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Brain Zaps May Help Curb Tics of Tourette Syndrome   
The procedure, called deep brain stimulation (DBS), improved tic severity by nearly half in 171 patients with uncontrolled Tourette symptoms at 31 hospitals in 10 countries.
Reduce Legal Blood-Alcohol Limit to Cut Drunk Driving Deaths: Report   
All states should lower legal blood alcohol levels for drivers from 0.08 to 0.05 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reported.
Don't Rely on Just One BP Test for Kids: Study   
They found that nearly 25 percent of children and teens who had their blood pressure checked by their primary care doctor had readings in the high range, but less than half of those readings were confirmed when their blood pressure was checked again.
More badass 'Black Panther' footage surfaces about a month before its release  
With the much-hyped Black Panther less than a month away from its release, Marvel is unloading all the footage it can to drum up even more enthusiasm for The Universe's latest chapter. [RELATED1] New footage of the flick is featured in three new TV spots released over the weekend. Click to the 30-second mark in each of the following clips to see the new hints toward the movie's plot. Creed director Ryan Coogler's biggest project yet is the first MCU movie of 2018, and the six...
By ICIM member Jerry Tennant, MD: Why is voltage so important for us to live a healthy pain free lifestyle?  
  When talking about pain management, I often refer to energy medicine as a modality to aid in the healing process. We require stored energy in the body for daily living. This energy comes through our water, food, nutrition and exercise. If we become ill or are in chronic pain, a lot of our body's energy is [...]
Cycling Won't Sabotage a Man's Sex Life: Study   
The new research on men surveyed 2,774 cyclists, 539 swimmers and 789 runners. All completed several research-validated questionnaires about sexual health, prostate symptoms, urinary tract infections, genital numbness and saddle sores, among other factors.
What's the difference between HIIT and Tabata?  
Tom Holland is a Connecticut-based exercise physiologist, certified sports nutritionist, and CEO and founder of TeamHolland. Holland explains everything you need to know about HIIT and Tabata. Men's Fitness: What's the difference between HIIT and Tabata? Tom Holland: When I coach people for Ironman, marathons, running, or any type of aerobic activity, HIIT allows athletes to get more work at a higher intensity than if they did it steady-state. By having those rest intervals, you spend mor...
Watch: Tom Hardy gets taunted in 'Venom' set video  
Tom Hardy just can't catch a break on the set of Venom. Filming has been rolling along on the Sony/Marvel movie for a couple months, and the latest look at the set shows Hardy and actor Scott Haze shooting what could be a key scene in the film. [RELATED1] Much like the previous photos and video that have come out from production, Hardy's character, Eddie Brock, appears to struggle for control of his own body as Haze's yet-unnamed character hovers over him. All the while, a third, mys...
By ICIM Member Cathie Lippman, MD: Get A Jump On Flu Season  
  It is flu season again.  Here are recommendations to strengthen your immune system so you don't get the flu in the first place.  I know many people who have the flu after they get the vaccine.  I believe these methodologies, when utilized together, work better. Sleep I put sleep first because it is the aid [...]
Parents, Be Warned About Button Batteries: Doctor   
When a doctor in the Netherlands tweeted this stark X-ray shot of a "button" or "disk" battery lodged in a child's esophagus, people took notice. Her post has been retweeted more than 8,000 times since early January.
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