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5 Take Away Tips from A Charming Cape Cod Home  

New England Home I love most styles of homes but my heart is drawn to the architecture in a Cape Cod style home. It’s fun to analyze photos of rooms, by paying special attention to design elements I love. It helps me to think more creatively about my own home. As I study a photo, I [...]

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2021-08-03 01:47:52

Styling Glass Kitchen Cabinets (Kylee's House Update)  

Brass Faucet Source // Farmhouse Sink // Similar Glass Light Hello! Kylee here! We are one week into the new house and starting to feel more and more settled every day! First thing on the priority list for me, was getting the kitchen in order. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and [...]

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2021-08-02 10:17:04

Kylee's Cape Cod Style House  

Hi friends, Kylee here with a house update! You may have already seen my little video tour if you follow along on Instagram but I wanted to share that we officially moved in to our new house in Portland!  After a year of searching in a difficult market, we had decided that we were likely [...]

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2021-07-27 08:15:21

A Big Dream Coming True for Us (+ Get the First Peek at Kylee's New House)  

Hey friend, are you one of my newsletter subscribers? You will want to be subscribed to stay in the loop on some really fun news and to be the first to see Kylee’s adorable new house! Click HERE to subscribe. We’re just about to become empty nesters (for real this time) after over 30 years [...]

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2021-07-24 01:02:49

Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom  

One of the most enjoyable things for me in decorating is to focus on enjoying the season we're in! Why keep your spaces the same all the time when you can feel inspired with a few simple changes? Last week I brought in some fun elements to our bedroom to give it the feeling of a tropical retreat! Come see!

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2021-07-21 04:46:21

Garden Inspiration: Arbors, Trellises & Gates  

I‘ve always been fascinated by gardens…particularly garden entrances! I love how arbors or gates can add such an inviting and intriguing touch to an outdoor space. They always beckon me to walk through them…which is a bit of a problem if I see one in someone else’s yard that I’m not invited to (ha!)…I’m always [...]

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2021-07-17 02:12:46

Changes & Empty Nester Life  

It feels like summer is flying by here. I’m trying to slow things down as best I can and just enjoy every moment of this season. We have some cute new summery bedding for our guest room, so I’ve been having fun using the space for guests again! We had a couple of family get [...]

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2021-07-15 05:24:44

My Top 10 Must-Have Toxin-Free Products From Young Living  

I’ve been a fan of Young Living’s toxin-free products for seven or eight years now! We use MANY of them DAILY. They really have transformed our health and home. Today I want to share some of my favorite household and personal care products, as they really are incredible! But first, it’s official! Creating a toxin [...]

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2021-07-14 03:26:20

Tiny Bouquets in Small Repurposed Vases  

I accidentally cut a small small hydrangea from our bush the other day. I was so sad, it wasn’t intentional! But I brought the little flowers inside and put it in a small pitcher. Suddenly, I was happy! It looked so sweet! In design we often hear the advice to only cut longer stems and [...]

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2021-07-13 03:42:46

Exciting News! Get 24% off at Young Living without a starter kit!  

Big news! Creating a toxin-free home is going to be a whole lot easier and more affordable. Today we have something exciting to share with you. Young Living is unveiling an incredible new shopping platform with so many wonderful new and convenient features for their millions of customers, including the option to get what you [...]

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2021-07-11 17:50:43

How We Make Our Coffee in a Stovetop Espresso Maker  

Every morning, we make what is known as “Italian coffee” using a stovetop espresso maker (also referred to as a Moka Pot). This is a new version of the pot we use and recommend. We use several different brands of coffee, but one of our favorites is this one from Kicking Horse.You want to use [...]

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2021-07-09 02:47:40

Coastal Decorating Inspiration: Serena & Lily  

Serena & Lily is one place that never fails to bring me decorating inspiration. They have a Summer Tent Sale going on right now with pieces available and ready to ship. I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you here today!

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2021-07-08 02:14:57

Summer Diffuser Blends for Your Home  

Our emotions are impacted by so many things, including our senses! The sense of smell is very powerful. My own well-being is one reason I love to use essentials oils in our home. I quit using toxic candles, room sprays and other scented products years ago and I can’t say enough about what a powerful [...]

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2021-07-07 17:32:12

Removable Wallpaper Ideas and Designs  

Choosing a Good Removable Wallpaper Whether you are on a budget or renting and can’t paint, removable wallpaper can be the answer.  The idea is to provide affordable and temporary ways to design and decorate your urban home.  This removable wallpaper can be used for many types of projects.  The designs are modern and contemporary and there is a style that can fit any type of aesthetic from masculine or feminine to youthful or elegant. The lightly sticky adhesive allows for fast drying a...

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2021-07-07 07:10:58

How to Be Patient with Home Projects  

It's hard to be patient with the pace of home projects, let alone be realistic with our own expectations. The internet plays games with our minds. Everything moves so fast! Like the pace of highlight reels for home makeovers, everyone else's projects seem to get completed in the time it takes me to even decide [...]

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2021-07-07 03:34:48

Happy Independence Day (+ my fave things on sale this weekend!)  

I noticed there were some great sales this weekend and a few of my favorite home decor pieces are on sale, too! Yay! I put my faves in the links below, so if you're looking for some deals this weekend I bet you'll find some cute stuff!

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2021-07-04 01:57:17

Summer Bouquet in a Lantern  

Happy July, friends! Thank you so much for all of your kind words in my post about our new door color. We love it, it’s making us happy every day! With all of the flowers blooming in our yard this time of year, I’m enjoying the weekly ritual of keeping the lantern filled with a [...]

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2021-07-03 04:10:32

Iced Maple Oat Milk Shaken Espresso Recipe (Starbucks Copycat)  

Have you tried the Starbucks iced brown sugar oat milk latte? It’s so yummy! We made our own similar version at home and it’s delicious, I wanted to share the recipe with you today! It’s super simple with just a few ingredients. Pin this post to save the recipe for later! Recipe for an individual [...]

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2021-07-01 11:02:32

How to Set a Cheerful Summer Table  

This post is in partnership with Walmart. Summer officially arrived and along with it, fresh decorating opportunities and resuming outdoor gatherings. Even after all the time we spent here in 2020, our backyard is still our favorite destination! Making our backyard feel like a retreat from the world over the past few years has become [...]

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2021-06-30 01:53:17

A Guide To Furnishing And Decorating A Guest Bedroom  

Great Ideas For Your Guest Bedroom Now that the world is slowly but surely returning to normal, having guests stay over can once again be an enjoyable experience, allowing you to catch up with long-distance friends and family. There's something really enjoyable and special about welcoming guests into your home again and making them feel comfortable. Over lockdown, you might have renovated and decorating the key rooms in your home, like many of us, but your guest bedroom might have become negle...

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2021-06-28 01:32:37

Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub: My New Favorite Cleaning Scrub!  

I am so excited to have a brand new favorite toxin-free product to share today that is incredible for cleaning sinks!

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2021-06-26 15:53:16

Six Simple Secrets for a Shiny Sink  

Today I'm sharing more of my favorite kitchen cleaning tips, with six simple secrets to keep your sink shiny!

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2021-06-26 10:16:54

Brick Ranch to Cottage: Blue Dutch Door Before & After  

We bought our orange brick 1950s ranch style house in Seattle six years ago. I know when I first showed the “before photos” of this home, many people may have had trouble trying to picture where we were headed with the style! I understand. It certainly didn’t look like my “cottage by the sea” dreams. [...]

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2021-06-24 02:57:04

Things to Know When Remodeling a Bathroom  

Remodel Your Bathroom The Right Way Bathroom design and layout are major influencers on your home's resale value. Even if you aren't planning on selling your home soon, a great bathroom remodel can add a personal touch to your home. Functionality needs to be at the core of every bathroom remodel. While you might want to add as many bells and whistles as possible, the value they add to the bathroom should be a key consideration. You ought to choose materials and updates that are both energy e...

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2021-06-23 06:47:15

5 Stylish Modern Graphic Print Ideas for the House  

Modern Graphic Print Ideas Even if you’re seeking a chic and sophisticated style for your home, apartment or even dorm room, prints can help make a fashionable and interesting splash. From eclectic flavors to cultural charm, it’s okay to add a bit of pizazz to your modern abode. Let’s take a look at some real-life explains and get inspired on how to incorporate some stylish, modern graphic print ideas into your home’s decor! In a Hurry? A Quick View of “THE” M

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2021-06-22 10:37:22

Modern Writing Desks: 5 Popular Styles  

Popular Desk Styles For Your Next Home Working Project It will fit nicely in your home office or fill that hole in your master bedroom. A writing desk is perfect for the at-home entrepreneur, one with a creative spirit or just a place to writing your checks, pay your monthly bills and keep your to-do lists. They’re stylish, they’re functional and they’re becoming more and more popular throughout the modern world of design and decor.  Take a look at our top 5 picks for modern w...

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2021-06-21 09:24:31

Favorite Amazon Home Decor + Household Gadgets  

In addition to supporting our local favorites, I'm a big fan of online shopping for our home and business, it saves time and money and keeps me organized! Here are some of the best deals today on home decor and household items!

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2021-06-21 01:57:38

Kylee's Home Buying Story  

Hiiii! Melissa's daughter Kylee here :) It's been awhile since I've written a blog post! I know my mom has shared here that I am moving so I thought I would come share some of the story and journey so far. If you follow me or my mom on Instagram, you may have seen that [...]

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2021-06-16 11:02:36


Big Savings In Used Office Furniture Hey there? Are you thinking of making more profits from your business? Definitely yes. Well, one way of making more profit is by increasing the levels of savings you get. But how will you do that? Well, buying used office furniture is a significant step to increasing savings. However, starting a new business or expanding the existing business is often expensive. That is why you need to consider buying the office furniture used to lower the costs. Here are the

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2021-06-16 09:12:35

Moving Home Again (Big News!)  

Sharing big news for our family and an upcoming move!

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2021-06-13 04:26:46

Summer Quilt + Pattern Mixing Tips  

I gave our tiny guest room a quick summer refresh last week. It’s nice to be back to having guests in the house, although most of our guests are family! :) I have an ever growing collection of quilts that are so fun to use on beds! A mix of patterns can make a small [...]

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2021-06-11 11:35:21

10 Gorgeous Curtains To Give Your Windows A Treat In 2021  

Curtains To Decorate Your Home There are only so many ways to skin a cat, so to speak — where did that expression come from, anyway? — and only so many ways to dress a window.  That being said, today’s roundup of gorgeous window treatments offers a few variations on the theme, updating classic roman shades and blinds and finding a magic balance of frilly and chic in several sets of sleek, ethereal curtains.  When a quick update is needed and a ground-up renovation just isn...

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2021-06-11 05:05:35

Father's Day Gift Guides 2021  

Hi friends! With Father’s Day right around the corner I wanted to share some great gift ideas for the guys in your life. Enjoy our gift guides below! Sources for the above (click each title for details): Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket Picnic Mini Cheese Board Wood Handled BBQ Tools Set with Bag Radio + Bluetooth [...]

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2021-06-09 01:25:03

Home Renovations: What Homeowners Fear the Most About Hiring Contractors  

What You Should Consider When Hiring Contractors One of the biggest fears for owning a home is the money. There's the mortgage payment, maintenance costs, and even furnishing your new home. The fear can be even greater if you're working with a contractor to design and build a custom home. Building trust with the client (the homeowner), keeping an open line of communication, and being licensed and insured are some simple ways contractors can ease the fears of homeowners at any stage of homeow...

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2021-06-07 01:26:54

Space Saving Corner Desks For 2021  

Space Saving Corner Desk Ideas Do you have a nook to fill or a need for a bit of work space at home? With a corner desk design, you’ll be able to spruce up any dull crannies, utilize the excess space and create a more functional home working environment. Whether you need some time to do business in the relaxation of your own place or your just need a space to pay your bills and keep your to-do lists, we’ve created a quick list of 12 space saving corner desk designs using small corner

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2021-06-05 06:36:22

A New Paint Color for Our Dutch Door (+ Summer Doormats)  

To kick off the summer season which is quickly approaching, we are giving our front door and porch a little refresh! I think it’s a great time of year to work on some “curb appeal” so we will be all set for fall decorating and the holidays. You may have seen our new door color [...]

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2021-06-04 17:12:28

Effective Ways to Increase Your Solar Panel's Efficacy and Output In 2021  

How To Increase Your Solar Panel’s Efficacy and Output Solar energy is one of the best sustainable sources of energy available that converts light to electricity. It is the safest source of energy with zero emissions that can power buildings and allow people to go on with their daily tasks while keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible. Not only is solar power great for the environment, but it can also help lower our greenhouse gases emission rate. Solar panels have many photovolt

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2021-06-04 05:26:53

Lilacs at Home  

Rug Source // How to Hang plates on the Wall We had one home years ago that had lilacs in the yard, but they rarely bloomed. When we moved into this house in the fall six years ago, I didn’t know at the time what an incredible array of flowers would arrive thee next spring! [...]

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2021-06-02 08:25:07

Flags in Decor + Memorial Day Weekend  

I've been saving images of flags in beautiful settings for awhile now, they are so inspiring to me! I thought you might enjoy seeing them as much as I do. Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the freedom we have and in remembrance and gratitude for those who gave their lives for it.

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2021-05-29 01:55:35

5 Checkered and Plaid Furniture Ideas for the Home  

Modern Furniture Ideas For You New Home Decor Project Printed and patterned furniture may be fun and playful, but sometimes it can transform your home into a time-warped mess. Instead, find pieces that are bold and stylish without all the antiquity. Believe it or not, checkered and plaid furniture ideas can spruce up, jazz up and modernize even the most dull and drab of corners.  If you look many interior design pictures you will notice a combination of single color pieces combined with pattern...

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2021-05-28 04:34:42

Favorite Memorial Day Sales  

Hi friends! I wanted to let you know about some Memorial Day weekend sales happening now, as well as collages of some of my favorite finds on sale! Enjoy! Ps…I’ll be back this weekend with a special holiday post! World Market has up to 25% off select outdoor items this weekend (+Members save an extra [...]

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2021-05-28 01:10:31

5 Interesting and Geometric Side Tables For 2021  

Geometric Side tables For Your Next Home Design Every accent you choose to compliment your home with should be special. Whether it’s a color, a piece of wall art or a simple side table, every home accessory should make a statement and make sense! And today, we’ve chosen to gather 5 interesting, stylish and super modern geometric side tables. Not only do these have a contemporary, modern flavor but they would certainly help to turn a nook or cranny into something a bit more special. L

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2021-05-27 11:02:25

A House That Feels Like Home + New Indoor Outdoor Rug  

It’s definitely feeling like spring around our house, but even more so, it feels like HOME! We’ve lived in this house for *almost* six years now, can you believe it? I’ve never lived anywhere longer than six years, so it’s a really good feeling to be so settled and have had so many seasons in [...]

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2021-05-25 16:02:45

Life Lately: Scenes From Around Our House  

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Life Lately post, so I thought I’d catch up before this season gets away from us. Time sure flies, doesn’t it? We had such a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, my parents were able to come stay at our home for the first time in over a year! We’ve [...]

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2021-05-24 15:27:59

How To Prepare Your Furniture For Long-Term Storage  

If you aren't sure how to prepare your furniture for long-term storage to ensure it stays the same, stick with us to find out!

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2021-05-24 09:33:06

The Best Secrets for How to Mix Patterns in Your Home  

Do you ever wonder how to mix and match patterns in your home? I know it can be tricky to figure out what “goes” with what! In today’s post I’ll share some of my secrets for pattern mixing and feature some of my favorite mix-and-match-able pillows from Serena & Lily to make it easier to [...]

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2021-05-21 05:37:26

Are You Planning To Buy a Goods or Food Lift?  

Planning To Buy a Goods or Food Lift? Consider These 6 Points First Selecting the lift of the product may be a challenge since there are so many choices in terms of forms, shapes, and capacity. Let us make things simpler for you by asking yourself six simple questions. 1. What Are The Activities You Want Your Lift To Accomplish? This might sound like an odd place to start, but the goal is to make life simpler for yourself, your employees safer, and your customers happier with your level of servi

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2021-05-19 04:28:16

Patterned Curtains in My Home + Similar Sources  

A fresh and often unexpected way to add color and pattern to a room is with curtain panels. You can easily change patterned curtains out for the season or move them from room to room to give a space a new look. Even though it may feel like a risk to go with a bolder [...]

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2021-05-18 17:09:11

Sleep Tight: 10 Creative Bedroom Furniture & Accent Ideas  

Creative Bedroom Furniture Ideas Chances are, each of our bedrooms is one of four things: too cluttered, too sparse, too bland or trying way too hard.  Whether we need to reel in the personality or dial it up a notch, today’s roundup of bedroom furniture and accent ideas has something to help us pull it all together. From two drastically different kinds of aviary accents to the full-scale, ground-up renovation required to pull off the dramatic circular bed nook halfway through the series,...

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2021-05-17 08:14:03

Decorate a Seasonal Display Lantern (+ Permission for Imperfection)  

My husband and I were walking up to the porch the other day and he said, “you forgot to decorate your lantern for spring!”. I was surprised he even noticed, but he was right! It had slipped my mind in all the other things I’ve been doing around the house. All it had in it [...]

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2021-05-15 02:15:52

8 Most Popular and Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Ideas  

Popular and Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Renovations You must have already scrolled through the Instagram feed to get inspiration for an ideal outdoor kitchen design if you are thinking of incorporating one in the apartment or villa. But, if you don't have adequate knowledge about space utilisation, in the backyard, then we would highly recommend getting in touch with an interior designer. Nowadays, professional interior designers can help renovate the outdoor kitchen in the best possible way. B...

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2021-05-15 01:39:04

5 Formal Living Room and Piano Ideas For 2021  

Piano Designs and Ideas For 2021 Do you host a lot of dinner parties and neighborhood get-together’s in your house? Are you a fan of clean, slick and contemporary style? With a bit of formal design and a beautiful piano, you can create an amazing room fit for entertaining, wowing and enjoying. Let’s take at look at five formal living room and piano ideas, fit for a queen, a king and their charming families.  The piano has hundreds of years of history being an entertaining centerpiec...

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2021-05-11 07:42:31

Help Me Redesign Our Garden Shed (+ Our Trick for Visualizing Design Changes)  

A few years ago our drab, tired backyard shed got a fresh coat of white paint. It made such a big difference in its cuteness, don’t you think? See the before photo below :). While the paint definitely gave it a new lease on life, I’ve been wanting to do a little something more to [...]

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2021-05-08 04:22:13

Homeowner's Insurance and Furniture  

What's Covered and What Isn't Things can happen at home. Whether it's weather or water damage and everything in between, you want to make sure you can be able to repair and replace everything. Even your furniture might risk getting damaged in more ways than one. You could have a furniture set that you have had for a while, only to be damaged in a fire. Or it can be damaged by accident after some roughhousing. Either way, it's important to know whether or not it's protected from damage ...

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2021-05-06 10:24:30

How To Transform Your Home Using Lighting  

If you're looking to transform your home using lighting, it's time to learn some things. Take your time and choose the tricks that you like.

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2021-05-05 09:58:23

Designer Decorating Secret: Realistic Faux Plants  

A room always seems to feel more fresh and alive to me when there’s a plant in the room. Better yet, when there are several plants! I bet if you study photos of rooms you like, you’ll notice how many of them have at least one plant. Using faux plants in a room or a [...]

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2021-05-04 08:10:51

Modern Dining Room Tables For Your Home In 2021  

Modern Dining Room Tables Give the dining room in your home a facelift with a brand new table to hold as your central point and foundation of style. This space is where you’ll host family dinners, holiday gathering and maybe even celebrate a birthday or two, so it’s important that you create a welcoming ethos but one that also goes along with the stylish nature of your home. We’ve compiled a list of modern dining room tables including 13 cool ideas and photos to help inspire yo

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2021-05-02 11:38:27

Come Take a Video Tour of a Dream Beach House!  

Last summer we stayed in the most amazing dream beach house in the town of Seabrook on the Washington Coast! I shared a two part tour of the home on the blog (click HERE for part one and HERE for part two). I also posted a video tour on my Instagram, but today I wanted [...]

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2021-05-02 02:50:04

10 Ways to Decorate a Home with Maps  

Decorate a Home with Maps Decorating with maps is a fun way to show off your adventurous spirit and wanderlust.  There are so many amazing things you can do with a map to really add interest to a room and make guests ask, "Just where in the world have you traveled?" The obvious place to hang it would be the wall, but there are so many other ways you can display your map decor.  You can decorate with modern maps or go for an old world design with antiquated maps.  Either way, you are sur...

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2021-04-30 16:34:16

Wood Pedestals, Trays, & Footed Stands in My Kitchen  

Simple details in a space can add function as well as warmth and character. One of my favorite ways to do that in my white kitchen is by bringing in more contrast with cozy textures with wood pedestals, trays and footed stands. It’s such a simple thing to do, but it sure makes a difference! [...]

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2021-04-26 19:11:11

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021  

Hi friends! With Mother's Day right around the corner I wanted to share some sweet and thoughtful gift ideas for that special mom in your life. Enjoy our gift guides!

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2021-04-26 04:36:07

Out to See: Tulip Festival Roozengaarde (Washington State)  

I may be a day late in saying happy Earth Day, but my girls Kylee and Courtney and I were traipsing through a glorious local tulip farm oohing and ahhhhing over each unique petal in the beautiful fields of color! I love living in the NW, the incredible natural beauty is breathtaking. We literally took 1,000 photos/videos at [...]

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2021-04-23 10:30:01

3 Types Of Accessories That Would Improve Your Living Room  

Accessories That Look Good In Your Living Room In most houses, there is a special place where interpersonal relations are shared and welcome by friends and family. A place for rest, relaxation, and fun that is known to most as the living room. So why not add some flair to the living room space where people spend most of their time, either alone or with family, friends, and pets? If you are forced to stay inside your home for months on end because of a pandemic, zombie apocalypse, or just because

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2021-04-23 08:09:29

Have You Considered Rekeying Your Home Security Locks  

Why You Should Consider Rekeying Your Locks Whether you're a professional locksmith, a hobbyist, or just a person interested in DIY, security can't be overrated. Moving into a new home or opening new business premises can be a good time to think about rekeying your locks. After all, you don't know who could still have keys to the property. If you've recently been burgled, or if there's been several property break-ins in your area, Re-keying your locks can give an extra element of safet...

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2021-04-22 02:43:23

10 Wonderful Ottoman Ideas for a Living Room  

Great Ottoman Ideas For Your Home If you are looking at ottoman ideas for a living room then this article may be just right for your needs.  Our editors have scoured the internet and come up with ten wonderful examples that can make your home beautiful.  I like how flexible this furniture can be. It can serve as seating that can be moved around a home easily to accommodate guests or also serve as a foot rest after a long day of work.  It's for that reason that you should think about your li...

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2021-04-22 01:49:01

Edible Flower Teacup Garden in the Kitchen  

Have you ever grown edible flowers? I think a kitchen garden or windowsill garden is so charming. A few weeks ago I was at a local garden store and saw these sweet little violas. I planted a bunch of them in pots but had a few leftover and decided to put a few in my colorful coffee mugs!

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2021-04-20 20:13:10

Fun Ways to Use Edible Flowers  

Edible flowers are such a fun and pretty addition to a treat for Mother's Day, a baby shower, engagement party, birthdays, a wedding, spring garden party, or just because! Here are lots of fun ideas and recipes!

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2021-04-20 14:55:33

Happy Spring Music Playlist  

I’ve shared a few music playlists on The Inspired Room over the years like my Happy Homebody Playlist, my Uplift Playlist and more (see all of my playlists here), and today I wanted to share a new Happy Spring Playlist for you! I hope it inspires a positive atmosphere for you in your homes and [...]

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2021-04-19 11:15:44

Our Cozy Cottage Basement  

One of the things we loved most about this house when we first looked at it was that it had a basement! I wasn’t really looking for one (not all homes here have them), but with a small home having a nice basement is definitely a plus. Although in many houses we looked at they [...]

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2021-04-17 05:59:58

Life Lately: Dogs, and More Dogs, and More Moving!  

Wait. Did I say something about becoming an empty nester a year and a half ago? I did? Haha, well, surprise! All the fur kids and human kids have moved back home here at some point in the last year! I was kind of wondering what it would feel like to be an empty nester [...]

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2021-04-16 03:32:49

Painting vs Staining Your Fence or Deck – the Benefits & Differences  

Painting vs Staining Your Fence or Deck Both paint and stain have unique benefits. Stain is much cheaper and easier to apply, but paint lasts longer. Read this article to find out the differences and benefits. Wooden decks are a great way to enhance the beauty of your house and make it feel much livelier. Decks can also increase the overall value of your house. Also, fences are useful for privacy or protecting a backyard pool. But over time, fences and decks slowly lose their color and glamour t

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2021-04-13 08:04:58

Best ways to ship your furniture overseas  

Shipping Your Furniture Overseas For most of us, moving abroad means starting a new life. However, moving doesn’t imply that you need to start from scratch for your possessions. There are often things that you can’t leave behind when you’re moving. Children and pets are first on everyone’s lists, and furniture is usually a close second. When you’re transporting your furniture long-distance, you want it handled with care. Chances are, you’ll also be shipping di

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2021-04-12 06:01:19

Courtney's Apartment Update + Tour (500 Square Feet!)  

Hey guys! Courtney (Melissa’s daughter) here today. I’m here today to give you a tour of my new 500 square foot apartment! If you’re new here, in January I moved up to Bellingham, a beautiful and charming city by the water. Recently I showed you my empty apartment tour with mood boards for my design [...]

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2021-04-12 02:44:31

5 Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Tips This 2021  

Pet Friendly Home Improvement Tips For remodeling your home with your canine companion in mind, it can become too easy to lose yourself in a catalog of fashionable dog beds and bowls. However, ensuring that your interiors and landscaping are pet-friendly involves more than aesthetics. If you're moving home and looking to adopt a dog this year, these pet-friendly home improvement ideas can make the process efficient and enjoyable. Pet-Friendly Kitchen Ideas If you feed your pet in your kitchen,...

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2021-04-11 02:50:50

15 Cool Solar Powered Home Gadgets And Home Accessories For 2021  

Solar Power Products For Your Home in 2021 Solar power is generally used to provide electricity for homes and buildings. You may not know that the energy harvested must first be converted into electrical energy so it can produce functional electricity. The conversion is made possible through photovoltaic or PV, which uses semiconductors to convert sunlight radiation into an electric current where a solar panel absorbs light from the sun’s rays in order to generate direct current, DC as wel

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2021-04-08 09:53:02

Outdoor Lounge Chair Furniture and Decor Inspiration  

I‘ve been getting excited about my yard and gardening and spending time outside this spring and summer! Last week on the blog I shared this Ultimate Outdoor Rug Roundup (click here). I was asked recently for the source of my outdoor lounge chairs and since they’re no longer available, I went on the hunt for [...]

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2021-04-07 18:55:53

18 of the Coolest and Innovative Modern Bathtubs in 2021  

18 Mega Cool Bathtubs Nothing is more relaxing than a long languorous bath to soak away your troubles with a chilled glass of white wine. The art of bathing is taken quite seriously by the design continuum and in recent years we have seen an explosion of luxurious and thoughtfully designed bathtubs. A greater awareness of wellness and the positive effect that stress re leaving can offer has spurned on many products for our homes once reserved for only the well equipped spas and vacation spots. F

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2021-04-07 01:47:52

Top Tips to Make Your House More Saleable  

How To Make Your House Sell Faster If you're thinking about selling your house, then naturally, you're going to want to make the highest profit possible. To do so, it's worth considering all the ways you can make your house more saleable. Some methods are more expensive and more time-consuming than others, so it's completely up to you how much work you're willing to do on your property before it gets listed. These tips are particularly handy for if your house has been on the market for...

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2021-04-03 02:33:11

5 Sweet Gluten-Free Recipes We Love to Make (Easter Ideas!)  

Happy Easter, friend! I wanted to share a few sweet recipes we love to make for holidays or get togethers, including a few we’ll be making this weekend. We eat healthy most of the time (ha!), but we do love making these treats as special traditions! If you are on a dairy-free or gluten-free diet, [...]

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2021-04-02 14:30:27

Ultimate Outdoor Rug Roundup (Target, Walmart, Pottery Barn, World Market, West Elm and more)  

Rug Source I love using outdoor rugs to make my backyard spaces feel pretty and refreshed for spring and summer! With so many great options for outdoor rugs available online these days, I know it can feel overwhelming to find ones you like. We scoured the web and rounded up some of our favorites–I hope [...]

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2021-04-01 03:44:03

How to Fall in Love with Your Home  

It's the little things that make a house a home. If you aren't in love with the one you have, here are some ideas to help you!

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2021-04-01 01:56:40

Inspired By: Exterior French Doors  

Adding exterior French doors is a fairly "simple" remodeling project that can bring in more light, transform the function and add character to a space inside and out. Enjoy the inspiration!

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2021-03-31 10:20:17

French Doors to the Patio from a New Bedroom (New Home Project!)  

Happy news! We are planning several new home projects this year! I’ve held off on updating a few key spaces in our home (other than paint or minor changes) because I knew, if we were going to stay in this house, that someday I was going to do “something more than paint” to make these [...]

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2021-03-31 03:47:04

The Cleaning Tool I Didn't Know I Desperately Needed for My Kitchen and Bathroom!  

Recently my daughter Kylee came by to show me her fun cleaning tool. Before she even left, I ordered my own on the spot! Let me explain why! 

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2021-03-27 12:17:34

The Benefits of Renting Storage During International Relocation  

Renting Storage During International Relocation If you have ever dreamed about moving to London in the summer, you certainly haven’t considered moving your couch, too. It is lovely to daydream, but things become real when you face an upcoming international relocation. Moving abroad is a complicated process. There are multiple steps you have to take before you wake up in London one morning. Organize the relocation so the timeline is flawless as you will have a limited chance of changing the

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2021-03-26 05:43:07

How To Make Your Home More Attractive  

Add These Items to Your Home to Make It More Attractive There are various ways on how you will make your home more attractive, primarily for you and the members of your household, but then also for your guests or even potential buyers. Some homeowners consider renovating their humble abodes, while others are keener on adding certain items that will stress their homes. In terms of the latter, this article lists down some items that you can add to make your home more attractive. Good Quality Patio

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2021-03-25 04:07:56

3 Common Decorating Mistakes with Displaying Art (+ Mood Boards + Buy One Get One Free Art Prints)  

Choosing artwork to hang on the walls can be intimidating. Especially if you want to create a grouping with art. How do you know what "works" together on a wall? How do you pull the look of a room together using art?

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2021-03-22 05:42:49

5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Spring  

Country Living Set A Spring Table Set up a spring table, even if it’s just for you to enjoy! Add some springy details like a tablecloth, placemats, cloth napkins, fun cups, serving pieces, a simple centerpiece…whatever you have that can bring a fresh and inviting look to your table! Spring Wreath with Blue Ribbon Hang [...]

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2021-03-20 06:26:16

Inspiration from Anthropologie: Weekend Sale Finds  

Anthropologie has a 20% off sale this weekend only! Click HERE to shop and find some of my favorites in this post (+ decor from my home on the sale!) I‘m feeling so inspired to update my home. I think spring has definitely got me feeling ready for fresh spaces. I’m sure you know this [...]

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2021-03-19 07:48:03

Painting the Staircase (and Ideas for Staircase Runners!)  

We've been painting our little basement staircase and it's looking so cute! When we moved in it was covered in carpet and not-so-cute. See the progress and stair inspiration in this post!

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2021-03-18 10:06:04

Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas  

Easter is coming! Here are sweet ideas for memorable decor for your own spring home and traditions (and fun Easter gifts!).

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2021-03-17 09:10:29

The Secret to Finding Your Style and Feeling More at Home Where You Live  

Source (20% off EVERYTHING with code! Click HERE to shop!) What’s your decorating style? Do you feel at home where you live? If you ever feel conflicted about your style or the next decisions to make in making your house your home, you’re not alone! Maybe you’re just feeling stuck, or your current style isn’t [...]

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2021-03-16 08:53:38

New Kitchen Runner (+ My Honest Thoughts on Ruggable Rugs and Favorite Designs)  

Do you like rugs in your kitchen? I do! Rugs add cozy texture, patterns and color so I love them in kitchens, but they can get pretty dirty in a highly used space like this. Especially small kitchens like ours with an outside door, dogs running through, and messy cooks all day. I recently got [...]

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2021-03-15 10:28:51

Modern Sofas with Vibrant Colors from Roche Bobois  

Modern Sofas with Vibrant Colors from Roche Bobois Roche Bobois shows their European roots with hot colors for sofas from their “Les Contemporains” collection that tastefully makes a statement without going over board, of course over board is subjective. I have always had high regard for the Bobois modern furniture collection and if you have ever visited one of their store is hard not to. Here are some of the sofas, ottomans, and decorative home accessories that are anything but mund

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2021-03-12 05:38:51

The Light-Changing Magic of Rechargeable Bulbs for Sconces + Lamps!  

Have you always wanted wall sconces, but don’t have electrical outlets or wiring for them? Do you hate the look of a lamp cord running across a counter or dangling off of furniture or running down the wall? Same! I’ve got a clever solution to share with you today! Lately we’ve been doing a few [...]

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2021-03-10 12:19:45

Courtney's Small Apartment Bedroom  

Hi! It’s Courtney back again today to share with you my apartment bedroom! As I mentioned in my empty apartment tour post yesterday, this is my first time living in an apartment with a totally separate bedroom. My first apartment was an “open one bedroom” so the space was open but had a partial cutout [...]

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2021-03-09 07:23:09

Cleaning Ceramic Floor Tiles The Right Way  

Top Ways to Take Care of your Ceramic Tile Floors Deep cleaning your floor tiles with some cleaning agents can cause discolouration or dullness. If not regularly cleaned and maintained, this can also lead to some unwanted grout lines. Before you jump on to the topic of floor cleaning and maintenance, you must know what type of floor material you have. You cannot use the same cleaning product on the tile floor as you do on the ceramic floor. The damage done can be irreversible in certain cases. N

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2021-03-09 05:27:24

Courtney's New Apartment Tour + Design Plans + Mood Boards  

Hi friends, it’s Courtney (Melissa’s daughter) here today! After living in my parents’ lower level apartment for the past year, I am now all moved into my new little apartment up in Bellingham, a cute town by the water in Washington! Today I wanted to give you the empty tour of my new place, as [...]

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2021-03-08 05:40:19

Obsessed: Studio McGee Target Home Decor Spring 2021 + Mood Boards  

Have you all seen the new Studio McGee line at Target? I am just getting around to looking through and wow, I am in love with so many of their items. (This isn’t sponsored, I just knew you’d love to see them, too!) There are so many incredible designs and options at really reasonable prices. [...]

what do you think?

2021-03-04 12:15:32

Home Theatre Systems For 2021  

Choosing A Good Quality Home Theatre System Sometimes it’s an absolute challenge, finding the perfect entertainment center for your home. It’s got to not only fit the spot, but it has to have the storage to actually function too. But, most importantly, it’s got to have style.  The times have changed with the size of televisions becoming so large and often being mounted on the wall.  There is still a need for an organizational piece to place game consoles, DVDs and other media...

what do you think?

2021-03-03 08:13:45

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