach the end of Q1 2018, rumors are swirling around Huawei's next P series devices. This year might be different, though. Not only because rumors indicate an industry-first feature, but there's also a possibility that this year's P series will be the first to officially launch in the US. For our US readers unfamiliar with Huawei's lineup, the company releases two flagships each year, the P series and the Mate series. Similar to Samsung with its Note and Galaxy S flagships, the Mate s

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2018-03-20 10:08:22

Makers of Ghostbusters World Scare Up Sneak Peek of Gameplay Footage  

Sony's Ghost Corps, the caretaker of the Ghostbusters franchise, just released some pre-alpha gameplay footage from the upcoming Ghostbusters World location-based AR game to whet the appetites of would-be hunters of the paranormal. Built on the new Google Maps API, the game looks about as similar to Pokemon GO as expected. Players navigate a map of their surrounding outdoor environment, with various ghosts floating around the map instead of pocket monsters. To reveal nearby ghosts, players u...

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2018-03-20 09:39:20

The Best Camera Settings to Use on Your Galaxy S9  

One of the biggest improvements with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is the redesigned camera, with the latter scoring an impressive 99 overall on DxOMark. But with an abundance of features and enhancements, tweaking the camera's settings for optimal performance can be a little confusing. Though the settings menu for your S9's camera may seem a little intimidating at first, its bark is actually worse than its bite. From the dual aperture modes to the new Super Slow-Mo camera, there's a setting for every

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2018-03-20 08:17:24

How 'Ready Player One' Used Microsoft's HoloLens to Help Build Its VR Cinematic Universe  

A funny thing happened on the way to the release of the virtual reality epic Ready Player One — augmented reality grabbed a major piece of the spotlight. Specifically, Microsoft's HoloLens. It all started last week when the film's director, Steven Spielberg, was quoted in an interview saying that the Oculus Rift had been used in the production of the film. Sounds fairly unremarkable, until you remember that the film's producers have struck an official marketing partnership with Oculus' chief...

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2018-03-20 06:11:34

How to Dress Up Jeans  

While jeans are traditionally considered casual wear, the right pair can easily be dressed up for your next Casual Friday, romantic date, or night out with friends. As long as you start with the right jeans, you can create a dressy look with the right top, shoes, and accessories.

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2018-03-20 04:09:54

Google Opens ARCore Floodgates with AR Section on Play Store & Exclusive AR Apps from eBay, Lowe's &  

In the weeks following Google's AR toolkit launch last month, the availability of quality ARCore apps has been somewhat limited. That changed on Tuesday, as a flurry of new and updated apps arrived on the Play Store, including some AR experiences available exclusively on Android. Google highlighted several apps and games via a blog post, as well as a special editorial section dedicated to AR and a collection of AR apps on the Play Store. Among the Android apps gaining ARCore functionality are

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2018-03-20 04:09:12

Resolution Games Ports Popular Fishing Game from VR to Augmented Reality  

Having pushed more than two million downloads of its Bait! game for the Gear VR and Daydream platforms, VR developer Resolution Games is bringing the virtual fishing fun to augmented reality. Scheduled for release in 2018, Bait! Under the Surface opens up fishing holes in a user's floor or street. It's all the joys of ice fishing without the freezing cold and risk of hypothermia! The game will be available for iOS and Android devices, utilizing the respective AR toolkits of the mobile operati

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2018-03-20 03:31:08

Facebook 101: How to Delete Your Account & Scrub Your Data  

With the news that Cambridge Analytica obtained over 50 million Facebook users' information without their consent, there are no doubt many of us considering that terrifying yet alluring endgame — deleting Facebook. While difficult to figure out, deleting your Facebook account is actually a quick affair. You just need to know where to look. Now, they say nothing on the internet can be erased, but besides the odd message here and there kept by your Facebook friends, your data will be destroyed...

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2018-03-20 03:08:22

How to Train an Australian Shepherd  

Australian shepherds are herding dogs that are popular pets. They are very intelligent dogs that thrive when thoroughly trained. To train an Australian shepherd you should focus on rewarding good behavior and reinforcing training with repetition and consistency. With some time and effort, your Australian shepherd will be a wonderfully trained companion for years to come.

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2018-03-20 03:03:32

How to Hack WPA & WPA2 Wi-Fi Passwords with a Pixie-Dust Attack Using Airgeddon  

Design flaws in many routers can allow hackers to steal Wi-Fi credentials, even if WPA or WPA2 encryption is used with a strong password. While this tactic used to take up to 8 hours, the newer WPS Pixie-Dust attack can crack networks in seconds. To do this, a modern wireless attack framework called Airgeddon is used to find vulnerable networks, and then Bully is used to crack them. When attacking a Wi-Fi network, the first and most obvious place for a hacker to look is the type of network enc

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2018-03-20 02:58:32

Samsung Internet 101: How to Use Extensions to Block Ads, Scan QR Codes, & More  

Samsung Internet offers excellent features that enhance the mobile web browsing experience, often through its extensions. A QR code scanner, ad blockers, tracker blockers, and more work directly in the browser, so you can do exactly what you want to do on the web. Don't feel you need to have all of these extensions enabled at the same time. You might find you want to utilize all that Samsung Internet has to offer. Others might simply want one or two of the extensions on this list. Luckily, Sam

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2018-03-19 18:31:09

Creator Portal Confirms Magic Leap One Runs on Nvidia Tegra Chip  

While much of the technical specifications of the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition still remain a mystery, some clues to its internals are hidden among the guides in the now freely-accessible Creator Portal. An article titled "NVIDIA Tegra Graphics Debugger" appears to confirm that Magic Leap One (or ML1 for short) will contain an Nvidia Tegra processor. The customized version of the Nvidia Tegra Graphics Debugger for Android enables developers to optimize OpenGL applications. In its overview

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2018-03-19 17:55:11

How to Increase Performance for Individual Apps on Your Galaxy S9  

Samsung's Galaxy S9 is a powerhouse, driven by the Snapdragon 845. Still, this SoC lags behind the A11 Bionic chip that's inside the iPhone X — meaning you'll need a few tricks in order to squeeze out some extra performance from your phone. Fortunately, there's an app made by Samsung that will help you do just that. Game Tuner is a Samsung-created app that helps performance across all Galaxy devices — including the Galaxy S9. Even though it's called Game Tuner, it can increase performance ...

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2018-03-19 17:16:58

Magic Leap Opens Creator Portal & SDK to Developers  

Magic Leap has reached a major milestone in the lead-up to the launch of its Magic Leap One: Creator Edition by opening access to its developer portal and software development kit (SDK) to all developers. In a Twitter post, the company announced that it has made the "technical preview" of its Creator portal and the Lumin SDK available just in time for the first day of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. "We are excited to invite creators, artists, innovators and developers to com

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2018-03-19 11:29:51

How to Disable Those Annoying 'Displaying Over Other Apps' Notifications on Your Galaxy S9  

The Galaxy S9 is now available worldwide. We ran through several Android P features already on the Galaxy S9 and even took a look at a few hidden things you might not know about. While you're likely loving your new phone, there are a few concerns with any new device. One possible issue is the new persistent Android System notifications on the Galaxy S9. If you're coming from an older Android phone, you probably noticed the new Android System notifications in the notification shade on your new

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2018-03-19 08:22:02

How to Organize a Small House  

When you're living in a tiny house, efficiency apartment, or other compact abode, you'll need to make the most of each nook and cranny to ensure you have enough room for everything. Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks you can use to maximize your space without compromising on style.

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2018-03-19 07:34:09

How to Treat Knee Inflammation  

If your knee is red, swollen, sore, or warm to the touch, it is inflamed. Inflammation in the knee can be caused by a lot of different conditions, such as arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, or an injury to the muscles or tendons around the knee. Once the knee is injured, inflammation begins as the knee starts to heal itself. Treating minor inflammation in the knee can usually be done at home with some general care and lifestyle changes. However, if you have ongoing or intense inflammation, you sho

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2018-03-19 06:46:04

Google Assistant 101: Make Google Home Remind You to Pick Up Eggs When You're at the Grocery Store  

If you have some experience in the Google world, you'll know that Google Assistant has had location-based reminders since it dropped nearly two years ago. Before that, Google Now offered the same feature. Even with that precedent, you've never been able to ask Google Home to remind you to, say, pick up eggs when you reach the grocery store. That is, until now. Google announced Mar. 14 that its Home line of smart speakers will now be able to accept requests to create location reminders. When yo

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2018-03-19 05:22:50

How to Fix Yellow Tap Water  

If you notice yellow discoloration in your tap water, you may worry about whether it is safe to drink and how to fix the problem. In most cases, however, yellow water is both harmless and easy to treat. Deciding whether your water provider or your internal plumbing has turned the water yellow is the first step to take. Then, once you've found the cause, hire a professional to help you decide on the best treatment option.

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2018-03-19 04:38:46

Rumor Roundup: Everything We Know About the Galaxy S10  

The Galaxy S9 didn't even reach store shelves before fans and commentators were already musing about its follow-up. It's no secret Samsung's newest device, as impressive as it is, is little more than an upgrade to last year's S8. To satisfy our need for revolutionary, technological change, we look to 2019. Name Change, No More "S?" First thing's first — it's entirely possible there won't be an S10. That doesn't mean Samsung will hold back a release next year, rather the company may decide t...

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2018-03-19 03:08:14

AR Startup Avegant Shuffles Leadership, Cuts Staff, Report Says  

Augmented reality hardware maker Avegant has reportedly laid off between 20 and 30 employees, with founder Edward Tang returning to the CEO role at the company. Citing unnamed sources, The Verge reported on Saturday that Avegant reduced its staff last month to 20 employees, mainly in research and development. Avegant found & CEO Edward Tang. At the same time, Joerg Tewes stepped aside as CEO after more than three years of service. Previously, Tang sat at the head of the table for the company

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2018-03-19 02:22:32

Unity, Unreal Engine & Mozilla Partner with Magic Leap as SDK Rolls Out to Developers  

Following the surprise release of Magic Leap's SDK on Monday, March 19, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Mozilla followed up by announcing official partnerships with the company. "We are proud to partner with Magic Leap to integrate the Magic Leap platform with Unity," Unity announced on its official blog. "For all creators looking to get started today, we're thrilled to make available the Unity Technical Preview and the Lumin SDK available on the Magic Leap Creator Portal!" Unity even offers a shor

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2018-03-19 01:14:03

Google Maps 101: Find a Wheelchair Accessible Route  

Google is constantly changing and updating its apps to make the lives of its users easier. Google Maps is no exception, as the company now includes options for wheelchair accessible transportation routes. From now on, you can set a trip with accessibility as a priority with Google's popular transit app. While Google claims the feature is only available to a handful of cities at this time (London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney), users on Reddit have pointed out the feature is

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2018-03-19 01:02:05

How to Easily Share Your Wi-Fi Password with a QR Code on Your Android Phone  

The first question people ask me when they come to my apartment is usually "What's your Wi-Fi password?" While I'm happy to give my friends free access to the internet, it's hard to walk each person through my secure password. Luckily, there's a way to create a QR code that will let people easily connect to a Wi-Fi network. By using a simple Android app, you'll be able to easily create a QR code that you can then share with anyone you want. When the other person scans this QR code, they'll be

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2018-03-19 01:01:01

How to Celebrate Environment Day at School  

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated each year on June 5. Like Earth Day, it's a day to learn about the environment, participate in conservation activities, and learn about ways to help in the future. To celebrate at school, you can commune with nature, create new environmental programs, use nature-centered lesson plans, and work on earth-centered activities.

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2018-03-18 11:51:40

How to Get Rid of the 'Apps Are Using Battery' Notification on the Galaxy S9  

Samsung's Galaxy S9 is officially on sale, so we ran through its best software features and even took a look at a few hidden things you might not know about. A new phone is always exciting, but there are a few annoying issues with any device. One such issue is the new persistent Android System notifications in Android Oreo on the Galaxy S9. If you're coming from an older Android phone, you may have noticed the new Android System notifications in the notification shade on your new Galaxy S9. Th

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2018-03-18 10:52:04

Hide the Navigation & Status Bars on Your Galaxy S9 — No Root Needed  

Putting your Galaxy S9 in Immersive Mode lets you truly enjoy the gorgeous display that Samsung is so famous for. You can't have it set on at all times, however, so you'll still have to deal with the status and navigation bars that cut the phone's aspect ratio down to that of a standard phone. But if you're willing to dig a little deeper, there are ways to go full Immersive Mode on your S9 for good. The good news is the S9 and S9+ now let you hide the navigation bar by double-tapping the tiny

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2018-03-18 10:35:37

Everything to Do When You Get a New Phone  

After setting up your phone, there are a number of things you should do immediately before download your favorite apps. Specifically, now that your data is on the device, you need to take steps now to ensure it's both protected and retained. Fortunately, most of these steps are a one-time process. The reason this should be done with your new device is that oftentimes, we will ignore the protection and retention of our data until it is too late. By making theses modifications now, you can be su

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2018-03-18 10:03:07

How to Add Mickey Mouse & Other Custom AR Emojis to Your Galaxy S9  

Samsung introduced AR Emojis in the Galaxy S9, largely as a response to the iPhone X's Animojis. However, they appear to be taking on a life of their own by integrating a variety of custom AR Emojis. Among those are ones from the PyeongChang Olypmics and even Mickey Mouse. By integrating custom AR Emojis, you'll be able to differentiate yourself from all your friends and family who will also be picking up the Galaxy S9. You'll want to pay close attention, though, as more custom AR Emojis are s

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2018-03-18 09:09:32

The Galaxy S9's 'Adapt Sound' Feature Makes Your AKG Earbuds Sound Even Better  

The Galaxy S9 is an audio powerhouse. It has the first set of stereo speakers on a Samsung flagship, and it even comes standard with a set of AKG-tuned earbuds that would normally cost $99. But if you want to further enhance your audio experience, there's a feature that will customize audio output to your own specific hearing. The feature, aptly called Adapt Sound, is hidden deep within the settings menu on your S9 or S9+, but will make a world of difference in audio quality once enabled. As i

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2018-03-18 06:48:43

Hacking Twitter: See Who Unfollowed You with These Apps  

Followers are everything. After all, you need someone to listen to your tweets about last night's episode of your favorite TV show. But what about when people unfollow your account? Not only have you lost part of your follower base, you have no idea who left. Luckily, there are tools out there to help you learn just that, even if Twitter itself won't give up the info. There's a plethora of social media services out there that would love your business, but many of them are tailored towards big

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2018-03-18 05:54:29

How to Set Up Google Voice to Get Visual Voicemail on Your Unlocked Android Phone  

Buying an unlocked phone is usually the correct move. By doing so, you bypass a lot of bloat that carriers put on your phone, and you can also use that phone with another carrier should you decide to switch to a new one. However, a lot of carriers won't give unlocked devices access to their visual voicemail apps. For that, there's Google Voice. Google Voice is a VOIP call forwarding service that gives you a free number that's tethered to your Gmail account. It comes packaged inside the Google

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2018-03-18 05:08:57

How to Paint Furniture White  

White furniture is perhaps the easiest color to incorporate into your home. It can easily add a touch of simplicity and refinery to any space, and coordinates well with any other color you may choose to decorate your home. Painting furniture white on your own also presents a more affordable alternative to buying new furniture or requesting the services of a renovator. Sanding and priming the furniture, painting it, and applying a finisher are part of performing the best possible job and getting

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2018-03-18 04:07:18

How to Stealthfully Sniff Wi-Fi Activity Without Connecting to a Target Router  

Identifying vulnerable devices and services on a target network can be difficult without leaving traces behind since hackers primarily attack the router first before doing any further investigating. However, there is a way to covertly decrypt and view someone's Wi-Fi activity without ever connecting to their wireless network. When focusing on the router first, hackers will brute-force a WPA handshake or phish for a Wi-Fi password, and once they get the credentials, they begin mapping and finge

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2018-03-18 03:49:31

How to Keep Hamster Teeth Healthy  

Are you worried about your fuzzy friend's dental health? Hamsters are great pets that are typically easy to care for. However, they are prone to dental problems because their front teeth grow consistently throughout life. If hamsters don't wear down their teeth enough, the teeth can become overgrown, infected, and painful. In order to keep your hamster's teeth healthy, you should give them preventative care, be on the lookout for signs of infection, and get your pet dental care if a problem occu

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2018-03-18 03:34:33

How to Join the Army Corps of Engineers  

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is one of the world's largest employers of engineers and other technical roles. If you want to join USACE, you just need to decide which job is right for you. USACE hires both civilian workers and active duty military personnel. If you want to take a civilian job, make sure that you have the right experience before applying through the federal government. If you would like to work as a combat engineer, you will need to join through the Army.

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2018-03-17 15:19:24

Market Reality: Magic Leap's Branding Comes into Focus, Google Backs AR Cloud, & L'Oreal Takes Over AR Beauty  

Noted poet T.S. Elliot once wrote that "April is the cruelest month." But Magic Leap might argue that March is the most miserable, as the Ides of March brought more legal woes to augmented reality startup. Elsewhere, its closely-held branding secrets have been spilled by way of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). March isn't bad for every business in augmented reality, as AR cloud startup Blue Vision received a vote of confidence from Google by way of funding, and ModiFace cashed in vi

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2018-03-17 13:24:05

How to Get ALL of Your Data onto Your New Android Phone  

Setting up a new Android phone can be a pain. Although Google has some automated features, it does not restore everything. When it comes to transferring certain types of data like files and SMS logs, it's even trickier. By following our steps, you can be sure that you all your data will follow you to your new device. We strongly recommend that you double check both phones to make sure that all data from the old phone made it to the new one. Unless you are pressed for time (such as if you are s

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2018-03-17 11:13:33

5 Relatively Hidden Galaxy S9 Features You Should Know About  

If you recently received your new Galaxy S9 or S9+, you're probably excited to try out all of the features the flagship offers. While many of the features are self-explanatory and easy to access, there are a handful of very useful items that Samsung has buried in the settings menu. Enabling these hidden features will help you unlock the true power of your new device. Samsung packs a ton of features into their flagship devices. This can be a compelling reason to buy their phones, but also a bit

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2018-03-17 07:25:28

How to Make Rainbow Waffles  

Add a creative twist to your breakfast by making rainbow waffles, which are pretty simple and quick to make. These waffles are also great for St. Patrick's Day or for a child's birthday.

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2018-03-17 07:20:03

How to Grow Daylilies  

Daylilies come in a large assortment of colors, have a long blooming season, require very little care, and can adapt to a number of different climates and habitats. For these reasons, daylilies are a favorite of home gardeners, and they have even been nicknamed the "perfect perennial." By planting your daylilies carefully and taking steps to maintain them, you can successfully grow these lovely plants.

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2018-03-17 02:05:26

How to Switch Your Galaxy S9's Navigation Bar to Black  

We recently ran down several hidden features on the Galaxy S9 — items that are buried deep within the settings menu that can be tricky to find. One thing that many users cannot find is the option for a black navigation bar. Unfortunately, this option does not exist in Samsung's stock settings. But this is Android, so with a bit of developer magic, we can easily regain the black navigation bar in no time. Before we begin, there is one potential downside to a black nav bar. Samsung left out th...

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2018-03-17 01:49:57

Spotify 101: How to Use Voice Commands to Play Artists, Playlists & More on Your iPhone  

One weakness that Siri has is its lack of compatibility with third-party apps (though Apple is working on it). For instance, if you ask Siri to play music on Spotify, she'll tell you point-blank that she can't do it. While you can pause and skip Spotify tracks using Siri, there's not much else you can do — but Spotify has its own voice assistant to fill the gap. In a recent update to the Spotify Music app for iPhone, Spotify has added the ability to use voice commands to control its entire l...

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2018-03-17 01:45:32

How to Hack Open Hotel, Airplane & Coffee Shop Wi-Fi with MAC Address Spoofing  

After finding and monitoring nearby wireless access points and devices connected to them, hackers can use this information to bypass some types of security, like the kind used for Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, hotels, and in flights high above the ground. By swapping their MAC address for that of someone already connected, a hacker can bypass the MAC filter and connect freely. Password-free networks are common in public spaces, allowing anyone to initially join the network without needing to

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2018-03-16 16:49:54

iOS 11.3 Beta 6 Released for iPhone with Minor Patches & Bug Fixes  

Apple released the sixth beta for iOS 11.3 on Friday, March 16. It comes as a surprise, considering the company released the fifth beta only four days ago — an unexpectedly short time between updates. This new beta, much like beta 5, appears to bring minor patches and bug fixes. Those who are a developer or public beta tester with a valid configuration profile can download the latest beta right now. Jump to "General" in your Settings app, tap on "Software Update," then follow the on-screen i...

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2018-03-16 16:42:16

How to Remove Facial Hair Permanently  

If you have unwanted hair on your face, you've probably dreamed of getting rid of it forever. You may have tried other treatments, including creams or laser hair removal, only to be disappointed when you discovered they are not permanent. The only FDA-approved treatment for permanent hair removal is electrolysis, which uses shortwave radio frequencies to destroy the hair follicle. Even with electrolysis, some hair regrowth may occur after a few years. If you're interested in trying electroly...

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2018-03-16 14:02:08

Apple May Bring TrueDepth Camera to More iPhone Models & iPad Pro This Year, Analyst Says  

Apple's TrueDepth camera made its debut in the premium-priced iPhone X late last year, and since then, the reviews have been pretty positive. Now, Apple might be preparing to make the Animoji-friendly sensors available in more iPhones, as well as the iPad Pro, later this year. As Barron's reports, Rosenblatts analyst Jun Zhang has issued his own report that predicts Apple will release a 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display and TrueDepth camera alongside a more premium (and possibly gold-tinted)

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2018-03-16 10:40:56

L'Oreal Acquires Leading Augmented Reality Makeup Provider ModiFace  

The cosmetics industry faced a rude awakening on Friday as beauty behemoth L'Oreal gobbled up ModiFace, one of the leading providers of augmented reality technology to the cosmetics industry (price details for the acquisition were not disclosed). As part of the company's ongoing digital strategy, L'Oreal expects to extend ModiFace's augmented reality and artificial intelligence tools to its 34 brands, which include Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, Urban Decay, Maybelline, and more. In addition, Mod...

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2018-03-16 06:54:41

Google Assistant Doesn't Work with Your Account? Here's What to Do  

If your virtual assistant can't assist you, what's the point? Anyone who has ever failed to activate Google Assistant knows the frustration that error screen can be. But there are solutions for this problem — "The Google Assistant isn't available for this account" is one message you can actually avoid. Veteran Android users know how good Google Assistant can be, while those trying to set up their phone for the first time have probably heard how Siri doesn't hold a candle to Google's digital ...

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2018-03-16 05:12:25

All the Latest News & Rumors on the LG G7 Successor, Codenamed 'Judy'  

This year looks to bring major changes for LG. After years of an underperforming mobile division, LG is taking a hard look at all its lineups and making some major changes to better compete in the smartphone market. This starts with a revision to the G series which might undergo its biggest year-to-year change. Rumor has it that LG delayed the G7's Mobile World Congress announcement after CEO Jo Seong-jin sent the phone back to the drawing board. While LG did offer a rebuttal to this leak, the

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2018-03-16 04:31:44

Ex-Magic Leap Employee Files Lawsuit Alleging Shady Hiring Practices  

Update, Friday, 9:15 a.m. ET: Magic Leap has responded to the legal complaint referenced in the report below. A spokesperson for the company told Next Reality, "We are confident the complaint is entirely without merit and will vigorously defend the Company against these baseless claims. We believe the lawsuit, which is one of many filed by the same Florida-based law firm, is part of an ongoing effort to exploit Magic Leap's high profile stature and financial resources through blatant abuse of p

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2018-03-16 04:10:57

Google Assistant 101: How to Use Lens to Copy Text Straight from a Book or Document  

While certainly faster than writing by hand, manually typing passages from a book or document can be slow and frustrating. But thanks to Google Assistant, this is no longer the case. Whether you need to quote text for an essay or need to win an online argument, all you need to do is point your phone's camera at the paper and tap a few times. This is all made possible thanks to Google Lens, which is now built right into the Google Assistant for Android devices. The excellent AI by Google picks

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2018-03-16 03:44:06

How to Boot Your Galaxy S9 or S9+ into Recovery Mode or Download Mode  

From veteran modders to casual tinkerers, booting into either recovery mode or download mode is something every Galaxy S9 owner should know about. These two pre-boot menus serve a very important purpose — recovery mode is the go-to solution for soft bricks, while download mode allows you to flash firmware files using utilities like Odin and Smart Switch, which can truly be a lifesaver. Both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ utilize a combination of the Bixby, volume, and power buttons to enter into eith...

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2018-03-16 03:38:39

Fortnite 101: How to Unlock Items in Battle Royale  

While playing Fortnite Battle Royale, you may have noticed a few players wearing different outfits or using fancy dance moves. These are cosmetic items that can only be obtained by unlocking them. However, unlocking items in Fortnite is a little different than many free-to-play games. Fortnite Battle Royale encourages continuous play by making you work for the items you want. Not all cosmetic items are free, but you can earn quite a bit without spending a dime. I'll highlight the best methods

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2018-03-16 03:11:17

Magic Leap Patent Details Spatial Audio That Changes Based on Users' Head Movements  

Just days after Bose did its best to frame a pair of glasses frames with spatial audio as "augmented reality," a patent application from Magic Leap, surfaced on Thursday, March 15, offers a similar idea, but with real AR included. The patent application refers to the Magic Leap feature as "spatialized audio" and details a method of listening to and detecting sounds based on the position of the device wearer's head. "A spatialized audio system includes a sensor to detect a head pose of a liste

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2018-03-16 03:07:17

How to Live with a Narcissist  

Being around a narcissist can be both intoxicating and frustrating. This person has a cocky, no-holds-barred attitude that attracts you to them. At the same time, their infatuation with themself leaves little or no room for you— unless it directly benefits them, of course. It's totally understandable if your relationship with this person makes you really confused. If you want to keep the narcissist in your life around, you will need some coping tricks up your sleeve. Set firm boundaries, learn...

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2018-03-16 03:04:11

Magic Leap Filings Point to 'Magic Shop' Branding for Online Store, L.E.A.P. Creator Conference Event  

Magic Leap's recent flurry of patent applications prompted us to look around for any trademark movements from the company, and it turns out that the Florida-based company has been quite busy. In fact, a number of recent trademark filing updates indicate strong interest in several names that point toward Magic Leap's near-term plans for branding and consumer outreach. Retail A recent job posting from Magic Leap gave us a solid clue that Magic Leap has interest in opening brick and mortar reta

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2018-03-16 02:36:49

How to Say Happy St. Patrick's Day in Gaelic  

A common way of wishing someone "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in the native Irish language is "La fheile Padraig sona dhuit!" If you want to sound like a well-versed Irishman or Irishwoman, though, there are a few other sayings and terms related to the festival that you should know. Here are a few worth reviewing.

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2018-03-16 02:15:51

How to Turn Your Galaxy S9 into a Google Pixel  

Unless you own an Exynos model, there won't be much development on the custom ROM front for the Galaxy S9. But that doesn't mean you have to put up with all of the UI quirks from Samsung Experience (nee TouchWiz). With a little work, you can give your S9 a stock Android makeover, even without root. To be clear, you can't remove TouchWiz. It's baked in to the Galaxy S9's framework, so it's not as simple as installing a custom launcher like Nova or Action. But if you apply several mods in that ...

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2018-03-16 01:04:05

Google Leads $14.5 Million Funding Round for AR Cloud Startup Blue Vision  

The augmented reality cloud and multi-user experiences are shaping up to be one of the hotter areas of augmented reality, and now Google is the latest entity to back these emerging branches of AR. GV (formerly known as Google Ventures), the investment arm of Google parent company Alphabet, is the lead investor in a $14.5 million Series A round for AR cloud startup Blue Vision. The startup used the announcement as an opportunity to emerge from stealth research and development mode, and on Thur

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2018-03-15 16:10:32

Magic Leap Patent Reveals Plans for Sign Language & Text Translation App  

Another piece of Magic Leap's mysterious story has been uncovered thanks to a new patent application revealed on Thursday, March 15. The new patent application descriptions and drawings outline a method of using a head-mounted device to detect and translate sign language. Yet another part of the new patent information details the ability to use the head-mounted device to recognize text on signs and storefronts and have that text translated into information on the headset. Magic Leap is calling

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2018-03-15 14:10:54

How to Disable App Icon Badges & Unread Counts on Your Galaxy S9  

As informative as they can be, the new app icon badges and unread counts on the Galaxy S9's home screen are a little redundant since Android already has a notification center. If you'd rather not have these little dots overlaid on your home screen icons, there's an easy way to disable and hide them. You can thank Android 8.0 Oreo for these new controls. Lucky for you, your brand-new S9 will have Oreo out of the box, so you won't know a world without it. Those without an S9 will have to update

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2018-03-15 13:09:47

Galaxy S8 Oreo Update Rolling Out in the US  

In a huge surprise, Verizon is the first US carrier to push out the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Android Oreo update. The update has been available in international markets for some time now, but this is the first report of a rollout in the United States. We've already ran down all the new features available in Android Oreo, so check out our full coverage if you're interested in those. Several readers over at Droid Life reported that the Galaxy S8 Oreo update hit their device earlier today. It is a b

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2018-03-15 12:49:32

Fortnite 101: How to Livestream Battle Royale Gameplay from Your iPhone to Twitch  

For the past few months, Fortnite has been one of the most-watched games on Twitch, and it's likely to keep a top spot on the livestreaming platform once Fortnite Battle Royale becomes available for smartphones. While there are not any livestreaming capabilities built directly into Epic's mobile version of the game, you can still livestream Battle Royale gameplay from your iPhone to Twitch. While Twitch previously built an SDK for developers to enable livestreaming in their apps, it has since

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2018-03-15 11:16:57

How to Keep Roaches Away from Your Bed  

Roaches are nasty little critters that no one wants running loose anywhere in their home-especially not in their bed. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to keep them out of your bed, and even out of your living space entirely.

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2018-03-15 08:06:16

Developer Brings Street Fighter into Real World as Multiplayer Augmented Reality Mobile Game  

The guy who recreated Super Mario Bros. as a first-person obstacle course is back with an augmented reality take on another classic game. While the previous experiment was built for HoloLens, this time the developer, Abhishek Singh, has come up with an AR version of the classic Street Fighter II for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. A demo video shows that the game can be played on a tabletop with miniature fighters or scaled up to life-sized so your champions can fight on an actual st

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2018-03-15 07:07:07

How to Sit Through Opera  

Whether you're attending your first opera or have attended one before, you may not know how to fully appreciate it. Opera is a musical art form that can evoke profound emotions through its characters, costuming, and music. Even if you've never considered yourself a music buff, you can have an enjoyable night at the opera. By the end of the performance, you may even become a budding opera connoisseur!

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2018-03-15 05:34:46

Finally, You Can Unlock Your S9 Automatically Using a PIN  

It's often the smallest details that determine your overall experience with a smartphone. Unlocking your device with a PIN is an example — and iPhones have had a leg up over Android thanks to their automatic unlocking. Thankfully, this era has finally come to an end with the arrival of the Galaxy S9. Android devices have always required you to confirm your PIN by tapping the "OK" button after entering it, which was one additional step you had to take when compared to using an iPhone. Though ...

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2018-03-15 05:29:58

'Walking Dead' AR Game Powered by Google Maps Coming This Summer, Gameplay Footage Released  

Ever since the announcement of The Walking Dead: Our World game last fall, publisher AMC and developer Next Games have been quiet about the title. Almost too quiet. That silence has now been shattered with the release of a gameplay trailer (see bottom of this page) for the game. The footage confirms that the game will closely follow the Pokemon GO model for location-based AR gaming. Next Games also disclosed that the game will be released on the App Store and Google Play in the second quarte...

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2018-03-15 04:25:13

How to Quickly Disable Fingerprints & Smart Lock in Android P for Extra Security  

Following in iOS 11's footsteps, Android P will include a security feature that lets you immediately disable the fingerprint scanner as well as extended Smart Lock features. After initiating the feature, you will be required to insert your PIN, pattern, or password before any other unlock methods will work again. This is a nice addition to Android since law enforcement officials, muggers, and other would-be assailants can force you or trick you into to unlocking your smartphone with your finge

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2018-03-15 04:14:40

How to Make the Volume Buttons on Your Galaxy S9 Control Media Volume by Default  

Most phones adjust the ringtone and notification volume by default when you press the physical volume buttons. If media is playing, then the volume rocker will adjust media volume — but only after the first few seconds played at the previous volume level. This has been a point of frustration for many years, but thankfully, the Galaxy S9 lets you change the default volume control. It's super simple to make your S9's volume buttons control media volume by default. To do so, head to settings an...

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2018-03-15 03:57:32

Apple's WWDC Invite Tells Us That 2018 Edition Will Be All About Augmented Reality  

Historically, Apple loves to drop hints about its major upcoming events through clues included on its invitations. Those invites usually require a good bit of deciphering to connect the dots, but in the case of Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 invite, the topic is immediately obvious: it's augmented reality. In the past, Apple has used subtle dashes of color and iconography to foreshadow the spotlight topic, but in this latest invite, we see an all-white assemblage

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2018-03-15 03:09:27

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