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Designer Handbag Reviews - PurseBlog

PurseBlog reviews luxury designer handbags and accessories in a daily editorial. Daily reviews and recommendations of designer handbags and purses.

Check Everyone Off Your List With Gucci Gifts at Every Budget  

For the luxury lover, there’s nothing better than seeing that perfectly wrapped box from your favorite designer sitting under the tree, just begging to be opened. The anticipation of what lies inside is just as exciting as the gift itself. While many think that a luxury gift means shelling out thousands, and yes, it often does, our favorite luxury brands also offer a slew of gifts at a variety of... Source

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2022-12-07 21:00:13

Stars Stun While Enjoying the Holiday Season in Bottega Veneta, Versace and More  

Last week saw a variety of bags, but they were seriously lacking in the color department. While this week’s stars are back to showing off some colorful carries, there was one hue in particular that they seemed to gravitate towards. Shades of blue made the rounds this week, from Bottega Veneta to Hermès; it seems that celebs are having a blue Christmas season. This week we also saw a rare stateside... Source

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2022-12-07 18:00:52

Louis Vuitton Teases Its Upcoming Collaboration With Yayoi Kusama  

Since the beginning, Louis Vuitton has had a strong connection to the arts, helping to pioneer the musing of both the fashion and art worlds through partnerships and collaborations. The brand has worked with many renowned artists since its founding in 1854, and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is just one of them. In 2012, Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama released a limited-edition collection of the... Source

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2022-12-07 16:00:13

Modern and Timeless, Introducing the Giorgio Armani La Prima  

Giorgio Armani’s passion and style are nothing new – it is at the core of his ethos and brand. The sleek sensibility and distinguished beauty create the enchanting world of Giorgio Armani. While you may be more familiar with its clothing, we are here to discuss its bags. This is our view and introduction to the world of Giorgio Armani La Prima bags. The La Prima was first designed by Giorgio... Source

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2022-12-06 22:00:19

These Brands Make Corduroy Look Cooler Than Ever  

When I used to think of corduroy, I’d think of a hideous pair of pants that my grandmother made me wear every single winter throughout elementary school. They were warm, yes – but the vertical chords of the fabric somehow highlighted the already awful cut of the pants and made them somehow seem even nerdier than if they were just simply ugly on their own. Every time I wore them, I felt I looked... Source

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2022-12-06 21:00:49

Hermès Leather Comparison: Togo vs. Clemence  

In a previous article on Hermès leathers, I touched on the similarities and differences between Togo and Clemence. Recently, I was asked which one I prefer and why. Based on the many times I have been asked that question (and the countless PurseForum threads on this exact topic), it seems like many Hermès fans have similar questions. Togo and Clemence do indeed have several similarities... Source

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2022-12-06 15:00:43

The Best Bags in the Wild We Spotted in Atlanta Last Week  

We’re heading south once again to Georgia’s capital to see what southern belles were carrying as the start of the holiday season kicked off. Each time we spend an afternoon strolling around ATL, we’re more and more impressed with the variety of bags. Today we’re bringing you a little bit of everything from affordable indie bags to fan favorites like the Dior Saddle bag and the Louis Vuitton Alma... Source

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2022-12-05 21:00:43

All that Glitters is Gold for Prada Holiday  

The joy of dressing and picking out the perfect bag increases tenfold around the holidays, a time of year filled with cheer and happiness. With all of the holiday parties and events, having a collection that embodies the delightful nature of the season brings additional excitement. Prada offers a gold and crystal-filled collection this season to allow you to shine. No really, you can shine with... Source

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2022-12-05 18:00:14

Designer Spotlight: Brandon Blackwood Bags  

It takes a lot to launch a new handbag brand. In addition to competing with fashion’s sacred assembly of luxury houses boasting a carefully curated selection of popular styles, now more than ever, emerging designers are flooding the market. And these brands all claim to offer something different that is set to make bag lovers swoon. Every so often, a label comes along that does just that. Source

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2022-12-05 15:00:47

Do You Prefer Matte Leather Or Leather With a Slight Sheen?  

I recently talked to a friend who was considering purchasing a new black bag when she posed a question that left me stumped for a minute, as it was one I’m not often asked. And trust me, I get asked A LOT, and I mean a lot, of questions about bags. The bag chatter begins whenever someone learns what I do for a living. They want to know what the hottest bag is right now, what designer is most... Source

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2022-12-02 18:00:30

Miu Miu is the Brand of the Year  

Earlier this year, I declared that Miu Miu was having a moment, and that momentum continued throughout the year on the heels of the brand’s viral mini-skirt moment. Miu Miu has now been named the number-one brand of the year by Lyst. The Lyst Index is a quarterly report that analyzes the online shopping habits of shoppers around the world. It takes data from sales, Google searches... Source

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2022-12-02 15:00:39

Detox Your Wardrobe With The Row  

When on the hunt for a new bag, be it on retail or resale, do you ever find yourself aggressively scrolling through options without actually knowing what it is that you’re looking for? It’s something I’ve been facing quite a bit as of late. As an exclusive buyer of the pre-loved market, I know that bargains don’t come easy. Neither do they wait for you to make up your mind. After all... Source

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2022-12-01 21:00:41

My Latest Obsession Is Loewe Bag Charms  

While I am already a major Loewe fangirl, so much so that I think 2023 should be the year of more Loewe bags for all, I’ve never fully committed to being a bag charm girl. I like a charm fine, but I’ve only recently begun to get back into them. As I am surrounded by more and more people with similar designer bags, I’ve found that we can stand out by adding a charm or strap to change our bag up. Source

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2022-12-01 18:00:14

CC 161: Checking Back in With the Dior Obsessed Jokester  

In today’s installment of Closet Confessionals, we are checking back in with CC 68, whose bag collection has doubled in value since we last heard from him. As for the number of bags he owns? CC 161 now owns an amazing 72 bags, and we’ve got some stunning photos of them for you today. Two things remain true; CC 68/161’s sense of humor and obsession and love for bags—particularly Dior! Source

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2022-12-01 15:00:13

Celebs Favor Hermès, Hermès and More Hermès as November Winds Down  

While you were helping yourself to a second plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, celebs were out and about doing what they do best: carrying their best bags and looking good doing it. This week, stars overwhelming reached for their holy grails, and we saw lots and lots, and yes, lots of Hermès. Plus, as November winds down and December begins, the temps begin to drop, and stars show off their favorite... Source

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2022-11-30 21:00:51

The Rarest Bags from Christie’s In Time for the Holidays  

With Thanksgiving behind us, the season of shopping for others (and, let’s be honest, for ourselves) is here, and it’s time to create our dream wishlists. Every year, my holiday list includes something from Christie’s Auction House. Every year, Christie’s has an extravagantly delightful auction to kick off the shopping season with the rarest and most sought-after handbags. This Handbags Online... Source

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2022-11-30 18:17:02

The New Gucci Aphrodite Bag Links Elements of Past and Present  

Gucci’s Cruise 2023 show was nothing short of groundbreaking. In true Alessandro Michele fashion, no detail was left out. Everything from the collection’s styling to the lovely backdrop of Italy’s historic Castel del Monte in Puglia, Italy, felt methodical and intricately planned. Overall, the collection was a stunning presentation of archival elements mixed with modern components. Source

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2022-11-30 15:00:03

The Coach Demi Bag Will Make You Feel Young Again  

Flashback to over half my life ago, when I would go to the mall with my friends and dream of owning a Coach bag. When I begged my parents for said Coach bag and finally got it, I can arguably say that Coach put me on this path to where I am right now – over 17 years deep into a job that didn’t exist at the time, one that we created. So, when I say that seeing the Coach Demi Bag return brings me... Source

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2022-11-29 19:00:58

Balenciaga’s Major Downfall: The Scandal Over Recent Ad Campaigns  

While fashion is meant to break barriers, and often a campaign is intended to invoke feelings and more profound thoughts, what happened with the latest Balenciaga campaigns is something few would have expected. The images of children with teddy bear bags with leather BDSM-like straps were jarring, to say the least, yet there was more. Balenciaga under Demna has been filled with plenty of... Source

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2022-11-29 17:00:21

How Much Are People Willing to Spend on Luxury Goods?  

An informal survey of a group of New York women in their early to mid-30s regarding how much they’re willing to spend on luxury goods virtually yielded a single answer: the limit does not exist. As oddly funny as the reply is, it’s certainly in line with what Vogue’s top editor, Anna Wintour, predicted back in April 2021. At the time, the fashion guru noted the arrival of a post-pandemic... Source

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2022-11-29 15:00:23

Alessandro Michele's Reign at Gucci Comes to an End  

While you were busy making pumpkin pie and shopping the Thanksgiving Weekend sales, news of one of the biggest designer shakeups of the last few years hit. Gucci announced Wednesday that creative director Alessandro Michele would be leaving the company after rumblings of his possible departure began circulating early last week. Alessandro Michele’s success at the House is one of fashion’s greatest... Source

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2022-11-28 21:00:50

You Might Need One of These Gucci Flora Items  

A few years ago, I was gifted a Gucci Flora Tote, a bag that was an online exclusive (with the green leather trim) and as I began to carry that bag, it wound up being one of the most complimented bags in my collection. In fact, a mom friend of mine last year bought something from the line after seeing me at school drop-off with the bag, and she was just one of many people who hunted down similar... Source

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2022-11-28 15:00:15

The Best and Most Expensive Advent Calendars for this Holiday Season  

As a kid, our annual advent calendar was probably one of the most exciting things for my siblings and me during the holiday season. Being one of four kids also meant that we had to take turns of who got to eat the chocolate each night, and while I am sure my parents had to put up with a lot of whining and disappointment when it wasn’t our day, but I always remember the thrill of getting to open... Source

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2022-11-23 22:20:28

Hermès Wallets: A Beginners Guide  

It’s that time of year again: holiday shopping. Some gift options are tried, true and beloved, if not downright traditional: socks, ties, and tech gear for men, a piece of jewelry, a scarf or bag for women, perhaps flight or concert tickets, or something-of-the-month club for anyone. Often you will see a wallet as a suggestion on one of those holiday gift guides (hey, I’ve done that). It’s a great... Source

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2022-11-23 16:15:25

The Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales All in One Place  

We’ve reached the Olympics of shopping, everybody! I hope you’ve all trained properly this year and are ready because holiday season shopping has begun. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most major shopping days of the entire year, and each year it feels like the deals start earlier and earlier. Many sales have already begun, and there’s one thing that we know for sure: there are plenty... Source

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2022-11-22 21:00:21

You'll Want to Wear These Coach Winter Essentials All Season Long  

If you live in the northeast, particularly New York, then you probably know what I mean when I say that every year it feels like winter smacks you right in the face — literally. One day it’s 60 degrees and sunny; the next, it’s 40 degrees with a freezing wind chill that you just can’t shake. That’s exactly what happened last week in the city on the day we planned to shoot this editorial on Coach’s... Source

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2022-11-22 15:00:08

Which Vintage Bags Will Trend Next?  

Dior Saddle, Fendi Baguette, Balenciaga City, Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram – you’re no doubt aware of the vintage handbags which have made their way back into the fashion spotlight in recent years. With retro trends at an all-time high, the resurgence of these styles, mostly hailing from the 1990s and early 2000s has been hard to miss. But their reign over our handbag wish lists must come to... Source

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2022-11-21 21:00:23

Celebs Show Off New Bottega Veneta Bags, Birkins and More  

It is almost Thanksgiving, which means it is almost December, which means a few things when it comes to celebs. For starters, they’ll soon take some time off to enjoy the holiday season with their friends and families, which means we’re about to see less movement from our favorite celebs. This also means that the opposite is going on right now, and the photos below prove that to be true. Source

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2022-11-21 18:00:54

'Tis the Season for Velvet Purses, Here's How to Keep Them Clean  

The holiday season is officially here and I know I’m not the only one who couldn’t be more excited to break out their autumn/winter wardrobe. Goodbye linen, hello cozy sweaters, leather jackets, and all the snuggly accessories to match. We could go classic by adding touches of suede or maybe it’ll be more fun to go all in on that trendy shearling stuff. Or let’s try them all; there’s no shortage... Source

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2022-11-18 22:31:07

Currently Coveting This Small Gucci Ophidia (with a Strawberry on Top)  

While most of my days require a larger handbag for all the additional kid items I need to carry around, the days that I get to pare down my bag feel quite liberating, and I have found myself wanting more of those days. Fewer items carried, less of a hassle, and a really lovely little bag is a great setup. While I am supposed to be shopping for everyone except for myself, I found a bag I currently... Source

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2022-11-18 21:28:14

Is Mid-Range the New Luxury?  

Luxury brands and their slew of classic, cult-favorite, and trend-driven bags have possessed a hold over fashion fanatics for decades. With iconic styles from legendary labels garnering hefty price tags and even heftier fanbases, expensive handbags from the most established and exclusive designers have long been heralded as the pinnacle of luxury fashion. But now more than ever... Source

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2022-11-18 15:00:18

Celine Summer 2023 is Hedi Slimane’s Ode to the 2000s  

In 2011 Hedi Slimane released Anthology of a Decade, a collection of photographs taken from 2000-2010 that were a quintessential representation of the turn of the Millenium. Those who came of age during the 2000s will remember the decade for its angsty fashion trends. Think skinny jeans, rocker-chic moto jackets, and the advent of the supermodel off-duty look. Largely influenced by music, fashion... Source

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2022-11-17 20:30:07

An Ode to the Miu Miu of the Early Aughts  

Recently, as I was dressing up for a college presentation, it struck me that I don’t really have a bag that can classify as “sleek.” Don’t get me wrong, I love my Bal Work, and when paired with a tux, it exudes an off-duty edge that’s hard to beat. But the more I came to think of it, the clearer it became – I didn’t actually own anything that could be classified as “on-duty... Source

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2022-11-17 18:00:18

CC 160: The Strictly Secondhand Shopper  

Today’s installment of Closet Confessionals is a truly fascinating one. We meet an Advertising Account Exec in her late thirties who has purchased all of her bags secondhand on a very, very strict budget. For CC 160, shopping for bags is all about the thrill of the hunt and finding that rare diamond in the rough. This confessor’s extensive collection of designer bags is pretty impressive... Source

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2022-11-17 15:00:19

The Best Winter White Bags for 2023  

While I’m the first to say that I love colorful outfits, accessories, and of course, bags, I also love a head-to-toe neutral look. Winter white is one of my favorite outfits to nail, and in the colder months, you can either find me wearing every color under the rainbow or none at all. There is something so innately luxurious about a neutral-colored bag, especially a white one. Not to mention... Source

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2022-11-16 21:00:21

You Can Now Buy a $650 Balenciaga Beer Can(dle) Holder  

I read an opinion on the internet not long ago arguing that Balenciaga is basically just a social experiment. What kind of experiment exactly? Well, it’s twofold. An experiment to see just how far a brand can go and if consumers will still consume. Spoiler alert: they will. Conversely, there’s the argument that Balenciaga’s tricks are merely a way to see the lengths people will go to prove that... Source

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2022-11-16 18:00:54

Which Brand Do You Think is Due for a Renaissance?  

A lot can change in a year, and that sentiment rings especially true when you’re talking about the world of luxury fashion. Just as trends ebb and flow, the mega-popularity of luxury brands does as well. And with the ever-popular game of fashion musical chairs comes not only a change in aesthetics but sometimes an entire brand renaissance. When a new designer takes over at a brand... Source

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2022-11-16 15:00:11

This Fall, the Most Fashionable Footwear is Rubber  

If you had told me five or six years ago that I would happily be walking around in rubber boots when it wasn’t even raining, I wouldn’t have believed you. When I thought of rubber boots, I thought of tall, rain-proof riding boots with a quintessentially British feel—the furthest thing from my style. Of course, that’s not quite wrong, as the origins of rubber footwear come from across the pond. But... Source

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2022-11-15 21:00:07

NM Notice  

Shop and earn! Use code TOGETHER and earn a gift card of up to $600 on your regular-price purchase. Promo ends 11/19/22 at 10:00 PM CT. Source

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2022-11-15 19:08:57

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Side Trunk Bag  

Earlier this year, Louis Vuitton presented its eye-catching Cruise 2023 at the Salk Institute in San Diego, California. It was a perfect day; bright, breezy, and blue skies. The space was the ideal backdrop for this cruise show, which continued Nicolas Ghesquiere’s ongoing tradition of staging the brand’s Cruise shows at some of the world’s most impressive architectural structures. Source

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2022-11-15 18:00:08

Introducing the Loewe Chinese Monochrome Collection  

There’s no stopping Jonathan Anderson and the team at Loewe lately. Season after season, collection after collection, the brand introduces a covetable selection of bags (and accessories) that thrive on both innovation and classicality. It’s that commitment to Loewe’s storied history of craft that shines once again for Pre-Spring 2023. A huge part of the Pre-Spring 2023 selection hails from the new... Source

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2022-11-15 15:00:09

As the Holidays Loom, Celebrities Flaunt Bags From Valentino, Celine and More!  

This week we saw not only a wide variety of bags carried by celebs but also a fun variety of stars! Celebs were out and about promoting projects in New York City, and we’re checking in with a handful of stars we haven’t heard from in a bit. Newly married Lindsay Lohan returns to the big screen and, as a result, returns to our small screens too! Another newlywed celebrated her first anniversary... Source

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2022-11-14 21:00:10

I've Given Up On Buying a Chanel Bag, and I Can't Be The Only One  

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I first set my sights on one day purchasing a Chanel bag. A Chanel Classic Flap in caviar leather in a playful lilac hue, to be precise. And for years I have imagined closing the signature flap, turning the famous CC lock, and swinging this diamond-quilted icon over my shoulder. When I first dreamt of this style as a teenager a decade ago... Source

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2022-11-14 18:00:08

Coach Notice  


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2022-11-14 15:28:47

The Best Bags in the Wild We Spotted in Atlanta This November  

We’re back at it on this fine Monday morning with a fresh new installment of Bags in the Wild! This week, we’re back on the road in Atlanta to see what people were carrying on a beautiful day earlier this month. Fall weather in Atlanta is far different than what we see in New York, so it’s fun to compare the bags and outfits too! We saw plenty of our favorite bags from our favorite brands (think... Source

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2022-11-14 15:00:42

Now Open, The Fabulous World of Dior at Harrods  

Yesterday, The Fabulous World of Dior officially opened at Harrods in London, and this takeover helps celebrate the seventy-year bond between the two established Houses. The other aspect that this takeover hones in on is Christian Dior’s love of holiday festivities, which can be seen throughout. Everything from the entire lit-up facade of the iconic Harrods Brompton Road address to a selection of... Source

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2022-11-11 20:58:13

Chanel Cruise 2023 Bags Are Here and We Are Obsessed  

By now, you probably thought you’d seen it all from CHANEL Cruise 2022/23. From the brand’s stunning show in Monte-Carlo to the iconic replica presentation that took place last week in Miami, there has been no shortage of coverage surrounding the stunning new collection. Following the big Miami blowout, the collection launched in stores and online earlier this week. As usual... Source

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2022-11-11 18:00:01

Introducing the Gucci Good Game Collection  

Alessandro Michele will forever be known as one of the great changemakers of the fashion industry. Since signing on as Creative Director at Gucci, he has made his mark on the storied Italian brand with his unique designs, often playing with iconic house codes and modernizing them by mixing together aesthetics. His latest collection is another representation of those themes... Source

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2022-11-11 15:00:01

Kelly Arifin and Her Hermès Roulis Bag  

We’re finishing out the trio of friends that let us join them on their shopping day in Paris with Kelly Arifin and her stunning Hermès Roulis Lizard Ombre bag. Now, these ladies are bag lovers, which is clear when you check out the bags they were spotted carrying. In my dream world, I am also taking weekend trips to Paris with my friends, but for now, let’s take a closer look at Kelly’s bag and... Source

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2022-11-10 18:00:32

Shock Value – Does it Sell?  

Not every day, a moment in fashion history breaks the Internet. Starting with Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress (accredited with the creation of Google Images) to Lady Gaga’s meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (that still has the vegans flinching), some of these landmarks of style have been truly iconic, others merely whimsical (and sometimes baffling) at best. But arguably... Source

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2022-11-10 15:00:31

Miu Miu’s Holiday Collection Shines  

2022 has been the year of Miu Miu, and its momentum shows no signs of slowing. Call it fate, good timing, or whatever, but since that viral low-rise mini-skirt moment earlier this year, fashionistas just can’t get Miu Miu off the brain. The little sister of Prada, named after Miuccia Prada herself, the Miu Miu movement has been truly chart-topping (last month, the brand jumped two spots on Lyst’s... Source

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2022-11-09 21:00:18

12 Things Kaitlin Would Love to See Under the Tree This Christmas  

I don’t know about you guys, but I simply cannot believe Christmas is less than two months away! Thanksgiving is in a mere two weeks, meaning the holiday shopping season is about to hit overdrive. I haven’t started shopping yet *makes a mental note*, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a list of things I want to see under the Christmas tree this year. Unsurprisingly, I’m looking at my holiday... Source

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2022-11-09 18:00:58

Reviewing My Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Bag  

The Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 immediately caught my eye when it first hit the scene in mid-2021, and it has remained high on my want list for the last 15 months. This petite, hobo-style shoulder bag was first dropped in black only, which was in line with where I saw my collection going at the time. I was looking to replace a black bag that I had recently sold, but as time went on, I realized I didn’t... Source

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2022-11-09 15:00:09

Do You Rotate Your Purses Seasonally?  

As we cruise through fall with Winter knocking at our doors, what’s the first thought that crosses your mind? Like many of you, mine is a “shopping spree!” This, however, is quickly followed by the rather crushing realization that winter in my country doesn’t last long enough for me to justify purchasing warm clothing beyond my pre-existing ensemble of high-school jackets. In fact... Source

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2022-11-08 18:00:12

The Many Chanel Bags People Carried to Chanel Cruise in Miami  

One thing that makes Chanel stand out from other brands is the sheer volume of different bags that are released seasonally. Of course, the classics like the Iconic Flap Bag, Boy Bag, Chanel 19, and more shapes make up the bulk of what we see being carried, but it is the specific variations that make these bags interesting. And there was no better time or place to bag watch than at the Chanel... Source

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2022-11-08 15:00:35

Our Look at Chanel Cruise ’23 from Miami  

Though Chanel first showed its Cruise 2022/23 collection at the Beach Hotel in Monte Carlo, a replica show took place in Miami this past weekend. What is a replica show, you may ask? Well, it is exactly as its name suggests: a replication of a past show in a new venue, and this time it was on Miami Beach in a fully custom set and scene. Vlad and I were invited by Chanel to experience the show and... Source

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2022-11-07 21:00:50

Celebrities Dine Out and Dash Into Members Clubs With Balenciaga and More  

If you live in or have visited New York in the last two weeks, you know that the weather is unreasonably and unseasonably warm. I’m talking about wearing shorts to walk your dog in the morning and sweating by mid-day warm. Last night I left a dinner at 11pm wearing a sleeveless vest and didn’t even need to put on my jacket. It’s truly wild for early November, and it’s not surprising that stars... Source

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2022-11-07 18:00:07

What’s Your Biggest Handbag Regret?  

Anyone who collects anything knows what it feels like to have a few regrets throughout your collecting journey. Sometimes it’s that one particularly wonderful piece you let slip through your fingers, regretting it for years afterward, and other times its a pang of guilt when you purchased something you really thought you wanted, only to find the feelings after actually acquiring it less than... Source

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2022-11-07 15:00:20

Forget Everything You Know About Fall Colors  

Fall often means the emergence of warm and neutral tones in our closets and, subsequently, our handbag collections. From rich chestnut and burgundy colors to classic cream and gray shades. But this year, there’s a noticeably bolder color palette on offer from a host of our favorite labels. Intense, vivid hues have a hold over handbags once more, with brands betting on lucid shades designed to... Source

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2022-11-04 20:00:05

Introducing the MCM München Tote Family  

The necessity of a functional bag does not detract from wanting to be stylish, and MCM knows this. For over forty years, MCM brought recognizable and innovative bag designs and a now easily recognizable signature logo (made most famous on its Cognac Visetos) appearing on many of its products. The MCM München Tote Bag is all about the spirit of the Bavarian capital, Munich, which ties back to... Source

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2022-11-04 17:00:26

The Gucci HA HA HA Collection Just Dropped and We’ve Got the Scoop  

Back in June, news broke that British singer-songwriter and actor Harry Styles would be collaborating on a new collection with dear friend Alessandro Michele and the team at Gucci. Though it feels like we just learned about the collection, today, it’s finally here, and Gucci unveils a deeper look at the collection and its vibe in new campaign images starring Harry Styles himself. Source

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2022-11-04 14:00:09

First Look: Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2023  

A precursor to Spring 2023, Bottega Veneta unveils a look at its Pre-Spring 2023 collection, otherwise known as Resort. This collection, while beautiful, is all about luxury, finished with a sense of realism and a redefinition of what is cool. Matthieu Blazy, Bottega Veneta’s creative director, told Vogue Runway that when designing the collection, the team got together and ruminated: “what do we... Source

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2022-11-03 20:00:37

The Bags You Bought Most in October  

Last month, I shared the items our audience shopped most in September, and the article was very popular (not measured by comments, but by traffic). So going forward each month, we will be giving you a look at the bags your fellow PurseBlog readers purchased most, as indicated by our referred sales to our affiliate partners. This month, the designer bag love continued, as we saw a lot of classics... Source

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2022-11-03 17:00:15

CC 159: The Statistician  

We’re back at it this Thursday morning with a fresh new installment of Closet Confessionals coming to you from Western Australia. Today’s confessor is a late twenty-something statistician working in the academic world. CC 159 changed her life during COVID by acquiring a new job and a move that came along with it. Inevitably, CC 159’s access to bags grew with a salary increase, and it was only with... Source

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2022-11-03 14:00:10

How I Snagged This Bottega Veneta Jodie at the Italian Price  

There are a few things I am not great at (ok, far more than a few), and one of them is finding deals. Ask anyone that knows me, especially Vlad, and he will tell you that I am the opposite of a deal-finder. It’s not something I am necessarily proud of, it is merely something I haven’t spent more time trying to work on, and because of that, you’ll find me paying full price for nearly everything. Source

what do you think?

2022-11-02 20:15:21

Loewe Spotlights Its Anagram Logo for Fall 2022  

Few brands boast the understated luxury of Spanish heritage leather goods maker Loewe. Its incredible attention to detail is nearly unmatched, and Creative Director Jonathon Anderson remains committed to celebrating the brand’s history. While many creative directors aim for major change when signing on at a heritage House, powerhouse designer Jonathan Anderson has enjoyed bringing new life to... Source

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2022-11-02 17:00:19

Prada’s Latest Re-Nylon Bag is a Step Back in Time  

Few brands have nailed the archival trend as well as Prada has, tapping its beloved bags and reviving them for the now. Its fashion’s cyclical nature that allows us to revisit what was once an It-Bag from a brand, delighting handbag lovers with a mix of past and present. Prada has perfected this trend, bringing back some of its most iconic bags and modernizing them for the now. And when it comes... Source

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2022-11-02 14:00:32

Coach’s Pillow Bags Are Having a Moment  

Over the last couple of years, Coach has gotten its groove back, rising to popularity once again, feeling reminiscent of the Coach we all knew (and loved) in the 90s and 2000s. I’ve personally found myself fascinated with the brand’s new aesthetic, which seamlessly melds the old Coach and its iconic DNA with a contemporary, modern feel. This new direction has resonated not only with Coach lovers... Source

what do you think?

2022-11-01 20:00:20

Are Ironic Bags The Next Big Trend?  

What’s up with fashion lately? Every collection seems to boast a cohort of quirky and cartoonish bags that are, above all else, peculiar. Whether it’s Louis Vuitton’s signature key pouches appearing in gigantic form on the runway, JW Anderson’s internet-breaking Pigeon clutch, or the hunger-inducing Balenciaga Lay’s bag which is proving a favorite of Creative Director Demna. Source

what do you think?

2022-11-01 17:00:25

Is Designer Luggage Worth It?  

After a recent trip across the country, I realized that my favorite carry-on duffle was starting to look really worn. It’s a great bag that’s served me well over the years, but it’s definitely seen better days. The holiday shopping season is approaching fast, so I’m officially on the lookout for a suitable replacement and wondering if I should use this opportunity to upgrade to something a little... Source

what do you think?

2022-11-01 14:00:56

Celebs Flit Around With Prada and Chanel Ahead of the Busiest Time of Year  

October is about to come to its close, and before the most wonderful (and busiest) time of the year, we caught up with stars in LA, New York, and beyond. Ahead of the holidays, stars were out and about promoting their latest projects with stops at talk shows, morning shows, and more (with a few workouts in between). We saw a nice variety of bags and even spotted a newbie to the celeb bag scene. Source

what do you think?

2022-10-31 14:00:02

Hermès In the News: Fall, 2022  

A brief update about what’s new and news for Hermès : There has been a lot of buzz that Hermès is going to be increasing its prices anywhere “from 5% to 10%” in the coming months, after also announcing that its 3rd quarter sales were up about 24% to over $3 billion. Reasons cited for the price increase include higher production costs and currency fluctuations (as it usually does). To be honest... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-28 20:00:26

The Best Minimalist Handbags for Fall/Winter 2022  

When it comes to handbag trends and logos, in particular, it often feels like there are two camps: logo lovers and logo haters. There is a gray area, though, and with that gray area comes the belief that there are handbags for certain purposes. While there’s a time and a place for a flashy handbag that screams designer, there’s also a time and a place where a more under-the-radar... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-28 17:00:01

The Best Bags (and Dogs) We Saw at the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Parade  

Over the weekend, the annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade took place. If you’re not from New York, Tompkins Square Park is a very popular NYC park located in the East Village neighborhood of the city. It’s home to one of the city’s most popular (and first) dog runs, and every year it hosts a Halloween dog parade, boasting some of the cutest and most creative doggy costumes. Source

what do you think?

2022-10-28 14:00:55

Michelle Arifin and her Hermès Kelly Chromatic  

We had the pleasure of catching up with three friends on a trip to Paris who were together to share in their friend’s special day for her wedding and get a bit of shopping in. This trio is a bag-loving trio, and we already caught up with Mina and her Louis Vuitton Petite Malle, and this time we are chatting with Michelle and her really special Hermès Kelly bag. Michelle comes from a long line of... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-27 20:42:11

Bottega Veneta Introduces the Certificate of Craft, a Lifetime Warranty Program  

There are certain brands that, while iconic and widely known amongst handbag lovers, somehow remain under the radar and more understated. In a world of logos and in-your-face branding, there is something enticingly captivating about those “if you know, you know” brands, the ones that boast unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Bottega Veneta is one of those brands; its bags will forever be a... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-27 17:00:27

Saint Laurent Gives Its Le 5 à 7 a Soft, Roomy Makeover  

If you ask us, Saint Laurent has been on a roll lately. From the cult-favorite Icare Maxi Shopper to of-the-moment Le 5 à 7 It-Bag, Saint Laurent really feels better than ever right now. The brand knows what works for them and rarely strays, offering fresh takes on successful silhouettes season after season in a color palette that though strong, is to be expected. Don’t just take it from us... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-27 14:00:14

Valentino’s Newest Bag Drops for Resort 2023  

Resort collections typically hit Vogue Runway in June of the year prior to when the collection will release, but this year Valentino did things a little bit differently. Presumably, it was so that its Spring 2023 show, which debuted the brand’s new Monogram, came in with a bang. Resort collections are designed as a precursor to spring, and even though this year’s Valentino Resort collection... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-26 20:00:21

Polène Reimagines Its Icons for Fall/Winter 2022  

Few brands at the contemporary price point reach the level of icon status that Polène has in its less than a decade in business. While in 2018, we listed it as an emerging brand to look out for, in 2022, it’s not just a brand to watch; it’s a brand you won’t be able to ignore. This icon status is not without merit either; its bags are not only incredibly chic and sleek but boast unmatched quality... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-26 17:00:38

Give the Gift of Coach (Re)Loved This Season  

These days, the concept of sustainability and a circular ecosystem are top-of-mind for savvy consumers, and rightfully so. More and more brands are looking for ways to bring a sustainable mindset to their values, and Coach is helping to lead the way. Introduced last year, Coach (Re)Loved calls on the Coach community to trade in pre-loved bags with its Coach (Re)Loved Exchange program. Source

what do you think?

2022-10-26 14:00:24

What Bags Are in Your Fall Rotation?  

Rotating my bags more has been a constant battle since moving to New York City five years ago. In those five years, my collection has doubled in size and changed drastically, as I’ve sold or traded a handful of bags that no longer fit my style. Finding the space to store them all has been an ever-present challenge, but over the summer, I moved into a new apartment with a large closet unit built... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-25 20:00:54

Hermès Brings Civility Back to Its Sale  

Last Friday morning, I pulled into the parking lot right next to the sale showroom Soiffer Haskin and saw a couple loaded with white bags, packing them into the back of an SUV. I rolled down my window. ”How is the sale?” ”Pretty good!” said the woman, smiling. ”Yeah,” her partner added, stuffing the last bag into the back of the Rover and closing the hatch, “…$12,000 later.” Ah, sale time in New... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-25 17:00:48

The Best Bags in the Wild We Saw in the UES This October  

It may be a gloomy Tuesday morning here in New York, but you wouldn’t know if by the stunning roundup of bags we have for you below. While rainy days uptown often means the Upper East Side’s finest trade their walking shoes and window shopping for rainboots and jetting in and out of Ubers, we spent some time on the Upper East Side earlier this month when the weather was looking up. Source

what do you think?

2022-10-25 14:00:42

The Alluring Winter Chanel Pink Tweed  

One of the defining elements of Chanel is tweed, which dates back to the 1920s when Chanel began utilizing the material to create its famed two-piece suits for women inspired by sportswear. Though first not considered a luxury fabric, tweed quickly became synonymous with the brand. The unexpected luxury and diversity of the fabric became evident, and over the years, plenty of bags were given the... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-24 20:31:12

Valentino Introduces a New Monogram Print  

Pierpaolo Piccioli continues to surprise us at Valentino. There was a time not that long ago when his entire collection was based on one color, spanning not only a whole movement of Valentino Pink, but further propelling the Barbiecore trend, but just like that, everything is different. Though the vibrantly blinding hue reigned supreme within the show’s audience, according to Vogue... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-24 17:00:10

Shutterbugs Captured Stars Carrying Fendi, Prada and More  

Fall is in full swing, and celebs are doing what they do best — working, working out, walking dogs, and shopping, all while looking incredibly fabulous with their best bags in tow! In New York, Andy Cohen hosted the annual BravoCon bringing the network’s biggest stars to the city. It’s no secret that the stars of every Housewives franchise carry some of the best bags, and of course... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-24 14:00:26

Mina Chen and Her Louis Vuitton Petite Malle  

A few weeks ago, Hermès opened its new New York City Madison Avenue flagship with a party to be remembered, and we were there to see all of the bags and chat with fellow bag lovers. One person who left a lasting impression on us was the incredibly kind Mina. Mina was in one of our videos sharing the bag she was carrying, while precariously holding a hotdog with ketchup! and mustard! Source

what do you think?

2022-10-21 20:00:18

Introducing Louis Vuitton Artycapucines Chapter 4  

The Capucines, arguably Louis Vuitton’s most popular all-leather bag, was first introduced in Fall 2013. Named after Louis Vuitton’s original Maison, which was located on rue Neuve-des-Capucines, the Capucines was launched during a transitional period for Louis Vuitton. The brand was shifting its collections to include a greater selection of cleaner, minimally branded designs as an alternative to... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-21 17:00:52

Which Bag Brand is Your Favorite This Season?  

There is no other game that fashion enjoys more than the game of musical chairs. Think Riccardo Tisci, who just departed Burberry (where will he go next?), Matthieu Blazy and Maximilian Davis who are new to Bottega Veneta and Ferragamo respectively, and more. Regarding upheavals at big luxury brands, fashion fans and industry insiders alike never cease to be surprised. There have been many changes... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-21 14:00:45

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back at the YSL Mombasa  

Say what you will, but OG bag lovers would certainly agree: the early 2000s were some of the best years in handbag history. The Dior Saddle and the Fendi Baguette had their pop-culture moments under Ms. Bradshaw’s armpits. The fab collab between Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami seeped into the collective conscience as the epitome of “cool-girl chic,” whether it be in the form of the Louis Vuitton... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-20 20:00:55

The Coach Bandit Bag Might Be the Ideal Holiday Party Bag  

Time flies when you’re living life; with that being said, the holidays and everything that comes with them is upon us. This is the first year many of us feel like the holidays will be more normal, with parties and gatherings, which means holiday outfits will start to be planned. Your office party will be back, along with other events and fun, and when it comes to finishing off your look... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-20 17:00:20

Chanel’s Fall 2022 Bags Are Selling Me on Patent Leather  

While we were busy covering everything from the new collections to the street style of fashion weeks around the world, Chanel’s Fall 2022 collection not-so-quietly hit stores. The Fall 2022 collection is all about the spirit of Chanel, celebrating the beauty of feminity. Thus, the collection oozes a certain elegance but also a strong, mysterious power. Fall is all about a rebirth of sorts... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-20 14:00:19

Want It Wednesday: GANNI Knot Satchel  

The hunt for the perfect nylon bag is ever-evolving. Nylon is one of the most versatile materials in the handbag world. Not only is it lightweight and stylish, but it is also incredibly functional. It’s very easy to clean, meaning a nylon bag is one you don’t have to baby, and its casual feel makes nylon super easy to wear and style. Nylon is the perfect grab-and-go material, which is why it is a... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-19 20:00:35

This or That: Prada Cleo or Prada Emblème Bag?  

Like most fashion brands, Prada has undergone many iterations of change in its over a century of business. What began as a family business with humble beginnings in Milan, Italy, is now a multi-billion dollar empire known worldwide for its timeless quality and classic appeal. In the last few years, Prada has focused on change and transformation more than ever before, honing in on its aesthetic and... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-19 17:00:32

Louis Vuitton Outfits Bags in Shearling for Fall/Winter 2022  

Dressing for fall and winter is arguably much more fun than dressing for warm weather. When the opportunity for layering arrives, one can have a lot more fun experimenting with different colors and textures. Not to mention, the deep hues of the colder months, coupled with the rich textures of the season, make winter fashion feel inherently cozy, which is an instant mood booster, in my opinion. Source

what do you think?

2022-10-19 14:00:06

What's Your All-Time Favorite Tote?  

Ah, the tote – the omnipresent staple of the handbag world! The tote has now become such a fixture of our collective wardrobes. The question no longer is, “who is the tote for?” but rather, “who doesn’t have a tote?” Forgiving to every body type and loyal to even the most demanding, type-A lifestyles, the tote is, in many ways, a spirit sister of the backpack. It has been responsibly transporting... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-18 20:00:23

What's Old Is New for Hermès Bags Spring-Summer 2023  

Hermès’ ready-to-wear show means it’s time to see a slew of new bags and start anticipating what we will be lusting for come next season. For its Spring-Summer 2023 Runway show and the press viewing days after, Hermès did not disappoint! Continuing along with the themes of movement and returning to our prior lives (such as with travel) but in a new, modern way, most of the runway bags seemed new... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-18 17:00:50

The Best Bags in the Wild We Saw in the Upper East Side Last Month  

While every season in the city has its perks, there really is nothing like fall weather in NYC. Everyone is happier when August’s hot, sticky days turn to the breezy, cool ones of September. This tends to happen around late September, just after NYFW has swept through the city. This year was no different, and New Yorkers love to show off their fall fashion as soon as the temps decline a bit. We... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-18 14:00:32

The Best Orange Bags for Fall 2022  

A pop of color on a handbag can bring a bit of joy to your day and add a fun flair to any outfit. It’s no secret that I have been loving experimenting with bright, bold colors, and one of the best purchases I made this year has been my Loewe Puzzle Hobo in Mandarin. I wanted to add an orange bag to my collection last year when the color started popping up more and more. Now, I am so glad I did. Source

what do you think?

2022-10-17 20:00:29

Hermès Women’s Spring-Summer 2023 RTW: Moving It Along  

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, Hermès opened its new Madison Avenue Flagship boutique with a huge and extremely well-received event. Before the stages and sets and one-night disco had even been cleared, most of Hermès’ corporate leadership had to run back to Paris without even a moment to rest and enjoy the glow of success; a mere two days later, on Saturday afternoon in Paris... Source

what do you think?

2022-10-17 17:00:00

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