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Top Headlines From Apr 7 – 13  

This week, articles that caught our editors’ attention include those about a day in the life of a pro car buyer, the cars with the longest longevity and your favorite movie cars in action and in miniature. Read these stories and more by clicking on the links below. The next auto capital of the US? […]

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2018-04-13 10:48:57

History Guide: Ford Focus  

It is difficult to overstate the importance of the original Ford Focus. For starters it replaced the Escort, which although somewhat stale by the late 1990s, was still one of the most recognisable cars on the road. Not only that, but the Focus was Ford's entry into the hugely popular family car segment, a true […]

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2018-04-13 05:44:43

7 things about older cars you've probably forgotten  

Learning to drive these days must be so easy. Sure, the roads are more congested than ever and, yeah OK, the test itself is considerably tougher. But in modern cars almost everything is power assisted or automated or connected or, you know, reliable, which in turn removes much of the challenge.  To prove as much […]

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2018-04-11 01:52:20

Top Headlines From March 30 – April 6  

This week, news of a mood-enhancing feature from Kia, the impact of electric vehicles on convenience stores and the new world of collectible autos grabbed our editors’ attention. Read these stories and more by clicking the links below. First Millennials killed everything, now EVs are killing convenience stores (The Washington Post) Did you ever think […]

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2018-04-06 13:07:34

Half Price Hot Hatch: Skoda Octavia vRS  

The Skoda Octavia vRS is fairly unusual in the world of hot hatches in that it is available in several configurations. You can, for example, have front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, petrol or diesel, manual or automatic, and even hatchback or estate. It follows that there should be an Octavia vRS for every requirement, which […]

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2018-04-06 07:49:36

New to the Used Market: Jaguar E-Pace  

It is telling of just how dominant SUVs have become that even Jaguar, a company renowned for its saloons and sports cars, predicts its best selling model will soon be a family-sized crossover that shares its core underpinnings with a Land Rover. That car is the E-Pace, which stormed into the new car market at […]

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2018-04-05 12:06:43

Recap: Here’s What We Saw at the New York Auto Show  

We just returned from press days at one of the most important car events of the year: the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Here's what caught our eye: Interactive Displays: Automakers got creative and embraced augmented reality and virtual reality in order to display their latest cars and technology. How did they do it? […]

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2018-03-31 01:44:17

Top Headlines From March 24 – 30  

This week our editors took on the New York International Auto Show, where they saw VW's pickup truck unveiling, a Lincoln SUV with a high-tech twist and a callback to classic clocks. Read these stories and more by clicking the links below. Meet one of the stars of the New York Auto Show, VW's new pickup […]

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2018-03-30 11:08:14

CarGurus Now Lets Shoppers Search for Carsby Engine Sound  

On April 1, CarGurus will officially "launch" REVolution, a one-of-its-kind sound-driven search engine that will give shoppers a new way to find their desired car. Inspired by childhood memories of making loud racing sounds with Matchbox cars, REVolution is a precise audio search tool that lets you "vroom, zoom and engine-roar" your way to the […]

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2018-03-30 05:59:57

Automotive Easter Eggs: Cars with Hidden Surprises  

We love Easter eggs here at CarGurus, and not just the ones made from chocolate. Whether it's in films, computer games or YouTube videos, a few little hidden surprises and insider references are sure to add an extra layer of appreciation for avid viewers. But did you know it happens with cars too? Below are […]

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2018-03-29 06:13:53

5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at NYIAS  

CarGurus editors started 2018 with a visit to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Today, we're gearing up to attend the first of two press days at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Here's what's on our radar. New ways to test drive: Automakers are introducing virtual reality and augmented reality to […]

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2018-03-28 05:02:07

First Wheels: Ford Ka Buying Guide  

As somebody whose first car cost a mere £450, it seems amazing to fathom that new drivers today fork out an average of £4,627 on their entry into the world of automobile ownership. That, however, is the figure uncovered in our latest research, which sought to find out how the amount drivers spend on their […]

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2018-03-26 09:54:34

Top Headlines From Mar 19 – 23  

This week, news of a mountain-climbing electric Volkswagen, a new Ford partnership and a life-size Lego Toyota grabbed our editors’ attention. Read these stories and more by clicking the links below. In 1987, the VW Golf tried to complete the climb to Pike’s Peak. Now, its electric car will take on the challenge. (TechCrunch) First Costco, now […]

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2018-03-23 06:01:43

£1000 Wonders: Why Cheap Doesn't Mean Terrible  

It goes without saying that a car costing £1000 is not going to be as good as one worth ten times that price. Whether or not it is 10 times worse, however, is another matter. So it is that we say welcome to the world of £1000 wonders, where our job is to search the […]

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2018-03-22 01:10:47

Don't Let a Rental Car Compromise Your Privacy  

Whether you're connecting your phone to a rental car or your own car, you'll want to make sure you erase your personal phone data before returning or selling your vehicle. Any time you connect your phone to a car infotainment system, your number as well as your contacts and other data may be saved to […]

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2018-03-21 15:26:11

New to the Used Market: Volvo XC40  

As the first used example of the Volvo XC40 arrives on CarGurus, we thought it was worth reflecting on just why this SUV has created such a buzz. After all, not so long ago the arrival of a new Volvo was greeted with all the anticipation of the opening of a bank statement, and yet here […]

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2018-03-16 10:05:13

Top Headlines From March 10 – 16  

This week, the articles that grabbed the attention of our editors feature Ford's fight for the SUV crown, how shoppers can save on extra costs when leasing and whether Washington will affect car prices. Read these stories and more by clicking the links below. Ford debuts a new face for an old favorite (Car and […]

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2018-03-16 04:20:11

Half Price Hot Hatch: BMW M135i  

It took its time, but the BMW M135i has firmly tipped into half price hot hatch territory, which is to say you can now buy a decent used example for 50 per cent of the original £29,995 asking price. This is very good news indeed, because the M135i was and still is a real belter […]

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2018-03-14 01:40:14

Top Headlines From March 3 – 9  

This week, stories that caught the attention of our editors include the greenest driving states, tips on car loans and the sad reality of how much we sit in traffic. Check out these articles and more below. As interest rates rise, some tips on finding the right car loan for you (Detroit Free Press) The […]

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2018-03-09 05:18:29

Geneva motor show: Five great cars, five years on  

As the Geneva motor show rolls into town this week, we thought it might be fun to see how five of the show's star cars from five years ago are faring on the used car market now that time and familiarity have played their part. Why five years? Quite simply because the 2013 Geneva show […]

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2018-03-08 05:53:58

The 10 Most Popular Used Cars in the UK  

If you want your used car search to be as painless as possible there's something to be said for opting for one of the most popular models. After all, popular is bound to mean plentiful, so you're almost guaranteed to have lots of choice without having to travel far from home, plus there will be […]

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2018-03-08 02:08:59

Top Headlines From February 24 – March 2  

Headlines that caught our attention this week include a driving companion coming to new Ford owners, Jaguar's electric debut and whether or not distance matters when it comes to your insurance rates. Read these stories and more by clicking the links below. Ford drivers, meet your new (digital) co-pilot (Digital Trends) BMW will turn your smartphone into a smartkey (TechCrunch) […]

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2018-03-02 13:57:56

Beast from the East: How to drive in snow and ice  

The ‘Beast from the East’ might sound like a pro wrestler, but it is in fact something with the potential to be far more disruptive: a cold snap from Russia that’s currently blowing its way across the UK. With temperatures well below freezing and many parts of the country covered in snow, driving conditions have […]

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2018-03-02 12:33:07

Half Price Hot Hatch: Renaultsport Clio 200  

In the history of the hot hatch the Renaultsport Clio 200 will surely come to be regarded as the pinnacle of the old school formula. A car where stuffing a big, naturally aspirated motor into a supermini body was still the name of the game, rather than the current trend for smaller turbocharged engines and […]

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2018-03-01 02:20:40

Beast from the East: How to drive in snow and ice  

The ‘Beast from the East’ might sound like a pro wrestler, but it is in fact something with the potential to be far more disruptive: a cold snap blowing its way towards the UK from Russia. With temperatures expected to drop well below freezing and many parts of the country likely to see snow, the […]

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2018-02-24 04:03:43

The used electric cars going UP in value  

Wouldn't it would be great if you could buy a used car, run it for 12 months and 10,000 miles and then sell it on for a profit? Research by car valuation specialists cap hpi suggests that this can indeed be a reality - but only if you opt for an electric vehicle (EV). Cap hpi’s […]

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2018-02-23 11:40:02

A Buyer’s Guide to Family-Friendly Vehicles  

Family-friendly vehicles now come in all shapes and sizes. But which vehicles offer the best value, safety, and reliability for families without breaking the bank? Here are 5 standouts from the 2015 model year. 2015 Honda CR-V No list of family-friendly vehicles is complete without the legendary Honda CR-V. It was one of our top […]

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2018-02-23 08:18:44

Top Headlines From February 17-23  

This week articles that got the attention of our editors cover new Audi tech that can talk to toll booths, why SUVs are more than just a set of wheels for outdoorsy drivers and advice on helping teens improve their driving. Check out the links below to read the full stories. New car features and […]

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2018-02-23 02:22:32

First Japan, Then South Korea: The Ascent of Foreign Automakers  

Japan took the American car industry by storm when it started making and selling cars in the United States. During the 1960s and ’70s, Japanese carmakers Honda and Toyota developed a reputation for quality, reliability, and efficiency and forced the American Big Three to take note. Today, South Korean Hyundai and Kia are doing the same. […]

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2018-02-21 13:06:32

Should I Buy an ex-PCP or ex-Hire Car?  

We hear plenty about the advantages of PCP deals as far as new car buyers are concerned, but such schemes can also be of benefit to the used car buyer. That's because they provide dealers with a steady stream of used car stock as buyers move from one PCP deal to the next.  Pay to […]

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2018-02-16 10:35:41

Top Headlines From February 10-16  

This week our editors read about getting great deals over Presidents Day weekend, the Geneva debut of the Mercedes G-Class AMG and how changing inventories on dealer lots mean you could soon have the near-new SUV you've been eyeing. Read these stories and more by clicking the links below. If haggling when buying a car […]

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2018-02-16 01:50:03

When Heart Rules Head: Five Romantic Rides for Valentine's Day  

Whether you regard Valentine's day as the perfect opportunity to shower you loved one with presents, or a commercial juggernaut whose only purpose is to keep florists afloat through the winter, there's no harm in indulging in a little internet-based distraction to mark the occasion. With that in mind we've been diligently scouring the CarGurus […]

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2018-02-13 04:13:51

Car Finance: The Basics  

Confession time: it didn't come as a complete shock that not everybody in our recent survey about car finance didn't understand the ins and outs of how it all works. However, we were surprised at the level of confusion around what is for a lot of people the second-biggest monthly outgoing after rent or mortgage. […]

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2018-02-13 03:06:48

Top Headlines From February 3-9  

The news that got our editors' attention this week includes articles about how Hyundai is helping shoppers go digital with new-car dealers, the cost of going green and the learning curve for high-tech features that are taking over your dashboard. Read the full stories and more by clicking the links below. Hyundai to the rescue for […]

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2018-02-09 03:19:01

Half Price Hot Hatch: Ford Focus ST  

Ford is rather good at injecting a bit excitement into ordinary family cars, in turn creating some of the best hot hatches there have ever been. The Focus ST that was built between 2006 and 2010 is a fine example, and a quick browse through the CarGurus classified listings reveals it can now be bought […]

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2018-02-08 13:20:46

Top Headlines from January 28 – February 2  

This week our editors read about a new EV coming from Jaguar that can handle winter driving and news from Ford that you may one day be getting speeding tickets from a driverless car. We also previewed some of the ads from automakers that will air during the Super Bowl. Check out the full stories […]

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2018-02-03 05:29:57

Five of the Cheapest Future Classics Money Can Buy  

When talk turns to investing in cars one tends to think of barn find Jaguars or Ferraris polished to within an inch of their life. However, it is perfectly possible to buy a car that has a chance of increasing in value without needing a huge stack of bank notes to start with. That's where […]

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2018-02-02 10:04:08

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Buy a Convertible  

The forever churning stock of the used car market makes it almost impossible for the average dealership to entirely avoid a situation where supply outweighs demand. Sometimes this could be due to Government policy (the current downturn in demand for diesel being a prime example), while at others it might be the simple result of […]

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2018-02-01 04:17:28

Take Your Pick: 10 Diverse Family Cars for £10,000  

Car-buyers have never had so much choice. To prove as much we've taken a £10,000 budget and picked 10 examples from CarGurus that despite looking like a diverse bunch would all make great family cars. Question is, which one takes your fancy? The Hatchback: Kia Cee'd If there's such a thing as a traditional style […]

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2018-01-31 04:37:21

Top Headlines From January 21-26  

This week, news that got our editors' attention includes a sports legend cruising into the Super Bowl in Kia’s new sport sedan, on-demand snacking during your ride-share and the new way to get behind the wheel of a Mercedes or BMW. Check out the top stories picked for you by clicking the links below: Hyundai […]

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2018-01-26 19:39:40

How Green Is Your Car’s Interior?  

Going green in our cars means more than just getting better fuel economy. As early as 1998, Chrysler aimed to use recycled materials for the fabric roof liner of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Fast forward to the 2010s and the list of automakers using recycled materials has grown. Since 2014, The BMW i3 has used […]

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2018-01-24 09:46:38

Half Price Hot Hatch: VW Golf GTI Mk6  

The idea behind this new weekly feature is hopefully self-explanatory, but if you're yet to have your morning coffee and need a helping hand, we'll be scouring the CarGurus classified listings to find examples of hot hatches that can now be bought for a bargainous 50% of their original price. This week we look at […]

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2018-01-23 07:50:36

Top Headlines From January 14-19  

The Detroit Auto Show took place this week, making for a lot of great auto news. Stealing the spotlight were all things electric, including a challenge from Ferrari to Tesla; a new SUV from a Chinese automaker; and Infiniti's bet on electric luxury. Read these stories and more favorites picked by our editors by clicking […]

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2018-01-19 10:02:47

Cars in the City: 5 Top Used Cars for City Living  

Some cars are better-suited for the traffic slog and tight elbow room of city life. If you’ve ever driven in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, or Houston, you’re well-aware of the traffic nightmares that unfold on a daily basis as people drive — or try to drive — from their homes to their offices and […]

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2018-01-18 02:12:45

8 Cool Winter Cars for Every Budget  

The weather outside is frightful, but choose the right car and driving in winter can still be delightful. Our selection below covers a range of budgets and types of cars that, when combined with a good set of winter tyres, will keep you moving when the weather turns nasty. Up to £5000: Subaru Impreza Subarus […]

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2018-01-12 19:56:07

Top Headlines From January 7-12  

News from CES, your new driving buddy Alexa and how one automaker wants to connect to your brain to improve your driving are just a few of the stories that caught the attention of our editors this week. Click on the links below to check out the full articles.   You will be able to talk […]

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2018-01-12 15:15:08

Nissan’s New Crossover Kicks Aside All-Wheel Drive  

Rarely does a new vehicle debut with less power and capability than the model it’s replacing. Yet the Nissan Kicks compact crossover is hitting the market without all wheel drive and less horsepower than its predecessor, the Juke. AWD has become a staple of crossovers from almost all automakers. So, the decision not to offer […]

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2018-01-10 05:09:44

The Rise of the Electric Car: From GM's EV1 to Now  

Today marks 22 years since General Motors unveiled its all-electric car, the EV1. On January 4, 1996, General Motors announced the production of an all-electric car at the Los Angeles Auto Show. What better time to look back at how far EV technology has come and consider if we are finally on the brink of […]

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2018-01-04 09:08:26

GM’s EV1 Paved the Way for Today’s Electric Cars  

On January 4, 1996, General Motors announced the production of an all-electric car at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The first-generation EV1 had a 16.5kWh battery pack good for 60 miles per charge. It had a list price of $33,995, but GM only leased it to consumers. GM built 1,117 EV1 vehicles between 1996 and […]

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2018-01-04 03:46:11

Are Dash Cams the Next In-Car Tech Feature?  

It might be time to open the conversation about requiring dash cams on all vehicles. Have you ever witnessed an accident, or been in one, and wished you’d been able to record the events leading up to the collision? A dashboard camera, or dash cam, may be able to help with that. The current versions […]

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2017-12-28 21:36:30

Automaker Byton Focuses on Tech First with Electric SUV  

The auto industry is evolving in two ways, both of which spell massive changes for the industry with which we all grew up. First, the industry has become globalized like never before. American cars are built in Mexico, Japanese cars are made in America, parts are sourced from around the world, and finished cars are […]

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2017-12-27 14:35:01

Here are the 2018 North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year Finalists  

The North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year Awards aren’t your typical auto accolades. Rather than being chosen by a specific organization, these awards are given by an independent jury of automotive journalists based throughout the United States and Canada. The winners are often vehicles that shake up the status quo while delivering an […]

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2017-12-22 16:30:11

Range Rover Sport Used Car Video Review  

This time we take you for a look around the luxurious and very desirable Range Rover Sport. SUVs are one of the most desirable types of car you can buy, and there are few better examples of the genre than the Range Rover Sport. In the latest CarGurus Used Car Video Review our contributing editor […]

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2017-12-21 16:57:49

BMW F30 3 series Used Car Video Review  

In the first of a new series of videos we take you for a look around the extremely popular BMW F30 3 series. The aim of this series of videos is to give useful information, hints and tips that will be helpful; to anyone considering buying a car… or just for anyone that likes cars! […]

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2017-12-20 12:36:12

Revealed: Santa's Perfect Vehicle (and it's exactly what you'd expect)  

Every once in a while, we all fall fowl of car trouble. No matter who you are, or what you do, one day you’ll find yourself stranded on the hard shoulder of the A361 staring at your sorry looking vehicle as cars whizz past you, their drivers rolling their eyes and tutting in your general […]

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2017-12-19 19:38:48

Accord vs. Camry: The Epic Rivalry Returns  

The 2018 Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are now available on dealer lots, bringing the decades-old rivalry into modern times. Both cars have a long list of pros: They have strong reputations for reliability and quality, and both sport new designs that should have no problem turning heads. While both cars come from Japanese automakers, […]

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2017-12-18 14:43:03

Pickup Trucks Are The New Luxury Vehicle  

Luxury trucks are gaining popularity, and fast. And now that the world of pickup trucks includes options that can cost nearly six figures, automakers are lining up to deliver even more luxurious examples. Here’s what NBC News says: The pickup segment "is ripe for a premium vehicle," much like the SUV market was, not that […]

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2017-12-15 16:30:24

Will the Toyota Avalon Make Big Sedans Cool Again?  

If you’ve never driven a Toyota Avalon, I’d highly recommend you do so next time you’re in the market for a sedan. The Avalon isn’t especially fast and it won’t carve the corners like sport sedans do. The Avalon, though, is a comfortable cruiser that feels more planted and solid than a Camry while offering more […]

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2017-12-13 14:11:50

GM’s Marketplace Helps You Shop From Your Car  

Like it or not, you are the average American consumer. So am I. We all take our paychecks, however large or small, and buy what we want or need. We buy gifts online, we buy food in stores, we order coffee on the way to work. We can do it in person or via our […]

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2017-12-11 14:45:29

Will INFINITI’s New Engine Lure Buyers From the Competition?  

The 2019 INFINITI QX50, which debuted at the LA Auto Show, is not only a stunner, it’s a technological marvel that will be surprisingly affordable when it hits the U.S. market next year. In addition to coming equipped with a semi-autonomous driving system, the new luxury crossover will have the world’s first variable compression engine. […]

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2017-12-08 14:30:02

Volkswagen “Crozzes” Over to World of EVs  

Volkswagen knows a thing or two about branding. VW’s first hit the U.S. market in 1949. The Type 1 Beetle was a car with a deep military history, earning it its nickname “The Victory Wagon.” In 1959, the company stepped away from its military history with its “Think Small” campaign. It set its sights on […]

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2017-12-01 13:30:38

Kia Optima Offers Infiniti-Level Style  

Thanksgiving weekend in Southern California. More specifically, a car rental parking lot at LAX. To my left was a dark gray 2017 Kia Optima, a 178-horsepower 4-door midsize sedan with knockout good looks and impressive highway fuel economy. On the right was a blue 2017 Toyota Camry, promising plenty of comfort and reliability. In the […]

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2017-11-29 16:04:15

The Off-Road-Only Roxor May Hit U.S. In 2018  

Cars sold in the U.S. come from all corners of the globe, and there are very few differences in quality, regardless of a vehicle’s country of origin. The first Japanese import came in 1958, when the Toyopet Crown debuted here to very little fanfare. Few would have guessed that the little Japanese company, which we […]

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2017-11-27 14:28:44

CarGurus’ Top 10 Gifts for Car Lovers  

"It's the thought that counts." But if you're not a car person, how can you think of the perfect gift for your gearhead friends? This holiday season, CarGurus has done the thinking for you with a list of automotive presents sure to delight car lovers of every age and type. 1. MAXSA Escaper Buddy Traction […]

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2017-11-24 13:28:08

Corvette ZR1 to Challenge Porsche 911 for Fastest Time Around the ‘Ring  

Chevrolet Corvette. Does it get any more American than that? Sure, we could include the cliche baseball and apple pie, but it's the Corvette that might best define what it means to be an American. Like many Americans, the Corvette tries really hard to be good looking, could probably stand to lose a few pounds, […]

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2017-11-20 13:30:01

BMW and Chevrolet Double Down on Electric SUVs  

BMW and Chevrolet are changing the world of transportation, but not in the way we might have thought they would. Both companies are driving us toward an electric future, and both have just taken epic steps to help solidify their choice of EVs as the cars of the very near future. More specifically, both have […]

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2017-11-17 14:53:31

Could a Pickup Spark the Comeback of Mitsubishi?  

America must have a soft spot in its collective heart for Mitsubishi. Theoretically, the company should have gone the way of Suzuki years ago, yet it still hangs on in the U.S. market and has proven itself as a scrappy little brand that is liked by just enough people to keep it running. As you may […]

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2017-11-15 13:30:52

Bob Lutz: The Automotive Era Is Ending  

Car culture is definitely changing, but can it change in a relatively short amount of time? Bob Lutz thinks so. As one of the top executives at General Motors, Lutz championed for the creation of the Pontiac GTO and G8, the return of the Camaro, and the introduction of the Cadillac SRX. Lutz is a gearhead […]

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2017-11-13 13:30:01

Tesla Becomes an “Enormous Burden” on Porsche  

When Tesla started selling cars, CEO Elon Musk probably didn't think his little company would eventually cause Porsche to completely restructure itself. But it's starting to happen. As demand for Tesla cars continues to grow, other automakers are wondering how they can grab a piece of the action and divert some of the dollars from […]

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2017-11-10 13:37:57

New Toyota Supra Won’t Be a Toyota  

The new Toyota Supra may be the most highly anticipated car since the return of the Chevy Camaro. Theories regarding what it will look like and what will power it have captivated the Internet for a good 18 months. Maybe even since the Supra was discontinued all the way back in 2002. We now know […]

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2017-11-08 13:30:34

Will EVs Lose Their Tax Credits?  

Much like an extended family getting together for the holidays, we try to avoid talking about politics on this blog at all costs. We like to keep the focus on exciting new cars that are coming soon, or helping shoppers get the best deal on cars. Of course, we also love showcasing the best in […]

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2017-11-06 13:30:32

This Land Cruiser May Be the Best-Looking SUV Ever  

The Toyota Land Cruiser, with more than 50 years of history, remains one of the best-looking SUVs on the road. Maybe that statement doesn’t include the most modern versions, but the classic Land Cruisers, up to model year 2007, were commanding and exotic. Bulky but grand. Stately and grandiose. The early ones, as in the 1960 through […]

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2017-11-03 12:30:16

Where Will We Get the Power for Full Electric?  

What’s a parking garage without charging stations? In San Francisco I could roll into a downtown garage, plug in, and go about my day. Here in my Washington State home, I’ve been parking at a downtown garage, but there are no charging stations to be found on the entire 6-floor structure. Could mine be the […]

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2017-11-01 12:30:10

Our Most Popular Halloween Costume of 2017:The Frankencar!  

What do the two pickup trucks, two coupes, sedan, and SUV in the picture above have in common? They’re the top 6 most searched used cars on CarGurus so far this year. Can you guess those 6 models? Ford F-150 Ford Mustang Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Jeep Wrangler Chevrolet Camaro Honda Accord Did your favorite car […]

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2017-10-31 17:06:38

Mazda’s Kai Concept Could Preview Upcoming Mazda3  

Mazda used its home market’s auto show to wow the automotive world with a concept that’s likely to become the best-looking hatchback on the market today. The Kai concept, which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show last week, is a preview of what to expect from the upcoming Mazda3. That long hood and sculpted body […]

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2017-10-30 12:30:37

Newest BMW Crossover: The Sedan of SUVs?  

She said she didn’t want an SUV, but who doesn’t want an SUV? Sport utility vehicles, crossovers, sport activity vehicles, and other variants of the high-riding 5-door vehicle class have all but closed the coffin lid on sedans. Why buy a 4-door low-riding sedan with a traditional trunk if you can get a roomier cabin […]

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2017-10-27 12:30:03

New Cars Losing Ground on Reliability  

New technology that makes cars easier to drive, more fuel efficient, and better connected could also be the reasons why new cars are less reliable than they’ve been in the past. It wasn’t that long ago when a car buyer could take home a sedan with a 5-speed manual transmission, a CD player, a steering […]

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2017-10-25 12:30:11

This Exotic Carmaker May Finally Build an SUV  

Choose the one that doesn’t belong: Lamborghini Porsche Jaguar Rolls-Royce Bentley Ferrari Aston Martin Maserati Those are some of the most prestigious automakers in the world. All produce cars worthy of royalty, and all are aspirational brands that only some of the wealthiest people in the world will ever buy. Everyone, however, can appreciate them. […]

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2017-10-23 12:30:24

Can Hydrogen Surpass Electricity As the Fuel of the Future?  

Electric cars are quickly becoming the mainstream choice for alternative fuels. As has been well-discussed here over the last few months, cities, countries, and automakers are committing to the elimination of gas-powered cars and the adoption of electric ones. Toyota was among the first to introduce electricity to the masses with the hybrid Prius, but […]

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2017-10-20 12:30:17

Will Ram Change Everything, Again?  

In 1994, the Dodge Ram changed everything. Advertising for the new generation of early ’90s pickups took America by the storm, as the newest Dodge and its sleek, curvy looks captured the most macho of hearts. People compared the front end to a semi truck, and the look transformed Ram pickups forever while elevating their […]

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2017-10-19 15:32:09

BMW May Move MINI Production to China  

A British legend was born in 1959. No, we’re not referring to the great Tracey Ullman, but another icon that has become deeply rooted in British culture and is known around the world: The MINI. The economy car, originally produced by the British Motor Corporation, was voted the second most influential vehicle of the 20th […]

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2017-10-16 12:30:30

You Can Now Subscribe to Porsche, But Should You?  

If you can’t afford a Porsche, you probably can’t afford Porsche’s new subscription program, either. The idea behind Porsche Passport, which launches in Atlanta next month, is to provide subscribers with any model of Porsche they wish at any time they wish. It’s a compelling idea, but the privilege won’t come cheap. Car subscription models are […]

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2017-10-13 12:30:29

Tesla Model 3 Delays Could Lead Buyers to Other Automakers  

Freezing air has descended upon my city. Those leisurely mornings of heading out to the car in shorts and a T-shirt have been replaced by scraping windshields free of frost. I love my electric Nissan Leaf, because I can start and warm it up using an app on my phone while I stay toasty warm […]

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2017-10-11 12:30:18

Will Gen Y Kill Classic Cars?  

Values of classic cars have steadily increased over the last few decades, and proud owners of old GTOs, Mustangs, Jaguars, Porsches, and more have reaped the benefits of maintaining and restoring older cars. Porsche owners, for example, have seen values skyrocket, particularly on their pre-1999 911s. Classic cars at auction continue to sell well and […]

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2017-10-09 12:30:20

GM Latest to Commit to an All-Electric Future  

Automakers keep treading farther down the path of electric propulsion. In fact, General Motors may have just put the stake in the heart of fossil fuels by becoming the latest, and largest, automaker to announce an all-electric future. Have we reached the point of no turning back? When Volvo announced its all-electric future, the response […]

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2017-10-06 12:30:44

Toyota Planning to Refresh Entire Truck Line  

Think about this for a second: If you buy a 2018 Toyota Sequoia, you’re basically getting a 2008 Sequoia with some cosmetic changes. This is one of those crazy-but-true factoids about buying a new car. While you’re getting a vehicle with zero miles and a fresh warranty, the design of the bits and pieces that […]

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2017-10-04 12:30:52

Has Hyundai Built the First True 3 Series Killer?  

Everyone wants a piece of the BMW 3 Series. The legendary car has been in the U.S. since the 1970s, but reached its pinnacle in the 1990s, which has propelled the car all way into the 21st century with little competition to worry about. Notice that I didn’t say with little competition. I said, “little […]

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2017-10-02 12:30:58

Ford Ushers in the Era of the $100,000 Pickup  

Ford has a history of being a trendsetter in many ways, but the newest precedents being set by the Michigan automaker don’t bode well for buyers of economical pickups and SUVs. We already know that the Ford Expedition can approach $80,000 when properly configured. Trucks are set to go even higher. Sure, we’ll always be […]

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2017-09-30 01:05:21

Toyota Ups Performance with Gazoo  

If you needed a car for reliable transportation and practical usability, and you didn’t care much for driving dynamics or performance, which brand would you choose? One of the first to come to mind might be Toyota. The automaker’s reputation for quality and reliability is legendary. Its design, however, has leaned toward the bland, while […]

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2017-09-27 01:42:31

The Bugatti Chiron Breaks Its First Record  

Zero to 249 miles per hour. I don’t know that any of us can really imagine what that’s like. Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds is an exhilarating rush, but I don’t think there’s anyone reading this right now who can understand what it feels like to top 200 in […]

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2017-09-25 01:08:04

Lincoln and Mazda Next Up to Electrify Everything  

Here’s another one to file in the “all cars are going electric” folder. In the not-so-distant future, we’ll look back on that folder and fondly remember the steps automakers took to wean the driving public away from gas and ease them into the new world of electric driving. We’ve written, pretty extensively, about upcoming new […]

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2017-09-22 09:42:31

One-Inch Crack Totals 2017 Chevy Corvette  

In 2005 I had a 6-month-old Honda Pilot. That vehicle was parked overnight in a driveway next to a large RV, and the RV caught fire. The RV burned to a crisp, leaving nothing but a blackened frame and a smoking pile of debris. The Pilot, which was parked not 12 inches from the RV, […]

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2017-09-20 03:01:35

Will the Tesla Model 3 Kill Off the BMW 3 Series?  

Tesla has very high hopes for its midsize Model 3 sedan. It doesn’t just hope to survive and sell enough copies to make the investment worth it—the electric carmaker plans to revolutionize the auto business by selling a hundred thousand or so every year. That’s a lofty goal. All of those sales would have to […]

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2017-09-18 11:35:31

Ford Raptor Not Macho Enough? Try the Shelby Edition  

The Ford F-150 Raptor is about as extreme as trucks get. Built for flying across sand, traversing dunes, and descending hillsides like a mountain goat, the Raptor is one of very few trucks that can compete in the Baja 1000, then drive home like it made a leisurely trip visiting the in-laws. The truck comes […]

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2017-09-15 13:28:30

China’s Big Decision Would Impact U.S. Auto Strategy  

This is big. For a few months now, we’ve been following stories of certain countries playing with the idea of banning the use of gasoline and diesel vehicles. India, France, Britain, Norway, and Germany have floated plans to do away with the sales of new vehicles powered by fossil fuels. France and Britain plan to […]

what do you think?

2017-09-13 12:46:09

When’s the Last Time a Car Took Your Breath Away?  

Some cars just take your breath away at first glance. Sometimes because they’re expensive supercars, sometimes because they’re rare and beautiful luxury cars, and sometimes because they’re old classics that stand out in a Walmart parking lot full of crossovers. The last time a car left me in a state of awe was in Deland, […]

what do you think?

2017-09-11 04:14:19

2018 Nissan Leaf Debut: Yay or Yawn?  

Nissan has been teasing its new electric Leaf for months. The sleek teaser images suggest a racy shape and a whole new Leaf experience. It also came with the preconceived notion that it would come with a range on par with the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Nissan never made specific mention of that, […]

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2017-09-08 07:19:01

Should This Safety System Be Turned Off While Driving?  

Like about half of all drivers, I turned off an important, though irritating, safety feature in my car this weekend. The incessant beeping of the lane-departure warning system routinely woke up my sleeping family as I drove home from a downtown event on Sunday. The shrill, fast series of beeps emanating from my Subaru is […]

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2017-09-06 01:50:01

The Best Used Deals Are Electric  

We all want a good value when buying a used car. Who doesn’t love picking up a five-year-old low-mileage car for 60 percent less than what the car cost new? Getting a great used car deal is the holy grail of car shopping for many value-oriented shoppers. My best experience was scoring an almost half-price […]

what do you think?

2017-09-04 07:36:31

How Much Do You Love Kia’s Design Right Now?  

My disdain for their logo aside, Kia’s design has evolved into one of the most head-turning and appealing shapes on the road today. How many times per day does a Kia make you do a double-take? There’s the strong and sporty stance of the upcoming Stinger, the grand K900, the stout and strong Sorento, and just […]

what do you think?

2017-09-01 13:51:23

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