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2014-11-18 18:45:18

The 3-Step Pasta Dinner You've Got To Try  

We found it! A brilliant one-pot meal that takes 10 minutes to prepare, cooks quickly and serves as many as eight people. And it's literally ready in 1-2-3. By Lynn Andriani Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost OWN on Facebook and Twitter .

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2014-09-18 06:12:01

Fork Makes Broccoli Taste Like Bubblegum  

Gone are the days of dreaming about candy-flavored broccoli from our high chairs. The dream is now reality. The Aromafork, a near-magical product that is part of the Aroma R-evolution kit (HuffPost first reported on the product's patent in April), has the potential to transform bland flavors into thrilling ones. The contents of the Aroma R-evolution flavoring kit The fork plays with perception, Sophie Boivin, the public relations representative for Molecule-R Flavors, told The Huffington Po

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2014-09-18 04:11:33

The Extraordinary Makers Of India's Most Expensive Tea  

A 155-year-old tea estate in India's Darjeeling district recently sold the most expensive tea ever made in the country. Buyers in Japan, the U.S. and the U.K. bought the specialty tea, named Silver Tips Imperial, for $1,850 per kilo from the Makaibari Tea Estate. The Japanese buyer told the Times of India that the tea will be served for $45 a pot at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo Roppongi Hotel. Around 500 women picked the tea in June on the eve of the summer solstice between 12:01 a.m. and 3 a.m., M

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2014-09-17 14:01:25

5 Recipes You Should Stuff Inside An Avocado  

Have you ever felt the urge to stuff an avocado with rich, flavorful tomatoes, a divinely drippy egg or crispy bacon? This is a rhetorical question. The answer is as vibrantly clear as the green of a perfectly ripen avocado first exposed from underneath its skin. The only matter to further examine is how, exactly, you might fill your avocado. The wonders of the green, fleshy fruit are many: Avocados boast healthy fats, can keep cholesterol levels in check and function effortlessly as a tasty l

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2014-09-17 09:34:55

How Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Your Office And Even Your Kitchen Trick You Into Eating More  

Chew on this: When it comes to eating healthfully, our environments may be working against us. Not always on purpose. But simple elements -- from the color paint in our kitchens to the size of the plates we use to whether we eat lunch at our desks or in the office break room -- all seem to influence the way we eat. Fortunately, food psychologist and behavioral economist Brian Wansink, Ph.D., director of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, has some actionable tips for not getting dupe

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2014-09-17 07:17:16

What To Do With Overripe Bananas (Besides Making Banana Bread) (VIDEO)  

There are endless recipes and cooking ideas for making the most of your fresh fruit, but what do you do when your ripe produce, like bananas, become discolored and mushy after sitting a little too long on the kitchen counter? If you're like most, you throw away the overripe offenders, but sustainable foods advocate says you shouldn't be so quick to turn toward the trash can. Jenny McGruther, food educator and author of The Nourished Kitchen, is all about cooking with simple ingredients that are

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2014-09-17 05:30:06

Every Once In A While, Someone Invents Something Truly Amazing  

Can everyone stop talking about the iPhone 6 and start talking about this? (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Post by Hanher Hu.

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2014-09-17 02:59:43

You Can Now Drink Girl Scout Cookies  

If you've ravaged through the last of your Girl Scouts cookie supply and are experiencing withdrawal, Nestle's Nesquik is here for you. The chocolate milk brand teamed up with Girl Scouts to reinvent two classic cookie flavors as drinks. Thin Mint and Caramel Coconut (better known as Samoas) milk are available for a limited time in stores. We were able to acquire the latter from a local CVS. Of course, the drink does not physically resemble a cookie. And, we are sad to report, it does not...

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2014-09-17 02:10:30

Huge, Terrible Menus Are Crushing McDonald's And Olive Garden  

The days of a restaurant menu that reads more like a chapter book may soon be coming to an end. As foodie-ism invades American culture, diners are looking for restaurants that excel at one thing instead of offering dozens of mediocre dishes. Fast-casual chains like Chipotle and Shake Shack, which make a small number of items well, are flourishing. Restaurants that have ballooned their menus in recent years, like McDonald's and Olive Garden, are suffering. "The thought was if I load up my...

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2014-09-17 02:10:27

New Marijuana Ad Campaign Asks Users To Learn From Maureen Dowd And 'Consume Responsibly'  

The advocacy group that helped to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado is reminding people to please "consume responsibly." Wednesday marks the launch of a new public education campaign from the Marijuana Policy Project, a group that vocally backed Amendment 64, the 2012 ballot measure that legalized marijuana for recreational use in Colorado. The group's new campaign features a billboard in Denver that offers a word of advice to tourists interested in taking advantage of the

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2014-09-17 01:59:48

Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Hot Dogs In Epic Food Battle  

If you saw the viral video of tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos, then chances are you've just been sitting patiently at your computer, waiting for anything the comedic -- and culinary -- geniuses of YouTube channel Hello Denizen release. They followed up their original "Tiny" video with "Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog," and now they've produced the masterpiece above, featuring a tiny hamster eating tiny hot dogs. Only this time, our foodie hero must do battle against world famous competi

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2014-09-16 13:24:36

Why Do We Call Good Food 'Orgasmic'?  

The following is an excerpt from The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu, in which author Dan Jurafsky analyzes user-generated restaurant reviews to draw conclusions about the language -- positive or negative -- that we use to talk about food: You can always get a good argument going in San Francisco by asking people for their favorite taqueria. I lean toward the carnitas at La Taqueria on Mission, but our friend Calvin can be pretty eloquent on the subject of the al pastor at Taqueria

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2014-09-16 09:02:10

Comfort Food Is A Myth  

By Tom Jacobs What's your favorite "comfort food"? You know you have one -- a treat you use to soothe bruised feelings following some distressing event. Well, guess what: You're kidding yourself. A new study finds comfort foods are no more effective at lifting moods than any other foods -- or even sitting quietly without consuming a calorie. "Negative moods naturally dissipate over time," writes a University of Minnesota research team led by psychologist Traci Mann. "Individuals may be givin

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2014-09-16 07:06:18

Olive Garden Defends Unlimited Breadsticks, Because 'Italian Generosity'  

Olive Garden has issued a strongly worded defense of its unlimited salad and breadsticks on Monday, because it had to. In a 24-slide presentation published Monday, Darden, the owner of Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille and others, defended its Italian chain's breadstick and salad strategy, complicated menu and overall "brand renaissance." The report came just days after Starboard Value, an investment firm, issued a 294-slide presentation eviscerating everything from exec...

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2014-09-15 12:23:41

Spoon Crafted Specifically For Ramen Makes Slurping Noodles A Breeze  

Ramen, despite its divine flavor, is not a first date food. The noodles go flopping out the corners of your mouth, sometimes hitting a cheek or, worse, catapulting hot broth off into the distance (or onto your dining companion's face). The act of eating ramen is complicated further by the particularity with which both noodles and broth must be transported from bowl to stomach. The broth requires a spoon while the noodles call for a fork or a pair of chopsticks. Sure, you can switch between the

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2014-09-15 01:02:06

Here's How A Six-Pack Of Craft Beer Ends Up Costing $12  

I've said it before and I'll say it again: There's never been a better time to be a beer drinker in America. The skillful innovation of American craft brewers over the past decade has pushed beer in delicious new directions. It wouldn't be hard to argue that the craft beer renaissance is the most exciting development in the country's culinary world right now. But this explosion in quality comes at a price. Literally. With few exceptions, prices for good craft beer are far higher than for mains

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2014-09-12 10:59:06

Olive Garden And Its Flavorless Pasta Get Ripped Apart In 294-Page Report  

Thanks to a brewing battle between activist shareholders and Olive Garden's parent company, we just got a little insight into what the world would be like if Wall Street investors moonlighted as food critics. In a scathing 294-slide report aimed at convincing shareholders to sign on to its turnaround plan for Darden Restaurants, Starboard Value, an investment firm, tore into the company for selling mediocre food and wasting vast sums of money. Too many breadsticks. Too much salad dressing. ...

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2014-09-12 06:57:42

This Is How To Make The Ultimate Cookie Butter Ice Cream Sandwich  

Speculoos. Cookie butter. Trader Joe's nectar of the gods. Whatever you call it, you know the Belgian cookie spread is a cliche in a jar. It makes life worth living. It is the stuff of dreams. It can warm the coldest of hearts. As Trader Joe's explains, Cookie Butter is, in the most simplistic terms, spreadable Speculoos cookies. Speculoos cookies are classic Belgian cookies with great crunch, and a slightly caramelized, almost-but-not-quite-gingerbread flavor. After the cookies are baked to...

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2014-09-12 04:27:56

Thieves Steal 100 Onions That 5th Graders Grew For Charity  

WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) — It was supposed to be a lesson in growing your own food, healthy eating and helping the less fortunate. Instead, a group of Maine fifth-graders got a lesson in the harsh realities of life. When students at the Albert S. Hall School in Waterville went out last week to harvest the yellow onions planted last spring, they found that all 100 had been stolen. Their plan was to give half the onions to a homeless shelter and half to the school kitchen to be used in school lun...

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2014-09-11 10:33:02

Brilliant Scoop Melts Ice Cream So You'll Never Have To Microwave A Too-Frozen Tub Again  

The act of eating ice cream should never be taxing. It should only be delightful. But when tubs of the sweet stuff come rock solid, anticipatory ice cream eaters are faced with a stressful dilemma: To microwave or to wait and allow the pint to thaw? The 15.0% Ice Cream Spoon may make either option moot. Its beautiful, sleek design actually serves a purpose and could offer a solution to that no-budge tub. Amazon Architect Naoki Terada crafted this spoon entirely from aluminum, a metal hig

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2014-09-11 08:28:47

Finally! The Edible Coffee Cup We've Been Waiting For  

First the cookie shot, and now the coffee cone. After the success of Dominique Ansel's beloved cookie and milk creation, it's really no surprise that an edible coffee cup is finally here. Prepare yourself for the "Alfred Cone" -- a "freshly dipped chocolate cone" for your espresso or macchiato that's sure to switch up your morning routine. Feast your eyes on the frothy goodness and start planning your move to LA: Famous for its "But first, coffee" slogan and ever-changing coffee sleeves

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2014-09-11 07:39:07

Italian Police Bust Massive Wine Scam  

Producers of Tuscany's Brunello di Montalcino were celebrating Thursday after Italian police foiled a plot to flood the market with over 220,000 counterfeit bottles of the prized red wine. A noted wine expert who had obtained fake Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino labels and was able to falsify certification in the region's wine database, was selling lower quality local wine as bulk supplies of the coveted red to unwitting local producers, Siena's financial police said. "It's the biggest fraud

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2014-09-11 06:02:06

Grilling Of 100-foot-long Bratwurst Is Frankly Just A Practice Run  

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) — About 50 people volunteered to carefully grill a 100-foot bratwurst without burning or breaking it at a bar in Illinois. Silver Creek Saloon hosted the practice run Tuesday to prepare for the city's 200th anniversary celebration, where the volunteers will attempt to grill a 200-foot-long bratwurst, the Belleville News-Democrat () reported. The Bicentennial Oktoberfest Weekend Celebration is set to be held Sept. 19-21 in downtown Belleville. On Tue...

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2014-09-10 12:05:09

Dunkin' Donuts Is Fueling Our Almond Milk Obsession At Just The Wrong Time  

Is our obsession with almond milk sucking California dry? Dunkin' Donuts announced last week that it will start offering almond milk at most of its U.S. locations, just the latest sign that Americans' obsession with the nutty drink is reaching a fever pitch. The coffee and pastry chain said it will start stocking Almond Breeze milk, made by Blue Diamond Almond Growers, the biggest almond producer in the world. The move could give Dunkin' a leg up on its competitor Starbucks, which says it d

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2014-09-10 07:26:53

19 Vegan Cupcake Recipes That Are Good Enough For Bill Clinton  

Eggs and milk are both a main ingredient in most traditional cupcakes, making it difficult for vegans to enjoy the world's cutest dessert. But with some creative modifications -- like almond and coconut milk, nut butters and binding fruits and veggies -- vegans everywhere can have their cupcakes and eat them, too. Surely, our favorite presidential vegan, Mr. Bill Clinton, would enjoy at least a handful of these recipes. He's been known to sneak a vegan treat once and a while. Want to read

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2014-09-10 06:37:08

McDonald's Has Its Worst Month In 10 Years. Again.  

Ronald McDonald is having a second helping, and not the good kind. McDonald's reported Tuesday that global sales at stores open more than a year dropped 3.7 percent in August. That was the company's worst month for what are known as "same-store sales," a key retail metric, since the Spring of 2003, according to Mark Kalinowski, a managing director at Janney Capital Markets. This is the second month in a row that McDonald's has reported global same-store sales that set 10-year marks for a...

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2014-09-09 12:06:04

Man Stabs Coworker Who Ate His Meatball: Cops  

OK, but who's the real criminal here? A 31-year-old employee at a Fallston, Maryland business is accused of attacking a fellow employee who ate one of his meatballs, the Baltimore Sun reports. Cops say they were called to the scene at around 11:10 a.m. Thursday, after they say the man stabbed his lunch-pilfering coworker in the arm. The victim was taken to a hospital but has since been discharged. Harford County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Cristie told The Baltimore Sun that charges are...

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2014-09-09 07:47:38

5 Foods That Might As Well Be The Fountain Of Youth  

Yes, we've heard the hype about various fad diets, from the gluten-free craze, to Paleo, to low fat, to no carbs. But forget waist-whittling and weight loss, we're looking for something more in our diets. We're talking glowing skin, a more even complexion, and happy insides. But don't lament if you haven't found the fountain of youth. Turns out, it was in your kitchen all along. Who knew? Happy eating. Carrots and tomatoes OK veggie dodgers, listen up. Sure you know you should be getting pl

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2014-09-09 06:47:09

The Psychological Impact Of Diet Soda  

By Tom Jacobs In recent decades, artificially sweetened beverages have become an increasingly popular alternative to sugary sodas. At the same time, America's obesity rate has risen to epidemic levels. Odd coincidence? Perhaps not: Considerable research has found consuming these "diet" drinks results in weight gain over the long run. At first glance, this seems preposterous, since you're substituting a high-calorie product with a no-calorie one. But in a newly published paper, a res...

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2014-09-09 06:20:43

22 Cookies That Are Totally OK To Eat For Breakfast  

There is a time and a place for cookies, and breakfast usually doesn't fit the bill. Sadly, choosing to eat cookies for breakfast is often written off as an infantile, uninformed decision. But the magnificent breakfast cookie -- a cookie crafted specifically for breakfast -- has the power to change this. Yes, the breakfast cookie offers an acceptably convenient, healthful and delicious start to the morning. These recipes are lower in sugar than the average cookie, packed with nutrients and, wit

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2014-09-09 06:14:13

Almost All American Kids Are Eating Too Much Salt  

By David Beasley ATLANTA, Sept 9 (Reuters) - American kids are eating far too much salt, mostly from processed foods sold in stores, putting them at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease later in life, federal health officials said on Tuesday. A report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than 90 percent of American children ages 6 to 18 consume too much sodium daily. Those children eat an average of a

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2014-09-09 05:25:09

French Fry Pizza Exists For When You Can't Decide What To Drunk Eat  

It's four o'clock in the morning. The world is spinning inside your head. There is some too-sweet, bubbly liquid sloshing around in your belly. There is, obviously, only one cure: Grease. Less obvious is exactly how to get that grease fix. There are two separate, logical paths to take: The pizza path or the French fry path. Sometimes the decision is clearcut --your tastebuds tingle for crispy golden potatoes with a soft, mushy filling. Or, you want nothing more than to sink your teeth into a do

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2014-09-09 04:35:41

Sneaky Reasons Last Night's Dinner Was A Bust  

Never again will you put in all that work just to sit down to a so-so meal. By Lynn Andriani Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost OWN on Facebook and Twitter .

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2014-09-09 04:25:58

Oliver Struempfel Can Carry 27 Beers At Once  

Oliver Struempfel is the best man to invite to your Oktoberfest. He is able to hold 27 liters of beers -- a total weight of 147 pounds -- all at once.

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2014-09-09 01:53:23

General Mills Just Bought Annie's, The Organic Mac-And-Cheese Maker  

NEW YORK (AP) — Packaged food giant General Mills plans to buy Annie's, the maker of rabbit-shaped mac and cheese, for $820 million, adding more natural and organic packaged offerings as consumers' tastes change. General Mills Inc., the company behind classic food brands such as Pillsbury dough, Progresso soups, Yoplait yogurts and Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, has been trying to cut cost and has tweaked its recipes as sales stagnate. Sales have suffere...

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2014-09-08 21:58:58

Dad Whips Up Pancakes That Are (Almost) Too Stunning To Eat  

Brek Nebel lives in Marysville, Washington. He's a field service technician who works on aircrafts and has a preschool-aged son. He also happens to be a frying pan genius whose pancake art will knock your socks off. (Story continues below.) Nebel's pancake creations captured the imaginations of netizens last week, after a friend of his posted photographs of the artful breakfast treats on Reddit. "This dude is better at making pancakes than most people will ever be at anything in t...

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2014-09-08 21:34:56

The Biggest Mistake Dieters Make With Their 'Healthy' Salad (VIDEO)  

When on a mission to eat healthier or lose weight, there's one dietary staple everyone seems to turn to: the salad. While many dieters know to avoid creamy dressings and load up on darker, leafy greens, there's one often-overlooked mistake that many people make when trying to eat lighter. Georgeanne Brennan, the author of Salad of the Day, says overusing olive oil is a major calorie trap when prepping a salad, especially an otherwise healthy-sounding Mediterranean variant. "Olive oil tastes so

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2014-09-08 11:57:45

Panera Asks Customers Not To Bring Guns Into Its Restaurants  

On Monday, Panera Bread became the latest U.S. company to ask customers to leave their guns at home. The bakery-cafe chain joins Starbucks, Chipotle, Target and a handful of other restaurants and retailers in making such a request, which comes amid an increasingly heated debate over the role of guns in public places. "Within our company, we strive to create Panera Warmth," the company said in a statement released Monday. "This warmth means bakery-cafes where customers and associates feel co...

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2014-09-08 09:09:53

From Proust To PB&J: Why School Lunch Makes Us Feel Nostalgic  

We have all been Marcel Proust. While munching on a madeleine cake dipped in tea, the French novelist famously recalled the experience of eating a similar snack as a child. He describes the sensation of being taken back to memories of his boyhood in France: "No sooner had the warm liquid mixed with the crumbs touched my palate than a shudder ran through me and I stopped, intent upon the extraordinary thing that was happening to me," he wrote in "In Search Of Lost Time." That "ext...

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2014-09-08 08:08:17

This Is How To Cook With Seaweed At Home (Don't Be Afraid)  

Seaweed is a nutritional superstar. It's a great source of iodine and antioxidants, both important nutrients for regulating health. And, beyond its superfood status, the salty vegetable spruces up any old dish with its unique texture and powerful salty flavor. You might love the taste of seaweed, but only enjoy it in your dishes when you dine out. The unusual-looking packages of dried plants may appear more intimidating than intriguing, but it doesn't have to be this way. Once you get the lay

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2014-09-08 07:27:14

It's Pretty Clear How This Pizzeria Feels About Ray Rice  

Horrifying new footage of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious in an elevator emerged Monday. In response, the Ravens cut Rice from the team, the NFL suspended him indefinitely, and one Baltimore-area pizzeria just launched the best jersey collection campaign in recent memory. "Dear Lovers of Women, Not Hitting Women, Non Violence and Just Generally Being a Good Person," Hersh's Pizza began in a Facebook post. "Come trade your Ray Rice Ravens Jersey in for a ...

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2014-09-08 04:24:26

Make This Kale Pesto Spaghetti For Dinner. It's Got Goat Cheese.  

Spaghetti's versatility is award-winning. There are so many ways to dress the beloved kitchen staple and to modify it for any particular diet. For vegetarians or anyone taking part in the Meatless Monday movement, a kale pesto should absolutely be on the menu. This Kale Pesto Spaghetti with Goat Cheese recipe comes from Little Leopard Book. It combines the incredible, contrastingly creamy flavors of pesto and goat cheese, and a bit of tang and texture with a sprinkling of sun dried tomatoe

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2014-09-08 03:31:39

12 Amazing Snacks You Forgot About That You Should Eat Immediately  

Snacks make us fickle beasts. You spend your days eating your favorite snack and then just like that, you're on to a new one. But then you grow up and move on to the next food fad in your life. After all, how many times have you eaten popcorn this week? But now, it's time for a change. It's time for the underrated yet beloved snacks of the world to rise up and get the attention they really deserve. Behold, the 13 snacks you used to adore so much, but forgot about and now will eat immediately af

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2014-09-08 02:40:09

Sadly, Pumpkin Spice Condoms Aren't A Thing After All  

Forget sweater weather and crisp autumn leaves; these days, the true arrival of fall seems marked by the arrival of Starbucks' infamous pumpkin spice latte -- at least on the social media sphere. This year, a rumor surfaced that the sticky sweet craze had spawned an entirely different pumpkin spice-flavored item: condoms, made by Durex. Because safe sex is important, no matter what season it is. #pumpkinspice— IG:Bennett Kulcsar (@BennettKulcsar) September 8, 2...

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2014-09-08 02:03:56

The 50 States Of Superfoods  

From every state's unofficial dessert to the fattiest foods in the U.S., state-by-state food rankings often leave much to be desired among those of us on nutrition-minded end of the eating spectrum. It's about time we had state foods we could really be proud of. That's why we've combed through lists of seasonal produce, official state vegetables and official state fruit to find an all-star piece of produce from each state. Behold, the 50 states of superfoods. Alabama Why we love blackberri

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2014-09-08 01:22:41

Dinners That Look Time-Consuming But Aren't  

Only you need to know just how speedy these meals really are. By Lynn Andriani Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost OWN on Facebook and Twitter .

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2014-09-05 08:18:58

Genius Pizza Box Transforms Into Plates, And Then Storage For Leftovers  

The only flawed thing about pizza is the pizza box. It consumes a tremendous amount of refrigerator space and is terribly difficult to dispose of: It calls for strong arms and a foot-stomping jig to fit inside any conventionally-sized garbage can. GreenBox, a "revolutionary re-design of the pizza box" has the potential to change pizza's single pitfall. From the outside, GreenBox looks like any average pizza box. But the contraption does much more than cumbersomely transport a pie. The

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2014-09-05 07:32:28

Your Eggs Are About To Get A Whole Lot Cuter, Thanks To These Epic Egg Cups  

Soft boiled eggs have long lived in the shadows of the all-impressive poached eggs. Poached eggs are trickier to prepare, which makes them automatically more desirable. They're the star of weekend brunches. Plus, they usually come with hollandaise sauce. How can soft boiled eggs compete with that? Egg cups -- that's how. Most egg cups are totally unnotable, which is probably why you've never given them a second thought. But we've found egg cups that'll make you want to eat soft boiled eggs eve

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2014-09-05 07:26:50

Why This Week's Fast Food Protests Are 'History In The Making'  

Fast-food workers are the public face of our part-time, low-wage economy. But when they protest on Thursday for higher wages and better conditions, they'll be joined by another group of workers who toil in obscurity. Thousands of home-care workers -- people who take care of the elderly or disabled -- will join fast-food workers in nationwide protests on Thursday, according to organizers. These joint protests are "labor history in the making," according to Ileen DeVault, a professor of labor his

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2014-09-04 12:09:31

Try This Trick To Banish Brain Freeze (VIDEO)  

Kristen, age 24, has about four gallons of ice cream in her freezer at home. She can't get enough -- but like many ice cream lovers, she knows the pleasure comes with pain. Rocky road, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, or plain vanilla, it all has the power to stop you in your tracks. "Sometimes I eat ice cream a little too fast, and I get that sharp pain in my head, where you feel like your head's kind of going to explode," she says. "Why does this happen? Why do I always get these ice cream

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2014-09-04 11:05:12

8 Great Things That Have Been Ruined By Corporate America  

Life's simplest pleasures may be hard to put a value on. But that hasn't stopped corporate America from trying. 1. Water If you're looking for a product that's marked up 2000x, buy bottled water. That's basically how much more store-bought water costs than water from your tap, according to ConvergEx Group chief market strategist Nick Colas. Globally, we spend more than $100 billion every year on bottled water, according to National Geographic. The plastic bottles take hundreds of years to br

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2014-09-04 10:38:14

This Brick Wall Made From Jell-O Is Perplexingly Beautiful  

In 2003, Brooklyn-based sculptors Lisa Hein and Robert Seng were commissioned to build something in the midst of the city's post-September 11 economic and emotional slump. The concept: Reconstruction. "We were thinking, after 9/11, there were ashes," Hein told The Huffington Post. "We thought, 'What is the opposite of ashes?' Something flavorful, fruity and colorful." Jell-O was the answer. Hein and Seng's 2003 show lasted for three months, and was followed by a second Jell-O brick wall inst

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2014-09-04 08:01:30

Moms' Group Calls Out Kroger's Gun Policy In Unprecedented New Ad Campaign  

The moms are taking the gun control fight to Kroger's backyard. On Thursday, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a gun control group backed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's considerable financial resources, will blanket half a dozen newspapers with ads meant to pressure the grocery giant to stop allowing customers to openly carry firearms in its stores. The ads will be displayed on the newspapers' websites as well as on a billboard in Cincinnati, where Kroger's corpor

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2014-09-04 06:50:26

Yes, You Can Make Brown Sugar (And Here's How)  

We've all been there: We decide to make cookies; we gather up all of our recipes; we may have even cracked open a few eggs. Then, we realize that we're fresh out of brown sugar. And since this dark sweetener is responsible for making cookies all soft and chewy, this is not okay. If you're anything like us, you never really thought about what brown sugar is exactly. It just always been there for you, waiting at the grocery store to make its way into your chocolate chip cookies. But, brown sugar

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2014-09-04 05:55:10

Fisheries To Cut Catch Of Endangered Bluefin Tuna  

TOKYO (AP) — The multi-nation fisheries body that monitors most of the Pacific Ocean has recommended a substantial cut to the catch of juvenile bluefin tuna, a move conservationists say is only an initial step toward saving the dwindling species. The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission announced the decision Thursday after meeting in Fukuoka, a city in western Japan. It said the catch should be cut to half of its average level in 2002-2004. The commissi...

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2014-09-04 05:39:42

Costco's Sales Are Blowing Away Expectations  

ISSAQUAH, Wash. (AP) — Costco's August sales at stores open at least a year climbed 7 percent, which was much better than industry watchers had expected. Comparable-store sales are a key gauge of a retailer's health because it excludes the volatility from stores that have been recently opened or closed. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had been looking for an increase of only 4.8 percent. Domestic sales led the way, rising 7 percent, compared with 6...

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2014-09-04 04:50:28

How Babies' Eating Patterns Affect Kids' Diets Later On  

What infants eat could have a lasting influence on their weight and food preferences throughout childhood, according to a new collection of studies that suggest babies' eating patterns in their first 12 months of life affect their diet for years to come. In a supplement published in the journal Pediatrics this week, researchers presented new data from a follow-up study of children -- now age 6 -- enrolled in the so-called "Infant Feeding Practices Study II," a collaboration between the Food and

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2014-09-04 04:31:51

Ramen Sushi Now Exists To Fulfill All Of Your Japanese Food Fantasies In One Bite  

One of you is craving a serving of cheap, curly noodles and the other wants to enjoy salty, textured nori, wrapped delicately around a piece of raw fish. This is no longer a problem. With ramen sushi, you'll never have to fight over Asian cuisine semantics again. This ramen roll, masterminded by the ever-eloquent Vulgar Chef (maker of the s'mores-stuffed-sweet potato) replaces sushi's white sticky rice with ramen noodles. The secret ingredient here is not the ramen, however. It is cheese (!).

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2014-09-04 01:41:19

Signs You're A Bad Dinner Party Guest (VIDEO)  

We all know the basic rules of dinner party etiquette -- be clear about whether or not you're attending, don't bring a surprise guest, arrive on time, make a point to thank the host -- but even polite people can make all-too-common mistakes in today's world of modern get-togethers. Etiquette expert Jodi R.R. Smith recently spoke with #OWNSHOW about four faux pas that well-intentioned invitees often overlook in their efforts to be a gracious guest. Mistake #1: Springing your dietary restriction

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2014-09-03 14:54:45

5 Ways You're Wasting Money In The Kitchen  

Even if you're buying in-season produce and on-sale chicken, you could be missing these hidden costs of cooking dinner. By Lynn Andriani Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost OWN on Facebook and Twitter .

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2014-09-03 12:50:53

10 Weird Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew  

A toast to ingenuity! Watch this Foodbeast video, titled "10 Unconventional Ways To Open A Wine Bottle," and learn how to adapt without a corkscrew. Or you can purposely lose the corkscrew, and impress your friends with your knowledge. Some of the methods shown in the clip are are better known than others, but a few in there might surprise you. However, for the love of Merlot, DO NOT attempt the blow torch. That's in there for comic effect. (We hope.) And for those wanting to pursue the art

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2014-09-03 08:59:27

27 Paleo Cookies You'll Want To Inhale  

If cavemen could have consumed cookies, they probably would have. Just because they didn't have them back in their day doesn't mean modern people on the Paleo diet, a nutrition plan that models the eating-habits of our stone-aged ancestors, can't enjoy something a little sweet. Sure, there's a bit of debate as to whether true Paleo-ers can have foods like chocolate. As articulated on Paleo Leap, an online resource for all things Paleo, "In the true sense of whether our Paleolithic ancestors e

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2014-09-03 07:12:48

GMO Labeling Foes Triple U.S. Spending In First Half Of The Year Over 2013  

By Carey Gillam Sept 3 (Reuters) - Opponents of mandatory labeling for foods made with genetically modified organisms spent more than $27 million in the first six months of this year on GMO-related lobbying, roughly three times their spending in all of 2013, according to an analysis released Wednesday. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and major food makers such as Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo Inc and top biotech seed makers Monsanto Co and DuPont were

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2014-09-03 05:21:07

How Blueberry Pie Caused A Girl's Strange Allergic Reaction  

By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer Published: 09/03/2014 09:48 AM EDT on LiveScience A girl in Canada experienced an unusual allergic reaction to blueberry pie — she was not allergic to any of the pie's ingredients, but instead reacted to antibiotic residue in the food, a new study suggests. Shortly after eating a slice of blueberry pie, the girl experienced facial flushing, hives and abnormal breathing. She was taken to an emergency room, and treated with drugs used for allergic reactions,...

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2014-09-03 04:53:41

'Unprecedented' Turnaround For Nearly Two Dozen Fish Species Now Deemed Sustainable  

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Nearly two dozen species of fish have been deemed sustainable seafood options once again after rampant overfishing left areas off the U.S. West Coast devastated, a marine watchdog group said on Tuesday. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program upgraded the status of 21 species of bottom-dwelling fish, including varieties of sole, rockfish and sablefish, to "best choice" or "good alternative" from the group's "avoid" classification. The

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2014-09-03 04:40:07

What An 8th Grader Can Teach You About Eating Well  

By Abbe Wright Find out how a 13-year-old's love for cooking and educating others led to face time with Michelle Obama and helped her start her own not-for-profit. At age 5, Haile Thomas, from Tucson, Ariz., began her cooking career, helping her mother prepare the family meals -- but not the ordinary kid fare. "My parents are from Jamaica, so I grew up eating oxtail and jerk chicken," she says. With her adventurous palate and knack for wielding a whisk, it

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2014-09-03 02:10:31

Starbucks Apologizes For Not Letting Woman's Service Dog Into Store  

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — Starbucks has apologized to a 24-year-old woman who said she wasn't allowed in a Rochester-area store because she had a service dog. The Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester reports (that Amy Kaplan of suburban Brighton said she was denied service after entering a Starbucks on Sunday afternoon with her service dog, a malamute named Zero. Kaplan suffered a traumatic brain injury in a traffic accident, and the dog help...

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2014-09-03 02:05:03

'The Onion' Mocks Subway With 'Horrified' Report About Footlongs  

Have you been eating footlong subs all on your own? STOP. You're not supposed to do that. "The Onion" takes on the idea that anyone should eat "an entire 12 inches" of food by themselves in this video mocking the "Eat Fresh" chain Subway. With outraged spokespeople and some recut ads, the faux news clip from "America's Finest News Source" seeks to help the fast food company get the message out. Footlongs are to be shared, y'all. Also, there's a reason Taco Bell is open until 1:00 a.m. or late

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2014-09-02 15:10:47

Americans' Eating Habits Have Improved A Bit -- Except Among Poor  

CHICAGO (AP) — Americans' eating habits have improved — except among the poor, evidence of a widening wealth gap when it comes to diet. Yet even among wealthier adults, food choices remain far from ideal, a 12-year study found. On an index of healthy eating where a perfect score is 110, U.S. adults averaged just 40 points in 1999-2000, climbing steadily to 47 points in 2009-10, the study found. Scores for low-income adults were lower than the average and barely budged during the years studi...

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2014-09-02 12:27:50

This Is How Fortune Cookies Are Made  

If you've ever wondered how those paper words of wisdom get tucked into a fortune cookie, How It's Made has got the answer. At a fortune cookie factory, a big vat of dough is mixed up. This consists mostly of flour, sugar, vegetable shortening and starch. Once all of the ingredients are blended, the cookie mix is squirted out into patty-shaped cookies onto hot moving trays. As the patties move, hot molding plates compress each one to flatten and shape them. Once the flat cookies bake for

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2014-09-02 08:49:44

Trans Fat Found In Some Packaged Foods, Despite '0 Grams' Claim  

By Bahar Gholipour, Staff Writer Published: 08/30/2014 03:24 PM EDT on LiveScience People may be consuming more trans fat than they think, as a result of misleading food labels, according to a study from the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Researchers examined 4,340 top-selling packaged foods and found that 9 percent contained partially hydrogenated oils, the main source of trans fat. But of those foods, 84 percent claimed on their packaging to have "0 grams" of trans fat.

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2014-09-02 08:09:11

A Call For A Low-Carb Diet  

People who avoid carbohydrates and eat more fat, even saturated fat, lose more body fat and have fewer cardiovascular risks than people who follow the low-fat diet that health authorities have favored for decades, a major new study shows. The findings are unlikely to be the final salvo in what has been a long and often contentious debate about what foods are best to eat for weight loss and overall health. The notion that dietary fat is harmful, particularly saturated fat, arose decades ago from

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2014-09-02 07:42:11

Oktoberfest Facing Pretzel Shortage If German Bakers Go On Strike  

What's a giant stein of Oktoberfest beer without an even bigger pretzel to go with it? Festival-goers in Germany could find out if Bavarian bakers follow through on their strike threat. The region's 48,000 union bakers want a 6.5 percent wage hike, according to Focus. But negotiations have been knotted up, and time is running out. Despite the name, the modern Oktoberfest begins in mid-to-late September. This year, it starts on Sept. 20, and if the bakers don't have a new contract in place be

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2014-09-02 02:48:25

11 Reasons College Students Absolutely Need Coffee To Survive  

College is an awakening time in a young person's life, in which they really figure out who they want to be and what exactly they want to do with their life. But what if you discover that all you want to do is drink coffee? And who you want to be is a coffee addict? It's okay. That's what college is for. It's a time for understanding that the only thing that motivates you to get up and face another day (literally) is the promise that coffee will be there to guide you through the tough times tha

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2014-09-01 09:39:28

In America, Only The Poor's Eating Habits Aren't Improving  

CHICAGO (AP) — Americans' eating habits have improved — except among the poor, evidence of a widening wealth gap when it comes to diet. Yet even among wealthier adults, food choices remain far from ideal, a 12-year study found. On an index of healthy eating where a perfect score is 110, U.S. adults averaged just 40 points in 1999-2000, climbing steadily to 47 points in 2009-10, the study found. Scores for low-income adults were lower than the average and barely bu...

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2014-09-01 08:07:26

A Gluten-Free, Vegetarian Lasagna You Should Definitely Make For Dinner  

Not only is gluten-free lasagna possible, it has great potential to be delicious. All that's required is a little inventiveness. And some quinoa. This immaculate Upside-Down Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna With Baked Eggs recipe is something like a shakshuka-lasagna-quinoa hybrid. It takes one heavenly food pairing and amplifies it even further. The food combination is like introducing one of your best friends to another one of your best friends. Plus, your best friends will probably enjoy the dish

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2014-09-01 05:56:21

Chefs, Breeders Pair Up To Create Tastier Vegetables  

VERONA, Wis. (AP) — There's a good chance that many of the suddenly trendy vegetables that foodies latch on to in the next decade will benefit from research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While plant breeders at many public universities focus on improving field corn, soybeans and other crops used in food manufacturing or livestock feed, those in Madison want to produce better-tasting vegetables. The university has long had ties to the vegetable processing i...

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2014-08-31 12:49:52

Barista-Stand Owner Faces Prostitution Charge  

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — The owner of bikini coffee stands in Washington state banked more than $2 million in just three years because her baristas were also selling sex acts, according to local prosecutors. Snohomish County prosecutors charged Carmela Panico, a 52-year-old former nude dancer, with promoting prostitution and money laundering, alleging that she operated drive-thru brothels throughout the county north of Seattle, The Everett Herald reported Thursday (). Her b...

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2014-08-31 08:29:49

Obamas Attend Longtime Chef Sam Kass' Wedding To MSNBC Host Alex Wagner  

POCANTICO HILLS, N.Y. (AP) — Setting aside for a few hours the pressures of trying to calm the world's trouble spots, President Barack Obama assumed the role of spectator for something more joyous: the wedding of the first family's longtime chef and friend. Chef Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner tied the knot Saturday at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a farm-to-table restaurant in Pocantico Hills, just north of New York City. The president and his chef have a close rel...

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2014-08-31 03:25:39

Bacon Is So Damn Delicious, Even Vegetarians Can't Resist It  

Bacon is one of America's sweethearts. It's a darling, succulent food that pairs flawlessly with breakfast and instantaneously improves any bloody Mary. Plus, bacon certainly knows how to complement a burger. It also has standalone power: Bacon tastes just as incredible when simply plucked from the frying pan, dripping its own fatty bacon juices. Another great thing about bacon? You can wrap it around just about anything. Like doughnuts. And hot dogs. Seriously. In honor of International Baco

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2014-08-30 07:45:31

Kids Try Vegemite For The First Time, React Just As You'd Expect  

It isn't chocolate; it isn't pudding; and it isn't "Nutella that's weird." It's Vegemite, a classic Australian spread made from spent brewer's yeast, and these kids are tasting it for the first time on video. "Cookies!" screams one tiny tot, who could not be more wrong, after he's presented with a tray of crackers smeared in Vegemite. "It looks amazing," another kid proclaims, but "it tastes terrible." Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video hasn't been well received by Australian media, with N

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2014-08-29 08:04:55

This Warm Jersey Corn Salad Recipe Will Win The Barbecue (VIDEO)  

A summer barbecue doesn't seem complete without two culinary staples: potato salad and grilled corn. But before you round up the usual ingredients and fire up the grill, charitable cookbook author Lisa Skye shares a brilliant way to enjoy these seasonal favorites without preparing two separate dishes. And you don't even need the grill at all. With a recipe for Warm Jersey Corn Salad, Skye says you can enjoy the smoky chargrilled flavor of corn and the hearty bite of potatoes all in one flavorfu

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2014-08-29 07:31:24

Food Bank Gardeners Provide Fresh Food To Those In Need: Here's How You Can Help  

A father shows his daughter sprouts at the Vallejo People's Garden in California. (Photo: USFS Region 5/Flickr) This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network. It hurts when your stomach is empty. Across the land of plenty that is the United States, 49 million people in 17.6 million households feel that pain. The almost 18 million homes with no food, an insufficient amount of food or a lack of healthful food represent 14.5 percent of all U.S. households, according to U.S. Departmen

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2014-08-29 07:17:11

13 Burgers That Will Make Every Guest Say, 'Well Done!'  

Guests come in all shapes and sizes -- and with all sorts of appetites. Sure, everyone loves cheeseburgers, but if you really want to be that perfect host, you're going to have to dig deeper in your recipe book. We partnered up with Sargento to cook up a bunch of burger ideas that will appeal to every kind of visitor. For the Guest Who Wants to Spice Things Up Double Cheese Jalapeño Burger If your guest loves the heat, oblige them with this fiery little number. The sauteed jalapeño and...

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2014-08-29 06:41:25

What Is That Loose White Powder In Your Easy Mac And Cheese?  

If you're feeling really hungry, you may not even notice the loose, white powder strewn among the noodles in your single serving cup of Kraft Triple Cheese Macaroni & Cheese. Kraft doesn't promise "natural ingredients," and with a nuclear orange cheese powder that comes ready to stir from an aluminum packet, it'd be foolish to think "natural" is what you're getting. Ahem: But even before you stir in that iconic cheese powder, your uncooked noodles are already dressed with a bit of powder.

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2014-08-29 05:07:12

Deep Down, You Know Brunch Sucks. Let's Break It Down  

Brunch is a beloved eating event treasured by the hungry and the hungover. For many, this portmanteau of two meals serves as a weekend social occasion to catch up with friends, get a little buzzed and soak up the previous night's bad decisions. But in truth, brunch in itself is a bad decision. It kind of sucks. It's appallingly expensive, and excessive brunching is almost definitely bad for your health. Today, in HuffPost Debbie Downers, we're going to explain why going to brunch is such a ter

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2014-08-29 01:34:47

Here's How Much Coffee It Would Take To Kill You  

For many people, a good cup of coffee is one of the great pleasures of life. But too much of the stuff can kill you, as explained in a new ASAPScience video that spotlights the curious and sometimes dangerous effects that caffeine has on the human brain. "It turns out that there is a lethal dose of caffeine," Mitchell Moffitt, co-creator of the ASAPScience YouTube series, says in the video, "which is somewhere around 150 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of your body." That's a lot of joe.

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2014-08-28 13:54:59

Dessert Has Never Been Cuter Than These Teddy Bear Cookies  

There is a certain criteria that baked goods have to meet to be considered awesome. They must be sweet -- that's an easy one. They can't be burned -- this one's a little trickier. And now, thanks to Japanese chef and blogger Maa Tamagosan, they have to be absolutely adorable, too. She has forever changed the way we will look at dessert with her nut-huggy teddy bear cookies. Tamagosan posted a recipe for her teddy bear cookies on her blog and we can't decide if we want to eat them or store them

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2014-08-28 09:34:04

Fruit-Growing Genius Shapes Pears Into Tiny Buddhas  

If someone had told us that we could buy a pear shaped like baby Buddha we would not believe it. No way, no how. It's just not possible. Pears grow in, well, pear shapes. They're all slightly unique -- or misshapen -- in a shape that can best be described as rebellious in nature. But there's one man who's found the way to tame the bulbous shape of the pear: Chinese farmer De He. He has been molding fruit into strange shapes for years. You may have seen his square watermelon. Or maybe you've co

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2014-08-28 06:38:22

World's Oldest Wine Cellar May Have Stoked Some Pretty Awesome Parties  

Israel isn't particularly famous for its wine today, but four thousand years ago, during the Bronze Age, vineyards in the region produced vintages that were prized throughout the Mediterranean and imported by the Egyptian elite. Last summer, archaeologists discovered a rare time capsule of this ancient drinking culture: the world's oldest known wine cellar, found in the ruins of a sprawling palatial compound in Upper Galilee. The mud-brick walls of the room seem to have crumbled suddenly, pe

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2014-08-28 05:27:47

This Is Why Eating Beans Makes You Gassy  

It is a fact of life that eating beans makes you more… well… pungent. But have you ever stopped to think about why? Men's Health created a video explaining what exactly is happening in the body when we eat beans — and why it often leads to some unpleasant bodily functions. And while embarrassing, keep in mind that passing gas is perfectly natural — in fact, we do it about 20 times a day, on average. (But still, if you're trying to avoid excess gas, check out these foods that coul...

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2014-08-28 04:18:43

Annual Tomato Battle Washes Streets Of Spain's Bunol Red (PHOTOS)  

BUNOL, Spain (AP) — The streets of an eastern Spanish town are awash with red pulp as thousands of people pelt each other with tomatoes in the annual "Tomatina" battle that has become a major tourist attraction. At the annual fiesta in Bunol on Wednesday, trucks dumped 125 tons of ripe tomatoes for some 22,000 participants —many from abroad — to throw during the hour-long morning festivities. This was the second year non-resident participants were charged — 10 euros ($13) — to take pa...

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2014-08-27 15:33:52

What To Eat When You Are SO BORED With Everything You Cook  

Chicken, potatoes, salmon and rice can taste brand new again. Food writer and home cook Jenny Rosenstrach shows us how, with these four innovative recipes from her new book, Dinner: The Playbook. By Lynn Andriani Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost OWN on Facebook and Twitter .

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2014-08-27 11:53:20

Cameo Crispi On Trial For Allegedly Setting Fire To Ex's Home With Bacon  

VERNAL, Utah (AP) — A Utah woman accused of using a pound of bacon to start a fire in her ex-boyfriend's house will stand trial on arson charges. Police say Cameo Adawn Crispi, 32, repeatedly called and texted her former flame from his home in March, where she left the bacon over a lit burner. The Deseret News reports () the man wasn't home and called police saying he wanted Crispi out of his house. Officers arrived and saw smoke flowing out the front door. Inside, they ...

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2014-08-27 08:32:34

When You Have 99 Problems, Buy This Perfectly-Sized Case Of Beer  

"99 bottles of beer on the wall in the case, 99 bottles of beer..." Well -- cans, technically, but there are 99 of them to a case. Austin Beerworks, a brewery in Texas, is selling 99-packs of its "Peacemaker Anytime Ale." Really. The brewery sought to reassure incredulous buyers on Twitter earlier this week that the 99-packs are actual, real things that can be bought in Austin-area liquor stores. "Is it a joke? Yes," they wrote. "Is it real? Also yes." "I think we have become known, in ...

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2014-08-27 06:22:06

All The Cakes You Can Make With Just A Box Of Cake Mix And A Bottle Of Soda  

It would appear that no cake recipe is as easy to follow as the one printed on the back of a cake mix box. Eggs, butter (or oil), water. Heat, beat, bake. Easy as cake from a box pie. But there is something easier, dear cake-lovers. Swap all but the cake mix for a bottle of soda. As Youtuber Mind Over Munch instructs in her video, stir 12 ounces of a carbonated beverage into your prepackaged cake flour, plop the mixture into a pan and bake it in the oven as directed on the box. There you ha

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2014-08-27 04:24:42

The Desktop Microwave: Office Nightmare Or Savior?  

You know those people who always bring the most offensive-smelling lunches to work? The ones who forget how pungent garlic smells and aren't privy to the unspoken rule of no seafood before noon? Well today, those coworkers of yours are going to be very excited because there's a new concept microwave that's designed to heat food right at an office desk. Feel free to join the collective groan of everyone else in the office who lives in constant fear of office smells -- and to curse the man who c

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2014-08-27 03:27:19

EEK! Mom Finds Dead Mouse In Box Of Crunchy Nut Cereal (PHOTO)  

This is a cereal crime. A mom in the United Kingdom is super cereal about her kids' breakfast. She's ratting out Kellogg's after she found a dead mouse in her 2-year-old grandson's box of Crunchy Nut corn flakes, according to the Mirror. Pauline Henderson, 50, was pouring a bowl of the freshly opened cereal when she says she found this: Naturally, the Portsmouth native was disgusted. "It was horrible," she told The Portsmouth News. "If [my grandson] Toby had eaten it I could have been rush

what do you think?

2014-08-26 11:14:04

'Rice Bucket Challenge' Reminds World How Scarce Clean Water Is In India  

Manju Latha Kalanidhi works as a reporter for Oryza, a niche publication devoted to rice. When she saw the social media craze known as the ice bucket challenge (which asks participants to raise funds and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease) taking off in India, where she lives, she immediately thought of the type of statistics she deals with routinely -- a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide live in India, and 103.8 million people there lack access to

what do you think?

2014-08-26 10:40:28

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