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The World's Most Common STD Is One You've Never Heard Of Before  

Trichomoniasis is the world's most common curable STI—and it's disproportionally affecting the black community. That's the major takeaway from a new Johns Hopkins study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. For the study, researchers used data from the 2013-2014 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a collection of health information that includes valid trichomoniasis results from urine samples. The study looked at data from 1,942 men and 2,115 women of sever...

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2018-03-16 04:20:21

Woman Hospitalized For A Foot Infection After Getting A Pedicure  

A woman in Indiana has spent nearly a week in the hospital with a foot infection that she says she got from a local spa. Jennifer White told local ABC affiliate RTV6 that she got a pedicure two weeks ago at Nails and Lounge in Noblesville, Indiana. She says her foot started swelling and turning purple in the two days after her treatment. She eventually went to the ER, where she says she was diagnosed with a severe infection. "I was worried I could possibly lose my toe. I could lose my foot,"...

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2018-03-15 05:03:49

Couple Married For 66 Years Chose To Die On The Same Day By Legal Suicide  

After 66 years of marriage, Charlie, 87, and Francie, 88, Emerick of Portland, Oregon, died in bed together on April 20, 2017 after taking lethal doses of medication obtained under the state's Death with Dignity law. The final days and hours of the Emericks' lives were captured on camera for the documentary Living & Dying: A Love Story, which the couple agreed to take part in as a way to commemorate them after their passing. It was produced by their daughter and son-in-law, Sher and R...

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2018-03-15 02:16:19

Daylight Saving Time Is Terrible for Your Health  

On Sunday, March 11, we'll turn our clocks forward at 2 a.m.—and in Florida, they may stay there for good. Lawmakers in the sunshine state just voted in favor off the Sunshine Protection Act, a bill that would keep clocks on Daylight Savings Time year-round. (The bill needs to be signed by Florida Governor Rick Scott and approved by Congress before it's made into law.) The bill has its critics; it would put Florida an hour ahead of the rest of the East Coast for half the year, which could ...

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2018-03-09 05:33:09

Emotional Support Animals Probably Don't Do Anything for Anxiety   

People have been traveling with "emotional support animals" for years, claiming they serve a mental health purpose. Now, a series of high-profile incidents in which flyers attempted to board planes with their exotic pets—remember Dexter, the emotional support peacock, or the woman encouraged to flush her emotional support hamster?—have prompted airlines to tighten regulations around support animals. And they've raised a whole lot of questions:  What is an emotional support animal,...

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2018-03-08 12:38:26

This Woman Was Born With Two-Thirds Of Her Vagina Missing  

Briana Fletcher, a 23-year-old from Nova Scotia, Canada, was born with two-thirds of now she's opening up about her condition to the Daily Mail. The first sign that something was off: Briana never got her period when she hit puberty. At first, her doctor attributed her missing period to her low weight—but eventually, a series of MRIs and ultrasounds confirmed she didn't have a uterus and was missing the upper two-thirds of her vaginal...

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2018-03-07 20:18:42

I Cured 10 Years Of Crippling Neck And Back Pain By Visiting A Professional Stretcher  

By the time Debby R., a 44-year-old insurance agent based in Oklahoma City, walked into a Stretch U assisted-stretching facility, she'd experienced 10 years of crippling back and neck pain. It was so bad that it often woke her in the middle of the night. About three years ago, Debby began trying all types of treatments, including massages, chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, yoga, and prescription nerve-blockers. However, they offered only temporary relief. That's when she decided to gi...

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2018-03-07 13:53:41

How to Clean Your Humidifier (Since You're Definitely Not Doing It Often Enough)  

During the winter, I think of my humidifier as my best friend. I use it 24/7, and it helps me stave off dreaded winter ailments like chapped lips, dry skin, and irritated sinuses by pumping moisture into the air. As far friends go, though, my humidifier is a bit high-maintenance. Twice each day, I pour pitchers of water down its gaping maw. I check the filter every few days, and I make a concerted effort to clean it every weekend. But I have a confession: I hardly ever clean the rest of my humid

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2018-03-07 05:37:25

'I Gained 24 Pounds Of Muscle And Totally Transformed My Relationship With Food'  

My whole life I had coaches, parents, and teammates who made me attend soccer practice and stay active. When I finished high school and all that ended, I realized that to keep it up, I'd have to start motivating myself. Despite being active, I had never really had a positive body image, so heading into my freshman year of college, I thought, "This is my chance. I can work toward my dream body"—which was, of course, to be thin. I was 146 pounds. So the summer before my freshman year, I st...

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2018-03-07 03:23:36

6 Home Remedies for Acid Reflux That Relieve Heartburn Fast  

Most people get heartburn once in a while—that achy, fiery feeling in your chest after polishing off a big, fatty meal, also known as acid reflux. What is that, exactly? "At base, reflux is stomach juice moving from the stomach up into the esophagus or further up," says Kevin Ghassemi, MD, a gastroenterologist and associate director of clinical programs at UCLA's Center for Esophageal Disorders. (Your esophagus is the canal that connects your throat to your stomach.) This unwan...

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2018-03-05 17:01:46

This Man's Blister Turned Out To Be A Flesh-Eating Bacteria  

Blisters are usually NBD—but that wasn't the case for one 26-year-old Houston-based daycare teacher. Raul Reyes hurt his foot at work and thought it was swollen because of the injury, his wife Joseline Reyes told the Houston Chronicle. But after a few days, the swelling didn't go away and a nasty blister formed. "He woke up the next day and so he went to the clinic, where they told him to get to the emergency room immediately," Joseline told the Houston Chronicle. Do...

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2018-03-05 15:45:36

Jimmy Kimmel Lost 25 Pounds By Following This Trendy Diet  

Between hosting the Oscars, delivering heartbreaking monologues, and crafting Instaworthy pancakes for his kids, Jimmy Kimmel is undoubtedly one of the busiest men in television. This late-night vet is also a total foodie—and he's the first one to admit it. During his younger years, he frequently binged on wings, pasta, and steak. As time went on, his bad habits got the best of him. Kimmel confessed that he didn't even know how much he weighed for m...

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2018-03-05 13:13:16

6 Women Share What It's Actually Like On Being On Antidepressants  

Last week, a major study was published which concluded that, yes, antidepressants do work. The study, published in The Lancet, analyzed more than 500 trials involving 116,477 people and concluded that all of the actual antidepressants were more effective in treating mental health conditions than placebo (dummy) drugs. The study also found some antidepressants were more effective than others. For years, there's been a stigma around taking antidepressants, along with continuous ques

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2018-03-02 21:09:50

Did You Know You Can Make Wine In Your Instant Pot?  

Instant Pots are great for doing everything from cooking a chicken in 25 minutes to baking a cheesecake to making healthy meals. But did you know you can also make wine in an Instant Pot? After David Murphy, a food blogger and recipe developer from New Jersey, picked up a 6-quart DUO Plus Instant Pot a few months back he came across a meme that joked about turning grapes into wine using a crockpot. When Murphy couldn't find an existing recipe to do just tha

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2018-03-02 18:48:31

3 Butt Exercises That Banish Lower Back Pain   

Sitting at a desk all day is a pain in the butt—literally. Though you may be hard at work, your glute muscles aren't working at all, and over time, they become weaker and elongated. In turn, the body "turns off" the glutes and begins relying on stronger muscles nearby—like those in your lower back and surrounding your knees—to pick up the slack. The bad news is that the extra stress on these body parts makes them more susceptible to injury. To help you ward off knee and back pain, le...

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2018-03-02 15:39:09

Mama June Just Did A Photo Shoot Showing Off Her Weight-Loss Surgery Results  

"Mama June" Shannon, the former pageant mom and star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, has been showing off her 300-pound weight loss on her show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, which is in its second season. And now, she's showing off the results of her several surgeries, which included a gastric sleeve and procedures to remove excess skin, in a photo shoot channeling Marilyn Monroe in The Seven-Year Itch. Image courtesy of We TV The ...

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2018-03-02 05:31:54

6 Heart Health Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Before You Turn 40  

Most of us can skate through our first four decades of life without paying a significant health penalty for our vices—assuming those vices are modest and our genes are good. But after age 40, our bad behaviors start to catch up with us, especially when it comes to our cardiovascular health. "A number of risk factors for heart disease really start to go up in [a person's] 40s," says Deepak Bhatt, MD, executive director of interventional cardiovascular programs at Brigham and Women's Hos...

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2018-03-02 02:39:17

This Leotard Will Apparently Fix Your Dog's Anxiety  

Stop what you're doing now for a very important PSA: Dog leotards exist and they make pups look absolutely adorable...or very silly, depending how you look at it. But these onesies for doggos aren't just for creating a sleek look. In fact, the snug fit helps reduce anxiety in dogs while also containing all the fur they'd typically shed all over your car or house. The Mini Shed Defender is ideal for dogs between 8-12 inches in length, like this Chihuahua who looks ready to compete in a luge...

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2018-03-01 06:26:26

7 Surprising Things You Should Never Put In The Washing Machine  

Although it's tempting just to pop all your dirty clothes in the washing machine, turn the thing on, and call it a day, there are certain rules you must follow to avoid damaging your clothes (or your washing machine). Some, you probably know and follow, like hand-washing things like hosiery and bathing suits which are prone to pilling and snags. But there are lesser known items that shouldn't go into the wash, either. Read on to find out what they are, plus, alternative ways to clean each...

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2018-03-01 05:52:51

5 Gym Bags So Cute You Can Literally Carry Them Anywhere  

No longer content just to carry your stanky sports bra, the latest gym bags want in on the athleisure trend, asking for a chance to partner up with work, date, or brunch clothes instead. And why not? These bags are roomy, stench-resistant, a cinch to clean—and darn cute.

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2018-02-28 13:59:05

'This Is Us' Fans: You Need This Crock-Pot Decal ASAP  

When "This Is Us" fans finally learned the cause of Jack Pearson's death, nothing short of a Crock-Pot revolt happened. So severe was the backlash that NBC put out a #CrockPotIsInnocent ad featuring Milo Ventimiglia and the nearly 50-year-old company joined Twitter to defend itself. The light-hearted attempts to get the slow cooker back in people's good graces may have worked; while people were once tweeting about throwing out their Crock-Pots, now they're

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2018-02-28 02:27:05

Halo Top Just Released A Blueberry Crumble Flavor And It Tastes Like The Real Deal  

When Halo Top launches a new flavor, it's like your birthday all over again. Well, bust out the party favors, because that time is now. Halo Top just unveiled a brand new seasonal flavor—Blueberry Crumble—which is available for a limited time, starting in early March. The frozen dessert is "loaded with pieces of flaky pie crust and mouth-watering blueberry swirls," according to a press release from Halo Top. We tasted a pint before its big debut, and it basically tastes as amazing as i...

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2018-02-28 01:57:42

8 Real Women Reveal How They Lost 50+ Pounds  

Losing weight takes hard work, persistence, and the resilience to weather a setback. But sustainable weight loss solutions are out there—you just have to find what works for you. To help you identify some tactics that are actually worth trying, we spoke with eight women who've dropped 50 pounds or more, and have kept the weight off. Get inspired by their before and after photos, and use their winning strategies yourself: 

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2018-02-27 21:38:14

8 Women Share What Keeps Them Going When The Weight Won't Budge  

When Cortland West hits a weight-loss plateau, the 24-year-old knows exactly what to do. "I look back at my old photos of myself when I was at my biggest," she says. "I was completely miserable at that time in my life. I felt awful physically and emotionally." That reminder of how far she's come keeps Cortland, who has so far lost 80 pounds with the Lose It! app, moving forward. No one ever said losing weight was easy. (And if they did, they were lying!) But no matter how prepared you

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2018-02-27 21:06:29

The Truth About Whether Birth Control Makes You Depressed  

Ever switched birth control, only to find yourself suddenly feeling super depressed? It's not an uncommon complaint, says Brett Worly, M.D., an ob-gyn at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. That's why Worly recently authored a new study exploring the connection between progestin-only birth control and depression. "Throughout my medical training, this was something that kept coming up," he says, noting that the Depo Provera shot (a progestin-only method) lists depressio...

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2018-02-27 15:34:40

6 Women With Depression Share How They Stay Motivated To Exercise   

If you suffer from depression, you know that there's no easy fix. To get back to feeling like your old self, or at least some version of it, it usually takes a combination of medication, therapy, and healthy lifestyle habits, like exercising. Research shows that that physical activity delivers significant mood-boosting benefits by flooding your system with feel-good hormones. It also serves as a distraction, taking your mind off of the things that are worrying you. In some cases, it might even...

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2018-02-27 15:29:17

This Water Bottle Makes Hydration Tracking Easy  

Staying hydrated does more for your health than quench thirst: it fights cravings, keeps skin supple, and boosts energy, to name just a few of the perks. As someone who wants to remain in good health, I strive to drink as much water as I can. But sometimes I forget to sip throughout the day, and I've been trying to find the perfect gadget to remind me to take a sip of H2O—and the search has been tougher than you might expect.  I've tried everything to keep tabs on how muc...

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2018-02-27 02:34:57

8 Real Women Reveal How They Lost 50+ Pounds  

Losing weight takes hard work, persistence, and the resilience to weather a setback. But sustainable weight loss solutions are out there—you just have to find what works for you. To help you identify some tactics that are actually worth trying, we spoke with eight women who've dropped 50 pounds or more, and have kept the weight off. Get inspired by their before and after photos, and use their winning strategies yourself: 

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2018-02-27 01:36:43

What Jane Seymour Does to Make 67 Look 47  

At 67, actress Jane Seymour says she feels better than ever. And after seeing her latest photo shoot for Playboy, we can attest that she also looks better than ever. "There's an enormous freedom in having lived as long as I have. Like my father used to say, I'm comfortable in my own skin," she told Playboy. "I feel much sexier now than I ever did when I was younger."   A post shared by Jane Seymour (@janeseymour) on Feb 21, 2018 at 12:04pm PST That confidence was built up over

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2018-02-24 01:14:05

Can You Eat Quinoa On A Low-Carb Diet?   

Quinoa has gone from superfood trend to supermarket staple in recent years, but this pseudograin still poses a question for many healthy eaters: Is quinoa high in carbohydrates, like rice or bread? While quinoa resembles a grain nutritionally, it's actually a seed harvested from the goosefoot plant, which grows throughout the Andean highlands in South America. A ½-cup serving of quinoa provides 20g carbohydrates. By comparison, a ½-cup serving of brown rice contains 22g carbohydrates, and tw...

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2018-02-23 20:11:05

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics: What's the Difference?  

Over the past few years, the gut—and the trillions of bacteria inside it—has been getting a ton of buzz. Scientists are still learning exactly how and why gut bacteria play a role in our health, but they do know the gut's bacterial makeup affects us far more than previously thought. Aside from improved digestion, having an abundance and a vast variety of good gut bacteria has been tied to reduced bowel inflammation, better regulated blood-sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels...

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2018-02-23 19:07:57

This Year's Flu Shot Is Just 36% Effective  

It goes without saying that the flu has hit the United States hard this year, and the worst weeks may be yet to come. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a statement that this season's flu shot is 36% effective — better than doctors anticipated, but still not a great number. This is shaping up to be the worst influenza season in recent years, and it might still get worse before it gets better, according to the CDC. The flu season frequentl...

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2018-02-23 10:36:54

The First-Ever Pill for Peanut Allergies Is Coming  

Life-changing news for those who suffer from peanut allergies—apparently, the first-ever drug to treat peanut allergies is on its way. According to the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), peanuts are one of the top food allergies in the country, and the rates of tree and nut allergies have tripled since 1997. But a new clinical trial is showing promising results among those tested, giving hope to peanut-allergic individuals everywhere. Aimmune Therapeutics, a biotech company in the U...

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2018-02-22 11:51:45

The Best Products For Grooming Your Lady 'Stache  

There was a time, not that long ago, when the state of your mustache was considered classified information outside your closest friends. But social media, and Instagram specifically, has brought many beauty taboos out of the shadows... including facial hair. It's where women—glamorous women! famous women!—are candidly discussing their 'staches and more. Where beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan revealed a face-shaving routine that went viral. Where actress Thandie Newton flashed a self...

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2018-02-22 10:15:51

3 Gross Things That Can Happen If You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face  

While we all love a good smooch from our pups, there are lots of germs and bacteria in dog saliva that can make us sick. So while that kiss might be funny in the moment, you could regret it afterward. "When dog saliva touches intact human skin, especially in a healthy person, it is extremely unlikely to cause any problems, as there will be very little absorption through the skin," says Sonia Batra, MD, dermatologist and co-host on the show The Doctors. "However, a dog's saliva and whatev...

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2018-02-22 05:47:08

This Is the Only Sports Bra That Supports My 42DDs   

A sports bra can make or break a workout, especially if you have a larger bust. I should know—my 42DD chest is so big that if I'm not wearing the right bra during jumping jacks, I have to cross my arms over my chest to prevent my boobs from bouncing up and smacking me in the face.  Small, medium, and large sizing just doesn't cut it for my girls. And the brands that offer band-and-cup sizing often don't carry anything larger than a 40DD. That means I've spent most of my life...

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2018-02-22 04:38:40

Anti-Depressants Really Do Work, According To Major New Study  

Scientists have finally concluded that antidepressants work, following the results of a major new study. According to the results published in the Lancet, which analyzed data from 522 trials involving 116,477 people, 21 common antidepressants were all more effective at reducing symptoms of acute depression than placebos. The authors of the report said it showed that many more people could benefit from the drugs, although the study also showed big differences in how effective each drug

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2018-02-22 03:47:35

This Shocking Factor Might Make Your Partner More Likely To Cheat  

Couples who have a healthy sex life together, stay together (that's how the expression goes, right?). Not quite: Turns out the quality of your sex life might have zero effect on whether you or your partner cheat, according to a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. For the study, researchers from Florida State University followed 233 newlywed couples, noting their relationship status, satisfaction, and cheating behavior over the course of three years. And get t

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2018-02-22 03:25:37

This Woman Thought A Stray Eyelash Was Stuck In Her Eye—But It Was Really 14 Worms  

If you think pinkeye is bad, wait until you hear about what happened to Abby Beckley. After dealing with irritation from what she thought was a stray eyelash for about a week, Abby took a closer look at her eye and noticed a translucent worm wiggling around in there, The Washington Post reports. "I pulled that worm out and I just was shocked. I was absolutely shocked," she said. "I stared at it and it was alive." It lived for about five seconds, she told The Oregonian, a

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2018-02-22 02:58:36

Here’s Why Your Man Should Be Doing Kegel Exercises  

If you thought Kegel exercises were just for us ladies, well, you thought wrong. Men who have weak pelvic floors can benefit from them, too. Women are more likely to have weakened pelvic floor muscles after childbirth, but men can also lose strength in these muscles as a natural result of aging, says Mehran Movassaghi, MD, a Santa Monica-based urologist and men's health specialist. A man's pelvic floor muscles can also take a hit after bowel, bladder, or prostate surgery; a bout of constipat...

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2018-02-22 01:35:48

This Is How Much Weight You'll Actually Lose By Standing More Every Day  

Maybe your coworker who petitioned the office for standing desks was on to something: A new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology shows that standing more could potentially ward off the weight gain that comes with being sedentary. In the meta-analysis, researchers looked at a total of 46 studies, which included 1,184 people. For women, standing burned 0.1 calories per minute more than sitting. That seems like nothing, right? But it all adds up: Standing versus sitting

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2018-02-22 01:33:19

3 Myths About Soy That You Should Stop Believing Right Now  

If you've been giving soy milk the side-eye at the grocery store ever since hearing it might be linked to breast cancer, we don't blame you. But some of that rep is undeserved—and majorly confusing. Here are the receipts: First, a few studies in the early '90s found that Asian women who ate lots of soy had reduced breast cancer risk. Then, a small 1996 study in humans showed a possible increase in cancer risk from eating soy. But...additional studies th...

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2018-02-21 13:53:34

These Are The Most Googled Pies In Every State  

There's nothing "as American as apple pie," at least according to our Google searches. Based on data from the last 12 months, the comforting classic was the top-searched pie in 16 states—plus Washington, D.C.—making it the most-Googled pie in the U.S. But for every sugar-loving state (the South can't get enough sweet potato pie), there was one searching for a savory favorite like shepherd's pie. And standouts Hawaii and Tennessee each claim a specialty pastry all their own—eve...

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2018-02-21 11:38:43

What The Heck Is Hemp Protein Powder, And Should You Try It?  

You finally figured out how to find a healthy whey protein powder and have discovered all kinds of ways to use it beyond your usual smoothie. (Flapjacks! Breakfast cupcakes!) And now, there's a whole new option to consider: hemp protein powder. Chances are, you've seen it on your social media feed or the menu of your local smoothie bar. But what is it? Should you be using it? And, um, will it get you high? Here's the lowdown: Hemp protein is extracted from shelled hemp seeds, which are the...

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2018-02-20 19:33:08

The Ideal Daily Routine For A Perfect Night’s Sleep, According To Experts  

Sleep. It's one of the most basic things our bodies need (in addition to food, water, and light), and yet, it's something that evades many of us. Now, more than ever, a slew of sleep-disrupting circumstances has the power to pummel us every single day—light from computers, late dinners, and working right up until bedtime, just to name a few. But we might rethink those detrimental activities if we start to consider how deeply they can affect our sleep, and in turn, our overall health. Micha...

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2018-02-20 18:17:56

4 Surprising Things That Happened To Me After 100 Days On The Ketogenic Diet  

It was five years ago when I took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror and decided I needed to make a change. As a former restaurant critic, years of indulging had set me back on the scale. I felt bloated and terrible all the time, and I knew I needed to do something about it. In my college years, I had become well-acquainted with low-carb diets like Atkins and the South Beach Diet, and I'd achieved some success with them. In 2013, I cut gluten out of my life for good, and embarked on

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2018-02-20 13:43:51

6 Surprising, Common Causes Of Pelvic Pain You Should Know  

If you start to feel pain in the lower part of your abdomen and pelvis, and it hurts to pee or have sex, you could have an underlying medical issue. A wide range of conditions can cause vaginal and pelvic pain, so it's important to get checked out if you suffer from discomfort that doesn't seem to go away. Unless treated, these conditions can worsen and become debilitating. Though you'll need to see a doctor to get to the root of your specific problem, here are some common causes of ...

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2018-02-20 10:48:58

6 Worst Foods For Your Hair—And What You Should Eat Instead  

Lustrous locks are a sign of good health. But it takes more than great shampoo to help your hair look its best. Just like your nails, your tresses are a window to your overall well-being. (Here's what your hair can tell you about your health.) Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to keep your scalp and hair healthy. And it starts with what's on your plate. Certain foods can wreak havoc, while others can shore up your locks. Below, some foods you should avoid, and which ones you should ...

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2018-02-20 05:22:12

Do You Have A Spider Bite? These 7 Photos Can Help You Tell  

There's nothing creepier than waking up to find an eight-legged bed buddy on your pillow. At best, getting bitten by a spider is an icky, slightly painful experience. But, at worst, it can be a life-threatening nightmare. The good news: Out of the 3,000 or so types of spiders in the U.S., only a handful are known to bite, and of those, only about three have powerful enough venom to put your life at risk, according to research published in American Family Physician. But if you don't hap

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2018-02-20 02:17:21

I Tried A No-Added-Sugar Challenge For A Month—Here's What Happened  

I have always laughed at people who suggest, in all seriousness, that fruit should be considered dessert. A slice of chocolate cake is dessert. Talenti banana chocolate swirl ice cream is dessert. But apples and peanut butter? Or frozen grapes? Insert eye roll here. And yet, I found myself making a bowl of blueberries topped with unsweetened Greek yogurt and cinnamon as a nightcap multiple times over the past month, all in an effort to avoid added sweeteners (including artificial ones...

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2018-02-20 01:37:50

5 Reasons You Should Have Sex Tonight—For Your Heart Health  

True, you don't really need an excuse to enjoy a romp in the bedroom (or anywhere else, for that matter). But having sex isn't just a great way to connect with your partner—it can also improve your heart health. Here are a few surprising benefits of doing the deed.

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2018-02-16 21:50:16

How To 'Oprah Your Life' (So You Can Reach Your Full Potential)  

Oprah tells us we can change our lives—and we want to believe her. We watch her interviews, and we feel empowered and inspired by her certainty. Sometimes we are even moved to tears. She seems to know what is possible for us, so why do we allow fear and doubt to cloud our minds and stop our progress? What if empowerment, self-acceptance, and inner peace are meant for someone else, but not us? What if we know there is something better for us, but we just don't know how to begin...

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2018-02-16 19:17:47

Nordstrom Sale Alert: Save Up To 40% On The Cutest Sneakers, Flats, And Boots  

Just in time for the long holiday weekend, the much-anticipated Nordstrom Winter Sale has arrived. Now through February 25th, you can save up to 40% on everything accessories and home goods. But as anyone who has taken advantage of a Nordstrom sale knows, the very best markdowns are in the shoe department. There are nearly 4,000 pairs of kicks on sale, which means you're bound to find something you desperately need o...

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2018-02-16 14:23:55

The Truth About Skin, Hair, And Nail Supplements  

Can a powder or pill really give you a glowing complexion, strong, shiny strands, or nails that grow quickly and never crack? Sure, there are plenty of products out there promising to do these very things. And we've all seen a celebrity or beauty blogger who swears by her daily collagen smoothie or biotin supplement. But despite the hype, there's actually not much science backing up the validity of beauty supplement claims. "Most of us dermatologists just don't recommend oral supplements...

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2018-02-16 11:42:01

6 Things to Say to Someone With Alzheimer’s (And 3 Things to Never Say)   

Seeing someone you care about experience Alzheimer's or another type of dementia is painstakingly difficult. Knowing what to say to someone who's lost his or her memory can also be hard. However, how you approach conversations can have a significant impact on your loved one. "The most important tip for communication with someone living with Alzheimer's is to meet them where they are," said Ruth Drew, director of Information and Support Services at the Alzheimer's Association. "In t...

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2018-02-15 08:32:35

Are Some People Genetically Predisposed To Lose Muscle More Easily?  

You likely already know that genetics significantly influence who you are. They mold your unique qualities that ultimately determine your thoughts, behavioral patterns, and of course, appearance. However, can your genes also influence how quickly you lose muscle mass over time? They sure can. Although everyone gradually loses muscle with aging, some people are genetically predisposed to lose it faster and easier, and starting at an earlier age, explains Julie Chen, MD, chief clinical officer at

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2018-02-15 07:54:30

5 Research-Backed Ways To Sleep Better  

Dreaming of a good night's sleep? You're not alone. About 30% of Americans suffer from occasional insomnia and 10% have serious sleep disorders, according to the American Sleep Association. Not getting enough slumber is no trivial matter: Sleep is as essential to your survival as food and water, so taking steps to get the recommended minimum of seven hours a night is key. Adopting good sleep "hygiene," which includes practices like sticking to consistent bed- and wake-up times and avoidi...

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2018-02-15 05:32:15

OTC Pain Relievers Made Me So Sick That I Couldn’t Work Or Care For My Family  

During my annual physical last year, I got blindsided by a load of bad news: I was 20 pounds overweight. My glucose levels indicated prediabetes. I was dehydrated and deficient in vitamin D. And my liver enzymes were elevated. "It's probably just fatty liver," my doctor said. "That happens as we get older and put on extra pounds. But let's do an ultrasound just to make sure it's not something more serious." I wanted to cry. I'd gone in for this checkup with the nagging sense that...

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2018-02-14 20:07:47

​4 Women Share What They Wish They Knew Before Entering Menopause  

When my mom was a teenager, she woke up one day and found blood in her underpants, having zero idea how it got there. She screamed, certain she was dying. Her own mother hadn't bothered to give her so much as a hint about this inevitability. That day of terror is probably why she had my sisters and I prepped for the Red Menace from the time we were in kindergarten. MORE: 6 Things The Color Of Your Period Blood Says About Your Health Even if my mom had skipped the period lesson, we'd ...

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2018-02-14 20:06:40

6 Things You Must Do To Take Care Of Your Vagina At Every Age  

You could probably rattle off a list of ways to keep your heart healthy or lower your cancer risk. But do you know the basics of maintaining vaginal health? If not, it's time for that to change. Basic vaginal maintenance isn't complicated, and the payoff is big—no matter how old you are. You'll give your sex life a boost, lower your chances of uncomfortable infections, spot early signs of cervical cancer, and more. Sounds pretty great, right? If you're shaking your head "yes," keep ...

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2018-02-14 18:20:11

My Husband Had A Heart Attack. Here's How It Changed Both Our Lives.  

Nearly two years ago, while on a ski trip, my husband began feeling ill. Steve, then 32, came off the slopes sweating bullets and needed my help to get up the two flights of stairs to our condo. We had no idea what was going on. Steve was healthy and in great shape. Had he gotten dehydrated? Steve took a shower and I brought him cold water to dump on his head, but It didn't help. He was still sweaty, his chest felt tight, and he couldn't catch his breath. 5 signs your heart isn't workin...

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2018-02-13 14:43:43

The Surprising Exercise That May Help You Walk Again After A Stroke  

Traditionally, after a stroke, patients do physical therapy that recruits the legs, including gait exercises and balance training. But a new study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology found that regularly exercising your arms can also help recover walking ability. Researchers from the University of Victoria in Canada found that stroke patients who did moderate-intensity rhythmic arm cycling for 30 minutes, three times a week, performed significantly better on walking tests after five week

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2018-02-13 13:08:48

This Popular Heart Health Supplement Doesn't Actually Prevent Heart Disease  

If you're one of the many health-conscious folks that take fish oil supplements to boost your heart health, listen up! According to a just-published JAMA Cardiology meta-analysis, you may be wasting your hard-earned cash. To come to this finding, researchers pulled data from 10 existing studies, collectively containing information on 77,917 participants who consumed daily marine-derived omega-3 supplements ranging from 226 to 1,800 milligrams. Women comprised nearly 39% of the research pool, a...

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2018-02-13 01:25:57

​69-Year-Old Model And Dietitian Shares Her Secrets To Looking—And Feeling—Young  

Model Maye Musk might be turning the corner to 70, but she certainly doesn't look like it. (That smooth, porcelain skin! That lustrous hair!) After modeling for five decades and working as a registered dietitian, the CoverGirl spokeswoman and grandmother of six has learned a thing or two about finding the fountain of youth. And it's way less complicated than you might expect. MORE: It's Impossible NOT To Feel Inspired By This 74-Year-Old Yoga Instructor According to Musk,...

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2018-02-12 11:53:52

9 Medical Tests Every Woman Over 40 Should Have  

There's a lot that's pretty great about turning 40. With a few decades of experience under your belt, you're more knowledgeable about what you want out of life and how to get it. Maybe you're finally hitting your stride in your career, getting the hang of parenting, or eagerly tackling new adventures that you would have shied away from when you were younger. If you've been prioritizing fitness and good nutrition, you might even feel—and look—healthier than ever. But ...

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2018-02-10 04:37:02

4 Ways To Deal With Loneliness And Start Making Genuine Connections  

Did you know loneliness is considered a public health threat in the United States and in England? In fact, England just announced a new government position—the Minister of Loneliness—to deal with its growing loneliness epidemic. Of course, there are times when many people choose to be alone to seek restorative solitude or "me time." Yet, when you're not feeling alone by choice, it can be a difficult situation to bear. If your loneliness results in feeling&n...

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2018-02-10 04:22:57

How To Avoid Heart Disease—Even If It Runs In Your Family   

Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women, according to the CDC. So it's no surprise that every week, experts publish new research connecting a behavior or environmental factor with heart disease. Recent studies have linked loud noise exposure to heart damage and flu viruses to heart attacks. And just last week, a new study found that taking omega-3 supplements may not provide any protection for people with heart disease—a finding that contradicts earlier research. Confron...

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2018-02-09 18:50:42

The Simple Tool You're Overlooking At The Gym That Will Give You A Full-Body Workout  

If you're not a regular weight-lifter, the gym can be an intimidating place filled with equipment you don't quite know how to use. Thankfully, some of the most effective total-body toning tools are the simplest ones. Take the slam ball: This versatile piece of equipment accomplishes cardio and strength-training at the same time. Like a medicine ball, a slam ball is weighted (anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds), but it's designed to be more durable so you can, well, slam it. By hoisting a slam b...

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2018-02-09 15:22:47

9 Surprising Things That Can Increase Your Sex Drive  

If you're in a dry spell, it's okay. It happens, especially if you've been with the same partner for years or are experiencing body changes due to aging. The good news: You can get that mojo back with a few simple hacks. There are natural ways to boost your libido without much effort—and most of them are really enjoyable, too, so it's a win-win. Here are nine surprising things that may increase your sex drive, so you can have a more fulfilling relationship overall and make some extra s...

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2018-02-09 12:55:57

5 Surprising Reasons You're More Likely To Have A Heart Attack  

Eating a lousy diet and spending too much time in couch-potato mode are surefire ways to raise your risk of having a heart attack. But there are other less obvious factors that may be contributing to the 1.5 million heart attacks—and 500,000 deaths—that occur each year. Here are five you're probably not familiar with, along with easy ways to sidestep their risk and keep your ticker ticking. 5 signs your heart isn't working as well as it should:  ...

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2018-02-08 20:30:42

7 Surprising Things That Can Happen If You Take Antacids Too Often  

If you've been one to get stomach pangs or the taste of vomit in your mouth after a big meal or a bowl of spicy pad Thai, you've probably taken a few antacids before to relieve the pain. "There are 4 types of antacids and all function in a similar way," says Robert Glatter, MD, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Northwell Health and attending emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital. With the help of neutralizing active ingredients including aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and...

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2018-02-08 14:09:41

The One Beauty Product You Must Use In Your 40s, 50s, 60s, And Beyond  

It's probably not news that your skin changes as you get older. Sometimes that's a good thing—goodbye, acne!—but other times, not so much. "As you age, collagen and elastin production decrease, cell turnover slows down, and skin hydration diminishes," explains NYC cosmetic dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD, founder of SmarterSkin Dermatology. UV rays and free radicals in the environment also take a toll over the years. MORE: 7 Anti-Aging Beauty Products Celebs Over 40 Are Obsessed...

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2018-02-08 01:07:24

8 Foods You're Ordering That Seem Meatless—But Actually Aren’t  

After more than a decade of swearing off meat, I consider myself a pro at ordering vegetarian-friendly meals at restaurants. Let me at the sides, and I'll devise a meal that's at least somewhat balanced, if strange—baked potato, three-bean salad, and steamed spinach, anyone? I know to skip soups (that's where chicken stock lurks) and always, always ask if the Brussels sprouts are cooked in bacon before ordering. But it turns out, I might be a bit over-confident in my vegetarian-fri...

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2018-02-07 13:45:48

9 Heart-Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas  

The average American will spend $143.56 showing their honey some love this Valentine's Day, according to Wallethub, with candy and wine topping the list of the most popular gifts. Don't get us wrong; we're all for making your special someone, feel, well, special. But wouldn't it be better to show how much you care with a gift that says, "I want to make sure you're around for a long time?" These heart-healthy gifts and date ideas can help you do just that! Consider them healthy alternat...

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2018-02-07 03:42:14

This Milk Alternative Is The Closest Thing To Cow's Milk. But Is It The Healthiest?   

If you're lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, or follow a dairy-free diet, you've probably tried countless milk alternatives—and may even have a favorite brand or variety. But if you rely on milk for nutrients like calcium and protein, you should choose your plant-based alternative wisely. Despite the fact that milk alternatives are often marketed as appropriate equivalents to cow's milk, not all varieties provide equivalent macronutrients, according to a just-published Journal of Food...

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2018-02-07 02:33:38

These Push-Up Free Chest Exercises Will Tone Your Upper Body  

Do you fret that push-ups, for you, may result in a face plant? You may be dealing with shoulder instability. Just to prop yourself up in a plank, you have to rely heavily on the shoulders. Imagine how much more stability it requires to take the hands out wide and add the movement of descending to a hover then pressing up, without breaking form! If your shoulders aren't stable enough to support this push-up pattern and you're trying to build strength, consider doing an alternative chest e...

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2018-02-06 17:37:40

15 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 That Your Husband Secretly Wants  

Even though you've only just recovered from the gift-giving stress of the holiday season, the start of February means Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Yep, it's time to pick out a present for your hubby once again. The good news: We're here to make that process just a little bit easier. While a practical gift like a crisp pair of socks or new electric razor is always great, it might not fit the tone of your romantic Valentine's Day dinner or evening rendezvous. That said, this prob...

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2018-02-06 09:59:48

5 Myths About Lemon Water You Need To Know  

Browse the wellness section in any bookstore, and you're bound to see one beverage repeatedly glorified as the cure to, well, practically everything. Yes, that's right; we're talking about lemon water. This bright, citrusy drink is often paired with far-reaching promises, with companies and health gurus claiming it can do everything from turn back the clock on aging to aid weight loss efforts. (Emphasis on the word claim.) It's not all hype, though. There are certainly some...

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2018-02-06 05:31:59

How To Eat More Fiber At Every Meal To Lose Weight And Get Regular  

Prevention readers say one of their top health goals in 2018 is to eat better. Fact is, foods high in fiber will help you do just that, as well as help you lose weight and prevent disease. Don't just take my word for it. A 2016 study found people who reported higher fiber intake from eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables had an almost 80% greater likelihood of living a long and healthy life over a 10-year follow-up period. That is, they were less likely to suffer from high blood pressure...

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2018-02-05 15:57:48

These 4 Essential Oils Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal  

You may already know that essential oils can help with everything from headaches and congestion, to upset stomachs. But did you know that they could also be a secret weight loss weapon? Some essential oils can have a pretty major impact on your mood, which in turn, could help nix the urge to nosh mindlessly. And others could affect things like blood sugar and fat-burning—two things that have a direct impact on weight. So, which ones work? Here's a look at five research-backed picks, plus how...

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2018-02-05 15:47:48

Science Says This Simple Makeup Trick Will Make You Look Younger  

If there were a super fast, super easy technique to give your face a fresh, youthful boost, would you try it? Of course you would. And guess what? Such a thing actually exists. It's called contrasting, and women who use the makeup technique are perceived as younger, according to a recent Frontiers in Psychology study. To come to this finding, researchers had observers look at facial photos of women ages 20 to 80 from four different ethnic groups. Observers saw two versions of each photo—one ...

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2018-02-05 01:43:34

These Are The 8 Diabetes Symptoms Women Need To Watch Out For  

More than 30 million Americans—about 10% of the U.S. population—suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, according to the CDC. Even more startling: Roughly one in four doesn't know she has the disease. "There are millions of people with type-2 diabetes who are undiagnosed," says Kristi Silver, MD, acting director of the University of Maryland Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology. How could this be? "More often than not, during the early stages people have no symptoms at all," she sa...

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2018-02-02 11:43:11

This 10-Minute Workout Transformed My Thighs And Butt  

Since giving birth to my second child in May, I've been working to regain tone in my legs and lift in my "apples!" (That's mom-speak for a perky behind). As a trainer, I strategically combined three of the best-of-the-best butt and thigh exercises into a manageable 10-minute circuit. In minimal time, I can squeeze this workout in from home between all the mayhem that comes with being a mom—and I have been wowed by the results! I do this circuit, on average, twice a week in conjunction ...

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2018-02-02 11:22:29

6 Home Remedies For Gingivitis That You've Probably Never Tried  

Gingivitis, a type of inflammation of the gums, is one of the most common mouth afflictions—and one that affects up to 90% of adults worldwide, according to a Journal of Clinical Periodontology study. While red, tender, swollen gums are the most common symptoms of gingivitis, the condition can lead to loose or lost teeth, bleeding gums, pain or sensitivity when chewing, or bad breath. Research has even linked severe forms of gingivitis to heart disease, a connection some experts blame on the b...

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2018-02-01 19:26:37

The Best Drugstore Concealers To Make Your Dark Circles Vanish  

From covering breakouts to hiding under-eye circles and masking redness, we count on concealers to do a lot. For maximum coverage, it's best to have a few concealers in your beauty arsenal to meet every need. That's where the best drugstore concealers come in handy. Since most are under $10, you can afford to get multiple and mix shades. "I'm always mixing my concealers because one concealer doesn't do the whole job," says Kira Nasrat, celebrity makeup artist, and the blogger behind ...

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2018-02-01 16:56:27

Walmart Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Affordable Insulated Thermos   

The health benefits of staying hydrated are well known. From improving brain function to helping with weight loss, drinking approximately 64 ounces (or 8 cups) of water daily—more if you're highly active—is one of the most important healthy habits to maintain. One of the keys to developing this habit is having the right water bottle or thermos on hand to keep your water cold or tea (another smart way to up your intake) hot. As for which vessel to choose, Walmart shoppers swear by the super...

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2018-02-01 13:40:30

I Tried Microneedling To Stimulate Collagen In My What Happened  

Like most women over 40, I have mixed feelings about my complexion. I love my pores (they're practically nonexistent), tolerate the fine lines around my eyes (I have to look pretty closely in the mirror to see them), dislike all the redness on my nose and cheeks (there's lots), and full-on hate the brown splotches that are becoming all too prominent (like Lady Macbeth, I often use profanities to describe my spots). So when I read all the rave reviews about microneedling—which entails rolli...

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2018-02-01 01:24:52

11 Best Vibrators For Women, According To Sex Experts  

Shopping for a vibrator can be an intimidating process, especially if you're not entirely sure what your needs are (you know, besides the obvious). After all, a vibrator's not like a sweater or a pair of jeans—you can't return it if it's not the right fit. With so many to choose from, and all designed to target something different, how do you know which of the best vibrators for women are best for you? The short answer: by experimenting. One of the perks of having so many vibrators to ...

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2018-01-31 13:12:07

5 Diet Habits You Never Knew Could Raise Your Diabetes Risk   

Today, more than 30 million Americans have diabetes. It's the underlying cause of over 79,000 deaths per year—and contributes to hundreds of thousands more, according to the American Diabetes Association. Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, which occurs when the body cannot properly use insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels. There are a number of things that can cause insulin-producing cells to become exhausted and fail. Top offenders include: inactivity, obesity...

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2018-01-31 12:12:17

Have Gout? Stave Off Pain By Avoiding These 6 Foods  

If you're one of the millions of Americans who experience symptoms of gout, you're familiar with another four-letter word: pain. "The classic presentation of gout is severe pain—usually in a single joint, and most commonly in the big toe," says Bernadette Siaton, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. (It's not clear why the big toe is gout's favorite target; it may have to do in part with the type of cartilage in the toe, research ...

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2018-01-31 07:13:31

How To Declutter Every Room In Your House To Reduce Anxiety And Stress  

Declutter Your Life is a month-long initiative to help you manage stress and boost your health by learning the principles of banishing clutter and restoring a sense of order to your world. Bills and junk mail are piling up on your kitchen counter, dirty clothes are spilling out of the hamper onto your bedroom floor, and let's not even talk about the state of your spare room right now. At some point or another, this has likely been your home. (If not, kudos.) And even if you don't realize it,...

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2018-01-31 04:54:17

The One Seated Move That Will Tone Your Shoulders And Back In A Big Way  

You are never really working only one muscle group when you lift weights. You have the muscles doing most of the effort, the muscles opposing the movement, and the muscles that are helping prevent undesired movement. Typically, if you're flexing one muscle group, the muscle group on the other side of your body counters, and the core helps you stabilize. But what happens when you diminish the core's ability to do what it does best—that is, keep you balanced? The short answer is, other muscl...

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2018-01-31 02:48:47

8 Creative Ways To Use Protein Powder  

Protein powder might be a key ingredient in your kitchen, but it probably isn't the most versatile. Sure, it makes a regular appearance in your smoothies, and you might even have tried adding it to muffin or pancake batter. But what else can you really do with it before it goes bad and you're forced to chuck it? As it turns out, plenty. You can work a few scoops into tons of different recipes—from cookies, crepes, and ice cream, to savory dishes like homemade hot pockets or veggie burgers...

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2018-01-31 01:52:17

Why You Should Be Using A Sheet Mask This Winter—And The Best Affordable Ones To Buy  

Chances are, winter's lethal combination of dry heat and Arctic cold fronts has sent you scrambling for a miracle skin treatment. While you maintain your daily routine of serums, oils, and creams, you might need to boost your regimen with a hydrating treatment to keep skin feeling and looking healthy in harsh, changing weather conditions. K-beauty, which is shorthand for Korean beauty products and techniques, has long relied on the hydrating power of sheet masks to increase glow and suppleness...

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2018-01-30 02:01:54

The Best Sex Toys For Couples  

Sex toys play a few important roles. They can help you get off when the mood strikes, ensure you'll reach orgasm in bed, and add an element of spice when you're getting frisky with your partner. And, while you may have a toy or two for yourself, it's not a bad idea to think about investing in a sex toy that will work for both of you. A couple's sex toy isn't just about pleasure—although that's important, too. It can also make you both more in-tune to each other's needs. "Sex to...

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2018-01-29 16:50:59

Here's Why Your Legs Always Cramp At Night—And How To Make The Pain Go Away  

If painful leg cramps wake you up in the middle of the night, you're not alone—far from it. Up to 60% of adults say they've experienced leg cramps at night, according to a 2012 study in American Family Physician. These ill-timed charley horses usually affect the calf and foot, although they can also strike your hamstring. And while most adults have experienced them, these cramps appear to be more common after age 50, shows a 2017 study in BMC Family Practice. MORE: The Top Googled Health Q...

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2018-01-29 10:20:15

I Have Low Blood Sugar. Here's How I Lost 20 Pounds And Kept It Off.  

"Why don't you try going low carb?" people would say when I told them I was struggling to lose weight. "Just eat half the amount you usually do," others would suggest, as if it were that simple. I was at the end of my rope. I had literally tried everything to lose a few pounds, but I felt like the more rules and restrictions I made for myself around food, the more my body rebelled and demanded I eat more. And it turns out, that wasn't all in my head. Five years ago, I went to my doctor...

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2018-01-29 05:22:11

How Decluttering Can Help You Control Your Anxiety  

Declutter Your Life is a month-long initiative to help you manage stress and boost your health by learning the principles of banishing clutter and restoring a sense of order to your world. For four years, when my anxiety was at its peak, I let my house transform from a spotless retreat into a maze of junk. It happened slowly: First, the carpets started to get dirty and mail stacked up on the kitchen counter. The fridge accumulated food, including expired items that should have been tossed weeks

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2018-01-26 20:47:06

Declutter Your Bedroom And Sleep Better Tonight With These Genius Products   

Declutter Your Life is a month-long initiative to help you manage stress and boost your health by learning the principles of banishing clutter and restoring a sense of order to your world. Want to get a better night's sleep? The answer may be as simple as decluttering your bedroom. A disorganized space can cause stress, negatively affecting us both mentally and physically, says Caitlin Hoff, a health and safety investigator at Clutter and unfinished tasks (like un...

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2018-01-26 17:29:06

​The Best Electric Toothbrushes, According To Dentists  

We know what you're thinking: Out of all the gadgets that you could buy this year, an electric toothbrush is probably one of the least exciting options. That said, it may also be one of the smartest purchases you make all year. It's hard to overstate the importance of oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and consistently can help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Having oral health problems, on the other hand, has been linked to diabetes, he...

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2018-01-26 03:43:15

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