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5 Best PSP Emulators for Android  

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) has captivated gamers worldwide with its exciting library of games and the convenience of portable gaming. While the PSP era has passed, emulation has brought these classic games to Android devices, allowing users to relive their favorite gaming moments. In this article, we present the best PSP emulators for Android, including the premium option PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator, and discuss their standout features. 1. PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator At the top of our lis...

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2023-03-26 12:00:36

Enabling or Disabling the On-Screen Keyboard on Chromebook: A Step-by-Step Guide  

Unleash the power of touch input with Chromebook's on-screen keyboard. Chromebook users are no strangers to the versatility and flexibility offered by these devices. One such feature is the on-screen keyboard, a handy tool for users who prefer touch input or need an alternative typing method. Whether you are looking to enable or disable the on-screen keyboard on your Chromebook, this guide has got you covered. Enabling the On-Screen Keyboard Access the settings  Click the clock icon in your sc...

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2023-03-26 11:00:33

More AI Tools to Make You Feel Like You Have an Assistant  

As the use of AI rises we continue to see all the different things it can do. Everyone is enjoying experimenting with this newly found toy called AI and I must say they're coming up with some really useful and efficient tools. Sometimes as I work I feel overwhelmed and getting an assistant is a solution. AI tools have got us covered in the assistant department just ensure that they don't steal your job.  The advantage of using a virtual assistant is that they never get tired or want to take...

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2023-03-26 10:00:50

How to Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox  

Firefox is a popular browser that has multiple features. I remember using Firefox while I was still in high school and it was one of the fastest browsers ever. It's a good thing to see older browsers transform and evolve by adding new features. Hardware acceleration helps to improve performance although it can also cause a problem. You can easily solve this by disabling the hardware acceleration in Firefox. I'll give you a complete guide on how to do this. When hardware acceleration is enabl...

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2023-03-26 09:00:08

How to Reset Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max  

Apple has a high-quality, unique, and endless list of accessories. Sometimes these accessories don't connect properly with our devices, and this means you need to reset them. Below I'll give you some tips on how to reset AirPods Pro, AirPods, or AirPods Max. Reset AirPods or AirPods Pro Your AirPods and AirPods Pro reset need you to remove them from the paired Apple device. Also, note that AirPods are compatible with other non-apple devices. To unpair them:  Ensure they're in the case; if t...

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2023-03-26 08:00:11

How to Get Apple iMessages on Windows 11  

The collaborations between Apple and Windows have completely been nothing short of amazing. This kind of reminds me of the time when Blackberry opened up their BBM messaging service to Nokia and Samsung phone users. You could find yourself having a Windows-operated computer and an iPhone. Stay with me as I give the 411 on how you can get your iMessages on Windows 11.  Apple devices are set apart by their unique nature. They have an entire ecosystem of apps dedicated specifically to Apple device...

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2023-03-26 07:00:28

Microsoft increases prices for Cloud services on April 1, 2023  

Microsoft will increase prices for its Cloud services, including Microsoft 365 and Azure, on April 1, 2023, for select currencies. The company announced the plan in January 2023 on its European news portal. In Consistent global pricing for the Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft explains that it has taken "several steps to align the pricing" of its Microsoft Cloud products globally. The decision was made so that "will have consistent pricing reflecting the exchange rate of the local currency to the US do

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2023-03-26 06:40:20

The proposed TikTok ban will benefit companies like Meta, Google and Snap  

If the US bans TikTok in the US, other tech companies like Meta, Google, and Snap are the most likely to profit Yesterday, we covered news on the current hearing where TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is fighting the ban of the app in the US. Bernstein, a private wealth consulting company, has stated that big tech companies like Meta, Google, and Snap that offer similar services are the most likely to benefit if the ban is put into place. They'll see their stock rise and daily users monumentally incre...

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2023-03-25 16:00:48

How to Enable YouTube Music's Recently Played Songs Automatic Download Feature  

There are numerous music streaming platforms available, with one of the most popular being YouTube Music. Recently, YouTube Music has introduced a new automatic download feature, enabling users to listen to their favorite songs offline. This functionality has been designed to cater to people who want to enjoy their music while on the move, particularly when they have no internet access or limited data plans. The songs downloaded using this feature will be stored in the downloads folder, offering

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2023-03-25 15:00:35

VoIP vs. Cellular vs. Landlines: Pros and Cons and How VoIP Works  

People who are 30 years old or older may remember the initial advertisements for MagicJack, which pledged to eradicate telephone bills with a small gadget that can be inserted into a USB port on a computer that has an internet connection.  This gadget allowed users to place phone calls to any place in the world for a fee of just $19.95 per month. The technology that powered this device was a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, which is now prevalent in today's world. Making VoIP calls ...

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2023-03-25 14:00:14

VPN by Google One is the most basic VPN that you can get  

Google introduced support for its VPN service to all Google One plans recently. Previously, only customers who subscribed to the 2 terabyte plan, which is available for $9.99, had access to the VPN. Now, all paying customers, including those paying $1.99 per month for the Basic plan, get access to the VPN. Access to a VPN for $1.99, plus additional storage, better customer support and some extra features; sounds like a good deal on paper for users who are invested in Google's ecosystem. Google p

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2023-03-25 13:04:34

Top 5 Dark Mode Extensions for Google Chrome in 2023  

Dark mode has gained significant popularity among users of digital devices due to its many benefits. Beyond the cool aesthetics, dark mode has been known to reduce eye strain, especially in low-light conditions, making it a helpful feature for many users. If you are a Google Chrome user, activating dark mode is straightforward and easy, with a tutorial readily available to guide you.  Furthermore, an auto dark mode feature is also available that you can activate with ease. However, some users f...

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2023-03-25 13:00:36

Unlocking the Secret Codes of Netflix: How to Find Hidden Gems  

You might have the impression that you've already watched all the good movies and TV series on Netflix. But, in reality, there is still a vast number of titles available that you might not even know exist. Unless you have ample free time to browse the platform and go through the entire library, chances are you'll miss out on many hidden gems that are not immediately visible on your home screen. The titles that are prominently displayed on your home screen are tailored to your previous viewing hi

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2023-03-25 12:00:10

How To Secure Your Twitter Account Without Paying for Blue  

Twitter has gotten wild over the last few months. Ever since Elon Musk took over, Twitter has not been able to stay out of the news. From data leaks to bans on third-party clients, Twitter may implode at any time. Now, Twitter has introduced another controversial rule. If you don't pay a monthly subscription service (Twitter Blue), your two-factor authentication will be turned off by the site after 20th March. This article will help you understand how to secure your account without paying for ...

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2023-03-25 11:00:47

First look at Vivaldi Browser's innovative Workspaces feature  

Vivaldi is testing a new Workspaces feature in the company's Vivaldi web browser currently. Workspaces is a tab management feature that enables Vivaldi users to access only the tabs of a specific workspace in the browser at the same time. Think of it as the tab equivalent of virtual desktops. Each workspace contains tabs and users may switch between the available workspaces to only display these tabs in the Vivaldi tabbar. Vivaldi displays a new Workspaces tab next to the Vivaldi Menu icon and

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2023-03-25 09:00:29

How to Create Windows Apps for ChatGPT and Bing in Microsoft Edge and Chrome  

The current trend in the realm of technology highlights the popularity of AI-powered chat and search applications. However, a minor issue that users encounter is the need to navigate to each website separately, as these applications operate within a web browser.  Nonetheless, a potential solution exists wherein the latest AI-powered search engines, such as Bing, ChatGPT, and eventually Google's Bard, can be conveniently stored as an application in Windows and summoned as required. We shall now ...

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2023-03-25 09:00:23

Epic Games CEO, Tom Sweeney, explains how the ideal Metaverse will work one day  

Tom Sweeney has high hopes for an open Metaverse ecosystem one day, with Fortnite and Roblox leading the way Tom Sweeney and Saxs Persson from Epic Games attended and presented at the State of Unreal event that took place at GDC. While they discussed animation tools, asset marketplaces, and other fun technological aspects, the one topic I want to focus on today is the Metaverse. Both Sweeney and Persson have some interesting views, especially about an open ecosystem where different parties shar

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2023-03-25 08:44:11

Lab-Grown Meat: Challenges and Opportunities for a Sustainable and Ethical Food System  

The United States is moving closer to allowing the sale of lab-grown meat made from animal cells, including chicken. Good Meat, the company behind this innovative chicken product, made an announcement on Tuesday regarding its receipt of a 'no questions' letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This letter confirms that the FDA has reviewed and approved the safety of the product for sale in the US. Another company, Upside Foods, received a similar letter from the FDA in November for th

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2023-03-25 08:00:17

Microsoft Edge: new toggle to hide the Bing Discover icon  

Microsoft released a new stable version of Microsoft Edge earlier today, and with it comes an option to hide the Bing Discover icon in the Settings. The icon allowed Edge users to interact with Bing Chat, Microsoft's AI-powered chat companion. Microsoft was criticized for integrating the Bing icon in Microsoft Edge. Not because of the integration itself, but how it integrated it. The icon looked out of place, activated on hover, and there was no option in the browser to remove it from the toolba

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2023-03-25 06:04:14

Microsoft to Launch a CarbonCapture Project in 2024  

Microsoft wants to capture and remove more CO2 than its buildings produce Microsoft is aware that it has plenty of buildings contributing to harmful emissions polluting our planet. To resolve this issue, it's signed a new CarbonCapture contract to begin a project called Project Bison in 2024 that will hopefully capture and store CO2 below ground. By 2050, it wants to remove more of the gas than it releases. This isn't the first time we're hearing about the desire for Microsoft to move towa...

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2023-03-24 22:00:41

How to watch Portuguese MotoGP 2023: Live stream for free  

The Saturday Sprint will make an appearance at the Portimao MotoGP World Championship — SAVE 63%: Stream the MotoGP from anywhere in the world with a subscription to NordVPN. Get a yearly subscription to NordVPN for just €88.83, and this includes an extra three months for free — 63% off for a limited time. Special Offer: 12 Months + 3 months FREE: Stream the MotoGP from anywhere in the world with a subscription to ExpressVPN. Get a yearly subscription to ExpressVPN and get an extra three ...

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2023-03-24 21:30:14

Fintech business Block may be linked to criminal activity, accusers say  

According to Hindenburg Research, Jack Dorsey's Block company may be involved in fraud Hindenburg Research is well-known for short-selling companies that it believes are involved with fraud or some form of criminal activity. After causing mayhem with revelations about the Adani Group, it now has its focus on Block, a fintech company with Jack Dorsey as CEO. Do you perhaps remember that name? For those of you who don't follow social media trivia, Jack Dorsey was once CEO of Twitter. Now at the...

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2023-03-24 21:00:19

TikTok CEO faces tough questions from US lawmakers over data security and Chinese ties  

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testifies before US Congress: Highlights and Updates While a potential ban of TikTok in the US originated from an executive order under the Trump administration, it has gained wider acceptance as a political stance under President Joe Biden. Recent reports indicate that the Biden administration has demanded that ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok, divest ownership of the app's US assets or face a ban in the country. The CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew, is curre

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2023-03-24 20:00:34

Who is Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok?  

With the spotlight on TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew lately, let's learn more about him In light of the increasing global scrutiny surrounding TikTok, which could potentially result in a US ban of the Chinese-owned application, the focus has shifted towards its enigmatic CEO, Shou Zi Chew. The 40-year-old Singaporean is scheduled to testify before the US House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, where he will be questioned on the app's data security, privacy practices, and its purported links t

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2023-03-24 19:00:18

Twitter's Plan to Phase Out Legacy Verified Checkmarks - Is it Just Another Elon Musk Troll?  

Twitter claims 'legacy' blue checkmarks will start to disappear on April Fools' Day Twitter has revealed its plan to gradually phase out its legacy verified program and eliminate "legacy verified checkmarks" starting April 1st. Users are being advised to subscribe to Twitter Blue if they wish to retain their blue checkmark. There are several factors to consider in this announcement. Firstly, the revelation may not come as a shock to some as CEO Elon Musk has been pledging to eliminate "l...

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2023-03-24 18:00:32

Utah social media law means kids need approval from parents  

Children in Utah will need their parents' permission if they want to access social media platforms — Republican Gov. Spencer Cox signed two new laws in Utah yesterday in an attempt to promote youth mental health and stop companies from promoting harmful products. Under the new laws, parents will need to approve their children creating accounts and accessing social media. While many parents are in favor of this move, giant tech companies feel it will lock many residents in the state from using ...

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2023-03-24 16:31:50

Microsoft Bing: page visits and app downloads up since AI integration  

Use of Microsoft Bing's search engine and the Bing apps on mobile have surged since the company launched the first Bing Chat version according to a Reuters report. The launch of Bing Chat has increased interest in Bing and the artificial intelligence feature that Microsoft added to the search engine. It was clear that page views and downloads would increase because of that, but it was not clear by how much, and whether it would reduce Google's lead significantly. A Reuters report suggests that B

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2023-03-24 16:24:02

Twitter's Subscription Service Twitter Blue: Promises Made and Broken  

Twitter Blue subscriptions roll out globally, despite missing many promised features Twitter has recently made its subscription service, Twitter Blue, accessible to individuals worldwide. Despite the fact that the subscription was previously available in almost 50 countries, the company's recent expansion represents its commitment to making Twitter Blue a more integral aspect of the service. This means that users from different parts of the globe can now subscribe and enjoy its features. As pa

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2023-03-24 16:06:16

Best Android emulators for PC and Mac  

Android emulators have become increasingly popular as they offer several advantages, such as the ability to use a mouse and keyboard for controls and play games without draining your phone's battery. In addition, you can use mobile apps on your PC for similar reasons. Fortunately, emulating Android on a computer has become much simpler than it was previously. Why bother using an Android emulator you ask? Well, gaming is one of the primary use cases for Android emulators. By playing mobile games

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2023-03-24 15:40:55

Rewind brings ChatGPT into your personal life, but at what cost? promises to help you remember what you did last week, but what about your privacy? Imagine this for a moment, if you will. You had a meeting with someone a few weeks ago on our PC about something important, but there's a key part of it you've forgotten. You ask ChatGPT what it was about, and it reminds you. This is the feature that promises to bring to the table, but there's a critical question about privacy that's brought to mind. The is called ChatGPT fo...

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2023-03-24 15:39:33

How to Find Your iPhone with Apple Watch: Easy way  

Sometimes we forget our iPhones at random places and try to remember where we put them, which is surely not the best experience in a person's life. However, there is a very simple thing to do to find it. Did you know that you can find your iPhone using your Apple Watch? In this article, we will give you all the steps on how to find your iPhone with Apple Watch! There are different ways to find your iPhone, with the most "up-to-date" way being the "Find My iPhone" app. Most people still use the ...

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2023-03-24 15:10:45

Are you ready for Resident Evil 4 Remake's The Mercenaries Mode?  

Mercenaries Mode is coming to Resident Evil 4 Remake on April 7, 2023 It was teased in the original Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer, and now, it's almost here. While many of us are excited about the Diablo IV Open Beta happening this weekend, you won't have to wait long to play the new Mercenaries Mode in RE4. According to CAPCOM, we'll see it appear as a free DLC to the base game if you already own it.   For those who buy Resident Evil 4 after that date, the Mercenaries DLC will be part...

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2023-03-24 15:08:39

Here's What You Need to Know About Liability in Self-Driving Car Accidents  

Who is responsible when there's an accident involving a self-driving car? Here's what you need to know. Terrible accident of two cars on highway While self-driving cars may have seemed like science fiction in the past, it's quickly become a reality in modern times. Sure, the idea of not having to handle the vehicle while it drives itself sounds exciting. There's one problem, though: who is held responsible when there's an accident? So, there are several factors to consider here. I may ...

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2023-03-24 14:40:29

Linus Tech Tips hacked by crypto scammers  

The popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, which boasts a subscriber count of 15.3 million, has fallen prey to hackers who have replaced its tech hardware evaluations with videos promoting cryptocurrency scams. This is the latest in a series of high-profile YouTube accounts being compromised, with hackers renaming well-known accounts and live-streaming cryptocurrency fraud videos. Linus Tech Tips hacked news has become a growing concern in the tech industry. How was Linus Tech Tips hacked? Yes

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2023-03-24 14:36:06

WhatsApp throws down the gauntlet to Zoom  

WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows up to eight people in a video chat, aiming to expand the span of the application into the business world. While video calls support up to eight people, WhatsApp also lets 32 people join an audio call. Meta has launched a new WhatsApp for Windows that loads faster. WhatsApp's most-used version is surely mobile, and the new desktop app is built with an interface similar to the mobile version, making it even more user-friendly with a design that everybod

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2023-03-24 14:19:12

Binance trading suspended: Why is Binance not working?  

Binance trading suspended due to an "issue" in the engines. After the firm announced that Binance is not working, both Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped in value by 1% to $27,649 and 2% to $1,751, respectively, before recovering slightly. So, what is the issue? We are aware of an issue impacting spot trading on Binance. All spot trading is currently temporarily suspended as we work to resolve this as soon as possible. New updates will be shared here. — Binance (@binance) March 24, 2023 More

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2023-03-24 13:47:25

Find out the "hottest" tracks with YouTube Music Winter Recap 2023  

We are almost at the end of Winter this year, and YouTube Music has started rolling out the Winter Recap 2023 with a couple of changes. Users of music streaming platforms like YouTube Music or Spotify highly await yearly or seasonal recaps. Users want to know which song or genre they listened to the most, and sometimes they get surprised by the result. If you are a YouTube Music user and want to know more about your Winter 2022/3 Recap, open the app, and the message will greet you on your app's

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2023-03-24 13:36:03

Top 5 note-taking apps for iPad (2023)  

Note-taking has become an integral part of life in the digital age, particularly for iPad users who use it for work and study purposes. To stay organized and productive, there are a number of apps available that can be used to capture ideas, create to-do lists, set reminders, and store notes in one secure place. This can be a great help in managing everyday tasks and keeping track of important information. Today, we will give you the list of the top 5 note-taking apps for iPad! If you are an And

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2023-03-24 12:58:50

Hacking contest Pwn2Own: Ubuntu, Tesla, macOs and Windows 11 cracked  

It is the third day of the PWN2OWN VANCOUVER 2023 hacking contest. So far, security researchers managed to crack the operating systems Ubuntu, macOS and Windows 11, and other products, including Tesla cars and Adobe Reader. Security researchers who managed to hack their targets win price money and the hacked devices, even if it is a Tesla. Six of the eight hacks on day one were successful, a seventh was also successful, but it used an exploit that was known previously. Only one attempt failed to

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2023-03-24 12:33:10

Apple Music users alarmed by privacy breach  

Numerous Reddit users have reported a serious privacy issue with other people's playlists randomly appearing in their music libraries. Lately, multiple complaints have been encountered in the Apple Music subreddit. Many users reported that they see strange playlists in their music libraries that don't belong to them. One of the users even asked if anybody else can add a playlist to someone's Apple Music playlists, and obviously, the answer is no. In this case, though, it looks like Apple Music u

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2023-03-24 10:14:13

PayPal launches Passkey support on Android, but not as you might expect  

PayPal Inc. announced the rollout of a new security feature today. The new feature adds passkeys support to PayPal for Google Android devices. Passkeys is a relatively new security standard that is designed to replace passwords for many use cases. Instead of relying on passwords for sign-ins, passkeys rely on cryptographic key pairs that are generated on the user's device. A public key is shared with sites and services, a private key is kept on the user's device and never leaves it. Passkeys aut

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2023-03-24 09:27:49

FastForward add-on has been silently removed from Mozilla's AMO  

The popular link shortener, intermediary page skipping add-on, FastForward has been removed from Mozilla's AMO. It is unclear why the extension was delisted. For those unaware of it, FastForward was created as a fork of an old add-on called Universal Bypass that was discontinued. Both extensions were designed to circumvent sites that displayed timers before redirecting you to the actual URL. Such sites are infamous for tracking users on the web. What made these extensions special was a feature c

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2023-03-24 08:35:23

Apple TV+ goes "physical" for new audiences and Hollywood respect  

The tech giant Apple wants to widen its "sphere of influence" by releasing movies in theaters, budgeting $1 billion annually. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has huge plans to expand its movie department. The company wants to release its Apple TV+ movies in theaters globally and increase its spending on movies to $1 billion per year. Apple attempted to enter the industry in 2021 by debuting the Apple TV+ movies CODA and Cherry in select theaters for a few weeks. However, it was a "so

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2023-03-24 08:34:42

Epic's MetaHumans: Hollywood-level animations with an iPhone  

During the State of Unreal 2023 event, Epic announced that users will soon be able to animate their MetaHumans using videos captured on an iPhone. Epic Games first launched MetaHumans in 2021. It is a browser-based software tool that can craft realistic human faces powered by the company's Unreal Engine. On top of crafting faces, it also lets you add realistic body movements and facial animations. The company showcased the new technology in a video. On top of showing MetaHumans' capabilities, we

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2023-03-24 07:39:16

Will Apple Get Streaming Rights for the English Premier League in the UK with its New Bid?  

Bloomberg share a report that says Apple is bidding to stream the English Premier League SAVE 63%: Stream the English Premier League from anywhere in the world with a subscription to NordVPN. Get a yearly subscription to NordVPN for just €88.83, and this includes an extra three months for free — 63% off for a limited time. Special Offer: 12 Months + 3 months FREE: Stream the English Premier League from anywhere in the world with a subscription to ExpressVPN. Get a yearly subscription to E...

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2023-03-24 06:21:52

OpenAI integrates plugins support into ChatGPT  

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence products, has announced initial support for ChatGPT plugins. Plugin support is rolling out gradually in ChatGPT, and interested developers may sign-up for a waitlist to gain access to the functionality. ChatGPT plugins extend the capabilities of the AI chat companion. They are "designed specifically for language models" and safety is a core principle, according to OpenAI. Plugins unlock new options and opportunities, that inclu

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2023-03-24 05:48:09

Microsoft is testing these Windows 11 Widgets Board changes  

Microsoft released a new test Windows 11 test build to the Canary Insider channel yesterday. Along with other changes comes an "evolved Widgets Board" and at least one unmentioned change. Microsoft introduced the Widgets Board in Windows 11. What surprised many was that the company promoted Widgets in Windows 11 quite aggressively. Microsoft centered the taskbar icons on Windows 11, but placed the Widgets Board as the sole icon on the leftmost location on the taskbar. That place was formerly occ

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2023-03-24 05:15:55

Epic Games' State of Unreal 2023: Highlights So far  

Video games have been around for ages and we all love them. I enjoy breaking off a day with my favorite 2048 puzzle. Wait you thought that wasn't a video game. You see video games include a variety of games that we can play on a screen whether mobile, computer, or TV. From the most difficult to the easiest, I prefer to go with simple.  Recently the maker of video games and software development Epic Games at a Game Developer Conference showcased 'State of Unreal' that uses metahuman techno...

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2023-03-23 18:00:29

GitHub Copilot X: The Future of AI-Powered Software Development  

GitHub has always been committed to being at the forefront of innovation, striving to provide developers with the necessary tools to increase their productivity and satisfaction in an increasingly software-driven world. In partnership with OpenAI, GitHub has introduced GitHub Copilot, the first large-scale generative AI development tool based on OpenAI's Codex model.  GitHub Copilot is a groundbreaking AI pair programmer that has transformed software development by autonomously completing code ...

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2023-03-23 17:00:40

How To Secure Your Twitter Account Without Sms-Based Two-Factor Authentication  

Since Twitter disabled SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) for non-paying users, there are still ways you can protect your twitter account for free. Stay here to read more about the reasons for this decision and what are other ways to protect your twitter account. Why do we need two-factor authentication? There isn't much to be discussed about the reasons for including two-factor authentication. Maybe some methods have proven to not be secure anymore, but that's why it's better to ha...

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2023-03-23 16:02:00

Is Duolingo pioneering AI education?  

Duolingo, the prominent e-learning platform, has recently unveiled its latest offering, "Duolingo Max," powered by OpenAI, a leading company in the field of AI research and deployment. The product is geared towards providing an enhanced learning experience for language learners by incorporating AI-driven features that offer conversation practice and detailed explanations of answers. Duolingo Max is part of a higher subscription tier, which is known as the Super Duolingo, and is currently availab

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2023-03-23 15:26:54

Mozilla's New Startup: Building an Open-Source AI Ecosystem with Trustworthiness and Transparency  

Mozilla has announced the establishment of a startup named, aimed at developing an open-source AI ecosystem that is both trustworthy and independent. The startup will be headed by Moez Draief, an experienced AI researcher and scientist. To support the initiative, Mozilla is investing a substantial sum of $30 million to kick-start the project. As products such as ChatGPT, Bing, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion continue to gain immense popularity, they are also facing significant challenges

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2023-03-23 15:00:23

Microsoft Loop, a Notion Competitor With Futuristic Office Documents  

I'm sure you will agree with me that Microsoft is one company that has been in service to us for a very long time. I have had the opportunity to watch Microsoft develop and transform to meet our technological needs. We've seen Microsoft collaborations with companies such as OpenAI's ChatGPT showing that they don't lag behind when it comes to change.  Microsoft now has a hub that allows you to work on office apps managing tasks and projects. This hub is called Microsoft Loop. It is the sa...

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2023-03-23 15:00:22

Breaking: Accenture announces massive job cuts  

Tech firms continue to lay off employees due to global economic difficulties. After tech giants like Amazon, Twitter, and Meta, Accenture has also decided to cut 19,000 jobs to trim some of its expenses. Accenture Plc is one of the most famous tech consultancy companies in the world, and it is the home of thousands of employees. However, the company has lowered its annual revenue and profit forecasts, which led to a massive layoff. Accenture wants to cut 19,000 jobs, approximately 2.5% of its wo

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2023-03-23 14:58:44

Counter-Strike 2 beta: How to play CS2 limited test?  

Counter-Strike 2 beta is out! After the success of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve announced the release of Counter-Strike 2 and started the CS2 limited test. All current gamers of Global Offensive will be able to download the game at no cost. However, if you want to play now, you must be selected by Valve. There is currently no set end date for the closed Counter-Strike 2 beta test, which started on March 22. With CS2's full release scheduled for the summer of 2023, the closed beta will

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2023-03-23 14:33:18

What is Google Keep and how to use it  

If you have recently purchased an Android smartphone and have seen a foreign app called "Google Keep", read on because we have all the answers you need! Nowadays, most Android smartphones come with Google's important and built-in apps. Most are gadgets to make your life easier or offer a better user experience. They make your smartphone an all-in-one device that works well for everyday usage. Google Keep concentrates on note-taking but also offers a couple more features. It also made it to our "

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2023-03-23 14:16:57

South Korean Probe's NASA Moon Camera Illuminates Dark Lunar Crater  

A recently released image showed a Marvin crater lit by NASA's ShadowCam. This image shows NASA's lunar camera is now brightening the darker areas of the moon. This new photo was taken on February 28th by ShadowCam. It shows a portion of the Marvin crater just 16 miles from the south pole of the moon. The portion was 2.85 miles in diameter. What is ShadowCam? ShadowCam is sensitive and can detect reflected light. The areas that receive natural sunlight will look saturated on ShadowCam, howev...

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2023-03-23 14:00:30

Microsoft has a fix for the Windows screenshot tool leak issue  

Microsoft has released a new version of the Snipping Tool for Windows that fixes potential leaks of original images after cropping them. The issue originated on Google Pixel devices on Android, but the researchers discovered that screenshot tools on Windows could also leak data. Windows users who use the screen capturing tools and the editor to crop the screenshots, may notice that the file size does not change. The screenshot tools save the new image improperly, so that leftovers from the origi

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2023-03-23 13:52:10

AI-generated images of Trump's arrest confused social media users  

The recent spread of fake images depicting the supposed arrest of former President Donald Trump is causing confusion on social media. These images, which were created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, are so convincing that many people were fooled into thinking that Trump had actually been arrested. The announcement of Trump's potential arrest by the New York City police over his alleged payment of hush money to pornstar Stormy Daniels had created a buzz among his supporters who wer

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2023-03-23 13:48:19

Everything you need to know about Fortnite Unreal Editor  

Fortnite Creative 2.0, a.k.a. Fortnite Unreal Editor, adds new creative tools, and it is now accessible on the Epic Games Store as a public beta. During the State of Unreal 2023 event, Epic Games showcased many interesting and exciting features, both for the company's and the community's future. Fortnite Creative 2.0 is one of the newly announced applications that will allow users to design, develop, and publish games and experiences directly into Fortnite. It carries many of Unreal Engine 5's ...

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2023-03-23 13:00:57

Mysterious Glitch Affecting Apple Music Users: Unwanted Playlists and Songs Appearing in Libraries  

Numerous reports have surfaced regarding a peculiar glitch within Apple Music, whereby users have reported seeing other individuals' playlists and songs appear in their libraries. Sources such as MacRumors and 9to5Mac have confirmed the existence of this issue, which has been flagged by users on Reddit over the course of several weeks.  The unintended appearance of these extraneous playlists and songs has led to considerable confusion among some users, and in some cases, loss of their own music...

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2023-03-23 13:00:51

NASA Scientists Warn Earth Is Three Times More Likely To Be Hit by Enormous Asteroid  

As per a recent study conducted by chief scientist, James Garvin, Earth is three times more likely to be hit by an asteroid than previously believed. Garvin's team analyzed several satellites observing Earth and examined four impact craters. They also identified large rings around the sites. Garvin's team has come to the conclusion that comets or asteroids that are one kilometer or more in size hit just once every 700,000 years. Garvin admitted that the initial findings were misread. He clai...

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2023-03-23 13:00:08

Access ChatGPT from your Mac's menu bar with this app  

Chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Bard are the rage right now. Do you want to access ChatGPT without opening the browser on your Mac? If so, then MacGPT is the app that you are looking for. The app was made by Jordi Bruin, and is written using SwiftUI. MacGPT is just about 4 MB in size to download, its current version is 2.1, and comes with an auto updater to get new versions easily. Extract MacGPT's archive to a folder, and run the app. It should display the ChatGPT login screen, you will ne

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2023-03-23 12:49:24

NVIDIA's Latest Advancements Revolutionize 3D Content Creation  

Cutting-edge AI technologies are transforming the landscape of 3D content creation. These advancements range from imbuing characters with realistic emotions to converting text into dynamic imagery. The NVIDIA GTC is currently underway, offering a global, complimentary conference focused on AI and the metaverse. During the event, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang unveiled several new advancements. We'll start with a brief overview and then discuss each advancement more thoroughly.  Highlight...

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2023-03-23 12:00:37

How to set default apps in Windows 11  

Setting up default applications should not be difficult on any platform, but sometimes, companies have certain goals in mind that affect usability. This has been the case since the release of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, and has been an ongoing problem with the release of Windows 11. While Microsoft promised to give users more control over default apps, e.g., here and just recently here, the reality so far has been that Microsoft has made it difficult to set non-Microsoft apps as the

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2023-03-23 11:50:21

Samsung's photo remastering raises concerns  

Samsung's camera abilities are being questioned once again as recently a user revealed that the "remaster" feature added teeth to their seven-month-old child. According to a report from The Verge, a reader bought the new Samsung S23 Ultra smartphone and decided to try the Remaster feature on one of their seven-month-old child's photos. They expected adjustments that would enhance the photo and maybe add a couple of filters or change some of the settings. However, the results were shocking as the

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2023-03-23 11:42:02

InWith AI Introduces Revolutionary Personalized Chatbot Clone for Users  

InWith AI, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) company based in Newport Beach, California, has recently announced a pioneering development - a customized chatbot that serves as a replica for its users, available for free. Powered by advanced AI technology, the chatbot has the potential to transform online communication by accurately imitating its users' communication patterns, preferences, and characteristics. The generative chat AI, which has been specifically developed to emulate the co

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2023-03-23 11:05:32

Epic Games levels up with merged digital marketplace  

Epic will merge all its digital stores under one marketplace named "Fab." Unreal Engine Marketplace, Sketchfab, Quixel Bridge, and the ArtStation Marketplace will be merged later this year. Epic Games revealed its future vision for content creation, distribution, and monetization at the State of Unreal event. The company covered many different plans and aspects, including its new huge marketplace, Fab. It is planned to launch later this year, but it is currently available in alpha as a plugin...

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2023-03-23 10:49:28

IFTTT launches three AI services for Pro+ users  

Remember IFTTT -- IF This Then That? We reviewed the service for the first time back in 2011 when it was created, and have followed it throughout the years. The service enables users to create automatic actions using products and services. From improving workflows, e.g. by automatically tweeting your Instagram photos or recording activity in a Google spreadsheet, to automatically turning on the lights at home at sunset or getting a daily weather report by email. Now, the makers of IFTTT have ann

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2023-03-23 09:07:49

Source 2 for CS:GO: A Roundup of the Latest Hints and Leaks  

Valve's long-awaited game engine Source 2 appears to be on the brink of integration into CS:GO. In recent months, a number of leaks and rumors have surfaced regarding the engine's potential release, and according to independent journalist Richard Lewis, Valve is set to release a beta version of Source 2 at the end of March.  Sources close to Lewis have stated that Source 2 is "almost ready for deployment" and has already undergone rigorous playtesting by professional players. The community is e...

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2023-03-23 08:47:23

Samsung M54 revealed: A54 with longer battery life  

Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy M54 smartphone, a little tweaked version of the current A54 models. The main difference comes from the new 108MP camera and an improved battery capacity. Last week, Samsung announced its new mid-range model A54. It was leaked a couple times before the initial launch alongside Galaxy A34. Considering its mid-range customer focus, the A54 model attracted many people with its 120Hz SuperAMOLED screen. A week after its launch, Samsung launched the new M54 model in

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2023-03-23 08:33:25

Microsoft confirms "Local Security protection is off" Microsoft Defender issue  

Microsoft Windows 11 systems may display the error message "Local Security protection is off. Your device may be vulnerable." after installation of a recent Microsoft Defender Antivirus update. Microsoft confirmed the issue for Windows 11 and Windows 11 version 22H2 on its Release Health website. Both versions of the Windows 11 operating system are affected in the same way by the issue. The known issues  listings for supported Windows 10 versions does not have the entry, which suggests that the...

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2023-03-23 08:14:36

Canva joins the AI race with jaw-dropping features  

During the Canva Create virtual event, the company unveiled some of its new features, including a suite of AI-powered tools and a new Brand Hub. Canva users will be happy with the new "Assistant," which will help them find design elements and provide quick access to features. These features also include Canva's AI-powered Magic Write, the copywriting assistant launched a few months ago. Moreover, the AI tool will also give you design recommendations based on your current work regarding graphics...

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2023-03-23 07:50:48

uBlock Origin's icon now tells you if it's ready to block ads at browser launch  

uBlock Origin has been updated to version 1.48. The open source content blocker, renowned for its ad-blocking capabilities, now changes its button's color to indicate its readiness at the browser's launch. Why is uBlock Origin's icon showing a yellow badge? It's like this, when you open your browser, you expect it to work perfectly right away, in this case you don't want to see ads on web pages. What you need to know is that the extension needs a few seconds after the browser has been opened, to

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2023-03-23 07:45:52

How to add a backup two-step login provider to Bitwarden  

Earlier this month, I wrote a tutorial on enabling the upcoming security standard WebAuthn in Bitwarden as a two-step login protection. WebAuthn, which stands for Web Authentication, is integrated into operating systems, browsers and other programs. One of the shortcomings of the standard is, that it is not available universally at the time. Bitwarden users who set the authentication feature up on a device may notice that they lock themselves out on other devices. This may happen under two circu

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2023-03-23 05:58:08

It's easier to see WhatsApp groups with the latest update  

Have you ever told a friend of yours on WhatsApp about a community you're a part of, only to discover that they've been in that group for months already? Well, you don't need to wonder who else is in the same groups as you anymore. With the latest update, you can quickly click on contacts and see what communities you have in common. It's one of the latest features mentioned in Meta's new post. The new WhatsApp update won't reveal any group names you're not in, which is a good safet...

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2023-03-22 16:44:14

You will now see ads in Instagram search results  

Paying businesses will be more in your face on Instagram more than ever now. To help brands showcase their sites and products, ads will now appear in search results on the platform. When you search for a specific topic, the advert will show at the bottom of the screen when you select a post. Fortunately, it doesn't sound like Meta is being random about it. The adverts that appear will relate to the search you performed. So, we might see Dwayne Johnson's gym appear if you're looking for the...

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2023-03-22 16:38:33

Adobe Bets on Generative AI With 'Firefly' Tool to Create Images From Text  

With so many apps incorporating AI into their systems, it only makes sense that Adobe does the same. Adobe recently jumped into the game by acquiring generative AI a new AI model called Firefly. The main focus is to bring AI into Adobe's suite of apps and services. Adobe VP, Alexandru Costin told TechCrunch that the AI will work by generating media content as Firefly will work with multiple AI models that work across a variety of different use cases.  This will be an extension to the already ...

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2023-03-22 15:22:32

Why can't we still access Microsoft 365 Copilot?  

If you Google "Microsoft 365 Copilot release date," it says March 16. Even though Microsoft announced it at the "The Future of work with AI" event on that exact date, most users still can't access it because it still hasn't "really launched" yet. Microsoft held a meeting on March 16, and thousands of people attended to listen to what Satya Nadella and Jared Spataro had to say. Many people, including us, guessed that with the release of GPT-4, Microsoft would also announce its GPT-4 powered solut

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2023-03-22 14:55:29

Emotet is back: Microsoft OneNote is not a safe place anymore  

Emotet is back and ready to strike via Microsoft OneNote email attachments. The Emotet threat, associated with the Gold Crestwood, Mummy Spider, or TA542 threat actor, remains active and resilient despite law enforcement's best efforts to counter it. It was originally a derivative of the Cridex banking worm but has since evolved into a monetized platform for other threat actors to run malicious campaigns on a pay-per-install (PPI) model, allowing theft of sensitive data and ransom extortion. Emo

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2023-03-22 14:24:47

The future of style: Apple Watch to accessorize itself  

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple a new patent that helps the watch identify information from a band that is connected to its body. According to a report from Patently Apple, the company has been granted a new game-changing patent. In the upcoming series of Apple Watches or bands, we might get a new feature that could help the watch accessorize itself. Looking at Apple's latest patent filing, it looks quite possible. Apple is working on different new and

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2023-03-22 14:12:46

TikTok CEO Shou Chew Appears On TikTok To Warn Users About The TikTok Ban  

Shou Chew, the TikTok CEO, posted a video on TikTok with the intention of reaching all US TikTok users to inform them of a possible ban of TikTok and to do some actions that will prevent the ban. So, stay here to find more about the possible ban of TikTok in the USA. TikTok as Trending Video Streaming App in the USA TikTok has become the most popular video streaming service in quite a short period. It's founded by Chinese company ByteDance in 2016. People post various videos on TikTok, while s...

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2023-03-22 14:03:09

Microsoft Edge's Built-In Crypto Wallet: A Step Forward or a Questionable Use of Resources?  

According to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans, the technology company is reportedly developing a cryptocurrency wallet for its Edge browser, despite the challenges currently facing the cryptocurrency markets. The Verge reported that Microsoft has been conducting internal tests on the built-in crypto wallet for Edge in recent months, with intentions of releasing it to the general public in due course. This upcoming addition to the already feature-rich Edge browser demonstrates Microsoft's

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2023-03-22 13:15:59

Meta's security manager targeted by Greek espionage  

A former Meta employee was reportedly hacked and wiretapped by the Greek intelligence agency. According to a report from The New York Times, the Greek intelligence agency hacked and wiretapped Artemis Seaford, former security policy manager at Meta. The Greek government agency used the sophisticated spyware known as "Predator" and tracked Searford for a year. Seaford worked for Meta between 2020 and 2022. 1/ The evidence suggests that my hacking with Predator was based on private information mo

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2023-03-22 12:49:05

Microsoft Launches AI-Powered Image Creator for Bing Search Engine  

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new AI-powered feature, called the Bing Image Creator, which will be integrated into its Bing search engine. This innovative tool will utilize an advanced version of OpenAI's DALL-E model to enable Bing users to generate images based on their written descriptions. The Image Creator will be fully integrated into the Bing chat experience for those in the preview, with initial availability in Creative mode.  By providing a description of the image, along w...

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2023-03-22 12:15:55

Beats teases new Studio Buds Plus with new features  

Beats is reportedly very close to rolling out an upgraded version of its current wireless Studio Buds. The name is expected to be "Beats Studio Buds Plus," and its design will be identical to the original Beats Studio Buds. According to 9to5Mac's report, today's RC update has added support for an unreleased Beats Studio Buds Plus, discovered by the website. The website found a code about the upcoming device, including some of its key and possible features. The first Beats Studio Buds hit the she

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2023-03-22 11:57:11

Notion AI: The Revolutionary Productivity Tool  

Notion, the San Francisco-based productivity startup, has set a new objective to expand its user base by leveraging its latest cutting-edge AI technology. Unveiled on February 22, Notion AI is a powerful generative AI feature designed to help users in tasks such as summarizing notes, identifying action items from meetings, and creating and editing text.  This advanced feature is an optional add-on to the existing pricing plans and costs an additional $10 per user per month. Ivan Zhao, the co-fo...

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2023-03-22 11:15:56

Midjourney V5: Natural language writing prompts  

The Midjourney V5 natural language writing feature is one of the most innovative features launched with the newest model, helping with more human-like prompts. Let's take a look at how much easier it made for people to describe the AI bot what they need. Midjourney rolled out its V5 model a while ago, and it brought many innovations to its technology. "Starting today our community can test Midjourney V5. It has much higher image quality, more diverse outputs, wider stylistic range, support for s

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2023-03-22 10:52:41

Game dev will never be the same: ChatGPT meets Unity  

A video that showcases the integration of ChatGPT into Unity has been shared online. ChatGPT, with its surging popularity, is currently being applied in various industries like healthcare, finance, and customer service. In addition to these realms, ChatGPT holds the potential to be employed in creative ways. According to the proof-of-concept video, it appears that the gaming industry could be the next beneficiary of this AI software. The prospects are limitless, and it will be fascinating to wit

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2023-03-22 10:48:22

Windows users, your cropped images may not be private  

Have you heard about the recent discovery made by researchers regarding the Pixel's cropping tool? They found out that the tool did not fully remove the data that was deleted and that the deleted portions of the image could still be accessed with some effort. Now, one of the same researchers has reported that the Snipping Tool for Windows 11 and the Snip & Sketch tool in Windows 10 have a similar vulnerability. This means that the information that users thought they had deleted may still be avai

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2023-03-22 10:32:56

UPDF: A Universal PDF Editor To Improve Productivity  

PDFs are the most common way of sharing files on the Internet. Their ubiquity means that they are often used as a way to make documents available to many people, without having to worry about the file size or compatibility. The question on everyone's mind, however, is how can one improve productivity when working with PDFs? The answer is simple. You need a PDF editor like UPDF that works with various documents, so you can edit them easily on any device or browser. This will allow you to share ...

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2023-03-22 10:24:54

How to network two or more virtual machines using VirtualBox  

In this guide, we will give a step-by-step explanation on how to network two or more virtual machines using VirtualBox. VirtualBox is an open-source software that makes it easy to create virtual machines. It allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single computer, share resources between the host and guest operating systems, create snapshots of virtual machines, and customize the settings to suit their needs. It is portable, free, and open-source, making it a versatile and powerful t

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2023-03-22 09:42:34

Opera Browser update integrates AI Prompts and ChatGPT  

Opera Software released a new version of the company's Opera web browser today. A focus of the new release is the introduction of new artificial intelligence features in Opera browser. The functionality is powered by OpenAI, which is also behind Microsoft's Bing Chat tool and the AI component in the company's Edge web browser. Opera Software announced a collaboration with OpenAI today on the official company blog. Opera Stable users who update the browser on a desktop platform are taken to an in

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2023-03-22 09:27:13

iOS 16.4 RC brings Voice Isolation for calls  

Apple has released iOS 16.4 RC for all users. The update introduces a much requested feature, Voice Isolation for phone calls. The build number for the release candidate version is Build 20E246. Voice Isolation for Phone Calls in iOS 16.4 RC Voice Isolation on iOS isn't particularly new, it has been available for FaceTime and WhatsApp calls, even on Mac and iPadOS. However, the feature did not support regular phone calls, until now. This is a software solution that you can enable to reduce ambi

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2023-03-22 08:35:27

How to install Windows 11 in VMware Workstation  

If you want to learn more about how to install Windows 11 in VMware Workstation, you are at the right place, as we will be giving you every step you must follow in the following sections of this guide. VMware Workstation is one of the world's most used virtual machine software thanks to its features and ease. We included it in our best virtual machine software of 2023: Top 3 list alongside Parallels Desktop and VirtualBox. It is mainly used in enterprise networks, but if you are looking to use i

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2023-03-22 08:24:34

South Park Explores the Power of AI with ChatGPT  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a highly-discussed topic currently, with OpenAI's ChatGPT being at the forefront of this technological revolution. Its remarkable ability to generate natural text responses has captured the attention of the tech industry, leading to significant investments such as Microsoft's billion-dollar contribution to OpenAI's research and development. Several other companies have also joined forces with OpenAI to gain access to GPT's expertise.  The potential of this techno...

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2023-03-22 08:00:12

Google's Bard: A Conversational AI Service to Catch Up With OpenAI  

Alphabet Inc.'s subsidiary, Google, has announced the release of its conversational AI service called Bard, which competes with OpenAI Inc.'s ChatGPT. The company has opened a waitlist for users in the US and UK, with additions being made on a rolling basis. The launch of Bard is part of Google's efforts to catch up with OpenAI Inc. in the field of artificial intelligence. Sissie Hsiao, the Vice President of Product for Bard, emphasized the productivity-enhancing and idea-accelerating capabiliti

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2023-03-22 07:13:28

Pale Moon 32.1.0 launches with major web compatibility improvements  

The developers of the open source web browser Pale Moon have released version 32.1.0. The new version is a significant release for the project, as it improves web compatibility by enabling Google WebComponents support. Pale Moon shares code with the Firefox web browser, but it is a standalone project. One of the main changes is that Pale Moon is now also available for Intel-based and Arm-based macOS devices. Previously, Pale Moon was available as a Beta release for macOS. Now, Pale Moon has exit

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2023-03-22 06:14:39

Windows 11; Microsoft is testing an option to install preview updates automatically  

Microsoft is testing a way to install preview updates for Windows 11 automatically. The feature is currently available in the Canary Channel of the Windows Insider Preview Program. In case you missed it, the Redmond company recently announced the Canary Channel for users who like to test builds that are fresh-out-of-the-oven. The channel will receive updates more frequently, which in turn will allow users faster access to experimental features. What are Windows C and D Updates Windows B releases

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2023-03-22 05:27:30

Google Chrome 111 update fixes 8 security issues  

Google released another security update for Chrome 111 that addresses security issues in the web browser. The new update is available for all desktop and mobile platforms. The eight security issues have an aggregate severity rating of high, and include several use after free and out of bounds vulnerabilities. Google makes no mention of exploits in the wild, which suggests that these vulnerabilities are not exploited actively at the time of writing. Chrome users, at least those on the desktop, ma

what do you think?

2023-03-22 05:20:40

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