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Meet your new favorite sources of free iPhone and Android wallpapers  

Every single time I publish a review of a new phone, at least two dozen people email me asking for the wallpaper shown on the handset in the photos. So today, I have a few pro tips to share. First, I've started to link the wallpapers in question at the end of each review. I've done it twice so far — first with the Galaxy S9 and again with the OnePlus 6 — and people have been appreciative so far. But there's an old expression about teaching a man to fish as opposed to giving a man a f

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2018-06-20 12:27:44

Scientists discovered new species of ancient sea creature and named it after President Obama  

In many ways, the Earth was a much different place 580 million years ago. The landscape wasn't exactly bustling. Life had existed on the planet for a few billion years already, but you wouldn't have recognized most of it, and the first complex animals were just starting to travel down the various evolutionary paths that eventually led us to where we are today. Researchers just announced the discovery of a pair of very peculiar creatures that lived during that very important era, and they've been

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2018-06-20 11:38:43

The Oppo Find X is an awful idea – please stop pretending it's not  

Let's be frank for a moment: 2018 is a rough year for gadget bloggers. Smartphones are by far the hottest category in consumer tech, and so it's a key area of focus for most news sites that cover consumer electronics. But smartphones are incredibly boring right now. The iPhone X, which is a breath of fresh air for Apple fans after three consecutive years of seeing Apple release iPhones with the same design, but what about Android users? They get the iPhone X, too. They don't get the real thing,

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2018-06-20 10:23:36

Finally, a wireless charger that's actually wireless  

In terms of convenience, wireless charging is probably the best thing to happen to smartphones in a long time. No, plugging a cable into your phone isn’t exactly trying, but placing it down on a charging pad or charging stand is obviously way more convenient. Want that same convenience while you’re on the go? Check out the CVIDA 10,000 mAh Wireless Power Bank, which is a wireless charger that really, truly is wireless! Here’s more info from the product page: [High Capacity & Po

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2018-06-20 10:19:30

The one Android feature I want Apple to steal for the iPhone  

First there was the Huawei P20 Pro, an iPhone X clone like no other. Then came the Porsche Edition of the phone, with a sky-high price and a few exclusive features, including 512GB of built-in storage and two fingerprint sensors. The other day, Huawei rival Oppo unveiled the Find X, which actually isn't an iPhone X clone. It's very much an Android flagship, with price tag of more than $1,000. And Oppo needed to partner with Lamborghini to create a Lambo version of the Find X, which is — y...

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2018-06-20 08:22:07

Here's why it'll be tough for YouTube Music to catch up with Spotify and Apple  

Many of us happily play the field when it comes to streaming our favorite movie and TV shows, with multiple subscriptions to services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, maybe HBO and more. Music, though, is a different animal - if you already pay for Spotify, in other words, you don't necessarily need to plunk down coin for a rival service that's just going to get you most of what you already have access to. It's into that fray and an arguably already crowded competitive landscape that YouTube ...

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2018-06-20 06:57:26

Google is fixing a Chromecast bug that allowed hackers with too much free time to get your location  

Google's popular Chromecast and Home products suffer from a serious privacy flaw that would let hackers discover your location with incredible accuracy, well beyond the information they could learn from an internet service provider. The good news is that Google will fix this issue via a software update that should be released in July, although Google decided back in May not to address it. Until then, the chances of hackers actually finding out your location are incredibly slim, if you're in...

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2018-06-20 06:07:42

Today's best deals: Instant Pot, futuristic car charger, 128GB microSD card, BeatsX, Sonos, more  

We've rounded up the best deals of the day for you on Wednesday, and one of the greatest ones has to be an all-time low price on the futuristic car charger with ambient LED lighting, car battery monitoring, and a feature that remembers where you parked your car! Other top deals today include a lightning-fast 128GB Samsung microSD card for just $37, a portable wireless Apple Watch charger for the same price, BeatsX wireless earbuds for just $90, a pair of Sonos speakers for $298 (that's $51 less

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2018-06-20 05:32:32

Hurry: Apple AirPods are back in stock on Amazon with free Prime shipping  

Want a pair of new AirPods? You can order them right now on Apple's website, but they won't actually arrive at your house until about a week from now. Yup, it has been more than 17 months since Apple released the AirPods and yet the company still can't figure out how to ship them in any sort of timely fashion. Don't worry though, that's why Amazon exists. The Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset has been in and out of stock on Amazon a bunch lately, but last week it seemed like the

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2018-06-20 04:58:09

Survey reveals how Netflix freeloaders enjoy the site for free  

There was a joke I saw on Twitter a few weeks back which jokingly said that there was just one lone Netflix subscriber sharing his account with the rest of the world. A similar joke on the same topic claims that some people stay in otherwise unhappy relationships just to keep their Netflix access up and running. The crux of these jokes, obviously, is that password sharing for streaming sites like Netflix is incredibly common, so much so that some people -- after a few years time -- aren't even ...

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2018-06-20 04:16:26

Trump might be endangering Apple's sky-high profits  

Apple is set to launch three new iPhones X successors this year, which will likely become instant hits with consumers, much like every other iPhone launch to date. The phones are expected to offer a similar design as the current iPhone X flagship, but pack improved hardware and run Apple's recently unveiled iOS 12 right out of the box. Rumors say the flagship models might be cheaper than the iPhone X, while the LCD version should be even more affordable. The worst thing about the iPhones of t...

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2018-06-20 02:55:58

I really hate that I'm going to have to buy Apple's $1,000 iPhone X Plus this year  

Back in April I penned a piece about why 2018 might be the first year I don't buy a new flagship iPhone. I've been an iPhone user ever since the first model was released in 2007. I immediately saw how much better iOS, then called iPhone OS, was compared to the Nokia and BlackBerry smartphones I had been using. And every single year since 2007, I've purchased a new flagship iPhone, right up until last year when I got the tenth-anniversary model, Apple's new iPhone X. In 2018, however, I thought

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2018-06-20 02:02:44

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have stopped selling their customers' location data  

In today's edition of "you probably didn't know this was still a thing but be glad it stopped," Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have all confirmed that they're cutting ties with some third-party data brokers to whom the wireless networks had been selling customer location data. All the major cell networks have long sold location data to third parties, who were supposed to vet how it was being used. It will come as no surprise to learn that the data was being misused across a number of brokers, and sec

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2018-06-19 19:22:09

Square designed a gorgeous $999 Android tablet that can only do one thing  

After all these years of iPad, Apple's tablet is still the best one in town, and some of the better alternatives also look a lot like iPads. We haven't seen an iPad "killer" and chances are we'll never get one. That's because the tablet market hasn't been particularly exciting in recent years. Apple has been creating new high-end models while simultaneously looking to drop the entry price, while most Android vendors seem happy to sell cheap tablets rather than focusing on a high-en...

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2018-06-19 19:11:15

T-Mobile might offer a cheap TV streaming bundle real soon, but it all depends on the merger  

Late last year, T-Mobile announced that it had acquired TV company Layer3, a slightly oddball TV distributor that offers an expensive cable-esque TV bundle in a handful of markets. T-Mobile debuted the acquisition in its usual splashy way, saying that "we're gonna fix the pain points and bring real choice to consumers across the country," with some vague plan to have a cheap service with 250 channels. Since then, we have heard precisely nothing about T-Mobile's TV plans, or what Layer3 might ...

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2018-06-19 18:06:59

New Xbox Avatars rolling out to Xbox Insiders this week  

We were so impressed by the massive catalog of games that Microsoft showed off at E3 2018 this year, we almost forgot that team Xbox has an interesting non-gaming feature in the works as well. On Monday afternoon, Xbox Insider team lead Bradley Rossetti announced on the Xbox Wire that Xbox Insiders will finally be able to go hands on with the Xbox Avatar Editor that the company revealed last year. The rollout begins later today. This won't be a full release, but rather a beta for the Xbox Avat...

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2018-06-19 15:47:47

Code in iOS 12 beta suggests that new Apple Watch models are coming soon  

Not too long after Apple rolled out the second beta of iOS 12 -- which we should point out is far more stable than the early iOS 11 betas -- developers have already stumbled across data strings which point to new Apple Watch models on the horizon. Originally unearthed by Guilherme Rambo over at 9to5Mac, the second iOS 12 beta includes references to Watch4,1, Watch4,2, Watch4,3 and Watch4,4. Notably, the most recent Apple Watch models use the following naming scheme -- Watch 3,x --  and an upti...

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2018-06-19 15:24:58

YI's popular 4K action cam is under $45 with this special coupon  

Amazon is running a big sale right now on the GoPro HERO5 Black action camera, slashing a whopping $150 off the price tag. Of course, it's still super expensive even with that big discount. If you're looking for looking for a high-quality action camera with 4K resolution that isn't quite as fancy or expensive as GoPro's camera, the YI Discovery Action Camera is a terrific option. It's also available right now on Amazon for just $44.59 if you use the coupon code YIDISCOV at checkout. Here's what

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2018-06-19 14:24:02

Some of the best PS4 games of all time are being discounted to $20  

Whether you just bought a PS4 after the excitement of E3 2018 or have owned one since launch day, there's a good chance that you've missed out on some of the console's best titles. Sony has done an incredible job with its first-party studios and recruiting third parties to bring games to its platform, meaning very few of us have the time or resources to play them all. Thankfully, many of those games are about to have their prices slashed permanently. On Tuesday, Sony announced a new program cal

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2018-06-19 13:37:17

Betting on the World Cup? AI might be your new best friend  

Bookies could be one of the next jobs to disappear as AI systems take over the work. Okay, that's a little bit of a leap, but maybe not by much. Researchers -- such as a team of European academics -- have been probing how useful AI and machine learning are in predicting the results of sports games, one of a practically endless list of use cases where massive computing power has the potential to outperform the limits of human capabilities. In the case of the university researchers, they use

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2018-06-19 12:51:41

Crazy new devices lets you talk, text, and even use maps with no cell service  

When you go to a concert or a sports event and you can’t text or talk to your friends because the network is overloaded, it’s annoying. When you go hiking, rafting, mountain climbing or anything else in the wilderness and you can’t text or talk to your friends because there’s no coverage, it’s dangerous. The BEARTOOTH Smart Walkie Talkie solution solves your problem in either scenario, allowing you to talk, text, or even navigate to your friends without any cellular

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2018-06-19 12:46:14

7 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right now  

We're big supporters of app developers and we believe people should be happy to pay the price of a cup of coffee for an app they might use all the time. That said, if a developer decides to give something away for free, you should jump at the chance to download it. Today's roundup of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free includes seven premium apps that are all free downloads — but only for a limited time, so grab them while you can. This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have...

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2018-06-19 12:34:18

Former astronaut doubts that NASA or SpaceX will make it to Mars with their shiny new rockets  

It's widely known that the next frontier for manned space flight is Mars. It's our closest planetary neighbor that actually makes sense to visit, and we know more about the makeup of Mars than we do about any other planet. Scientists think a Mars settlement is entirely possible at some point in the future, and we even think we might be able to farm there. However, we need to actually get there first, and at least one former astronaut doesn't see that happening any time soon. Chris Hadfield, who

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2018-06-19 11:40:56

Of course Facebook was going to ruin Messenger with autoplay video ads  

Facebook says it will start placing video ads inside the social media giant's standalone Messaging service next week, an outgrowth of the company saying it's run out of how many ad units it can squeeze into the main newsfeed and elsewhere in the app as it looks to wring value out of every monetizable hole that it can. That means ads everywhere from slotted in-between Stories in Instagram to Facebook's Marketplace service to, now, video ads that potentially interrupt private chat exchanges betwe

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2018-06-19 10:51:04

Our favorite Fire TV and Fire TV Stick accessory just dropped to a new low on Amazon  

We've said it before and we'll say it again: the iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Infrared Learning Universal Remote Control is by far our favorite Fire TV Stick and 4K Fire TV accessory. Why are we saying it this time? It's on sale right now on Amazon at its lowest price ever! This awesome little accessory attaches to the back of your Alexa voice remote and gives you two things. First, you get a full QWERTY keyboard with backlit keys. Second, you get 8 configurable universal remote button

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2018-06-19 10:23:47

Sylvania's $34 LED light strip is just as good as the $90 Philips Hue model  

The Philips Hue LightStrip Plus is one of the coolest products the company makes. But at $90, it’s also a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people. Want something just as cool that costs half as much? Check out the SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Full Color Indoor Flex Strip Starter Kit. It works with popular smart home systems like SmartThings, and it also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Definitely check it out. Here’s more info from the product page: A compatible ZigBee hub is requi

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2018-06-19 09:43:25

Hands-on video likely gives the world its first look at Apple's next-gen iPhone designs  

Apple will launch three new iPhones this September, and that's something everyone seems to agree on. We're looking at two iPhone X successors that will pack OLED displays and an LCD model. All of them, however, will have the same design. Yes, the notch is here to stay for at least one more year, and that's great news because it means all three phones will come with Face ID support. We've seen leaked renders showing the new iPhone X models, so now it's time to check out 3D-printed model...

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2018-06-19 09:33:46

Report suggests iPhone X Plus is about to make Apple a fortune  

A new report from Korean publication The Bell suggests that the largest of the upcoming iPhone models set to launch this fall will also be the most sought after. Citing supply chain sources, The Bell says Apple has ordered more screen panels for the 2018 6.5-inch iPhone -- which we've been calling the iPhone X Plus -- than any other model. The source claims that Apple has ordered 45 million panels for the big-margin Plus model, 25 million for the 5.8-inch model that will replace the iPhone X,...

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2018-06-19 08:14:26

iPhone clone maker mocks iPhone in TV ad starring famous iPhone user  

You'd expect Samsung to mock Apple in new TV commercials, but for once it's not that particular South Korean giant that's taking hit after hit at the iPhone in its ads. That's because Samsung has not yet cloned the iPhone X, which is surprising and laudable at the same time, considering that almost every other Android company is doing it this year. Ironically, the following ad features a well-known and quite a hilarious actress who happens to be an avid iPhone user judging by her Twitte...

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2018-06-19 06:49:52

iOS 12 developer beta 2 is available for download right now  

It's been two weeks since Apple released the first beta of iOS 12, its most performance-focused iOS upgrade in years. The feedback has generally been excellent: The first iOS 12 beta is more stable and usable than any in recent memory, and there's seemingly not a ton of bugs that need fixing. But that's not going to stop Apple from pushing forwards with its usual update cycle, so a brand-new software update, iOS 12 beta 2, has just been pushed live for developers. We're still digging through to

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2018-06-19 04:05:33

Today's top deals: Amazon's best-selling headphones for $28, $10 Crock-Pot, $4 iPhone X case, more  

Yesterday's roundup of daily deals was once of the best we've had in a long time... but Tuesday's roundup is even better! The cream of the crop is definitely the lowest price ever on the best-selling over-ear Bluetooth headphones on the entire Amazon site — they're just $27.99 with coupon code 6OOYWM24. Other top deals include a top-selling iPhone X clear case for just $4 shipped, the return of the under-$10 Crock-Pot slow cooker, a $150 air fryer that cooks up crispy food without killing

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2018-06-19 03:29:55

Elon Musk says investors betting against Tesla are in for a rude awakening  

As it stands today, Tesla's share price is hovering in the $370 range, good enough for a nearly 47% increase over the last 10 weeks alone. Moreover, Tesla's market cap now stands at a whopping $62 billion, putting it ahead of industry stalwarts like GM and Ford. All the more impressive, if not worrisome, is that Tesla has achieved all this without so much as ever turning a profit. Consequently, there are no shortage of investors who, over the past few months, are betting big money that Tesla sha

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2018-06-19 03:26:59

Lawsuit blasting Apple's App Store as anticompetitive headed to Supreme Court  

Is Apple monopolistic in the way it distributes downloadable applications through its App Store? In the way it takes a 30 percent cut out of fees for paid apps, passing the rest on to developers, and limiting those developers to the company's official store for apps? Those questions will be part of a case the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear on Monday. The high court said it would focus on a narrow slice of the issue — on Apple's claim that app developers are the ones who have standing h...

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2018-06-19 01:44:31

Apple's streaming service might have a secret weapon to beat Netflix: Price  

Apple is sure taking its time coming up with original content that could compete with the likes of Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. But when the service launches next year, it might be sold as a standalone product that could be even more affordable than Apple's biggest rival when it comes to video streaming right now, Netflix. Netflix's cheapest plan starts at $11 per month in the US, which is a bargain considering the incredible number of original TV series and movies Netflix throws at users on top...

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2018-06-19 01:18:11

'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' is on sale for $19.99 on Steam right now  

In celebration of an impressive milestone, PUBG Corp. is slashing the price of its mega-hit battle royale shooter by 33%. The company announced on Tuesday that over 400 million players have played PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds across all platforms since the game launched. 227 million of those players log on every month, and to add to that total the price of the game is dropping from $29.99 to $19.99 on Steam for the first time. Fortnite has been dominating headlines for the past several months,

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2018-06-19 01:02:06

Of course Samsung is making its own graphics chip for Galaxy phones  

If you already know which company is developing its own graphics processing unit for mobile devices, then you also know that where Apple leads, Samsung is particularly quick to follow. Yes, Samsung is working on its own GPUs that will be used in Galaxy devices in the near future. Obviously, it's very likely that Samsung started work on GPU designs of its own quite a while ago. But news about this new silicon endeavor only broke more than a year after reports revealed that Apple is designing i...

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2018-06-18 21:43:42

Samsung app gives us a few more hints about the 'boring' Galaxy Note 9  

Like the Galaxy S9, the Note 9 probably isn't going to bring the exciting redesign some Samsung fans may be waiting for. And that's perfectly okay. The phone will still deliver a much better experience than last year's Note, thanks to a slew of hardware improvements, including processor, camera, storage, and battery life. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't expect new tricks from Samsung when it comes to software, including a customization app that you probably don't need, but which...

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2018-06-18 21:04:20

Video shows us what a Tesla in Autopilot mode 'sees' in real time  

Tesla over the past few years has steadily rolled out a number of enhancements and updates to its Autopilot feature that, taken together, have helped improve overall performance and reliability. And while we're still a ways away from a Tesla driving itself from LA to New York with zero driver interaction -- something Elon Musk promised would go down in 2017 -- there's no denying that Tesla's Autopilot feature, when used as intended, can truly help reduce the incidence of accidents and deaths on

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2018-06-18 19:49:28

'Incredibles 2' just broke the opening weekend record for animated movies  

The Incredibles 2 has got off to a spectacular start, breaking Finding Dory's 2016 record for an opening weekend by an animated movie. The film pulled in $180 million from domestic theaters and another $51.5 million internationally, according to Box Office Mojo. It also gained itself a place in the top-ten all-time openings for films of any kind, which is exactly the kind of result that was worth waiting 14 years for. One thing worth bearing in mind is that box-office numbers are normally quot...

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2018-06-18 19:13:23

$26 spy pen lets you secretly record 1080p video  

If you want to covertly record 1080p video and audio without anyone knowing, we’ve got just the thing. As the name suggests, the FabQuality 1080p HD Hidden Camera Spy Pen looks just like a regular pen. There’s a camera lens and mic hidden on the pen though, and it records on standard microSD cards. It’s a very cool little gadget, just please don’t do anything creepy with it. Here’s what you need to know from the product page: PROFESSIONAL STEALTH CAMERA EXECUTIVE PE

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2018-06-18 18:51:42

Best Buy deal takes $400 off a Pixel 2 XL – and no, you don't have to buy two phones  

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are likely just months away from release, which means that carriers are stores are starting to hustle unsold Pixel 2 inventory out of the door. One of the most popular types of carrier deals these days are buy-one-get-ones, which generally make a second device free (in the form of 24 bill credits). They're great deals in their own right, but if you don't need two phones or an extra line of service, they're not worth it. Good deals on single devices are much rarer, whi

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2018-06-18 17:54:09

Today's best deals: Air Fryer, $22 Bluetooth headphones, $30 Crock-Pot, Dyson, GoPro HERO5, more  

We've put together a wonderful roundup of top daily deals to start off the new week. Highlights from today's post include a top Dyson cordless vacuum for just $180, a deal of the day on comfy bed sheets, Amazon's Choice Bluetooth earbuds for only $22, a $150 air fryer that cooks up crispy food without killing you for $85, a top-rated 6-quart Crock-Pot slow cooker for $30, $150 off the GoPro HERO5 Black, an Alexa enabled smart thermostat for under $100, a few extra bucks off the awesome home secu

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2018-06-18 13:46:01

'Pokemon Go' is getting its biggest update in a long time later this week  

Ever since Niantic launched Pokemon Go two summers ago, players have been wondering when they would be able to trade with their friends. Trading and doing battle with other players have been hallmarks of the franchise since Red and Blue arrived in 1996, so it was something of a surprise for Pokemon Go launch without either feature. It's been a long time coming, but the wait will finally be over this week when the Friends feature emerges. In a blog post on Monday, Niantic announced that the F...

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2018-06-18 13:08:40

Fresh Pixel 3 XL leak confirms at least one key detail  

It was only a few days ago that a barrage of Pixel 3 rumors and leaks revealed that Google is both going to copy Apple and stick to its own principles when it comes to this year's Pixel phones. The Pixel 3 XL will get the same notch-and-chin, not-really-all-screen design seen on most iPhone X clones this year. But the Pixel 3 XL won't copy one of the iPhone X's main features, the dual-lens camera. A fresh tidbit from a prolific leaker says the Pixel 3 XL phone will stick with a single-l...

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2018-06-18 12:46:08

Elon Musk claims a rogue employee is trying to sabotage Tesla's production line  

Tesla is certainly no stranger to controversy, but a recent story regarding sabotage by a rogue employee is bizarre by any measure. According to a report from CNBC, Elon Musk late last night fired off an email to employees which claims that there's a saboteur trying to wreak havoc at the company's Fremont plant in California. According to Musk, the employee in question "conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations," and his changes "included making direct code changes to th

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2018-06-18 11:31:06

This app you've never heard of lets you watch shows and movies for free that aren't even on Netflix  

People often think that when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies online, there are only three options: pay for the good stuff, steal the good stuff, or stream the bad stuff. It's true that all the best streaming services cost money, and oftentimes they're worth it. If you want the broadest collection of movies and shows along with some of the best original content in the world, you subscribe to Netflix. If you want just-released movies with popular shows sprinkled in, you pay for a service

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2018-06-18 11:27:43

NASA's Curiosity rover snapped an amazing selfie as it was swallowed by a Martian dust storm  

Mars isn't a great place to be right now. Well, it's really never a great place to be, at least not for the past billion years or so, but the past few weeks have been especially rough as a massive dust storm is rapidly swallowing up the planet. The storm has already caused NASA's Opportunity rover to shut down due to lack of sunlight, and now as the storm spreads towards Curiosity, NASA took the opportunity to grab a pretty awesome rover selfie. The image, which was captured in bits and pieces

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2018-06-18 11:02:36

Google Maps no longer lets you book Uber rides from within the app  

Google is constantly adding new features and functionality to its array of mobile apps, which is why today's news is so surprising. On Monday, Android Police was one of the first to notice that Google has updated its online documentation to clarify that the ability to request a ride via Uber within the app has been deactivated. "You can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps," Google reveals on its support website. "But you can still look up the route in the Maps app and then reques...

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2018-06-18 08:40:16

Audi CEO arrested in Germany over dieselgate scandal and possible evidence tampering  

Well, it took three years but it looks like the repercussions of Volkswagen's diesel emissions cheating is finally reaching the very top of the company's ladders. Rupert Stadler, CEO of VW's luxury brand Audi, has been arrested in Germany as part of the still-ongoing investigation into who was truly accountable for the decision to install cheat devices on diesel cars. Stadler has been with Audi for 28 years, and CNN reports that his arrest was linked to possible "evidence tampering" associated

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2018-06-18 07:48:03

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium available to everyone starting today  

Just over a month after officially announcing its two new subscription services, Google launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium on Monday across seventeen countries. If you missed the announcement in May, YouTube Music is a paid service similar to Spotify and Apple Music, giving subscribers access to millions of songs and thousands of playlists on demand. Eventually, YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music altogether. You can listen to songs on YouTube Music for free, but you'll have to

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2018-06-18 06:02:51

One-day sale gets you a Dyson cordless vacuum for just $180  

Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day you're finally going to upgrade your vacuum. Ditch that dusty old piece of junk you've been using and take advantage of Amazon's excellent one-day sale on the Dyson V6 Origin Cordless Stick Vacuum. You'll save $60 on the already discounted cordless model, dropping the price all the way down to just $179.99. That's an insanely good price for one of the best cordless vacuums on the planet, so don't miss out. Here are some highlights from the product page: Thi

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2018-06-18 05:29:15

This $10 tool replaces your entire socket wrench set  

The best things in life might not be free, but they can definitely be shockingly cheap. Take the Kusonkey Professional Universal Socket, for example, This awesome universal socket adapter has little metal pins that retract so it can fit any size nut between 7mm and 19mm. It’s only $9.99 on Amazon, and yet it can replace your entire socket wrench set! Here are some more highlights from the Amazon page: Imported UNIQUE: Unique design automatically adjusts to any size or shape, compact and ea

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2018-06-18 04:41:38

The AirPods rivals people go nuts for are back down to $20 on Amazon  

People absolutely love the SmartOmi Q5 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. We cover them pretty much every time we catch wind of a sale, and thousands upon thousands of our readers have bought them. They're a great alternative to AirPods for two reasons. First, they're a tiny fraction of the price of Apple's pricey cord-free earbuds. Second, they have silicone tips instead of smooth plastic ear pieces like AirPods, so they actually stay in your ears and keep a seal instead of leaking all that gl

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2018-06-18 04:01:23

Japan was rocked by a 6.1 earthquake this morning, and casualties continue to climb  

An earthquake struck the island nation of Japan early Monday morning, toppling buildings and causing all manner of distress for residents of the bustling port city of Osaka. Hundreds of people have been taken to hospitals for injuries, and while the death toll remains low at four, officials are worried that may rise as recovery efforts continue. The quake was one of the most powerful to strike the region in some time. Thankfully, the earthquake was more or less confined to dry land, and did not

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2018-06-18 03:52:54

Huawei swears – again – that its phones don't spy on you  

One of Huawei's key opinion leaders, Israeli-based tech blogger and adviser Hillel Fuld, tells BGR he thinks some of the pushback that Huawei gets over ties to the Chinese government and fears that its devices could be used to snoop on users are, at a minimum, ill-informed. It's a fight that Shenzhen, China-based Huawei once again finds its embroiled in, as the tech giant is the subject of new reports that it could be blocked from new 5G infrastructure in Australia. News headlines there in ...

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2018-06-18 01:36:57

The 10 most exciting games shown off at E3 2018  

This was an odd year at E3, with Microsoft taking charge, showing off 50 games, and confirming that the next Xbox is in the works, Sony shoving all of the attendees at its press conference into a crowded tent, and Nintendo deciding to show up with one big title and basically take the year off after launching a new console last year. The good news is that there were still a ton of games -- so many that it has taken me most of the day to decide which ten made the biggest impression on me now that

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2018-06-17 06:37:48

New helicopter video confirms Hawaii is basically Mordor now  

Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy relied heavily on CGI to turn Mordor into hell on Earth, complete with a lava-spewing volcano and rivers of molten stone running through a barren wasteland. The same description also applies to parts of Hawaii's Big Island, but the lava is real, and the Kilauea volcano was happy to do the terraforming for free. A new aerial video from the US Geological Survey, captured during a helicopter flight over the East Rift Zone on Thursday, shows the extent of...

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2018-06-17 05:19:38

$15 is all it takes to get the most immersive viewing experience on any TV  

If you want to take your TV viewing experience to the next level, LED backlighting is definitely the way to go. A device like the Vansky RGB Bias Lighting for 40-60 inch HDTVs extends the experience outside the boundaries of your television’s display, casting a gorgeous glow onto the wall behind the TV. An included wireless remote lets you adjust the color and brightness, and it connects to your TV’s open USB port for power so you don’t have to worry about running another wire

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2018-06-17 03:10:11

The 6 best free iPhone games of the week  

It wasn't all that busy of a week for iOS game releases, but the highlight of the week might be one of the two or three most exciting mobile releases of the year. Survival dino-trainer simulator Ark: Survival Evolved has been ported to the App Store in full, and it is basically the full game, but free to download. If your device supports it, try it out. ARK: Survival Evolved ***PLEASE NOTE: This game is officially supported on the following devices only: iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X,

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2018-06-16 15:03:09

10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week  

It's the weekend, movie fans, which means it's time for new flicks and new trailers. Incredibles 2 is finally here, so no matter how old you are, the animation should be on your to-watch list. Then there's Tag, a star-studded movie about grown adults playing an elaborate game of tag. With that in mind, let's move on to this week's trailers crop, which includes a bunch of new titles, such as Dumbo. Alpha Alpha is like an Ice Age movie, but with people and computer-generated animals...

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2018-06-16 12:08:53

Our favorite Fire TV and Fire TV accessory is only $29 on Amazon  

If you get only one accessory to complement your Fire TV Stick or 4K Fire TV, it should definitely be the iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Infrared Learning Universal Remote Control. It attaches to the back of your Alexa voice remote and gives you a full QWERTY keyboard with backlit keys you can see in any dimly lit room. On top of that, it has eight extra buttons and a learning function, so you can use it to control your TV and ditch your TV remote. Here’s more info from the product

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2018-06-16 07:55:09

I wouldn't buy a $2,000 foldable iPhone, let alone Samsung's Galaxy X  

When the Galaxy X, Samsung's first foldable phone, launches next year it'll surely be one of the most exciting handsets released. It'll have a total of three screens, if rumors are accurate, allowing you to switch between a smaller phone form factor and a tablet-sized phone. Samsung, of course, isn't the only company in the world working on such devices, but it might make the first foldable gadget that actually looks good. Yes, the ZTE Axon M still sucks and I wish it never existed. Tha...

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2018-06-16 07:16:51

One Chinese city has opened a lane specifically for people walking and texting  

If you've never run into anyone while walking down a sidewalk texting a friend or scrolling through Instagram, you've probably come pretty close. As a culture, we've become irrevocably attached to our phones, and sometimes it's hard to look away, even for an instant. Of course, it would be great if everyone would just put their phones away while out and about, but one Chinese city has a novel solution that feels a bit like a Black Mirror episode. Filipino publication the Inquirer reports that a

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2018-06-16 03:49:50

Here's everything AT&T now owns, apart from your soul  

Earlier this week, a judge decided the fate of the AT&T Time Warner deal, and the result was a big thumbs-up in the general direction of capitalism. The $85 billion deal has closed, Time Warner has officially been assimilated into AT&T (and renamed WarnerMedia), and there's almost zero chance that anything will stop it now. With the closing of the deal, AT&T is now far more than just a telecoms company. It owns dozens of brands, as well as the rights to some of the most popular shows on TV. It

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2018-06-16 03:19:08

Chinese tech startup Chuwi is getting into gaming, and its first effort is a itty bitty gaming PC  

I've written about Chinese tech startup Chuwi a number of times in the past, mainly because they've been making some pretty solid Windows machines at very, very low prices. The company has already tackled budget notebooks, convertible laptops, and even attempted to outdo Microsoft with a Surface Pro competitor. Their stuff is always very good for the price, and now the company is setting its sights on gamers. The Chuwi HiGame PC is a prebuilt micro-desktop with some rather impressive specs. As

what do you think?

2018-06-16 02:01:06

The voice of Stephen Hawking will be shot at a black hole, and maybe someone will hear it  

Stephen Hawking dedicated the majority of his life to the pursuit of knowledge, focusing on physics and math in a quest to explain how the universe works. Now, the late scientist's voice will be broadcast into space, and maybe someone (or something) will someday hear it. Hawking's own words have been set to music, an "original score" by famed composer Vangelis. The musical tribute will be shot into space towards a nearby black hole, 1A 0620-00, which is incredibly fitting for a man who spent s...

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2018-06-15 20:52:35

T-Mobile is trolling AT&T with a $900 deal for switchers  

For T-Mobile CEO John Legere, poking fun at Verizon and AT&T is seemingly part of his job description. Whether he's picking up their disgruntled customers on Twitter or coming up with Trumpian nicknames, respect for the competition certainly isn't a maxim at T-Mobile HQ. The company's latest stunt actually puts money behind Legere's Twitter account, however, as T-Mobile is offering an extra discount to any AT&T grandfathered unlimited customers who want to jump ship. As we noted last week, AT&T

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2018-06-15 17:40:55

Apple Watch Series 3 refurbished models on sale one day only at Best Buy  

Now that the long winter is over and summer has finally arrived, you're probably thinking of actually getting out of the house and seeing what the world outside has to offer. You might even be considering taking full advantage of the hot weather and either running or biking around your town or city, in which case it wouldn't hurt to pick up something like an Apple Watch to track your progress. Good news: The Apple Watch is on sale today. For one day only, Best Buy is selling all refurbished App

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2018-06-15 16:06:14

$59 adapter adds Bluetooth to your wired Bose noise cancelling headphones  

You made a huge investment when you bought your wired Bose QuietComfort 25 or QuietComfort 15 headphones. If you decide you want to make the jump to wireless, should you really have to spend another $300+? Check out the AirMod Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Bose QuietComfort Headphones, which is available for both the Bose QuietComfort 25 and the QuietComfort 15 headphones. Just unplug your wire from the headphones and connect the AirMod adapter in its place. It looks OEM, and it adds great-soun

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2018-06-15 14:18:34

Judge issues landmark decision after Google Translate tricked a man into giving consent to police  

Google Translate can do many things. One thing it can't do, according to a judge — help you provide constitutionally-required consent to a police officer. A court in Kansas earlier this month ruled in the case of Omar Cruz-Zamora, a native of Mexico who was in the U.S. on a visa. He was arrested for possessing cocaine and methamphetamine after consenting to a police search of his car. His attorneys filed a motion to suppress the evidence. Why? Google Translate, they argued, didn't meet t...

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2018-06-15 13:35:07

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has gone from Forbes Rich List to criminal indictment in just 2 years  

Elizabeth Holmes, once regarded as health tech's Steve Jobs, has wrapped up her high dive from grace with a gold medal-worthy entry into the water. Federal prosecutors indicted Holmes on criminal charges Friday afternoon, alleging that the Theranos founder defrauded investors, doctors and patients with their micro-blood-testing service that never really existed. Prosecutors also filed charges against Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, Theranos's former chief operating officer who was also Holmes's boyfrie

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2018-06-15 13:14:20

Apple Maps is more broken than usual  

Apple Maps has a reputation for being "broken," in the sense that it will send you to a place far from where you want to go. But starting early this morning, Apple Maps has been broken in the sense that it isn't working at all. The service appears to be completely down, and loading directions or searching for locations doesn't appear to work on iPhones or iPads. It appears that you can still load the map display, so if you want to hark back to the days before turn-by-turn directions were a thing

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2018-06-15 12:18:53

Donkey Kong's arrival on the Switch is a throwback to Nintendo's glory days  

There’s no such thing as a time machine, but I’m convinced entertainment properties from one’s childhood may be close enough. For me, that includes gaming titles from Atari, Nintendo and the like — certainly video games like Donkey Kong, which Nintendo has just put out on the Switch for $7.99 as part of its Arcade Archives. TechCrunch has a good rundown of Nintendo’s E3 announcements. The Big N also had some retro goodies up its sleeve that it revealed during the Tr

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2018-06-15 11:08:07

Your home internet isn't as fast (or as cheap) as it should be – but we'll show you how to fix it  

Many people out there have issues with their home wireless networks, but they just deal with it instead of actually doing something about it. What’s more, if you use a cable modem provided by your cable company, you’re paying more for your home internet service than you should be. In this post, we’ll show you three purchases you can make to speed up your home internet and decrease your annual service cost by between $96 and $120. First, buy and activate your own cable modem so

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2018-06-15 09:02:16

How to watch the World Cup online for free, and get the premium experience  

The 2018 World Cup kicked off in Russia on Thursday, with the host nation smashing through Saudi Arabia's defenses. The first game of the tournament delivered a flurry of goals, and we have 63 more matches to look forward to over the course of the coming month. You'll might think you have to miss out on all of that action if you've just cut the cord, but you don't have to. We showed you various ways to catch the games live, as they happen, so you have plenty of options to choose from. B...

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2018-06-15 08:21:52

Today's best deals: Roku Sticks, new Switch games, $4 iPhone X case, comfy pillows, UE BOOM 2, more  

We've got some terrific daily deals to close out the week, and today's roundup begins with $20 off a 2-pack of one of the most comfortable bed pillows on Amazon. Seriously, this thing is going to change your life. Other top daily deals on Friday include discounts on both the Roku Streaming Stick and the Roku Streaming Stick+, a popular iPhone X clear case for just $3.99, $125 off the hot Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Bluetooth speaker, the under-bed motion-activated LED nightlight everyone loves for just

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2018-06-15 08:12:15

Forget the iPhone X, cheaper iPhones are on the way  

Apple is going to launch three new iPhone models this coming September, all featuring the same notch design as the current iPhone X. But the most exciting model of the bunch might be the 6.1-inch LCD version, which is expected to be a lot cheaper than the new iPhone X models — though the 2018 iPhone X successor and "iPhone X Plus" are also said to be more affordable than you'd expect. iPhone fans not keen on paying $1,000 for a new iPhone will certainly appreciate the LCD iPhone X. And ther...

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2018-06-15 08:07:53

Apple might steal HTC's signature squeeze control for the iPhone, but it will actually be good  

HTC called it Edge Sense when the U11 came out last year, and then Google borrowed the function for the Pixel 2 phones, changing its name to Active Edge. As the name suggests, the edge lets you squeeze the frame to trigger a response, but it's more of a gimmicky feature on the Pixel given that there's not much you can do with it aside from calling for the Google Assistant or mute the phone. But Apple is working on a similar feature that might be actually useful. Yes, the iPhone might copy t...

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2018-06-15 08:03:09

Tell Apple what you think of its 'courage' with this $11 adapter that adds 5 headphone jacks to your iPhone  

Having a nice thin iPhone is great, but I think most people would happily take a phone that’s a tiny bit thicker if it meant also having a 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple said it was courageous for killing off the jack, but sometimes we think it’s just annoying. If you want the jack back, check out the Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Multi Headphone Audio Splitter. Plug it into your iPhone using the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter included in the box, and you get not one but FIVE headphone jacks on yo

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2018-06-15 05:46:13

A collection of underrated iPhone features you probably forgot about  

When Apple's original iPhone first debuted in 2007, it was the simple alternative to a market full of overcomplicated smartphones. Platforms like Symbian, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Mobile were a mess. Sure, they got the job done, but people really only used smartphones that ran these platforms because there were no better options out there. Don't believe me? Where are Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile now? Exactly. Apple's iOS platform, which was called iPhone OS back then, removed all o

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2018-06-15 05:36:01

Watch the colossal Martian dust storm swallow the planet, and Opportunity along with it  

By now you've surely heard about the massive dust storm currently raging on Mars. Our planetary neighbor is experiencing a pretty serious bout of cloudy skies thanks to raging winds which have kicked up the orange soil and tossed it aloft. NASA's Opportunity rover is caught right in the middle of it all, and while we've seen some examples of how day has turned to night as the storm swallows up an ever-growing chunk of the planet, seeing the storm grow from space is a whole different story. A ne

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2018-06-15 04:29:40

Salmonella outbreak linked to Honey Smacks, one of the greatest cereals ever  

If you were waking up this morning prepared to grab a heaping bowl of Kellogg's Honey Smacks, you might want to reconsider. A new bulletin from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pointing the finger at the popular cereal (which is delicious, by the way) for spreading salmonella. The recall seems to be fairly wide-ranging, covering "best if used by dates" that span a full year. Thus far, a total of 73 confirmed cases of salmonella originating with Honey Smacks cereal have been rep

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2018-06-15 04:12:14

Both of Roku's popular Streaming Sticks are discounted right now on Amazon  

Today is the perfect day to pick up a new streaming device for your kitchen TV or that TV in the guest bedroom, because Amazon is running a great sale on Roku devices. Roku makes the best-selling streaming dongles in the world right now, and its two newest and most popular models have both been discounted. The Roku Streaming Stick drops to $39.99 from its normal price of $49.99, and the Roku Streaming Stick+ with 4K resolution and HDR support is only $54.00 right now on Amazon, down from its nor

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2018-06-15 02:02:40

New leak may have just revealed sizes of all three of Apple's next-gen iPhones  

With WWDC now firmly behind us, we can now turn our attention to Apple's forthcoming 2018 iPhone lineup. Though nothing is ever 100% certain until Apple announces it, there have been a string of credible reports which all claim that Apple this year will release three entirely new iPhone models. Hardly a surprise, because the iPhone X -- with its $1,000 price point -- likely deterred some iPhone owners otherwise interested in upgrading, Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup will reportedly be aggressively p

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2018-06-15 01:57:42

McDonald's is ditching plastic straws because none of us can be trusted with them  

Well, nice job humans, now you've gone and done it. Mankind has a serious problem keeping its waste to itself, and we've seen so many examples of that fact that I really shouldn't even have to say it at this point. Our trash is everywhere, and plastics are some of the worst when it comes to environmental damage. Now, McDonald's is taking a pretty extraordinary step to prevent plastic waste, choosing to ditch plastic straws in all of its restaurants in both the UK and Ireland because people just

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2018-06-15 01:02:07

Sprint is killing its $15 unlimited data promo this Friday because it was too popular  

Seven innocent days ago, we told you about a Sprint promotion that was offering unlimited data to anyone willing to switch onto the network for $15 a month. There were no strings attached and no weird fine print, which normally makes this kind of deal too good to be true. Apparently, Sprint's accounting department agreed, because the company is killing the promotion at midnight tomorrow, Friday June 15th. The news was first reported by USA Today and confirmed to BGR by Sprint. It was only ...

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2018-06-14 20:35:07

Xbox boss Phil Spencer weighs in on Sony not supporting 'Fortnite' console cross-play  

One of the most genuinely exciting occurrences of this console generation has been seeing Nintendo and Microsoft put aside their differences to make cross-play on games like Rocket League, Minecraft, and now Fortnite possible. It has been equally frustrating to watch Sony resist this change, and that frustration came to a head at E3 this week as thousands of Switch owners who had previously played Fortnite on a PS4 discovered that they would be unable to carry over their progress if they had alr

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2018-06-14 18:45:20

A Korean carrier is selling iPhones for $40, but there's a huge catch  

The dawn of 5G is near, and we'll soon surf the web from increasingly larger phones at speeds above anything we'd have dreamed of just a decade ago when the iPhone started the mobile revolution. But until we get there, you might be interested in this 9-year-old iPhone 3GS that a carrier is willing to sell you for just $40. This is no joke, and I'd totally buy it. You see, I skipped the 3GS, Apple's first "S" phone, and upgraded to the iPhone 4 instead. So I've never owned tha...

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2018-06-14 18:36:32

This tiny frog captured in ancient amber lived in the shadow of dinosaurs  

If there's one thing that Jurassic Park taught us (besides the fact that Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure and should be cherished) it's that ancient tree sap is really really good at preserving bugs. Despite the wealth of pseudoscience and outright fiction in Jurassic Park, the ability of hardened amber to offer a glimpse into the past is very much true. Insects tend to be the creatures most often discovered in fossilized amber, but every once in a while paleontologists strike gold and find

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2018-06-14 18:29:58

This $90 camera drone folds up to the size of a smartphone  

There are a few things we really like about the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone, and it all starts with its design. This isn’t a tiny little mini-drone toy, but the foldable design lets the arms fold into the body of the quadcopter so it’s only about the size of a smartphone when you stow it. It also has a bunch of cool features like one-touch takeoff and landing capabilities, and it’s on sale right now on Amazon for just $90 with Prime shipping. Here’s some key info

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2018-06-14 16:56:32

A bug's life was cut short when it met its doom, twice, 100 million years ago  

To humans, ticks are vile little creatures that do little but annoy and at times cause pain. You've probably never felt sorry for one of the little buggers under any circumstances, but this 100-year-old tick discovered in Myanmar might actually tug at your heart strings a bit. Discovered trapped in ancient amber, the tiny creature had one very, very bad day. The tick, which was spotted by a German collector and eventually passed on to scientists for closer examination, wasn't just suffocated in

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2018-06-14 10:17:15

It looks like the iPhone X Plus won't have a triple-lens camera, despite what you might have heard  

A report earlier this week claimed that the iPhone X Plus, the 6.5-inch iPhone X successor expected to launch this fall alongside two new other iPhones, will feature a triple-lens camera on the back, similar to the Huawei P20 Pro (above). At the time, we told you that's just a mistake, as Forbes likely misinterpreted the supposedly leaked schematics it presented. Previous reports did say that the Galaxy S10 and iPhone X Plus will have three cameras on the back by the time they launch in 2019,...

what do you think?

2018-06-14 09:13:48

'Ark: Survival Evolved' is now free to download on iOS and Android  

Fortnite has been the talk of the gaming world (and beyond) for months, and its arrival on mobile platforms earlier this year only increased its footprint. But despite all the attention being paid to Fortnite, there are other PC games that are massively popular (though slightly less so). On Thursday, one of those games -- Ark: Survival Evolved -- also made its way to mobile, and you can download it from the App Store or Google Play for free. Before the battle royale genre took over, survival g...

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2018-06-14 09:12:42

Nintendo says 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' is a brand new game, so stop whining  

Having spent more than half of its E3 presentation talking about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's clear the company has a lot riding on this highly anticipated sequel. But despite seeing around thirty minutes of footage during the Direct and then seeing the game in action on the Nintendo Treehouse live stream afterwards, fans were still wondering if the new Smash Bros. was just a spruced up port of the Wii U game or something entirely new. "It's definitely not an update," Nintendo Treehouse loc

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2018-06-14 09:08:43

New Galaxy S10 leak sheds more light on Samsung's most exciting phone in years  

We have good news and bad news for Samsung fans on Thursday morning. The bad news is the fact that each new day brings more evidence that the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is going to be just as boring as we're all expecting at this point. Samsung doesn't seem to have any surprises in store, as was the case with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. But we'll get to that later. The good news is that the Samsung smartphones that will follow the Note 9 are shaping up to be the most exciting new flagship devices

what do you think?

2018-06-14 08:50:33

This is the thinnest iPhone X clear case on the planet, and it's only $20 on Amazon  

Some people like iPhone cases that protect your phone from accidental drops. Some people like ultra-thin cases that mainly just protect against scratches. Some people like clear cases that show off their iPhone’s design. Well, the Totallee Clear Thin iPhone X Case manages to check all of those boxes. It’s the thinnest clear case on the planet, and yet it still manages to protect your iPhone X from scratches and short drops as well. It’s just $20 on Amazon and it might be the be

what do you think?

2018-06-14 08:48:58

Snapchat's new feature focuses on privacy, so Facebook probably won't steal this  

It was just a few weeks ago, during an onstage interview at the Code Conference, when Snap CEO Evan Spiegel zinged the blue juggernaut that's haunted his company with this line: "We would really appreciate it if they copied our data protection practices also."  Ouch. The dynamic between the two companies, of course, has seen Facebook — after unsuccessfully trying to buy Snap — copy and repurpose everything of its smaller rival that it possibly can, like Stories and ridiculous camera ...

what do you think?

2018-06-14 08:24:54

Elon Musk wins improbably cheap bid to dig a tunnel through Chicago  

Elon Musk's Boring Company, an organization that I'm still partially sure is a front for Musk's doomsday bunker, has won a bid to create an underground express transit system from Chicago's O'Hare airport to the city downtown area. An official announcement from the city is expected this afternoon, confirming that Musk's company beat out four other developers to win the project. "We're really excited to work with the Mayor and the City to bring this new high-speed public transportation system ...

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2018-06-14 08:04:13

Verizon's new unlimited data plan is the most expensive yet  

Over the last two years, all four major wireless carriers have introduced unlimited data plans that have proved unsurprisingly popular. But despite the name, none of the plans are actually unlimited: there's a "deprioritization threshold" that's essentially a soft cap on data, limits on the quality of the video you can stream, and conditions on stuff like hotspot data. Just like the metered data plans of old, there are better and worse "unlimited" plans, and Verizon just launched the best and mo

what do you think?

2018-06-14 08:02:20

Samsung has another boring new device it'll launch alongside the boring new Galaxy Note 9  

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are two of the best smartphones on the planet right now, but no one really cares. Why? Because they can pretty much be summed up as slightly better versions of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, with slightly faster performance and slightly more impressive cameras. They're "S" updates just like Apple used to release every other year, expect Apple had something going for it that Samsung does not: if someone wanted to buy a brand new flagship iOS phone in 2015, their choice

what do you think?

2018-06-14 06:27:56

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