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Designer Handbag Reviews - PurseBlog

PurseBlog reviews luxury designer handbags and accessories in a daily editorial. Daily reviews and recommendations of designer handbags and purses.

Celebs Trek Around the World with Gucci and Hermès  

TV show sets have been good to us in recent years. Younger has filmed in NYC for six seasons now, and with a Gossip Girl reboot on the horizon, we feel our cup runneth over. But Darren Star’s new Lily Collins vehicle, Emily in Paris, looks particularly enticing as it films its first ten episodes in Paris. Like all Darren Star projects, this one demands much of its wardrobe department, and this week, it’s even given us a good mystery bag. The post Celebs Trek Around the World with G

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2019-08-23 15:00:50

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 23  

We’re back from our annual PurseBlog summer break and we dove into this week head on. Though we did trickle out a few new posts last week we don’t blame you if you missed us while we were away! Fear not, because we’re back at it this week with a fresh new crop of bag deals, and a bunch of new sale bags popped up over the last two weeks. Summer is winding down and in the blink of an eye fall will be here, so now is the perfect time to purchase a bag that can easily transition fr

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2019-08-23 13:00:07

Pyramid Shaped Purses Are About to be Micro-Trending  

Chanel's Metiers d'Art collection is one of the most ornate collections that the brand puts out, and back in December we got a first look at the 2019 collection, which is in boutiques now. As fans have come to expect from the brand, the collection was grand and elegant. Inspired by Ancient Egypt, plenty of embellishments and metallics were seen throughout, but the standout piece in the collection was a sequined pyramid-shaped bag. This mini bag is a true show stopper—it’s both incre...

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2019-08-22 16:00:09

Hermès How-To: Building and Maintaining a Relationship with a Sales Associate  

If you're a fan of Hermès, you know that there is always something new to obsess over. Sure, we all love and crave the Birkin/Kelly/Constance bag trifecta, but there is inevitably something more: the elusive rodeo (preferably in the PM “petit modele” size); the scarf in that magical colorway; the perfect-for-three-seasons twillaine cardigan; the exotic Collier de Chien bracelet; and so on. There are pieces that require a certain amount of work to obtain, and there are pieces that ...

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2019-08-22 13:03:40

I Just Discovered the Ultimate Bag Organization Hack  

We all remember the bag that got away. For me, it’s a shiny black Givenchy Antigona in medium. When I first came across it, maybe three years ago now, I immediately fell in love with the color, shape, and size. At first glance, it appeared practical and chic - a style I could effortlessly rock from the office to happy hour to the airport. That is, until I took a look inside. Then and now, the inside of the Antigona is comparable to a bottomless pit to, well, nowhere. And said problem is...

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2019-08-21 19:00:42

Gabriela Hearst to Open Her Online Handbag Sales  

With more consumers focused on sustainability, it has become a luxury that few brands possess and many are playing catchup to try and achieve. This is not the case with Gabriela Hearst. The designer launched her eponymous line merely 4 years ago with luxury and sustainability in mind, and the result has been collections of ready to wear and accessories that wow those with a keen fashion eye while also showcasing extreme innovation of materials and design. Though Gabriela Hearst's major focus i...

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2019-08-21 16:00:40

Celebs Promote Exciting New Projects with Bags from Loewe, BOYY and Chanel  

Some of my absolute faves are out and about this week because they have new movies or shows to promote. They all have way too much acting cred to be out in front of paparazzi cameras every single weekend, so you know that when they are called upon to appear before the press, they don’t skimp in the bag department. And per usual, we also have our usual glut of famous people, currently attached to no projects whatsoever, just being famous and appearing in public! Not that we ever fault anyon

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2019-08-21 13:00:14

White Hot Bags to Score Before Labor Day  

How is Labor Day less than two weeks away? Inquiring minds would love to know. Anyway, summer is almost over, which gives us little time until we have to pack away our warm-weather clothes for dark hues and cozy materials. Though that’s exciting in some regards (who doesn’t love chunky sweaters and suede booties?), it also means many of the lighter and brighter bags we’ve sported for the last few months should go back into their respective dust bags until next spring. Not s

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2019-08-20 20:00:30

Purseonals: Senreve Coda Belt Bag in Dragon Cream  

In the nearly 3 years since San Francisco-based new bag brand Senreve launched, we’ve covered the brand a fair bit. Megs and I both purseonally love and use certain styles from the brand which is why we’ve continued to cover its ever expanding line. Senreve’s bags are simplistic in shape and pack a punch in both quality and construction. Recently we were introduced to a new line of bags called the Dragon Collection. This collection features most loved shapes in an embossed croc

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2019-08-20 17:30:53

I've Got Medea Bags on the Brain  

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is an iconic department store in Paris, and I would be remiss if I didn't recommend that you visit the exquisite building when you're in the City of Lights. Of course, the shops are full of beautiful fashion eye candy, but the 43-meter-high dome in the middle of the store is the complete show stopper that crystallizes it as a special Parisian landmark. The building is covered in ornate glass stained windows, and with its notable art deco decor, it's truly a si...

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2019-08-20 13:00:58

Introducing the Burberry Lola Bag  

It seems that nearly every major fashion house has experienced a serious revamp in the last couple of years. From Chloe and Celine to Bottega Veneta and Givenchy, designer shakeups have been the norm in the luxury sector and handbag lovers have begun to accept these changes. Sometimes a designer will take successful elements from their predecessor and ease consumers into the change while others will come in hot and make big changes right out of the gate. Riccardo Tisci at Burberry took the latt...

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2019-08-19 19:00:55

These Gorgeous Handbags Are a Minimalist's Dream  

I'm a self-proclaimed lover of logos and monograms, but I have recently been admiring minimalistic handbags. I don't see my love of logos or monograms going away any time soon, but I do feel that I should invest in a few high quality, tasteful, simple bags. I'm such a sucker for ornate details, but I find the lack of ornateness to be a detail all of its own. There is something beautiful and special about a bag that is only memorable and covetable because of the quality of the materials and...

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2019-08-19 16:00:26

The Many Bags of Nikki Bella  

Nikki Bella was not anywhere on my radar until she started gracing our virtual pages more and more frequently about six to eight months ago. Nikki has already had a long, storied career as a pro wrestler and “Diva” for the WWE. She and her twin sister Brie, known as “The Bellas,” are both now retired from wrestling, and Nikki has leveraged her WWE fame into reality stardom and a stint on Dancing with the Stars and the celeb edition of American Ninja Warrior. She also cont

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2019-08-19 13:00:22

Purseonals: Polène Numéro Un Mini  

I only like to write Purseonals once I’ve carried a bag for a while, that way I really know how it works. That means any bag that falls into this category has really been worn and carried by me and the review I give is as real as it gets. I’m behind on Purseonals because to be honest I haven’t been changing my bags out much. Toward the end of my pregnancy I was tired and swollen and the first few months with Vaughn have been spent with me carrying a Prada Nylon backpack (review

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2019-08-16 16:48:38

CC 44: The Nightmare  

I feel like many of us can recall times in our lives where we used retail therapy as an escape from real life, in one way or another. The thrill of the chase, coupled with the exhilaration of the new make for an intoxicating experience that distracts and numbs our pain, even just for a little while. Today’s confessional was submitted by a Canadian executive assistant who had a period in her mid-20s during which she fell down that deep rabbit hole until she hit rock bottom. Fortunately, she

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2019-08-15 16:00:26

Sophisticated, Timeless, and Pretty: Introducing the Prada Emblème Bag  

While every major house introduces seasonal designs that showcase a typically more trendy appeal for that given time, the classic elements from a house are what originally drew us to the brand and set the brand apart. When you think of Prada bags, you undoubtedly think of their famed Saffiano leather. I know I do. Prada utilizes one of the most beautiful Saffiano leathers, which is very durable and makes the Emblème easily recognizable as Prada from a distance. Prada Emblème in Billardo I h...

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2019-08-14 13:00:34

Your Ultimate Shopping Guide to the Miami Design District  

When was the last time you visited Miami? If it’s been more than a year, you must (yes, must!) start searching for airline tickets. Why? Simple: The Miami Design District is one of the best luxury malls in the country, and if you’re swooning over a bag, you’ll have the time of your life purchasing it there. When you think of South Florida, especially Miami, you probably envision endless beaches and a year-round spring break atmosphere. While that reigns true in some areas, Mi

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2019-08-13 16:49:55

Chanel Comparison: The Coco Handle Flap or The Gabrielle?  

Let me preface this by saying: I know we all have our opinions on Chanel. Some vehemently disagree with acquiring new bags, while others can’t get enough. (I fall with the latter half.) Between hasty price increases and quality discrepancies (I haven’t experienced any, but I’d be remiss not to mention them, especially when a group on tPF is adamant they exist), anything Chanel is quite the conversation starter, to say the least. Putting that aside, I’ve been thinking a l

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2019-08-12 16:00:35

CC 43: The Minimalist  

Today’s (slightly delayed) confessional was submitted by a psychiatric nurse from the Land of the Thousand Lakes. Her small collection is ever revolving, a new bag in would mean an old bag out. She doesn’t permit materialism to weight her down; in best Marie Kondo form, if something doesn’t spark joy, she gets rid of it. This confessional is the antidote to the typical western approach to consumerism, which is why we chose it as this week’s CC installment. Enjoy and don&#

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2019-08-10 19:39:15

Loving Lately: 12 Items On the Top of My Fall 2019 Wishlist  

I’m sure I mentioned this last fall, and the one before that, but fall continues to be my favorite season to shop for. I lust after a closet refresh in the fall more so then when the temps start to heat up. It’s fun to play with fall fashion because you can layer more, which makes dressing almost like a math equation. You can subtract one piece and replace it with another for a totally fresh look, which is exactly why I like to spend a little extra on both staple pieces that make a

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2019-08-09 19:00:44

Celebs Bowl, Golf and Hustle with Bags from Prada, Louis Vuitton and Louboutin  

There’s a lot of Louis Vuitton love happening this week. Tiffany Haddish has something exciting to show us from Louis Vuitton, and we have a healthy dose of man bags. Spoiler: Half of them are Louis Vuitton. It’s been a while since we had a serious surge of celeb Louis Vuitton endorsement, so I suppose we’re overdue. But there are also treats from Prada, Christian Louboutin and Balenciaga within. Let’s review them together, shall we? The post Celebs Bowl, Golf and Hustl

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2019-08-09 16:00:19

The 12 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 9  

Another Friday is upon us which means that we’ve got a fresh new crop of bag deals for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure! Some of the deals we found are hard to believe, so you better go and snag them before someone else does. There’s a decent amount of variety happening over in the sale section, and we found bag deals from a slew of different designers. Every bag brand from Givenchy and Fendi to Marni and our contemporary favorite Manu Atelier have something to offer up now that

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2019-08-09 13:00:57

The Hermès Special Order Process, Explained  

Perhaps you've jumped through all the hoops, made all the purchases, and already own a Birkin or three – or maybe you just have an amazing relationship with that stellar Sales Associate (SA) you've really connected with. No matter how it happens, you find yourself hearing those magic words you’ve hoped for: your SA invites you to place a Special Order. What is a Special Order at Hermès? Also known as an "SO", or occasionally an "HSS" (for Horseshoe Stamp, the foil stamp...

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2019-08-08 16:00:05

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monogram Jungle Collection  

Earlier this year Louis Vuitton introduced an exaggerated version of its iconic Monogram print. Aptly named ‘Monogram Giant,’ the print was first introduced in a capsule collection for Summer 2019 in bold, bright colors. Soon after the Monogram Giant bags were also introduced in the brand’s classic brown color way. The Monogram Giant print continues to be a big push for Louis Vuitton as the massive print was just given an animalistic makeover for the brand’s latest capsul

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2019-08-08 13:00:37

I'm Head Over Heels for Prada's Daino Bags  

Ten years ago marks the release of one of my favorite films, The Proposal. If you haven't seen it, it's an excellent rom-com that I cannot recommend to you more. It's the perfect choice if you're in the mood for an easy, feel-good movie. I loved it so much that I saw it twice in theaters, which is hard to believe was a decade ago. The movie boasts a star-studded cast, with none other than Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Craig Nelson, Denis O'Hare, Mary Steenburgen, Malin Ak...

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2019-08-07 19:30:12

Celebs Flaunt Their Whitest White Bags from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Saint Laurent  

As a rule, I avoid bringing a lot of white into my wardrobe, because I feel like wearing white is just inviting chaos and mayhem into your life. And by “chaos” I mainly mean unruly ketchup stains, muddy hems or nasty scuffs. Maybe it’s just me? Celebs are totally free of this sort of neurosis, of course, and are unafraid to sport blindingly white designer bags in public. In other news, we may require your expertise to crack the case on not one but two enticing mystery bags. Can

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2019-08-07 13:00:46

I Think Fanny Packs Are Here to Stay—Here’s Why  

There was a time when backpacks weren’t a staple in every bag lovers wardrobe, rather they were a shape that was considered on the trendier side. Every season, designers would have one or two backpacks amongst their lineup of bags, but their popularity would fall off depending on the year. Sometimes they would be more prevelant than others, but now it’s clear that backpacks are here to stay. They have consistently been popular amongst bag lovers the last couple of years, and theyR

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2019-08-06 19:00:24

Introducing the Chloé Aby Bag  

When I think of Chloe I immediately think of the many iconic bag designs of the past. In the last few years or so, Chloe has churned out bag hit after after bag hit, and now, starting with Pre-Fall 2019, Chloe introduces a new, but old bag which is giving us some serious nostalgia. Bag lovers will remember the ever-popular Chloe Paddington Bag, which was one of the most iconic it-bags of the past. The Paddington Bag was known for its exaggerated lock detailing, and now it’s been reimag...

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2019-08-06 16:00:45

We’ve Got Pics + Prices of Our Favorite Chanel Pre-Collection Fall 2019 Bags  

When it comes to Chanel, devotees of the brand are lucky—new bags hit the site more often than that of other designers. Not all brands do pre-collections, and most of the ones that do don’t offer as large of a selection as Chanel does, and they often don’t present them with as much fanfare either. The pre-collection line is now in stores and these bags have arrived to fill the gap until the runway collection hits boutiques in September. For the most part, pre-collection bags are p...

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2019-08-06 13:00:40

My Mon Monogram Speedy Handles Wear and Tear Like a Champ  

Earlier this summer, I shared that I'm a big fan of Mon Monogrammed bags. I purchased my Mon Monogrammed Speedy 30 from my local Louis Vuitton boutique two and a half years ago, and from the moment I brought the bag home with me, I was worried about how well the painted monogram would hold up with normal wear and tear. Speedies don't have protective feet on the bottom, so I have been particularly worried about the paint on the bottom of my bag. I have a personal rule against putting my bag o...

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2019-08-05 19:00:32

What Do We Think of the Saint Laurent Niki Shoulder Bag?  

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow bag-loving friend of mine sent me a photo of herself with a Saint Laurent Niki Monogram YSL Large Flap Shoulder Bag. I’m embarrassed to say, but at first I had no idea what the bag was. Of course I knew it was Saint Laurent, thanks to the large YSL logo, but the rest was a mystery. A few minutes later, she sent a follow-up message that read, “I just bought it!” For the next hour, I did a deep-dive into all I could find online about the style. H

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2019-08-05 16:00:05

Celebs Carry Gucci and Goyard in London, Loewe in NYC, Hermès in Tel Aviv  

This week: I’ve never noticed how Emma Roberts and Ashley Tisdale are actually quite similar looking. Their taste in bags is markedly less so, however. Julianne Moore can rock a pink Givnechy power suit like no one else, and Jennifer Lopez is jet-setting around Israel and Russia for a mini concert tour series in a less-traversed tour circuit of the globe. I expect more pics from that (and more tiger jumpsuits and croc Birkins, fingers crossed) will be forthcoming. The post Celebs Carry G

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2019-08-05 13:00:48

I’m Getting Tired of Influencer-Backed Minimalist Bag Brands  

Way back in 2012 when Instagram was in its early years, the term ‘influencer’ wasn’t even a thing. At the same time, two New York City based designers founded a minimalist bag brand known for its high quality Italian leathers and simplistic designs. Mansur Gavriel was born at the perfect time. Brands were beginning to realize the power of social media marketing and Mansur Gavriel was able to capitalize on the social media boom. Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket Bag was an instant

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2019-08-02 19:00:55

Bachelorettes, Actresses and Socialites Carry Gucci and By Far  

It’s officially August, and celebs are dressing accordingly for the dog days of summer. We’re seeing more skin, and suddenly, a lot more Gucci. But more importantly, one of our featured celebs (and beloved bag enthusiasts) has recently remarried and is having a wedding ceremony in Capri this week, completely unbeknownst to me! I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. This has been quite a summer for lavish, European celebrity weddings, and I am loving it. The post Bachelorettes,

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2019-08-02 16:00:30

The 10 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 2  

August is finally here and I can guarantee you one thing, the new arrivals just can’t beat the steals that are in the sale section right now. Sure, the fall handbag arrivals are tempting, and there’s nothing like a shiny fresh new bag to make you smile, but you certainly can’t beat the deals that are continuously popping up in the sale section. One of my favorites is the brown Marni Leather tote. I love this color because it’s a great year round tone, and I would love to

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2019-08-02 13:00:49

Gucci Once Again is the World's Top Luxury Brand  

Every quarter, Lyst releases a report, called the Lyst Index, which analyzes the online shopping habits of shoppers around the globe. The report analyzes data from Google searches, sales, as well as other important markers such as brand and product social media call outs plus engagement stats worldwide. The report is issued quarterly, meaning it takes into account data from a three month period. The latest report issued for Q2 covers April, May and June. For Q1, Virgil Abloh’s wildly pop

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2019-08-01 19:00:09

CC 42: The Survivor  

Today’s confessional comes to you from a sales manager in her mid-40s from Pennsylvania’s state capital. Unlike the CCs we published recently, this one does not excite with controversy, but rather delivers a wholesome account from someone who overcame great personal tragedy, gets inspired by other PurseForum community members and generally keeps her life, spending and priorities well balanced. We want to hear your story! Fill out the questionnaire at the link below: Take the C

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2019-08-01 17:00:02

Get a Peek at Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2019 Bags in This Brand New Campaign  

Louis Vuitton released its Fall/Winter 2019 ad campaign late last week and we’re smitten. A few new shapes were featured as well as new iterations of shapes from previous seasons. As we’ve come to expect from fashion brands these days, there was no shortage of mini bags, and the brand’s iconic monogram was pictured throughout as well. The stylistic details of the collection also include patchwork, patterns and interesting layering. Overall the collection is said to express Nic

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2019-08-01 13:00:56

These Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired Bags Are on My Wish List  

I recently read an incredible book called The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The book immerses you into the world of old Hollywood and is full of scandal, glitz, and glamour. I devoured it from cover to cover in one sitting—it was just that good. In fact, it was one of the best books I've read in a long time (and I read a lot). Since the novel swept me away into the world of old Hollywood, I've been inspired to watch some classic Hollywood films as a result. Breakfas...

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2019-07-31 20:00:03

Has Fashion Become More Unattainable Than Ever?  

As a pre-teen and teen girl growing up in suburban New York, the fast paced world of fashion was so close that I could taste it. I dreamed of the day when I was old enough to work in fashion and live in New York City. From a very young age I could picture myself catching a yellow cab with a newly purchased designer handbag dangling from my arm. And, as silly as it sounds, I often feel like I was born to do what I do now. Aside from a couple of distant relatives that I only saw once or twice a

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2019-07-31 16:00:55

Celebs Hit the Beach and the Streets with Dior and Staud  

If there is a summer “IT” bag, it is now, unquestionably, the Dior Book Tote. I have never seen designer canvas totes in such quantity in the last decade. They are perfectly sized for sitting atop your rolling suitcase and even functioning as an overnight bag. And while celebs tend to favor the “Oblique” logo-patterned ones, Dior already offers a myriad of playful embroidered versions, all with very Dior-appropriate price tags. The post Celebs Hit the Beach and the Stre

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2019-07-31 13:00:54

Back to School Cool — 12 Backpacks to Start the School Year in Style  

August is, quite literally, just around the corner, and as we turn the page on a new month much of the country is already preparing for a new school year. That means one very important thing if you’re into handbags—it’s backpack season. This is the time of year where new designs are popping up all over. Lucky for us though, backpacks are no longer just for the hallways but rather they’ve transcended from trend to wardrobe staple. It’s easy to see why backpacks have st...

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2019-07-30 19:00:26

Is Your Hermès Birkin or Kelly Truly an Investment?  

As fans of fashion and lovers of accessories, we plan, plot and splurge on things that give us aesthetic joy and enhance the way we present ourselves to the world. To justify what may be over-the-top purchases, we come up with various explanations as to why these purchases are ok – and when it comes to Hermès, one such explanation may be "it's an investment". While an accessory like a scarf or belt may be an investment in the aesthetic sense – an investment in oneself – ...

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2019-07-30 16:00:24

I'm Considering Paying Double the Retail Price to get my Hands on Louis Vuitton’s Onthego  

When Louis Vuitton released the Monogram Giant Collection, I was instantly smitten. I'm a Louis gal through and through, and this collection has been checking all of the logo-mania boxes. I became particularly obsessed with the Onthego tote bag, and quite frankly haven't been able to get the dang bag off my mind ever since. The Onthogo is quite large, measuring L 16.1 x H 13.4 x W 7.5 inches. You can easily fit a laptop, book, scarf, wallet, sunglasses, and any other belongings you like to c...

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2019-07-30 13:00:10

This New Bottega Veneta Bag is Giving Me Old Celine Vibes  

About a year ago it was announced that longtime Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier would be replaced by young designer Daniel Lee, an alum of Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, and most notably as director of RTW at Celine under the direction of Phoebe Philo. The move was not entirely shocking as parent company Kering aimed to modernize and hiring a fresh-faced new designer would target a younger customer base. Earlier this year Lee presented his first runway collection for the brand, and it

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2019-07-29 19:00:22

PurseBlog Asks: What’s Your Favorite Bag Style?  

I have a confession to make: When I first started my collection, I was a little shortsighted. My goal was comparable to a math equation: acquire as many classic and timeless pieces without going over my allotted “bag fund” budget. A Birkin (at this point, at least) was out of the question. Same with a Kelly. But, high up on my *somewhat* realistic list was a Prada Galleria Medium Saffiano Leather Bag, a Valentino Rockstud Leather Tote, and, of course, a Chanel Classic Flap. When I t

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2019-07-29 16:00:35

Celebs See Stars with Bright Red Bags from Prada and Frame  

Starlets of the past and present gathered to pay homage to the producer/director Kenny Ortega, who brought us 90s classics like Hocus Pocus and Newsies, as well as more recent Disney fare that I’ll never watch, because I’m not a mom! (Anyone involved with Hocus Pocus deserves a Hollywood Star though, in my humble opinion.) Outfest in LA brought Kate Walsh back into the spotlight for a hot sec, and other than that, we just have a bunch of celebrities wearing sunglasses and slyly smili

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2019-07-29 13:00:33

Celebs Dazzle Us with Colorful Ferragamos, Fendis and Diors  

Color is creeping back in to summer bag selections, and this week we have a few particularly nice new picks from some of our most enthusiastic bag lovers. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been frequent flyers on PurseBlog all year, as has Winnie Harlow. I can’t imagine any of them are going anywhere anytime soon. In other news, is the Dior Book Tote the ideal beach bag?Discuss. The post Celebs Dazzle Us with Colorful Ferragamos, Fendis and Diors appeared first on PurseBlog.

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2019-07-26 16:00:02

The 12 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend Of July 26  

As I sit here scouring the internet to tickle all of our bag-loving fancies I can’t help but question where the majority of the summer went? This bag deals will cover the last weekend in July and as August is looming my mind has begun to gravitate towards fall fashion. I know that sounds kind of nuts considering we’ve got at least a month and a half to make use of our summer wardrobes, but as we near August mainstream media has made the looming fall impossible to ignore. From back to

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2019-07-26 13:00:37

CC 41: The Super Fake Birkin  

We’re prefacing today’s confessional installment by saying that we do not condone the purchasing of fakes. However, we would find it counterproductive to deny the existence of high quality counterfeits and to pretend that people don’t buy them. Today’s confessional was chosen for the author’s story on his fake Birkin purchase, despite owning a real Birkin and a vibrant collection of limited edition bags from a variety of other brands. If you’d like to submit

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2019-07-26 01:53:17

Love It or Leave It: New York Mag x Marc Jacobs Tag Tote  

I was delighted when I learned that Marc Jacobs would be releasing a new line, aptly named "The Marc Jacobs". I've been a longtime fan and follower of Marc Jacobs, and I'm eager to see the bags this new line will churn out (MJ, please hear my prayer and bring back the Stam!). We didn’t have to wait long for the release, because we got our first taste of the new line this summer. To celebrate the launch of The Marc Jacobs, the brand collaborated with New York Magazine, creating New...

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2019-07-25 16:00:21

Dior Celebrates Chinese Valentine’s Day With a Brand New Capsule Collection  

In celebration of Chinese Valentine's Day Dior has introduced a capsule collection which includes brand new versions of fan favorite bags such as the Saddle bag and the Lady Dior. The bags feature icons of love such as hearts and couture florals. The line is said to be infused with passion and features plenty of red, which Christian Dior himself described as "the color of life". Additionally, the heart is said to be one of Dior’s lifelong symbols of luck. The Dior Saddle Bag is reva...

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2019-07-25 13:00:47

If You Love Chanel Chevron Boy Bags, Here Are Some New Styles  

There are certain bags that haunt me. Either I passed them up or decided I wanted them once they were already sold out, and a very specific early Chanel Chevron Boy Bag still has my heart to this day. It’s the version that combines the classic Chanel quilted pattern with Chevron (can be seen as the header image in this article) and I have never stopped thinking about it. I randomly check resale sites looking for it but have never found that exact version in the condition I’d like.

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2019-07-24 19:00:26

Balenciaga’s Fall 2019 Campaign Celebrates Love  

Balenciaga just dropped its latest campaign and we’re giving you a look at every image from this new lookbook. This beautiful campaign celebrates love in its very many forms, and gives us a first look at what is to come from Balenciaga this fall. Leather shoppers were seen throughout the campaign, and though they could easily be mistaken for unisex, they appeared to come in a men’s version and a women’s version. The teeniest shopper bag was worn with a cross body strap. The mo

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2019-07-24 16:00:36

Celebs Carry Gucci in London and Louis Vuitton in San Diego  

This will come as no surprise to any of you: I love pop culture, therefore, I love Comic-Con. It’s always full of hotly anticipated screenings, movie trailers, and titillating behind-the-scenes reveals. For instance, did you know they made a sequel to Top Gun?! Or that Jennifer Connelly will play Tom Cruise’s love interest? Or that she thinks Tom Cruise is “extra?” (I learned ALL of that in the course of writing this post. You are so welcome.) And the clothes are more fun

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2019-07-24 13:00:45

When I'm Tired of Wearing a Purse, I Turn to These Handy Key Pouches  

No matter what purse I’m wearing, I’m rarely without my gray Fendi key pouch. It’s a little larger than the size of an average credit card, allowing it to comfortably hold my ID, a couple credit cards, and some spare cash. It also features a silver keychain, where I hang my house and car keys. If that’s not convenience, I don’t know what is. Sometimes, I ditch my purse of the day entirely and leave my house with my phone in one hand and key pouch in the other. (Shh

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2019-07-23 19:00:24

12 Bags to Gift the Men in Your Life  

Believe it or not, as my obsession with purses has grown over the years, the men in my life have taken a unique interest in them as well. I’ve trained my friends and family so well, they can easily identify a Chanel or a Prada from a mile away. Well maybe not a mile (and the logo does help a bit), but shhh. In-line with Kaitlin’s recent article on gender neutral bags, it got me thinking about all the men’s bags out there that may suit my friends and family. But once I dug a li

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2019-07-23 16:00:28

Purseonals: The Chanel Caviar Quilted Camera Case  

I’ve wanted a Chanel bag for as long as I can remember. Before I took the plunge into full-blown ownership (they don’t come cheap, after all!), I spent hours upon hours ruminating on which exact one would become my first. As a true bag lover, I planned the exact moment I’d buy it months in advance. I had a trip to Paris in the works (unrelated to the bag) and figured it would be memorable to purchase a Chanel overseas versus back home in the States. Off I went to Champs-Elyse...

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2019-07-22 19:16:46

We’re Envious of Celebs’ Bags from Prada, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant  

Diane Kruger is doing a press tour, and (fingers crossed) she’ll continue to make promotional appearances well into next month. We all stand to benefit, because her bag picks are exceptional, and we haven’t seen as much of her around these parts since she had her baby with Norman Reedus. (Never leave us again, Diane!) Also, Wendy Williams just celebrated a birthday this week! Spoiler: She carried a Birkin to her party, but we all knew that already. Let’s see what everyone else

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2019-07-22 13:00:22

PurseBlog Asks: Do You Wear Suede During the Summer?  

I'm a recent convert to wearing suede. For years I avoided the luxurious material, but this past January I had a change of heart when I got my first suede bag, a beautiful Chloe Faye. My Faye has a suede flap, and despite being nervous about the delicate nature of it, that bag needed to be mine. I happily carried my Faye all winter long with no issues, but when spring rolled around I put her in her dust bag with the intention of patiently waiting out the April shower season. Unfortunately for...

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2019-07-19 19:00:42

Celebs Step Into the Sun with Bags from Fendi and Chanel  

Summer is in full effect and the sundresses are out en masse. Jessica Alba has tantalized us with a new mystery bag, and many celebs are digging out throwbacks from years past from the depths of their closets. Do you have a favorite vintage bag that you like to bust out on occasion, sheerly for nostalgia’s sake? These celebrities probably have several trunks worth of sentimental favorites. But let’s see what they’re carrying right now. The post Celebs Step Into the Sun with B

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2019-07-19 16:00:02

The 10 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of July 19  

It’s getting hot in here and if you have to take off all your clothes at least accessorize with a brand new bag! Apologies if you didn’t get that Nelly reference and if you did I love you! Sale season, along with the temps here in NYC, is heating up and we’ve got some pretty sweet deals for you on this Friday morning. My personal favorite, naturally, is the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour in embossed croc. It’s an insane deal, and though the color and hardware differs from my n

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2019-07-19 13:00:56

CC 40: The Magpie in Wonderland  

Today’s Kiwi Confessional may claim to be boring as hell, but we beg to differ! This Police Officer from the land of the All Blacks offers an interesting look at the life, desires and challenges of a public servant whose geographical location and income level prohibit her from lavish luxury spending. We salute her service and her fabulous collection from half way across the world! If you’d like to submit your own story, hit the link below and fill out our questionnaire. Enjoy today&#

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2019-07-18 19:39:34

PurseBlog Beauty: 5 New Finds I Can’t Get Enough of This Summer  

Hey beauty lovers, it’s been a little while, but we’re back and bringing you our must-have beauty picks for summer! Summer can wreck havoc on our hair, skin and beauty routines, and for me personally it takes a slew of products to get me through the dog days of summer. The five products below have been my saviors the last few months, and I’ve weeded out a few others that haven’t been of service so that you can get the best bang for your beauty buck. Have you tried any of

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2019-07-18 17:00:57

The Jacquemus Mini Chiquito Bag is Proof Millennials Will Buy Whatever You Tell Them to Buy  

Real talk, can we stop buying things just because the internet tells us we should? I’m not here to rag on millennials, I am a millennial, but I have had enough with the totally impractical, ridiculously over-the-top insta-worthy trends. This not so outrageous rant comes on the heels of the latest instagram click bait from experimental French label Jacquemus. Jacquemus is not shy about creating thought provoking and outrageous designs. In fact, late last year the label garnered worldwide

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2019-07-18 13:00:40

Love It or Leave It: Saint Laurent’s All Over Monogram Canvas  

Hedi Slimane departed Saint Laurent over 3 years ago, and until recently, Saint Laurent still looked nearly identically to the Slimane-era Saint Laurent. Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello has worked to put his own spin on the brand, and little by little Vaccarello’s touches have trickled out. For the last decade or more, Saint Laurent’s bags have been easily identifiable due to the brand’s iconic YSL logo. This season Vaccarello has take the logo love to new heights with the

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2019-07-17 19:00:21

I'm Smitten Over These Stunning Jeweled Bags  

Here at PurseBlog, we fully embrace and encourage obsessing over our accessories. I'm willing to bet that you may have developed your love for accessorizing and handbags at a young age, and perhaps you even had an influential family member that inspired your obsession. I know I certainly did, and that person happens to be my late grandmother. I have such special memories of playing dress up in her closet, always fawning over all of the special pieces in her collection. Did anyone else spend a ...

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2019-07-17 16:00:42

Celebs Make Their International Rounds with Versace, Prada and Shrimps  

With Miami Swim Week in full force, and Wimbledon just wrapping up, it’s a great time for bag-spotting. This has made our transition from Paris Couture Week extra smooth, and for that, I thank the fashion gods. Kate Beckinsale, Kendall Jenner and Olivia Culpo are popping up all over, and not necessarily where you’d expect them to. Is Kendall Jenner a tennis fan? Does Olivia Culpo have a renewed interest in swimsuit modeling? I demand answers! But for now, I will just have to be sated

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2019-07-17 13:00:36

It’s Time to Stop Making Bags Gender Specific  

Late last month, we covered two collections from Paris Fashion Week Men’s. Louis Vuitton and Fendi both presented collections that were so bag heavy they were impossible to ignore. Not to mention, the bags were good, they were really good. Following the release of these collections, the many comments that came along with our coverage, and the closing of Pride Month, I found myself thinking about the concept of gender fluidity in fashion. It’s 2019, and to say that people, and our wo

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2019-07-16 19:00:43

Gucci’s Fall 2019 Ad Campaign Explores the Role of Muses in Fashion  

Gucci just released images of its fall 2019 ad campaign and we’re giving you a look at what to expect from Gucci come fall. In this latest installment for Gucci, photographer Glen Luchford worked alongside Alessandro Michele and Art Director Christopher Simmonds to explore the relationship between creative directors and their muses. The campaign depicts many industry cliches such as fashion show sittings, runway escapades, editorial shoots and the frenzied atmosphere of fashion week. The...

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2019-07-16 13:00:38

I've Been Wearing My Mulberry Bayswater on Repeat All Summer  

Do you have a bag in your closet that you absolutely love and adore, yet you don't take it out of its dust bag for a spin around town very often? I definitely do, and that bag happens to be my Mulberry Bayswater Bag, now called the Heritage Bayswater. That's changed this summer, and I have found myself using this bag on repeat over the last few weeks. I own this classic handbag in a perfect color for these red, white, and blue July days. Mulberry is a quintessential British luxury brand, kno...

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2019-07-15 19:00:45

PurseBlog Asks: To Dust Bag or Not to Dust Bag?  

Unboxing a brand-new bag is one of the most exciting feelings - especially if you’re purse-obsessed like me. Bags typically come meticulously wrapped, packed away inside a sturdy and protective dust bag. Speaking of, dust bags are meant to be used to store your bag when not in use, though I’ve seen people use them for all sorts of other things, like packing shoes for travel or grocery shopping. (Weird, I know.) If you asks the specialists at Christie’s, they’ll tell ...

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2019-07-15 16:00:36

Wimbledon and Miami Swim Week Bring Us the Bags  

Last weekend, British celebs paraded through Wimbledon during the tennis championship’s waning days, and supermodels and aspiring swimsuit models alike partied down side-by-side during Miami Swim Week. This is an interesting mix of celebrities, but a thoroughly consistent mix of designer bags. Have a look. The post Wimbledon and Miami Swim Week Bring Us the Bags appeared first on PurseBlog.

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2019-07-14 13:00:45

Revisiting the Classic and Chic Louis Vuitton Alma  

Last month I started thinking about my next bag buy. Two options came to mind, two options that I’ve been thinking about for a few months, which to me means they’re good options. Through all the noise the Chanel Camera Bag and the Celine Nano Luggage Tote have stayed at the forefront of my bag-loving mind. I’m not yet ready to pull the trigger on either one of those bags, or any bag for that matter, but now I’ve added another option to the mix: the Louis Vuitton Alma BB i

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2019-07-12 19:00:56

Celebs Are Forever Glam with Bags from Celine, Chanel and Louis Vuitton  

In a single post, we have new snaps of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Angelina Jolie. Those last two are the rare unicorns of paparazzi photography, and it’s never an accident when they step into the public eye. Beyonce may be more visible in the coming days or weeks because of the various worldwide The Lion King premieres, but Angelina Jolie makes appearances on an even less predictable schedule. In any case, it’s even more bewildering to stumble across such rare and evasive A-listers in ...

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2019-07-12 16:00:12

The 12 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of July 12  

It’s Friday and you know what that means, don’t you? Yup, you guessed it, we’ve got a fresh new crop of bag deals for your viewing—and shopping!—pleasure. We might’ve missed last weekend getting a little r and r in for the long weekend, but we’re back and the deals are better than ever. Do you ever scroll through the sale section only to realize that the bags are mostly off colors, patterns or have weird embellishments? It’s rare to see good neutrals like ...

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2019-07-12 13:00:40

CC 39: The Keepall Devotee  

Today’s submission comes at you from a fellow South Floridian, namely a mid-30s Real Estate Project Manager from Miami with a serious affinity for Louis Vuitton. Most of his collection is comprised of Keepalls, with the crown jewel being the mega desirable Supreme Camo Keepall. We recall shooting this bag for the ’17 Holiday gift guide and at the time the Supreme Camo Keepall was selling on the resale market for close to $10,000. The hype is real. Don’t forget to tell your own

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2019-07-11 20:52:18

Fendi’s Fall 2019 Couture Bags Are Everything Couture Bags Should Be  

A beautiful and elaborate ode to the late Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi showed its Fall 2019 Couture collection late last week in Rome. The show was set on Palatine Hill, and the location was an obvious choice for the brand as it both celebrated and strengthened the historical bond that Fendi has had with Rome since 1925. The quintessentially Italian city thrives on art and culture, and it’s these values, coupled with Lagerfeld’s influence, that inspired creative director Silvia Venturini Fe

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2019-07-11 19:00:09

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Lookbook Catalog Leaks  

If you are an avid shopper (ok we probably all are, that’s why you’re here) then you know all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This sale happens once a year and it’s practically a holiday! This year Nordstrom allowed store and online access early for Nordies Club Icons & Ambassadors starting today, and tomorrow the sale opens to Nordstrom card members. A full lookbook for the Anniversary Sale wasn’t released this year, but thanks to the best members on our foru

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2019-07-11 18:02:31

An Ode to the Gucci Soho Disco Bag  

Gucci has evolved into one of my favorite handbag brands over the last few years. I recently purchased my first Gucci bag, a small camera bag from the Marmont collection. I'm over the moon with my purchase, but I will admit I was seriously tempted by another bag at the boutique, the Gucci Soho Disco Bag. I've been eyeing this pretty little number for years, and the Soho Disco bag just so happens to be the handbag that really put Gucci on my shopping radar. I have admired Gucci bags for years...

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2019-07-11 13:00:29

15 Trendy (and Pool-Friendly) Bags for Summer  

With the Fourth of July behind us, the official countdown to Labor Day is on. I don’t know about you, but I’m doing everything in my power to soak in every minute of summer. (Seriously, how is it already July?) With more than two months left of the best time of the year, you’ve got just enough time to add a seasonal bag to your collection. In this case, I’m talking anything made of wicker, rope, or straw. Speaking of, these bags are the perfect companion to a day spent

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2019-07-10 19:00:44

Which Designer Bag Brand is the Most Underrated?  

While there are a handful of premium designer bags that are always on the radar of handbag aficionados (think Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Chloe ect.), there are always a couple of brands that are most talked about each season. Currently Gucci and Fendi are having a major moment, and whether you agree or not, there’s no denying that both brands have been incredibly successful the last few seasons or so. And while the most popular brands among consumers tend to rotate, I’ve been doi...

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2019-07-10 16:00:16

Paris Couture Week Attendees Carry New Valentino, Fendi and More  

The crowd outside of the Maison Valentino Fall 2019 runway show alone probably could’ve populated this entire post, but we can’t neglect our celebrities in West Hollywood and the Pacific Palisades too long, or they start to wilt away. If you were flabbergasted at the lack of star power at Paris Fashion Week Men’s (as I was), you were probably not disappointed by Paris Couture Week turn-out. Paris Couture Week is also known as Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture, and I don’t

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2019-07-10 13:00:13

Tuesday Shoesday: 6 Pairs That Are Trending Right Now  

Trends change like the wind, and despite the fact that I studied the cyclical nature of trends in college and currently work in the fashion industry, I sometimes find it hard to keep up myself. Handbag trends are of course the easiest thing for me to keep track of, as I work with them everyday. If someone were to ask me what’s currently trending in the handbag world it’s very likely that I would have a solid answer at any given moment. Shoes are another story. While I’m relativ

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2019-07-09 19:00:27

The Bag Eye Candy We'd Get if The Devil Wears Prada Had Been Filmed in 2019  

Bonjour from Paris! I'm in the City of Lights this week and have been soaking up all of the magical things this whimsical city has to offer (and I may even have a few new acquisitions to share soon-stay tuned!). While I haven't thrown my phone into the fountain à la Andy Sachs just yet, no matter how tempted I have been, I took the opportunity to watch Miranda Priestly in action before jet setting off to Paris (I haven't seen any freesias since I've been here, btw). The Devil Wears Pr...

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2019-07-09 16:00:13

Should You Snag An Animal Print Bag For Fall?  

Animal print. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that animal print is sticking around in a big way for fall 2019. Animal print is sort of always a thing, often popping up here or there every season, but last fall leopard popped up in a pretty big way, on everything from dresses and jeans to handbags and shoes. This fall the animal print trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, rather it seems to be picking up steam and fast. The best part of this trend is that you can pick up an in

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2019-07-09 13:00:49

Does Fendi’s Kan I Collection Have the Power to Become a Classic?  

We all know I’ve been vocal about my appreciation for Fendi. Not so much the ready to wear (don’t get me wrong… it’s stylish, but I’m not the type to spend $1,000 on a T-shirt). But when it comes to Fendi’s leather goods, I’m very much a supporter. In fact, since 1925, the Italian fashion house has produced some of the biggest bag trends the world has ever seen. With Karl Lagerfeld responsible for conceiving the brand’s now-famed logo, the "dou...

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2019-07-08 20:00:06

What's Your Worst Purse Fear?  

I realized I was different from my peers during my freshman year of college when I made my laptop background a photo of a Marc Jacobs Stam bag, a total it-bag at the time. My suitemates saw it and mocked me endlessly, and I knew then that my purse obsession was not the norm. It was around that time that I joined the PurseForum, and thank goodness I did, because I really needed my purse tribe to validate my obsessive behavior (which has been validated in spades, in case you were wondering). Altho

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2019-07-08 16:00:28

Paris Couture Week is Overrun with Celebs Carrying Valentino and Chanel  

Paris Fashion Week: Haute Couture truly delivered the goods this year, and I never want the Fall 2019 previews to end. Technically, the event itself concluded on July 4th, but I’m hopeful that our photo service can help us keep the party going just a little longer. There was a surplus of A-list celebs loitering outside of the runway shows, as well as a few new faces that might surprise you. No one was surprised, of course, that Celine Dion kept popping up all over town. Fashion weeks are e

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2019-07-08 13:00:11

CC 38: This NYC Lawyer Offers Interesting Insights On Fake Bag Manufacturing  

We hope our readers had a safe and relaxing July 4th celebration. Today we selected the confessional of a young NYC lawyer whose relative in her homeland offers insights into conditions of a factory that produces counterfeit bags. One obviously needs to tread carefully not to be dismissive of the troubling implications of many such factories, but her relative’s testimonial may just offer an alternative narrative to consider. If you’d like to tell your own story and experience, hit th

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2019-07-05 16:17:35

The 10 Sale Items I’m Lusting for This Holiday Weekend  

It might just be me, but as much as I’m looking forward to the long holiday weekend I am actually sort of dreading it a little bit. Let me explain. I’ve always felt like summer is downhill once 4th of July comes. In the blink of an eye it will be September, and the older I get the quicker the blink. However the good things that comes with the 4th of July are sales, sales and more sales! Many of the sales I’ll be shopping this weekend have been around for a few weeks already, wh

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2019-07-03 19:30:25

Louis Vuitton Just Introduced a Brand New Camera Bag  

About a year ago Louis Vuitton introduced a new camera style bag called the Saintogne Bag and it was an instant hit for the brand. The bag’s success is truly not that big of a surprise, as putting a fresh and modern Louis Vuitton take on classic bag structures has worked very well for the brand in the past. Not to mention, camera bags have been wildly popular the last few seasons, popping up amongst almost every contemporary and premier designer’s assortments. For summer 2019 Loui

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2019-07-03 16:00:32

Celebs Pivot to Paris Couture Week with Bags from Dior  

We’ve shifted from Paris Fashion Week Men’s to Paris Couture Week, and there have been at least two huge celebrity weddings (that we know of) somewhere in between. Paris is buzzing, and a fresh influx of celebs is headed in for the couture de jour. Also, Priyanka Chopra is probably just never leaving. And while the fashion week bag pics are Dior and more Dior, wedding-bound celebs also favored Prada, and resident NYC celebs favored book totes (but not the Dior variety). The post Ce

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2019-07-03 13:00:54

13 Multicolored Fabric Bags We Can’t Stop Staring At  

If you’re anything like me, you likely gravitate toward bags made of leather. But that’s not to say other materials (suede, beads, wicker, nylon, and fabric) don’t catch our eye every now and then. Does that mean we’d spend a small fortune adding a cloth bag to our collection? I vote no, but no judgement either way. For me, leather is a lot more practical. It wears better and is easier to take care of. Just think: one accidental spill of wine on a fabric or tweed bag, an

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2019-07-02 19:00:39

Introducing the Celine by Hedi Slimane Tassels Collection  

It’s been almost a year since we got a first look at Hedi Slimane’s debut bag for Celine. Slimane introduced his first design for the brand on the arm of longtime supporter Lady Gaga. Instantly, C(e)line fans knew that the brand’s aesthetic was about to experience a major makeover. Little by little, Celine released new collections under Slimane’s creative direction, and today we have a look at one of Celine’s newest collections. Introducing: the Celine by Hedi Slim...

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2019-07-02 16:00:58

The Tory Burch Rowan Tote Costs $1,500  

Spending a large sum of money on a handbag can be downright scary, especially if it's your first time. The first time I bought a premier designer handbag, my Louis Vuitton Neverfull in monogram with pivoine lining, I was quite literally sweating. I'm pretty sure my hand may have been shaking slightly when I handed my debit card over on that fateful day, crystalizing my destiny as someone who spends a lot of money on handbags. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, if you happen to be my wallet), it...

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2019-07-02 13:00:36

This Linjer Bag with Over 1,000-Person Waitlist Is Being Restocked Tomorrow  

Last fall we gave you a closer look at some of the bags the brand Linjer has to offer. The Norwegian design studio prides itself in making high-quality products that are both beautiful and durable without the luxury markup. There are only a handful of bags Linjer offers right now, with each bag aiming to fill a specific void in your handbag wardrobe. When I first discovered Linjer, my favorite bag of theirs was the Tulip bag – and it remains my favorite. I was drawn to its interesting

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2019-07-01 20:55:44

15 Patriotic Handbags Perfect for the Fourth of July  

Happy (almost) Independence Day! Here at PurseBlog, we’re using the Fourth of July (along with every other major holiday) as an excuse to buy a new bag. Hey, can you blame us? This time around, we have our eyes on anything red, white, and blue (or denim). Lucky for you, we actually found quite a few options. From totes to crossbodies and shoulder bags, these picks are perfect for any and all July 4th events you may have committed to (Barbecues! Beach days! Rooftop fireworks!), and even be

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2019-07-01 16:00:39

Celebs Go to the Races and Summer Fêtes with Fendi, Chanel and More  

High-stakes horse-racing and wearing leather in the summertime: These are both things you probably shouldn’t bet on. But celebs are blatantly ignoring my advice this week. The outfits are truly wild, but the bags are so, so good. It’s officially July in the celebiverse (and the regular ‘verse) and I cannot wait to see what this month holds. (Spoiler: Midriffs. Lots of them.) Also, Celine Dion makes a long overdue appearance! The post Celebs Go to the Races and Summer Fêtes w...

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2019-07-01 13:00:43

CC 37: This Bridal Shop Owner Has A Strong Opinion On Those Wearing Fakes  

Today’s submission hails from the capital of Utah, where this late-20s bridal shop owners finds great joy in each bag in her collection. She only shops in boutique stores while traveling for work, and should she finds herself snubbed by a sales associate in a boutique, she proudly takes her business next door in best Pretty Woman fashion. Enjoy today’s read and don’t forget to submit a confessional of your own. The more detailed, the merrier! Take the Closet Confessionals

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2019-06-29 01:29:34

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